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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 30, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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y'all have been wonderful. i feel loved and you're special to me. >> good luck. big day coming soon. >> thank you. bye. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. today is friday, october 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you now. explosion on the runway. the new information about what sparked the fireball that sent plane passengers scrambling down emergency chutes. oh, my. >> that's not good. and happening today, a record release. 6,000 inmates going free starting today. the reason why, just wait. and someone stop the giant pumpkin. you heard me. >> oh, my goodness. >> a blowup went rogue. look out. >> first the blimp, now the pumpkin. what is going on. >> someone is getting punked. >> as usual, elisabeth interrupts me. >> vincent price. who is that? >> mornings are better with
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friends. ♪ ♪ yep. from the green room, the boots should give it away. who will be -- wait a minute. >> wait a second. >> there's somebody who is supposed to be wearing cowboy boots and teaming up with his sister to do cooking with friends today. one day he'll be cooking with his friends. >> a musical ankle. >> if you can take a better shot of those shoes, you know the deal. this is the opening to my three sons. do you remember that? >> that's a lot of sick days. i dream of jeannie, my three sons. the bus is home and i get my homework. >> bewitched? >> no.
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>> those crazy sisters messed everything up. a lot of americans going to be bewitched over the weekend because, of course, it's halloween. we've got spider webs and cats and the most overhyped holiday ever. >> beautiful. >> i'm anti-halloween. >> i know you are. >> kids love it. >> kids loaf love it, brian. >> we're going to do it anyway. kids love it. >> we're going to have a big halloween parade in a little while. right now, we have headlines with heather. >> we certainly do. >> good morning to you all. i have a fox news alert to start us off. an attempted cop killer is dead after a shootout were police in southern kentucky. floyd ray cook eluded authorities in two states for six days before being hunted down in a ditch in kentucky overnight. once confronted, he opened fire on officers who shot back leaving him dead. he's wanted for shooting an officer in tennessee and firing at a kentucky trooper who tracked him down. the largest one-time release
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of federal prisoners starts today. some 6,000 inmates across the country will now be home by november 2nd. under new department of justice sentencing laws that will reduce prison times for drug charges. now, majority of those being released are currently living in halfway houses. 1700 will be turned over to i.c.e. for deportation. texas, florida, california, illinois and north carolina will be getting the most inmates. we'll be watching that one. new surveillance video from inside a texas restaurant shows the deadly mace shootout between rival biker gangs. cnn leaking the video. you can see the bikers firing off shots and people running for their lives after a fight broke out in the parking lot in waco at the twin peaks restaurant. we covered it when it initially happened. nine bikers were killed and dozens more injured. police not too happy. >> i think somebody will have some pretty serious explaining to do on why this he released
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those videos. again, i can tell you that they did not come from us. >> wow. from 177 people were arrested and more than 480 weapons confiscated. a grand jury now weighing the charges against them. and how do you clean up a runaway $3 billion military blimp? take a look. >> pennsylvania state police shooting that thing down with shot guns. the pentagon says it may take days and days to clean up the rest of that 240-foot plim p. it knocked out power lines during the four-hour float. it broke free earlier this week. still not clear how it got free. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> they shot it down. >> they sure did. that's the way to do it. >> thanks. before it destroyed the whole state.
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>> just in time. >> how did that get loose? meanwhile, another fox news alert, it was terror on the tarmac at fll yesterday. an airplane, a 767 packed with people exploded into a fireball as you can see in this image. just moments before taking off. >> take a look at this. this incredible photo taken by a passenger moments after cheating death, escaping flames and thick black smoke. >> they've been covering it all morning. heather childress has more on this would-be catastrophe. >> to say the least, this is not what you want to see before boarding a plane. a dynamic airways jit packed with people burst into flames on the runway. you can see that smoke gushing off the jet as desperate passengers try to escape on slide. it was taxiing to takeoff in venezuela when this caught fire. moments before another pilot at
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the airport, another one spotted fuel leaking out of that plane's left engine and alerted air traffic control. passengers on board the plane described absolute chaos as they scrambled to safety. >> completely asleep. when i woke up, i was hearing screams and people crying. >> i heard like a bump. and i heard people screaming running to the front. i'm like, what's happening? so i turn around and look in the window and it's like >> emergency crews got to that burning plane within two minutes, thankfully. after six minutes all the passengers were evacuated on the emergency slides. 21 people, though, were hurt in the fire. two people remain hospitalized this morning. officials say the plane had a minor fuel leak near the left engine. the ntsb is expected in fort lauderdale today. the airport was closed for nearly three hours. as you can imagine, after that
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fire. it is back up and running as normal we're told, it morning. back to you. >> all right, heather thank you very much. >> there was a pilot from another plane saw that charter go by and it was leaking jet fuel. >> leaking jet fuel. >> it's on fire. seven minutes after the hour. here's a story you probably didn't hear about in tucson, arizona. it was a story many times people explain to us that could go wrong. man, it seems everything was done right. this driver admits that he had committed two small infractions while driving on the road in tucson. >> steven hill dress, jr. he was driving his car, was a broken headlight. the police department describe as the -- they turn on the lights. he pulled over and prepared to be ready to be slapped with two infractions. the officer asked him if he had a weapon on him.
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he said yes, sir. i'm a concealed carry permit holder. it's on my right hip. he goes on to tell how the rest of this interaction took place. he actually posted this and it's gone viral. >> on facebook. >> the officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. i understand and i unlock the vehicle. i know he's got me on at least two infractions. i'm thinking of how to pay them. officers return with my glock abdomen evidence bag locked and cleared. >> because you were cool with us and didn't give us grief, i'm going to leave it as a verbal warning. get that headlight fixed as soon as possible. i smile. thank you, sir. he says of course. i'm a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. according to certain social movements, i shouldn't be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities. >> it continues on facebook. maybe, just maybe that notion is bunk. maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you. we talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn't be wearing
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a badge. i would like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for. #blue lives matter. #all lives matter. there's this guy. he knew he was in trouble because there was a police officer behind him. would it turn out badly? he hoped not. you see all that stuff on tv, thought it could. but it was great. now he's giving a shoutout to the cops swho did the right thing. >> he's wearing a suit. at that point in his day, he was wearing a hoodie. it didn't matter. >> you have a man giving out a shoutout and you have quentin tarantino on the other habd. the officer, randolph holder. tarantino came here for a protest saying he was going to "when i see mireders, i do not stand by. i have to call murder a murder. when i have to call the
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murderers talking about the police, saying they're murderers. he flew in for this rally four days after an officer was killed. lapd joining in the ranks boycotting his violent movies. >> here's what he said on saturday in philly. >> i am a human being with a conscience. when i see murder, i cannot stand by. and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers, the murderers. >> rise up october, the organization that sponsored the event. the anti-cop event said all these efforts with the boycotts in the three major cities are efforts to intimidate protesters. actually, you know, the police have the same rights that the protesters do. they can say what they want. freedom of speech. >> of course they can. >> if they want to boycott quentin tarantino's movies.
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what do you think? >> you can twee us or facebook. >> it would be great if the cops protested and the friend and family protested. good luck getting security in new york on your sets. you might as well go to canada. >> he'll have to pay for it. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. the mets take on the kansas city royals in game 3 of the world series. while the game is -- >> show more enthusiasm. >> here in new york. the mets have their backs against the wall. they have lost 2-0, brian. >> we've dispatched one of our favorite all-time co-hosts anna kooiman to tell us how the mets will turn it around today in a must-win situation. >> i can hear the pro-mets propaganda already, brian. good morning to you and good morning to everybody at home. new york is amped and ready. the first world series game played in queens. >> 40 45,000 screaming mets fans
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as opposed to royals fans boo'ing at them over there. because of this point of contention between doocy and kilmeade, we decided to get to the bottom of the battle before game 3 begins and settle it in times square. watch. >> going for the world series. >> i have to say the mets. >> the royals. >> recognize these two gentlemen? >> fine looking gentlemen? >> are they the umpires or something like that? >> who do you think is more handsome? >> i'm going with the one with the mets of course. >> kilmeade wins this one. >> looks like a better baseball player. >> neither one. >> who is going to win? >> this guy. >> but that looks like the news anchor. >> brian. >> "fox and friends." this is doocy -- >> doocy. >> you're saying doocy is going down, though? >> i'm not saying that now. i love doocy too. >> the naked cowboy here with "fox and friends." >> the naked cowboy knows me.
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>> that was great. >> first pitch at 8:07 tonight. tickets are costing $1500 on average on the secondary market. anyway, you guys, you both looked very good in your hats. i must say. >> thank you very much. >> great job. thank you so much. >> i think the results would be different on the streets of kansas city. just saying. >> we don't have that kind of budget. we cannot send her there. >> i may or may not have mets shoes on today even though i'm a red sox team. >> are you steve team or brian? send us a note. >> we agree -- >> kansas city is going to beat you. sorry. >> excuse me. you're a reporter. you're fair and balanced. >> no, i'm not. >> never heard so much trash talk. >> my hometown. a fight for faith on the football field. the high school coach who was suspended for praying before the game is here live. from fantasy toofootball to calling out the mainstream media. we have the dials next.
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. from tackling fantasy football to calling out the mainstream media, plenty of memorable moments when the republican candidates took the stage at the cnbc debate. who came out on top.
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lee carter posted the results. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first up, let's take a look at this bite. chris christie can't believe that they're talking about fantasy football. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football. >> so the yellow line was independent, red was republican and blue was democrat. they all were going up. >> all were going up. >> even democrats are going up there. we gave him overall an a for all three audiences. he said what people wanted to hear. this was a line from the american president. we have serious issues and takes a serious man to take care of it. >> what happened when bush took on rubio sitting next to him? this. watch the lines. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up for work. you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job.
3:19 am
>> someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. i'm not running against governor bush or anyone on the stage. i'm running for president. >> okay. it looked like the democrats liked what jeb said. >> the democrats liked jeb slamming rubio. but nobody else did. it was the worst moment for bush that i've seen in the debate. nobody likes to see the mentor sort of slam the men tea. it was off the charts. we got really bad comments on that. rubio came out confident and strong and comfortable in his own skin. i thought he was the real winner of the night. >> here's donald trump at the end where he blasts the moderators. >> cnbc, they had it down to three and a half hours. in about two minutes i re negotiated it to two hours to get us out of here. >> for the record, the debate was always going to be two hours. >> absolutely not. >> if you noticed, it kind of looked like the republicans really liked what trump was
3:20 am
doing. >> this is what trump does best. the art of a deal. but republicans gave him an "a" absolutely. the other people didn't like it so much. this is what he does. he calls people out and says what on his mind. >> what did your focus group think about the debate itself? >> i think they said they didn't like the questions or the way it was handled. there was a lot of questions. i got feedback on the moderation. but they thought that there were a lot of interesting moments for the candidates. they thought it was a really interesting look into who rubio was. they hadn't seen that side of him before. overall, some of the candidates made the best out of it. >> thank you so much. >> thanks very much. >> nicely done. >> a blatant lie from a suspect accused of police brutality. >> he was touching me, he's hitting me. you need to come up here. >> oh, man. the video evidence that shows the real story straight ahead. the high school football coach suspended for praying with his
3:21 am
players when they showed up voluntarily, showed up to last night's game anyway. so did devil worshippers. coach joe kennedy joins us live along with his representation. straight ahead. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. chase for business. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be..
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quick headlines now. while you were sleeping, the senate approved a two-year budget agreement that raises the debt ceiling while they worked until 3:00 a.m. to pass that big debt deal. now heads to president obama for his signature. he will sign. from servers to speaker. it's paul ryan's blast from the past. his first job. tortilla coast. this sign in washington, d.c. ryan worked at the local gold mine right after college. very nice. elisabeth?
3:25 am
>> thanks, brian. we've followed this story for weeks. a high school football coach fighting for his fate. he was told not to hold post game prayers on the 50 yard line. after that, he defied the order and he was placed on administrative leave. the coach still says he's not backing down. joe kennedy, that coach joins me now alongside mike berry, seep i don't remember counsel for the liberty institute. thanks for being with "fox and friends" this morning. >> good morning. >> coach, as i understand it here, the final game of the season was last night, is that correct? >> yeah. it was our do or die game and if we won the game, then we actually advance into the playoffs. so we actually won last night 27-20. we get one more shot into the playoffs. >> okay. well, that is the good news. the bad news is -- >> you weren't on the field. why? >> they put me on administrative leave due to me not complying
3:26 am
with hiding while i'm praying after the game. >> where were you, coach? >> where was i when i was -- >> during the game. >> oh, during the game, i was a spectator. i was in the stands with actual little all the supporters of the team. we had a couple of state representatives there backing us up. and a lot of friends and family that were there. all the moms and dads of all my teammate -- or my players out there. >> coach, let me ask you this. you're a 20-year united states marine corps veteran. you stood for freedom and still do. you know the enemy clearly having been there in service for this country. right now, your enemy is a fight for your own freedom and people who want to stop you from expressing your religion. when this next game comes in the playoffs, will you fight for your prayer and your right to your religion?
3:27 am
>> as i always have, i maintained this steady path that i will fight for the constitution and rights of all americans and definitely for my own and my own personal beliefs. and i haven't stopped fighting, nor will i, until we get this resolved. of i have the rights like any other american. >> do you feel they want you to be a closeted christian? >> it's really interesting that they gave me a couple different things. you could go hide in the press box or you could go -- we could give you a room somewhere where no one can see you. like i should be ashamed of my faith and i should have to hide it. that sounds very discriminative. and just wrong as an american. one much of their valued employees that i have to hide who i am and what my beliefs are. >> not in this country you shouldn't have to. we have a quote from the school superintendent in the statement there. prayer must not interfere with the performance of job
3:28 am
responsibilities and must not lead to a perception of district endorsement of any religion. any further violations will be grounds for discipline up to and include discharge from employment. mike, let me bring you in and ask what steps you're taking legally to protect coach here. >> at liberty institute, we're prepared to take any legal action necessary, which was probably going to start with an equal opportunity complaint and the school district's ban that they've issued on any visible religious expression, which people can see for themselves at liberty this ban is basically saying if you're a jewish employee, you cannot wear a yam i ka. if you're a muslim, you can't wear a ha jab. >> and a christian certainly can't take a knee and pray at a game. who in their right mind who oppose a coach praying for the safety, well-being and good sportsmanship of his team? it's outrageous.
3:29 am
>> it is outrageous. there was a satanic group that also showed up at the game last night. are you willing to fight for your faith to the end and lose this job forever doing what you love? i mean, this is a vocation. how do you do that? >> well, that's one of the tough things. i mean, one of the things about fighting, you know, that's exactly what it is. you're fighting and it's not always pretty and it's painful and it does cause pain. one of the things that i learned while i was in the marines for 20 years, you know, the fight for freedom comes at a high cost. it's something that i've been trained for my whole life. i can't think of anybody better qualified for a good fight for the constitution. so i mean, it is a huge cost to my personal life with my wife and my family and my team. >> sure. but you're going to do it. >> it's tough. >> coach, you're hearing from
3:30 am
everybody at home. this is a bremer ton high school sis coach -- coach who is here for fighting for freedom of religion. thanks, coach. press on. thank you. united states fighter jets scrambled after a russian warplane targets our military and normally he brings us the news. this morning, he's bringing us the bacon. leland vitter is cooking with friend with his sister. >> happy birthday to ivanka trump turning 34 years old today.
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shot at the morning. what a powerful moment right here. a moving and touching tribute to our nation's greatest. this is just one mile that you see right here of a team red, white and blue runner carrying old glory in the old glory relay. the single flag being saluted by a police officer of the 3,440 miles it's been carried. starting september 11th moving across the nation in tribute to the freedom of this country and ending at walter reed to pay respects to those who paid a great sacrifice to ensure our freedoms here. team red, white and blue i love you. this is an ultimate, ultimate tribute to all this nation represents. that photo knocked me out with the salute in the background. >> that's great. >> big love to my brothers and sisters on that team doing a great job. >> hats off to them. it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. we're very busy. we've got a lot of news today, don't we? >> we certainly do. speaking of the great work that our men and women in uniform are
3:35 am
doing. developing this morning, the united states launching four armed fighter jets to intercept a pair of russian warplanes that got way too close to the u.s. ronald reagan aircraft carrier. the russian bombers were just a mile from the ship flying very low just 500 feet above the water. the white house says there's no evidence that the russians posed any threats. a woman turns her car into a weapon as she tries to flee from a traffic stop. watch this. >> ouch. brianna smart. >> she's the driver knocking over auburn hills officer martin mal check when he tried to pick her up for driving without a license. things got ugly after she resisted arrest. >> come up to the gas station. he's putting handcuffs on me. he's touching me. he's hitting me. you need to come up here. >> wow.
3:36 am
well, that lady was quickly arrested she's now been charged with felony assault. the officer is going to be okay. that's good news there. an urgent health warning to bring you. a 16-year-old girl who contracted the highly contagious bubonic plague. officials believe she got it from a flea. she started feel sick five days after returning home and she's now in the icu. wishing her a speedy recovery. watch out for this. check out this video. a giant pumpkin coming through. i'll say. a halloween coming easterly for drivers in arizona. a giant 350-pound jack-o-lantern bouncing down the streets. it damaged two traffic lights along the way. police believe that winds knocked it out. but they're also trying to figure out if someone cut the ropes. those are your headlines. probably nerve racked when you see that coming down the street. >> you thought you were embarrassed to go to the
3:37 am
hospital. how hard would it be to go to the emergency room saying you were run over by a giant pumpkin. >> somebody think you hit the rum punch early. >> someone spiked his pumpkin spiced latte. what's the weather going to be like on this friday before halloween? >> hey maria. >> in the northeast it will be beautiful this weekend. before we get to the weather, i want to share with you, the end of daylight saving time. that means we get an extra hour of sleep. great news coming up this weekend. remember to turn back the clocks an hour coming up after we head into saturday night. looking at the radar. it's a busy picture this morning across parts of texas and new mexico. an area of low pressure is swinging through and going to bring the risk for severe storms across central and southern texas. that will be something to watch for. another storm system bringing on shore flow. heavy rain forecast not only today but for halloween during the evening hours.
3:38 am
saturday evening, rain across the pacific northwest and stormy weather across the lower mississippi valley into the midwest. you're going to need the umbrellas with the costumes as you head out trick-or-treating. let's go back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. >> thank you is right. you count on leland vitter to deliver the news every single day. this morning, he's serving up a breakfast perfect for halloween. we're cooking with he and his sister liberty. leland -- >> i love your name. liberty. >> i do too. >> what say patriotic family. >> this is going to be breakfast with you the same as our house. >> liberty in the white dress telling us all what to do. >> exactly. where are your cowboy boots? >> i try to keep you guessing, steve. that was the whole idea. >> what are you going to make us to make our mouths water? this looks good. >> we're making pumpkin croissant french toast. >> pumpkin? >> it's a little autumnal
3:39 am
flavor. you can nix the -- >> did you team up to do this? >> i did this. i directed. >> she's always wearing the pants. >> you wore the boots. >> let's start. we're cutting the croissants, right, liberty? >> yeah. we're going to cut the croissants and break the eggs. if you want to be an egg breaker. >> how many eggs? >> five. well, three for this. >> three or five. doesn't really matter. >> come on, brian. >> you want to do it the expert chef way. >> let's do this. >> beautiful egg breaking. >> my kids love to break the eggs. >> throw everything in there. >> throw everything in there. >> sugar, salt. >> vanilla. it will be on the website. >> pumpkin. >> the syrup for later. you whisk it and you're all set. the easiest breakfast in the world. >> are you going to do anything? >> he went to chef school for a
3:40 am
year to learn how to make the easiest breakfast ever. >> just like french toast. >> can you under-whisk. >> that is a very astute observation. >> thank you. >> you don't see that on the blue card. >> whisk. >> put it on the grill. >> i bet you would kill for a breakfast like this. >> kill for any breakfast. >> you take it out. take out half the croissant, put it on until it's golden brown. i'm helping because we have 90 seconds. >> there we go. >> as that's cooking, let's make the bacon. that's great. >> maple syrup. you stick them in. >> put those together. >> okay. whisk that. why rpt there more cooking segments? >> we don't want to make you envious. >> bacon is sweet, right. you add on your little syrup. >> you put the bacon on a rack and then you paint it. >> wow. >> that's the finished product there. >> you can be the bacon expert.
3:41 am
>> the bacon before it's cooked goes on here. you brush it with that syrup combo and bake it. >> and you're done. >> is that sweet and tangy. >> we heard this week that bacon kills you. >> right. >> slow down. >> liberty, one thing everyone should know about leland? >> about leland? look at the look he's giving you. he's a fabulous cook, ladies. >> he's a fabulous cook. >> she's a classically trained french chef at the cordon blue in paris. i must have gotten some of those genes with me. >> excellent. >> and i take after her. she has a ph.d. in math. all the brains went right here. >> i love the sibling rivalry. >> liberty and leland, thanks for joining us. >> you made america a better place. >> have a safe trip back to scotland. >> i have to whisk lyle ywhile
3:42 am
read, steve. >> i have my bacon to consume during the commercial. next up on the rundown, disney employees fired and replaced by foreign workers using a controversial legal loophole. did disney have a choice? one of the employees going public right here next. brian? >> yep. sweet week continues. the sleep secrets you need to know like why do you jerk back and forth in your sleep? >> why do your eyes twitch? that's what i want to know. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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it twitches. sometimes you're tired. but then again, sometimes you have eyes twitching in your bed and you jerk in your sleep. what's going on? >> we have a doctor here, a neuro psychologist with a ph.d. in cognitive testing and the director at psychological services. a lot of people say my eye is twitching. something is wrong with it. is this because we're overtired? >> it could be. >> could be relatively benign. this could be something that goes away in a couple of hours, couple of days. they could be because of fatigue. a lot of screen time. people on tv on their ipads and so sometimes it could just be you need more sleep. caffeine, overcaffeine can cause is as well. >> i had eye twitching that started on wednesday. unrelated to this segment. i thought it was probably either i'm exhausted or too much caffeine. the fact that the royals are winning.
3:47 am
>> excited twitch. >> could be. >> or all the stuff in the air right now. there's so many allergens, the mold and dust from the trees. >> allergens can do it too. again, we don't always know what makes it happen. you only are concerned if it goes on for a long time. >> it's not a big deal? >> most likely no. >> sometimes when you're falling asleep and you're falling. is that a sim top of insomnia. >> your body goes into that paralytic mode when you're dreaming which is why you donen thrash about. as you go into deep sleep, it kind of jerks you because it's trying to help you fall asleep. but your body betrays you and wakes you up instead. sometimes. >> it gives you a jolt. >> is it a problem when this happens? >> moats likely no. 80% of people experience this. >> what does it mean when hur in bed sleeping and the wife puts the pillow over your head?
3:48 am
>> that's a problem. >> are you accusing kathy of anything? >> no. it could be my snoring. >> maybe. >> that's a nonverbal cue you should pay attention to. >>. >> how many people are impacted by sleep problems? a lot. i don't have the exact numbers. but i think that over 50% of americans are impacted at some level. at some point in their lives with insomnia, narcolepsy, nightmares. sleepter roars. >> at what point do you see a specialist? >> if it's chronic, going on for weeks at a time and impairing your functioning during the day. it's not because of medication or some kind of trauma. then it's time to see a doctor. >> you wereare a professional. is it every midnight and you think why can't i go to sleep? >> yes. of course. i'm human. i think a lot of anxiety kicks in at night. that's a lot of sleep problems. not having coping strategies,
3:49 am
lying in bed counting sheep doesn't always work. it's better to get out of bed, write stuff down. you should go to bed when you're ready to sleep. a bed should be associated with sleep. not lying there doing things. you should go to bed when you're done with everything. if you can't sleep, get up. go do something and back to bed. >> doctor, thank you so much. an explanation for the twitching. it's not about the baseball. >> uh-huh. well, that's unrelated. the places in my head are keeping me up. coming up, so much for women supporting other women. >> she looked demented. i mean, she did not -- >> downturn one time. she was like -- >> a smiling fiorina. can you imagine? >> the low blows coming from the women at the view over carly fiorina. we're going to tell you about that. >> uh-huh. disney employees laid off and replaced by foreign workers. did disney have a choice in it? one of the employees going public with it right here with us next.
3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:53 am
hey, last october, disney reportedly told 250 employees they have been laid off. to make it worse, some of them had to train their replacements. now, one of these employees is breaking his silence for the first time, speaking out here on "fox & friends." former disney employee leo perrero and his attorney sarah blackwell. welcome to both of you. leo, what happened to you and who replaced you? >> well, it was a period of about 90 days between where we got notice that we were going to be laid off, and we had this 90-day period to train our replacements. the situation was we had about three different phases that we
3:54 am
went through. the first phase was where i showed this person what i did. and they documented it. the next 30 days were where that person worked alongside me. >> right. >> and the last 30 days, i watched this person do part of my job, because they weren't experienced or skilled as i was, and i just simply sat back and made sure that they weren't going to cause big problems with the systems that we supported. >> so you find out that you're being replaced. and you're doing it by foreign workers through an h-1v program where foreigners come here and supposedly in theory are supposed to fill positions that are empty here in america, because we don't have their skill set that they bring. but in this case, you're saying that you were replaced by somebody, perhaps because they make less money than you, and this is a foreign worker? >> that's right. these folks that came in were not as skilled as we were. so it's a complete fallacy that there aren't enough skilled workers that we have in america.
3:55 am
they were much younger. they were fresh out of college. they had nowhere near the skill sets and experience that we had. i want to make sure that that's clear. that there's no shortage of american workers here in our country. >> and it's not just disney. disney is only one of hundreds of companies across the country that are doing the exact same thing. >> so in your case, for disney, they say that they have, according to disney, they had 250 workers, 120 took new jobs, and about 40 retired or left, and about 90 did not find new disney jobs. i guess you're one of the 90. what also hurt you, i understand, is the fact that you applied to be a contractor, correct, and you couldn't that because you're banned until 2016? >> right. well that's partially true. i'm only aware of three people that were with disney, and got new disney jobs. i think that that 90 or 100 number is -- >> absolutely wrong. >> -- completely not realistic. we only know a few people that
3:56 am
got new disney jobs. >> it's a lie. >> i don't see how that number is anywhere near being factual. >> i want you to respond to this disnay statement. we are expanding our i.t. department and adding more jobs for u.s. i.t. workers. we have applied with all applicable employment laws. disney said they added a net gain of 70 jobs. your reaction? >> every job that i know of, disney people that have been displaced are applying for those jobs, and they're not getting them. they're equalled. they are presumed open. the rumor is that they're fake jobs. but i know that my clients, and the disney people that have been displaced that i've spoken to, have applied for all of the jobs that they've posted, and none of them have gotten them. even though they were overqualified for these jobs. >> leo, you say, in theory if there's an open spot, just not replacing american workers for less money? >> right pip was completely shocked. i've been in i.t. skills since graduating college and i've
3:57 am
worked with the big players in the industry like ibm. i had no idea it was possible to physically fly somebody in. >> wow. >> sit at your desk, and use your computer, and you're out the door. i had no idea that was a possibility. >> sorry this happened to you. we're up against a break. leo, thanks so much. ms. blackwell thank you so much. more "fox & friends." you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum
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good morning to you. today is friday, october 30th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a horrifying scene on the runway here, a fire ball explodes from a plane just moments from taking off. information about what sparked the flames that sent passengers scrambling. coming your way. >> hey, so much for supporting women on "the view." >> she looked demented. i mean, she did not -- >> her mouth did not downturn one time. she was like -- >> mask i love that. >> a smiling fiorina, can you imagine? >> some of the low blows coming from "the view" about carly fiorina. looks demented. isn't that nice? staying classy. meanwhile hillary's campaign is in the toilet.
4:01 am
no, literally, they're in the toilet right there. her team tweets out for help while trapped in the bathroom in brooklyn. and the twitter verse responses are hilarious. >> they are. >> live from new york city, it's "fox & friends." before halloween. ♪ wild thing >> we had a sign on that earlier. it said do not touch. greta van susteren last night tweeted out that she touched it. inside that box our halloween costumes. >> oh, no. >> as is tradition we wear something at the end of the show. it's in there, and lk at this. >> oh, boy. is that an armadillo. >> is that a guard dog? >> that's not any armadillo. that's a screaming, hairy armadillo along with a legless lizard being held by stephanie from the mutual of omaha's wild
4:02 am
kingdom. they're scary animals. >> they looks sweet but they look scary. >> i get the sense the armadillo is hating seeing his belly on television. you see him screaming? >> the armadillo -- >> or he's aggravated about being hairy. >> that easy. >> rather have the armor. >> we're going to begin with heather nauert for the fox news alert. >> good morning, good morning to you all. that alert right now, he tried to kill a cop but now he is dead. floyd ray cook eluded authorities for six days but late last night he was found in a ditch in kentucky. once he was confronted he opened fire at officers who then shot back, leaving him dead. cook was wanted for shooting an officer in tennessee, and then firing at a kentucky state trooper who tracked him down. well, another alert to bring you, and some unbelievable video. watch this. a plane bursts into flames, just moments before it took off in fort lauderdale. you can see all this thick, black smoke as it gushes from the dynamic airways jet, desperate passengers escaping on
4:03 am
emergency slides. that jet was taxiing to takeoff to venezuela when it started to leak fuel and then caught on fire. >> asleep and when i woke up, i was hearing screams and people crying. >> i heard like a bump, and i -- and i heard people screaming, running to the front. i'm like, oh, what's happening, so i turn around and look in the window and it's like flames. >> there was somewhere close to 100 people on board that plane we are told. 21 people were hurt. one person remains hospitalized this morning. boy that could have been so much worse. thankfully everybody appears to be okay. terrorism on our home turf. today a new jersey man pleading guilty to terrorism charges. ali sadi tried to start a small isis army from the united states by watching propaganda and training videos with some other men. he then collected money and credit cards to send to the group in syria.
4:04 am
he's the seventh member of this new jersey based terror cell to be arrested and could face up to 15 years in prison we'll keep an eye on that story. and then don't mess with this cashier. that is for sure. a guy tries to steal from a convenience store in finland walking right past that clerk. but the girl behind the counter then rushes in to action. she fights the guy until she peels those products from his hands. and then during that struggle, his hat falls off and he thought about running around, and trying to get that hat back but the cashier, she blocked his path. this isn't the first time this gal has jumped into action. a video posted online in june shows the cashier trying to stop two other shoplifters. and those are your headlines. boy, she's really protecting that company. i think i'd let those guys go. good for her. >> impressive. what a girl. >> and she got the hat off the guy and everybody can see his face clearly. i know that guy. >> oh, heather, thank you. >> thank you. talk about riding the momentum. some republican presidential candidates are seeing a boost in their campaign following this
4:05 am
week's debate. >> but others are fighting to stay in the race. i'm really surprised by this, too, garrett tenney is live in d.c. with more on the aftermath. 14 million people actually watched that debate. that's not bad. >> torture. >> not bad. it was certainly a win for cnbc. as far as the candidates go, ted cruz and marco rubio were two of the debate's big winners. their strong performances have led to a windfall for their campaigns. in the 24 hours following the debate, rubio's campaign received more than $750,000 in donations. while cruz's camp, they are touting the more than $1.1 million that they've raised post-debate. many people thought new jersey governor chris christie also did well. but not "the new york times" editorial board which is calling on christie to drop out of the race and go back home. christie shot back at the paper tweeting, "new york times" can't read the article because i don't have a subscription. but i can tell you this, i am not going anywhere. jeb bush, who didn't have the
4:06 am
strong performance that many thought he needed to is now trying to reassure donors telling them the campaign is still in a good position, and he knows he needs to improve his debate performances. >> i have a great ground game in iowa, south carolina, and all across this country, we're the one that has the best organization. and i'm going to work hard to be able to earn people's support. i knew this was going to be a long journey. but to suggest that the campaign is terminal, come on. that's pretty funny. >> meanwhile, doctor ben carson, the gop front-runner, is trying to get together with the other campaigns, to change the formats of future debates. to allow candidates to lay out their plans, and then be questioned on them. that next debate is november 10th, and will be over on very own fox business network. back to you all. >> all right, garrett, thank you very much. >> you can't always see the first poll, the first substantial poll taken after if anything changes. >> keep an eye on that. >> something big though. the french are steamed at jeb bush, after he talked about the
4:07 am
french work week. as it turns out the ambassador to france tweeted out, who works more? the french or the germans? >> i would say the germans. >> france, 39.6 hours for the french, 39.2 for the germans. >> ah! >> the question is who takes the longest lunches. don't the french go home and change and -- >> whose lunches taste better? >> take showers and come back. >> don't try to be funny with me! >> that guy does. >> meanwhile let's talk a little bit about "the view." they had this sound bite regarding carly fiorina after the debate. listen to this. >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate she looked demented. i mean she did not -- >> her mouth did not downturn one time. she was like -- >> -- like a halloween mask, i love that. >> a smiling fiorina. can you imagine? >> they just called carly fiorina demented, and they wished that was a halloween mask. can you imagine for a second --
4:08 am
can you imagine for a second if those women, around that table, said that about hillary clinton? hillary clinton. she looks demented. >> they wouldn't. >> she looks like she's wearing a halloween mask. >> if they did that they would have had their dnc vip cards revoked. >> and they wouldn't because to michelle collins anyone who doesn't agree with her and her faux feminism, they are demented and that's exactly what she put forward. >> it's more about her beliefs than even her look. that's what she's trying to say, too. >> look. it lacks compassion. that faux feminism. we're for women. you just have to, in parentheses, agree with everything we say, and carly fiorina represents everything that that one comedian, michelle collins i believe her name is, doesn't agree with. this is her ultimate enemy here. i mean the fact that she even could try to smile bothers her just because she's a republican woman. but not too long ago -- >> joy behar put her in check by agreeing. >> yeah, no kidding. just remember the beating that donald trump took across all platforms after, you know, in that "rolling stone" item he
4:09 am
said regarding carly fiorina, look at that face. okay. i would say, this is -- >> worse. >> demented -- >> it's mean. i'm allergic to meanness. >> i'll take it a little further, donald trump to his credit didn't say anything but he sounded like he thought that was even off a record. he was talking to a co-worker, he shouldn't have said it. but that's on the national television show. you know exactly where that's going. >> shouldn't you stick together? shouldn't you even at the base of it, not just stand for all women if you're a woman panel but wouldn't she just want to use kindness? >> no, no, no. carly fiorina is a republican. that's the problem. >> you know, sad. very sad. lacks courage i think. because she would never say that to her face, i don't think. >> all right, meanwhile, how about this? let's say you are trapped in the bathroom. do you want to alert the whole world, we're trapped in the bathroom? well apparently jennifer palmerry who is the communications director for the hillary clinton campaign thought you know what? this is a great opportunity.
4:10 am
so seven women at the brooklyn office posed for this picture that got tweeted out, where she said, trapped in the women's bathroom at brooklyn headquarters, anybody handy with a credit card door unlock. >> twitter took advantage of this for sure. one twitter user said free the brooklyn six. another one tweeted this, the perfect place to run hillary's campaign, the toilet. >> oh. just kept coming, too. >> oh, gosh. >> come on, you don't need six people to check on the secret server in the bathroom. david tweeted, i overheard donald trump saying last night, the locksmiths love me. could be a connection. >> oh, goodness. >> are they in the bathroom in that picture? >> they're stuck in the bathroom. >> i want to know how long it took them to get out. >> how big is the bathroom? >> according to everything i've read, they've got a lot of money coming in to that campaign. >> well, afford a great, big bathroom but apparently the door doesn't open. meanwhile listen to this, at some universities, they are --
4:11 am
before halloween, because they're so worried that kids are going to show up in costumes that are not pc, they're putting up posters and flyers saying, if you have a question about whether or not your costume is inappropriate, call one of these phone numbers and talk to one of the halloween costume sensitivity consultants. >> wow. >> they have seven pieces that you can actually go through here -- >> here's the checklist. >> check here to see if your costume. are you asking us these questions? unsure if your costume might be offensive. we can help you because we don't trust you to know if it is or not and we have been hired and paid good money by a couple of universities, state university of new york, has a campus that has these posters coming up. and you wonder what's on their list? >> if you're a halloween consultant, what do you do for the other 300 days of the year? >> you just get ready for the big event. >> that's it, okay. >> meanwhile this is the friday before halloween, we at the conclusion of today's telecast will be in costumes.
4:12 am
guess what we'll be dressed up as. we've got some clues to help you out. who will be for halloween. >> all right. here we go. you need us every day. >> yeah, absolutely. that applies to our costumes. >> we save the day. >> oh, in so many ways, yeah. >> and lastly, think morning. >> right. >> okay. >> take those clues and run with it. >> i was measured for my costume yesterday. >> how did that go? >> measured. >> this is serious stuff. >> so you're saying you've got a custom costume? >> i would say, yes. up to that. i'm concerned about getting it -- >> i don't -- >> we should just -- >> i'm concerned blowing the whole thing. we're not going to talk about it anymore until we reveal. >> what do you think we're going to be costumewise in that box, e-mail us, tweet us, as well. >> i am the only person in america who is going to be dressed in my costume, bar none, there is no way someone could say i have the exact same thing from iowa to texas to florida to california. >> i would say you're right about that.
4:13 am
>> you know what it is? >> i will join you -- >> brian? >> i'm going to say this -- >> what? >> i bet somebody who is similar if not the same thing. given when this topic came up there was a national reaction to it. a lot of people were familiar with it. >> not a national rash, a reaction. but not something we need ointment for. but was it something -- there was a global outpouring, including the company -- >> this is a good challenge for our friends who are watching right now. >> we don't want to get too close. >> if you've been listening closely you might be on to brian and what he's going to be wearing today. >> yeah. >> but elisabeth and i are complete surprise. >> if you think you know shoot us an e-mail. >> it's not a ghost. >> that's too easy. >> did you hear what quentin tarantino said about cops, he called cops murderers. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered, and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> so, is there anything police officers can do about it? and what about you?
4:14 am
what can you do? we're going to tell you, next. >> and have you seen this video? a hockey coach throws a puck to the kid in the crowd but it's intercepted by a grown man. oh, thanks. what they do to make that kid smile. what could it be? you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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4:18 am
glad you're up. you're going to love this story. the lapd joining new york cops in boycotting quentin tarantino's movie after he joined anti-police protests just four days after one of new york's finest was gunned down. >> because i am a human being with a conscience, and when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered, and i have to call the murderers the murderer. >> yeah, really? the lapd's union says tarantino's comments encourage attacks on cops and they are not going to stand for it. finally taking action. craig lowry is the president of the los angeles police protective league and a 35-year member of the lapd. he joins us right now. i should say philadelphia police are also joining in on this. craig, we're outraged by this. what action are you taking? >> well, we have called to action police departments across the country from the east coast to the west coast to boycott any movie that he's in, or he's a
4:19 am
producer in. >> so that -- do you think it will be followed, do you have that type of power, to tell these officers, maybe not to go, and not to maybe work his movies? >> well, i know in the city of los angeles, if he does a movie here, he has to get permission from the los angeles police commission. i don't know what the rules are and what the process is for denying that to happen. but, if he is in town, i'm going to make sur try to get that denied. >> craig, you know what, also, it would be great, too, because i certainly understand the sentiment, it would be great, too, if the families and friends of the officers also join in that movement. that would have real impact. but a lot of people at home are saying what's the big deal? it's a small rally in new york. he's just a director known by those in hollywood. what kind of impact does it have? i want to pose that question to you does it really matter what he thinks or what he does? >> i think it does. and i'll tell you why.
4:20 am
you know what? he marched in a parade that was surrounded in a march that was surrounded by new york city police officers, and at the end when he turns around and he shouts at them that they're murderers, basically he has a right to do that but the only reason he got the right to do that is because the officers at that scene even though we're in mourning showed up to work that day protected his first amendment rights and that's the only way it could happen. nowhere in america does that happen. >> the other thing it's unbelievable, and you've been in law enforcement for 35 years? >> yes, sir. >> have you ever seen it worse and when a high profile person like this makes those statements, cos it make it worse? >> yeah, i think it does. because police officers are always -- they're under attack throughout the country right now. assaults in the city of los angeles, and the county of los angeles, are up 18% to 20%. we had four officers die in the line -- get -- were fallen in the line of duty last year.
4:21 am
new york's had four this year. it's bad. >> kraeg lally thanks so much. i support you. >> thank you, sir. >> all right coming up next. too close for comfort? u.s. fighter jets scrambled after a russian warplane targets our military. a mile from that carrier. and, we love cute, cuddly animals. these are anything but adorable. they're the creepiest creatures you can find and only wild kingdom can bring them to us. that's the vulture. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> all right, time for news by
4:25 am
the numbers. 364 people receiving medicaid payments after they died. new york state is claiming federal contractors for paying out more than $325,000 in overpayments. next, 85 times. that's how often we check our phones daily. a new study tracks usage over two weeks. we also spend five hours browsing the web and using apps. and finally, one big jerk. a grown man snatches a puck potentially thrown to a little child at a pittsburgh penguin hockey game. when fans complain the penguins found the kid -- the coach found the kid, tossed it to the guy, tossed it to the kid, he eventually would get a jersey and that kid has not taken the smile off his face although the jersey is a little big. it's sidney crosby. >> thanks, brian. here to celebrate halloween we have some animals that are going to make your skin crawl. they're creepy, crawly and eerie. some are spooky. joining us from mutual of omaha's wild kingdom stephanie arne. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you're the new marlon
4:26 am
perkins. >> i'm kind of a blend of marlon perkins and jim fowler. but i'm female if you haven't noticed and i'm like way shorter. >> you brought some scary -- >> closer to the animals. >> yes, we did. we actually have -- >> wait you're going to hear probably first, this is a screaming hairy armadillo >> it looks like a little robot. >> doesn't it look like a robot? >> it's funny. >> so they're from central south america. and they're actually related to sloths and ant eaters. you want to touch the back of his head? >> not like that. >> no. in just a little bit you may hear how they get their name. what they do when they feel threatened or nervous is they actually scream. and it can be quite loud. >> they roll into balls, right? >> they don't roll into a complete ball. but they can pretty much roll in pretty well. >> and the legless vulture. >> the legless vulture? >> now, a lot of people -- >> it's a make. >> it's not a make -- oh,
4:27 am
there's the screaming armadillo. >> this is a snake. >> this is not a snake, this is a lizard. i know everybody looks at it right away. it should be a snake. >> what is the difference? >> so first of all, lizards have eyelids and lizards have ear holes and if you see one you'll feel that he does feel a little bit different than a snake. you're safe, i promise you. and what's really neat -- >> it feels like a snake. >> i don't think so. >> we should have brought a snake out, too. >> would you want to run into this lizard snake? >> oh, you'd be totally fine. first of all they spend most of their time underground. you see that on the side? they're like a drill bit. as they drill down into the dirt they push out dirt to create a nice little hole. >> all right. next contestant. >> the next one, i'm going to have jamie hold this is a black vulture. as we know vultures -- >> that is ugly. >> i hope it doesn't speak english. ugly. >> well, thankfully, she can't hear you. so vultures, they are going to
4:28 am
eat all the disgusting gross things like the guts and the brains, and the blood. they like to eat everything that's left because they're kind of like the garbage men of the ecosystem. we're real kwratful for them. they're found anywhere. >> they're all over north america. any time there's a road kill. >> once again they're cleaning up animals that are diseased and sick and disgusting and sticking their heads into the animals which is why vultures don't have hair on their face. if they stick their head in and there's bugs and bacteria and parasites it would just slide right off. >> okay that's far enough. thank you very much for bringing all this stuff in. >> you're welcome. thank you so much for having me. >> check out stephanie's mutual of omaha wild wingdom web series at >> i'm glad you're sweet. >> go over there and calm down that armadillo, will you? >> thank you, stephanie. next up on our rundown, it looks like a movie, but this video is for real. a massive shoot-out between rival biker gangs that you don't want to miss.
4:29 am
the rivalry between kansas city's steve and new york brian is heating up. you've seen brian -- >> he didn't even hit -- >> some say less than impressive pitching skills. i think he tried hard. >> he almost broke a window. >> we're stepping into the batter's box with cal ripken and keith hernandez for a little practice coming up next. marie callender knows that a dutch apple pie can make any occasion feel more special. so she makes her pie crust from scratch, and sprinkles on brown sugar streusel. so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
4:30 am
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4:32 am
welcome back. well the mystery military blimp still making headlines this morning. after it floated hundreds of miles through two states. >> so embarrassing. >> now people are having some fun with the story with a little help from photo hope. >> how did it get loose? yep that's shirtless vladimir putin riding the blimp. ladies and gentlemen, he is something, isn't he? >> yahoo! >> it's a little embarrassing. am i correct?
4:33 am
>> looking at putin? >> yeah. no, i mean the whole thing. >> and the blimp is just too much to handle at once. and the shirtless factor. >> it would be one thing if there were hurricane force winds that blew it away. but when -- some severe weather phenomenon. nothing, a little drizzle. way to go. 27 minutes -- >> we're going to go outside. >> keith hernandez and cal ripken in a moment. >> 33 minutes after the hour. new surveillance video to show you and it really raises some eyebrows this morning from inside a texas restaurant and it shows a deadly shoot-out between rival biker gangs, this happened back in may. cnn choosing to air this video, in it you can see the bikers firing off shots and then people running for their lives. this happened after a fight broke out in the parking lot of the twin peaks restaurant in waco. nine bikers were killed. and dozens more injured. police not happy about this leak. listen.
4:34 am
>> somebody will have some pretty serious explaining to do on why they released those videos. and again i can tell you that they did not come from us. >> wow, well 177 people were arrested at the time. more than 480 weapons were confiscated. a grand jury is now weighing charges. so how on earth do you clean up that $3 billion military blimp? that left such a mess in pennsylvania? take a look. [ gunshots ] >> and how on earth did they get that thing down? well, police shooting it down. the pentagon now says it will take days and days to clean up the rest of that 240 foot blimp. the dangling tether knocked out power for thousands of people in that area. it was a four-hour float that spanned from maryland all the way to pennsylvania. it broke free from a military facility earlier this week. it's still not clear exactly how that blimp floated away. and developing this morning, united states launching four
4:35 am
armed fighter jets to intercept a pair of russian warplanes that got way too close to the "uss ronald reagan," aircraft carrier. the russian bombers came within a mile of that ship. they flew very low just 500 feet above the water. the white house says there's no evidence that the russians posed any threat. this guy pulled over by police in florida for going way too slow. deputies in palm beach county -- look at that. tortoise. it's in the back of the cop car. so here's what happened. it was wondering way too slowly along a major busy road and it caused a lot of traffic delays. so the police got out of the cars, they picked him up, and they loaded him in the back of that squad car, and hauled him off to a nearby wildlife sanctuary. they certainly do it all, don't they? let's head outside to maria molina with a look at our weather today. >> hi there, good morning, heather. hello everyone at home. today we're tracking some extreme weather across parts of texas. unfortunately this morning we are looking at that risk for some severe weather and we even have a tornado watch that was issued for cities like austin
4:36 am
and also in san antonio. that's in effect until noon today. so we're tracking the potential for some of these storms to rotate and to produce some tornadoes across the area. that's a big concern. flash flooding also another big threat with those storms as they roll throughout the day today. meanwhile in the pacific northwest, very unsettled not only today, but also as we head into tomorrow, unfortunately for halloween you're going to need those umbrellas with the costumes in states like washington and also along coastal parts of oregon. also across parts of the central gulf coast you're going to need those umbrellas with stormy weather in the forecast, and some rain is also forecast across parts of the midwest. but other areas are going to be dry. parts of the plains, and also into the northeast are looking at beautiful weather coming up for halloween. now let's head over to the anchors. >> thank you very much, maria. >> hey, as the new york mets are heading home tonight, in fact they came here yesterday, keith wants a picture taken. keith come on over. remind me when -- >> he said i'm going to walk right in front of your prompter. >> keith hernandez, cal ripken.
4:37 am
it is game three of the best of seven. steves royals are up 2-0. they held serve like they should have in kansas city but could it be a different story? cal ripken the legend, played 411 seasons with the orioles and never missed a game. keith hernandez, outstanding first baseman with the cardinals -- >> the mets -- >> let me ask you this, what do the mets need to do to come back at this point? possible? >> oh, of course, they're home for three games. >> good. >> that's a good thing. kansas city is slightly ov over .500 on the road. they've got to win. one day at a time. they've got -- they can't lose -- >> that's the problem. they're not winning. my kansas city royals are kicking your butt! >> it's only a game! >> the mets that you saw and called were cover-up the ball they have stopped hitting. what's going on? is it because they haven't seen much of the royals pitching? >> i don't think so. they were swinging the bat so well that the worst thing that could happen is time off. and your timing, as the hitter, can go like that in one game. when you're hitting and you're riding it out you want to hit.
4:38 am
you want to play. >> maybe they need, i know sort of a big game, maybe they need an explanation and a little lesson. should we do some batting practice? >> well -- >> have them learn from us? >> yes. >> the words, don't watch us. >> are you going to swing the bat? >> elisabeth, you want to swing the bat? >> i could swing the bat. >> okay. >> well, this is going to show you why i -- >> by the way speaking of bats our friends at barnstable bat gave us these from cape cod the 2015 couch series. doocy's royals. >> that is so cool. >> i know it. >> and i'm going to sign this bat to you. >> okay. >> these are wiffle balls. uh-oh. >> i haven't thrown a wiffle ball in ages. >> get close. >> what the heck was that? >> nice! >> you know, we should -- >> not a bad swing. >> that's not even a real bat she's got. >> the woman is crazy! >> you can swing it.
4:39 am
>> all right i'll throw you a breaking ball. >> one more and then you're going to become the pitcher. >> oh, look at that. >> where did that go? >> elisabeth you get into position -- >> now you know why i played first base. >> you gave me some nice pitches there. >> you ready? >> okay. >> don't hit cal ripken in the head. >> brian, you've got a horrible swing. >> are you saying the girl had a better swing? >> yes. >> okay. there you go. right down the middle. >> when we're looking right here at a lefty pitcher what's the secret to dealing with a lefty pitcher? john stossel wants to know? >> a left-hand pitcher? see the ball and hit it. >> very basic. >> by the way, we have a steve and brian competition going on. are you team steve or team brian? what are the latest numbers? >> oh, come on. >> from our -- steve was just ahead -- >> you're up. >> how's your knees holding up,
4:40 am
cal? >> shoulder's bothering me a little bit. >> according to our online poll right now team steve is beating team brian 67-34. >> baseball the ratings are up across the board, keith. >> bad pitch. my fault. my fault. hey, swing it straight. hey, steve. >> swing at strikes. >> okay. thank you very much. >> my mets -- >> you have a hall of fame catcher there. >> uh-oh. >> oh, one handed. >> one more. >> here we go. >> the last time i believe the mets are in the world series they were down 2-0. >> last time we won the world series we were down two games we had to go to boston. >> that was the one you were in. >> right. >> right. >> can they channel some of that success, you're going to have -- tim mcgraw throwing out the first pitch, billy joel singing the national anthem. isn't that the key to get a good ceremonial first pitch and a famous singer? >> it usually helps. it goes a long way.
4:41 am
>> the mets are down by two. stop the whining. tell us about the cal ripken wine. >> it is a commemorative wine to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of 2131. all we have to remember is axios a board member makes really good wines. >> that was 20 years ago? >> that was 20 years ago. >> is that for me, that's one of the greatest moments in sports, do you remember it? coming off a strike season. he passes that number, walks around the whole stadium. >> how could i forget that. >> what does it mean for you guys. >> it might help a little bit. >> -- long standing record. >> right. >> before we go close this inning, are you team steve or team brian? >> kansas city or the mets? >> well you're the mets. come on. >> mets! >> the mets i'd like to see them pull it out. i'm pulling for the mets. >> pulling for the mets. >> how many games?
4:42 am
>> if the mets are going to win it's going to be seven. >> they're going to win it's going to be seven. if k.c. wins it will be in six. >> okay. >> all right. a lot of -- >> depends on tonight. >> could be a little bit -- >> could be us. they've got to win tonight. >> keith, thank you very much. >> all right. >> nice swinging. >> that was fun. >> thank you for the record keith says i'm terrible. >> i was worse than you are. >> you back that up. >> really good fun. continue -- we want to know. >> elisabeth. >> all right. coming up, what's your worst fear? >> snake. >> roaches. the ones that fly. >> that man. john stossel. >> how are you, john? >> keith hernandez. >> forget the snakes what you should really be afraid of. >> how many years -- >> we were on a flight together ten years ago and i looked at him and i said -- that guy looks like me. >> i look like you! >> he's -- >> all right. thank you, steve. >> that was fun.
4:43 am
i enjoyed that. >> good to see you. >> hey, good to see you. >> steve i'll see you. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief for... ...fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do... ...every day. live claritin clear. nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. here at fidelity, we give you the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price --
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4:46 am
well, halloween is almost here. so john stossel hit the streets to ask people what they fear the most. watch this and find out. >> hmm. >> snakes. they're slimy, and they're venomous. it's like children of the corn. the guy who comes from behind the cornstalk. >> what do you fear? >> spiders. >> snakes. do not put a snake near me. >> roaches. the ones that fly. >> john stossel says those fears are largely irrational. so what should we really be scared of. >> guys, i got an idea.
4:47 am
you want to ask john stossel? >> that sounds great. >> john, what should we be afraid of? >> hasselbeck with a bat. >> yeah. >> she was awesome! >> she played softball in college. >> i wish i could have hit the ball then. i was too nervous. >> driving in the rain. alcoholism, there are so many things we should fear. remember, we come from people who died at age 30, because they lived in dangerous places. >> sure. >> and the ones who heard some noise and said oh, that's just the wind, they didn't live. the guy said it might be a tiger, let's get out of here, they lived. so we're programmed to be scared of things. now we live in a much safer world. life spans increase several hours every day. but we're still, on halloween, we get scared of stuff. >> we think we're going to be kidnapped, we're going to be shot, we're going to be caught in a terror attack and you're saying these are all irrational. >> doesn't that keep us a little bit safe, having a little bit of fear to nudge us? >> sure. but it also gives us heart
4:48 am
disease if we're anxious all the time. we hear crimes. horrible crimes. crime is going down. cop shootings terrible as they are, 32 this year, we're on track for one of the lowest years ever. so things do get better. >> so just play the odds essentially. things that actually kill you are the big things, disease and things like that. whereas, if you don't wait a half an hour after having a meal and you go swimming chances are you're probably not going to drown. >> right. and that's a total myth about cramps after swimming. but a house fire you should worry about. 4,000 deaths a year. a $10 smoke detector is a great thing. >> also plays right into another one of your areas of expertise is when people have fear that we're going to give up freedoms. >> and government grows. fear is a friend of the state. 9/11, we evoked -- the senate voted 100-0 to create the tsa which stands for thousands standing around and they don't make us safer.
4:49 am
>> -- they do? >> the old group was obeying all the rules. if we gave them a little more money and locked the cockpit doors that would have done the job better. you're right, it does make us a little safer -- >> too much precaution? >> ebola, we were so scared of ebola. when -- >> it's a scary disease, if you have it. >> how many were killed? >> about 200 americans were killed by deer that same year, running into them in cars. nobody is scared of deers. one american died from ebola that year. >> what about the -- >> that's the story. the one-two punch. >> i would say my family fears germs. i don't know who brought these people up but my family is always washing their hands with purell. i'm like let the germs happen. >> my brother as a doctor says that, too. but i kind of wash my hands. >> you're the same way? >> yeah. >> hand washing is better than the purell stuff. >> i have an automatic purell dispenser in my house. i have problems. >> halloween -- >> people fear clowns.
4:50 am
the weird things people fear. i'll test myself with cockroaches and snakes and -- >> so what scares you? >> being on "fox & friends." >> oh! >> we're going to be watching tonight at 8:00 over on fox business. >> keith hernandez -- >> come up to me in a plane and say hi, i'm john stossel. >> that is funny. >> between him and you and you and geraldo with the mustache. you're something. >> keith and. >> i'm glad we could bring you and keith together, today. >> very tight. guys thanks so much. be sure to watch stossel tonight. >> meanwhile planning on seeing the next big block buster this weekend? who should you pick? bradley, or sandra? kevin mccarthy is up with his favorite picks, coming up. >> i can't wait. but first on this day in history in 2000, christina aguilera had the number one song in america. come on over, baby. >> she's a good dancer.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
2015 has been packed with incredible block buster hits and this weekend will continue to raise the bar. three highly anticipated movies open today. but are they worth your bucks? let's talk to fox news contributor and founder of you're ready for easter. >> i love you. >> that is -- >> you guys started this, by the way. when i did my christmas costume last year. >> that's right. >> every holiday i have one now. >> the suit. >> it's your trade mark. >> tell us about the first movie. >> all right well good to see you guys. thanks for having me. this first movie is called "burnt" bradley cooper and
4:55 am
sienna miller. here bradley cooper really shows one of the best actors working today. he takes on the role of a chef trying to earn his third michelin star. that's basically the equivalent to an academy award. but he's battling a past that has drug addiction and alcohol addiction. he's amazing in it. he was trained by chef gordon ramsay. all the scenes you see in the movie where his hands are cooking and cutting that's actually bradley cooper's hands. he really learned how to cook himself. there was an active kitchen. they ate all the food that they ate during the movie so catering wasn't an issue. performance wise he is absolutely amazing in the rool. him and sienna miller are so great together. i loved them in sniper. the only problem with the film is the script. it overexplains some of the dialogue sometimes but it's worth seeing bradley cooper's performance. 3 1/2 out of 5. i will say when i spoke to bradley cooper and sienna miller the question everyone wanted to know from them was do you take on roles like chris of the most incredible films of last year do you miss being them
4:56 am
and are chris and tea still with you? this is what they had to say. >> i'm still in touch with tea. we kind of communicate all the time. i think when you're telling a story like that. and it has such weight with it. and it resonates with us and with everybody it was such a huge movie, it was a really profound experience making that film and that never leaves you i don't think. >> i keep in touch with the kids and taya, yeah, i was just texting with them yesterday. but chris left. chris left me, for sure. i remember when it sort of happened and it was kind of weeks after the movie and then it was, and i missed him >> yeah. >> great question. >> tell us about the other movie. quickly. >> yeah, this is a film, a political strategist hired by a former bolivian president to help him get re-elected. three out of five. the performances are better than the overall film. the movie to see is burnt. guys thank you so much for
4:57 am
having me on. >> you betcha. >> any time. >> love you guys. >> happy halloween. >> did you hear what quentin tarantino said about cops? he called them murderers. >> and i have to call the murderers the murderers. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
4:58 am
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...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good morning to you. today is friday, october 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a horrifying scene on the runway. a plane erupts in flames. with hundreds of passengers inside. brand-new information about what went horribly wrong. and did you hear what quentin tarantino said about cops? he called them murderers. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> police officers around the country are fighting back, so can you. we'll tell you how. >> and caught on tape. a blatant lie from a suspect. she's accusing a police officer of beating her up.
5:01 am
>> touching me, he is hitting me. you need to come up here. >> wow. the video evidence that shows the real story. and it gets worse. however, it is halloween tomorrow. so smile, you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ he did the mash the monster mash ♪ >> it was a grave ward smash. >> that's what they look like precostumes. as is our tradition we're going to be having a halloween parade of costumes in about 45 minutes. some of the kids are going to get all dressed up. >> howl fun. >> two of the cutest kids you're ever going to meet.
5:02 am
>> adorable. >> they're going to be dressed up shortly. >> we've been asking you if you could guess what we are going to be for halloween. we gave you some clues. >> you need us every day. clue number two, we save the day. and clue number three, think morning. >> okay, given those clues, doug george from baltimore maryland said among other things go royals -- >> that's why you're reading. >> steve you guys will be dressed as three cups of coffee, which is the perfect amount in the morning. >> he kind of is on to something. but that's not quite right. >> right. >> keep your guesses coming. >> indeed. >> i'm very confident in saying this, that no one will be in this country or around the world will have my costume. >> i bet somebody has done it. i'm just saying. >> not sure. i'm not sure. >> after they see you -- >> it will be trending after.
5:03 am
but you will be the first. >> when you see me you'll say, you'll say, what is it? >> brick man. >> he's not brick man. >> that's not helping the show. >> when brian comes out, when brian comes out in his costume, if you've ever dressed in the costume that he will be wearing at the time, get those pictures to us. >> yeah. elisabeth. >> so that's coming up this hour. right now a fox news alert. >> brian, you're always unique. >> certainly. >> all right. good morning to you. let's get to that fox news alert. he tried to kill a police officer but late last night cops hunted him down. floyd ray cook is his name and he's been shot dead. all of this unfolding in the last few hours in southern kentucky. police finding the 62-year-old after a six-day multistate manhunt. they used thermal imaging cameras to help find him. they eventually got him as he was hiding in a ditch, armed and ready to kill. he was wanted for shooting a police officer in tennessee right in the chest. that officer was thankfully saved by his bulletproof vest.
5:04 am
the suspect was convicted for rape and armed robbery. and had been out on parole since 2009. a plane bursts into flames just moments before it takes off in fort lauderdale, florida. wow look at this right here. you can see the thick, black smoke as it pours out of the dynamic airways jet. desperate passengers escaping on emergency slides. that jet was taxiing to takeoff for venezuela when it started to leak fuel and then caught on fire. >> i turn around, and look in the window, and it's like flames all over the turbine of the plane. >> i was hearing screams and people crying. >> well 21 people on board that plane were hurt. watch that right there. one person remains hospitalized this morning. it could have been so much worse. well more than 6,000 drug criminals are set to be released from federal custody starting today. this is the largest one-time freeing of prisoners by the department of justice. it had changed its sentencing
5:05 am
laws about a year ago and reduced prison terms. these people will now be let go nationwide. until november the 2nd. the most inmates heading to texas, florida, california, illinois, and north carolina. and watch out for this. this is quite a piece of video. a giant pumpkin rolling down the street. >> look out. >> watch that right there. halloween coming early for drivers in arizona. it was a 350 pound jack-o'-lantern bouncing down the streets. that inflatable pumpkin damaged two traffic lights on the way. police that winds knocked it out. but they're also trying to figure out if someone actually cut the ropes, and those are your headlines. >> investigating foul play with the pumpkin? >> yep. >> it's a great pumpkin. masquerading as a tumbleweed. >> right in arizona. very clever. >> can you imagine being in your car and seeing that big pumpkin roll right by? >> you should pull over to be breath liezed if you see that. >> honey, i was hit by a
5:06 am
pumpkin. >> we have this for you now. some republican presidential candidates are seeing a boost in their campaigns following this week's debate. >> i can guess who's doing that. but others are fighting to stay in the race. will anybody bow out? >> garrett tenney is bowing in with coverage. >> the donations have been pouring in for several of the debate's top performers. ted cruz's campaign raised more than $1.1 million in the 24 hours after the debate. marco rubio's campaign received more than $750,000 in donations. many people thought new jersey governor chris christie also did well in the debate. but all he got from "the new york times" editorial board was a call for him to drop out of the race, and go back home. christie shot back at the paper tweeting, "new york times," can't read the carl, because i don't have a subscription. but i can tell you this, i am not going anywhere. jeb bush, who didn't have the strong performance that many thought he needed to, is trying to reassure his donors about the future of his campaign, saying
5:07 am
it is not on life support. while admitting to supporters in new hampshire that he needs to do better in the debate. >> -- politicians. they're the talkers. and there are the doers. i wish i could talk as well as some of the people on the stage, the big personalities on the stage. but i'm a doer. >> the gop front-runner, dr. ben carson, is calling for changes to the format of future debates. to one that allows candidates to lay out their plans and then be questioned on them. his campaign is reaching out to the others to try and build support for the changes, the next debate is just a week and a half away on november 10th, and will be on our very own fox business network. >> and we'll all be watching. let's bring in geraldo. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> oh, pan tar. >> oh. >> pine tar? >> wow! >> geraldo, we want to talk to you about this.
5:08 am
quentin tarantino was in new york city over the weekend last weekend and he referred to police officers repeatedly as murderers at an anti-cop rally. now police officers in los angeles, philadelphia, have joined new york city police officers in calling for a boycott of quentin tarantino's movies. >> the worst thing of what quentin tarantino did was he obviously prescheduled the appearance at this rally. during the time he prescheduled it, and the actual rally, randolph holder, a 33-year-old hero cop in new york city was shot right between the eyes by a scum dog repeat -- >> stealing a bike. >> but it was just horrible, the city was in mourning, tarantino came anyway, held the rally anyway, called cops murderers anyway. i went to that cop's funeral on wednesday, my brother craig and i went there in jamaica, queens. we walked through on a misty, melancholy day, gray, rainy day, walked through rank upon rank. 20,000 cops from all over gathered.
5:09 am
it was so sad. it was so infuriating that this hero cop, this black man wearing blue had been gunned down by a career thug criminal and to see this hollywood producer, and these others talking about black lives matter, as if only black lives matter, and this particular black life did not matter because he was wearing blue, it was just infuriating to me. not only tone deaf it was -- >> do you agree with the sentiment to boycott his movies and make him feel the impact? >> i'm not a big boycotter. boycotting is not my thing. for me personally. you want to boycott i certainly understand why and i understand why the cops in philadelphia and l.a. and in new york are announcing this boycott. which i think will spread. it's not my thing. just now, i look at quentin tarantino completely differently. i think here is a man who's made a lot of money with the comic book portrayal of violence. some of it directed against law enforcement. and now to take this position about cops being murderers, extremely unfortunate.
5:10 am
i rament it. i have the backs of these cops 100%. >> the cops should boycott and the families and those who support the cops should boycott and make him feel it. that would be to me the right thing to do. >> i just want to say, we've lost four cops in new york city in the last 11 months. one was a white guy. one was a black guy. one was a asian guy. the other was hispanic. and we have the most diverse force on earth and for people to raise the racial specter given the fact these people have sacrificed so much for us. >> i want to bring in -- >> this is tucson, arizona. and this is -- this young man, he's black, he's also a national guards member and he's dressed casually in this instance. >> in a hoodie. >> he gets pulled over. he said i two infractions. the cop comes to the car. he also knows he has a licensed gun on him. >> he had a broken head light and he also pointed out that his registration card was out. the police officer asked him to
5:11 am
hand over his permit, hand over his weapon. he did so. he then got out of the car. and he detailed this. >> because you were cool with us and didn't give us grief this is what the cop said to him i'm just going to leave it at a verbal warning. get that head light fixed as soon as possible. i smile, say thank you, sir. i'm a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. according -- that means having a gun i assume. according to a certain social movement i shouldn't be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities. >> maybe, just maybe, that notion is bunk. maybe, if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you. we talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn't be wearing a badge. i like to spread the word about an example of men who earn their badges and exemplify what the badge stands for. blue lives matter. all lives matter. >> i'm in. >> as the father of five my two oldest as you know steve are boys. boys, men now. one almost 28. the other 37. both given to hoodies. both totally in to that aspect of the hip-hop culture. i yelled at them time and time
5:12 am
again, take that thing off your head when you're riding around. but one thing that they have heeded me on, thank god, when you go to a police officer, there's two responses. yes, sir, no, sir. >> right. >> you have a problem with the cop you litigate it afterwards. you call me afterwards. >> yep. >> whatever it is. you don't try to confront the cop. you don't give them attitude. he's under stress. he or she is under stress. you do what you have to do. the cop will behave professionally. 99 times out of 100. this is an example. let this be the beginning, let it be a primer to every parent sending a high school kid or a college kid out or a car on a night. listen if this happens to you, you behave. >> do what the cop tells you. >> you've got to be if you litigate it later. >> black lives matter. do you think it's important. do you think that's an important movement? >> i think that there is no doubt and in all fairness that there are some black moms out there on any given night who fear the cops more than they fear crooks. i think that, and i know that's a controversial statement. but when compared to the utter
5:13 am
epidemic of urban violence, black on black, brown on black, brown on brown crime it is statistically insignificant. but it is not nothing. i think we should pay attention to it. but the bigger problem, the larger problem is the kind of urban civil war that is decimating the ranks of minorities. >> i hate the bullying tactics. always great to see you geraldo. >> you didn't look too good upstairs -- >> when elisabeth goes four for five and you guys are fanning away. >> she got a scholarship! >> didn't i say something nice about him just a minute ago. >> you don't know how geraldo -- >> very specific question. >> you give the term wiffle ball a whole new meaning. >> geraldo, thank you very much. >> all right. coming up on this friday, so much for women supporting women. the women of the view launching some devastating blows at carly fiorina. >> and is your halloween costume politically correct? there are now hot lines to make sure you pick the right
5:14 am
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joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma, and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. well is it a trick or is it
5:18 am
a treat? there are some rules and laws this halloween that are so weird we can't even tell if they're real. here to help us find out is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. good morning to you, peter. >> absolutely. how are you? >> so happy halloween to you. we're hearing college students are now having official halloween costume sensitivity consultants on campus so students can call them to see if their costumes are offensive. >> okay. . >> trick or treat? >> that's a treat at wesleyan university, there are hotlines that students can call up and say, listen, is this costume offensive? can i wear this? the pc police have taken over college campuses in america. on halloween. they're saying, don't wear that costume, you might get thrown out. >> oh, my. so that is a treat. what about this one? on halloween, silly string is illegal in hollywood. trick or treat? >> treat. there is a code in hollywood says no person shall possess, use, sell or distribute silly
5:19 am
string within the hollywood division during halloween. so for those 24 hours, you get a fine, a jail, and maybe a misdemeanor sentence on your record. cost them $200,000 to clean it up a couple years ago. >> you're keeping people out of trouble. anyone can wear a mask in walnut creek, california. >> that is a trick. walnut city code says no person shall wear a mask or disguise on a public street without permission from the sheriff. they don't want bank robbers running around in walnut creek with masks. >> okay. in canada, you can go to jail for pretending to be a witch. is this a trick or a treat? >> this is actually a treat. canadian law, pretending to use any kind of witch craft or pretending to use it for profit or help find something that's lost, you're guilty and you'll get a summary conviction. maybe even burned at the stake. >> so creepy. >> that's what my friend nosferatu says on this halloween. watch out for this guy tomorrow. he's coming maybe to your
5:20 am
neighborhood. he is illegal. >> oh, beater johnson jr., happy halloween. thank you you for a trick or treat version. >> have fun to everybody. >> that's right. >> this coming up, a woman accusing a police officer of hitting her. one problem, he wasn't. and it was caught on tape. >> he's touching me. he's hitting me. you need to call -- come up here. >> well the whole story behind this video is disgusting. and the satan worshippers can chant at a football game but not the coach? he's not even allowed to pray with his players. you're going to hear from that coach coming up.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
all right quick headlines now. just moments ago president obama promised to sign the newly approved budget bill as soon as it reaches his desk. the senate passed the two-year deal around 3:00 a.m. this morning. it will raise the debt ceiling and includes raises to domestic as well as military spending. and from server. this is where paul ryan worked right after college. it was his first job. >> tortilla coast. just about a block from the capitol. >> right. >> how fun is that to see? ♪ >> well, when it comes to getting pampered, nothing beats going to your favorite salon and getting that special hair cut but finding that shop or even the great hair style can be tricky, especially for men. yes guys i'm talking to you. when we heard about ron thomas,
5:25 am
a barber from phoenix, arizona, who's had some of the same clients for over 45 years we wanted to take a closer look. you see ron's so good he doesn't even have to advertise. you've got to know someone to get an appointment with him, but as we soon found out to sit in his chair is a truly special experience, one none of his customers take for granted. check this out. >> well, to me it's just basically like a lot of my art. you get a chance to do some creativity, with my tools. when i look at it i like to explore it. see what can be done with it and try to give them something they can take care of when i'm not around. so i can still do my art and this is an art form. and it works out just fine. that's my canvas. i mean, and each canvas changes every 45 minutes for me. >> an artist at heart. ron grew up in chicago, and dreamed of drawing for disney inside their animated studios. but with a young wife and growing family, learning how to
5:26 am
cut hair seemed like a more practical way to go. >> where i grew up in the midwest you better have a trade. or you're going to go and speculate and you've just had a baby, that's not going to get it. so you're going to have to put your art on the background. >> with his manicurist betty grable by his side he stepped out to give his clients one of a kind experience. >> one of the interesting things is ron used to give a like a barbecue outside on the sidewalk. everybody would bring something. and the first time i came, it really is a great food and everything. but i'm looking around and there's just something very different about everybody that was here. and finally it dawned on me, everyone had a perfect hair caught. >> his clients are a mix of the city's movers and shakers. >> we have an unbelievably great client base. these people are educated people, they're self-made. >> i've learned an awful lot from them. there isn't something that i learn am every day. you know it's just like what happens in the chair stays in the chair.
5:27 am
that's sort of thing. you have to be really careful with that because they trust you. you can't be too highly opinionated because one person will come in and just say i really like the color blue. the next one says, i don't really like blue. >> but with an election coming up, one opinion comes up consistently. >> a lot of people that are not happy right now. they're not happy with what's going on. >> and he says all these famous clients have one thing in common. >> they all give back. he does more things for people that no one knows about. >> i've been a customer for 45 years. >> yeah, that's true. >> two years ago ron was inducted into the national barber hall of fame. but that doesn't mean he's looking to hang up his scissors any time soon. >> it's almost a vanishing art. the fact that they don't even teach it in schools now. they use disposable blades. they don't even teach that anymore. he talks about retiring and i keep telling him i'll be in the kitchen every other week to get my hair cut. >> i like to believe when we
5:28 am
came here and opened years ago that we raised the standards of the profession. i think that's absolutely important. to where you feel good about being in the business. you're not just going in and just plugging in and just buzzing out every six minutes. there's more to it than that. >> ron is really an artist. a true artist in many, many respects. barber, perfectionist, you name it. >> i like this brand. >> he's a good friend. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> he's really an interesting guy. started doing flat top cuts for a dollar. it was supposed to be on a football scholarship, got injured and started saving his money so he could buy an engagement ring and pay his way to barber school one of the best ones that he attended did an apprenticeship in chicago. if you think that he looks a little bit like the literary giant earnest hemingway, he actually won the look-alike contest every year back in the florida keys in 2002 so he's quite a character in every
5:29 am
respect. so next time, she was an advertising executive who turned heads when she started making her own clothes and now she's caught the attention of the fashion industry by using role models instead of runway models. i love this. you're going to love meeting here her. the innovative carrie hammer on the next "my america" only on "fox & friends." >> good job. >> coming up on this friday before halloween, so much for women supporting women. >> she looked demented. i mean she did not -- her mouth did not downturn one time, she was like -- >> like a halloween mask. >> a smiling fiorina can you imagine. >> a halloween mask. "the view" launching some low blows at carly fiorina and this morning carly fiorina is firing back. >> whoo. i can't wait to hear that. and our studio is being overrun -- >> oh, look at them. >> little munchkin. >> we love it. coming up the most adorable halloween costumes you've ever seen. plus we're going to reveal our costu
5:30 am
costumes. you've all been guessing. >> there's robin. >> is there a peanut butter cup kid? >> no, it's robin. >> robin. back cards love to overcomplicate things.
5:31 am
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5:33 am
there were some moments where the discussion got out of hand with ten candidates on the stage, it's hard to speak and everyone was trying to jam a word in. at a certain point i didn't know if i was watching a debate or "the view." >> should the federal government play a larger role in helping to set up retirement plans for these workers? >> no. the federal government should not -- >> the more you -- >> the less -- [ everyone talking at once ]
5:34 am
[ gunshots ] >> and we'll be right back. >> ben carson still didn't wake up. >> you know, he nailed it right there. because the hosts lost control. when they weren't badgering -- >> chaos. >> their guests. they completely lost control of the situation. everybody was talking. can you go? no, stop, wait >> remember the part of the debate where carly fiorina were asked their weaknesses to jump start. tell me your biggest wit conditions. >> carly had a great way to get in there. she was told i don't smile enough so she smiled for everyone and got a great response from the audience and everyone on twitter and at home. well "the view" didn't really like it that much. one of the comedians there michelle collins digging into a fellow woman saying this -- >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate she looked demented. i mean she did not --
5:35 am
>> her mouth did not downturn one time. she was like -- >> -- like a halloween mask, i love that. >> a smiling fiorina. can you imagine? >> that's a prime example of faux feminism right there. >> what do you mean? >> meaning we support all women, only if they agree exactly with what we say. only if their politics align with mine. and only if they -- if they support every single thing that i've laid out so far. the only woman that they support is someone who thinks exactly like they today, it's a lack of openness and compassion. >> would they ever support a conservative woman? >> no. >> that's just -- >> whoopi would. whoopi goldberg would. she likes you for who she is and doesn't feel it necessary to jump in and attack someone personally. >> yeah, but can you just imagine if the women of the view called forget about this is what they called carly fiorina demented and you know, we're -- >> she believe she is demented. >> can you imagine if they said that about hillary clinton? >> no. >> hillary clinton demented. that face looks like a halloween mask. >> wouldn't happen. >> it wouldn't happen. and it would be inappropriate
5:36 am
>> just be kind. what happened to kindness. >> carly fiorina said she doesn't get rattled easily. through her spokesperson she said this, this is the kind of political rhetoric conservative women have come to expect from the left. the second time she's been hit for what people don't find acceptable about her looks in five weeks and she handles it with great esteem. >> i would challenge michelle collins to actually have mrs. fiorina on the program -- >> and say that? >> and say that to her face or apologize, one of the two. show us who you are to the person's face that you're talking about. i mean it's flat-out -- >> you made a challenge? >> if this happens with teenagers, you would say that's wrong, it's bullying. i'm personally allergic to meanness. let us see who you really are. invite mrs. fiorina on -- >> this is your challenge. >> and make that comment to her face or just simply apologize and say in the name of making a joke i made a mistake. one of those two will indicate to everybody who you are. i just challenge you to do it. be at least courageous. >> last time she ended up with 1,000 nurses on the stage who
5:37 am
she apologized to, right? >> let's go to heather nauert. >> after seeing that story, good morning to you all. i've got some scary video to show you this morning. 36 minutes after the hour. a woman in michigan turns her car into a weapon as she tries to flee from a traffic stop. watch this carefully. the driver, brianna smart, knocking over auburn hills police officer martin malachick when he tried to pick her up for driving without a license. things got really ugly after she resisted arrest. >> -- harassing me? putting the handcuffs on me -- >> miss -- >> he's touching me. he's hitting me. you need to call someone to come up here. >> notice that as she tried to claim that that officer was hitting her, the video, though, tells a different story.
5:38 am
she was quickly arrested and now charged with felony assault. officer malachick is going to be okay. well this next one is a story that we've been following for weeks now. high school football coach joe kennedy defying the washington state school district, that told him he could not hold post game prayers on the field. although he has put on administrative leave last night, coach joe still held that prayer with his team. in the mean time, satanists crashed the game wearing black robes, and chanting against his christian beliefs. coach kennedy joined us earlier on "fox & friends" to talk more about his fight for his faith. >> you're fighting and it's not always pretty and it's painful, and it does cause pain. and you know, one of the things that i learned while i was in the marines for 20 years, that you know, the fight for freedom comes at a high cost. i will fight for the constitution, and rights of all americans, and definitely for my own, and my own personal faith. >> liberty institute now plans on filing a discrimination lawsuit over his suspension.
5:39 am
calling it a hostile employment action. and this is a touching moment that you are going to love. this viral photo shows a missouri police officer taking a moment to pay his respects to old glory. the runner you can see holding the flag is part of team red, white and blue. it's an organization that helps our veterans. the runner is part of a national flag relay that started on september 11th, and takes the flag coast to coast, and they'll deliver it to walter reed for veterans day. and those are your headlines. such a great snapshot of our police officers across the country. >> saluting that flag. 3 sarks 54 mile relay with old glory. the runner right there, great job. >> very nice. thank you very much, heather. meanwhile the mets are taking on the kansas city royals here in new york city in game three of the world series. >> yeah, three, four and five will be out there. they're trailing 2-0. and betting their home crowd brings them some good luck.
5:40 am
>> that's right. "fox & friends" weekend co-host ann into kooiman is live from citi field on this exciting day to tell us more. we've got the guys going head-to-head over this game. what do you know? >> royals! >> good morning. and, yes, so citi field. this is the very first time that the world series is ever going to be held here. so new york is absolutely amped about it. the mets in a bit of a pickle. not in the position they wanted down 2-0 against the kansas city royals. they're going to be looking forward to 45,000 fans screaming for them. if you look at the mlb history books 80% of teams that win the first two games go on to win the entire thing. but throwback pictures, two teams worth noting in 1985 the royals came back. and in 1986, the mets came back. so it can be done. now brian and steve, i know that this world series stuff has been a big point of contention with the both of you since you support opposing teams. so we took things to times square to get to the bottom of the battle before ball game number three.
5:41 am
>> who do you want for the world series? >> i have to say the mets. >> the royals. >> do you recognize these two gentlemen? these fine looking gentlemen. >> i did -- >> who do you think is more handsome? >> the one with the mets. >> all right. this one. who looks like a better baseball player? >> neither one of them. >> who is going to win? >> this guy. >> but that looks like -- that's a news anchor. >> right. >> brian -- >> whoa whoa this is "fox & friends." this is doocy or -- >> doocy! so you're saying doocy is going down, though? >> well i'm not saying that now though, i love doocy, too. ♪ the naked cowboy here with "fox & friends" ♪ >> oh, man. >> the first hit goes out at 8:07. tickets are going for $1500 on secondary sites. that's down 5.6% from last week. i guess the mets fans are starting to bite their nails a little bit, being down 2-0. but man you two look great in your hats.
5:42 am
>> thank you very much. very realistic the way you photo shopped them on. >> i don't know how you did that, anna. >> great work, anna. >> thank you very much. listen, it's lonely for me as a kansas city fan in new york city especially on the show. rush limbaugh was one of the biggest kansas city royals fans. supposed to be on the show yesterday. we had some technical issues, we're going to try to work it out. >> we'll see if he can talk about the series once the mets win it. >> that's right. wait -- what? >> coming up straight ahead. dozens of passengers running for their lives when their plane bursts into flames moments from takeoff. out on the runway. a live report from fort lauderdale next. >> and the "fox & friends" halloween parade rolls on. the perfect last-minute costume ideas for the whole family. plus, we're going to get our costumes because this is the big day. look at those lovely children. who's going to raise them? i guess we will. >> we get our candy. >> it's robin.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
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5:46 am
we've got a fox news alert. look at this picture. terror on the tarmac, a plane packed with people, as you can see, caught on fire just before taking off. wsvn's alex dearmus is live at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport with the latest. alex? >> well, steve, it was a horrifying day yesterday, today it's going to be a busy morning here as officials with the ntsb continue their investigation to find out exactly what started this fire. we do know two people are still in the hospital recovering, more than 20 passengers were taken to area hospitals. because they got injured as they were going out the emergency slide. we spoke to some of those passengers who described the horrific events. >> i heard a loud bang, turned around, saw the lights, saw
5:47 am
flames. >> i turn around and look in the window, and it's like flames all over the turbine of the plane. we got out and started running through the grass as far away from the airplane as possible. >> now there was a fuel leak but investigators still working to find out exactly what started all of this. that's the very latest. reporting live from fort lauderdale, i'm alex de armas. >> all right, alex, thank you very much. 13 minutes now before the top of the hour on this friday. coming up the little ghouls and goblins are taking over our green room as you can see right there. the "fox & friends" costume parade is about to start. and, we will reveal the costumes we will be wearing. >> ooh. >> i know it. >> do you have a guess what we're going to be dressed as? >> superheroes? >> that was last year. >> oh, that's right. i don't know. i'm just going to stay tuned to find out. we're going to tell you what bill hemmer will be wearing this halloween, as well. so you'll stick around for that.
5:48 am
also this morning some leaked documents show the jeb bush plan to get back on track. we're going to show you what they say and who they're going after in particular. and ted cruz goes after the budget deal. he says republicans just simply don't want to fight. and bill hemmer sits down with john boehner. their intriguing talk about what is next on capitol hill. when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain.
5:49 am
water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more.
5:50 am
5:51 am
halloween is one day away and if you're still in need of some last-minute costume ideas for your little ghouls and goblins you're in luck. here is some inspiration, liz stern is the ceo of and she's got some amazing costumes. >> i do.
5:52 am
happy halloween. >> thank you very much. our friends at party city and disney products provided these. >> thank you, thank you party city. and these beautiful, delicious costumes. >> start the parade. >> let's start the parade with the tiny trick-or-treaters. we have a skeleton, oliver as a fireman and madison sz a minnie mouse. look at these delicious little little ones. >> the problem with kids this size is keeping the hats on. usually -- >> yes. look at minnie keeping her ears on. she's just delicious. >> i like the way this dad actually has the baby bottle in his back pocket. >> of course he does. >> all right. >> now we all know the family that stays the day together. we have paxton as batman. this is mckenzie as bat girl and lucas as robin. happy halloween. >> are you going to save the day? are you going to save halloween? >> that was great.
5:53 am
>> jesse, flex your muscles. >> jackson. all right. >> okay. and now we have more superheroes. we have logan. as clark kent. look at little logan with the -- madison. carter is captain america. come on out, guys. >> this is working out great. >> can you show us your muscles this morning? are you going to save the day for halloween? >> smile, you're on tv. you're going to have a tape of this for the next 50 years. okay. >> all right. and then we have of course the classic princesses. >> come here. >> madeline, cinderella, simone as elsa, layton as anna and
5:54 am
claire is ariel. what would halloween be without our princesses. >> wait a minute did i bring speed in by accident? i don't think you belong in this group. >> let's see you guise. >> do you love the princesses? >> hi. look at ariel. >> are you a mermaid? do you love halloween as much as i do? are you guys going to go trick-or-treating? >> girls turn around this way so everybody can see. >> all the princesses want to spin around? >> wave, wave! >> am i the only person that's waving? >> happy halloween. >> let's go over here princesses. >> then of course, inspired by the movies, we have oliver as a minion and tucker as a teenage mutant ninja turtle. let's see you guys. >> beautiful. i'm exhausted. >> okay. >> and then last, we have tinkle bell. come on out. come on out show us your halloween costumes. >> how nice is that? >> these are all trendy, classic
5:55 am
halloween costumes. >> they're great. >> for all the kids this year. >> and the thing i like about them, everybody can see clearly where they're going. >> yes. >> and everybody has safe costumes on which is really important. >> that wraps up this part of the parade. we will reveal our costumes, coming up in just a moment. elisabeth, i believe, is putting on makeup right now behind us.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
well mornings are better with friends but they're also better with breakfast as the most important meal of the day, so here we are, breakfast of champions. >> yep, elisabeth as the excellent eggs, steve as the benevolent bacon and me as the
5:59 am
world famous quisp cereal. >> information here is. >> and then we have as you can see right there maria is the doughnut. >> so nice. and heather, always picking everybody up every day, you of course the coffee. >> the hot, black coffee. >> who is cuter, us or the children on the right? i don't know. you got to make the call. >> very nice. great job, megan mcdonald you produced this entire segment and she will take all these kids trick-or-treating today. >> that's right. we want to thank all the kids for being so much fun in your costumes and party city for decorating our set to get us in the spirit and our costumes today. brian's costume, was, of course, homemade. >> home made masking tape and a lot of ingenuity. like to thank, of could, all the kids. all the children wave. you listen to me. >> trick or tweet. >> all right. just look right into the camera. >> all right. >> okay.
6:00 am
bill: here we go now. the campaign is in full revolt mode. presidential candidate said to be meeting over the weekend on how to move forward and change the way debates are done. happy halloween. i dressed up today as bill hemmer. martha: you are doing a good job. you look exactly like him. a lot of buzz about that big debate and what's going to happen now. the campaigns are set to meet sunday. they are look to take the future debates out of the hand of the


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