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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 30, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thank you for writing of let's see. do you guys dress up for halloween? no? bet your kids do. here is shep. >> to troops on the ground in syria. that would be a profound mistake that's what isis wants. we will not do it. that's been the story from the president of the united states for years. today boots on the ground. of course, with russia operating inside syria, that's thens that push us deeper into our nonproxy war proxy war with moscow. where is the pentagon? and where is the president? plus, the republican candidates revolt. some complaint busy it the debates. campaigns are sending representatives for sitdown in washington ask the republican national committee, you're not invited. some of the demands. let's get to it.ñi
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what does isis want? besides its own state in the iraq? what does isis really want? it wants american boots on the ground. it wants to fight us. how do we know that? they told us. in arabic from an audio message in september a spokesman said, and i quote, mobilize your forces, roar with thunder, threaten whom you want. plot, arm your troops, prepare yourselves, strike, kill, and destroy us. this will not avail you. you will be defeated. and importantly, are america and its allies from amongst the crusaders and the athiests unable to come down to the ground? we're able but we know better. we know better than too be drawn into a civil war infiltrated by the savages who want to return the planet to the middle ages. we know better. the head of the international center for the study of radicalization in london said september last year, and i quote, as soon as there are
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winch boots on the ground it becomes the old narrative of the west versus islam, and they can claim they're fighting the occupation. they are trying to suck us in. trying but the president won't let it happen. he has said so over and over again. >> this will not be another iraq or afghanistan. there would be no american boots on the ground. >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> we will not be placing u.s. ground troops to try to control the areas that are part of the conflict in syria. >> the notion that the united states should be putting boots on the ground, i think would be a profound mistake, and i want to be very clear and very explicit. >> profound mistake. no boots on the ground. the one thing about the which there has been no ambiguity at all. we trained the mod recall rebels in syria,çó lend air support, ad
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anyone predicted with history as their guide that wouldn't work. now what the president would not, could not let happen, what isis begged to happen, is happening, as josh earnest informed us hours ago. but they're not combat troops. >> the president has been quite clear about the fact that they have a -- they do not have a combat mission. they have a training, advising and assist mission that does mean that our men and women in uniform will be in harm's way and will be taking risks and they're in a dangerous part of the world and means owe them a debt of gratitudes. >> but they're not combat troops, just like the soldier last week was not in combat. .master sergeant joshua wheeler is no less dead. what did we learn? we're sending dozen of special ops forces in syria and iraq. no details. nothing from the pentagon. except, quotes from nameless, faceless officials who won't go on the roared, and nothing at all from the president.
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he found the cameras very well last year and the year before to tell us repeatedly no boots on the ground. now that he changes his mind he sends josh earnest out to tell us almost nothing, except this won't be a game-changer, as we help local opposition fighters battle isis that syria can't be solved militarily ever. yet in goes the military on the ground, just as isis wants. what are the specifics? when does the engagement end? nothing on any of that. wait, is it legal? judge napolitano says no. it's noble to try to help suffering and theñi dying. noble. but absolutely illegal, and where is the congress? congress is supposed to authorize military action, but it will not. it sits on the sidelines, sitting on its hands, refute fusing to get in the met of the war. senator mccain said predictably it's not enough. but there won't be a vote as required by the constitution. there won't because of politics. most members don't want to be on the roared on this. they'll complain mitely but won't do their duty to us, he
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people ex-engage in a debate and take a vote and an honest member will tell you that. look at what hillary clinton is dealing with because of her vote on the war. it won't happen again, not to this group. so today no details. nothing from the pentagon. nothing from our elected representatives in congress. nothing from the president in go the troop with the admission it's a bad idea, that isis wants it, it went work, and there's no military solution to the problem. there will be more troops later? maybe, for our not proxy war proxy war with russian? but we'd have to quote somebody, and we know what a quote is worth. a quote like no boots on the ground in syria. rich edson is at the white house. >> good afternoon, the president informing the iraqi prime minister today about this, saying that the u.s. will intensify elements of its strategy and that the coalition strategy against isis would be intensified' and we're now just hearing from the u.s. defense officials who are saying they will arrived rearview mirror
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mirror --ll remain a period of weeks, not months but no joint operations and the president decided on the shift in strategy when he met at the pentagon in july. the white house claims there's no shift? tragedy and the administration is saying there's still a maintenance of the strategy that the u.s. always had in syria. >> the fact is our strategy in syria hasn't changed. the core of our military strategy inside of syria is to build up the capacity of local forces, to take the fight to isil on the ground in their own country. there are variety of ways the united states and coalition patter ins. offer support to local forces. >> the white house is also saying the administration is deploys n 1-s and f-15s in in turkey. >> and nothing from congress. knock. >> a little about what you heard from senator mccain. you'll get that on the right. the president is not doing enough. some democrats are being democrat. a democrat from virginia saying it's time for the administration
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to detail to the american people a comprehensive strategy to bring down the conflict in iraq and sir use which are metastasizing to a peaceful end. he adds it's time for congress to do its most solemn job to debate and declare war on this. earnest says they have put out a proposal to congress. congress hasn't passed anything yet. >> congress won't do anything, rich, edson, thank you. if they were hon -- they already said we're not having a vote. the last leadership said there's no chance this will come up. there is a chance now? john busse from "the wall street journal." mission creep? >> there's a danger of that and evidence of that. this feels like the late 1950s, 1960s in vietnam. where there were a couple hundred in the late '50s -- >> advisers. >> right, 3,000 a year later and 50,000 by the end of the 1960s
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prepare president changed his mind. i looks like, as a result of circumstances changing on theground. russia's intervention. in a big way. iran's increasing intervention in a big way. remember, there's negotiations going on in vienna between these parties on what to do in syria. and so the united states now has more skin the game and is showing itself as more forceful and that also likely increases its voting heft in vienna. >> the negotiations on the ground regarding what to do with syria, include assad as continuing to lead? >> at least in a transition period. >> for how long? >> something the u.s. government said was absolutely not going to happen. >> just like boots on the ground. >> a deal breaker to have assad in any kind of role. looks as if that's being put on the table as one negotiating concession on the part of the united states if it gets what it wants regarding isis. the other thing that's happening here is the u.s. needs to protect its interests in syria.
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it's going to do so with the a- 10 attack planes. that's pretty good escalation. the pentagon wants apaches now in iraq. >> helicopters. >> the white house hasn't said yes or no. >> isis has surface to air. >> the united states is talk bath special ops coordination with the iraqi military in iraq. so, there's a lot of things happening incrementally that do suggest mission creep. >> the people who represent us will not weigh in on this matter. the president will not come to the microphone on this matter. what will the american people do, god forebed one of our special force not in combat role end up in an isis snuff video and his head chopped off. i wonder if anybody thought about that. >> i think the white house has been very clear today that these are not combat troops but they'll be in danger, and that bad things can happen, as we saw
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this trooper get killed last week. one thing that's also happening here you have to think that if american troops are in these zones now, working with what the united states considers its allies on the ground, that the russians have to be more careful about what they bomb and that might be one of the intents on the part of the united states, to say, look, just as in south korea we have troops close to the border. there's a line here you can't cross any longer because the last thing you want to do russia, is being in the position of injuring a u.s. troop. >> nato supreme commander says the west should not trust russia, should not work russia and the nato head said, and i quote, russia is not a partner, unquote. jennifer griffin at the pentagon where the allied commander spoke. what else did he say? >> that's exactly what i asked him. whether from his perch as the top nato commander in europe, whether he sees russia as a partner. >> so, right knew i do not see them as a partner.
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i would ask you to grade their paper across the last 18 months. >> general's clear disdain for russia's actions stands in stark contrast to diplomatic outreach being made by secretary of state john kerry to russian diplomas to solve the crisis in syria. >> the united states position in syria has that changed. sergei lavrov and the foreign minimummer and i and others agree to disagree. >> here tee pentagon, general breedlove add that u.s. intelligence shifted after the cold war, leaving us blind to what the russians were doing. >> i have identified that we have a lack of ability to see into russia, especially at the operational and tactical level. remember that over the last two decades, we have been trying to make a partner out of russia. >> he says that is changing now,
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and the u.s. intelligence community is shifting gears back to focusing on russia as a foe. >> did he have any new details on the story you brokeñi about russian cargo planes bringing iranian weapons into syria? >> no. but the state department was asked about it yesterday, and said it investigating whether the russians have been helping iran deliver weapons to syria in breach of u.n. security council resolutions. two aleutian 76 russian cargo flights day from tehran for ten days, planes like those on the tarmac of the russian air base in syria in early october. >> arms exports from iran are prohibited under u.n. security council resolution 1747 and we'll be looking into the press reports, and if russia is found to be facilitating the transfers we'll raise that in the appropriate channels both bilaterally and the u.n. >> i'm told byñr western
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intelligence sources those cargo flights, ferrying iranian weapons, are continuing into syria. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. so we have a new war, or at least we admitted we have a new war. i mentioned judge napolitano who says it's illegal. this action and others that preceded it is illegal. there's no congress in the middle. we'll speak with an expert on the constitutional law. a scholar about the president's war powers and how he is justifying military action against isis. justifying it but not talking about it. you come to the microphones apparently when the word is, we're not sending anyone in. but when you send them in, you send josh earnest, and that's where we are today. we'll be right back. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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the president's war powers, for all its criticism of the bush administration, the obama administration is relying on the exact same authorization for the use of military force that was signed into law on september 18th, 2001. that was meant for president bush to go after al qaeda. al qaeda which took the buildings down in hit the pentagon and shankesville. he sent troops into afghanistan, and then into iraq. president obama's lawyers argue the law still works to fight the new enemy, the islamic state, and to fight them in a new place in syria. with is news is professor of law at washington college of law.
12:17 pm
is this legal? >> well, shep, think that's a great question. it really boils down to what you just teed up, which does this 14-year-old statute, the authorization for the use of military force, really apply to isis? the obama administration has been arguing for 14 months it does, and all the while, as you noted, congress has done nothing, so i think it's a close dahl but i think congress has an obligation to step up and say something if it's not. >> you think it's a close call that the congress of the united states should step in and have a debate and authorize one way or our troops are sent to war? that's a close call, professor? >> no, don't it's a close call that congress should step in. one thing on which everyone agrees is is that it would be better if congress were to step inch the question is what happens if congress doesn't step in it? hasn't yet. i think that's where the legal argument is closer because it turns on whether we really do accept the notion that isis is basically a successor to
12:18 pm
al qaeda and taste, therefore, covered by the statute. i completely agree that we would all be better off if congress were to actually step in and pass a new statute and update the law to adjust for the threat we face today. the hard question is what happens until and unless congress does that. so far we have seen no indication that congress has any interest in accepting that responsibility. >> you can do illegal things as long as you want unless and until somebody catches you, and in this case unless and until somebody of standing comes to a court of record and calls you out on it. who has standing? who could do such a thing? >> it's unusual to find anyone in this case who will have standing, perhaps a service member who is worried about being deployed unlawfully, but shep, i have to tell you, if we look at the precedence from the vietnam war, the precedence from the first gulf war in the early 19 anothers the courts are not going step in, in this kind of fact pattern, when you have congress having passed at least one statute, sort of of point,
12:19 pm
congress appropriating money for this use of force. congress authorizing the deployment of troops for training and equipping. i think from the court's perspective, that's not nearly enough to rates the kinds of separation of powers problem that you and i might think exists. that's why this is about the politics, which is why congress has to step back in and not the law. >> but congress only has to step back in if congress' constituents stand up and demand they do so. if they demand their representatives get up in front of the nation and make a debate. here are the reasons why this is in united states national interest. the reasons this is an imperative for our nation to send our young men and women into harm's way, and here their reasons its. noment don't the american people dedeserve that debate? i isn't that what the founding fathers say we defer. >> absolutely. democrats and republicans, ins, folks should want that debate to happen. the only people in this country who seem completely dissed? that conversation are the 535
12:20 pm
elected representatives on capitol hill and that's shirking their constitutional responsibilities that gives president obama and his successors thexd ability to use war powernessçó the ways foundes would have been nervous about. we want the democratic buy-in. without congress stepping to the plate we've have more' more drift where presidents, rely on older and let apt statutes. >> steve, washington college of law, thank you. >> thank you, shep. >> the prone for it was the founding fathers said the reason was very similar to what you might hear from one? the greatest generation, like when my father tells me what it was like when his mother and his sister and everyone else got involved in the fight, when everyone on every street was involved in in some way. america was all in. and that is why when we sent our troops to die, everyone knew it was the right thing to do.
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police shot and killed the convicted rapist who sparked a two-state manhunt after he shot as officers a week ago. happened today. kentucky state troopers discovered floyd cook hiding in an embankment in burksville, south of louisville. cook hulled a handgun started shooting. officers fired back and killed him. investigators say last saturday this man shot at police in kentucky and in tennessee. wounded one of them. cook had a rap sheet that stretched back decades: during the manhunt, investigators described him as armed,
12:25 pm
dangerous and desperate. he proofed all three today. the feds are letting thousands of convict goes free nationwide part of an effort to reduce sentences for some drug offenders, nonviolent offenders and cut back on prison overcrowding. beginning today the justice department is releasing 6,000 inmates from federal custody. it is the largest ever one-time release of federal prisoners. there are critics, of course, who say the feds have done -- not done never to prepare these inmates for life outside of prison, and some prosecutors, judges and cops warn we could see an increase in crime. trace gallagher now. what happens now, trace? >> reporter: well, shep, most of the prisoners being released already or will soon be in halfway house or home confinement. at some point they'll be place owned supervised leave or probation. a third of those being released are nonu.s. citizens, so they'll be turned over to immigration agents and begin the deportation process, though some law enforcement agencies are very
12:26 pm
skeptical about whether they'll actually be deported. all 50 states will receive inmates. florida, texas, and illinois will get the most. convicts will also go to d.c., puerto rico, guam, and the u.s. virgin islands. the average sentence of those being released was reduced by two years, and an additional 8500 prisoners are set to be released over the next year, and 26% of the inmates who applied to be released were denied by judges. >> nonviolent, mostly drug people. yet the critics are assaulting there could be a big rise in crime. >> and the department of justice says the public safety is their priority number one, and that all of the released inmates underwent a public safety assess. that includes how they behaved while they were actually in prison, but many law enforcement agencies believe this does nothing but undo the work they have already done. and they remind us that drugs and drug offenders often lead to
12:27 pm
violent crime. this sheriff's of martin county are florida, one of the states getting the most inmates, says every single inmate will pose a threat to his deputies and his citizens, other agencies are worried about turning future drug offender cases over to the feds fearing they will simply kick them free. >> trace, thank you. five students in and a teacher are hurt after a fire broke out at a high school chemistry classroom. that is according to a statement from woodson high school in northern virginia. happened this morning. officials air lifted two kids to the burn center with serious injuries. they're expected to survive. the school also evacuated students to a football field. as hazmat teams worked to clear the building. the school's principal confirmed it was chemical fire but we don't know exactly how it started. g.o.p. candidates plotting a sort of revolt against their own party's bosses. think this is about the media and cnbc? maybe but it's really about reince priebus. what sources are telling fox
12:28 pm
news as several campaigns complain about the republican national committee. and the party's responding. how is that going? what it could mean for future debates? that's ahead from the fox news deck on this friday afternoon.
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work more headlines from the fox news deck. a building partially collapsed in mid-town manhattan today, killing one construction worker and trapping at least one other beneath the rubble, and, my goodness, the fire trucks. they say workers were demolishing the build tolling make way for a luxury hotel when it fell. more than 100 firefighters and so many machines on scene. video shows a volcano erupting sending smoke and ash nearly two miles into the sky. happened in central mexico, near mexico city. nobody hurt. incomes' disaster center reports the things noted eight times in -- exploded eight times in 240 hours.
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you may have to wait a year before enrolling. please don't wait. call this number now and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you. call now like a mutiny in the g.o.p. fox news confirmed some presidential campaigns are teaming up to take on their own party's leaders. politico broke the story. some candidate teams are expected to meet to plot a revolt against the republican national committee. among those taking part adds to the front rounder ins, donald trump and ben carson. their beef? how the party bosses have oathed the debates -- organized the debates. the republican national party is not responding to the meeting, but the chairman, reince priebus, fired off a letter to nebraska says sag of now the republicans witness not take partner planned debate in
12:34 pm
february. priebus says the still plan to have a debate but nbc won't be part of it, after he called this week's cnbc debate a, quote, caap sandwich, crap now approved for air. network reps are disappointed but have to have the crap sandwich resolved. so the candidates are blaming the rnc and reince priebus for their debate issues. >> and reince priebus, shep, did not put those word booze the mouths of those moderators. he was taken aback by the turn the debate took. crap sandwich was not the only choice word he used. >> i just can't tell you how [bleep] i am. >> in his letter to nbc chairman, he said he object ted the mid-ators, quote, gotcha questions, petty and mean spirited tone and designed to embarrass our candidates but he
12:35 pm
left a little wiggle room, quote, i are'll be work with our confidences to discuss how to move forward and will be in touch. nbc responded, quote, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo do. >> notice the choice of the word telemundo -- we well work to resolve this matter. despite priebus' efforts to rein in the trashing of the g.o.p. feel. some blame the rnc by omitting it from the meeting. listen to lindsey graham. >> i like reince priebus. a nice man, trying to build a strong republican party. here's misadvice. allow all of us to have a same break the field in two groups with less people on the stage, having more quality time to express who we are and why we want to be president. that would help republican party more than anything else. >> a representative of another candidate who asked not to be identified told fox news it would have been nice if the debate format issues had been arranged at the front end of the primary seen instead of now.
12:36 pm
>> and a setback for jeb can fix it? >> jeb is having troubles. yesterday some opposition research on marco rubio was released by the bush campaign and accused the 2012 g.o.p. nominee, mitt romney, of rejecting rubio as a running mate because of past sketchy financial dealings. today a romney spokesman denied that, quoting, senator rubio's legislative record and high permanent character would have been a great asset. asked yesterday if bush is having fun on the campaign trail, jeb reply, oh, ya, you saw it i'm having lots of fun. his campaign's coo is not having as much fun. she announce head resignation saying i have no comment. i've just got to go. >> doesn't sound like fun. doesn't look like fun at all. thank you, sir, let's bring in jay townsend. i one of the oldest tricks in the book for the republican party back to the nixon administration is blame the media.
12:37 pm
when in doubt, blame the media. works every time. it's galvanizing and brings everybody together. we can all hate the same thing. hate the crap sandwich of the -- media and -- >> cnb asked for this, the moderators acted like children -- injury you're complaining about their tone. some of the questions were good questions. >> in of them were. >> but never got an answer to them. >> but the childish stuff got in at the way of it, and they deserve some of this criticism. >> don't these candidates have a responsibility to us to answer substantive questions about substantive merits? like when you submit a budget and a tax plan that will add trillions, shouldn't you have to explain me that? >> exactly. candidates deserve the kind of substantive questions they got during the fox news debate. the fox news debate didn't engage in that kind of childish stuff. this was sand book stuff. and cnbc deserves what they're getting-not only from the
12:38 pm
candidates but the public at large here. >> it's a point that as oft been made but there's a birth question now. if it's clear what they want to do is make the questions easier, make the immediate mead ya a little afraid, that served them well. i i were a candidate identity want that. but they can't have that. >> they have to explain their tax plan. i don't think anybody did the other night. >> no, the can't. >> they should be forced to answer questions about what they're reallyxd going to do abt the deficit. thus, we did not hear enough of those substantive kinds of questions and cnbc had two hours to ask them. >> week after next, neil cavuto and maria can ask to the questions and i'm looking forward to answer because americans deserve answers. all americans agree. what do you can about jeb bush, has a new slogan "jeb can fix it" but there nor smiles in camp bush. >> there are not. every campaign goes through difficult times. the truth of the matter is, all campaigns have to retract,
12:39 pm
retrench, redirect, as things happen. he is having not only a bad day. he is having a bad week. and i don't think up until this point anybody has ever said that his staff is not operating at key level. there has been no internal dissension, no -- >> his coo quit. >> i know but the point is his staff or is it jeb bush? i'm beginning to wonder if he really wants this job? i keep looking for some passion. i keep looking for authentic passion about something. and he puts me to sleep. >> if not jeb, then who from the establishment? is it ted cruz? >> no. >> marco rubio. >> five people in this establishment lane, kashich, christie, fiorina, and -- >> yeah. >> rubio. right now, and there's only room
12:40 pm
for two once you get past the three or four first contests, and bush is in danger now of being one of the three that is gone. i am watching rubio. he had a masterful performance the other night in what was otherwise known as a food fight. and i think he is going to be raising more money. i think you'll see his numbers go up. but -- >> they will until they start firing at him. when the start firing about his immigration stand and this, that and the other, it gets harder,. >> that will come but he is one of the best debaters if not the best, on stage and far better at debating than m-bush. >> i think mr. cruz would have like argument on the substantive matter of debates only. >> he is good at it. not quite as quick as rubio but they both had a lot of shine to them. >> a lot to think about. a lot to look forward to. i think -- i mean this -- you
12:41 pm
should go over and watch the fox business network from time to time, different times of the day, northeasterly is on in the morning, maria in the early morning before the markets open. get to know them if our don't already because clearly moderators matter and you'll see them on the fox business debate. >> we need to learn something about what the people are going to do with this economy they're complaining about. what they'll do about the tax situation and if 10% on everybody going to solve our problem. love to see that math. love to see it. >> so would i. >> what aid love to pay? 10%. >> be willing to pay 10. >> fantastic. >> start typing. it will happen. >> thank you. some billionaires roll in super private jets and big massive yachts but if you want to stand out, british designer may have exactly what you need. for standing out from the crowd. if a jet and a yacht won't do
12:42 pm
it, how about spacely sprockets? >> this halo. >> welcome. >> it's a floating airship, and a pretty big one of designed to carry you and a bunch of other people for football fields worth of living space. not only that, it's for the super rich, you can day your yacht, your choppers, cars, bikes, all your toys with you. and will fly life enough, it's not pressurized and you can enjoy wonderful views around the world. >> where do we get one. >> not yet but when it becomes a reality you have to opiniony up $330 million. very low price. >> where will they build this? >> not sure yet. >> spacely sprockets is my questions. there's word another u.s. citizen is behind bars in iran. who is this man? and is iran using him as a pawn as he gets stuck in their shady legal system? an american held in iran. details coming up in a live report.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
for the past few years, researchers in new mexico have had a dinosaur problem. specifically how to remove some dineo bones they unearthed. they figured it out. here in my bat is what the skull of a -- a -- there's man inside the skull. scientists say it was plant-eating dinosaur that roamed north america. it looks like a ryan know but bigger. in 2011 researchers found the full skeletal remains of a baby one of these things in northwest new mexico. the problem? they couldn't get the bones out of there so they called in, well, who else, the national guard. some pictures in our slide show and they're very interesting to me. here's a national guard black hawk helicopter, plucking the dine -- dino's skull from mother
12:47 pm
earth. the skull in plaster. it was flown to an awaitingñi cargo truck, and you can see a couple of guys securing it. finally this is a researcher inspecting fossils after the trip. over the last century, scientists say they dug up fewer than ten skulls from this kind of a dinosaur, from all adults, until now. it will take a few months to inspect everything but they hope to display the dino of that. >> security forces in iran have reportedly arrested and imprisoned an american citizen for the first time since the nuclear deal over the summer. that's according to the reporting of "the wall street journal" newspaper, which cites sources briefed on the situation. the man's name? namas abusinessman from dubai. security forces detained him this month when he was visiting relatives in tehran. the arrest would make him the fourth iranian american dough attended in iran. the white house says securing the release of the dined )9 continues to be
12:48 pm
a priority for the president. greg palkot interviewed the businessman and is live in london tonight. what more do we know about him? >> the word that we are getting from a friend of namazi he was a target of opportunity. he is 40 years old. the was born in iran. his father had been a governor of an oil region there. the family left for the u.s. when the shah fell and the ayatollah came in. when we met nama "i" i in the eight '90s for fox news monk iran he was running a consulting firm, helping u.s. and western companies come there to do business. something he had done since then, as well, until the u.s. led sanctions prompted by iran's suspicious nuclear program. that it made doing business in iran withñi the west impossible. that's when he left for dubai. but at the signing of the iran nuclear deal, factions in iran wants to mike shower they got their fair share and then some,
12:49 pm
again, we are told, that namazi was made an example of. they wanted to make a point with this arrest, shep. >> what happens to him now, greg. do we know? >> well, naaz and i his compatriots face an uncertain future. reports are he is being held in solitary confinement, in the infamous prison in tehran where political prescribers are tortured and it's believed other americans there are as well. experts a there's a tug of war inside of the iranian government. who don't like the nuclear deal, don't like the west and that could beñi namazi's main crime. my own impression meeting with him, knowledgeable, smart, able, friendly, and warm. now, he is in a very cold place. back to you. >> thank you. halloween is here. watch the morning shows?
12:50 pm
you. the most popular costumes coming up on "shepard smith reporting."
12:51 pm
i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so mu prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities.
12:52 pm
like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be.
12:53 pm
what are you spinning on those little varmints for halloween in americans are spending $7 billion on the savages for halloween this year. that's the prediction from the national retail federation. we have some popular costumes. >> google trends compiled a list of this year's most popular costumes. the top five. number five is batman. here's one guy dressed up as batman. taking a cab instead of the bat mobile. number four is a pirate. great costume. number three is super hero in general so if you have a super
12:54 pm
girl here. >> supergirl is big now. very cute as well. >> number two is "star wars." new "star wars" movie in december. this is the new one. >> people whose heads are covered on halloween stair me. tomorrow night is evil in the village. >> yes. it's pretty brute brutal. >> next. >> number one is harley win, the villain from batman, also featured in the new suicide squad movie next august. >> makeup artist is will be making a lot of money on that one. >> they will. >> you'll be harley quin. >> no, i'm actually leaving town. >> a very good idea. >> i reined a black camaro. >> i'm scared. thank you. of course people are dropping cash on more than just costumes. gerri willis is the good witch of the northeast. >> yes. here i am. >> look at you. you are fierce today. >> i am here to fifth you serious business news. >> obviously. you could be on the "today show"
12:55 pm
or "gma." >> over the top? >> oh, god. >> just aing bit. >> a lot. what about all this candy? we brought candy for the team today. >> i love it. >> shouldn't eat it but be brought it. >> $2.1 billion spent. >> and it's killing. >> and today is national candy corn day. >> candy corn. >> you like it. >> not individually wrapped. it's the what? it's the best corn, according to kim in my ear. >> i like candy corn. >> i like the pumpkin shaped ones. >> there are -- >> how much money is each person spending on average. >> 1.9 billion in decorations 2:00 on costumes. part of the 350 million is to dress your pets. >> dress your pet. >> ing your doggy going as a hot dog, very popular. >> don't take your dog to village, you'll get stepped on. don't know what is happening down there with the drugs and children. >> a lot.
12:56 pm
a lot going on. >> it's a lot. what are you doing? clearly you're the good witch. >> i'll fly across the sky with whiskers. >> all i want is a victory on the plains of auburn. it's payback saturday for treadwell. >> i look forward it to. >> spend 7 billion while you're there, okay? make the economy better. >> four and four sundays good for them tigers. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. hi
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1:00 pm
that led to a new procedure, letting doctors see and fix clogged arteries in the heart. and a medical breakthrough came from a near disaster. 57 years ago. today. >> here's cavuto. >> just for a second. >> welcome everybody. who says october is a scary month? the last day of trading on what is tends to be the scariest month of the year, even though it isn't. and look at this. we have not only the best october in a long time, the best month in four years, the dow up north of 8.5%, ditto s&p. the nasdaq, the fact of the matter is, they're now in positive territory. we started the month down. the dow is now within a third of a percentage point oror


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