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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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carson 5'11", carly fiorina, 5'6". martin o'malley is the tallest democrat. and hillary, 5'7". >> all right. thank you. >> none as short as us, greg. >> "special report" is next. >> this is a fox news alert. the dissension within the republican party on vivid display tonight. conservatives today made sure the presumed successor to john boehner as house speaker did not get the type of endorsement he desired. they also put up a fight. about a proposed budget bill. but in the end, the two-year deal just passed the house within the hour. congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is watching it tonight from capitol hill. hi, mike. >> good evening, despite conservative criticism that the two-year budget debt ceiling package was a back-room deal with president obama. late today the house passed it, 266-167, with all the no votes coming from republicans.
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ahead of the house vote, the nonpartisan congressional budget office delivered supporters of the budget agreement good news by concluding the $80 billion cap adjustment in the two fiscal years is fully offset. but some suggested the pay-fors are gimmicks. >> we're rabing from the future to pay for today. >> yet the chairman of the house armed services committee said it would provide some budgeting sert. >> if we do not approve this budget, then what? then we are back to continuing resolutions and sequester. >> last night democratic whip steny hoyer called on his colleagues to act quickly. >> the senate has to pass this bill as well and on november 3rd, the united states according to secretary lew will be at risk of not having a sufficient cash flow to pay its debts. >> day after saying the process leading to this budget debt deal was lousy. republican congressman paul ryan signaled support for the package saying quote what has been produced will go a long way
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toward relieving the uncertainty hanging over us. that's why i intend to support it today was a critical day for ryan, with his fellow republicans nominating him to replace retiring john boehner as speaker of the house. >> we think the country is heading in the wrong direction. we have an obligation, here in the people's house to do the people's business, to give this country a better way forward. >> the vote was ryan with 200 votes, florida's dan webster, 43, jeb mccarthy, one vote and marsha blackburn with one vote. >> i don't want them to nominate me. this is dumb. >> ryan will need 218 on floort tomorrow. but most expect the conference to unite around him. >> paul ryan has the unique ability to help create a compelling message and to disseminate it in a way that people understand and that's a great gift. >> gop sources suggest some of the votes against ryan were so members can tell their constituents he wasn't their
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first choice. but he is an acceptable one. i'm told ryan has been a nearly constant contact with a lot of conservative members, and they expect the party to rally around him, brett? >> he'll get to 218? >> that's what all expect on capitol hill. it was not a bird or a plane, it certainly wasn't superman. one of the u.s. military's missile defense blimps broke free today, becoming a potential hazard to aviation and a real problem for electricity consumers on the ground. national security correspondent jennifer griffin follows the case from the pentagon today. good evening, jennifer. >> norad scrambled two f-16 fighter jets to track the blimp, which is the size of a football field. known as an aerostat and made by raythe raytheon, the multimillion-dollar blist came unmoored in maryland. most of the damage was caused by the thousands of feet of kevlar tether that it dragged across the country. knocking down power lines.
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it deflated and landed about four hours later in montour county, pennsylvania, norad described its purpose, it enabled protection from a wide variety of threats to include manned and unmanned aircraft. cruise missiles and surface targets like swarming boats and tanks. the army tried to kill the multibillion-dollar program in 2010. the pentagon wanted to keep it. we're told the blimp's tail section separated and landed about a quarter of a mile from the rest. a military team is en route from be a aberdeen to help secure the blimp. norad is investigating what caused it to break free. adding that at no time did they consider shooting it down. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. tonight's republican candidate debate in colorado will be the first since dr. ben carson overtook donald trump if some iowa and national polling. it will also be the first, since jeb bush slashed campaign costs
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in an attempt to try to turn his campaign around and gain traction. chief political correspondent carl cameron previews tonight's event from boulder. >> the question is how donald trump will fare if he can no longer boast about being the front-runner. in iowa last night he begged and some suggested berated voters who in polts now favor ben carson. >> iowa, will you get your numbers up, please? will you get the numbers up, iowa, please? this is ridiculous. >> he tweeted after a great evening and packed auditorium in iowa, i'm looking forward to what i'm sure will be a very unfair debate. he prespun his debate performance this evening. criticizing the hosts. does anybody think cnbc will get their fictitious polling numbers corrected sometime prior to the start of the debate? sad. cnbc continues to report fictitious poll numbers, number one based on every statistic is trump by a wide margin. they can't say it for carson, it's an opportunity for a break-out moment if he can
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survive the increased scrutiny as a front-runner. all this in wake of trump's questions about carson's energy level. his faith and evolving views on abortion. there is an intense amount of pressure on jeb bush who downsized his campaign recently. he claimed he has better things to do than run for president if it means he has to demonize others or be demonized himself. in that case he said voters should elect trump. pundits say bush needs to show fire in the belly and impress voters. >> i'm confident we're going to do well. all of the press side of this to me is completely irrelevant. my motivation is to make sure that the disposable income of the middle class of this country starts rising again. which it hasn't for a long while. >> the state's second largest newspaper in florida called for marco rubio to resign his senate seat because he's missing so many votes. he disagrees and is not running for re-election. >> we're proud of the work we do for constituents in florida. we'll continue to provide that surface sfs for the duration of our service in the united states senate. but i'm looking forward to being
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president of the united states. >> rubio is rising in the polls and consistently battling for third with ted cruz. who is getting traction, particularly with tea party conservatives. cruz has built his reputation in the senate as a disrupter. and tonight in an attempt to make a transition to solutions, just as the debate will start, he plans to unveil his plan for tax reform. signaling that as he moves forward, it will be about how he would build back the government he would like to break down. brett? >> carl cameron live in boulder, thanks. i'll be part of the fox news analysis on the o'reilly factor after the debate. the bernie sanders campaign has plan force hillary clinton and she won't like them. clinton's campaign appears to be on the upswing as she visits the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. chief white house correspondent ed henry is in come concord, ne hampshire tonight.
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>> even though she's trailing in new hampshire, hillary clinton continued her strategy of operating as if she already has the democratic nomination sewn up. unveiling new tv ads here and in iowa which start running during tonight's republican debate. do provide a contrast as she takes aim at the gop field on the campaign trail. >> although my republican friends don't like it when i saw it, you are four times more likely to end up in a recession under a republican president. >> republican candidate carly fiorina fired back at clinton's claim. by noting under president obama the female poverty rate is 16.1%. the highest in 20 years. fiorina adding in a "wall street journal" op-ed quote. 92% of the jobs lost during mr. obama's first term belonged to women. despite clinton's efforts to look ahead to the general election. democratic socialist senator bernie sanders still leads in new hampshire polls as he sharpens his attacks. >> i'm delighted in the last couple of months, hillary clinton has come on board
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positions that i have held for many, many years. >> now sanders' top aides are also talking tough. campaign manager jeff weaver saying look she would make a great vice president we're willing do give her more credit than obama did, we're willing to consider her vice president. we'll give her serious consideration, we'll even interview her. clinton aides tried to ignore that shot when they released a new ad in which the candidate does not appear other than a voice-over. polls show that voters do not trust clinton. her team wants it to be a fight for voters, not the candidate herself. >> join the fight for equal pay. >> a republican superpack named future 45 is in the potential 45th president, has a new ad of its own using clinton's benghazi testimony to go beyond the terror attacks and charge she failed as secretary of state. >> i was responsible for working on the policy. >> responsible for a disaster. more threats.
3:10 pm
more war. >> five days after clinton said the va scandal was not as bad as claimed, her staff is clarifying. since veterans died waiting for care, senator john mccain had demanded an apology. clinton aide she will not apologize for calling for reforms to the va. but to the fact that republicans want to privatize the va. >> ed henry, thank you. up next, how president obama is making iran an even bigger player in the syria conflict. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country tonight are covering. >> greenville, with the firing of the sheriff's deputy who flipped and dragged the high school student. sheriff leon lott announced the termination of deputy ben fields this afternoon. the girl's lawyer said she suffered arm, neck, back and head injuries. the deputy's supporters say she was, he was hit by the girl in the exchange. fox 32 in chicago. where the city council has approved a budget full of big
3:11 pm
tax increases. mayor rahm emanual's $7.8 billion plan includes a massive property tax hike and fees to address the city's financial woes. in a place of course that already has some of the highest taxes in the country. and this is a live look at st. louis, from fox 2, our affiliate there. the big story there tonight, the gateway arch turns 50. the final work on the arch was completed on this date in 1965. it opened to visitors two years later. the national park service says about two million people came last year. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway, "special report" will be right back. plaque psoriasis...
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light to their participation. correspondent kevin corke reports tonight from the white house. >> just ahead of another round of diplomatic talks over the fate of syria, secretary of state john kerry today urged patience. as the complicated international role in the war-torn country's future continues to unfold. >> the best opportunity we have is to try to come to the table and recognize there has to be the political solution that everybody is talking about. >> the debate comes as the u.s. and its allies seek to end syria's bloody four-year civil war and bring about a transition out of power for president bashar al assad. joining the u.s. for talks in vienna will be russia. saudi arabia, turkey, and for the first time, iran. >> we actually all agreed that the status quo is untenable. we all agree that we need to find a way to have a political solution. >> a solution has been illusive, critics say the failure to topple assad is but one of several foreign policy blunders for the obama white house and syria. they cite the failure to act after assad crossed the so-called red line.
3:16 pm
the failed attempt to train syrian rebels and lack of sustained success against isis there. >> we've been absolutely absorbed by the crises in the region, such as isil and syria and in libya and we've been unable in many respects to implement successfully these longer-term strategies. >> further complicatings, today's revelation from western intelligence sources that the russians have been helping the iranians deliver weapons into syria. two cargo flights a day for the past ten days. said to be coordinated by iranian kuts commander and russian president vladimir putin and his minister. a breach of two u.n. security council resolutions, raising questions about why the administration would invite tehran to the negotiation table. >> what we are allowing after 45 years of democratic and republican administrations, seeking to close the door on russia's sphere of influence in the middle east, it seems to me like we're swinging it wide
3:17 pm
open. >> still emboldened by the success of last week's hostages in northern iraq, defense secretary ash carter says the obama administration says it will continue to refine its strategy there, focus on three r's, raqqa, ramadi, the cap pus of iraq's anbar province which fell to isis in may, and raids. brett, the white house is said to be considering a number of other options in syria. this on a day when the secretary of state john kerry likened up coming talks to charting a course out of hell. brett? >> kevin, thank you. a pentagon spokesman in baghdad, iraq, is admitting u.s. troops in iraq are in fact in combat. colonel steve warren contradicted obama white house policy with his statements today. >> are u.s. forces in combat? >> we're in combat.
3:18 pm
i think i, i thought i made it pretty clear. of course it is, that's we all carry guns, that's why we all get combat patches when we leave here, we all receive imminent danger pay. of course it's combat. but what it isn't, it's important to know, what this is and what this isn't. and you yourself outlined what it is not. of course it's combat. our aviators are conducting combat air patrols, it's the name of the mission, combat air patrol. of course it's combat. >> last week american delta force operator was killed in a mission in iraq. >> there's new questions about what iran has been up to concerning its nuclear program. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here to tell us why getting the answers has been so difficult. >> it was last month that the iranians grantsed access to their secret military site. the international atomic energy agency or iaea had confirmed that it contained a containment
3:19 pm
vessel. a special room or facility for testing nuclear equipment. but fox news has told when the iaea toured porchen for the first time as part of an upcoming report, the containment facility and equipment were gone. after his trip, the head of the iaea seen in tehran issued a statement confirming renovations had taken place, and equipment was missing, but provided no further detail. quote during their visit, the director-general and deputy director-general entered the main building of interest, previously only observed by the agency through satellite. they saw indications of recent renovation, there was no equipment in the building. without getting into classified information, a member of the house intelligence committee who receives regular briefings, said the verification process is deeply flawed. >> now it's become clear, that there was a, effort to sanitize the site. that went on for an extended period of time. it's likely the case that the
3:20 pm
clean-up effort may well have mitigated anything that they have found during their information. >> what it knew about the equipment, the state department spokesman read from a prepared statement. >> for any specifics regarding the iaea's investigation into possible military dimensions, of iran's program and any past concerns with iran's program, i'm going to refer you to the agency. >> the iaea's report is expected in december and it's important because it would pave the way for lifting sanctions, but critics charge data is missing and today the iaea did not dismiss the claim, but offered no comment to fox. >> catherine, thank you. still ahead, obamacare powers up for a third time. we'll tell you what to expect. the longest-serving speaker of the house in republican party history. now he's looking at prison time. the mysterious fall of dennis hastert.
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excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. former house speaker dennis hastert is now a convicted felon. the republican party's longest-serving speaker pleaded guilty today to evading banking laws. exactly why he did it remains in the realm of speculation. correspondent mike tobin looks at the evidence from chicago. >> mr. hastert, do you anything to say? >> he knew what he was doing was wrong. that admission from former house speaker dennis hastert in federal court as he pleaded guilty to only to illegally structuring bank withdrawals. to skirt reporting requirements. sentencing won't be final until february. the plea avoids a trial. however by not finalizing the sentencing, hastert leaves an opening that could introduce the
3:25 pm
darkest facts in the case at that time. >> presumably, mr. hastert is going to argue for probation and presumably the government is going to want some sort of jail time. albeit minimally. at that point what mr. hastert did in the past could come out. >> hastert had agreed to pay an unknown individual $3.5 million. he started with $50,000 withdrawals. but when the bank asked questions, he dropped below the $10,000 threshold for reporting. $1.7 million ultimately went to individual a, who dates back to hastert's time as a wrestling coach at yorkville high. the charges say the hush money was to cover past misconduct. multiple sources say the past misconduct was sexual abuse of high schoolers connected to the wrestling team. all of it drawing attention to the congressional page scandal of 2006 that contributed to republicans losing majority in the house. then speaker hastert was accused of knowing that congressman mark foley had acted inappropriately with congressional pages and sitting on the information years
3:26 pm
before the scandal went public. >> i don't think anybody could separate that out. you have to say that played a part in the decisions he made and you have to look at all of those decisions and that timeline in a new light. >> now people are saying that hastert is getting off easy. he might just get probation. however dark his secrets are, they remain secret at least for the moment. they're dark enough that he could be blackmailed. could have been blackmailed when he was in congress. when he was speaker of the house. just two steps away from the presidency. brett? >> mike tobin live in chicago. thank you. the federal reserve did as expected this afternoon, and said it is keeping interest rates unchanged for the time being. wall street was happy about that the dow gained 198 today. the s&p 500 was up 24. the nasdaq finish ahead 66. a witch and a warlock go at it in court. bit of the occult, next. in your almost halloween grapevine.
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine. you can't put a price on safety. you've heard that, right? well you actually can, when it includes the price of pick racks and rechargeable flashlights, a new inspector general's report finds the agency in charge of protecting federal buildings is wasting more than $2.5 million a
3:31 pm
year on vehicle for its officers. the report says the federal protective service has leased 100 more vehicles than it has officers. and is paying for suvs instead of standard sedans. the upgrades are said to cost $20,000 per vehicle. a maryland police officer posed as a homeless man as part of a sting operation to catch motorists who were texting while driving. he stood on the sign of the road with jeans and a hoodie. with a sign that read, i'm not homeless, i'm a montgomery county police officer looking for cell phone texting violations. when he spotted an offender, he radioed forward to uniformed officer to pull that person over. police issued 56 citations and 22 warnings during the two-hour sting. a witch and warlock went to court -- no that's not the beginning of a bad halloween
3:32 pm
joke. a woman who runs a witchcraft shop and leads a pagan church won a protective court order for harassment allegations against a man calling himself the world's best-known warlock. the witch accused the warlock of harassing her online and over the phone the past three years, the two are former business associates. despite being a self-proclaimed psychic, the witch had been unable to stop the aggressive actions saying she's been abused, intimidated and harassed. the warlock denied making the calls before storming out of the courthouse. we are just a few days away from the third incarnation of obamacare enrollment. remember that? a lot has happened since the first sign-up period. but much of the animosity between supporters and critics remains. here's correspondent rich edison. >> facing higher average premiums and penalties, customers can again enroll in obamacare sunday. the administration says the
3:33 pm
affordable care act silver plan, the second cheapest available on the federal exchange will cost an average 7.5% more next year. the price changes vary nationwide, from a decrease of about 13% in indiana to an increase of 36% in oklahoma. separately, the obama administration projects 10 million will obtain health insurance through the exchange next year. less than half the congressional budget offices prediction. >> it's a major failure on the part of the program. what it means is that there will be fewer people in the pool. and that means that race will continue to go up. >> still under attack from republican opponents and as critics argue, it's unsustainable design. obamacare is entering its third open enrollment period. one analyst says obamacare is too expensive for consumers, because too few premium-paying customers are signing up. >> insurance customers are losing lots of money in
3:34 pm
obamacare. obamacare has some serious problems here. and the enrollment, the only way for obamacare to solve its problems is for the enrollment to increase dramatically. >> the administration claims the reason for the lower projections, more employers than expected are still providing insurance to their workers. therefore fewer americans need obamacare. >> we haven't seen that kind of reaction from employers on nearly the scale that was predicted by the biggest skeptics the affordable care act. that i think is another reason why there are fewer people who harn to the marketplace for coverage. >> most who fail to obtain insurance next year will be subject to a penalty. $695 or 2.5 of their income. whichever is larger. critics argue those penalties are still too low to force potential customers to buy insurance. >> thank you. america's longest-serving astronaut is getting out of the house. scott kelly took his first space walk today. kelly has spent more than a year
3:35 pm
on the international space station. over four missions. tomorrow morning he will break the american record for longest single space trip of 215 days. >> it could be a big night for donald trump, ben carson and jeb bush. we'll get predictions from the third presidential candidate debate when the panel joins me after a break. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you
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now until iowa came along, i said every poll. and then iowa -- what the hell are you people doing to me? will you get the numbers up, iowa, please? this is ridiculous. i mean -- what is my competition? >> he's hit his peak and i think he's on his way down. >> i think ultimately conservatives will want to a conservative to represent the party. and i don't think he is truly a conservative. >> well ahead of tonight's
3:39 pm
debate in boulder, colorado, you hear donald trump in iowa, with that crowd. reacting to the polls, there's four polls, in iowa, dr. ben carson up in the lead. and there's a national poll, the latest national poll, cbs/"new york times" that has carson in the lead slightly. margin of error, they're essentially tied. if you look at the real clear politics average, trump still holds on to a lead there by roughly the same margin. what about this ahead of the debate? let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of "the hill. and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. when you think about iowa, mostly evangelicals who go after the caucuses the way he presented that argument, was quite something. >> i think the thing that he did write rite was to say i i'm not leaving. i thought everything else he said was wrong. he basically told a state where
3:40 pm
the caucuses turn out 50% plus social conservative voters what the hell are you doing to me? which means it's about him. he keeps telling them he's a good christian. but it's all about the polling numbers and he's mad at them if they don't turn it around for them, he's never going to come back and talk to them again. i don't know where this is going. this is not a poll he can write off, it's four polls in a few days' time. it never seemed like a state he should win. they are unlikely to turn away ben carson. maybe the ben carson surge tamers off a bit. i think donald trump knows that the game could be up in iowa and he doesn't have that second act. the resilience and humor you're supposed to show when you're losing. >> he's very entertaining on the stump, obviously and he still does draw a lot of crowds. >> what's interesting ahead of the debate is how he will play. with all the questions about polls and he's talking about it
3:41 pm
on the stump how does he play in the debate? he's tweeted out that he think it's going to be unfair. >> i wrote speeches for walter mondale in 1980 and as election day approached, the crowds got huge. crowds are an indicator of enthusiasm. they are not an indicator of staying power. the real question is, is that was a very weird speech he gave last night. when you say to the audience openly. this election isn't about you, it's about me. when what you're saying it's all about you. i mean hillary says it every eight minutes. then you've gone over a line that's half amusing. but what kind of person, even trying to make an amusing point, is going to say something like that? get my numbers up. basically i'm melting, help me out here. >> the question is, this is a guy who defines everybody, everything in life as winning
3:42 pm
and losing. when he loses, can he handle it? if it's anything like what he did yesterday, this could be an inflection point. if not, he can recover. >> but being a cnbc debate, steve, it does fall in his wheelhouse. perhaps even more than dr. ben carson. >> no question and trump has been not shy about saying that the economy, and jobs, that is his wheelhouse, knows it better than anybody. he hasn't followed up i would argue with details and substantive answers when he makes the claim. he makes the claim and then he sort of quickly moves on. i think we should be clear about the extent of his fall in iowa, in particular. if you go back to late september, september 19th, he was beating ben carson, 28-22 in the real clear politics average. today carson is winning 29-20, that's a huge swing and a very important state. i think trump is one person who the debate was the focus of this debate. >> on the one hand you have trump when you're the front-runner, still is the
3:43 pm
front-runner, the spotlight will be on him because he slipped. with jeb bush, this is something that many people thought, prarly the establishment in washington thought should have been the front-runner. he's not, he's had a spate of bad stories over the past week, he slashed staff. you have some of his fundraisers talking more openly about their concerns with his campaign. i think he was sort of lackluster in the first two debates. the question is, can he come in and be the ten-foot tall candidate on the stage? there are reasons to be skeptical. >> jeb bush is taking shots against marco rubio. the candidate, the campaign, and this follows on this story about the senate vote. the "sun-sentinel" an op-ed in a florida paper. saying about rubio, you are paid $174,000 per year to represent us. to fight for us, to solve our problems. by choosing to stay in the senate you get the publicity, the perks and pay that go with the position without doing the
3:44 pm
work you are taking advantage of us. your job is to represent floridians in the senate, either do your job, senator rubio or resign it. here's rubio referencing that. referring to it. >> when i'm not in washington, i don't like missing, but i'm not there, i'm fighting for the future of america. i understand we're not going to be able to put this country in the right direction, unless we elect a new president with the right ideas and the ability to take us in that direction. >> to get perspective. votes missed, year before the election. people who ran, there you see the percentage of votes missed. senator barack obama, 32%. senator john kerry, 61% of the votes missed. there's senator marco rubio at 34%. is this something that is really hitting him a.b.? and might come up obviously in this debate tonight? >> i'm sure it's going to come up, donald trump was the first to raise it. weeks ago. and the right to rise pac for
3:45 pm
jeb bush started a new twitter account today saying is marco working? i think it's actually, it's not a big deal. he's shown up for the votes that have counted. he's actually quite a serious legislator, which of course he's not talking about now, because that's not the year to be bragging about your legislative experience and your bipartisan cooperation. i know that it's true. what i think is a big deal is there was a piece earlier this week that quoted his friend as saying he hates it there. that's a tough editorial. because you don't want your constituents to believe that you're up there in a job that you hate. that you're ignoring. running for president is very time-consuming. he goes to early states on regular basis, he's laying the groundwork fundraising. mccain, barack obama, they all missed tons of votes. but i think it's that, it's that idea that he might hate the senate that's more of a concern, the story out this week than the actual votes that he missed, which i think are really average. >> anti-washington, anti-establishment year, hating the senate --
3:46 pm
>> right. >> like it sticks. but one thing is, in the republican party, is the hitting the first-term senator, we've done that before, does that strike a chord? >> i doubt it. i don't think it's affected. cruz, i don't think it's affected rand paul. there are other reasons his numbers are down. and i certainly don't think the attack, the low number, the number of votes he missed, as you say, it's sort of ridiculous when any anti-establishment, running against washington, cartel, place where nothing happens, you're being attacked for not working more on the inside. and as a result of this. i don't think this is going to amount to anything. what's going to happen is how he votes and what he believes in. and one thing, at the debate tonight he will be, if the rcp average is followed. he will be standing next to the front-runner for the first time. he'll in the top three. >> i would argue it's not only not a negative it may well be a positive. he hates the senate.
3:47 pm
they hate the senate. everybody hates the senate. it's like 10% approval. it's still his job. >> i think he can put it into historical context as you did with the charts. he can make an argument that he's out there to better the people. think this is much more likely to be a hit like the one on rubio with his personal debt that it seems like a hit on the surface, but people say well gosh, i had debt, too. >> next up, picking a speaker and approving a budget. ♪
3:48 pm
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> i certainly think the members of the caucus, while they were not enamoured with all the pieces of the legislation, nevertheless thought it was a positive
3:51 pm
effort and they are reviewing it in that light. >> i will not be voting for are it because, in my view, it is financially irresponsible. it increases spending by roughly $80 billion a year -- he excuse me two year period of time. >> default, sequester, terrible cuts in the american military. this is a reasonable deal it's paid for. >> this latest deal is terrible. several of us voted against the rule that would bring this bill to the floor. >> well, it did pass. the budget deal, including a debt ceiling increase passed by a vote of 266 to 167. all the no votes were republicans. we're back with the panel. a.b., we have seen this before. but now we're hearing that mitch mcconnell has called cloture on this bill and they expect the senate to vote friday. will it have trouble there getting through what likely will be at least some efforts by republicans to slow it up? >> well, it will have trouble there. ted cruz is there. >> rand paul is there.
3:52 pm
>> rand paul is there. threatening to filibuster you never really know how long that will last. this was the best that john boehner could do to protect paul ryan and get something through the house and we will see what happens. but this is what we expected john boehner to do before friday, october 30th. >> to clear the barn? >> yeah. >> steve? >> look, it was interesting watching those clips of the members of congress making their case for or against the deal. i think, you know, tom cole short of shrugged said it's a reasonable deal didn't seem entheist thiews as stick. jim jordan and others opposed it which i would do if i were their shoes it's a clunker of a deal. you are getting from leadership that sense this is a deal. that statement from kevin mccarthy says it strengthens our national security, protects our economy and american jobs and real reforms to entitlement. no it doesn't it spends $85 billion over the first three years. ends up providing $5 billion
3:53 pm
less in defense spending that even president obama requested. it's a stinker of a deal. the most honest case for the deal would be to say this deal stink but that guy is president. we want to clear the deck so we can have a bigger argument about bigger things. >> and change the process. speaking of changing the process, paul ryan tonight is the house speaker designant, having been voted by his conference. take a listen to him today. >> tomorrow we are turning the page we are not going to have a house that looked like it looked the last two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. >> but the party wasn't as unified as people thought today on the vote breakdown for house speaker today, ryan got 200 votes. daniel webster got 43 votes. and there you see kevin mccarthy marcia blackburn. the point is, charles, you
3:54 pm
need 2218 to win. so, in between really counts. >> yeah, webster even says he doesn't want to be nominated. >> so, essentially, it was a way to register a kind of a protest. but i don't think it's going to influence where they are. and, look, i agree entirely with steve. this is an awful deal that was agreed to but there is no alternative at this point. this is way down the road. it's the end of the boehner era. you want to start afresh with ryan. let's do it, get it behind us. and the idea that it's paid for is a farce. all the savings are in the future.
3:55 pm
they never happen. and all the spending is going to happen now. >> a.b., the point being raising this, not that ryan is going to lose that vote, but that the fact that these members felt compelled to signal that they were going to vote for somebody else, when it's a fate of come plea he is going to win. >> there is no ryan era without boehner did this week he would be the same numbers with a gun to his throat like boehner has been all these years. these protest votes when they know they can go home and say it wasn't their first choice but they had to vote for ryan the next day anyway is so indicative of the protest movement that rattles the house conference every g.o.p. conference every single day. the only way ryan can go on to entitlement reforms and tax reform hearings and bills is because all of the necessary legislation will be gone. all the must pass clips will be gone and he won't be having all the protests he had tonight.
3:56 pm
it's a shame and it's got to end. it's not good for the republicans no matter who is speaker. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see what football on the presidential race have in common. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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>> what's the latest on cruz? >> i know, but is he in or is he out? because i keep seeing reports here about both. okay. well, see what you can find out, please. and what about bush? because has been kind of quiet this year but you never know with this guy. yeah, you think we should look at, who? carson? look, i know he started the year as a sleeper but is he really throwing the ball around lately pretty good. all right. that's fine. victor cruz, reggie bush and carson palmer. let's keep a guy on all of those guys and let me know. okay? yeah, i know i have a debate
4:00 pm
but i have got to get this fantasy football thing right. >> marco rubio. that's it for "special report," special balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight, "on the record," the stage is set and the candidates are ready. tonight's third g.o.p. presidential debate is almost here. and former hewlett packard ceo and 2016 presidential candidate carly fiorina rocking herself up in popularity after the last two debates. so what's her plan for tonight? carly fiorina fresh off her walk through of the big staining goes "on the record." good evening, carlie. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> good. so are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready i'm looking forward to it. >> this is your bailiwick. this is business. this is economy. so, do you feel extra pressure tonight? >> no, i don't feel extra pressure other than i think it's important that americans understand what's really at stake. and it


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