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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> big hour >> this is dynamic airways flight 405 with about 100 on board. the plane was taxiing for take off when the plane caught fire. fuel was leaking out of the aircraft before the fire began.
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the passengers and crew were forced to evacuate the aircraft on the emergency slides that we're told there were several people injured. it's unclear if the injuries are actually from the evacuation or the heavy smoke pouring out of airplane. we're told most of the injuries are minor. some people did have to be carried away on stretchers. the severity of their injuries is unclear. fire crews used a foam spray to put the flames out. dynamic airways is a charter service that began in 2010. it's based out of greensboro, north carolina. the plane you're looking at is from about 1986, 30 years old. you talk about timing being critical. this jet was literally less than a minute from take off. you talk about losing an engine on take off, it would have been
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very critical. boeing 767 are built to get off the ground with one engine but makes for a tricky proposition. it's unclear when the airport will reopen. it's major airport in south florida. this stands to affect air traffic across the country. more information as we get it. the fire is out. all the runways in that airport has been shut down. the domino effect goes to airports across the country. >> do we know anything more about this airport, about its record? >> we don't. they were on scene in seconds. it was a good thing the plane behind the 767 spotted the fuel
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leaking out and minutes later or second later the engine erupted. the fire crews were on scene within seconds. they sprayed the white foam. this is one of those major emergency. if a plane was in distress flying in the area it would use ft. lauderdale hollywood airport because the runways are so long. >> thank you so much. out with the old, in with the new. paul davis ryan sworn in as the new speaker of the house replacing speaker john boehner.
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>> we heard speaker paul ryan says he plans on wiping the slate clean and asked his colleagues to do the same thing. he talked about a more inclusive house of representatives. >> if you know the issue, you should write the bill. let's open up the process. let people participate. they might change their mind. a neglected minority will gum up the works. >> this marks the end of john boehner era after 25 years in the house of representatives, almost five years as speaker. boehner saying he's grateful for the opportunity, thankful for his colleagues and leaves with no regrets. >> also a very familiar face on hand for the big day today. >> that's right. a lot of folks at home probably got to know paul ryan when he ran in 2012 with mitt romney on
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the gop ticket. they were here today today a speaker selfie with the ryans. romney predicted that paul ryan will do well. >> a man of uncommon intelligence and experience and an egothat's held in check that allows him to reach across the people of different viewpoints in his own party and his opposition party. i think he'll be a wonderful speaker of the house. >> a number of colleagues thinks he'll do well also noting his knowledge of the house and ability to communicate effectively. >> he's got a big task ahead. thank you. this was the debate where the candidates not only took a swipe at each other but the media. >> we have people out of work and we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking
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about fantasy football. >> the questions that's asked so far illustrates why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. ben carson can you do math? john kasich will you insult two people over here. marco rubio, why don't you resign? how about talking about the issues. >> joining us who talk about it is fox news contributor. good to see you both. did you stay up for the whole thing? >> we did. i watched the earlier one too. from the beginning it seemed this would be out of control. it seemed like the candidates in both debates really didn't feel very hemmed in by these moderators. >> not at all. there was a point where the moderator was challenged. the rule was asked, what's the rule right now.
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they said it's moderator discretion and they decided to avoid one of the candidates. there's a lot of republican candidates on how the cnbc debate was moderated. that being said, it led to the fact you had on that stage a lot of winners last night. i watched every debate closely. last night was one of the few tim times, there was a lot of strong performances because they were pushing back on the mainstream media clearly going after our candidates. >> them pushing back was the perfect set up. >> we expected and needed to have a substantive conversation about economic policies.
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these are issues that hillary cl clinton talked about. >> quite a contrast to what we saw last night. we want to get on to the most searched incident of the first hour. it involved john kasich. it involved if he had a link to lehman brothers and what it was. >> there is the man that was a managing general partner at lehman brothers when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with him including ben and myself. i was there and i watched what happened. >> when you talk about me being on the board of lehman brothers, i wasn't on the board. i was banker and i was proud of it. i traveled the country and learned how people make jobs. >> he was not on the board of directors. he was managing director. what do you make of this? if someone is google searching you, at least they are learning
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more about them. >> i don't think he'll rise much above the antics and rhetoric of trump and carson. >> donald trump is the lightest star on that stage and john kasich is the moon that reflects it. john kasich is not a mitt romney. he's a very good blue collar p populous. there was a deep conversation about how to change the tax code that riddled small business with all these regulations that prevents them from growing real good paying jobs.
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>> we're out of time. happy birthday to you. good to see you both. thanks for coming in. an update on the unmanned blimp. there's new video coming in. the 240-foot balloon broke off its moors. it was corralled, some say crashing in pennsylvania but not before drifting 150 miles and traveling for three and a half hours. rick is live in pennsylvania where the blimp landed. what is the scene like now? >> reporter: late this morning we heard dozens of gunshots. it turns out the blimp was thno fully deflated. they opened fire on nose of that blimp to finish the deflation process in this rural stretch of
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farm land. the blimp in two pieces. some of the material on board, the military balloon has been secured. the team has come up here to collect the rest of it including that teether that's being cut up and hauled out of here. they are trying to figure out how to get the rest of the 10,000 pounds of material out of those woods. also, the army says it's sorry. >> we would like to apologize to the local community nor the loss of power and any other conveniences this could have caused. we appreciate the fact there was no loss of life or any major property damage. >> reporter: more than 30,000
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people lost power. they were knocking down trees along the way. the power has been fully restored and residents are hoping to get back to normal here. >> all right. thanks so much. we'll talk to a freedom caucus founder about how he voted and why. one candidate made plenty of headlines. something he may read about on his phone, today. . >> we're wondering what are the three apps that you news. >> number one, fox news. we're in a republican primary here.
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paul ryan pushing for unity by not everyone was on board. he did not get support from all members of the gop caucus. several members didn't vote for him. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. you're a member of the freedom caucus, one of the founding members. they had talked in previous weeks leading up to this vote about backing dan webster. he got dozens of votes in the closed conference vote. did you vote for him yesterday? >> i did because the house freedom caucus agreed to vote for him. i voted for mr. ryan today on the floor. >> why the switch? >> that's what we said we were going to do. we endorsed mr. webster in the conference. we told paul ryan if he made certain assurances we would support him on the floor.
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we did exactly what we said we would do. >> are you confident it will lead to cooperation and progress. many feel leadership steam rolled ahead without their input and often led to gridlock. >> paul said exactly what he needed to say to assure conservatives he'll follow through on what he said which is he's going to give the chance to have our voices be heard. a chance to get bills heard and amendments heard. that hasn't happened since i've been here. i've been here almost five years. paul did exactly what he needed to do today. the feeling in the room was very positive for the first time in a long time. >> one analysis shows when we talk about voting that when it came to the house freedom caucucaucus ryan joined your block. do you think he's going to be
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open to the more conservative wing in the gop house? >> i'm not familiar with those numbers. this didn't come down to how paul ryan votes as an individual. it came down to how he will run the operation. the one thing i know will change, i can't imagine paul's voting will change that much but what we're going to be voting on will change. whatever it was yesterday, they're calling a budget that they dumped on our desks 24 hours before they asked us to vote on it, that's not the kind of thing we'll be voting on. that's a win for conservatives. >> thank you for making time on a busy day. good to see you. the young voters, what did they think about last night's debate. who did they like? >> i'm really surprised this is a debate about the economy and jobs. maybe 10% of the questions related to that. >> who are their least favorite candidates after watching it all play out? we'll tell you what they had to say. the moderators getting into it with the candidates last night
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republicans took on the moderators more than their fellow republicans. >> last night we heard from donald trump talking about how he put pressure on last night's debate organizers to cut it from three hours to two. today ben carson whovs here in
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lakewood, colorado said he and the other campaigns are going to be having conference calls to discuss the likelihood they will go forward and suggest, and if not demand, there will changes in format that will allow them in the future to state their case without being interrupted without their fellow rival candidates and or the moderator. here is how he put it. >> it so clearly demonstrates the need for change in format. debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidate. what it's turned into is a gotcha. specific things we're looking for are first of all, moderators who are interested in getting the facts and not gotcha questions. >> just today a lot of fireworks
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were over the sun sentinel newspaper suggesting marco rubio should give up his senate seat and run for president because he's missed so many votes. a lot of folks thought christie did quite well. the press continuing to try to dictate the term of republican presidential candidacies. it will help christie because he can go after the new york times. be safe out there. see you again soon. >> thanks.
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we talked to some members of the new york young republican club to find out what they're into. >> marco rubio is my favorite cant. i think he's the most electable person on the stage. >> my favorite is jeb bush. >> i'm a jeb bush supporter. >> there's not any one particular candidate that embodies things i would like to see. >> i think donald trump is the most qualified. >> marco rubio. he's going to win the nomination. >> jeb bush and everybody in the jb debate tonight. >> ted cruz. i would say because he's extremely aggressive. >> donald trump. i think he embraces the
11:26 am
politics, division. >> least favorite is donald trump. we have women and minorities, i can't imagine those individuals voting for him. >> jeb bush. while qualified on paper, he is entitled and believes that he should be the anointed candidate. >> marco rubio, 90 seconds of greatness. i don't know if we need 90 seconds of greatness. i think we need four years of leadership. >> marco rubio explain and really related to our generation. do i want the same thing our parents wanted but how can i afford them? >> i have a nuance view on the establishment versus the nonestablishment in the race. donald trump has a compelling argument, but i don't understand the enthusiasm around ben carson. i don't think he's qualified to lead the largest government in the world. >> i think as much as people are focused on the entertainment value, what's going to turn out
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is the things that affect americans every day is what will get people to turn out and support conservative principles again. >> they will be tuning in tuesday, november 10th. the prime time event gets under way at 9:00. don't miss it. we've been following this plane camping fire. reports of leaking fuel and injuries. we'll bring you the very latest. that run away military blimp is down. it just took some gunshots. why and what's happening to that sensitive military information involved with the blimp. why the bust up is raising serious questions about bush's presidential campaign. >> he's had a wind fall that a lot of americans haven't. you made over a million dollars on a book deal. >> i used it to payoff my loans. it's available on paper back.
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breaking news out of florida, boeing 767 carrying more than a hundred people catching fire moments before it was supposed to take off. trace gallagher is live with an update. >> it's a mess. the 767 taxiing for take off when the left engine caught
11:32 am
fire. passengers and crew were forced to muse emergency slides to evacuate. we're told there were several yours but we're told they are also mostly minor. fire crews cruised a foam spray to quickly put out the fire but the plane remains on the taxi way. ntsb going to the scene and now all the runways at ft. lauderdale hollywood airport have been shut down. the whole dom knee effect will lead to some big delays at airports across the country. we have checked. so far there's no reports of any back ups at the major airports like jfk and lax and chicago o'hare or atlanta. as the day goes on the more planes that cannot get out of the south florida area, the more planes and flights that will get backed up at others across the country. we will keep you posted on the latest on the situation there in
11:33 am
south florida. >> all right. trace, i understand you also have new information on that military blimp that went down in pennsylvania yesterday. >> yeah, we've been following this thing for like 24 hours. we did research and it's not a blimp. it's an aero stat which means a teethered air ship. it works in tandem with another. the other air ship can zoom in on objects of interest. you see it on your screen here. some vital stats. it's 242 feet long. it can fly up to 10,000 feet and stay airborne up to 30 days at a time. if it's teethered, it can stay airborne up to ten years. it's supposed to defect flying objects in mountains, forests and deep beneath the sea for up to 340 miles in diameter. if you put this thing in middle of texas, it could cover the
11:34 am
entire state. there are reports that claim it doesn't work at all and cannot tell the difference between a enemy and friendly aircraft. experts disagree saying this technology is vital to our defense. listen. >> they will be integral, yes they will. >> considering the program is several billion dollars, it will be a very costly bust. it would benefit if it worked. >> thank you very much. the republican candidates arriving in colorado with plans to talk about the economy but they spent a lot of time tangling with the moderators, like this one. >> it concluded that you give
11:35 am
twice as much as gain in aftertax income to the top 1% as to people in the middle of the income scale. since you're the champion of americans living paycheck to paycheck, don't you have that back ward? >> you're wrong. the largest after tax gain is for the people at the lowest spectrum. you have people in this country -- >> tax foundation -- >> you had had to go back. >> notary publ, i didn't. >> you did. >> guy, good to see you today. >> thanks. >> the tax foundation has a blog saying ta rubio was right. his biggest cut does come for those who are the lowest income and apparently this issue with harrwood come up before. last night they just couldn't get it right. >> harrwood tweeted a correction in the past on this very issue and repeated the same false
11:36 am
attack against rubio who called them out. this was a night to forget for cnbc. it's moderators were hammered by the candidates on stage. they were booed by the audience in the hall and just blitzed on social media. not just by republicans but many people in the mainstream media. it was a very ugly night for them. the clip of john harrwood wrongly fact checking marco rubio is one of many examples we saw last night. >> he tweeted out that moderating the gop debate enriched my understanding of the challenges speaker boehner faced. >> i have not seen that. that's such a snide dismissive thing to say to try to play into some of internal republican political battles that are going on as an excuse in covering up for the fact he did a very poor
11:37 am
job last night. >> we want to make sure we get your reaction to this. jeb bush mixing it up with particular kmarco rubio. >> you should show up to there' pay check to pay check that are looking for a senator that will fight for them. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're going it now is we're running for the same position. someone has convinced you attacked me will help. it's not going to be attacking anyone else on this stage. >> the two guys say they are friends. they probably will be after there is over. i got to say that felt like the most awkward moment of the night. >> devastating for jeb bush. his campaign has been waning. his poll position has fallen. i think there were supporters that are weary. there are anxious donors hoping to see if he can jump start his campaign. this was a premeditated attack
11:38 am
that he was going to launch against rubio at some point. he did and rubio was ready for it. counter punched very hard. it felt like a mortal wound for a flailing campaign that bush is struggling to really gain any momentum in. >> we'll see. we know folks have been down and out and came back. always good to see you. hillary clinton in new hampshire today offering her thought tons republican debate in colorado. chief white house correspondent is live in berlin, new hampshire. what is her reaction to last night? >> it's interesting because she's trying to act as if she's the democratic nominee.
11:39 am
clinton is trailing in new hampshire now. she's in sanders backyard competing for these votes. in remark a few moments ago she took pretty tough shots. she said she watched the debate and was not impressed. >> i didn't hear much about any of that last night. i heard a lot of insults and back and forth between the various candidates. you would have been better off watching the world series because the debate, in my view, was a swing and a miss. >> the republicans are operating as if she's the democratic nominee as well. chris christie saying you have to step up because you have to show you're ready to take on hillary clinton next year. you have marco rubio saying last night that hillary clinton lied to the american people. she said one thing in her private e-mail that benghazi was a terror attack and told the public a different thing. told the families of the victims
11:40 am
a different thing. she took some hits even as she said it was a swing and a miss and was also maybe a plug for fox sports as well by saying watch the world series. >> all right. ed henry live out there on the trail. see you soon. let's check in with shepherd smith. >> long season ahead. 81 games. thank you. reports that jeb bush's campaign are in trouble are greatly exaggerated, unquote. that's according to a political advisor and gop fund-raiser who will join us in the next hour. she says the bush campaign low pressure not be going anywhere any time soon. she said there's something critics don't realize about support. she'll explain why she thinks chris christie had the real breakthrough in last night's debate. the one big mistakes candidate make when they try to attack donald trump. that's coming up. see you then. >> thanks. the u.s. leaving no doubt
11:41 am
they're in command with isis. what does that really mean? how far is the obama administration willing to take the fight? we'll ask two navy seals.
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. the pentagon signaling a shift from isis. the pentagon now is making something clear. >> we're in combat. i thought i made that pretty clear. of course it's combat.
11:45 am
>> their retired navy seals and co-authors of this new york time's best seller extreme ownership. good to see you both today. >> what do you make of that comment now. the administration has been very reticent to say we're in full combat. you heard from the pentagon spokesperson. >> i think it was crazy to question we're in combat. you have guys on the battlefield shooting them and getting shot at, that's combat. >> what do you make about what we now have spread out there. is it enough of a force to make a difference. are people in danger by not having more republican forcements? that's the last thing people want to think about. >> i think it's certainly enough to make a difference here. you don't need a whole lot. we just -- the number of troops
11:46 am
were like 3 to 400. you're talking a few hundred troops. we need leadership with vision that can unleash and do what they need to do. >> on the issue of leadership there's so much talk about having those learn to protect and have the will to fight for their own country. how do we engrain that? >> that's the biggest challenge to get the iraqi people to defend the security of their own country. we need to work on that. it's a long, slow process. what we can do in the immediate is reduce the capability of the enemy so they aren't so powerful that the iraqis can't handle them for themselves. >> is that where the air strikes are helpful. we know they have material. they have plenty of money. they seem to be very passionate, willing to die for what they are
11:47 am
doing. you can't do it with air strikes alone. you have to do it with boots on the ground. we need leadership that allows them to do their jobs. >> that's what your book is about. a new york times best seller. one question you address that you talk about, what's a leader need to be effective and successful? >> one of the biggest things we hit on in the book but it's humility. in a leadership position you think of a person that's banging their fist. no. a great leader will be humble and assess what they do wrong and when they make a mistake they'll step up and say i made a
11:48 am
mistake here. here's what we need to do to fix it. >> one of the chapter titles is check your ego. sounds like that's a secret to success. >> that's a big piece of it. >> we gained respect for him. we didn't lose that. it's something that was built into our organization, this culture of extreme ownership. that's something that a lot of folks in washington should take a page out of this book to say if they take ownership, people gain respect for them. it's the only way you can change behavior to come up with a plan to overcome challenges and win. >> it's a very inspiring book. i haven't got through it all the way. it makes feel like i should be doing something a little more aggressive. great to see both you have. an assistant high school football coach now off the field because he led his team in
11:49 am
post-game prayers. then when he got in trouble for that he said he'd go out and pray by himself. now the school district is saying he's out. why the coach's attorney says they've got it all wrong. a 12-year-old honor student forced to turn his shirt inside out at school. >> they're trying to keep everybody safe. i understand that. feels like it's a little too far especially when it's a patriotic shirt. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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a 12-year-old honor student from california getting a dress code violation for wearing an american flag t-shirt. so, what was the problem with that shirt? his mom explains. >> i asked him why. he said he was dress-coded at school because the stars were gang-related.
11:53 am
>> ridiculous. >> okay. well, she says her son is not part of any gang and never been in trouble. she is thinking the school overreacted and i'm guessing she is not alone. a washington school district placen an assistant football coach on administrative leave because he refeesed to stop going on the field to lead players. school official said -- the coach's attorneys say the schools refusing to meet with them and talk it over. >> the ball is in their court. the school district's court. they have the opportunity to make this right to do the right thing to follow the law. >> dan springer is following the story from seattle. what's next? >> reporter: the liberty institute will be filing a lawsuit. the case is over coach kennedy's ability to pray where he would like to. he wanted to continue to take a knee at the 50-yard yard right after shaking hand following the football game and say a
11:54 am
20-second silent prayer. the school district put him on paid leave yesterday because kennedy refused to stop doing that. they look at it as a public display of faith that could be seen as the public school endorsing religion. the coach and school district are -- the school wanted him to do the prayer where he could not be seen by players and fans. >> they're telling me that we'll give you a closet to need. it's like, i'm an american citizen. i'm a taxpayer, and this is my community. my kid goes to that school. and you're telling me i can't do this? >> joe kennedy has been praying after games since 2008. just became an issue this year when somebody complained. i got to tell you, he has a lot of support in the community. >> dan, what are we hearing from school strict? >> a district official would not return our calls but they did put out a four-page letter explaining their action. it was obviously written bay lawyer and brings up past
11:55 am
federal court rulings which said football fields could not be used as places for religious expression, and another one that said coaches could not even neil or bow their headed as players prayed after a game. the letter said in part, the district cannot allow an employee while still on duty to engage in religious display. a reasonable observer i aware of that context would perceive as district endorsement ofion. kennedy's lawyer says that interpretation is absurd because it would prevent a youish course from wearing a yamaka or a muslim coach to take his prayer rug where someone can't see it. >> major star trying to use magic to sell heir home. they're trying too make their listing a slam-dunk with their trailer. >> you call yourself a trophy property? a mansion? let me show you something. you think you're big? i'm bigger.
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basketball star michael jordan going to great lengths to sell his chicago mansion. his real estate agent created a hollywood-style movie trailer to woo potential buyers. >> i've won six championships. i am 2700-point lanes itch am the michael jordan of estates. start your legend. >> jordan has been trying to sell the home signs 2012. it could be users for $14.9 million. here's what america is clicking on today. an out of this world pick as nasa telescope casss a super massive black hole in the midst of a giant eruption of x-ray light. >> sumo wrestlers getting out of the ring and on to the track and
12:00 pm
make something pretty good times. they're faster than you think. >> they don't show me this stuff before they put it on the air. thank you for being part of "the real story." here is shep. >> sometimes it's better not to know. did you see that debat last night? confrontation between the candidates and moderators? ahead, the stand-out movements for marco rubio and cruz. >> an eenormous change for china, i abandoning the one-child policy. and a passenger jet on fire on the runaway, now after the evacuation the injuries and the calls plus, google getting inside your head to look for signs of mental illness? google in you want your phone monitoring you for depression? let get to it. >> first from the fog necessary. jeb bush says he wishes he could talk as well


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