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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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web. click on overtime tab. we're back at noon eastern tomorrow. leif babin joins us on overtime show talking extreme ownership and lots more. "happening now" starts right now. "happening now". is the taliban coming back in afghanistan? >> new information on the terror group getting much stronger and new information on the deadly whale watching accident. we may know why it killed five people and knowing when to say when to alcohol. if you take one month off of the sauce. it is all "happening now".
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>> but we begin with the republican presidential hopefuls facing off in boulder colorado. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. first time donald trump is not the obvious front runner. ben carson is gaining momentum in recent polls. q have more in colorado >> it puts a lot of pressure on donald trump. and how he answers questions and now he can't say i am leading everywhere in all of the states and nationally. both in iowa waand nationally mr. carson was in the lead. mr. trump was there talking to the iowa wavoters and seemed hopeful and pleading that iowa help him get back on the polls. >> iowa will you get your numbers up, please?
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[applause] when you get the numbers up, i will do such a good job. >> after his event in iowa, he took up wit twit. and after a great evening, i am in colorado looking for i am sure an unfair debate. at cnbc reports numbers. they can't say trump number one. and does he think they will get numbers right prior to the debate. sad. free spinning the debate that he might could be in trouble for or face criticism. and intensed scrutiny. ben carson and jeb bush have big, big opportunities.
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in jeb bush, he down sized his campaign and inpressing voters that he is a viable presidential debate and explain the motive and not come cross as irritated. he said recently if it takes demeaning others and demonized by others, elect trump he has more cool things to do. you don't want to look bitter. and ben carson has to show he has the capacity to be presidential and hjc mild mannered tonight. he may not counter attack aggressively if he is crit otherwised. and lots of pressure on the candidates. this is the third debate. >> for more on this. christopher bedford is editor in chief and aaron blake is political reporter for the post.
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a lot of pressure on the candidates. who is feeling it the most? >> i think there are a few candidates to choose from. jeb bush is probably with the most on the line tonight. he's run a disappointing campaign. raised a ton of money and seeing the poll numbers erode and he's not with the front runner and not in the second tier right now in some polls. it subio in front of him. if you are jb bush and the establishment guy and counting on drowning the other candidates with your money. you have to reassure the donors you have what it takes to win the race or they will look for someone who can. marco rubio is threatening to take that. if bush is threatening not to impress. >> christopher, if jeb is losing
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ground. is competition donald trump or ben carson? >> they are now targeting marco rubio. he has campaign and press releases and articles and looks at marco rubio his biggest threat. and jeb bush has the most to lose here. he's the one if he does well may reinvigorate the base and donors. if he does poorly his money will dry up quickly. >> sticking with you in a moment, they were kindred spirits and marco rubio was his political protogee. people like mitt romney said we are not going to run and no one predicted he would be behind donald trump and ben carson and
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the freshman senator from florida. this guy is not going to run because i will take up money in florida. and that adds to the embarrassment and puts him on the spot. >> the latest on the gop nomination and puts carson on top and followed by trump closely and still< in the margi of error. do you expect aaron to see that field shaken out by the results of tonight's debate? >> i don't know that it necessarily going to change too much tonight. carson and trump are in a class by themselves right now and not because they are at the top of the polls, but they appeal to some what similar groups of supporters. and while i can see them trading supporters after this debate, i think that top tier will be intact. and for them which of the second tier can assert themselves.
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whether jeb bush or marco rubio. in the past it was carly fiorina and john kasich. and they are now in the single digits. i think things will not change a lot here. and a few points here and there will do jeb bush a lot of good and do marco rubio good, too. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton campaigning in new hampshire and swing in manchester coming as your washington post highlights the strategy in another key voting state completely turned around from 2008. the post reads. clinton is building a juggarnaut. harnessing the data and reshaping modern politics and organizing techniques that barak obama used to defeat here.
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clinton is a course correction from 2008 when she was outhustled obama. she will not let iowa slip away. is that the lesson this time around. >> without question. new hampshire is the saving grace for the clintons. in bill clintons and hillary clintonary campaign. that kept her in the race. but new hampshire is a friendlier state for bernie sanders. i think it will be more difficult for clinton to win that state than in iowa. i think only thing at this point that being throw into question her nomination as a democratic nominee is if she would lose the early states. if she loses both of them she is on their heels. and iowa is what they are counting on to make sure bernie
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sanders doesn't get a two state. it shows her up over bernie sanders. christopher. what happens if they split and she wins iowa and bernie sanders cams from the naeshing state and wins new hampshire? >> i think the clintons demonstrated they are bad when they miss the narrative. they need to learn the action and not imperial coronation. if she loses and that could snow ball just like it did in 2008. just when a freshman senator kicked her butt and it chaefrjed. it is hard for a candidate to revert back to a collapsed
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narrative. thank you both. >> which candidate do you expect to win the gop debate tonight. go to and get your thoughts in the conversation. >> the white house getting a royal visitor today. britain's prince harry is in the united states for one day. he is with michelle obama and then will sit down with president obama. he wants to talk to the president about the invictous games to give injured servicemen and women around the borld something to train for and compete in. he works hard to draw attention to. the only other time they held a game 400 injured veterans participated and that was in london 2014. and this summer, they will be in
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orlando. this is a live picture that you are looking at. prince harry wants them to be like a warrior game. and you can see him in alexandria, virginia. it was built for adaptive sportentious vents. and that's what they are doing with the basketball game. first lady and dr. jill biden the action. two years ago when prince harry visited washington d.c. there was a roar every time a young female staffer caught a glimpse of him. he gets more attention than anybody or law maker or somebody would see in washington d.c. on the street on a normal day and today he is using all of the buzz he generates in a one day
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trip to introduce the world to inspiring athletes and their care takers. >> very cool and cheers in all. peter, thank you. >> now this fox extreme weather alert. a powerful storm bringing damaging winds and torrential downpours to the east coast and midwest. flooding and isolated tornados are possible. forecasters said winds could reach 60 miles per hour. and downing tree limbs and parts of the midwest could see now. snow for halloween. >> and new details on what could have caused a deadly whale watching accident. we'll feel you in. the house accuses the irs director of lying about the agency and they are notting him
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out and taking steps to make it happen.
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>> new information on the sinking of a whale watching boat. and investigatorsp say passengs on the top deck were crowded on the left side of the boat and a wave hit the right side and cap sized the vessel and throwing all people in the water. five died and an australia man is missing. >> fallout over the irs scandal. house republicans are moving to impreach the irs commissioner saying he lied to the american people. we have the latest from washington, rich? >> reporter: charging he violated the public trust house
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republicans introduced a way to impreach the commissioner. it was lois lerner's that slowed the applications for tax exemptions. and congress willal committees investigated learner. republicans said they stone walled inquiries. >> we are really left with no alternative. the inspector general did an exhaustive search and looked at this. we have dually issued subpeonas and despite that the irs commissioner came before congress and the information he provided to congress and the testimony he gave is false. there are consequences. >> testifying before the senate finance committee, he acknowledged that the irs made
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mistakes and insuring they will never repeat them. of the impeachment resolution the irs claimed that the agency fully cooperated with all congressional investigations and jumping to koskines defense the democrat said there is 0 evidence. the irs spent 20 million and employee hours cooperating with a misguyeded investigation with no evidence of political targeting. from here the full oversight committee will send it to the full house for debate. >> rich, thank you. >> the pentagon hands out the biggest contract for the next generation of america's greatest weapon's delivery system and could mean a lot of jobs for one state. >> plus, the taliban making gains. our next guest said afghanistan is a safe haven for all kinds of
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>> word that pilots are back on u.s. soil after fighting isis. 500 air men from the air national guard base deployed to the middle east for six months. it was the biggest mass deployment from that group from that base since the korean war. many of them pilot the warthog designed for close air support and they flew with more than 10000 combat times. they are happy to be home. we are happy, too. >> they call it the wart hog
10:23 am
because it is not sleek. the u.s. is looking to launch the next generation of stealth bomber. the pentagon handed out the biggest contract to build the thing. they will be paid 21 billion taxpayer dollars and balloon three times of that if the pentagon buys the character. they want to phase out the bombers in that date back to the korean war. it could happen in southern california and mean thousands of newok jobs there. >> taliban fighters taking over a district in northern afghanistan amid intense battles. this is afghanistan, apparently in danger of being a safe haven for terrorist and al-qaeda and taliban as well. and in the meantime president obama talks about the resurgence
10:24 am
and announcing plans for troop levels next year. >> the taliban has made gains in rural will areas and can launch deadly attacks in cities including ka bul. we understood as we transitioned that the taliban would try to exploit some of our movements out of particular areas and that it would take time for afghan security forces to strengthen. the bottom line is in key areas of the country, the security situation is very fragile and some places, there is risk of deterioration. >> saying that a few weeks ago. the defense chief of afghanistao push the terrorist back. we have ben here. ben this is the comment coming from that national official in afghanistan in reference to the
10:25 am
terrorist, they have not been degraded, but regenerated themselves across the board. al-qaeda and isis and taliban. what kind of threat is that? >> it is a huge threat. the president himself said it was predictable. and it is not could they exploit it, they have exploited it. everybody from the taliban, and isis and they have seen the united states withdraw. and they knowfá 5500 troops scattered in the country, there is 0 chance they will make a difference. if we can't hold them off with hundred thousand soldiers, what will 5500 do? >> the president had the assumption that this is going to happen? >> to me it is sad. look, we anyhow it was going to
10:26 am
happen when we withdraw out of iraq and we saw it collapse. we anyhow it was going to happen when obama was on the campaign trail and set a time table to withdraw. who does that? the unfortunate thing here, jenna, what we are focusing on the resurgence of taliban and isis which is a problem, the up side if there is any, they are fighting open other for the soul of afghanistan. but it is the geo political consequences to me that are disheart disheartening. >> it is interesting that the national security advisor in afghanistan used the words. he said it is degraded. he said it is not in our country. but talk to us about afghanistan. you have been there and spent time there and fought there. say the country gets divided and
10:27 am
becomes a safe haven for the groups. what is the risk of that and what should afghanistan look like? >> jenna, look, the unfortunate thing afghanistan is not a resource rich country and a 25 percent literacy rate. it is important because of where it exists on the map. in recent news, afghanistan turned to russia for arms and help. they asked for small arms and tanks and helicopter and turned to iran. and here you have afghanistan, and who's opening up talks with iran and russia and they are not talking just to the central government but the taliban and they are hedging their bets, it is isis. they consider themselves in afghanistan, they call themselves islamic state. and that incorporates afghanistan and parts of iran and central asia. and both russia and iran are
10:28 am
nervous about what will take place. afghanistan shares a border with china. and as much as we are concerned about afghanistan itself collapsing. the consequences it wouldñr be a safe haven for terrorist that access china, and russia and iran. and that is disconcertaining -- disconcerning. >> and what is our best p move here? >> jenna, for me again, i think we talked about it before. i have an emotional bias, but unless we change our strategy as a country and a president that doubles down and triples down and makes a commitment to go affect change, and we are talking about to the surge levels of 120000 troops. we either commit or come home.
10:29 am
we are seeing a trend line in the raid in iraq and the bin laden raid. unless it meets a political messaging, and fits in a narrative it is the difference of white house taking credit for a operation or recent one in iraq, the president was informed and didn't sign off on it. and to me, the people in the military see it and we see a commander in chief that is not committed to what is taking place in afghanistan to make real change or degrade and destroy isis as he promised. what he is doing is punting for the next election for everything in that region and that is a real problem for us in the years to come. >> the question is whether or not we have time to wait and see what a new leader will bring. that is a question we will be asking. we call your emotional bias
10:30 am
experience. we'll take it any time considering your insights on afghanistan. we'll talk to you soon. >> on top of that, there are concerns about what the oh, r - iranians are up to. they make a disturbing find. millions of driving these word wide. first time in 15 years volkswagon is reporting big losses.
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>> house republicans are making a vote for nominee for speaker of the house. they will cast ballots for paul ryan or dan webster. " his candidacy last week. acy voting results will be in another hour or see. and the nominee will likely go to the house floor for approval tomorrow. >> a former speaker of the house dennis hasta rt pled guilty in a hush money cover up. mike to bin has more. >> reporter: he knew it was wrong when he did it. that is dennis hastert.
10:35 am
federal prosecutor recommended a sentence of six months and the judge will make the final maximum penalty is five years. he pledñiñi guilty and avoids t trial and the ugly details that is the motivation. withdrawals that were executed to an individual known as individual a. that guy dates back to a wrestling coach in chicago. it was to cover past misconduct. law enforcements said it was a sexual abuse of young men connected with the wrestling team. most are about gaining leniency at sentencing and this is keeping a secret from going public.
10:36 am
>> with three and half million price tag. we know that hastert was able to be blackmailed and he was only two steps away from the presidency. >> what a story. >> you got it. niran's dangerous nuclear facility nothing. nuclear testing equipment is missing from the base. critics say it shows how little the nuclear deal will do to stop iran from getting a bomb. we have more on this supposed missing equipment. and they understood that the military site where it is believed the program and containment +vessel. this is a testing the nuclear triggers and the upcoming report. fox news was told that the tool efbtively erased the radioactive
10:37 am
foot print. and a member of the house intelligence committee said it is deeply flawed. >> now, it is become clear that there was an effort to sanitize the site. it was prior to the time that the iranians actually took that sample. and see we know that whatever it is that they found when they conducted the review of the materials that the iranians provided them, it is likely the case that the clean up effort mitigated anything they could have found in the inspection. >> this missing equipment matters because it creates a gap in the data analyzed by the ia ea. and that data is used to establish the baseline for iran yeah nuclear program before sanctions can be lifted. iran tested a long range missile. and this came up at yesterday's
10:38 am
hearing before the senate arms services committee and the secretary of defense has reservations about the deal. >> i think that it needs to be very clear. it isçó clear to us in the department of defense that the conclusion of the nuclear deal with iran, assuming it gets implemented which is part of your questioning does not address all of our security concerns. >> the defense department has a plan b and a deep eping commitment to u.s. missile defense, jenna. >> thank you. >> now the fox business alert, volkswagon is hurting seriously since the scandal over software installed on the cars to cheat on emissions test. it was a first quarterly loss in
10:39 am
more than 15 years. jerry willis joins us from the fox business network. >> this is haunting volkswagon. as you can say one.ate billion loss. and more money than most companies year. and issued a four year profit warning and meaning that the fourth quarter is bad, to. the company is having to set aside 7.4 billion to fix all of the cars. you mentioned half a million and more offshore. it is a big job indeed. what is interesting in the numbers. buyers have not abandoned the company and according to volkswagon and the release today, revenues are up nine percent and on track to have sales that match last year which is a record. we have to wait and see, we don't know what kind of regulatory finds they have and lawsuits they may face as well. and the costs are still mounting
10:40 am
for a german company with a big black eye. >> and people are not buying the cars like they used to either. >> that could happen as well. njerry willis, thank you. >> giving up alcohol for a short time can prevent serious illness. you say it is the world series, and everyone needs a beers. but the health benefits for going on the wagon for a month. we'll see what they think of it and a robbery victim pushed on the train track and he lives to tell the story. we'll show it to you. >> he chases it on the back and he winds up falling. it is dangerous. hey honey. huh.
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dc. who will be the next new speaker. and plus, a gop debate tonight. can ben carson handle being in the lead and how will donald trump handle not being in the lead? and house republicans begin impeachment proceedings against the irs commissioner. that will be at the top of the hour. >> a robbery victim in philadelphia surviving a fall on a commuter line. a couple grabbed his bag and rain. and the woman tazed him and sent him flying on the tracks. the third rail was çóinsulated d he suffer a concussion and told
10:45 am
he will beoc. if you look at the people and recognize them call police. >> the doctor is in on the new research. and studies show that time off helps to heal your liver and reduces blood pressure levels. those who gave up drinking for a month had a lower risk of cancer and type two diabetes. we have a professor of public health in john hopkins university. this study is getting a lot of attention in the medical world, what do you think? >> just in time for the the world series. if you stop drinking and took subjects, a hundred of men and women drinking about ten drinks a week. little more than the average, and had them stop drinking entirely for a january cessation program.
10:46 am
and even in one month, liver function improved and cholesteral went down and blood pressure was better controlled and over all improved on the type two diabetes. and dramatic results. yes, this is getting a lot of attention in health care. >> i don't think of alcohol being connected with type two diabetes or high blood pressure. >> there is two dangerous things in alcohol. one is the alcohol itself and the other is the sugar that accompanies bore and wine. and that sugar has an impact on liver metabolism. sugar is recognized to cause things like a general inflammatory state and heart disease and cancer. but we know it drives obesity. >> patients who stopped drinking
10:47 am
had supplemental side benefit? >> they lost about five pounds of weight which fits in wafi the impact of the sugar part. and you know, the liver is a resilient organ. and over decades of living, you can get scarring of the liver. but it is amazing the body can d heal. and in this study we learned that the body has some regenitive pour in the liver and explains why the liver grows back if you cut part of it. and stem- line cell properties. and see there is a benefit to stopping the intake over time. >> and would you tell your patients to stop-and-go cold turkey a month every year. >> i recommend they set modest goals. oftentimes in medicine, we see
10:48 am
people set bold goals around new years and they are unachievable. reducing sugar intake. we are addicted to sugar and don't know it. it is part of the processed foods we eat growing up and setting an over ambitious goal like the a tkins diet causes a rebound. modest reduction has long- term health benefits. >> never thought of the sugar in my beer. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> big game one of the world series. since we are talking about it last night. and the kansas city royals hosted the new york mets. in the bottom of the fourth unexpected happen. during a broadcast, a power outage. and they lost power and the generator and back up went out. and guys, what is going on. fox sports joe buck had this to
10:49 am
say to brian kilmeade this morning. >> i don't know if it got wet or what happen. something with the generator went out and we are reading a promo with the grinder starting fred. it must be something with rob lowe coming to fox. >> we cannot confirm that. fox sports crews worked to get it back up and running. it took several minutes and they got it back. and kansas city royals beat the mets. 5- 4 in the 14th inning. >> all of the met's fans in our studios are praying for a better result. >> and silence when the royals won. >> it was one game, come on.
10:50 am
come on. >> hold on to that champagne. >> and a lot of people spent hours in the woods trying to bag one of these guys. we'll show it to you. a dore. and what is a town
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
there's simply too many deer. aspen, oregon is overrun by these four legged white tail krite critters making a mess.
10:54 am
everyone is trying to figure out what to do. we're like terrorizing, but no. they are terrorizing people. what is going on in ashland? >> you would not believe it. there's so many domesticated deer. locals swear they have seen them using the sidewalk, crosswalk, to avoid getting hit by cars. the love fest appears to be changing. more and more residents are complaining about being chased and knocked down. the city held a deer summit to let people tell their tails. about a dozen people have said they are afraid of the deer. others complain about property damage from deer eating their flowers and shrubs. homeowners are spending thousands of dollars on deer fences but the deer assaults keep happening. >> i left a friend's house and we were walking up an alley and
10:55 am
this deer came charging out from nowhere. >> the only real way to reduce the conflict is to kill about 50 per year to make them afraid of humans again. most seem to equate that with murder. this town of 21,000 people famous for shakesspere festival will never allow a deer kill. >> they want to know they are not being threatened. i think what makes the deer aggressive is they feel threatened by people. >> in ashland they do things like talk about public education and deer contraceptive.
10:56 am
making deer so they can't have baby deer. the officials say that's not going to work. the only real solution is to have a deer kill and make them afraid of humans again. something they haven't been for a for long time. >> until then they'll keep using the sidewalks. very interesting. you be careful out there. i was expecting a deer to come flying across the camera shot. >> i've seen plenty. >> it's dangerous out there. a tiny penguin needs help with her peepers. a special operation made it possible, next.
10:57 am
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meet ray, a penguin who needed cataract surgery. she's not even two years old. the surgery was performed at uc davis. they will send her home to recuperate. >> thanks for joining us. today live from our nation's capitol just minutes away from a crucial vote for the next speaker of house. big debate tonight. how will trump deal with not being in the lead. we'll talk to the man behind the effort to impeach the irs commission. the real story starts right now. an unmanned blimp is on the loose. fighter jets called in to monitor the situation. you can see it pictured there known as the longer named joint land attack


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