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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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pinto. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget we fall back this weekend. set back the clocks on sunday. he wants to prove his point. have a great weekend. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the world to 2016. i'm tucker carlson in for sean. the republican candidates believed there were biased and unfair questions from the moderators at cnbc during the gop debate this week in colorado. reince priebus promised to evaluate all future debates and earlier today priebus announced he was, quote, suspending the partnership with nbc news and putting their february debate on ice. this move seems to make sense given the questions some candidates were asked by the
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cnbc moderators. take a look at a selection of them. >> what is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it? >> is this a comic book version of a campaign. >> you have as much chance cutting taxes as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms. >> you have to cut it by 40%. >> that's not true. >> it is true. i looked at the numbers. >> you said yesterday that you were hearing proposals that were just crazy from your colleagues. >> yeah. >> who are you talking about? >> now you're skipping more votes to run for president. why not slow down or at least finish what you start? >> it raises the question whether you have the maturity and wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy. what do you say? >> joining us now, some of the smartest people in washington, jonah goldberg, democratic strategist joe trippe and from the washington times, charlie hurt. welcome to you all. i want to play a quick montage
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of the reaction some of the candidates had of the debate in colorado. >> every question is an insalt, an attack, asking one republican to attack another republican. they don't do that to the democrats. >> they were very, very nasty to a lot of people last night and i think that they suffered. i've been reading such terrible reviews about the commentators last night for cnbc. >> they obviously have an agenda and when i compare them to the kind of questions that were asked of the democrats in their debate, the difference is night and day. >> not only were the questions snarky and devise tif and nonsubstantive, they were just biased. the questions were biased. >> they asked about fantasy football? really? we have workforce participation rates in this country the lowest since 1977, declining income for the middle class and we're talking about fantasy football. wow. >> so charlie, to you first,
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obviously cnbc did a bad job. they put john harwood on television, which is insane just to begin with. wasn't the debate pretty interesting, a, pretty instructive, you didn't even learn anything about the candidates and was it a total failure? >> absolutely. you had nurse rachet and the other two revealing all of their politics wearing everything on the sleeve and asking ridiculous questions. absolutely tucker. i thought it was fascinating and so entertaining. somebody who likes to see the media get beat up, my goodness, this was just are a slug fest. even jeb bush was able to land a couple of punches on them. it was absolutely delightful and i think in a very important way it revealed some very good things about a lot of the candidates, some strengths we had not seen before. >> that's exactly right. it's nice, jonah, isn't it, to
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see the media live down to the stereotype, their horribleness. let's talk about the reaction to that. you often see republican candidates attack the press but, from my perspective, ted cruz went above and beyond. he created a masterpiece on the stage. do you think it worked? >> i think it worked great for him. he already raised a lot of money. he was exactly right. ted cruz is a classically trained debater. and he was able to sort of remember all of the stupid questions that the other guys were asked and repackage them on the moderator. i'm actually in agreement with ted cruz and ben carson. in those clips you just played, the real outrage isn't the bias or nasty or misleading questions that come from these moderators for republicans. you know, you're supposed to be able to hit a curveball when you're running for the president of the united states. what's outrageous is they don't do anything of this sort to democrats and that's sort of the standard practice, that
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republicans are always asked these, when did you stop beating your wife questions and how do you justify your existence on this planet questions and democrats are asked, show us how much you care. >> or my favorite, i hate you. please respond. >> that's the best. so i watched this debate trying to think like a democrat. i had a few drinks. but i think carly fiorina, not only is she wildly articulate, she's a woman, doesn't that disarm hillary entirely? she's running solely on her gender. what would she say to her if they ran against each other in a deba debate? >> i don't know. it's really out there to say that carly is going to end up being the nominee. certainly the hillary camp is not worried about that outcome. the one thing about the debate,
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tucker, is that i just can't believe the rnc has decided not to do another nbc debate. why not? the candidates -- the candidates won. the gop field won and cnbc lost. you would think they would want to take another round at nbc. i just don't really get it. >> i hate to concede your point. charlie, if you're cnbc and you have partisan animus, why wouldn't you do a much more -- why don't you say, in 30 second, explain what the federal reserve bank does. that would be devastating, no? >> yes. people look at cnbc for business news and market news during the entire trading day. for them to go out there and really -- tucker, that's the part that i thought was the worst of all, was not just the overbiased of it but the lack of
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preparedness and unprofessionalism with which it was carried out, like you're going to flap your wings and fly away, that was a prepared statement and it wasn't funny and it wasn't sharp and it was just -- you know, it really did -- cnbc was the big loser here. they looked ridiculous. >> and to be fair, not all of the candidates looked that great either. they win over the field much more quickly than what happened without them, i think. as of today, who do you think the top three contenders are for the actual nomination, not just for the voters? >> yeah. i think -- i'm more and more inclined to think that it's going to be down to rubio and cruz at the end of this whole thing with maybe one outsiders, whether that's trump or carson sticking around to the end. chris christie is underestimated as a potential breakout figure in all of this.
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but one thing i thought was really interesting, when jeb bush was asked about fantasy football, that was the answer he should have given during the debate and completely blew it and it probably hurt him as much as the rubio exchange. >> i know. the poor guy. it's interesting to hear people criticizing jeb. he's such a nice man. so joe trippe, why wouldn't hillary clinton be concerned about rubio? they were rejecting dynasties. she's the member of the most famous dynasty. voters aren't in the mood for dynasties. >> well, i don't think that's necessarily true or the way that they will look at her candidacy. i understand we can have a difference on that. i don't think you're right about them not being concerned about rubio. they are very concerned about rubio. there's three or four should
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be showing up to work. the senate, what is it, like a french work week where you get three days to show up? >> french work week. good line. did it work? jeb bush comes out swinging against marco rubio. was it smart politics? plus, president obama putting boots on the ground in
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and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. welcome back to the sean hannity éqisprogram. former governor jeb bush is getting hit by every side. there was a title written "not ready for primetime bush." many believe governor bush is using attacks to counter his falling numbers, as all candidates do, by the way. you might remember this from wednesday's debate. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing up to work. literally, the senate, what is it, like a french work week? you get three days where you have to show up?
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you can campaign or just resign and let somebody else take over you are the job. >> that you're going to launch a furious come back the way he did by fighting hard in new hampshire and places like that, carry your own bag at the airport. do you know how many votes mccain missed? jeb, i don't remember?@ you eve complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> joining me now, lisa boothe and fox news contributor. welcome to you all. >> let me be the only person who defends jeb. he was making an entirely valid point, promising to do something good and got bored and stopped showing up to work. >> it sounds right. i agree with you.
2:27 am
i think senator rubio did a great job responding. the problem with governor bush is he looksh dáq)petually afrai. there's a hesitancy. he almost seemed surprised that rubio answered back. there was no preparation for what the answer might be. i think it was a softball. it was expected. rubio had to know that that was coming. jeb bush seemed shocked that there was an answer and i think that's the dynamic that hurts him. it's as though he's at sea in the midst of something that he himself is perpetuating, which is the question, he went for it, i think it's a legitimate question. more people should ask. and you notice, of course, mr. rubio did not really answer the question. >> right. >> he's going to have to answer those issues about what he was doing in florida, issues of credit cards, the nature of his spending ideas, all of that. he's going to have to answer. >> that's true. so david, a lot of good men lose elections and i feel sorry for every single one and feel sad/x for jeb bush watching all of. this i can't help noting that the republican establishment decided very early on, more than
2:28 am
a year ago, that they were going to overwhelm the field with money and they thought that would be enough. isn't one of the lessons of this, you have to keep paying attention to what voters want. it's not about how much money you raise but the desires of voters. >> tucker, look, jeb bush is no stranger to hard-knuckle campaign. he's been through his diown. he's been through it with his brother and been through it with his father. he knows the pace that campaigns take. and he still has a number of positive things going for him. i wrote in "the wall street journal" this week that we haven't nominated someone since 1940 who didn't have government experience. governor bush has that, as does a number of people in the field, but that's an asset that he has. he has a record of cutting taxes and shrinking the size of government in the state of florida. all of that said, for governor bush to get the nomination, he has to leave the attacks to someone else. he's not good at them. and he needs to be talking about
2:29 am
what will america look like during a jeb bush presidency? what is he going to do? what specific policies is he going to push? he has a tax plan that i assure you, less than 1% of republican primary voters know what is in it. if he starts talking about that and getting the message where he wants it to be and keeps him a contender. >> that's a totally fair point. lisa, isn't that the deepest of all points? you should do what you're good at and be who you are. when you are false, you're revealed as phony. he's not an attack guy. it's not who he is. who told him to do that and shouldn't that person be fired? >> he's also a lackluster candidate. tucker, it's like dating. the more dangerous you become, jeb bush is an indication of just that. the numbers don't look good for him right now. since june, his net favorability as dropped the most out of any candidate. if you look at his fundraising,
2:30 am
his burn rate was 30% which caused his8e campaign to cut th budget by 50% or almost 50%. his chief operating officer just had to step down, i believe, because of costs. he has less cash on hand than candidates like marco rubio, ted cruz and ben carson and the biggest problem for him was that exchange with marco rubio and his ability to shut down the moderator's attack on his voting record. >> there's no debating that. isn't it also true that all losing candidates, it's just true, all losing candidates are bad candidates. it's never really about the candidates. it's about what the electorate wants. maybe it's just not their year. >> it was a base of good candidates, good options that he isn't the only one that experienced and i think that
2:31 am
matters. i think it's inappropriate to attack. i don't think calling somebody out for their bad record or what they are doing is unpresidential or inappropriate. you saw the impact trump had on kasich with the lehman brother association. if you can't confront marco rubio, how are you going to confront vladimir putin? >> thank you all. we could go on forever. >> and we will. >> and we will. now in a stunning reversal, the obama administration says it will send u.s. special operators into syria on the ground. colonel ralph peters will explainmr what this means. also what this means for the upcoming presidential election. that and m
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welcome back to "hannity." the white house broke a public promise not to put troops on the groundtu in syria. in light of this policy shift, how will all of this affect the 2016 campaign for president? well, here are some varying ways the republican presidential candidates say they would handle isis. watch. >> create a safe zone within syria, the turks said they would cooperate and from that spot is where these rebel groups and those that will take on isis and assad organize themselves. >> i think we can train them, give them better weapons and i'm not talking about rebels but our allies in jordan, egypt, the emiratis and use american
2:38 am
military air power. >> we need to re-establish forward-leaning military presence to be able to take out isis and as it relates to syria, this has been made extraordinarily more complicated by inaction. >> so boots on the ground in iraq. >> frankly, if russia wants to do it also, i'm okay with it. >> 20 bucks to figure out what any of that means. joining us now, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. thank you for joining us. what exactly is the u.s. foreign policy goal in syria? who do we want to run syria when the smoke clears? >> we have no idea and the policy goal of this administration -- and the word is policy, not strategic -- the policy goal is for obama to get through until he passes his baton. he's just trying to survive. and what we heard today with much value, up to 50 special forces personnel going to syria to help guide air strikes,
2:39 am
coordinate operations, that is not a grand, strategic turnaround. it's an attemptnw catastrophically failing policy that's so disastrous at this point that even when we succeed against islamic state, it only helps iran and russia and the assad regime. we go after islamic state for russia and they go after the more moderate operation and wipe it out and create -- >> why shouldn't we be supporting or roolting assad regime, too? yes, it's evil but relatively speaking, it's not the most evil rebel groups in syria, maybe the least and why is it unthinkable that we would, in the end, be re-establishing control over that country and stop the
2:40 am
hemorrhaging into europe. >> well, several reasons. one, the assad regime with the barrel bombs now supported by iran have killed far more muslims and others that islamic state has. i'm not giving you a brief for islamic state but in sheer numbers, the dead, the blood is on assad's hands. another reason, at this point, the russians, iranians are purposely engaging in religious cleansing. they are driving all of the sunni muslims out of western and northwestern syria. those are the refugees pouring into europe now. very relatively fewer islamic state. they are fleeing assad and assad is perfectly happy to have them driven out of his country and he'd rather have fewer people in control of the territory. meanwhile, putin is happy to disrupt the eu. >> but syria is a large
2:41 am
multiethnic -- >> not anymore. >> it was. >> before the civil war it was presided overtpíi!y bashar al ad and before that his father. so they have a track record of keeping it very complex country in one piece. isn't that our goal to see the countries run by someone who can keep them from beginning black holes? >> well, i just think it's too late. every argument you're making, tucker, is technically correct. the assad regime protecting the majority christians, jews, it was four years ago. now it's gotten so gruesome, i don't think syria will ever be completely put back together. the borders remain infatuated and they are gone. we speak of iraq and syria because we don't have new names for them. kurdistan is emerging.
2:42 am
one, we belatedly backed the guys who remain ill to us and we waste american blood when, fact is, as you know, borders have always changed. they are changing now and the bottom line is, there is no good choice left for us in syria. i think my own preference is to cut back on what we're doing and let the russians and iranians have it for a while and see how they like it. >> that doesn't seem like such a bad idea. wouldn't it help, though, if the united states had a clear picture of who we want to run it? because then at least you could root for that person rather than just sort of pretending we're going to undermine this guy with the hope that they will turn out to be moderate. shouldn't we start there with the goal? >> of course we should. that's not the way the obama administration works. it's all politics. it's not about defeating our enemies.
2:43 am
also, again, you can't take this place that used to be syria out of context. remember, next door what used to be iraq, now an iranian vassel state, we don't control anything beyond our multibillion dollar industry. we now, as of this week, have given iran an equal place and supposed peace talks in vienna. what more can the president do for iraq? >> it's so depressing to hear someone put it so succinct. meanwhile, europe is being destroyed. thank you, colonel. >> thank you. >> not upbeat but important to hear that. coming up next, right here on the "hannity" program -- >> if i'm going to talk about the debate, nowln or never, thoh never is a tempting option. late-night hosts are getting a lot of material to work with. but are they treated the name? that's next. a special edition of "hannity:
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nominee? >> i think ted cruz they like because he's got kind of a personality. he's the only other one you could dress up for in halloween. you know what i mean? he's got that kind of character.
2:50 am
so i think they would love cruz. people like lindsey graham, you know, because he's got his own kind of weird southern thing, like he's got a very -- he's very gentle but talks tough own kind of southern thing. he is very gentle but he talks tough. they love to make fun of that. but of course, i think they hope it's trump. >> of course they do, a lot of us do. i mean no disrespect because he is the nicest person i think who ever ran for president. but he does talk a lot with his eyes closed. >> he really does. >> is that something that comedians are going to -- >> it's kind of funny, he always looks so chill. i would like to get some of his chill. >> he is a surgeon. >> yeah, i guess you would have to be chill to be a surgeon, how could you be chill and be a surgeon? that is such a not chill thing to do? >> and people say how could he
2:51 am
get it -- and then cut to ben carson. he closes his eyes, and said you know, i'm not going to respond. >> excellent. >> well, the thing that has hurt jeb more than anything, people say oh, jeb this, and jeb that. it's carson, if carson wasn't there, he would be the anti-trump, we already have the two sides, trump who is very brash, and carson, very mellow. >> he is not trying to be anti-anything. it's like if they ask me a question, i'll say hey, how is it going? i think he could try to be the anti-trump -- man, so sad. >> that is not something you you will see comedians -- >> jeb, he is embarrassing himself but he is a little too boring for it to be that funny. >> what about hillary clinton? i think saturday night live is not getting enough credit for the woman who is now portraying hillary clinton?
2:52 am
you saw the bernie sanders statement, she got all of this publicity. but -- >> robotic and cruel and germanic -- that is just cruel -- >> they are kind of nice to her, it's a little bit of a tribute to hillary clinton but that is understandable. >> really, i think they make her seem appallingly calculating -- >> maybe the worst person, i have never seen anybody try to be cool more. i think the more celebrities she talks to, she tries to be cool. she doesn't have an actual personality. whatever people tell her to do, this is the hillary i am today. this is the hillary i am today. so it's just endless possibilities. >> hillary likes it, willing to stand next to her and do dueling
2:53 am
hillary clinton -- >> it would take a brave candidate to say i think your humor is stupid. >> until then, she is just going to -- >> so do you expect as we go into this, i hate to read politics into comedy, it just distresses me that they enter into it at all. do you think the late night hosts will take sides in this election? >> i don't even mind it, to me, colbert, he is always out there and he is liberal. john oliver, he is a strong leftist, that is the way the show goes. >> i meet john oliver -- >> have you watched the show, though, i think that is the best political show because there is no hiding at all. he puts -- they basically put their beliefs straight out there on the table. so i think it's good political satire. >> in the way jon stewart used to hide it --
2:54 am
>> do you detect politics on the part of the other two? >> yeah, of course, everybody has politics, there is no way that anyone is totally unbiassed. i think you should just remember to make fun of as many people as possible to get all the jokes out there. >> thank you both so much. >> coming up right after the break. more hannity, so stay tuned. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit.
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or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. fortunately, we are completely out of time for tonight. what a great time that was. thank you for joining us. sean is back on monday. in the meantime, have a great weekend.
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hello, everyone, and good morning, it's t. is saturday, the 1st of october, 2015. breaking right now, a commercial plane goes down in egypt with over 200 people on board. what the pilot is said right before that plane vanished from radar reportedly. we are live in cairo with the very latest. >> brand new fallout from the nnbc this week. remember this. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? >> yeah! talk about frivolous now the nbc network suspended by the republican national committee. we will bring you the latest. >> breaking


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