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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 31, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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back to the future, americans special operations troops on the ground in syria. and returning to iraq. what happened to the president's promise not to do that? this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, president obama is stepping up the fight inside syria. sending 50 special operations forces to the civil war-racked country. directly contradicting earlier vows not to put american boots on the ground. the decision comes as foreign ministers from the u.s. its allies, plus iran and russia gather in austria to try to find a way out of the quagmire. we have fox team coverage.
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benjamin hall in vienna tells us what was accomplished today. we begin with correspondent kevin corke at the white house and what many see as a significant mission creep in the middle east. good evening, kevin. >> good evening to you, despite dismissing suggestions that this is in fact a classic case of mission creep. white house officials suggest tonight that this evolving strategy in syria is simply a reflection of conditions on the ground. for the white house this latest shift in syria strategy has been months in the making beginning with a meeting between the president and pentagon officials in july. the newest plan authorizes that up to 50 special ops forces be sent to northern syria creates a joint special operations task force with the iraqi government in baghdad. the plan also calls for the deployment of a-10 and f-15 aircraft in turkey, and for additional anti-isis assistance for coalition partners in jordan and lebanon. the white house says special operators will be on the ground to advise and assist. but could face combat
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situations. while the white house says the deployment is not much more than an enhancement in its current strategy, critics question the characterization. noting that the president himself has said repeatedly that he would not go down this road. >> my answer is simple -- i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> today administration officials said the situation is different than it was in 2013. but the mission is not. >> would you acknowledge or reject the notion that this is mission creep by any definition? and if you reject it, how do you explain that to the american people? >> kevin, the mission hasn't changed. >> mission creep occurs when the mission changes. when the mission expands. when the mission becomes something that it wasn't at the outis the. there's no change to the strategy. >> but on capitol hill, leaders from both parties strongly disagree. republican congressman mack thornberry of texas saying quote
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i do not see a strategy for success. rather it seems the administration is trying to avoid a disaster while the president runs out the clock. >> senator tim cain, democrat from virginia says it's time for congress to do its most solemn job, to debate and declare war. >> many experts remain skeptical. >> i'm disgusted, no i'm not angry, i'm disgusted. they may be really bad options, but if they're the only ones you've got left, they're the ones you used because you passed up everything else. we've passed up a lot of stuff. >> brett, the white house continues to make the argument, the fact that this is not a large-scale indefinite combat operation. that any parallels between what's going on now and what happened under the bush administration in iraq and afghanistan simply sin valid. but by any definition, american forces will face combat circumstances both on the ground and in the skies above. brett? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. foreign ministers from iran and russia joined secretary of state john kerry and his
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counterfarther frcounte counterpart from saudi arabia in talks aimed at making progress in syria's brutal and marathon civil war. correspondent benjamin hall has more from austria. >> today's talks in austria marked another u-turn in foreign policy. two years ago u.s. diplomats refused to attend a conference if the iranians were present but today they sat side by side with the russians. international opinion on the talks is split, with some saying that any dialogue must be a positive thing. but others have showed revulsion. saming the two invited, iran is tacit with assad's crimes. displacement of 11 million. secretary kerry addressed the differences. >> the united states' position regarding syria i emphasize, has not changed. sergei lavrov, foreign minister zarif and others and i agree to
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disagree. the united states' position is there is no way that president assad can unite and govern syria. >> nevertheless, they came together. 19 foreign ministers from around the world. sharing one main hurdle. assad, does he stay or does he go? saudi arabia, turkey and qatar who support the opposition insist assad leave before any change can come about. or at least the timeline is discussed for his departure. the russians and iranians refuse to budge. and they continue to support the fight for his cause. so the conflict continues. with little sign of improvement. today another 40 people died and 100 were wounded whet a rocket landed in a busy market. and adding insult to injury, iranian security forces today arrested another iranian american businessman who was working to improve ties between the two countries. russia's behavior was also brought into focus today.
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as general phillip breedlove, supreme allied commander of nato, questioned their suitability as a partner. >> so right now i do not see them as a partner. i would ask you to grade their paper across the last 18 months. but let's get this on the table, too. >> so today here in vienna, a day that secretary kerry had called a milestone in the syria talks, we're again reminded of the strange bedfellows that he has chosen and how little russia and iran have changed their tune. back to you, brett. >> benjamin hall live in vienna. more fallout tonight from this week's republican presidential debate. the rnc is mad at nbc and the candidates are mad at the rnc. correspondent doug mcelway sorts it out for us. >> the soft-spoken chairman of the republican national committee summed up cnbc's debate with some very choice words last night. >> i just can't tell you how pissed off i am in what was
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delivered was just nothing but a crap sandwich. >> priebus followed up with an unprecedented move. suspending nbc's co-partnership of the upcoming gop debate in february while retaining debate co-party, "national review." in a letter to nbc news chairman andrew lack, priebus accused the network of quote gotcha questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone and designed to embarrass our candidates. but left some wiggle room. quote i'll be working with the candidates to discuss how to move forward and will be in touch. in a pointed response, nbc reminded rnc of its coveted demographic and saying along with our debate broadcast partner telemundo we'll work it in good faith to resolve this matter. fox news has learned that representatives of several gop candidates will meet sunday to find ways to alter future debate formats, including insisting on an opening statement at minimum. >> then give everybody two or three or four minutes to answer a question and have some rebuttals and some clarifying
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questions. and you could get that done in a two-hour period. >> an apparent slight, no one from the rnc is invited. >> i like reince priebus, he's a nice man, trying to build a strong republican party. here's my advice -- allow all of us to have a say. break the field in two groups. with less people on the stage. having more quality time to express who we are and why we want to be president. >> one long-time analyst suggests the rnc bears little blame for the cnbc debacle. >> you can complain about a lot of things, but complaining about what the rnc did do set up these debates. they're not responsible for what happened. >> the sunday meeting may simply be the candidates' jockeying for better position that took a turn yesterday when the bush campaign released opposition research on marco rubio. it accused 2012 gop nominee mitt romney of rejecting rubio as a running mate because of past sketchy financial dealings. senator rubio's legislative
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record and high personal character would have been a great asset to governor romney. jeb bush is struggling to keep a happy face on a faltering campaign. >> are you having any fun? >> yeah, you saw did, lots of fun. >> the chief operating officer is not having any fun, she announced her resignation, saying i've got no comment, i've just got to go. up next, hillary clinton heads to dixie. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering, in new york, where one person was killed when a building collapsed in midtown. the structure was being demolish dodd make room for a 27-story hotel. fox 2 in detroit, with amazing video of a woman resisting arrest during a traffic stop. she gets back in the car, goes into reverse and hits the officer with her door before driving off. the officer was hurt, but returned to work. the woman is now facing felony charges. and this is a live look at austin, texas from our facility fox 7, the big story there
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tonight, severe weather in the area, watches, warnings in effect. some areas near san antonio yhae receivered 11 inches of rain. trying to confirm possible tornadoes in wilson, medinah and qu guadal
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jackson. >> my friend and sister. >> on a day she unveiled a criminal justice reform ban that includes banning racial profiling and eliminating sentencing disparities between crack and powdered cocaine. after months of splitting with president obama, she declared the commander-in-chief does not get enough credit on the economy. she tried to effect a distinctively southern accent. >> maybe you can't run for president on a love and kindness platform. but i am going to try. >> georgia is one of the 11 mostly southern states where voters go to the polls for super tuesday on march 1st. so building african-american support is an insurance policy for clinton. in case she loses an early state like new hampshire. democratic socialist senator bernie sanders, who has struggled to gain african-american support and today in the granite state
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lashed out against voter suppression in alabama. >> just convince leincidentally in the black neighborhoods, the department of motor vehicles offices were shut down. >> black lives matter protesters repeatedly tried to disrupt an african-americans for clinton rally late anywhere the day. while her supporters shouted let her talk. >> the feelings that come forward -- >> and while clinton has insisted only the press cares about her email situation, she was confronted on that thursday by a vote anywhere new hampshire. >> you said earlier that you wanted to end corruption. but how can you do that, after the whitewater scandals, benghazi and the deleted emails. >> i advise you go back and read my 11 hours of testimony. i hope you enjoy it. >> that fires up clinton backers in a democratic primary battle. though it may be different in a general election. when asked earlier this month in an "associated press"/jfk poll
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if clinton is honest, 33% said somewhat. >> a senior official confirms the white house has decided they will not release any emails between the president and secretary clinton until after she leaves office, citing past precedent. i'm told there's a small number of emails between the two leaders, mostly nonsubstantive. this shows the president knew she was using private email. the onus is on the secretary to plea serve those records. >> so we're still going through them. it's interesting exchange every time you get one of these. >> no doubt. huma abedin giving information from the egyptian foreign minister and clinton says why are you emailing me and if she realizes we shouldn't be putting this on email and a whole bunch is redacted. a couple emails giving hillary clinton updates about a facility in chile. u.s. facility hit by earthquake. another facility in kurdistan. a security problem. why is that interesting? those made it to her desk,
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email. at the benghazi hearing hillary clinton says i usually didn't get those kinds of updates about u.s. compounds, i didn't know about the 600 requests for security at benghazi. when you put it together, interesting differences. there is one fewer prisoner at guantanamo bay tonight. it is the latest effort in president obama's ongoing struggle to shut down terrorist prisons. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tells us how that's going from the pentagon. >> he's the 15th gitmo detainee released by the pentagon this year. and the last british prisoner held at guantanamo bay. a private plane carrying shacker amir landed in london. a saudi who married a british woman was captured in 2002 in afghanistan, where he claimed he ran a girls school. u.s. government said he was was an associate of osama bin laden. his release is part of the obama administration's race to shut the controversial military prison. where 112 prisoners captured after 9/11 remain. the president said it was one
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reason he vetoed the defense authorization act last week. >> guantanamo is one of the premiere mechanisms for jihadist to recruit. it's time for us to close it. >> amir led the prisoners in hunger strikes. the united states never charged him with a crime. but he was accused of sharing an apartment with zacharias moussaoui. and senator john mccain chastised the defense second during an armed services committee hearing this week. >> i've always favored closing guantanamo for a whole variety of reasons, yet we still haven't got a plan from you. >> in order to close gitmo, as you know, we would need to find a location in the united states or locations, in which they could continue to be detained. >> as of july 15th, 653 gitmo prisoners had been released and transferred to other countries. more than 17% are confirmed to
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have returned to the fight. 12% more are suspected. defense teams have been visiting potential prisons in the u.s. to house the gitmo detainees who the government feels are too dangerous to release. they have visited fort leavenworth, charleston and most recently, colorado. >> thank you. still ahead, san francisco's last gun store is about to close. we'll tell you why. first is the tax man snooping on you? why the irs is using cell phone surveillance technology on taxpayers.
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the irs could be tracking you through your cell phone and you might not know. a couple of powerful senators on
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both sides of the aisle want answers, chief congressional correspondent has more. >> the irs is concerned irs secret cell phone tracking systems. irs commissioner was asked about it at a senate finance committee hearing this week. >> i would stress it follows the justice department rules, it requires a court order and it requires probable cause with regard to criminal investigations. it is not used in civil matters at all. it's not used by other employees of the irs. >> how frequently are irs criminal investigators obtaining location data about the people they investigate? >> i'll have to get you that information. >> the "guardian" reported that the irs had spent $71,000 to upgrade the technology known as cell site simulators. part of the money was designed for the tax collection agency to receive training from the company that manufactures the equipment. it raises the attention of
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republican chairman chuck grassley and patrick leahy. they fired off a letter to treasury secretary jack lew late yesterday writing while the devices can be useful tools for identifying a suspect cell phone, we have previously expressed concerns about the privacy implications of these devices. grassley and leahy added quote the devices indiscriminately gather information about the cell phones of innocent people who are simply in the vicinity of the device. those senators have plenty of questions for koskinen and the irs. brett? >> mike thank you. the budget deal that many republicans say is a bad deal is now a done deal. president obama is expected to sign the agreement as soon as it reaches his desk. the senate gave its approval overnight after passage by the house. the measure effectively averts a government shutdown over the budget or debt ceiling through the next year's election. stocks were down today. but closed out their best month
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in four years. for the day, the dow lost 92, the s&p 500 fell 10, the nasdaq gave back 21. for the week the dow gained about .1%. the s&p 500 was up fifth and the nasdaq finned up about a half a point. the dow surged about 8.5 percentage points. the nasdaq finished ahead almost 9.5 for the month. consumer spending and income growth were lower in september than in the past several months. let's get more on this and what's happening with the economy. fox business network's trish ragen is with us from new york. >> yeah, you know you pointed to the consumer spending number. and wages really not going anywhere. and what it tells you, brett, is once again it reinforces this very weak economic situation we're in. now one of the reasons we saw consumer prices decline was actually because gas prices have been going down.
1:26 am
rather consumer spending decl e declined, was because gas prices have been going down. people aren't paying as much at the pump and not spending as much. good news. you know because of course we all like lower prices at the pump. it should at some point should be translating into some kind of economic growth. when you look at wages, this is very troubling. wages going nowhere. you got to start wondering at some point do we need to worry about deflation? and deflation, brett, is very, very hard to fight so that's the concern. >> but trish, why the disconnect then between the markets and the real economy? >> well it's a very good question. we have got a market that just been on fire. it's in part tied to very accommodative as they say federal reserve. the federal reserve has been keeping interest rates low at zero. for over six years. you've got very accommodative environment in the way of lots of money printing. multiple rounds of money
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printing. all of this leads to enthusiasm when it comes to these valuations on the stock market. people are clamoring to buy all these stocks, companies are clamoring to buy each other. you start to see a little bit of that irrational exuberance that we've seen before and it's worrisome to a lot of very smart people. so this is important, the disconnect between the stock market and the reality of an anemic economy is significant. >> trish, as always, thank you. be sure to check out the intelligence report with trish regan weekdays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. >> trish will be part of the next republican debate, tuesday november 10th. definitely worth checking that out. no more coffee, no more tea, for the folks at some hospitals in england. we'll tell you the strange reason why next. looks like some folks have had it
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the university of north carolina student newspaper says calling america great is not a great idea. the democratic party is selling merchandise with the tagline, america is already great. in obvious reference to the donald trump make america great again hats.
1:32 am
well the daily tarheel says the idea that america is already great implies quote, that over two centuries of systemic racism and imperialism are great. come on, dems, you're supposedly liberal. the same article begins by saying -- blank you to the republican governor pat mccrory over a recent bill he signed into law. the paper did not abbreviate the curse word, but left out an all-important vowel. alabama's teacher of the year and 2015 teacher of the year national finalist has had it with teaching. is resigning, it has nothing to do with students or parents. anne marie korgle quit after the state told her she was unqualified to be in the classroom citing certification issues. she said after 21 years of teaching in grades 1-6 i have no answer to as to why this is an issue now. so instead of paying more fees,
1:33 am
taking more tests and proving wruns again that i'm qualified to teach, i'm resigning. birmingham schools say the district is working on the matter. tea time has been canceled. three english hospitals have banned met medics and staff from drinking tea or coffee on the job. not kidding here. an email went out saying members of the public are frustrated by long waiting times at clinics for appointments and inflamed by seeing members of staff enjoying hot and cold drinks at the reception desks. critics call the measure ridiculous and draconian. one wondered if bathroom breaks will be the next to go. san francisco residents seeking to exercise their second amdment rights will have to go out of town to get started. the city's last gun store is about to close. correspondent claudia cohen tells us why. >> for years this gun store was a rebel outpost in san francisco. now high bridge arms says the city's anti-gun policies have finally killed their business. >> close the doors here in san
1:34 am
francisco. and hopefully move on to something else. >> it's sad that there rth going to be any gun stores left in the city. you know, we'll have to go a lot further to conduct our business now. >> amid the final sales of guns and ammunition, staff and patrons wonder why compliance with security measures, strict record keepings, limits on window displays and a host of other regulations weren't enough to satisfy city hall. >> if they show us data, proof, someone to do that these regulations would help and actually reduce violence in san francisco, i would get right behind it. but the fact is, that data won't be there because it doesn't exist. >> el cairo said san francisco's anti-gun policies have scared customers away. adding there's no proof a weapon sold here was ever used in a crime. still county supervisor mark farrell wants this and any future gun store in san francisco to videotape all gun sales and share data about ammunition sales with police.
1:35 am
he admits the idea is to deter legal gun and if that means the store is closing? >> i would much rather see a preschool, a coffee shop, a senior center, something that's contribute together vitality of the neighborhood here in san francisco than a gun store. >> in a statement, the national rifle association says the new law quote will only serve to harass and deter law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional right to self-protection. san francisco residents can still own a gun. but now they'll have to go outside city limits to buy one. brett? >> claudia, thank you. the u.s. sending special operations forces to syria and back to iraq. we'll talk about it with the panel, when we come back. need to hire fast? go to and post your job
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i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> i won't commit our troops to
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fighting another ground war in iraq or syria. it's more effective to use our capabilities to help partners on the ground secure their own countries' futures. >> the president was making the point he wasn't prepared to put boots on the ground to take down the assad regime. that's the quote you've pulled there is a very different situation. but because the responsibility is they have is not to lead the charge to take a hill. but rather, to offer advice and assistance to those local forces. about the best way they can organize their efforts. to take the fight to isil. >> okay. the white house, the state department saying this is not mission creep. this is an enhancement of current strategy. the president announcing today that the white house, the president will deploy about 50 special operations forces into syria. and back into iraq. authorizing this, to assist local forces on the ground. establish a joint special operations task force with the
1:40 am
iraqi government in baghdad. plan calling for deployment of a-10s, and f- 15s from an air base in turkey and for additional anti-isis military assist tons jordan and lebanon. one of the people who has been calling for increased support had been senator john mccain who released this statement today. unfortunately this limited action is yet another insufficient step in the obama administration's policy of gradual escalation. despite today's announcement, there's still no compelling reason to believe that anything we're currently doing will be sufficient to achieve the president's stated goal of degrading and ultimately destroying isil. let's bring in steve hayes, writer for the "weekly standard," and jonah goldberg, writer for the "national review." >> i listened to the josh earnest press conference today. it was impenetrable opaque wall of sound and that's not a phil specter reference, right? the legalese about saying it's, these are not combat troops, but
1:41 am
they will be in combat, but we won't call it combat, and the idea that you know, even went to great lengths to sort of say that you know, denounce the firk iraq war to play that card again and say that's what president obama meant when he said no boots on the ground ever. and yet you can find all of these quotes from barack obama simply saying no boots on the ground, ever. i think it should be boots on the ground. there should only be boots on the ground if it's in furtherance of an actual strategy and there's no evidence that there is a real strategy other than kicking the can down the road until he's out of office. >> the interesting thing is that the special operations forces will be helping local forces. but it's complicated, because one, they've got isis that they're fighting. but two, the russians are there with the iranians. and it's all kinds of conflicting. >> absolutely. it was interesting today, that the russians and the iranians and the americans in the form of john kerry came together to talk
1:42 am
about ways to have a diplomatic operation in parallel to this. it seems on its face sort of counterintuitive. you're talking about putting u.s. forces on the ground where as we've all said, obama has said for four years now, they would never be. at the same time as they're trying to come up with a diplomatic path forward. but one of the main things that that diplomatic path forward is going to try to do is figure out a way not to have americans, russians and iranians in military conflict with one another. >> military speaking, 50 special ops forces, is just not a lot of people. >> meaningless. >> they're very effective at what they do. but still -- >> they can be the most effective people in the world at what they do and 50 of them won't make a difference. unless the president decides he's serious about eliminating isis and removing bashar al assad. we know that's not something
1:43 am
he's contemplating. he hasn't even followed through on his promise to degrade isis in a serious way. you count the number of sorties, it paels in compares ton previous campaign. we know what it looks like when the united states wants to eliminate an enemy. that's not what this looks like. josh earnest is technically right this isn't a change of strategy, because there is no strategy. by definition, you can't change something you don't have. on the diplomatic front i find it ironic that the administration is partnering with russia on this, at a time when we have russia in effect fighting on the other side, and after two years of hearing the administration say that they were going to be diplomatically isolating russia in punishment for what russia has h done in the cree creimean peninsula.
1:44 am
>> literally nobody i talked to put that question to today. so that it would have any significant effect on that final objective at all. >> i agree with it entirely. you talk to some people, there's a political strategy that might be at work here. that the first 50 are just the camel's nose under the tent. that way you get 50, they're only advisers, it doesn't sound like a big deal. that's page one of the "new york times," then in three months, it's another 500 and it's on page 15 of the "new york times," everyone thinks it's going to be mission creep whether or not it fits the technical definition. >> this is what happened to john kennedy, too. let me ask you this, hillary clinton is for a no fly zone. do you think that's going do evolve, too? >> absolutely. i think the this president may not get to a no-fly zone but
1:45 am
putting military trainers and advisers in syria is one step toward that you need effective no-fly zone has to have american or well-trained proxy coordinators on the ground. and this possibly is one step toward that. i think as you say this may take a while to get there. but if this is mission creep, the creep has already crept. this, a train has left here, that obama said four years ago, would never leave. all of that aside, the next president is going to inherit this. whatever it is. on january 20th, the next president will have to figure out what to do with it. >> i would argue this is the official roll-out. but we've been on the ground in syria, with people for quite sometime. >> effectively and certainly not just in the advise and assist capacity. th this is combat. whether they want to admit it or not. next up, the friday lightning round, plus, yes, casino. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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people are watching these debates this year in cycles past that was not always the case. and so, yeah. i mean, tv is going to have to play a little ball with the rnc here. >> we should point out, jonah, that national review, partner with nbc for are that debate although the rnc says you are good to go. it's just your partner that maybe the problem. >> trust us a little bit more. at least on a liberal bias
1:51 am
side. there is no harm for any of these presidential candidates to freeze out the rnc at a time when the ted cruz is talking about the washington cartel. ted cruz is trying to prove he isup set it wasn't all his faith fault. secondly trying to pedal nbc thank you and may i have another. get them to grabble and come back to the table. >> after the debate, it's time to head into the candidate casino. it is friday, after all. some people love. this some people really hate it. it's amazing on twitter and facebook. we do it anyway. we're back with the panel. you have $100 in chips. this is to find the eventual nominee. how do you break up your 100ed? steve hayes? >> so for the republicans i'm giving $55 to marco rubio. 25 to ted cruz. 10 to chris christie. 5 each to ben carson and donald trump. i mean, i think carson and trump have a path but it's a narrow path despite the fact that they are leading national polls today and doing well in the early states. rubio, to me, feels like apple stock in the late
1:52 am
1990s. he has talent. he has a lot of things going for him. and people are beginning to see it the more he gets a stage to present it it ted cruz, i thought, had a really terrific debate the other night and sort of stood out from the crowd in a way that he hadn't in the previous two debates. i imagine he does get a lot of looks from the people who eventually move on from ben carson and donald trump. >> it's your first time in the casino. >> yeah. my first gamble here. >> okay. welcome. >> i have not done well in actual gambling. >> we will see how do you here. >> i also have rubio on top. '$0 on rubio. 30 also on bush, yeah, i know. but campaigns are very long and on paper he has all of the attributes to go that distance. he doesn't have a lot of time to make up for the hole that he appears to be in right now but i think over the ark of a long campaign he has an equal shot to rubio. 20 on trump. 10 on carson and 10 on
1:53 am
kasich. i think both trump and carson have shown greater staying power than i would have expected some months before and i think they deserve to be a part of this now. >> okay. on twitter, bobby writes in cruz. has got 50 on rubio, 15 on kasich. 10 on christie. and then we have got yvonne. she is going heavy trump. 60 on trump. 25 on cruz. 15 on carson. then this was interesting. kettle brand chips said brett, i would eat them. why would you put chips on weight -- so we have brands that are watching -- watching the casino. i thought we would share that one. >> the potato chips have come self-aware. bad news for me. so, for similar reasons, steve explained, i went almost all in for the cubans. 45 on rubio. 45 on cruz. i think christie is the most undervalued guy out there. i think he has the best
1:54 am
chance unlike jeb bush, to actually replicate the mccain strategy of catapulting out of new hampshire and $5 on trump. if i could make a side bet i would put, if you gave me good odds that the eventual ticket is all cuban. >> wow, that's long odds. okay. quickly, winners and losers? winner first? >> my winner for the same reasons that steve laid out is marco rubio. he took apart his greatest competition jeb bush like hand bell lecture versus a census taker. biggest loser of the night was cnbc who got the most amazing ratings they ever had in 30 years only to get exposed as incompetent and biased which has to sting. >> winner, then loser, ann? >> winner hillary clinton. i think every week that has trump and carson at the top of the republican field is a good one for her. she has also consolidated herbert standing in the polls after the benghazi hearing nbc poll out just this week has her over 50%.
1:55 am
loser was jeb bush. he needed to really hit a grand slam at this debate and i think he got a single, maybe, maybe. and he needed to look a lot more fired up than he did. i just spent a day with him in new hampshire. and he didn't look that fired up there either. >> steve? >> my winner sr. house republicans because, after years of in fighting one could argue dysfunction they have managed to elevate in paul ryan a house speaker who is a long-time movement conservative has taken on the establishment and won. and as an effective spokesman for reform conservatism. my loser is hillary clinton. she had a good week. i think many thought she she had a great week last week. these emails today are a reminder she said things in her testimony that didn't get the kind of scrutiny immediately that they are getting now. she has got in these new emails several contradictions of her testimony from last week. >> we will will follow it that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see who is putting words in the mouths of the democratic
1:56 am
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finally tonight, we have been focusing this week on the republican debate but the democratic debate recently received the bad lip reading treatment. >> this woman makes dynamite beans. >> i do, pinto, pinto. [ laughter ] >> pintos. ask anderson. let me say something about those beans as well. ooooooh. >> can i help you? >> i don't like how she stares, it's super creep j um-huh um-huh. >> i love these beans. destroy the mysteries and then go fight chewbacca. >> i love those. oh, so good. thanks for inviting us into
2:00 am
your home tonight pinto. pinto. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget we fall back this weekend. set back the clocks on sunday. he wants to prove his point. have a great weekend. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the world to 2016. i'm tucker carlson in for sean. the republican candidates believed there were biased and unfair questions from the moderators at cnbc during the gop debate this week in colorado. reince priebus promised to evaluate all future debates and earlier today priebus announced he was, quote, suspending the partnership with nbc news and putting their february debate on ice. this move seems to make sense given the questions some candidates were asked by


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