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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 31, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i will see you monday night, 7:00 p.m. and don't forget. gretawire, facebook, twitter, follow us on all the social media because we are very active on that social media good night from l.a. tonight on "red eye" getting shot we your dog is more likely than you think. see why man's best friend can be your worst enemy. and is it time for jeb bush to drop out of the race? we will consult the book of asop fables. if there is strange in your neighborhood who are you gonna call? the sensitivity hotline, that's who. our show provides murder and mayhem. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. at least two people are dead and another missing as parts of texas experiences major flooding. heavy storms soaking areas
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from austin to san antonio. there have also been at least three suspected it tornadoes. all of this happening as the state is drying out from the remanence of hurricane patricia. the rain is expected to clear this weekend. mystery surrounds the bodies of two young women found at the park. one was 19 and the other was 17. it appears both died from significant head trauma. the autopsies will determine an official cause of death. investigators say a woman walking her dog found them on wednesday and they were fully clothed and showed no signs of sexual assault. no arrests have been made. another batch of e-mails giving us a glimpse of how vast her network is. they released 7,000 pages as part of an on going investigation into clinton's private e-mail account. it involves several big names of celebrities, ceo and political advisors and politicians including ben affleck and lady gaga and former president jimmy carter. roughly half of clinton's
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30,000 work-related e-mails are now public. and it is time for halloween at the white house. on friday hundreds of local children and children of military families got to trick or treat with the obamas. the president and first lady didn't dress up for the annual event, but they did hand out lots of treats. mr. obama announcing top prize was a toddler dressed as mini pope in a popemobile. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" news deck. >> happy national candy corn
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day. >> honestly, i was never a big fan of candy corn. >> as a kid i would only eat the top. >> the yellow end? >> the white end? >> that's the bottom end. >> the pointy end is the top. >> it would make sense unless you didn't know why it is called candy corn. >> why? >> can we put up the picture please? obviously the yellow part is the outside slash top. >> wow. how did you know that? >> it was obvious even when i was a kid. >> it wasn't because you found that picture today when you tried to back up your theory. >> let's welcome our guest. she is a firm believer in the 21st amendment. those locks of his remind me i need to pick up bagels. the author "liars and
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whores" and the author and co-founder from the gavin mcginnis show it is gavin mckinnis. and his book is how to get fired in 140 characters or lest. okay, let's carve this pumpkin. >> last weekend a cook let lab named trigger accidentally shot an indiana woman during a hunting trip. the apartmently named dog stepped on the shotgun that was lying on the ground with the safety off and the woman was hit in the left foot. she will live. incidents like this happen more often often than you think. the "washington post" says in the past five years at least six americans have been shot by dogs. most of the cases have been in florida. that's the shot by dog state. the "washington post" notes we have a lot more guns in
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america than people in other countries do. almost half of the world's private stock. it stands to reason that accidents involving dogs will be more common here too. other countries do have their own dwun problems. it is just not with dogs. take a look at this recent footage from australia. >> got a gun! [bleep]. >> i think the -- they deserve to be shot by the roo. there are many guns in america and many dogs. maybe one of them has to go. >> see that's what every liberal wants to say. i want to know a few facts. was this dog in legal possession of the weapon? was it a legally purchased weapon for the dog?
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>> i don't think so. >> that's an important factor. give your dog gun safety courses. obviously it is the dog's fault. the gun didn't do anything. guns don't kill people. cute little poochies. >> this is an argument for cats, isn't it? >> it really is. you need a real light trigger pull on a cat shooting you. >> gavin, i don't think the dogs in tended to shoot -- >> i don't know that. >> it is a possibility. you can't trust them, right? >> you can't trust people who hate guns. to talk about it has been 10 people in the past 10 years. 10 people? we have as many guns as we have people. 10 out of whatever it is 320 million is 0.003%. shark attacks are the same number. shark deaths. >> wait a minute. would you say there are too many americans being shot with
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guns? >> i guess any american dying from a dog stepping on his gun is too many americans. but it is an irrelevant stat. >> more people die from dogs loose in cars. about 3,000 people driefd from distracted driving. a lot is dogs running around. steven king almost died when a loose dog distracted the driver and the driver went plowing into the poor writer. >> that was kujo. >> do you think the problem is dogs loose if cars and more loose with the guns? >> it is basic darwin awards. that's what we saw happen. it is the darwin awards living itself out as we have every year. in this case seriously most simply put gun safety. the owner didn't have the safety on. these are basic rules of anybody that's ever been around fire arms. you leave the safety on until you are ready to fire the weapon. you don't put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire the weapon or
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the paw. who turned off the safety for the dog? >> there are 350 million guns and you forgot one. >> the darwin awards, these are people who died prematurely to their own stupidity. are you saying she shouldn't just have injured foot? >> it is obviously a possibility and it could have turned out to be one of the early darwin award winners. >> obviously the dog has poor aim. >> maybe the dog needs to go to the range a few more times. >> practice a little. >> get warmed up. >> that's it. i think if you will leave your gun on the ground at least point it away from yourself. >> for sure. things happen to you that you aren't thinking obviously in that instance. nobody anticipated that happening. you are not thinking through the steps.
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as for the dog whose name is trigger that woman willed that to happen. the universe has a sense of humor and they are like, okay, great. this dog was made to do that. >> there is a dog in my neighborhood and his name was satan and he bit all of the kids. >> jeb's goose is cooked and in time for the holidays. they obtained a campaign memo detailing jeb's support in iowa. did i say support? i mean lack there of. jeb hopes to get 24,000 votes in the february caucuses, but the memo shows his support falls just shy of that with a total support of 1260 supporters in the state. why is jeb struggling? perhaps it is comments like this. last week he told a crowd of supporters, hey that psych major leal, that's great. it is important to have liberal arts, but realize you will be working at
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chick-fil-a. what has chick-fil-a ever done to you? they didn't oppose your marriage. he needs to take a cue from bernie sanders and that man knows how to wow voters. >> in my view the time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana . >> nice. >> why did he go after chick-fil-a? >> because he sucks, but he is right. >> why? >> universities have been selling a car that works for generations. if you spend a certain amount of money, a reasonable amount of money you will have a car that work and a burka rear than people who didn't come to the school. that's been established time and time again. then they turn education into a communist cay are and
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quadrupled the price. he is right. it is fraud. these schools are committing fraud. i think there is a libertarian argument for not paying student debt. >> i think we all heard that it is the foundation and you should be able to go on to greatness with that. >> one of the big problems in education? our country right now is this move away from vocational and technical education. everybody needs to get a college degree. we have skilled middle class blue collar jobs in this country and i actually know a guy who has a million dollar business as a chimney sweep. you know common core and getting your four-year education and everything else we need to focus on training people for jobs where we have openings and we can have a good middle class life. i believe he said later in the
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speech that there are many jobs like mechanics and electricians that need to be filled. it was more arguing for vocational schools, but everyone is stuck on the chick-fil-a comment that he made. we like to do that. >> and it is jeb bush. >> i think the shoutout to chick-fil-a, he might have thought it was a cool shoutout. >> i don't know. when i was running for mayor i made sure that palm knew real jobs were harpooners and swordfisher men, something you can make some money off of. >> if you want a psych degree you would like to get to national geographic with that one. >> that makes sense. why aren't there more chimney sweeps and they are making the money. the plumbers we all know that
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the contractors and the plumbers, why do they want to become psychologists? >> everybody is pushed into the higher education and for the most part do you want to work hard and learn a trade. you think you are funny and creative, but back it up with a hammer in your hand. >> it got me in prison for five years. the hammer was -- no, of course. there are plenty of jobs that don't need college. >> it is like iq classes and hey what are you doing? that's known as the dumb ago sent, but it is the blue collar accent. these guys make $100,000 and over time. halloween has become a pc
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mine field. colleges are now providing hotlines that students can call to see if their costumes crosses the line. posters ask if the costumeses are offensive and they are asked to check if there are headlocks, headdresses, afro's et cetera and the posters list five different campus officials. they can reach to them for guidance. a similar post had six contact numbers to make sure students don't, quote, trivialize human suffering. in other words making sure they are not dressed as gavin mcginnis. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> i don't know. i think you should address this issue. are these costumes -- the most
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popular was a hobo when i was a kid. >> it is a pagan ritual that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. it has been white for century. it is time to get the whites out of the holiday and make them feel ashamed. the way to do that is geisha girls hate when you dress up like a geisha girl. indians hate headdresses and rappers hate when you notice they have a lot of superfluous jewel yea. jewelry. if you are white wear something you don't wear, a leather blazer you president haven't worn in years. >> so you are saying that white people should not culturally appropriate other cultures in their costumes on halloween? >> it is the opposite of july 4th. we celebrate our dependence. >> well, i think others can follow your advice. ethan, you are a white man and what are you going for as
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halloween. >> it says government removed that check box. they used to have a jewish check box and now they tell me i have to mark white so i am offended that you suggest it. >> would you rather check the jewish box? >> i would. >> what are we chopped liver? >> absolutely, it is -- maybe not chopped liver, but it sounds good with the onions and you fry it up. sounds good. why. >> why do you think they did that? >> because you can homogonize. and then you can remove one group and it is happening if places like california where there have been extreme levels on the uc campuses. university of southern california, the students rose up and said they need sensitivity and cultural sensitivity training upon entering college. what these students need is
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insensitivity training. you need to be trained to be in sensitive. somebody says something i don't like? move on instead of protest. >> we need insensitivity training and how about subscribing to the pod cast network? >> that's a crash course. >> that will do something to you for sure. i think we need to get back to what halloween is about which is scary of the. >> some ideas global warming, tear -- terrifying. a spider and a man dressed as a baby. >> going as global warming and now they are going out as solar pabls. solar panels. >> do you know how much you have to explain to somebody, i am a receding glacier. no one knows what you are at
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this point. it is ridiculous. this year is worse than any other year. colleges has these pamphlets. anytime you dress as something you are not you could offend somebody. it is their life and look and culture and every costumes tech neckly is a problem. >> that's the whole point of halloween. >> it is called dressing up you idiots. >> especially with some of the jocks. they love dressing like girls. >> oh it is just fun. come on. >> all right, the only trigger warning should be for the dog, right? >> before we grow to break, ethan, i saw you on "the kelly file." you did a good job. let's look at the highlights. >> how many people think that ted cruz won that debate? go ahead. >> i thought they were
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unprepared. >> how significant do you think that moment was? >> i think so. >> does any of this matter to the voters? >> yes i -- >> we have to go. >> coming up, will mark be made great again or is america already great?
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ethan, how was "the kelly file" last night. >> the worst day of my life. what do you think? >> okay. i think it is time for a --.
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donald trump made his campaign slogan famous by displaying it on his head. the make america great caps have been selling like johnny cakes. the dnc wanted to get in on the action and take a swipe at trump at the same time. they started selling their version. the mark is already great hat. take that, donald. i bet they thought it would be a great way to show their liberal cred and display patriotism. not so fast. the university of north carolina student newspaper says the hats are problematic because, quote, it i'm -- implies racism and imperialism is great. come on, you are supposed to be liberal. i never thought about it that way. someone should write a book of u.s. history. but from the history of the people. until then, thank you to the unc daily editors for making
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me realize liberalism and patriotism are completely incompatible. >> how dare they say america is great? >> how dare they? only because we are great and we are the best country on earth and that is a true and general rine statement. and genuine statement. >> that was refuted by the television show. >> i would love to get into that. seriously if we are going to raise kids to just focus on stan stan -- standardized tests and then they go off to college and we know statistically the professors are exceptionally hypers teg -- high percentage. the kids haven't learned how to think and they are not able to think for themselves. they are programed america bad. >> that's a great point.
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they get into college and they are so impressionable and they buy the whole thing. >> it is terrible that the united states of mark is being presented as an awful, terrible place. look around. the technology that is going to mars and it is amazing place over the course of history, but let's focus on the bad things and negate every good thing we have done. >> it is no zimbabwe. >> i always say these people all they have to do is compare it to other countries. >> they have this bubble and i have confronted liberals with that before. i say what about -- i know you don't like microuh dwretions
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in the comments, but what about putting acid on her face? they say i can't speak to that. i thought we were a global community. can't we jump on board? i have plenty of stuff going on. it fits your agendas. no, i would rather focus on video games. what i love is the cannibalism on the left. >> they have so many rules and hang ups that even when they try to grab their flag and go charge and everybody says whoa, whoa, no, no, no. we are fighting donald trump and you said america is good and that -- oh, okay. should i get a different hat? >> and they are eating each other. >> even to that point it is because mill millennials, these kids in school now, there is not even a loyalty to a party anymore. it is just the victim hood
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party. what angle can i find that makes me a victim and how can i complain about it? problematic is the battle cry. it is not that they are not thinking, but they are over thenging. they are trying to find the thing that propels their feater forward. >> if you say they have no loyalty to party. this gives me an opportunity to pick up votes from young people. >> i think that's what you are seeing. a lot of people who have never been a republican before are like donald trump. we are all about him. >> coming up, tv's andy levy is next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a night club fire in romania is killing at least 27 people. around 180 more were injured. initial reports indicated there was also an explosion, but that information has changed. witnesses say a band was performing using pyrotechnic affects when a spark on the stage started the fire.
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between 300 and 400 people were inside. a local tv station said the club had one exit door. president obama ordering boots on the ground in syria. the white house planning to send fewer than 50 special operations forces there. the deployment marking the first time u.s. troops will be working openly on the ground in the war torn country. they will support local forces as they battle isis and stressing this is not a combat mission. but they say it is made without a clear u.s. strategy in syria. the army taking blame for a blimp that broke loose in inked maryland. it knocked out power for tens of thousands of customers along the way. it was stuck there ever since. they plan to remove the final section with the help of helicopters. and a consumer alert. skipper peanut butter is being recalled in the u.s. it may contain metal
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shavings. they have a best if used by date of december 14th, 2016. these jars were shipped to publics target and wal-mart in seven states including georgia, alabama, north and south carolina, delaware and arkansas. i'm patricia stark, now back to "red eye." log on to fox welcome back and time to find out what we got wrong. hi andy. >> hi, tom. how are you? >> good. i shortened my intro. i thought i would catch you off guard. >> i am halfway done. dogs shooting guns. did you say it is not the gun's fault it is the dog's fault?
12:34 am
no it is not. >> you remember when pippt was in the water it was his fault. he got the steek and went and got his tummy rubbed. >> the article says alley carter was hunting water foul and put her 12 gauge shotgun on the ground and trigger stepped on the gun pulling the trigger. i am not saying she should have got shot by her dog, don't put your gun down with the safety off and don't sit down with the gun .ing at you or anyone else for that matter. i guess i am saying she did deserve to be shot by dog. no one is .ing out she should have seen this coming since her dog is ag -- a glockerspaniel. there were through,000 deaths from distacted sh -- distracted driving.
12:35 am
you have no idea. >> 3,000 people have died from distracted drivers. we have one a year getting shot from a dog. i will wager that out of those 3,000 distracted drivers we have two? one hit steven king. >> by the way i agree with you the dumb headline of this happens more often than you think is ridiculous. >> people don't get how big america is. there is 320 million people here. one had a freak -- a bucket rolled down and fell on an air conditioner and a wasp stunning the guy's nose. i thought it was zero. it is more than i thought. >> i can't stand those headlines. >> you don't know what i think, ma'am. >> jeb's stuff, gavin, you said jeff was right when he was talking about liberal arts majors at chick-fil-a.
12:36 am
i don't even know why this is controversial. >> yeah, i was adding meat to his bones. they should be penalized. they are selling a lemon. >> not everyone should be able to get a college degree. do you have a college degree? >> i do. >> i want to know why he said penalize instead of penalize? >> you can say that one. >> it reminds me of jenna -- genetilia. >> a lot of people who say you hospital go to college -- you shouldn't go to college. i don't mean it in a bad way or snarky way. i noticed that. >> it probably is a snarky way. >> i didn't mean it in a snarky way.
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>> how old were you? >> 74. >> i grew up in the family business and i worked outside the family business until i was 14. i worked hard. >> now you're just bragging. >> i know what hard work feels like. have i a picture on my wall of these folks there you go. >> hard work, you wish. an -- anthony, you made sure people were skilled at things like harpooning. how bad was the economic loss? >> we would have been on welfare all summer, winter. excuse me. >> have you been in character all nightlong and i am just now realizing this? >> she hasn't seen the move -- seen the movie. >> it was jaws. >> separate subject do we all agree that jeb is out of the
12:38 am
race? >> i don't know. andy, i do not. we had yawn kerry and -- we had john kerry and mccain and they were dead in the water. >> and gnar one is present. >> they got the nomination. >> and losing. he is the head mistress from "facts of life." some people forget how low they were to come back to win. >> college is offering halloween costumes consultants. you said you would rather check a jewish box than white box. >> yes. >> you want to know who else wanted to know how many? my grandfather was curious. >> joanne i agree with halloween should be about scary costumes. if you want to scare them come
12:39 am
on as a conservative asked to speak on campus. anthony you said it has gotten ridiculous with the colleges. i noticed our next story there is some coordination or they are using the same resources. the fosters said the same is thing. something is going on. >> you think cahoots? >> check in with each other and saying why. saying yeah. >> entirely possible. >> unc paper upset. it is really awful they are being portrayed as terrible. typical white guy stuff. >> what do you want me to do? those beaches will be open. >> i want you to check italian. >> i'll do that.
12:40 am
tom you always say all you have to do is compare america to other countries. but all of the other things they do is because of colonial and imperialism. i don't feel like saying that. i'm done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. i interview bruce campbell when we come back.
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more than 20 years after the last evil dead film bruce campbell is back as ash williams in the new star series ash versus evil dead which premieres on saturday night at 9:00 p.m. here is a sneak peek. >> evil is always waiting in the shadows. only one man would rise to stand against it. >> the first thing i have to do is see a guy about a book. >> there must be some -- something i can do. >> we fight through the carnage. let the boom stick do the talking. >> let's go.
12:45 am
>> i had a chance to talk to bruce campbell about the show. take a look. >> bruce, thanks for talking with me. >> i was in the neighborhood. >> listen., did you start it al? i feel like evil dead was the start of it. am i right? >> well you always have had maniacs and a 60s kind of deal. night of the living dead was grim and straight forward. the original evil dead was too. it was a straight forward movie with cheesy actors saying crappy lines of dialogue. actors saying we can't bury you, shelly, she is a friend of ours. i think that sliped into
12:46 am
comedy. a lot of the violence was over the top. you react and you laugh because it is startling and shocking. but then the second movie we got a little more relaxed and more gags and still in a horror context. his hand gets possessed and his happened runs around. now on paper that's a traumatic experience. it flips you off and is tormenting you in other ways. >> i feel like it is hard. >> i hope so. >> you made it hard to do the straight hard. people want to laugh at their -- >> i think "scream" was lighter and" nightmare on elm street," freddy was a joker, a child molester joker. >> i feel like from my perspective, i what the not allowed to see "evil dead" because i was in junior high. when i did my friends and i started to get into the series
12:47 am
and it was a revelation. before that it was "texas chain saw masacre" which was all terror all the time. >> terror 24/7. which is good too. if you do it right. it is one of my top five favorite movies. when the horror started it never stopped. we took notes. that was when we made the first evil dead. i saw texas chain saw at the drive in. >> i did too! i was at the drive in. >> that was a terrifying movie. >> torture porn, you don't like it. >> it is lazy film making. build up to a suspense. how to get somebody to jump and do the timing, that's film making. but a guy's penis in a vice for half han hour is -- han hour is lazy. and that's disturbing. that's not scary. >> now, do your fans cross over?
12:48 am
"burn notice"" evil dead"? >> no, it is interesting. they will not follow me. they are picky. the "burn notice" fans is there are people who never saw" evil dead" and we are like oh i didn't know that old guy made the weird movies so many years ago. i got retroactively discovered. >> quick question before i leave. do i look like michael weston? >> i think you could be burned. >> thanks. >> he doesn't like torture point. you liked the idea of a penis in a vice. >> i never thought about that. i never liked the movies, but he's right. it is not like you go ooo. if you are in a forest -- i saw "friday the 13th" as a teenager and i will be walking through the forest to get wood and i can feel the ax in my back and turning around. i am never going whoa! is there a vice there? no, phew.
12:49 am
>> anthony can you tell how giddy i was to meet him? he was the coolest guy in the world. >> it was blatantly obvious. you were in pear raw dice there. he is a dwr guy. he is a lot of fun to talk to and legendary in that genre. it is right. that suspense and the making you jump is so much better than sitting there and going that's just -- you can watch an al-qaeda or isis video and get the same disgust. >> go ahead and watch al-qaeda videos. do you like this genre, you know, "the evil dead"? are you going to watch it? >> i do and i get scared. i get invested in the film expiz think about the actors. you know it is not real and how do you make it that way? when i get uncomfortable i laugh. it is blending the humor in with the horror. i would just do that without
12:50 am
trying to. >> ethan, we have to go. are you going to watch it? >> yes. >> megyn kelly all over again. here at td ameritrade, they love innovating.
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and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. teamed up with scientists to
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create music designed for cats, cats -- cats' brains and ears. people who leave the radio on or play list when cats are home alone mistakenly think cats share their taste in music. they don't. the kickstarter campaign says the music is scientifically proven to enrich cats' lives. what does it sound like? here are cats enjoying one of the tracks. >> they have to sit or the owner won't play it. >> interesting. here is another track. >> ♪ a roamed and rambled ♪ i followed my foot steps ♪ from the sparkling sands ♪ >> is that bernie sanders? >> ♪ and all-around me a voice was sounding ♪
12:55 am
♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ >> unbelievable. they liked that one just as much. ethan, what do you think of music for cats? >> why not? $60 billion a year we spend on pets. why shouldn't we make music for cats. the question is when can my dog kiki take the emotional support -- >> when kiki can take her emotional support cat to the pet store to get the appropriate album, when is that going to happen? >> that's it. well, no one gets albums anymore, do this? >> they should make a musical. imagine a musical about cats. >> i bet it would play "now and forever. >> what is -- you know about cats and would you get cat
12:56 am
music for your cat. >> well my cat beavis, he doesn't like music. he likes porn and mississippi burning. >> really? >> pretty much that's all he gets to listen to. i hope he likes it. >> same thing. >> gavin, do you have any pets? >> i made a stupid mistake of getting my daughter a puppy and i want to throw it out the window. terrible decision. >> what is it? >> the cute paris hilton type of nondog. it is a ball. >> but it is probably good for a home. it is good for waking you up in the middle of the night so it can your -- urinate? >> do you have to take him out? >> we have a veranda. i am rich so -- >> can i say something about this? >> no. >> ladies, don't let your
12:57 am
ovaries dry up so you don't care about things like cat music. >> that's never been said by that kind of out -- outfit. >> president do let it happen to you! >> i'm tom shillue.
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back to the future, americans special operations troops on the ground in syria. and returning to iraq. what happened to the president's promise not to do that? this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, president obama is stepping up the fight inside syria. sending 50 special operations forces to the civil war-racked country. directly contradicting earlier vows not to put american boots on the ground. the decision comes as foreign ministers from the u.s. its allies, plus iran and russia gather in austria to try to find a way out of the quagmire. we h


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