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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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pinto. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget we fall back this weekend. set back the clocks on sunday. happy halloween, too. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> tonight "on the record," nbc news suspended. republican national committee chair reince priebus slamming his foot down and tonight he is going "on the record." the chairman read a scathing letter to nbc president is suspending next bebait over cnbc gotcha questions. >> what is your biggest weakness? comic book version of a campaign. >> you were hearing proposals just crazy from your colleagues. who are you talking about? >> trump are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can do you math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> ask you about the debt limit and i got no answer. >> the democrats have the
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ultimate super pac it's called the mainstream media. >> government? >> no, john. do you want me to answer or do you want to affidavit i have got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey what you are doing is called rude. >> this is not a cage match. >> we have $90 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we are talking about fantasy football? can we stop? >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. [ applause ] >> right now rnc chairman reince priebus is here to go "on the record." good evening, mr. chairman. >> good evening, greta. >> well, i have seen your letter to andrew lack, president of nbc news. and it says the handling of that debate cnbc was conducted in bad faith. why do you say that? those are fighting words. >> if you go through the
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letter and anyone can look at it at or anywhere else, i would imagine, on the internet. the truth is that we were betrayed and i think the candidates were betrayed by cnbc and we need to look out for the candidates in these future debates. but the truth is that what they promised was straight up finance, it's all spelled out you there in the letter. and that wasn't delivered. they prom missed that they would have open-ended question up front kind of like an pseudo opening statement about freedom, finance. something within the realm of cnbc's mission that didn't happen. instead it was about your greatest weakness. the questions were argumentative, petty, putdowns in many cases. purposefully pitting candidates against each other. everything that they promised not to do, everything from the beginning to the end. and so, look, cnbc is an arm of nbc. i'm not going to allow us to move forward until we
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communicate with the candidates. getting obviously some serious conversations of what it is that all of the candidates can agree on. and then take those suggestions back to the networks to make sure that what happened two days ago doesn't happen again. >> well, in all candor i thought the first question your weakness was a silly one to begin with at the very least i sort of expected since it was cnbc it was a business debate and it would have been at least what's your business weakness? why do you think they strayed off business into other topics? >> if you look at their release go online and look at the letter. we spell out clearly what cnbc themselves promised. in this debate. we have contracts. this is not like we move forward willy-nilly and see whatever happens and, you know, move on. these are things that have been agreed to. when you make agreements and
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they are not followed, obviously,. >> so what does nbc do? i mean, how does it get back on track now with the rnc? >> well, look, i mean, obviously we have to -- our job is a standup for our candidates. and so the first thing that has to happen is talking to the candidates. see what it is that they want and what we need to advocate for. so that's the first step. i mean, it's all about, obviously, putting the candace in the best light possible so communicating with them is always first. look, i mean you saw across the board most of the candidates, i think i saw some anyway were praising the fact that we did this. and they agreed with it. so, look, we're going to be on offense in regard to these debates. and what happened the other day was a betrayal. it was embarrassing. and, look, like i said the other day, you know, the fact is, we have to protect these candidates moving forward and obviously today
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was a big step in that direction. >> a number of the campaigns are getting together egg this weekend to discuss the cnbc debate. are you part of this discussion? are they doing this themselves? >> well, look, we are in communication, greta, all day long with the campaigns. i won't go through all the list but every single campaign almost, you know, every day, including today. including the candidates. this is about what i believe, and i don't know how many campaigns, but this is about -- from what was reported in politico, by the way, which isn't what the narrative is now. but what's reported in politico is that the campaigns are getting together, some of them. to see what they can agree on so they can make a list of things they can agree on to go advocate for the networks. as can you imagine 14 candidates, not all 14
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actually agree on what they want. is is it enough for nbc to say we're sorry it won't happen in february that this is not cnbc or do you want more? >> look, personally, i want more and i'm sure, you know, we're going to talk to the candidates to see where they are at. but i would imagine that moving forward, after the other night, it's going to take a lot more than just hey, just trust us, we will do a great job. because of what happened the other day was a breach of trust. >> all right. well with, you know "on the record," we're here every night monday through friday at 7:00 p.m. if you want to come back and talk to us, you are welcome any time. mr. chairman, nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you, greta. and straight ahead. "on the record's" political panel is here to talk to rnc's decision to pull out of the debate. plus, you do not want to miss the next debate on november 10th in milwaukee. the candidates back in action on our sister station. that's the fox business
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network. and if you don't know what channel it is, just go to fox finder and check them out sometime so you get to know the moderators before the next debate on fox business. this is a fox news alert. today, the white house announcing american troops to syria. president obama sending dozens of special forces to help fight isis. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke is live at the white house. kevin? >> hey, greta. good evening to you. the white house says there is no evidence that this is an example of mission creep. they said today, you heard throughout the briefing this arch that this is merely a reflection of conditions on the ground. it is sort of a revamping of existing strategy. and whether or not you believe that one thing is irrefutable. we heard the president very clearly back in 2013 say he did not want to go down this road, listen to what he had to say back then and how white house press secretary josh earnst responded to it a question about it today. >> my answer is simple.
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i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> the president did go out of his way to make quite clear that our strategy is quite different. the strategy was -- that difference existed then and that difference exists today. >> okay. so here is what the white house is going to say tonight, greta. the fact that this is not a long-term, strategic combat mission, it's simply not the same thing as what's going on right now in syria. but by any definition american troops will be at least in danger if not in direct combat. both on the ground and in the skies above syria. that's the big take away from what we heard from the white house today. >> kevin, why get stuck in this word salad not wanting to say mission creep. it's not boots on the ground. of course it's boots on the ground. of course the mission is getting bigger. almost as though the white house press secretary thinks we are a bunch of idiots. why are they so insistent because he said that in to 13? >> exactly. i mean it's like -- i
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mentioned yesterday, it was kind of like being a dentist. like pulling teeth to get them to admit yes this is obviously combat. this is what really gets you. tieing themselves in not trying to get them to avoid saying the things we all know is the case. this is a combat circumstance. it is expanding and whether or not you want to call that mission creep, or not, we all know what's going on there. and eventually they have to fess up one way or the the other. we will all be watching it as it unfolds before our very eyes, greta. >> inteed, kevin. contrary to the white house master sergeant joshua wheeler did die in combat the about a week ago. >> amen. >> even though don't want to call it that. amen is right. thank you. >> you bet. >> today secretary of defense ash carter admits the decision will help fight isis it does put the american forces in harm's way. >> they do not have a combat mission. they have a training, advising, and assist mission. >> make no mistake, they will be in combat. >> just as the american who was killed when he rab to the gun fight in an isis hostage rescue in iraq last week was not in combat.
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>> that does not mean that our men and women in uniform are in harm's way it means they are at risk. >> he has put americans at risk without success. >> dangerous part of the world. >> the administration is now admitting they have special operation troops on the ground in syria. >> and it means that we owe them a debt of gratitude. >> because, in the eyes of the enemy, sending 50 soldiers proves to them how weak president obama is. >> former navy seal and co-author of the brand new book "extreme ownership how u.s. navy seals lead and win." commander leif babin goes "on the record" tonight. >> what do you think of the decision to send 50 special op.s to syria. >> it's pretty frustrating to see that happen. i think it's too little too late certainly. we have had a vested interest in what's going on in syria for a long time. what really bothered me most of all was the fact that the white house is talking about there is no military
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solution to isis. in fact, the only solution to isis is a military solution. >> so, what do you think is going on at the white house? you say there is no military solution. yet, they are sending military there. they claim it's not mission creep but they are sending more today than were there yesterday. they said they are not in combat and yet we lost somebody in combat last week. why is the white house -- i mean, is the military -- i mean, when the military hears these things, does the military think, you know, this is a little bit crazy what the white house is saying? >> look, i think our men and women in uniform are focused on defeating our nation's enemies. and they are ready and willing to do so to go into harm's way to risk themselves. unfortunately, they require leadership. and we have got to have leadership as a strategy. and this strategy is about building capacity in the local forces, as the white house spokesman said today. we tried that strategy for, you know, between 2003, 2006. in iraq. and it frankly didn't work very well. what we had to do was go and knock down the insurgent's
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capacity and once we eliminated their military capability and dropped that down to a much lower level. then the iraqi police and army was able to defeat them. that's exactly what we ought to do with isis. >> a couple months ago defense minister ehud barak was on the show and i was talking to him off camera. and he said that isis can be beaten. and i talked to military people, they say isis can be beaten. do you believe isis can be beaten? >> no question. in fact, i don't think this is more than maybe a three to six month problem for us. isis is not 20 feet tall as we have made them out to be. if you look at the city of ramadi where i fought through the big battles of are maddy in 2006 alongside some outstanding soldiers and marines. and when the city of isis fell, i mean, the estimates of isis or the city of ramadi fell the estimate for isis fighter was something like 3 to 400. a few hundred u.s. troops on the ground could have turned
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that situation around and handed isis an extraordinary defeat. >> we only have 30 seconds left. is isis a matter of national security for us or not? >> absolutely. if we tonight do something about them over there now, they are going to come hit us here tomorrow. >> lt. commander, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> earlier this week, the white house had left open the possibility of expanding the fight against isis from the air to the ground. but was congress consulted about the decision? iraq war veteran and new york congressman lee zeldin joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> were you consulted at all about the decision the president has about expanding, i guess the word he used is sort of enhancing what we are doing in syria? >> not at all. i learned just like everyone else did with the announcement that came out of the obama administration, unfortunately, there was no prior indication of what the strategy is. and even today, after the announcement, we still don't know what the strategy is to win. we just know that the president wants to send u.s.
4:14 pm
special operations forces to the ground, and i believe that if he would ever going to it send service members into a combat zone, if they are not being sent to win, they shouldn't be sent at all. >> what do you sort of divine from watching from the outside if they are not consulting? what is the president's strategy? >> well, i don't think the president has one. i would be happy to support a strategy to win if i believed that he actually did have one. i mean, right now the white house spokesperson today said that these ground forces aren't going on a combat mission. and i don't know what kind of a message that sends for that special operations service member. for their family, their friends, for any american. when you drop a service member into a war zone, and you tell them that they are not on combat mission is completely divorced from reality. i want to know what the limitations are on their rulings of engagement. i want to know whether or not those service members are going to have their hands tied behind their back while they are risking life and limb and if you are
4:15 pm
golden globe to set as a policy tieing their hands behind their back when everything is going on rose garden them with a threat, i would like to know who is taking out the bad guys? i mean, our u.s. special operation soldiers, i mean, they are highly capable of carrying out very well planned exceptionally executed missions that can be critical to eliminating the threat. >> that was a picture, i don't know if you saw it master sergeant joshua wheeler put up on the screen. he was the man that we lost about a week ago in iraq. here is what bothers me and i'm not a military person, obviously, congressman. but, leif just said that there is too little. it's sort of my thinking it's either we send enough to accomplish it and then if we send too little that we're basically making them sitting ducks and discuss too little. either do the job or not do the job but not hang them out to dry. am i right on that or not? >> absolutely. american lives are at risk. the president plays checkers instead of chess. he doesn't play it very
4:16 pm
well. two months agging i was at the syrian border on golan heights. hezbollah occupying villages just across the border. isis not too much further in the distance. i was firsthand i realized just how much they are all out war. this is a very real threat that if it's not dealt with over there we will face it more and more at home. >> just as an aside, the white house did call his death a combat death wheeler's but it was sort of this bizarre sort of thing where they said he wasn't in combat. it was this whole sort of -- they finally did say combat death. it was quite a struggle getting there anyway, congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. and for the first time in the fight against isis. u.s. troops will be on the ground in syria. but those russian troops already there. what does that mean for the two nations? plus, brand new hillary clinton emails just released. what's on them? that's coming up. and hollywood star sandra bullock is trying her hand at politics. the oscar winner is here at fox news.
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author of the brand new book "winter is coming why vladimir putin and enemies of the free world must be stopped. garry kasparov goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> you write in your book that putin and assad danced over president obama's red line in syria. what do you make of the news today that the president is sending these troops, less
4:21 pm
than 50 to syria? >> he, again, very little that works. obama must appear before american public and tell about the real situation in the middle east and syria and iraq and the threats that are real for american allies in the region for turks, for saudi arabians, of course for israel. the nets real for the united states. middle east is far away remind them that al qaeda training camps into afghanistan before 9/11 about were also far away. >> what is putin's strategy and goal, do you think? >> creating -- he needs tension, he needs conflicts. he needs wars. russia to make his case for the russian public. the economy in russia is in terrible shape. nobody expects it it to improve. putin needs high oil prices to pay all the bills. he keeps investing in
4:22 pm
military, in security apparatus and in propaganda. this is a war budget. that's why you are getting escalation in syria because putin will not stop with assad, with syria. iraq. i'm sure he has other plans. and it's very easy to push isis down south against saudi arabia, and, of course, to create another conflict which could involve israel. >> let me ask you the flip question. what do you sees a president obama's strategy in the region. and what is his goal? >> i wish i knew. i'm not sure he knows what his goal in the region. and if he had a strategy, it's a well-hidden secret. we all remember that obama said four years ago assad must go. putin said assad must stay. now you can see who has an upper hand. >> in your book you talk about foreign policy. and you make reference to the fact that the issue sort of more rattle that that seems to sort of be -- and i
4:23 pm
don't mean to put words in your mouth but that more rattle is not sort of a factor so much in foreign policy of various western nations. >> look. the cold war was won and, of course, the united states and the free world oppose not it putin's rush but soviet union and allies around the world. and one of the key factors of winning the cold war was also the support of the values. the moral values. the values of the free world. it was as important as technological and economic superiority. we all know from our experience that supporting these values could lead to the best results. just remember ronald reagan. many believe today, especially on the left, that he was a warmonger. but he had no wars. i mean, when you look at the american engagement in the world it was very much based on reagan's credibility as
4:24 pm
president of the united states. he didn't have to act because everybody knew that he would. you also write that all the nation -- many of the nations you talk about western europeened at united states that were essentially appeasing putin? >> absolutely. it was very convenient. everybody thought that, you know, the business was putin. and i think it's -- it was almost tragic that after putin's first act of aggression, when he invaded in 2008, at the time the republic of georgia president of the united states. barack obama and he is secretary of state hillary clinton. they offered a new sunshine policy. a re-set policy convince putin he could go anywhere without any opposition from the united states. >> garry, thank you very much. the new book is "winter is coming." thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> 2016 g.o.p. campaign spitting mad over wednesday's cnbc debate. what are they going to do? that's next. i want to know what you think. do you think the rnc was
4:25 pm
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do you think the rnc was right to suspend the nbc g.o.p. debate? to wait yes or no using #greta. we're going to show you the live twitter votes throughout the show. the "on the record" political panel is here, "fortune magazine" senior editor nina easton and abc political director rick klein. rick, first to you, how angry are the campaigns and what's this weekend's meeting? >> this is open revolt among the republican candidates. they are steamed about this
4:30 pm
debate and a lot of that anger is directed at the rnc because they signed off with the networks on these debates. and i think that's what chairman priebus is responding to here in taking a hard line against nbc for future debate. the candidates could be taking the whole process away from the committees and from the networks. that's what they're meeting about this weekend is to try to discuss what they can do on their own. you can't have debates without candidates. they are realizing that and quickly becomes every candidate for him or herself. >> nina, reince priebus, the chairman of the g.o.p. says that everyone feels betrayed. and sort of an an piece of video on the stage behind the candidates it reads your money, your vote it seems quite reasonable to think that this was going to be about a business debate. economy, jobs. is the -- is the rnc under the candidate's on the right footing on this one? >> well, i wouldn't call it a betrayal. i mean, look, cnbc clearly there was an issue if they -- they -- their
4:31 pm
performance became the issue the next day, not the candidate's performance. and you have the audience booing them. clearly, there was -- they didn't do he will. they let this thing get totally out of control. it wasn't well-produced. it looked like they were out of their league and out of their -- you know, just under water and just in terms of controlling it. and you mentioned, greta, the business angle. i was pretty shocked as somebody who covers the global economy to watch them talk about things like fantasy football and what is your greatest weakness which we know enough of us have asked that question in interviews to know you are not going to get a good answer to that one. and they didn't even talk about international trade and trade deals, which are huge and controversial topics that people have different agendas on and really resonates with the american people right now. those are the kinds of issues that they could have drilled down on and they didn't. >> rick, donald trump tweeted that he supports the rnc decision to suspend the debate or issued a
4:32 pm
statement. so, i guess that's no surprise. he is not necessarily a fan of nbc. but donald trump is on the bandwagon on this. >> that's right. and the candidates will be discussing among themselves whether they think this is adequate. whether there it are other steps. this is where things start to get complicated though, greta. every candidate have different ideas and motivation. someone want a smaller stage and some want a larger stage. some want all the candidate to be there. others want limitations on polling numbers. some want more and some want fewer. that's what reince priebus was trying to set out the schedule all together and that's what's jeopardized all here. >> i think the candidate bum debate that they came out ahead on this. >> the candidates came out ahead. i think what happened with cnbc moderators provided enough fodder for them to be able to turn it back on the moderators and make the conversation about them and that's what happened. >> you know i actually think that the candidates are more experienced now than any of the moderators so they're loaded for bear for the moderators as well. anyway, nina, rick, thank
4:33 pm
you both. >> thank you. >> and developing right now, just released more new hillary clinton emails. the state department releasing thousands of emails from former secretary of state hillary clinton. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in washington. ed, what's in these emails? good to see you. clinton camp no bombshell. 268 more emails on hillary clinton's server that have now been classified. the state department noting tonight they were not marked classified in realtime when they were sent or received by the secretary but now the total is nearly 700 emails arch all of these document dumps. interesting, did we learn anything new? well, there is certainly more information about sidney blumenthal's role in advising her. all these emails had come out before sensitive information on libya, for
4:34 pm
example. now we learn he was advising her on syria, israel, all kinds of other sensitive matters. also interesting that there are some emails in which hillary clinton receives information from aides about a u.s. facility, for example, in chile after an earthquake and how it was damaged. another one in kirkistan that was having security situation. remember at the benghazi hearing, hillary clinton was saying that requests for more security. the situation involving various u.s. compounds didn't necessarily make it to her desk here we have minor developments at u.s. consulates or facilities around the world and at least in two emails i have seen so far tonight she got updates on it. then there is a funny one that i think you might be interested in, greta. she is talking to one of her aides by b. why her new blackberry won't let her have the same emoticons and she asks whether or not you can see it right there whether or not she is k. send a smiley face by email to her aides and an aide
4:35 pm
says you can also if you are mad at me for being late for a meeting do unhappy faces a well. greta, i know you like to put those smiley faces on email. >> my favorite email she wanted to know if anyone knew her "new york times" password. i have been there with pass words. great to see you. >> more trouble for americans in iran. a fourth american detained in iran. a live report straight ahead. plus, academy award winning actress sandra bullock has a scene. did she do it or body double? (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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get ready to speed read the news. attempted cop killer is dead after shootout with police in southern kentucky. alluded police in two states. he was finally hunted down in a ditch. he then opened fire at officers who shot back killing him. he was wanted for shooting an officer in tennessee and firing at kentucky trooper who tracked him down. and severe flooding now crip fling parts of texas.
4:40 pm
some areas getting as much as 6 inches of rain for hour. in austin, cars are nearly completely submerged in the rising floodwaters, and the storms not expected to slow down. early this morning, tornadoes ripping through towns, even damage ago local high school. and a deadly building collapse in new york city. an 8 story building collapsing during demolition killing a construction worker and injuring one more. that injured worker was trapped in the rubble for nearly three hours as rescuers dug through the debris. that worker is serious but stable condition in the hospital. the construction site is set to be the new home of a hotel and that's tonight's speed read. another american reportedly detained in iran. the "wall street journal" reporting iranian security forces have arrested and imprisoned a u.s. citizen who was visiting tehran. the arrest would make him the fourth iranian american known detained in iran. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in london. greg? >> greta, his name is
4:41 pm
mcnamazani. we have a connection with him. he was born in iran. his family left when the shaw fell and the ayatollah came in. we met him in the late 1990s when we were in iran reporting for fox. he had come back to run a consulting firm, helping u.s. and western companies do business with iran. he was only 25 when we found him smart and capable. but he had a falling out with the iranian government in 2009 and left to dee dubai to do business from there. he was arrested earlier this month by agents of iran's revolutionary guard. when he returned to see his family. a friend told us he was a target of opportunity for hardliners in the current government. first iranian american to be detained since the signing of the iran nuclear deal. that is set to lead to the dropping of sanctions and more business in the west we are told officials wanted to send a message. don't get close to the west and we make most of the money so now he is in notorious prison in tehranened in solitary
4:42 pm
confinement. that's where political prisoners are tortured who are believed the three other detained americans have spent time. we were told he was too small time to present any kind of economic challenge to the powerful, but apparently not too small to provide a very big and ugly message to many others hardliners in tehran. back to you, greta. greg, thank you. we have a marine, journalist and pastor and former fbi bob levinson missing. oscar winner sandra bullock might be on the way to another big award. another movie "our brand is crisis. she stopped by to go "on the record." that's straight ahead. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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san da bullock is one of hyland's biggest stars. stranded snawted, agent and beloved star. she is taking on the messy world of politics. brand new movie out today "our brand is crisis." >> what are you doing here? i thought you retired or gave up or something. >> no. not retired. working. >> yeah? >> okay. >> lending a hand. >> nice. >> you? >> same thing, yeah just kind of doing a favor. >> testimony enjoying this dog and pony show? >> not one for crowds. >> people suck, don't they? >> yeah, sometimes. >> yeah. you look tired. are you okay? >> i think so. i think i'm good why? >> i don't know. you look a little beat. >> what happened to your hair? >> you still got a great sense of humor. >> and in new york sandra bullock came by fox to go "on the record."
4:48 pm
>> sandra, nice to meet you. >> night nice to meet. role? >> it's -- i had such an amazing journey gravity. gravity was the film i did. everybody knows gravity. >> it literally did something that no one expected. and so when you have something that magnitude, i had never had something like that. so you just have to wait. and you realize that was such an unexpected blessing that your job is to waited and then maybe parlay that into something that is more meaningful for you to do that normally wouldn't get made. so i just kept waiting for that story that i was like okay, now it's time to put something back in. and this came along at a time that i was thinking about certain things and questioning how much i was doing for my community in terms of my lifetime. was i doing enough or did i go down that rabbit hole of being a consumer and just
4:49 pm
acquiring stuff? so a the loft things were going through my head when this script came across and i fell in love with it. >> it's particularly timely because we have an election going on in the united states and this is about an election in south america. so it's particularly timely. >> it is. and i keep telling everyone, this is just big business. you know, if you look at politics, it's big business. quiet team behind helps fix, control, manipulate, consult. and here we have literally that a team gone down, ad execs, political consultants and they go in to take this candidate that's basically second to last and help him to win the election tash tactics that they use are not unfamiliar in your world. you can't hide behind the curtain anymore because of the media the media puts everything out on the table and say look at what's going on. >> as i understand it though
4:50 pm
this was not originally written, your role for a woman, it was written for a man? >> yeah. >> how did you sort of get the script and how did you sort of convert it from woman to man or man to woman? >> there was a series of operations that went down -- just kidding. >> she is going really? oh, okay. i was looking for scripts. i was just reading and i wasn't really interested in working for a while because i had done gravity and that was a big time chunk out of my life and i just wanted to take my son to school and do the normal stuff. and but i said i would like to read and see if there is anything for the future. but nothing was really showing up that made me say i have to leave home, uproot my son and go tell this story. you know. i told my agent, look, let's find what's out there for men that no one is producing. >> can you tell right away this is going to be great? >> yes. yes. but that's rare. you can usually tell my page 30 oif there is not going to be anything for you. like you really have to force yourself to page 30 and go this is not going anywhere.
4:51 pm
>> what do you look for? >> you know what? it's instinctsial. like sometimes i will be looking for something like a comedy. but, often when you want a comedy you get the drama unexpectedly. you can't really put all your eggs in one basket. but, i just go by gut. it's like when something speaks to you you go wow, i had no idea that this is something i would want to do or might be people attached to it already directors or actors that are phenomenal to it a project that's already extraordinary and you happen to get it and you go this is a great team that i would like to work with. >> lots of people have -- people do stunts for them. the moaning. was that -- is that -- was that did you do that? >> i will neither confirm nor deny that that was my rear end, but i do give 100 percent of myself when i work, okay. and whatever it takes, i do. >> okay. i will leave it at that you will neither confirm nor deny the moaning. >> as s. that how you say it i have never been in a position to confirm or deny anything. >> my old business we just
4:52 pm
take the fifth. but that sort of tells a lot more when you take the fifth. >> you kind of look really guilty. >> it does look guilty. >> i would like to look innocent is is that the appropriate response? >> i don't think looking in a moon you think innocent or not innocent. you think who is that? >> insanity. or that's why you get paid the big bucks is another thing. >> big bucks for big rear. all right. moving along. you have done comedy. >> yes. >> how do you do funny when you don't feel like you are in a good mood. how do you -- >> -- that's a good question. because can i understand drama a little bit like you being in a bad mood, easier to be in a bad mood than a good mood. >> that's a good point. oddly if you are in a bad mood and you go to work and there is something that you know will be funny, it's just like you don't open your mouth and funny comes out. there is like a prop and a rhythm with another actor and machine that happens. and when it works, it feels like nothing else. it can take you out of your crappy mood.
4:53 pm
but i have never -- i don't think i have ever really a situation -- that's not true. that's not true. i'm lying. there was a comedy i did where i was just perpetually crabby. and every day i would go to work though just -- the notion that i could do something that would make people laugh and i would laugh by doing it. just took me out of it. it works. you gets yourself out of it. >> the new movies our brand is crisis. i'm not going to tell anybody how that name came about because that will make them go to the movies to see it and they should see it it's fun to have you here. i hope you come back. >> i would love to. it's fantastic. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> our brand is crisis. out in theaters starting tonight. if you want to hear more from sandra bullock there is so much more. we have a brand new greta talk podcast with sandra bullock. it's out today. subscribe free at itunes, tune in or stitcher so you won't miss any greta talk episodes. coming up, speaking of movies. father knows best. one hollywood director just got blasted by his father and you know what? i agree with him. i will explain off the
4:54 pm
record. that's straight ahead. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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let's all go off-the-record. thanksgiving. tption just around the corner. and i bet you are really happy you won't be at the tarantino family dinner table this year. i am. it could be real uncomfortable sitting around that family table this year. director quinton tarantino he has made a creefer glorifying violence in its movies. piles of money on violence. recently went on anti-cop rant in new york city referring to police officers as murderers. that was days after nypd cop was gunned down. well with, he may not want to sit next to his father or the other way around. his father may not want to sit next to him at dinner because dad, tony tarantino just publicly whacked his son quite rightfully saying his son quinton is dead wrong. calling police murderers. good for dad. and, yes, of course he loves his son. but children can be terribly
4:59 pm
stupid and ignorant and son quinton is now proof of that but good for his father. who has the courage and moral strength to speak up and do the right thing. now, let's wait and see whether quinton takes a deep bret and apologizes publicly for his were destructive and dangerous remarks about police. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. have you been voting on twitter. do you think the rnc was right to suspend the g.o.p. debate by tweeting general using #greta. there are the results right there on your screen. check this out. this was the best tweeted picture of the day. that is one hot dog. it's a little pup all dressed up for halloween. never miss my favorite tweeted pit of the day. set your dvr to record "on the record" so you don't miss my best tweeted pic of the day. how about is 11:01 each night. thank you for being with us. see you again monday night right here 7:00 p.m. eastern. good evening from sunny los angeles, california. i will see you monday night,
5:00 pm
7:00 p.m. and don't forget. gretawire, facebook, twitter, follow us on all the social media because we are very active on that social media good night from l.a. hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thank for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. ohio governor john kasich came out swinging in this week's republican debate saying those on want to g.o.p. polls don't have what it takes to be president. >> migrate concern is that we are on the verge, perhaps, of picking someone who cannot do this job. i have watched to see people say that we should dismantle medicare and medicaid and leave our senior citizens out in the cold. i have heard them talk about deporting 10 or 11 people here from this country out of this country, splitting


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