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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> want to hear more from the gop presidential candidates? we have two in hour next hour. jenna: jeb bush joining with us first response from the debate as well as rand paul. exciting hour ahead. thank you for joining us. >> see you back here next hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today. harris faulkner, sandra smith. spokesman for the lee bringing initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome to the house, former speaker of the house, 2012 presidential candidate and fox news contributor and author of the brand knew book, duplicity, a thriller, newt gingrich is here with us. we're so glad you're here with us, mr. speaker but we do remind you you're outnumbered. >> i feel like i'm outnumbered.
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never had four women this attractive surrounding me. want to extend it to two or three hours, that's okay. andrea: let's get to the nudge. it's a huge political day. we're so happy we're here. what a battle it was in boulder last night. republicans facing off in their third republican primary debate, filled with exciting moments with eyes on front-runners donald trump and ben carson. heated exchanges all around. here's trump and ohio governor john kasich going at it over tax reform. >> you just don't make promises like this. why don't we give a chicken in every pot, coming up with these fantasy tax schemes? we'll clean it up. where are you going to clean it up. >> this is man who was managing partner of lehman brothers when it went down to the tubes. took almost everyone us. was such a nice guy. never attack. then his poll numbers tanked. that is why he is on the end.
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he got nasty. he got nasty. you know what? you can have him. andrea: later ben carson how he can serve on board after company like costco, which is gay friendly. >> how can you serve on board policy that have views that support homosexuality. >> i believe constitution protects anybody regardless of their sexual orientation or any aspect. i believe marriage is between one man and one woman. there is no reason you can't be perfectly fair to the gay community. they shouldn't automatically assume that because you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman that your homophobe. andrea: in a moment that lots of jaws on the floor, jeb bush going after man he mentored marco rubio, attacking him for missing votes in the senate.
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>> marco, when you signed up for this was six-year term. you should be showing up to work. literally the senate, like a french work week? you get three days you have to show up. you can campaign or resign, let someone else take the job. >> i don't remember ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. only reason you're doing it now. running for same position someone convinced you that attacking me will help you. my campaign is about the future of america. not attacking anyone else on this stage. andrea: sparks flying everywhere. what does the former speaker think? before i ask your winners and losers, i want you to react to that sound bite because that was one of the top three moments in my estimation of the evening. >> i think, surprising that jeb would do that. jeb is not a great fighter. he has lots of strengths but being in that kind of a back and forth brawl isn't his strength. rubio's very smart and he is
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very fast and you know, you don't want to pick a fight with a guy like that unless you're prepared to stay in the rings with him. other than trump, i'm not sure there is anybody else that could stay in the ring with rubio. andrea: what was weird to me echoed the point rubio was debunking, jeb sounded like he was part of the liberal media that rubio dropped the mic on. >> one the points you made, to bring that up after rubio destroyed the paper in florida as liberal paper, come right back with the same topic. i don't understand what jeb was trying to accomplish there. i'm sure that his staff had some clever strategy but, you can't go into a debate with previous gameplan and implement it. debates are like jazz. you got to go in and you have to follow the relatively and you have to follow the mood and then, if it feels right, do it but if it doesn't feel right, even if your advisors are all excited, don't do it. andrea: you are are the master
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of that. we watched you in the last presidential election. you're being humble with that face. who do you think performed the best? they're saying rubio. i would agree rubio and cruz but what do you think? >> as frank luntz reported last night, that one section with cruz, luntz said he never seen a score that high. he said that 26 of the 28 people on dials had to have given cruz 100 out of 100 for it to be that high. he never in his entire career seen that. so in a sense you have to say cruz had an amazing night. rubio's great strength which comes up with every single debate, he is very likeable. and in television, as ronald reagan understood, and walter mondale and jimmy carter didn't, being likeable is about 80% of the business. i mean, listen to your words after they decide they like you. andrea: yeah. >> i think rubio has enormous latent advantages and i think odds reasonably high he will be
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on a ticket. andrea: who would you like to have a beer or eat a pot brownie as -- sandra: i didn't get what their plans were to grow economy. talking about winners and losers, the american voter who was promised a debate on economy, your money, jobs and candidates were never given a chance to go there. fox business, i will be moderating next gop debate and i will actually ask questions those important questions. we didn't really hear from them on that last night that being said, social networking, harris you're big on there, you can not underestimate the power of those tools, twitter, facebook, and a lot of analysis after last night's debate showed that donald trump, as he has been in previous debates, was not number one most talked about candidate on social networking. it was actually dr. carson, number one. marco rubio was second most talked about, then trump. i thought that was really interesting change from recent debates that we have seen, that
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dr. carson was leading the conversation online. harris: what i wonder from you, mr. speaker, is this, we get all geared up. we can't wait to watch these things. they are events like super bowls now politically speaking but are they all that important? because we saw carly fiorina break it, bust out the first two debates and then fade away in the polling? these big moments for ted cruz, marco rubio, what do they really mean? >> first of all, if you get your big moment, then you have to build own your big moment. i think one of carly's challenges is, as smart as she is, she hasn't figured out the theme mattic that would keep her growing. if you don't keep growing then you slide. by the way on trump, i actually think he did something very smart. trump for the last week or so has been way too brittle. talking about seventh day adventists, whining in iowa, why don't you love me anymore. that was embarrassing.
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i like donald, i think he is pretty smart. best thing he can do, calm down, let people get used to him being in the room without being dominant. he didn't suffer any hits. at the end of the evening was doing just fine. >> didn't he put the nail in the could have fin for kasich? >> certainly gave kasich a hard problem. >> i think kasich had a tough night because trump went after him. >> that is trump's style. but, he only took one really hard shot. >> it was a hard one. >> didn't try to dominate the whole evening. andrea: he was calm. maybe he did some of hillary's yoga poses. >> what will be fun if trump goes after rubio and rubio goes after trump, they're pretty evenly matched in speed. andrea: sandra smith, fbn debate? take some notes. amid all fireworks and faceoffs we saw between the candidates many of them took own debate moderators and mainstream media. let's listen.
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>> this is not a cage match and you look at the question, donald trump, are you comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math? john kasich will you insult two people over here. marco rubio, why don't you resign. jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen. how about talking about substantive issues people care about? [cheers and applause] and carl, i'm not finished yet, the contrast with the democratic debate where every fawning question from the media was, which of you is more handsome and why. >> are we talking about get -- >> government involved in fantasy football? >> wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. isis and al cade attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? [cheers and applause]
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>> how about this? how about we get the government to do what they're supposed to be doing, secure our borders, protect our people and support american values and american families. enough on fantasy football. let people play. whcares? >> do i take the product? yes. i think it's a good product. >> to be fair you were on homepage of their website with the logo over your shoulder. >> if somebody put me on their homepage they did it without my permission. >> does not speak to your vetting process or judgment in anyway? >> no, speaks to the fact that i don't know those -- [booing] they know. [laughter] andrea: so many people saying moderators were big losers. mr. speaker, the first question out of the gate, what was your biggest weakness? i tweeted out, moderators biggest weakness, nasty dumb questions. what do you think? >> i never seen an entire team go into the tank that badly.
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various cases where a moderator is bad for one or two questions. almost like these folks got together in the pregame show, what do we prove to the american people that cnbc and msnbc and nbc are so unbelievably left-wing we can't be civil in dealing with republicans? i think they got killed in public. >> what is interesting though, speaker, is that this turned out to be a great foil for everybody up on the stage though. you talked about debates, and i love t jazz. pretty much the moderators were spinning out of control and that allowed everybody on stage to do their dance moves. >> i'm writing newsletter today, gingrich productions i do free newsletters a week. one of my points, almost like watching scene in "gladiator," where russell crowe teaches gladiators to work as team. college class ought to do this. go back look at debate, republican candidates, oh, this will be the game. gang up on moderators. by end of evening you had
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republican team clearly winning decisively over the liberal team who were totally confused. andrea: and unified, by the way, mainstream media. who would have thunk that? i think they were channeling a little bit of your style. they got a little newt. this moment from the debate where our one lucky guy did it first. >> how do you respond to people who say your campaign has been a mess so far? >> i took seriously brit's injunction to put aside talking points and i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. [applause] andrea: learned from the master. >> you think rubio was the original? sandra: do you think rubio took a page from your playbook last night? sorry, ted cruz. >> like jazz, there are certain limited number of songs you can
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play. i mean cruz is a very smart guy as is rubio. they're both 44. they're both really smart. the different kinds of i.q.s but very, very smart. at that whole lift that cruz did, you noticed he is defending other members. very, very interesting whole run he does at that point. the other part of that i thought that was really interesting, after the show, i was watching, i think it was "hannity." and trump comes on, trump says i love all of them. we're all a team. now, at 7:00 last night if he had said by end of this debate they will be so mad at cnbc that donald trump, he loves all -- probably even loves kasich. >> donald i think really nailed it when he called them out on the negotiation. and they were caught lying. no, no, we were always going to have two-hour debate. it was widely reported in
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"new york times" -- harris: he tweeted out agreement. >> if they lost their credibility that was moment where they sealed the deal. harris: this came in from our d.c. team, producing team. rick santorum campaign is growing in iowa. they're adding staff members. as i was watching last night, i was wondering, as you move forward you will need to spend some of that cash now to get strong, if you did well last night. on that list, i would say marco rubio. who else would you add to that list? >> the whole bunch of them are about to face reality in iowa, particularly because it is very complicated caucus state. harris: on the ground. >> trump has to be on the ground. i think he is. carson is, i think on the ground in all 99 counties. rubio has to be on the ground. jeb has to be on the ground. all these guys have to play very hard in iowa if they come out of there and still be seen as viable candidates. sandra: i spoke to rick santorum. he was happy way things.
9:15 am
he was in the undercard debate. that is interesting dynamic. they were given a nice opportunity, a nice platform to get their views out there with a lot more time and space. >> people shouldn't underestimate santorum because at this stage in 2011, he looked hopeless and he won iowa. in fact he won it decisively, except for the fact that the state chairman didn't count. andrea: we know what happens to people winning iowa typically. cnbc is taking it but they're blaming reince priebus for this. he will watch the debates. what do you say, speaker, should heads roll over that debacle last night? >> two things. one i really like ted cruz's proposal, moderators that vote in a republican primary which would cause all sorts of confusion. but the other is, i think reince ought to talk very seriously to nbc. i'm not sure nbc deserves another debate given totally dishonest debate they had last night that will cause real chaos.
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priebus has done something i didn't think he could do and didn't particularly support, but it worked. limited number of debates which made them more important. when you're getting huge audiences, back when we did 22 and hillary and obama did 25, you never had importance of them. these are now big event that have been staged pretty well. i know last night he was totally furious with cnbc and felt like he had been betrayed. that it wasn't not they set it up right, they plain lied to him. andrea: we'll have more on last night's debate. don't forget the next debate you can see on the fox business channel. secretary of state john kerry in vienna today ahead of another round of talks on how to beat isis in syria. and for the very first time, iran will be at the negotiating table. a key backer of the assad regime. so is this a good idea or a very dangerous precedent? plus, with wisconsin congressman paul ryan is one of the most powerful men in american politics, third in line
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to the white us, succeeding john boehner as speaker of the house moments ago but will he be able to unite deeply-divided gop conference and make the party effective again? we'll ask our #oneluckyguy who knows a thing or two or even more about that job, former house speaker newt gingrich. ♪ did you know that good nutrition
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harris: you're watching "outnumbered," and we're glad that you are. you saw it moments ago, biggs transfer of power. we saw it on fox news as it was happening live. paul ryan sworn in as 162nd speaker of the house. 236 votes. he only needed 218. praising john boehner calling for unity in deeply divided chamber. watch. >> let's be frank, the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. [applause] harris: all right. as you watched this speech and ramp up, last night we weren't even sure if he would get 200
9:22 am
because, or more than 200 votes. they did the in-house vote. what are your thoughts now? >> well, first of all, side note about politics in america, this is the youngest speaker of the house in 100 years. and, last night you had two 44-year-old candidates for president. and the other party in their debate had five really old people. think about how the shift is occurring, and how different it is? ryan is, the best policy developer in the house republican party. he has been methodically working since 2008 to create a pro-growth, fits into your debate. he wants a pro-growth, balanced budget, entitlement reform future so his children and grandchildren have a bert future. he is very methodical bit. he did not seek this job. the job sought him. he is probably the one person who could pull the party together. the truth is he will have to work seven days a week to pull together.
9:23 am
harris: can we talk a little bit seven days a week? one of the things paul ryan took objection to he would be working seven days a week. he wants to spend time with his family. we hear that from people, particularly women in business all the time but what is your reaction to that? you fought very hard to make sure families were in the home districts for lawmakers? >> sure. paul is exactly right, in this sense, someone had a comment when he was thinking about taking this job, that he went out with his bow and deer stand next few days and they knew then he was thinking deeply. >> that is true. that is a true story. >> my wife has known paul since she was an in-- he was an infant because she is cheesehead. harris: i am too, actually. from minnesota. >> talk about the burden. but anyhow, ryan can do a lot of stuff from home. the other thing he has is different, boehner was on the road a lot because he raised,
9:24 am
money, for example, at golf courses because he likes to golf and big donors like to be with him. ryan starts with a nationwide fund-raising base that grew out of the vice-presidential campaign. so ryan has the potential in age of social media to be in all 435 districts and, frankly i'm hoping he will put a studio in janesville, because he can do a great deal of work, still be with his kids and still do other things. >> as long as he puts fund-raising a little bit on back seat. i have to tell you, i'm really proud of him as a spouse of a congressman. i know demands on family. i think we should return, it is good for some families to live in district. i think it is good for some families to live in d.c. outside of serving military, most patriotic thing you can do is be there for your family. i think he is a man who is living out the conservative family values by saying that, by making family first. and setting that example for the rest of the house.
9:25 am
andrea: there has not been a speaker as effective uniting republican party and challenging the democrats since you. i say that, i worked years in the house of representatives. you did it in the 1990s. you got democrats to sign on to welfare reform. you had contract with america. you had balanced budget amendment. you put it on president bill clinton and he followed your lead, speaker gingrich. he took credit for it of course. how do we do it again? how has the gop establishment lost touch so much? >> the house is in transition. the house really reflects politics of trump and carson and fiorina and cruz, which is outsider desire. this whole turmoil in the long run will lead to much more open house with a much younger leadership that is really trying to solve problems. the senate is going to be interesting to watch because the senate, as it should be under our constitution is much slower institution with many more blocks against change, and will be interesting to see what they do.
9:26 am
here is the other difference people forget. i spent 16 years creating the first republican majority in 40 years. 16 years we built a team and we were able to do things. paul is taking over and he is now going to play catch-up to how to build the team. it wasn't his focus. it was how you build the policies. he is so smart and so engaging that i have zero doubt over next six or eight weeks you will see totally new tone in the house, much more open house. by the way, senator mike lee wrote a brilliant piece in the federalist on uber and congress talking about the need to go to more decentralized, more transparent, more accountable system. and i think paul, will take that kind of model and, the ryan speakership i think will be very historic. harris: maybe 23votes, more than he need -- 236 votes, more than he needed at 218 is an indication with that.
9:27 am
>> they want him to succeed. harris: republican presidential candidates calling out hillary clinton by name 22 times in the prime time debate. did you see it? she reportedly locked down more than 500 super delegates already. can they slow down her momentum? stay with us. ♪ just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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♪ sandra: iowa caucus is still 95 days away but looks like hillary clinton may well be on her way to locking up the democratic nomination. bloomberg politics will estimate former secretary of state has well over 500 superdelegate commitments. looks like republicans have taken notice. they went after her repeatedly in the prime time debate last night, calling her out by name 22 times. watch. >> i may not be your dream candidate just yet but i can assure you i'm hillary clinton's worst nightmare. >> let me tell you one thing i'm
9:32 am
only guy, the only guy consistently fought the clinton machine every election i was ever in over the past 26 years. and not only did i fight them, but i beat them. >> i know who is the pessimist is. it is hillary clinton. you put me on the stage next to her next september, she won't get within 10 miles of the white house, take it to the bank. >> hillary clinton went before the committee, admitted sent emails to her family saying hey, this attack in benghazi was caused by al qaeda-like elements. she spent over a week telling families of victims and american people it was because after video. yet the mainstream media going around saying it was the greatest week in hillary clinton's campaign. it was the week she got exposed as a liar. it was week she got exposed as a liar -- [cheers and applause] sandra: speaker, were they effective last night with 22 times? >> marginally effective to educate the own base where you start. if your friends understand, for example that hillary clinton is a liar, and they go to the coffee shop saturday morning and
9:33 am
they're armed with that information, then independents and moderates may well start changing. look, i think there are two phases here. hillary clinton will be the nominee unless she is indicted. odds are about one in three she will be indicted. at which point there will be enormous vacuum in the democratic party. nobody should kid themselves, she is a layer cake. she is benghazi, then she is emails, then she is cheryl mills who as chief of staff took a half million dollars for negotiating with foreign government while serving with the state department. then she is huma abedin, who was paid more than president of the united states while working for foreign companies serving in the state department. then she is the clinton foundation. part of the challenge of the news media is, we can only cover one layer of the cake at a time. it is never going to end. harris: irs layer with lois lerner. that's another one. that must be the cherry on the cake. >> i have to say the moment with marco rubio was brilliant.
9:34 am
i think it is going to be something that comes back to bite hillary. i think media, who marco says is the new super-pac for the democrats, or always has been, i think that they wanted to put benghazi to rest. i think that you know, she is still going to have to go face voters in future debates and explain why she told chess see it was terrorist attack. why she told grieving parents and american people that it wasn't. andrea: news out today means it doesn't matter. speaker, over 200 superdelegates. this is not a campaign anymore. it's a coronation. >> sure it is. andrea: like dictatorships. they show up to cast votes for -- >> truth is, in normal problems didn't have all the problems between she and her husband, they have spent a lifetime earning the nomination which is not by the way presidency. it is the nomination. there is another part to this. committee on benghazi just yesterday got white house emails. i mean, this stuff, it has been pulling teeth.
9:35 am
so when people say that's over, well it is not over because in fact they keep digging up another layer and another layer. one thing, i thought, during the day of the hearing, wasn't particularly well-done, she won the day and lost the war. because they proved unequivocally, one, that that ambassador was trying desperately to get help and was being totally ignored. two, that she just plain lied and she methodically lied and lied straight to the face of people and parents. sandra: they identified her number one threat, enemy, watch -- mentioning that 22 times. carly fiorina saying, saying hillary is bad for women? andrea: she is right. she is the most effective attack dog right has against hillary. make as compelling point. hillary clinton out there, and on twitter she is advocating for the wanton needs of all women. i don't think anyone really buys that, sandra.
9:36 am
voters look at number of women voters. they don't really buy it. she is only concerned with the needs and wants ever one woman, that is herself. and spiker, i think people see that. my question, you gave it one out of three chance of indictment. tells me when the white house is moving this slowly to hand over emails they're all sort of covering for each other. >> what you have is, the fbi department that deals directly with national security, which is the least political part of the fbi, is grinding away and grinding away and grinding way way. you just had the head of the fbi, presidential appointee, give a speech and say, crime is going up because politicians are refusing to support police. you had the white house repudiating two hours later. he came back and gave a second speech the same day. now that tells me inside of the fbi, there is exactly feeling louis freeh got under bill:to. we're sick of this stuff. we'll not allow you to stop us from being professional.
9:37 am
that bodes potentially huge trouble for hillary clinton. harris: it could backfire if the drip drip goes too long. sandra: great perspective from newt on that. secretary of state john kerry now in vienna on the eve of crucial talks about the war in syria but as the country unravels, what are the chances of success? is giving iran regime a seat at the table a good idea? ♪
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♪ harris: secretary of state john kerry arriving in vienna for series of meetings with other diplomats before the main event tomorrow. talks that hope to end the world's most bloodiest conflicts, the civil war in syria. with russia intensifying its military involvement the
9:42 am
diplomatic solution is taking on new urgency. there is new player on the table. iran's foreign minister allowed to take part in syrian talks, invited by our own president showing iran's -- secretary kerr talking about challenging the end of the war in iris i can't. >> the challenge we face today, nothing less than chart a course out of hell. harris: all right, so coming out of the white house today, speaker, is the news that the president feels like he is willing to talk to any country to get to some solution with iran. what are your thoughts, syria, rather? >> look, this president and secretary of state live this rich fantasy life. they kicked russia out of crime crime. they have protected ukraine. they have created dough mock sy in libya. now they will wave a magic wand and create a new syrian system so that syrians will leave germany and go pack to syria.
9:43 am
and then finally they will turn to israel and in wonderful magic moment they will create peace in israel by giving the whole country to the palestinians. i mean, this, these two guys get together, kerry has never been particularly fond of america. go back and look at his testimony in the vietnam war period. he now had a chance to surrender as often as people will meet with him. now he will have iranian dictatorship, which is largest supporter of terrorism on planet, he will seat and be dignified, and guess who they have to sit with? putin. so putin ends up as the great winner. obama is the great loser but obama is the kind of guy who if he was at your christmas party and you kicked hill out, he would think that you really wanted him to get fresh air and it would be great. harris: wow. i want to press in something you just said. that is ripped out of the headlines, iran's human rights record. they are on track, reports of killing one this people by the end of the year 1000.
9:44 am
that is more than we've been keeping records that we get our hands on how many they actually execute inside of iran. they're going before the u.n. today to talk about that the well world is watching as you point out. it is not just about how we deal with iran and or russia but you have countries like venezuela, burundi, they're all this week lobbying united nations to get on the human rights council. they're some of the biggest abusers out there of human rights. >> the current system is totally sick. the state department is an enabler of the sickness. this president has actually no notion how sick it is, and thinks it is really good and healthy, one of the reasons i wrote "duplicity," have a novel that combines terrorism and politics, to show you this stuff is all very, very dangerous. i don't think the obama white house has a clue how much damage they're doing. >> one of the things i've noticed that dems, the democrats are already getting nervous because iran is looking more and more belligerent.
9:45 am
this is before all the money is flowing in from the, you know, deal that they got from kerry. you know, they own this, don't they? if this goes bad, with iran, they own it. >> they won't own it because democrats will go on the elite media and they will say, what deal? i never saw a deal. did you see a deal? we didn't do a deal? >> how can they getaway with it? >> how does hillary clinton get away with totally lying to parents of people killed and looking them in the face as the casket arrives? andrea: she has a black hole where her soul should be. how can the white house underestimate, i guess magical incantation. fantasy land. how can they underestimate the union between russia and iran for all of these years? i mean they should have anticipated that putin would do exactly what he would do with syria. iran, how did get that so wrong? >> i think they live in the equivalent of epcot.
9:46 am
i think literally, live in fantasy world and kerry and state department lives in fantasy world, what our presidentialal candidates should commit to, state department needs to be overhauled because they have state department is full of people who are consistently totally wrong and consistently wrong with about the state of israel. harris: that fantasy you talk about is about to get very real. that is what you talked about, rachel. we saw iran launch a missile, according to the u.n. ambassador samantha power against the deal we made with them but i'm hearing crickets when it comes to accountability. i think they're still trying to press for meetings. we're moving on. stunning developments in a story we've been following a high school football coach benched for refusing to stop praying at the 50 yardline. now the school district says this poses big problems having him pray like this. ♪ you totalled your brand new car.
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sandra: high school football coach in washington state booted from the field for refusing to stop praying after games. we've been talking about this story for some time. now for years, coach joe kennedy has knelt down in prayer on the 50 yardline, often joined by his
9:51 am
players. voluntarily and even members of opposing teams. the school district had warned him to stop. saying it could violate the separation of and state. they -- church and state. they have now placed coach on paid leave. speaker, love your response because we've been talking about. now the coach is sidelined. what do you think of this? >> one of the reasons calista published christmas in america to drive home the notion that religious liberty starts on the first ship on the way to jamestown when they celebrate christmas on the ship before they get here. you have 400 years, more than 400 years of religious liberty and what happened here the totalitarian left, people who use government to impose their values are determined to allow you have religious liberty as long as you're not religious. so you can pray anywhere you want to as long as you don't pray. >> or go to your close let. >> congress should pass a law,
9:52 am
i'm not a lawyer but my sense you could craft a law to make it impossible to take class of cases to court. we're sick of this stuff. the aclu files a lawsuit, if they win the lawsuit get paid damages. they are being paid to create eight at creating an atheistic secular america. this is freedom to religion in america. he risked his life as marine to protect his freedom and now he is being told he can't pray. harris:s me wonder what we value. as parent been in the stands, some. stuff out of coaches mouths i wish they were praying because they're blessing people and not in a good way. fingers flying in the air mostly from the middle. hand. you have a lot of stuff going on out there. >> this guy is clearly good role model. i want to fight legislatively,
9:53 am
it's a broken record, if you don't like this nonsense, fight for school choice. only way things change parents have the right to put their children in school that reflects their values. sandra: he should sue. he has much better case than they do. harris: i'm sure there are lawyers watching. sandra: by the way, other schools will hire him. all right, when it comes to the 2016 presidential field, what's the most important issue for voters? economic policy? position on social issues? or something more personal? surprising things people search for about the candidates and why. hmmm. ♪ did you know that good nutrition
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is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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♪ andrea: a story getting a lot of buzz out there when it comes to presidential candidates. turns out size does matter. hmmm. how tall is jeb bush is consistently been a top google search, edging out questions about the former florida governor's background or policies. the curiosity is bipartisan. how tall is, one of the top google queries or 13 of the 19 most prominent white house contenders at the beginning of this month. the focus on height may go back in history. most american presidents have been taller than the average man of their time, like abe lincoln in wartime leaders like woodrow
9:58 am
wilson and fdr. so, mr. speaker, does size in fact matter? got a little nervous. you didn't know where i was going with that. sandra: how tall are you? andrea: what do you think? >> matters to some extent. we've had very short presidents. so you can't -- fdr was in a wheelchair. harris: yeah. >> one of the advantages trump has is physically big. he is not quite as tall as jeb but much bigger man in terms of his shoulders. he dominates a room by act of walking in. plus you have his hair and you're that tall, automatically going to be center of attention for not necessarily positive reasons. andrea: they took a group photo, harris, last time at debate, jeb bush was caught, even though a tall guy, trying to look even taller, standing on his tiptoes. i was looking out at my wife. no he wasn't. must have gotten advice to look more larger. harris: size of things keep coming up.
9:59 am
immediately with height is the lecturn. because you got to be taller than the lecturn, right? otherwise they have to move that bad boy off the stage. they were having some discussions here recently with cnbc about the size of their green rooms. they did work it out. with the rnc. but i mean, yeah. >> does it mean we're superficial? we care about how tall somebody is? obviously attractiveness matters as well. there is a superficiality about, you know, politics, isn't there? sandra: governor pataki is tall. >> part of it is, we get interested in everything. if you watch, i mean, so people can talk about, you know, all sorts of background things, that frame -- part of it is legitimate. you want to nope about the person you will loan power to for four years. the truth is, whatever this week's issues are may not be issues a year from now. andrea: looks to matter and size after bank account.
10:00 am
sandra: i was ready to answer your question, 5-foot eight and three/4. >> we'll talk about all of it on "outnumbered overtime.", click the "overtime" tab to get more the show. if you want more we're here tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. ft. lauderdale. you can see the foam there on the ground. the left side engine of this significant jet belonging to dynamic airways caught fire as the plane was taxiing out for take off. no reports of injuries. the firefighters have that fire extingui extinguished. that will be there for sometime as they figure out what caused it. dynamic's airways is a charter


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