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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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meet ray, a penguin who needed cataract surgery. she's not even two years old. the surgery was performed at uc davis. they will send her home to recuperate. >> thanks for joining us. today live from our nation's capitol just minutes away from a crucial vote for the next speaker of house. big debate tonight. how will trump deal with not being in the lead. we'll talk to the man behind the effort to impeach the irs commission. the real story starts right now. an unmanned blimp is on the loose. fighter jets called in to monitor the situation. you can see it pictured there known as the longer named joint land attack cruise missile
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defense netted sensor system. it broke free from its teether. if you see it, witnesses being told to keep their distance and call 911. jennifer, this is breaking right now. it's my understanding that one of these blimps cost a billion dollars. what else do we know? >> it's a serious situation. two f-16 fighter jets have been scrambled from atlantic city. it's floating over pennsylvania. they are very concerned about whether it will come down over a pop ulaulated area.
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the army where this blimp had been put out a press release. now f-16 fighter jets are track it. they are asking, as you mentioned, for help from the public if they see this blimp in the air to call 911. it's able to monitor an area like the size of texas. >> somehow it came loose on its own or was it already in the air and lost track of where it was supposed to be? >> it was mored add aberdean. this is a device that the u.s. uses to protect the homeland. it's not clear how it got loose. the two f-16 fighter jets are
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tracking themg. >> okay. >> that's what's being debated at the pentagon and with norad. the defense secretary is in the briefing room speaking side by side with the israeli minister. it's a very expensive piece of military equipment. it's floating over pennsylvania right now. >> two fighter jets trying to track it. thank you. another alert to tell you about because republicans are
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hud huddling for a secret vote. we could find out if paul ryan gets the full backing of his part. the wisconsin congressman facing criticism over his demands shouldn't take the job and reluctance to take the position. he has the backing of ultraconservatives and party establishment but the question is will he have enough members behind him for the full house vote tomorrow. what do we know about what's going on behind the closed doors? >> it's a secret ballot process that adds drama. he should have plenty of vote. we await house republicans to come out of their conference meeting where they will pick a speaker nominee. we're told that should not be an issue. we know that south carolina republican congressman trey gowdy is nominating ryan.
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we caught up with some of ryan's colleagues about the idea of ryan for speaker. >> paul ryan has unique ability to help create a compelling messa message. >> i'll be voting for paul ryan. he's the right person at the right time. he knows more about the budget and the appropriations process than anybody else on capital hill. he's an inspirational leader and somebody with great integrity. i think he'll be a great speaker. >> jason dropped out but daniel webster is still in. he's providing an alternative to paul ryan. >> what's going to be different about paul ryan leading the house, assuming he's elected tomorrow morning? >> ryan is promising a more inclusive process to get more buy in from rank and file members.
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he's also pledging there will be fewer last minute deadline deals. ryan said yesterday this budget debt ceiling package was a lousy process and basically pledged to change it. last night he said in statement we need a robust dialogue about improving the process so each member has a greater voice. we need a firm deadline to implement change. that's music to the ears of many rank and file house conservatives. that's why we expect tomorrow morning when the house goes to vote for a new speaker that paul ryan should likely have plenty of votes. >> all right. that may be happening live in a couple of minutes. thank you. round three of the republican debate just hours away. 14 republican candidates with two front runners. everybody else fighting for the top spots.
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what can we expect? >> there's potential for a very big moment. carson has now moved into the lead. for donald trump it's a big test. can he answer questioning substantively. can he deal with the heat and not lose his temper. last night in iowa he talked about the polls and was both scolding and pleading with first of the nation caucus state voters to get his numbers back up. of course, it's ben carson who has been the beneficiary of the surge. as a consequence some of donald trump's criticism. for carson it's a big moment as well. can he answer the questions. he'll get all kinds of additional scrutiny because of his jump in the poll. these are the two outsiders that have been dominating the race.
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>> what about the candidates? what do they need to do? >> it's a test. it's a big test. jeb bush shrunk his campaign, had to cut back expenses. he's been asking why he's flailing and at times seems irritated about the question. he makes no bones about donald trump's presence in the race. bush has to deal with the heat and then perhaps counter attack with putdowns of the outsiders as an experience. the other guy people will be watching is marco rubio. bush has been going after rubio and like wise rubio is saying
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bush doesn't represent the generational change that the country needs. watch for them to go at it tonight. there's ted cruz, the senator from texas who has fwhn the u.s. senate. he's been very much involved in government. cruz is also a player who has been merging as well. >> lots of people to get through with 14 of them still. thank you. >> we are just hours away from the third double header republican debate. jeb bush also looking to boost campaign after cutting staffers pay stayi ining stagnant in the poll. what do we look for tonight? >> i think there's a lot of
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pressure on jeb bush to prove why he should be in the race. the opportunity will be a reaction to what has gone down in capital hill over the course of this week. the outsider candidates have a huge opportunity to bash there budget deal that was cut between john boehner and obama and to bust the caps and raise spending and really go back on a lot of fiscal promises that the reps have run on in the past. i think this will be an opportunity to say this is why washington needs to change. this is why you have to have a dramat madramatic change. >> interesting. what is donald trump going to do now that he's not on top of some poll? >> i think his past performance is he's likely to flail out in a dramatic way. that's really not -- i've never been one that thought he would ultimately have the nomination or make it very far. i'm quite surprised by how well he did. >> really? >> he keeps going up in polls until recently.
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it's much more about the anti-establishment than about him. he's something that's so different that people want to see more of him. carson, on the other hand, that's a bigger phenomenon. that's much more about the fact people are rejecting the establishment as opposed to coming toward the candidate. >> donald trump has been soaring over the field like a billion dollar blimp. >> good tie in to the breaking news. calling on marco rubio to resign after missing a slew of votes. rubio said he is frustrated by his job but explains he's missing the votes for a good reason. >> when i'm not in washington i don't like missing but i'm not there because i'm fighting for the future of america. >> he's trying to cast himself as an outsider by saying i don't want a vote in the senate anymore because i don't like the
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job i was elected to. it's interesting to look at this. obama still ahead of rubio and missing. is this significant? >> i think it's significant in fact it details the fact marco rubio has decided not to be a senator anymore. i think that indicates where their priorities really are and how likely they will reach it. >> rand paul is still running for his seat this time and getting heat within the party and within kentucky. he may not be able to hold his seat. i think that will change soon. >> i think if they decide to talk about it tonight in the debate it's far too insider for
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what the american public wants to hear. >> got to wrap it there. we'll see what happens. the unmanned u.s. military blimp still on the loose. fighter jets called in monitor the situation. we'll talk to the leader of hundred hispanic group about the problems they say they have with mr. trump.
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welcome back. how will donald trump's comments about mexicans and immigration impact his bid for the white house? several say it will loom large.
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rosario martin says some candidates don't think they need the hispanic vote in the primary. don't expect us to come to your side during the general election. you're not with us now. whether he not be with you then. you don't need our vote now. you won't have it then. alfonso algular is live from boulder today where the debate will be held. he's my guest. i guess you're being very out spoken about the fact there's no way in heck you'll ever support donald trump. >> exactly. he's done with with the latino community. if donald trump is the gop candidate we won't work to support him. we're sure that he will lose the general election because there's no way a gop candidate can win the white house if they don't get more support from latino voters. >> he says that he has hired a lot of latinos and still on his payroll. he has great admiration for the
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hard work of the immigrant coming to this country. is that what you're only listening to or do you believe him when he said the other comments? >> he's continuously insulting the latino community. he called them rapist, criminals. it's not only the rhetoric but also the proposals. calling for mass deportation. ending birthright citizenship. these are offensive to the latino communities. we don't want obama's amnesty but a good conservative constructive on the immigration issues. there's many candidates in the gop field. >> i know you're not happy with ted cruz. if ted cruz or donald trump are the nominee, does that mean you're going to encourage your members to vote for a democrat? >> no.
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we're saying we're issuing warning. we're saying don't embrace trump. don't embrace his rhetoric or his proposals. with ted cruz that's message we're sending. we'll see if he changes course. in terms of donald trump we're saying if you're the candidate, we're not going to support you. we're not going to vote for you. we'll do our duty and vote but leave the ballot blank. i'm aservative, i can't vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. we'll abstain from clohoosing a candidate. >> enjoy the debate. >> thank you so much. the manager of a high end spa retreat turns up frozen to death in a machine meant to slow the aging process. how did something go that wrong? make sure to tune in tonight for the best post-debate analysis. coverage starts at 10:00 with
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happening right now, the unmanned blimp is on the loose and nobody's in it. fighter jets called in now to honor t monitor the situation. the blimp is believed to be over
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pennsylvania now. thn th i know this sounds bizarre but if you see it, you're being asked to call 911 because they are trying to track this down. nobody knows what they will do with it. it's worth $1.4 billion. in the meantime, new details now on the case of female manager of a high end spa. she was found frozen to death inside one of those cryo therapy chambers. this happened at a spa near las vegas. the business did not have a license to operate those machines. this has become a fads for athletes because it's like a younging kind of a therapy. i know some other women in middle age who have tried this. what happened here?
11:25 am
>> they didn't have a license opinion it's now been shut down. the 24-year-old woman is identified add chelsea. she was an employee. after hours she got into one of pods and was found the next morning frozen in ice. it's still unclear whether she froze to death or if she breathed in too much of the nitrogen rich smoke that comes out of machine. it lowers the temperature inside the pod to about 240 degrees below zero. it's supposed to relieve sore muscles, raise immunity. some believe the deep freeze can trigger weight loss. the owner of a different spa says three minutes is the max you spend inside the machine and that you never go it alone. listen to him. >> that's whiy we have the stais so the person can stand up and see the client in the machine face-to-face.
11:26 am
>> the spa has a buddy system rule. they say we are voluntarily scrutinizing each and ef one of our internal procedures to ensure nothing like this happens again. cryo therapy has taken off now that some famous athletes swear by it. lebron james uses it, so does the boxer floyd mayweather. the athletes use it like an ice bath. it's not to be confused with cr cryogenics where the body is frozen in hopes to bring back to life. it's going crazy. these spas are opening across the country. >> got to be careful. got to make sure they are licensed and know what they're doing. thank you. another alert now to tell you about. we're going live to capitol hill right behind me where we're moments away from finding out
11:27 am
the results of the gop caucus vote for the house speaker. will paul ryan get the full backing of the conference. the impeachment wheels in motion as house republicans accused the irs chief of misleading the public and on instructing the investigation. do they really have a case against lihim? >> the irs destroyed documents and the information he provided to congress, the testimony he gave was false. there are consequences for this. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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it's active. that's the power of active management. all right. welcome back. bottom of the hour now. noras confirming the military blimp has detached from where it was teethered in the state of maryland. it's floating free some 16,000 feet over pennsylvania. pennsylvania governor's office issuing this statement, the governor's office is in communication with the pennsylvania emergency management agency, the pennsylvania state police and the national guard. we're closely monitoring the situation. we'll work with the appropriate authorities to respond to any resource request and assist in any way possible. that still doesn't answer the question about what they'll do about this thing. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. what is the latest on this blimp? >> we've learned that it became
11:32 am
unteethered at 12:20 eastern. it was at abereen grounds. two fighter jets are monitoring it as it floats over pennsylvania. it's being carried by the wind. this is a huge blimp filled with helium. the blimp provides per sis tent over the radar surveillance of incoming manned and unmanned aircrafts. it has a 243 feet long teethered aero stat. this is an expensive piece of equipment. >> i think each one, $1.4 billion. this is not like the kind of blimp you see over a football game or something like that.
11:33 am
let me ask you this, is there any way possibly to remotely control this from the ground now that it's gone up into the air? >> it's not clear at this point. this is not like a drone of any sort. it's not clear if they can watch and wait and see if it comes down on its own. i don't believe that's the case. that's why they scrambled the f-16s. they are very concerned it could land in a populated center in pennsylvania. that's why they are asking anyone who sees this blimp to call 911 immediately. they're trying to decide how to deal with this piece of equipment. >> thank you. now we got to move onto other breaking news because house republicans voting in. paul ryan is in new speaker
11:34 am
designate, at least from the conference vote. it looks like paul ryan has made it through this first hurdle. >> i don't anticipate any surprises. i anticipate he will be the next speaker. >> he ironed out all the people who would be in favor of him before they got to this stage. he met with the freedom caucus and two other conservative and moderate caucuses within the republican party. he wouldn't have gone down this path this far for a vote unless he thought he had it. >> remember he was the only one, at this point, who was willing to do this job and also able to get the 218 necessary votes in order to win the job.
11:35 am
we'll see. he's said he's interested in being a unifying figure. this caucus is extremely divided which led to the problem to begin with. we'll see. it remains to be seen whether he can bring the caucus together. what i find interesting is this budget, paul ryan said he will vote for the budget. it will go through the house. there might be some resistance there. this is a two-year budget. the whole point of installing paul ryan is to take on these issues. there will be a two-year budget in place. that's going to be an interesting dynamic. what else is he interested this working on? that's the big question. >> thanks on the breaking news.
11:36 am
see you next week. as republicans get ready to ba battle it out in colorado, the dems are throwing punches. bernie sanders is taking punches at hillary clinton. is she focusing on the republicans tonight? >> she's still trailing here in new hampshire. she's acting as if she's got the democratic nomination sown up, running new ads that will start running during the republican debate tonight to show a contrast. here at the forum that's become a new hampshire tradition she just threw punches at the gop field. listen. >> my republican friends don't like it when i say it, four
11:37 am
times more likely to end up in a rescissi recession under a republican candidate. >> carly fiorina is not buying that at all that the economy is better under democrats. 92% of the jobs loss are in mr. obama's first term we long to women. you see the republican push back on this claim. >> next question is the sanders campaign taking shots at clinton. it's interesting, we talked about this yesterday because he seemed to be really cozy with her during the first debate. not sure why they are punches but what are they saying? >> he might be regretting the fact that he gave hillary clinton pass on the e mail situation. now he sees he's falling way behind so he's throwing more punches and so is his staff. his campaign manager told blo
11:38 am
bloomburg, she'd make a great vice president. we're willing to consider her, clinton for vice president. we'll give her serious consideration. we'll even interview her. bloomburg said he was half joking but i'm not sure the clinton campaign is taking that as a joke. it's a shot. >> we'll have to wait for the next debate. i don't think they'll be so cozy with each other again. thank you. >> i think you're right. time to check in now back in new york with shepherd smith. >> we're watching capitol hill as republicans finish that vote on congressman paul ryan. we're expecting to hear from the congressman shortly. the military blimp on the loose somewhere over pennsylvania. fighter jets are tracking it. we're talking judge andrew. why the judge calls this move
11:39 am
profoundly unconstitutional. details on that at the top of the hour. see you then. >> thanks very much. back here in d.c. we are continuing to follow that blimp. what the heck happened. it's worth $1.4 billion. what does the blimp do? are they going to shoot it down? what are they going to do with that thing? if you see it call 911. we'll have more breaking news. also more on the breaking news about the paul ryan vote. right back with more real story.
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11:43 am
>> fox news has learned that in the past ten days the russians have been helping the iranians deliver weapons into syria. two flight a day for the past ten days. russian cargo planes flying russian crews similar to the cargo planes shown on the tarmac in the russian air base. the flights are not registered and in breach of two u.n. security council resolutions. an iranian civilian airline is flying military personnel into syria several times day from tehran.
11:44 am
what as western intelligence worried is the weapons if breach of security council resolutions raising more questions about why the state department agreed to give them a seat at the table this vienna. >> no doubt. we'll get more on the blimp in a few moments. that's also the important story she was talking about. thanks. 200-48 in ryan's favor. we will note that ryan failed to reach the magic 218 vote number today. time to bring in our real talk panel. all right. this is breaking news. things change. we're live 24-7. we thought he was able to get all these people to come together. chris, now he only got 200 votes. he needs 218 tomorrow. what does that mean? >> that means he's not there.
11:45 am
it means they are still fighting it out. the blimp is sort of a perfect metaphor for washington today and for our country. paul ryan doesn't have all the support that he needs. the republican caucus is in the throes of a pitch battle. they will sort it out one way or the other. right now daniel webster still has a lot of support. >> that's interesting because the freedom caucus, i've interviewed them, if 80% of the members agree that they go along. they all go in one big chunk. it's like 43 votes went to webster. it sounds like they didn't go with their own rules potentially. >> that sort of says that. i think what will happen tonight, what you'll see over the next 24 hour s a lot of behind the scenes late night meetings to convince them to come over and vote for paul ryan. there are other votes for them.
11:46 am
it won't be one democratic vote for paul ryan to be speaker. >> wouldn't you iron this out. this is the whole issue for kevin mccarthy that he didn't think he could get the votes. we've been talking about paul ryan for weeks. wouldn't this have been something you've gone to every member and said where are you? >> i think that's happened but i think members of the freedom caucus is looking to extract premise for paul ryan to agree to a few conditions. he's going to have promise or maybe even guarantee some concessions to members of the freedom caucus having to do with a whole range of things. >> ten seconds. >> they're trying to build this as much as they can to get as
11:47 am
much blood as possible. promise not to vote for immigration reform. promise not to bring any new spending to the floor. how far will it get? only time will tell. >> full vote is tomorrow. >> not to vote for immigration reform but vote for the right kind of immigration. >> i don't know what that is. >> thank you very much. let's bring in utah congressman jason. what happened in this vote? >> hey. look, paul ryan got the majority. he's the nominee. much like a primary where people vote for different candidates, once we have a minee, i would expect the overwhelming majority, more than the 218 will vote for paul ryan on the floor. >> what's going to change between now? do i have my numbers right that he got 200 votes and daniel webster got 43.
11:48 am
>> it's like a primary. you vote for somebody and if they come up short, you get behind the nominee. i think the body wants to unite. i think paul will be that guy at an exceptionally strong vote. i think he can get to 218 votes on the floor tomorrow. >> congressman, i know that once you're going to run for this position and once ryan's name came up you said you would fully support them. there's no way he's going through this unless he knows he has the vote. >> he's had good meetings with a host of people. i don't think there's any doubt in his mind and not any doubt in my mind that he will be well over the 218 that he needs. >> we'll see how that goes tomorrow. in the meantime, you're making some huge news because you're calling for the impeachment of the head of the irs. you say he lied to the american public. >> it's now been referred to the
11:49 am
judiciary committee. you have daryl issa, we need to make the case and go through the process. the case ask really solid. it's based on the inspector general, independent group that came in and looked at this. the evidence is crystal clear. they had the e-mail, they had the documents in hand. they destroyed them despite a subpoena in place. there were false statements given congress. imagine what would happen to you if you did that. we're going to hold them accountable. >> i don't want to know what would happen to me. the fact of the matter is the house may go along with you on there. that is republican dominant, so is the senate but they don't have enough votes. >> i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that the ir is is held accountable. if the senate falls short, so be
11:50 am
it. they'll have to explain that to the american public. i'm not here to gravitate to the lowest common denominator. i'm not here to do what harry reid wants me to do or what the president wants me to do. we're going to do what we have to do and >> okay. so, congressman, did you decide to do this because the doj last friday tried to hide it under a table that they were not going to actually go through with any kind of an investigation? that the case was closed against lois lerner? >> we had started this months ago. we sent a 30-page letter to the president in july. the white house never responded to us. the fact that the department of justice will not proceed on lois lerner is a factor. we had held lois lerner in contempt of congress. the statute says they shall refer that to the grand jury. the department of justice said after 10 months of study they don't have to do that, despite the law. so we have to do what found in the constitution that is we can hold a civil officer -- we can go forward
11:51 am
with impeachment proceedings. that's what's laid out in the constitution. and that is at this point really our own remedy to hold them accountable. >> all right. congressman jason chaffetz, a lot on your plate last night and today. thank you, sir, for joining us on the real story. >> thanks, gretchen. >> >> let's bring it back to the panel here in studio. now we are talking about this impeachment potentially of koskinen. i'm remembering back, chris, when obama put him in this position. he said look this is going to be totally fair and balanced and make sure the perfect person to head this whole thing. do the american people buy that? >> well, look, we have got another case where lois lerner came in and pleaded the fifth amendment before congress which norm mofosi would do. she pleaded the fifth. no mind that john koskinen. promise guaranteed turned over all the pertinent emails then we learned that wasn't true. >> right. >> thousands had been destroyed and then the hard drive was destroyed. >> after allegedly after he testified they were
11:52 am
destroyed. >> well, and while there was a congressional investigation going on when all of this should have been frozen. and he didn't tell the truth. and that's a problem. destroying evidence, obstructing justice. >> sounds like washington. >> sort of remove the fact. whether this was a -- you know open or shut case or not. here is a problem the republicans have going into this, another one of these things is the possibility that they will create another kabuki theater like we saw 11 hours of benghazi and end up blowing up in their face. i would caution republicans very carefully about going to the to pick another case like this which could be another kabuki theater. >> he has a good point. >> i will tell you this is the norm with this administration to obstruct justice. >> that's republican talking points. 11 hour benghazi hearing that do not work out well for you. >> you started out by saying let's set aside the facts. setting aside the facts is what the democrats would like to do. >> first, it was the planned parenthood debate. >> it's not about planned
11:53 am
parenthood. >> do you believe that we know everything we need to know about what happened with the irs targeting and do you believe that koskinen told 100 percent of the truth when he testified? >> i think given the information he had at the time he told the truth that he could tell. right? but, with that being said, i would caution republicans, like i would caution democrats, doing this again when every single time you guys have done it has back fired. first, it was planned parenthood. it was a fly three-hour hearing. that back fired. then it was benghazi which was four times that 11 hours, and it back fired and now they are going to do it again. it doesn't make any sense. >> let chris get in. >> government countability. i know they are not concerned about integrity. i genuinely mean that they're not concerned about the integrity of the system. this was the irs released by this administration on their political enemies,. >> there is no there there. >> fellow americans. >> the fbi said there was no there there. just as they said in the benghazi case. >> you are talking about the doj clearing lois lerner. >> everybody knows that the fbi operates independently of the white house.
11:54 am
come on. >> by the way the doj is supposed to be nonpartisan. >> exactly. >> and they cleared lois lerner. you know, i mean honestly, please. and the destruction of emails. >> this is a bad road for you guys. i'm telling you. >> you are going to continue this conversation. right now we are -- there he is. paul ryan. let's go lye right now. -- let's go live right now. >> there we go. embrace the moment. >> thank you, everybody. this begins a new day in the house of representatives. john boehner served with humility and distinction and we owe him a debt of gratitude. but tomorrow we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looks like it looked the last two years. we are going to forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. we believe that the country
11:55 am
is on the wrong track. we think the country is headed in the wrong direction. and we have an obligation here in the people's house to do the people's business, to give this country a better way forward, to give this country an alternative. we are going to respect the people by representing the people. and i want to thank my colleagues for bestowing on to me this great honor. thank you. >> mr. ryan. >> well, that was short and sweet. >> it was. speaker elect, we think, paul ryan, the full vote is going to be tomorrow. wow, those are some fighting words, guys. he thanked john boehner for his service and then he went on to say we are turning the page and we are going to unify the republican party. this is -- this has to happen, does it not, for the republican party moving forward? , well, bit of a messy situation if it disujt doesn't happen. he sounds supremely
11:56 am
confident. i don't know if he knows something we don't know. i don't know if he has secured any democrat votes. richard is saying there is no way one democrat will vote for him. i believe that's true. they would rather have the chaos and be able to, you know, scoff and laugh at the republicans. >> why -- let me ask that question. why wouldn't a democrat -- a democrat is not up to be speaker of the house. >> i think the democrats, see them all tomorrow vote for their leader who is nancy pelosi who has been able to manage her caucus and push what the democratic party believes in. with that being said, what we saw from paul ryan the house is going to be different. i find that hard to believe when he can't even get a majority of the 218 number in his own caucus to vote for him. when the freedom caucus decided to sit on the sidelines and play politics. you can't say it's going to be the same. >> this is what just what everyone is so sick of. we are going to vote for our president. we are going to -- and the division and the polarization and the pitting and it's like it's a game. it's not a game. >> it is. and the freedom caucus is the one playing the game, chris. >> everyone is playing games. let's be honest. everyone is playing games. >> there are lots of democrats who have already
11:57 am
are vocally came out in support of paul ryan. >> name one. >> they won't vote for him. >> name one democrat in the caucus who came out and said paul ryan will be an effective speaker? >> i watch msnbc. >> let's be honest the democrats are not going to vote for him because they want top he soot republican party not come together. >> and chris knows this. how the house of representatives works is you get in line with your party and vote your party written. the democrats are going to vote for nancy pelosi and republicans hopefully, 218 of them will vote for. >> what's going on right now proves that that's not true. the republicans don't fall into line and walk in lock step'. >> they usually do. unfortunately they don't now. >> no they fight it out. they have disagreements and air them publicly. the democrats march in lock step''. >> i think it was -- >> -- party first. >> public education. >> party first, party last. >> have congressman paul ryan come out and give a very short statement. not take any questions. this is the only message that he wants to get out to the american people right
11:58 am
now. >> agree. >> thank you, john boehner. we are turning the page, and we are unifying the republican party. >> he planted the flag as though it's already a done deal when it does not appear to be a done deal. >> that's the way to do it politically. >> he must know something that we don't know, chris. i'm thinking. anyway, guys, thanks for turning to a bunch of different topics. we have more breaking news. fox news alert now because well that blimp, that unmanned blimp is still on the loose. it's now hovering somewhere over pennsylvania. so the defense department is acknowledging that it broke free from a tether around 12:00 p.m. eastern time. somehow today in maryland. that thing costs over a billion dollars. it's able to monitor all different kinds of stuff. this is not your ordinary blimp that gives us broadcasts over football games. this is much more high tech situation here. somehow this breaks loose. it's now over pennsylvania. authors are actually asking you if you see it to call
11:59 am
911. what are they going to do about this? they have two fighter jets looming now trying to find this thing. are they going to shoot it down? >> well, that's the question, gretchen. can you shoot it down? we just talked to them and they say you can't shoot it down because it's built to withstand enemy fire. it's supposed to detect all unfriendly aircraft, whether manned or unmanned. it's supposed to be tethered even during hurricane winds and yet it broke free today. you have got two fighter jets up there. this thing is designed to stay up for 30 days at a time, gretchen, even if you shoot it, it won't come down. it has to naturally come down over several days. gretchen. >> okay. right now, trace, thank you so much. okay. we have new video right now. just want to take a look. and also, where is the blimp? do we see it the new video? here it is. all right. this is from twitter as you can see. so somebody has spotted this. there are unaccounted reports right now that the blimp is landing right now.
12:00 pm
it has broken free from maryland. unconfirmed reports that it may have landed now. but you can see that civilians actually saw this and reported it. the story of the blimp as we continue the real story here on fox news. i'm gretchen. but let's head over now to shep. donald trump now begging voters help hem take iowa. a man who was once a juggernaut quote unquote saying please, let me win. as the latest poll show he is not winning. donald trump is not win withing. it's a fox news alert. he is not winning. so with just hours to go third republican debate might trump shift his strategery. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> and first from the fox news deck this afternoon. it looks like congressman ryan may get the promotion that he never wanted or maybe he won't. because a short time ago republicans in the house of representatives gave congressman ryan enough votes so that they can move forward. but not enough votes to get this job.


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