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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 28, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. andrea tanteros. commentator and national spokesperson for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy, a highly decorated navy seal operator who led operations in iraq war's fiercest battles. we're pleased to welcome leave babin. author, put up the book. extreme owner ship, how u.s. navy seals lead and win. yes this do. how-to guy applying navy seal mojo to everyday life. good to see you. i don't know if we can outnumber you but you are technically outnumbered today. >> as seals that is what we like to be. harris: sounds good. >> stir up the hornets nest. harris: that would be us.
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good to have you. >> thanks, harris. harris: let's get to the news. the stage is set for the republican pub showdown in colorado. it is just hour from now. the first debate where ben carson enters at the top of key polling and donald trump is relegated to the number two spot. unfamiliar perch for the billionaire businessman as you might imagine. trump fighting back though. in a kind of interesting way. here he is in iowa. >> what is my competition? in all fairness, in all fairness, what is my competition? do you think these guys, i'm not going to say carson. i'm not going to say rubio, who really is way down. i mean, i am second. it is not like terrible but i don't like being second. second is terrible, to me. harris: dr. carson insists he won't quote, get in the mud pit with trump. but ohio governor john kasich and former florida governor jeb bush are promising to be
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aggressive tonight. also with recent national polls showing marco rubio is third place behind trump and carson, that freshman senator from florida may find himself a magnet as well for attacks. what are you watching for tonight? >> i think it is going to be, i think it is going to be all knives out for ben carson. i think it will be, even though he is saying not getting in the mud, he is the frontrunner and he is such a nice guy. i feel for him because that will be a difficult stage. that will be a lot of people on the attack. we always say in the military, enemy gets a vote. he will have to defend himself certainly. harris: wow, i love how you couched that all in the navy seal world. it will probably field like that. andrea, is it carson or somebody else who has the toughest job tonight? andrea: carson has the toughest job, no question. they have to be careful they don't attack him too aggressively. people like him personally. if they go after him, they have to go after him about these perceived policy contradictions.
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can't go after him for his character because that is what people really like about him. i was watching you and jocko who you wrote the book with on fox 5, you were talking about what is means to lead and to own things. one of the things these guys don't do on the stage, and one gal, is owning their mistakes. when they're challenged by certain moderators, they don't really take ownership of things happened in their states. they deflect and they blame. there is not a lot of extreme ownership on the debate stages. do you think there should be or is that conceding mistakes and liability in an election? >> i think in politics that is kind of cardinal rule, don't take ownership. shift blame. redirect fire. andrea: right. >> i think the opposite is true. when we see issues in leadership, if you stand up and take ownership of something, everyone will make mistakes. no one is infallible no matter how experienced competent. if you take ownership of things,
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it is pretty hard to fire that person if you're in a business. someone is like, i made a mistake. i will make sure i do everything i can to make sure this doesn't happen again i think that is what the politicians need to do. >> do you think that is what marco rubio did? he had to backtrack on the "gang of eight" immigration stuff? marco, time is running out for him. he is probably the candidate that bridges the most between the tea party and the establishment. he has got to break out to do something big. you can not underestimate. 50,000 latinos, u.s. hispanics, turn 18 every single month. i don't think we should underestimate how much republicans want to win the presidency. i don't think that dem traffic can be ignored. -- demographic. he might be the guy. i want to think about how he handled you can be for border security and immigration, immigration reform, without sort
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of insulting or alienate an important demographic like that? >> i think everybody cares about the illegal immigration problem certainly and so i think that, that was some, he stepped in some hot water there certainly and that's hurt him but he has come back from that. i think he is a strong candidate. i think republicans have a great field. >> did he handle it well? >> once folks go to washington to get inside of that bubble sometimes they may be lose touch. sandra: remember when president obama said notably you can't change washington from the inside. harris: he wasn't able to change it at all. sandra, i want to ask though, tonight the topic is supposed to be the economy. although these guys are saying they will getting a stress sieve with one another. who does well on that topic? sandra: which topic specifically? harris: the economy. sandra: so this is interesting and this debate will be focused on the economy and our jobs and our money.
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that is why this is a big deal and fox business debate is a big deal because polls do show that the economy is polling number one with american people right now as biggest concern in this election. something stuck with me when we were rolling sound of donald trump. leif, you have been a competitor your whole life. everyone on the couch has been a competitor their whole life, one thing you better know in competition who your biggest competitors are and who the biggest challenges are. for him to say who is our competitors, who are we competing against, that is an issue. rubio is way down. rubio is only guy steadily rising throughout the polls. is he marginally much further down than carson and trump but he has been steady. kasich is done being polite. that what you have to watch out for talking about the economy tonight. they will come out swinging. those with the least to lose will take the biggest risks. harris: i'm curious who really articulated it? donald trump doesn't havesay much, does he? he can say my dad loaned him as
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he said, a little bit of money. at least a million, could be more but what he is able to do with it and huge empire with himself. certain on the stage don't have to say much. certain others we don't know a lot about their economic policies. andrea: trump comes under attack, not just what you mentioned harris, the loan from his dad which is the story this week. he is under fire does know the american mum wage or in tune with most americans? he has to tout his business record. this is strong suit for say carly fiorina. some other governors have to defend their decisions their balance seats in their states. they will be under fire. but i also think sandra brings up a really good point. where to direct enemy fire. right now we see jeb bush directing enemy fire towards marco rubio. this is just bizarre. harris: i thought they were friends? andrea: to me it is so late an strange in the game that he hasn't directed more fire at donald trump. he tried and failed and met with his parents and trump mocked him
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for sitting down with mommy and daddy. leif, maybe you can weigh in, how do you identify most threatening enemy on the stage and how do you handle it? >> we talk about as seal leaders we train our seals to have default aggressive mind set. aggressively execute to accomplish the mission and to sandra's point you definitely can't underestimate your enemies. to go in with overconfidence and say -- harris: know your enemy. >> that is when you get burned on the battlefield certainly. think for all these guys, one thing trump has proven because of his rise in success people want to see a candidate that takes a strong stand and i think some of these other candidates need to take a page from that. harris: real quickly, a couple of things. one, i'm curious how often democrats come up. really at end of the day, you lay out who the enemies are on stage, the political enemies i should say but at the end of the day it is democratic nominee. sandra: this is about the
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economy and democrats as joe biden said in the speech in rose garden, he encouraged democrats to run on his and president obama's legacy. run on stock performance on record highs, and run on corporate profits. republicans have to point out what is weak and bad about the economy. that is the way the american people say they feel, this is weak jobs market and weak economy. republicans need to identify that and tell people how they will -- harris: i'm curious how carly fiorina has a moment in all this. andrea: i think they will try to attack republicans on stage that act most like democrats on economic issues. harris: or carly fiorina who did well and first debate as well even when she was on the undercard. that's tonight. the best postdebate analysis? right here on fox news channel. tune into hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern. o'reilly is at 11 and kelly file at midnight. i will pop some corn and stay
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up. everything to break down the debate. this is number three. breaking news right now, a situation we've been monitoring. these are the law enforcement in south carolina. let me catch up what happened. spring valley high school had a resource officer. there is viral video out there, you may have seen it. that resource officer got into it with young teenage girl. this is one of the videos. the second one came out. leadership on law enforcement is wait, the videos don't show everything. however, the headline here, benfield, that officer has been terminated, okay? there apparently is now a third video which the sheriff says will show that girl hitting the officer. and that there is more to the story. but the part of the story that is making headlines right now is that that officer has been terminated. so this news conference has been going on. anymore news out of briefing we'll bring it to you.
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this is big news with the video that hit, with that resource officer, also having a bit of a past in terms of this sort of thing before. so, we'll bring you up to speed as news continues to break and develop on that. we'll move on. our military's fight against the islamic state terrorists may be ramming up. we heard defense secretary ash carter would be on the hill and he was. he laid out a new strategy which could include moving troops close to the front lines. will that stop savages of isis in key middle eat country? our #oneluckyguy on that. president obama invited iran to next talks about syria, you heard me, iran, will be at the table. they said we're coming. a good idea or something else? we know you want more "outnumbered"? which know how you feel. we do jump on online chat. read comments live. hit us up on facebook.
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your wife, jenna lee, coanchor of "happening now," will see if she will jump on live chat to ask questions. i want to know the real skinny on you. ♪
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♪ >> won't pull back from supporting capable partners in
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opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. sandra: defense secretary ash carter laying out a new proposed strategy to defeat isis which could mean moving american troops closer to the front lines. carter said new plans include additional raids on isis targets, intensifying airstrikes and more support for forces fighting the terror group. joint chiefs chairman joseph dunford also adding he would recommend embedding u.s. troops with iraqi forces if that would improve chances of taking out isis of the suggestion skirts close to putting boots on the ground, something president obama has vowed not to do. so what do you think about this, leif? is this a strategy based on your experience and your knowledge of this region, do you think this would work? >> well let me just say that our combat troops are ready to go and execute against this enemy.
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they're ready to execute operations. sandra: are we using them the best we can be? >> my answer is no. i think from a strategic perspective they understand the enemy we're fighting, by the way, isis is not, this is not a new thing. al qaeda and iraq call themselves islamic state of iraq as early as april of 2007. they just simply changed their name. of course they gained much more power and influence now. we actually, we need a strategy that will go in and actually do some serious damage to these guys. >> leif, can i say something? obama doesn't want to put boots on the ground. i just an article, 75% of the sorties or air missions attacking isis come back to the base without even having fired anything because the rules of engagement, the constraints that the obama administration has put on the rules of engagement are such that they can't shoot, they can't do their job. how are we going to win if they're sending air missions,
9:18 am
doesn't want boots on the ground, but our commanders are not allowed to do what they want to do? how do we win? >> when you hear people talk about we eventually have to defeat isis which is something our former chairman of the joint chiefs said, general dempsey, a while back, it's, we're putting this off until later. i think, u.s. troops understand this enemy is as evil an enemy as america's ever faced in our long history. so we have to do something about them now because they're going to come and attack us here. just a matter of time. so we already have boots on the ground. that is just semantics. the political speak to just try to say we don't. there are guys that are there -- harris: we have 3,000 people. >> they're in iraq in country training troops. they want to go to be able to execute missions. the issue, ramadi, now one of the three. rs the secretary defense talked about is important, which administration was say something not important three months ago.
9:19 am
when you read about the city of ramadi falling, that is where i fought and my combat experience came from, when you read about that, 3 to 400 isis fighters, we could have prevented that from happening with a few hundred u.s. troops. harris: wow. sandra: harris, does this change by the administration and announcement by ash carter, does this show how concerned the administration is about the situation over there after painting somewhat of a rosy picture for quite some time about our progress there? harris: i think what it shows, we knew this about dunford, we knew there would be a change in tone because the leadership is changing now, it may show that the administration is forced to listen to his generals because we haven't handled this very well. so dunford will come in with a different type after message anyway. in terms of how vicious and evil these guys are. look bloodshed all over the world. just yesterday, just yesterday they were putting people and tying them up to columns in
9:20 am
palmyra in syria, the agent city and blowing up the columns. they're making a world statement just how vicious and bloodthirsty and evil they can be. how do we answer that? >> their motto is remaining and expanding. the fact they have established this what they call caliphate, they control real estate, it is important. all hard fighting in iraq that was done by u.s. forces and we're going to have to put guys in there to actually hand them some big strategic setbacks. then we can allow local people to take over. andrea: victories we've seen under this administration, leif, they have been few. we saw somali pirate rescue. we saw bin laden capture. that is because of the u.s. navy seals. it appears to me the only real plan the president has, drones, number one, and two, the u.s. navy seals. it troubles me that now he wants to act and change course. i fear that he is doing this for political reasons, just like leaving troops in afghanistan. when leaders make decisions
9:21 am
based on politics and not on real strategy, he basically said dod didn't have strategy how to defeat isis what happens? and how do the troops feel besides just being ready to go? how do they really feel behind the scenes? >> they're frustrated, they're absolutely frustrated because they understand the threat and what it means if we allow it to metastasize and grow. they want to go and make a difference. the good news as harris says, we do have a change in leadership. certainly general dunford is a change in the better. we have a general on the ground, general sean mcfarland, who was commander of the ready brigade, first armored division in ramadi and your seals followed, those soldiers won a victory when no one thought was possible in 2006. sandra: great to get your perspective, leif. thank you. president obama addressing the top law enforcement officers in an attempt to bridge the divide between police and some communities rocked by anti-cop protests.
9:22 am
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♪ andrea: thousands of people are expect attend the funeral of new york city police officer randolph holder this afternoon. he died after being shot in the head while chasing a suspect last week. his funeral comes just one day after president obama spoke to law enforcement in chicago and tried to walk a fine line between supporting police officers and acknowledging strained relation with some communities. >> we've had african-american, latino communities, pointed to
9:27 am
racial disparities in criminal justice from arrest rates to sentencing to incarceration rates. all too often those concerns no matter how well-documented are brushed aside. we can't have a situation which a big chunk ever the population feels like maybe the system isn't working as well for them. at the same time, too often law enforcement gets scapegoated for the broader failures of our society and our criminal justice system. [applause] andrea: earlier in the speech the president also pushed back the idea that police are struggling to stop crime because they're worried about increased scrutiny. >> it is true that in some cities, including here in my hometown of chicago, gun violence and homicides have spiked but the fact is is that so far at least across the nation the data shows that we
9:28 am
are still enjoying historically low rates of violent crime. moreover, over the past few years the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty has fallen to their lowest levels in decades. of course each victim of crime is one too many. each fallen police officer is one too many. andrea: all right. so, leif, there is a perception among many that this white house really has been, putting out some anti-cop rhetoric. i go back to ferguson. i want to start by saying, no police force is perfect. you can't sort of, paint a broad brush over everybody. but when you go back to ferguson, you saw the doj react in a way, they put out a report that called the police force, basically inherently institutionally i believe the quote was racist. they also sent administration officials to the funeral of
9:29 am
michael brown and others but they don't send administration officials when there is fallen police officer down in your home state of texas as recently as one month ago. is that criticism fair? >> i think this president has fanned flames of these issues and, he has to own them. he is trying to walk both lines right now and he really can't do that. i've got a lot of friends in law enforcement, a lot of guys i served with in the military that have gone into law enforcement or reservists, part-time military but full-time law enforcement. my hats to the guys, they're on the home front keeping us safe and certainly not every officer is perfect, absolutely. when you see, you see something like this, it's absolutely horrible and just, i'm mourn for that officer's family and i think the president needs to take ownership of fanning some of these issues an these flames. harris: you're an expert on it. your book, extreme ownership,
9:30 am
that's what we're talking about. i have to say, andrea, in all fairness i did see the presidenf recognizing what our police officers do. then he kind of walked back a little bit. he was trying to straddle some things there. what i thought might have been missing, around we talked about this yesterday, he is in chicago. he is not in like some other foreign country. he is in chicago where the stats are staggering, in the black community particularly, okay? not to make this is black president but he is only one who can solve it. can we at least talk about the elephant in the room? 75% of the victims and 75 or better% of perpetrators in large number of shooting crimes in city of chicago are among african-americans. i didn't hear him talking about a jobs program. i didn't hear him talking about meeting with community leaders to talk, to try to find some answers within a very tumultuous area. you lived in chicago.
9:31 am
if you look at like a push pin map, all the red is concentrated where particularly african-americans live. andrea: you don't hear the president talk about breakdown of the family, the importance of fathers, which i think would be incredible speaker. harris: very inspirational. andrea: he is good father. speak from what he knows. that troubles me, he had opportunity, sandra, in your hometown to stand up and talk about that and talk about illegal guns, guns doing the killing, not legal guns of law-abiding americans. >> he didn't introduce anymore gun control or call for anymore gun control while he was there. i think that is bit surprising. i agree with harris that he walked toward that line. if he was trying to make the move, harris, why not acknowledge james comey, fbi director, violence tied to police officers hesitating to do their jobs what we've seen in u.s. cities? why not go there, and
9:32 am
acknowledge that is serious problem these communities face. harris: he already said he doesn't believe it. andrea: because his mouthpiece, josh earn e, our own fbi director is wrong. i want to talk about the statistics. president said crime is down. the crime is not down in major cities. the reason they're hiding behind faulty statistics. if 83 people are shot weekend in chicago, count it as one incident, not 83 victims. medical care is better, surviving attacks. they can go out there and say that not because violence is down. >> my father was a public school teacher. i remember my mother said to my dad at dinner table, don't engage those kids. i don't want our pension on the line to have an incident. there are cop spouses out there telling spouses at home, listen, take it easy. i don't want some youtube moment and our family income and pension is on the line. of course these videos and these, this environment is
9:33 am
having an impact on whether a police officer decides to step in or not. doesn't surprise me that the statistics skyrocketing in places like chicago. harris: from that very important topic to politics again. appears hillary clinton is changing course on her comments about the va scandal. in televised interview the democratic front-runner said issues of wait times are not as widespread as made out to be. why would anybody make that up? she accuses republicans -- her campaign says her marks were misconstrued and hillary clinton is outraged. republicans in washington and on campaign trail pounced on the initial remarks. senator john mccain, arizona, home to the v. ahospital at center of the scandal as you think back, demanded an apology. all this as donald trump appears to try to make veterans a big part of his campaign. yesterday dramatic moment, when he stepped off the stage in iowa to speak to a wounded veteran.
9:34 am
pledged to do everything he can to get him the care that he needs. watch? >> you're going write out your card. i will put pressure on va like you won't believe. let's see -- this is beautiful. [cheers and applause] as president i can guarranty it. as trump i can say, i will probably be able to pull it off anyway. because, they know it won't stop. it will be easier to take todd and say, look, we're going to work with you, todd, okay? harris: you know what? if you have been following donald trump even before he ran for president you know this is issue that is at the center of what he believes in. your thoughts? >> it's a huge issue, definitely. and i think hillary clinton is absolutely wrong. she certainly stepped into it and i know veterans appreciate donald trump coming out swing on those issues. this is example of a giant government bureaucracy that just can not deliver the services they need. and then covers it up and
9:35 am
creates this, to protect themselves, rather than take ownership of mistakes and try to fix those mistakes. harris: i asked this before when you and i weren't on tv because we talked about this before, do you think it is time or there is necessity for a person in the white house to be military background? is that necessary? >> look, i think as commander-in-chief i think that is something that is of great benefit certainly. i think that matters a lot to have military service. particularly combat experience i think is important but you don't, definitely don't need that. you don't don't need it. you can be a leader who listens, if you simply bring in the right people that you can listen to. you have to acknowledge mistakes and own failures to figure out solution and solve them. >> there is nothing that has shown how out of touch hillary clinton is that than comment. other than veterans, nobody knows better how dysfunctional the veterans administration is than members of congress.
9:36 am
she is a former senator. the busiest caseworkers -- andrea: on armed services committee. >> on armed services. busiest caseworkers are those dealing with veterans benefits. in my husband's office, one caseworker all he does is deal with veterans things because there is up is a backlog. so dysfunctional. they lose records. by the way she quote ad survey as proof that you know, things are fine at the va. 300,000 veterans died on a waiting list. you can't fill out a survey if you're dead. so, this is a person who is seriously out of touch. and i think this should be absolutely held against her. every veteran should just be outraged. harris: we'll check number on that. leif, i'm curious, you have friends, colleagues, people thaw served with coming back. what is their experience? i mean that is first-hand? >> experience try to get all of the services you can and help you can, particularly for guys seriously oned while you're
9:37 am
active because you know you will go into the backlog when you get into the va. sandra: would you prefer more private hospital choices? people are wondering if donald trump will go that route? is he talking about better va hospitals, improving to them or adding to them or offer more of a private health care situation? >> i think competition is always great. certainly private hospitals can do it -- >> if you're in rural area you -- andrea: get behind a voucher system like charter schools. same way wall street money, sandra, funds a lost charter schools, donald trump should announce he will put a hospital right next to va hospital to offer vouchers and veterans can use and use wall street money to fund that. harris: will be interesting to see if hillary clinton is tweeting while watching debates. faith in a public school classroom. 7th grader is defending belief in god after teacher reportedly said god is a myth. did the teacher cross the line? we'll debate it. stay close.
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♪ andrea: comments from a seventh grade reading teacher ignited quite the fight over faith at texas school. a student says her teacher crossed line with an assignment had her defending whether god exists of the classify each statement as opinion, fafactual claim or commonplace assertion. one statement reads there is a god. so 12-year-old jordan wooly, said based on her beliefs, but her teacher said her answer was wrong. >> i said that it is a fact or opinion based on my religion and based on what i think i believe, i did not think that it was a commonplace assertion. i love reading personally. for me to have to fail reading because of what my beliefs are, just, shocked me. andrea: after an investigation
9:43 am
the school issued this statement saying, quote, this ungraded activity was ill-conceived and because of that, its intent was misconstrued. as a result the activity will no longer be used by the school and appropriate personnel action will be taken. andra, you have two little ones here. i'm looking at facts of story. the teacher said basically if you don't answer the right way you will fail. have you heard of such a thing? i heard she has been dealt with by the school district. we see these stories more and more. sandra: shouldn't be dealt with. taken out of the system. andrea: terminated. sandra: leif, you have a new little one home as well, you realize how impressionable these young minds are. and for a teacher to engage in something so irresponsible, i mean first and foremost, it is just absolutely disappointing. then it is disgusting that a school teacher actually exists in the system and you wonder how many more there are like that out there. harris: you have to tell me what the rules are. yesterday we talked about a
9:44 am
football coach who wasn't allowed to pray at 50-yard line. a teacher who says there is no god but the school is okay with that? so you can't pray, but you're welcome to tell people that you can be agnostic, or atheist that god doesn't exist. you have to tell me what the rules are, that's why i'm confused. >> we need school choice and parental choice in education. it is too hard to the fight system. the little girl is brave to fight the system. you know what? it gets tiring. i'm so glad that i personally have the choice because i can an of a afford to send my kid to a school that reflects my values. about time the america gives choices to people poor and marginalized. it is too hard to fight this stuff. how many other teachers are there like that? we don't know. sandra: how many incidents that happen don't come to light? andrea: seems every week we cover a new story where you're persecuted in this country for trying to exercise your first amendment and speak out.
9:45 am
it seems to be the targeting of christians. it is not just in these elementary schools but on college campuses as well. they become indoctrination camps where teachers penalize them if they say or do the wrong thing. i don't know why the teacher was having exercise on god to begin with. as harris talks about, can we talk about religion or not allowed? tell us the rules. >> this is the church of secularism. agnostic, we don't believe in god. this is violation of church and state. i will make kids go believe there is no god and we're sporting that -- supporting that. that is what the government schools are supporting. that is absolutely wrong. that is a violation of our constitution. sandra: beautiful point. >> call the aclu, violation of church and state. take our case? crickets. crickets. are they home? sandra: where are they on this? that is a beautiful point. just isn't about the conversation, but it is, whether
9:46 am
or not you're proselytizing. whether you get people to deny there is god or believe there is god. if you say there is no cross in the classroom how can you have that discussion at all? andrea: based on story we talked about yesterday where the coach was not trying to impose his religion on anybody, thises is as you point out is the opposite. she was trying to indoctrinate, if you don't agree with me, you will fail the class. you have toking atheist or agnostic to advance to the next grade. >> parents need to have a choice. vote where they want their kids to go with their feet. sandra: i assume the response from you, leif, is deeper than that this is the very thing you're out fighting and defending our freedoms and rights here at home. to see somebody taking advantage of this young person in your home state of texas. >> absolutely infuriating no doubt. absolutely is. andrea: our one lucky guy not just another pretty face, highly decorated navy seal. up next he tells us why his new
9:47 am
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jenna lee what is happening second hour of "happening now." >> third debate in boulder colorado, the focus on economy but likely to cover a lot more ground than that will be the first time ben carson appears as frontrunner although he doesn't have the center spot. he is surging in recent polls. we'll have analysis. big day on capitol hill. we're expecting vote on house bill that could end budget wars until at least after the 2016 election. first moves to make paul ryan the speak of the house. there is this. a new study says might do you a bit of a good to put down the booze or take a little break. we're not deny anybody wine but there should be a pause. when the doctor join us. how is that #oneluckyguy doing by the way? sandra: we should ask you. you might be a little biased. >> i couldn't think straight because he is so handsome.
9:52 am
unbelievable. >> that is my favorite anchor. >> that's right. good answer. harris: didn't that feel good? >> it does. harris: see you coming up. yeah, now i get to say it again, our #oneluckyguy leif babin is the coanchor of a new book, wait, hold on a second, take it out, extreme ownership, how u.s. navy seals lead and win. leif and fellow former navy seal jocko willink served together in seal task unit bruiser, the most highly decorated seal ops unit from the war in iraq. their efforts contributed to historic triumph in ramadi. remember he was talking about hard to take a city back. while there they learned leadership is most important on and off the battlefield. if the book they share combat stories that share lessons for business and life, a lot about life. one of my favorite parts in here, when you talk about there are no bad teams. there are bad leaders. do you have a story that maybe
9:53 am
illuminates that? >> absolutely. this was something that, i wrote about, when i was an instructor, we came back from ramadi, and i got a chance to teach leadership to the next generation of seal leaders, trying to teach them everything i wish someone taught me before they went on to the battlefield so at that time we were running hell week and watching boat crew races. seals run around with big rubber boats on their heads, seal candidates training to be seals, going through hell week, five, continuous 24 hour days. we watch ad boat crew winning every race and one boat crew was losing every race. losing they're getting a lot of extra punishment. these guys are exhausted. we swapped leaders out to see what happened. remarkably the boat crew had been losing all of sudden were winning, simply putting a different leader in charge. got people focus and stopped bickering to focus on their own pain and suffering and worked together as a team and actually won. sandra: incredible.
9:54 am
harris: what are the characteristics of a leader that takes ownership, if you will? >> what "extreme ownership" is you have to own everything in the world. no one to blame. no excuses that you make. you have to own everything that affects your mission. leader, whether you're in charge of a whole bunch of people or whether in charge of yourself and your little piece of a mission, if you take ownership, acknowledge mistakes and failures, come up with a solution, that is the recipe for success. we find that, not only see leaders doing the best and make r most successful out in the business world but even in life. it applies to parenting. it applies to being a spouse. sandra: can you go to washington for a while to help these guys? >> he is going next week. i will have my husband go. makes sense in washington. how does it apply to parenting, i'm curious? >> if you're trying to get your kids to do something you need them to do. i have one-year-old so tough to explain to him. harris: look at that.
9:55 am
[laughter] andrea: in those sunglasses. >> you have to explain why, not just what to do, why you're doing it. that is important for any leader in any team. certainly in marriage, it is directly applicable. a client came to me, said extreme ownership saved my marriage. blaming everything on my spouse. making excuses for my own behavior. once i took a look in the mirror i made changes. andrea: seems that is the theme today, right? sandra coming out of washington. no one gets fired. pleading the fifth. blaming wall street. blaming republicans. blaming cops but everybody but themselves. this book is at an important time. why did you decide to write this book, leif? what compelled you to write it on this topic? >> that's a great question. when, jocko and i both came back from deployment to ramadi. we lost seals killed in action. it was incredibly emotional and difficult. when we ran seal leadership training we saw impact it was having as we gave these same principles we write about to the next generation of seal leaders.
9:56 am
as we transitioned to the civilian world and launch ad company we saw same thing with business leaders. hey, can you write this stuff down so we can talk about it when you're not here? that is where the book came from. harris: pick it up. it's a great read. we'll talk more on "outnumbered overtime" so people can ask questions. more "outnumbered" when we come back. ♪
9:57 am
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click on overtime tab. we're back at noon eastern tomorrow. leif babin joins us on overtime show talking extreme ownership and lots more. "happening now" starts right now. "happening now". is the taliban coming back in afghanistan? >> new information on the terror group getting much stronger and new information on the deadly whale watching accident. we may know why it killed five people and knowing when to say when to alcohol. if you take one month off of the sauce. it is all "happening now".


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