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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 30, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> less than 24 hours after a debate even some liberal media experts describe as a train wreck, some of the candidates are demanding answers as o how things went so off the rails. welcome to "the kelly file" everybody, i'm megyn kelly. sounding f, now demanding changes for debates in the future. in fact, the two-hour shout fest got so ugly last night between the cnbc host and some of the people on that stage that almost every candidate who participated has since made time to register their complaints. >> the moderators just didn't do their job last night.
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in a number of areas. not only were the questions snarky and nonsubstantive, they were just biassed. >> we turned this into a game show. those of us who are running, we're doing this with a very serious intent. i just sometimes feel like the whole process has gotten out of control. >> i think they've obviously had an agenda. and when i compare them to the kind of questions that were asked of the democrats and their debates, the difference is night and day. the audience was able to pick up on the bias. >> i saw more unity among the republican field mainly because they were all unified against the moderators and the crowd also sensed that the moderators seemed to be a bit biassed with all of their questions. >> in these debates, the media tries. every question is an insummit. every question is asking one
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republican to attack another republican. >> so are the complaints justified? was there really bias? or were there tough questions? here's just a little of what unfolded. >> is this a comic book version? >> no, it's not a comic book. and it's not a very nicely asked question, the way you asked that. they said that you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium with flapping your arms -- >> you want to bring the 70,000 pages to three. what we should do is to be investing in all types of energy, john. >> in government? >> no, john. do you want me to answer? or do you want to answer? [ applause ] >> i've got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey, what you're doing is called rude. >> so when the sun sental says
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rubio should resign, when they say you act like you hate your job, do you? does that not speak to your vetting process or judgment in anyway? >> no, it speaks to the fact that i don't know that it's -- see. they know. >> leading republican candidate. when you look at the average of national polls right now is donald trump. do you see some with the moral authority to unite the country? >> look at the question. donald trump, are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math, marko rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why are your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues here? >> and, now, as senator cruz suggested, let's contrast that with the tone and ten your of some of the democrats hosted on
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another network just a week earlier. >> who or what is the greatest national security threat to the united states? >> so, governor o mali, please say how you would protect better than anyone on that stage. secretary clinton, what would you do that president obama couldn't? >> the plan to expand social security, to make medicare available to all americans. is that something you would support? >> we have got a terrific panel of nearly 30 voters lined up for you tonight. folks of all political backgrounds. some of whom will be casting a ballot for the very first time. they are all here, they are all republicans and all have strong feelings about what they saw last night. let's start with media bias. raise your hand if you thought that the moderators were biassed. wow. raise your hand if you did not think that. wow. what is the evidence of that. what did you see, specifically,
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in the back. hold on. >> i don't even know what fantasy football is, and i could care less. this is not an issue that need to be addressed. we need to address the real issues. to me, it's just a game. the economy. business issues. the moderators were just terrible when it came to that. i was expecting a more robust conversation in connection with how these candidates were going to effectively deal with the economy and we just didn't get it. >> the fact that we're in $18 trillion worth of debt as a nation is an issue that should be discussed. our country has serious issues like isis. >> can you manage the country's finances, do you think that's
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fair? >> they were manipulating the question. coercing the answers to fit a narrative and, in doing so, they cheated the american people, the undecided voters to think about whom they would prefer come election time. >> what did you make of the tone? in listening to the questions as a moderator, they could have gotten away if they had ended them differently. the dismount. if the dismount had been more respectful and didn't ask them quite in the tone that they chose. >> just like you sort of pointed out. they had the cameras sort of justify themselves to the moderators. rather than educating all the voters who have to make a very important decision. >> their tone was snarky.
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i feel vindicated. they say where did you get your information from. i say fox news. oh, fox news. well, you know what, now we see where the mainstream media, the way they're leaning, they're leaning to the liberal left. now i feel vindicated and i can see more and more how fox news is fair and balanced. >> we are tough on both side. i think our debate proved that. >> we are specific in one contradiction when it comes to rubio. let's see if cnbc asks hillary clinton, you were dead broke. does that make you qualified? >> he has not yet hosted a gop debate. so that was not yet an apples to apples comparison. >> they tended to interrupt. they were disruptive. >> we talked about this a lot at the fox news debate.
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they have a minute to answer. do we interrupt them? our own policy was if it's really egregious, then we'll kick them back in. but, otherwise, that's their time to use as they wish. >> i feel really unprepared. they didn't have their sources. becky was like, oh, didn't you say? there was a moment where they had the opportunity to ask jeb bush and asked about income inequality. instead of doing that, they asked about fantasy football and thicks we don't care about. >> are there any lawyers in this crowd? raise your hand if you're a lawyer. the first thing they teach you is you have your impeachment evidence ready.
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whatever you want to say, why did we see a debate moderator asking the candidate where she got her information from? why? they were looking to argue. that's the way it came off. they didn't look like they were really trying to get to the issue at hand. they were trying to make the candidates look poor. >> did anybody out here think it was a tactic by republicans to make it so indignant? you do? you think they milked it? >> absolutely. they circled the wagon and it worked. the moderators are unprofessional. it was the worst i've ever seen. >> chris christie was impressive when he said you're being rude. >> one of the things that i thought was most egregious was
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trump. >> clearly, she said you are right. but the viewers were lost. that's why you proved tonight. it's our responsibility as a moderator to have our facts correct. that's the obligation we have to you. we have so much more. it is not just the moderators taking heat tonight. the rnc changed things for the future. should preibus be fired? the big answer here was the republican party. they picked cnbc. they picked the moderators. they picked the formu looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles...
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i just wondered why we think we should hire you now. >> last week, a marketing study called the retailer the number one gay-friendly brand in america. why would you serve when a company's policies seem to run
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counter to your use on homosexuality. >> that's what we should have. more discussions reich this and less gotchyas. >> while the critics seem to hammer cnbc, they're not the only ones feeling the heat this morning. why the organization agreed to let the business channel host, despite warnings from publications like the federalists, which recently ran the profile on the lead moderator under the headline, cnbc john harwood has no business moderating a presidential debate. appearing in her view, the author's view, to be biassed toward the left. back now with our panel of voters. all right. so does anyone here hold the rnc accountable for what happened? yes, you do? why? >> it's a brand. any brand needs to perfect itself. it's partly the bias. it's partly because the dnc is smart and they know -- i'm sure
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they set up ground before the debates. and they say here's what you can ask, here's what you can't ask. >> no way. no legitimate journalist would agree. >> i'd like to ask a question. that's not guilty going to happen. i don't think you can blame preibus for this. you have to put it all on those moderators. and the fact that they look like they were trying to light up the candidates and get them to argue with each other instead of talking about a top one. >> contrast that. we saw a cnn debate that really did try to get the candidates to go at each other. but this seemed different. the criticism about this one seemed different. i would say this to you, priubes did. and i asked who it was last night. he was there. should that have done it? >> who's talking about santelli this morning.
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they were talking about two major conservatives. nobody's talking about it. you want to sit here and blame the media. if there's not some sort of value, then they get some sort of attraction. this would have been a boring debate, this panel would not be happening tonight. we'd be moving onto other issues. >> being antagonistic is not so terrible. it makes for good television. guarantees there will be a big audience for the next republican debate. >> it may be interesting for me. >> we got to see a side of ted cruz and chris christie. we saw them as pugilist last night. >> we got to see that. and we wouldn't have otherwise. >> i'm 18 years old. i'm going to cast my first vote. i wanted to hear about issues. i want to make an informed vote.
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they didn't do any of that. all they did was candidates against each other. >> back to the rnc, there's only so much he can do. i mean, i will tell you when the rnc came to fox news and said we're making all networks put a conservative pundant on their panel, we said no, you're not. fox news will decide who's moderating this debate. and roger ails made that decision. what the other networks did was their business. but i think we proved we will be tough on both sides. so i think this is on the network's should rs. you tell me. >> when rance preibus made this deal. >> these are journalists who possibly had a leopard leaning view of the world.
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>> when becky did this thing about the 70 cents on a dollar for women, that is explicit ly false. >> incredibly partisan. >> why was it insulting? >> what is our cause? >> why did you put a price tag? that's what i love. every time she says that, then the time i play with my children, it's not worth anything because there's not a dollar amount attached to it. >> it's this assumption that, you know, women only care about how much they pay. it's important. i like money. money is great. it's not the only thing that's affecting women. >> what do you think is going to happen next. here, you tell me, we've got --
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fox news tells me it's going to be tough on both side. >> the dnc is controlling their debate. >> if you step outside of their debate, the ones that they've approved, then urbaned. we don't do anything on that side. >> he is trusting that the media will do their job. that they will not be in the tank. >> this is like that one with meet the parents. >> the candidates are the one. they're still going on the other networks. when was the last time hillary clinton came on fox news. >> is that not a disservice to the public?
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the candidates are the ones that are setting an agenda. >> why can't they handle becky quick? what value is there in complaining? let's go. you can't handle me? let's do it. >> you saw the effect where they put the shell over all the candidates to fight back against the media. i think that's going to be a game-changer from the rest of the folk who is are hosting. >> depending on where they're going, depending on what network is going to do debates, it's clear that cnbc did a great disservice to the entire american public. >> there's too many of these people up here. they clearly know they're running against hillary clinton.
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so now you have to decide against other candidates who is the best to go up against her. >> it's funny you should mention that. that's going to be the topic of our next discussion. standby. less than 2 h hours since the end of the debate and the highest debates are going against three in particular. that part of the story and who this crew thinks is the best togs to take on hillary clinton next. >> we have people out of work. we have isis and al-qaida attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? enough on fantasy football. who cares?
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4. just less than 24 hours since the end of the republican debate. the highest marks seem to be going to senator rubio, cruz and chris christie.
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chris christe has a breakout night at the gop debate. cruz wins social media and gop debate. here's a couple of the moments getting the most attention. >> fantasy football? we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, we have isis and al-qaida attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop? can we stop? >> let me say something at the out set. the question that is have been asked so far in this debate ill strait why the american people don't trust the media. >> i'm not running against anyone on the stage. i'm running for president. there's no way we can elect hillary clinton to continue the policies.
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>> we're back now with our panel. so let's just go through those three since people are saying -- how many people think that ted cruz won that debate? wow, so rubio clearly has the many majority. how many here think they're going to vote for rubio? and how many people think they're going to vote for ted cruz? chris chrisie? donald trump? who's the next one? the next one? jeb bush, there you go. you and the coral nor. oh. you're still with jeb. he has the best economic record in the field. he has the best pro-growth economic plan. wages are still stagnant and people have left the work force. not the one who has the most entertaining insults.
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in my mind, jeb bush is the one who picks the economy. >> they're fired up. yes, go ahead. >> the problem with that, at least from my perspective is jeb bush poked a bear last night and you could just watch the life drain out of him. the bear swatted back and he just melted. >> how significant do you think that was? >> let's just declare here. for every mom out there, if you don't understand who it is, i felt like last night rubio stuck a fork in this candidacy. >> and i agree with the first comment. jeb bush is qualified, yes. he does have a great history, yes. he has run a government, yes. but like this young lady said, he was originally a commentator.
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do we want a bush clinton face-off? i don't think so. i think we need a fresh face going after hillary. >> what about ted cruz? he's done solidly well in these debates. but he hasn't really had his do you think this is his moment? >> he's another senator. and -- >> yeah, but he hates washington. he hates it more than you hate it. >> does that matter for you? >> i think it does in terms of picking the candidate who is best able to win the mainstream. >> who do you think that is? >> i think it's rubio. americans are looking for the next ronald reagan. >> you like trump? >> yes. and speaking of mainstream electability, we're talking
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about a guy with a hundred percent name recognition. most of these polls do not include the rallies everywhere. they are two young black women who are running a registration page. they're telling people to drop it. >> we're 13 months out. let's do a reality check here? when you have 17 people and their grandmother running for the candidacy, there's a good chance that your guy is going to be out. i think we need a team right now. we need people like trump and cruz. >> you can't have a team. >> 13 months out, we need the change. >>. >> my criticism of rubio, that was a rehearsed answer. so everything that i heard from rubio last night sounded very rehearsed. chris christie focusd on the
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+y >> for those of you who thought he did well but are not prepared to vote for him. why? >> i thought he did well. >> i'm in nnl nj. do i like him? he had a great moment, but, unforchew fatly, he's not a conservative. he is not. he had a great moment. i mean, when he called that out, he was saying the right thing. that guy was rude to him. >> who do you want to drop out? kasich and rand paul. if you're polling below three percent nationally. >> i'm talking about the upper card debate, with all due respect. how much time do i have? we have a second. fiorina? needs to go. harsh. >> that was the one thing last night that was disappointing.
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cnbc knew her record. when you're sitting there and losing 60% of stock and you sit there and you take the biggest severance package ever and claim it was success. >> when you're ceo of a large corporation, you have a board to report to. you can't just blame her. again, there's politics in the board. >> oh, we're just getting fired up. but we have to go because we have another segment coming up next. there are calls for jeb bush to get out of this race after he was edged out by his former protege at last night's debate.
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those two had a moment. we're going to talk about it and then we're going to talk about some of these other guys when y,
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this was a six-year term. and you should be showing up for work. really, the senate, is it a french workweek? you have three days you have to show up? you can campaign. or just resign. someone has convinced him that attacking me is going to help him. my campaign is going to be about the future of america. >> i'm not running against governor bush.
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>> the weekly standard, jeb's dead. adiaos, amigo. was jeb bush's debate a warm kiss of death. that wasn't the death now. it just showed the man and that his heart is not in it. do you believe that? >> his heart was not in it. >> i believe that it shows that his heart is in it. how are you going to be able to handle the country when you have international leaders trying to attack us. i think he was very lackluster last night. >> you have the last laugh. >> me? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i agree.
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you need someone who's energetic and truly passionate. unfortunately, it's the truth. >> but he's cutting the campaign staff. i'm sorry, but that's how i feel. >> you're still a believer. why. even though he's had some lackluster debate performances. >> first of all, cnbc didn't give him an opportunity to respond. second, a lot was said in 2008. >> there was a reason why. >> you think slow and steady wins the race. whabt trump? >> you, in the orange. >> i thought that he was in the middle.
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>> i saw three separate polls where he had over 50%. >> you're talking about winning the debate? >> yes. >> that is true, however, those are online polls. you understand how the online poll works, right? you can vote 50 times. >> you think his wife is just sitting there clicking the button? that's why we never say online polls. in any event, go ahead. >> he took a whole different approach proech last night. he was relaxed. he was calm. and then, after the debate, when he was able to answer the questions, he answered them perfectly. >> i thought he was closing his mouth because he didn't want to get in trouble. he's on autopilot. he knows if he opens his mouth, the american people will see that he's racist and offensive. >> no, i don't think trump closes his mouth for anybody.
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i think everybody in this room knows that. this is what want to say. people need to make up their mind about trump. do you want him to be loud and bombastic? >>. >> what do you want? >> let trump be trump. >> he's way too sensitive. >> what is that like? >> just like obama. you say something about obama, he gets all mad. >> that's the thing. you said it first. he attacks them first and then goes on the deep end. but what about his attacks on carson's face? on carson being low. >> carson first, in his face. >> but then carson apologized. >> trump didn't attack carson.
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but then truch came out and atacked carson again. >> and he said he's low energy. and he said some things are going to come out. >> i mean, it's just pointing out the truth. >> you say he only counter attacks. >> let's not forget the fact that he built his career on citizenship. >> if you look at data from gallop, hispanics are negative 51%. >> you like trump? >> yeah, i like trump a lot. >> what do you like about him? >> we have some very hard times
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coming up in this world. when i want my president to stand up to china, russia, middle east, that's going to be the guy that i will trust and purn them off to protect america. >> we have more trump coming up after the break. but we're going to do a little fact check on a few of the candidates last night who maybe played a little fast and loose with the moderators. but here's fox news to do a little fact check next.
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well, we talked earlier about how some of the moderators at last night's debate were unable to get their facts straight when they were trying to press the candidates on their position. but system of the claims are also being questioned today. trace gallagher here with the fact check. >> senator rubio had two questions. rubio responded that while the media focuses on republicans, other senators running for president have also missed votes. rubio has missed 34 pbt of his votes. john mccain, 52 pnt.
1:46 am
rubio was also asked about his personal financial problems. >> you actually intermingled campaign money with your personal must be. money. you faced foreclosure and just last year, you liquidated a 6868, $68,000 retirement fund. >> i'm going to tell you the truth. >> oh, but those were not discredited attacks. they're all true. and rubio has previously acknowledged that they are true. then there was donald trump being asked about immigration and attacking for supporting more visas for high-skilled workers. watch this. >> i think you called him mark zuckerberg's personal favor. >> i never said that. >> accept it's right there on the trump campaign web site.
1:47 am
has a bill to triple h1v. that would decimate women and minorities. dr. ben carson's flat tax plan was altsz questioned. >> the rate is going to be much closer to 15%. >> you also have to get rid of all of the deductions and all the loopholes. >> but the independent tax policy center says false. even if you got rid of all deductions, you'd need at least a 20% flat tax. and forbes magazine says 17% is the correct flat tax number. >> trace, thank you. good job. so does any of this matter to the voters? do you care? >> i think so. but i have to say, if i may, i took the chance to step in the arena and run for congress in new jersey last year. i would, if i got to the
1:48 am
precipice to have the opportunity, i would have liquidated my retirement fund as well. i think that's an unfair assessment. >> i think it's a big deal. we elect these people to represent us and do a job. i don't care if you're running for president. i elected you to do somethingment now go do the job that i elected you to do. >> well, one thing you think about ben carson, it's not a matter of honesty. it's a matter of accuracy and actually understand iing it's something that an advisor told him. >> how many here support carson. you like him? okay, why. >> he speaks for the people. he didn't defend, but he really put that moderator of his place.
1:49 am
and ben carson, set the record straight by telling them, you know what, i can be a faith-based person& gh what did you make of trump there? obviously, he did not tell the right story on the debate stage, all right? so be charitable to him and the moderator blew it. does it give you any -- seriously, you love trump. >> no, that didn't bother me at all. >> but he defended last night. he attacked them. >> probably because he didn't write what was on his web site. >> how do you believe? what's true? >> i believe he probably didn't say that himself. it was not an attack.
1:50 am
but it is on his web site. >> that is true, part of the bill, rubio, we had a lot of people have the issues. >> but on trump's web site, he was attacking the visas. and, last night -- >> he's saying he's defended legal immigration. >> but i know. those were the web sites. i think in the emotion, i'm not making excuses. >> megyn. >> that happens. it is pressure. >> how is this? it's okay. >> he's a human being and this happens. he did also say something about guns that was fantastic.
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>> that's right. they all do it. if we had more time, we would go through everybody. e eve got to go. when the debate was all done,
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>> three pages. >> three pages. >> she ticked off her thing saying, you know people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. her mouth did not downturn one time. >> it's like a halloween mask, i love that. >> smiling fiorina. >> looked like she'd been practicing that for a long time. >> she means demented. i have to stand up for the words we use. >> so here's a question.
1:55 am
what if a network panel spoke that way about hillary clinton after the democratic debate? panel? want to take that? >> double standard continues. here we are with the media, and especially those chicks. who pays attention to them? they never have anybody important on. anybody with real thoughts. they're going to sit around and make fun like 12-year-olds. >> it's interesting, donald trump made the same comments about carly fiorina and they were up in arms on the view. couple months later, they make the exact same comments. >> talk about a halloween mask -- >> we've grown a thick skin. get over it. it's survival of the fittest. i'm not going to sit back and whine about the view attacking me. i'm used to it. >> the campaign boiled down to, shock and awe. it's the shock effect. that's how donald trump has gained popularity.
1:56 am
now everyone else, even "the view" is jumping on that band wagon, trying to be a rock star and have that shock effect. >> i agree. that's why i don't think he's a candidate of substance and we got to get someone who actually knows policy. >> that will have to do it for a great panel. nicely done. thank you all so much for your thoughts. give yourselves a
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>> final question. raise your hand if you believe, with your head, not with your heart, that hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states. the rest of you think it's going to be a republican. or don't want >> it's friday togethoctober 30. explosion on the runway. that sparked the fireball that sent passengers scrambling down
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the emergency chute. >> a football coach banned from the field for praying shows up on the field anyway. his fight for faith is far from over. >> is this halloween costume politically correct? colleges are setting up hot lines just to be safe. have the utc police gone too far? "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning as the song says. we are all in love with you. i am heather childers. >> thank you for waking up with us this early. i am ainsley earhardt. a plane packed with people just moments before taking off smokes
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as passengers scramble down emergency slides trying to escape the inferno. how was it cleared for takeoff. >> this is not what you want to see before boarding a plane. dynamic airways jet burst into flames on the fort lauderdale runway. you can see the thick black smoke gushing as passengers escape on an emergency slide. they were taxiing when it suddenly caught fire. moments before another pilot at the airport spotted fuel leaking out of the left engine and alerted air traffic control. passengers describe absolute chaos as they scrambled to get off the burning plane. >> i was spleetly -- c


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