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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 31, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tweet us. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. investigators are now on the scre scene of a horrific plane crash in egypt. 224 died when a russian passenger plane couldn't make an emergency landing after reporting technical problems. we're going to go live to the middle east with what might have happened. plus, new revelations from a health batch of hillary clinton e-mails released from the state department as a senior obama administration official tells fox news the white house will not release any correspondence between the president and the former secretary of state until after he leaves office. more texas-sized storms for the lone star state causing record flooding and evacuation. the fox news extreme weather center is tracking it all.
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good saturday on this last day of october. happy halloween to you, to you at home, i'm leland vittert. and and i'm elizabeth prann. russian president putin declares a day of mourning for victims of today's plane crash in a mountainous region of the sinai peninsula. right now, we know there are no survivors. there is evidence of a distress call from the cockpit. the air bus 321 metro jet was just minutes into its predawn flight from the red sea resort of sharm el sheikh when it disappeared from the radar. it was headed to st. petersburg, russia, where stunned relatives learned of the news. investigators are questioning authorities as recovery efforts continue on the ground in egypt. john huddy is following it all.
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and joins us from our mideast bureau. >> so far, no statement or comment from metro jet. the black box, though, this is very important, has been recovered. or a black box according to egyptian officials and investigators that have been on the ground there. so that obviously could provide critical and crucial information for those investigators. we also understand that russian aviation investigators are heading or en route to egypt right now. they could be on the ground, in fact, but we're waiting for more information in terms of that. take a look, by the way. this is new video we just got in of what appears to be probably the periphery of the crash site at this point. again, we're just getting this video. pretty dramatic stuff. what we know is thus far the air bus a-321 was about 20 minutes
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into the flight. the pilot reported that he was having technical issues. at this point, we don't know exactly specifically what that meant or if he was able to elaborate. but officials say the plane was flying at an altitude above 30,000 feet and normal cruising altitude. and appears, accord to officials, it may have diverted off course, possibly to make an emergency landing. now, egyptian officials said earlier today the plane was inspected prior to taking off and no mechanical or technical problems or issues were found. that will be, obviously, investigated as part of this overall investigation that will be looked into heavily as well. and, as mentioned, it departed, as you said, elizabeth, from sharm el sheikh international airport on the red sea in egypt en route to st. petersburg, russia. it crashed in the region of sinai where egypt's military has been battling isis militants.
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both egyptian and russian officials say there's nothing to indicate that this was in any way a terrorist attack. now, family members of passengers, meanwhile, we're seeing new video, images, awaiting more information in st. petersburg at this point. russian officials just a short time ago said the bodies of those recovered, and we saw some of that in the latest video, will be flown back to russia. again, all 224 passengers were killed. 138 of them women. 17 children. ages 2 to 17. and as mentioned, russian president vladimir putin has declared a day of mourning tomorrow. very quickly, the associated press, the ap and reuters both reporting the german airliner lufthansa will not be flying over the peninsula until the
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cause of the crash is clarified. according to the spokeswoman, an unnamed so d source, for securi reasons. again, to be clear, there's no indication according to russian and egyptian officials that this was in any way a terror attack. so often what happened in auid of speculation, a lot of misinformation, so we want to be clear about that at this point. but obviously, a very devastating situation on the ground. >> this particular plane was built in 1987. it accumulated 56,000 flight hours. nearly 21,000 takeoffs and landings. our guest is an aviation expert, former pilot. based on those numbers, 56,000, 21,000 flights, that doesn't seem all that remarkable in terms of an airliner that's about 20 years old, a little less. >> no, it's not remarkable at all. most important part of any
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flights of pressurized aircraft are those cycles. but, again, the aircraft was presumably well maintained. any types of fatigues or cracks in it would have been determined by any normal maintenance procedures. >> you say well-maintained. anything to make out of this, that it is a russian airline rather than an american or european airline, maybe subject to different kinds of regulations? >> unfortunately, russia does not have an excellent aviation accident history. it's in the company of south america, asia and africa as having a poor record of aviation safety. so the first thing you would have to do is investigate the airliner itself. for instance, the european authority has a black list of aircraft that are not allowed to fly within the eu. so a cursory examination of that airline and -- where they allowed to fly into the eu, were
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they black listed? that could be a kind of indication of the maintenance they were subjected to. >> we're looking at file video of the airline. commonly used by american airlines and a number of other u.s. carriers fly this same kind of aircraft. as we know what facts we have, which are slim to none, took off predawn hours, headed north towards st. petersburg. this plane, this flight. and dropped off radar right at about 30,000 feet. the one hard data point we have, mr. tratani, is this distress call from the cockpit. what do you make of the fact there was only one call and then radio silence? >> that's extremely significant. i class that more of a distress call. that it was not an emergency or an alert. what it was was actually an alert that i have a problem. he hasn't identified it. normally procedure is to say what is your problem.
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now, i don't know the receipt of the transmission. so that's significant. the next significant point is one transmission. and then the aircraft goes off the air. literally, the cockpit voice system communication is hooked up to what we call vhf-1 and that goes right to the battery bus. it's a hot wire. so the very fact of whatever was happening to that aircraft, at very least, the pilots are trained to continue to speak over atc. it's just a button to push for a hot mic. so basically speaking, he could have been speaking all the way down or when the aircraft broke up in the air or impacted it on the ground. that is a very key point. and very key to what of the black boxes were initially found. if it were the cockpit voice recorder, i would like to hear the interplay going on between the pilots themselves. that will speak vol ooums without going to the flight data recorder, which tells of systems
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failures. >> as best we can tell in a very cursory search, it appears as though metro jet is not black listed from the eu. they list a number of eu destinations, in france and italy and those kinds of places, as places they fly. do you make anything of that in terms of what kinds of levels of maintenance they would have to perform, number one, go ahead. >> i would give it a plus. if they're not listed on the eu black list, that's a leg up in the maintenance supervision. >> supervision. what about pilot training, those kinds of things? emergency procedures? are these pilots held to the same standards that, say, u.s. pilots would be? >> there's a big question, leland. the standards, a small airline like that would probably not have simulators that they own. so one question in my mind would be, who are the pilots, what were their backgrounds and where
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were they being trained? into what level of training? simulator training is extremely expensive. so a lot of the major airline carriers for the united states give their pilots considerably more leeway in their checks, than you would find in an airline renting simulator time from whatever facility is available. >> an important distinction. an important distinction about training, when seconds matter as things go wrong in the air. we appreciate your insight. obviously, we'll be back to you and some other experts throughout the show as this story develops. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, leland. >> turning now to some domestic news. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail again today after a freshback of e-mails from her days of secretary of state have been released. what you will not read in those e-mails is any exchange with president obama. an official has confirmed to fox that the white house says the e-mails will not be made public until after the president leaves
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office. we were lucky enough to have james rosen with us with all the details. >> aids to president obama say he and clinton only exchanged a few e-mails and they were, quote, mostly nonsubstantive. that, they say, is because obama and clinton mostly conducted business in person or by phone. the white house says presidential communications are not subject to the freedom of information act but these newly released e-mails show that clinton, whose private server relied on weak and outdated security software, sometimes joked about being hacked by the chinese government. weird, since my address book only has your g-mail, clinton wrote to an aid in july 2011. maybe the chinese hacked it and focused on you. the latest release also shows that actor ben affleck had mrs. clinton's private address. in her testimony before the house benghazi committee last week, mrs. clinton admitted that u.s. ambassador to libya, who
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was killed during the embassy attack, did not have her private address. a redacted e-mail that the official in tripoli sent to colleagues in washington two days after the attacks, urging caution in referencing the inflammatory islam video secretary clinton and others falsely cited for the trigger for the benghazi attacks. quote, it is becoming increasingly clear the series of events in benghazi was much more terrorist attack than a protest which escalated into violence. it is our opinion that in our messaging, we want to distinguish, not conflate, the events in other countries which did relate to the video with this well-planned attack by militant extremists. mrs. clinton said she deleted 30,000 of her e-mails before turning the rest over and the fbi is investigating whether any laws were broken. elizabeth. >> all right, james rosen reporting live, thank you so much for joining us. the already water-logged
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lone star state is bracing for more storms and more flooding. more than 8 inches of rain has already fallen in places like central texas since last night. flash flood warnings are in effect across several counties. at least two people have died and two more are missing. this, on top of more potential tornadoes. the national weather service says two touched down early this morning injurying two people and damaging about 50 homes. those dropping not long aft two suspected twisters ripped through yesterday. >> things started shaking. terrifying is what it was. it only lasted 20, 30 seconds. thank god for being alive. >> we are tracking it all from the fox extreme weather center. rick. >> a lot of rain across the central part of the country. you can see the system stretched from the great lakes to the mississippi valley and then parts of texas in the deep south. this is where we've seen all the
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flooding obviously especially areas like central texas. remember, we saw incredible rain there just last week. a lot of flooding partially in addition to what we saw come in and exacerbated from hurricane patricia. now we have another round of it again. two areas, two big population zones, have seen the worst of it, including the austin area, between austin and san antonio. radar estimates, over 14 inches around the san marcos area which saw incredible flash flooding going on here. austin airline, almost 15 inches yesterday, just in one day, in a calendar day. another spot though that has seen very heavy rain is the houston area. throughout the afternoon, we'll continue to see some of the showers here begin to pull off towards the east. look at the radar estimates to the northeast of town over 18 inches and this really has been one band that saw incredible rain. we saw a lot of flooding and water rescues going on across that area today. we continue to see the threat for severe weather.
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from around the houston area, certainly galveston, and the southern part of louisiana, stretched around parts of mississippi. that will be the target. we will continue to see tornado threats throughout much of the afternoon. the system does pull off to the east. and less in intensity. we're not going to see much of a severe threat. certainly very heavy rain across the panhandle of florida, parts of georgia and alabama where we might see 3 to 5 inches of rain by the end of the day on sunday. elizabeth. >> thank you so much, rick. the obama administration now said they would spend an additional $100 million to support the syrian opposition in that country's civil war. almost weekly we are now hearing about the failure of one u.s. policy in syria and the drastic change to another. >> mission creep occurs when the mission changes. when the mission expands. when the mission becomes
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something that it wasn't at the outset. and there is nothing new and nothing different about the mission that our troops, u.s. troops, are performing in iraq. >> certainly things have changed since the outset. that was the state department spokesman earlier this week explaining why u.s. special operations teams will head inside syria, training and advising rebels there. former army chief of staff, fox news contributor, joins us now. is this a step finally in the right direction? >> i think what the administration's really trying to do is reinforce some success they've had in syria. underreported is the fact that from the euphrates river on the turkish/syrian border the syrian kurds and the sunni arab tribes have been able to take control of that border all the way to iraq. that is significant. >> kicking isis out? >> kicking isis out. so they have some level of control here. and we have had -- we've had
10:17 am
some people on the ground helping them do that, classified, so we can't get into details. some of this is i think maybe acknowledging something we've already been doing and also likely expanding it because we've had some success. it doesn't change the overriding fact we don't have a clear instinct for iraq. >> we see the secretary of state trying to talk about that with the russians, with the ur rainians. you now have the united states saying we're sending in special forces to try and help the syrian opposition. at the same time, the russians are bombing the syrian opposition. are we now in a proxy war? >> we've been, absolutely. any attempt to deny that just is folly and not admitting the facts of the case. the russians came in and began bombing syrian moderate forces as job one. because another underreported program, because it's being run
10:18 am
by the central intelligence agency, is the degree of success that the moderate forces have had that were trained by the agency and the weapons systems they've been using against the regime. the ground offensive that's taken place near aleppo has not been successful. >> because of -- >> the weapons contributed to some of it. isis has cut off the line of communication south of aleppo so they can't get reinforcements. has gotten tougher than they thought it would be. >> when you say they, you mean the russians -- >> the russians. >> the u.s. boots on the ground in syria, something the president specifically said he wasn't going to do. take a listen. >> my answer's simple. i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. i will not pursue a prolonged air campaign like libya or kosovo. this would be a targeted strike
10:19 am
to achieve a clear objective. deterring the use of chemical weapons and degrading assad's capabilities. >> things have changed since 2013, for sure, about two years ago. now that we're acknowledging we have u.s. assets on the ground in syria and they'ring the same guys that the russians don't like, what's the chances that the russians are going to hit a rebel depot, rebel headquarters, something like that, and kill a few american special forces guys? >> none. pretty remote. because the people that we're helping to focus totally and exclusively on isis and eventually the russians need to deal with isis as well because they're a threat to their southern border too. listen that will be fine. the russians have got their hands filled on the western part of syria and dealing with the moderates. so i don't see that as being an issue. >> close quarters, for sure.
10:20 am
general, thanks. let's wish our guys good luck there, thank you. coming up, a basement nightclub concert turns into a deadly inferno with hundreds trapped inside. plus, the gop candidates may be competing for the presidential nomination but their campaigns are uniting to change the way their parties debate the run. >> -- the ultimate super pac called the mainstream media -- and i'll tell you why. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin.
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it's halloween. there you go. while their look-alikes might be trick or treating tonight, real-life hopefuls are already trolling for votes. bernie sand earns is convinced he has what he calls, a quote, excellent chance to beat hillary clinton. he's holding a town hall in new hampshire right now. the shrinking middle class, college affordability and big money politics are on his agenda. the battle ship uss wisconsin is where you will find trump honoring our nation's military
10:25 am
veterans and talking about problems at the va. there's video from his rally. he's been busy on twitter this morning slamming marco rubio's superpac for accepting money from billionaire paul singer. calling the donations a scam. the choice a blow to candidates vying for the campaign cash. rubio's going to join texas senator ted cruz and most of the other gop heavyweights at iowa's growth and opportunity conference later today. >> campaign aids will huddle in washington to device a strategy to get more conol over the debate process. this after the controversial cnbc debate in colorado on wednesday. rebecca berg, national political reporter for real clear politics, joins me now. how are you, rebecca? >> i'm well, thanks for having me. >> we just heard from leland that rubio has a new back, paul sing, a huge name when it comes
10:26 am
to republicans and republicans seeking donations. do you think this is evidence of the aftermath of the debate and how big of a blow is it to the bush campaign? >> absolutely, it's evidence of the aftermath. according to reports, paul singer was on the fence prior to the debate. thinking of maybe bush, maybe rubio. he had a long, hour-long discussion with two of bush's top advisers, going over strategy. but this debate showed him that bush is flailing. he decided after that to support rubio. it's important to note paul singer alone is not the only billionaire who's going to now be considering rubio. paul singer basically operates with a group of republican billionaires. he's a very influential voice in the party. this is probably the first shoe to drop. >> so it could certainly spiral out is what you're saying. >> absolutely. >> can you give us any indication of what's going on perhaps behind the scenes with the bush campaign? yes, you said the debate
10:27 am
performance wasn't strong but he still has a huge treasure chest. is that any indication? >> he does. a lot of the money raised at the beginning of the race when he was the would be front-runner in the republican field. when everyone thought he was a shoo-in to win the nomination and maybe scare other republicans from running. a lot has changed since then. we don't actually know how much money his superpac has raised. we won't know until the beginning of the year when they've raised in the past few months. he might have less money at his disposal than we think. the big problem is he has a lot of donors right now on the againfence wondering if they should drop him and move to rubio and support him instead. jeb bush has a campaign that eats up a lot of money. he has one of the biggest staffs of anyone. very high burn rate. that's what we saw in this last fund-raising quarter. he didn't raise as much money as he needed to to really get out ahead of the pack. >> there was an exchange between the two of them that got a lot
10:28 am
of attention. everyone said marco rubio came out on top when jeb bush attacked him about perhaps being absent during some of the senate votes. at the same time, rubio did cancel appearance in iowa and appeared on the hill for a vote on friday morning. that that sense, it he sort of win that fight there? >> i'm sure jeb bush's campaign will be pushing that narrative, absolutely. but i think marco rubio's campaign will argue this was a really important vote. obviously, there's a political upside to coming to washington to vote on the budget deal because it's become important to so many republicans on the hill. politically, it made sense for them to come back. i don't think it was necessarily because they were under pressure from the bush campaign or anyone else from that attack but i'm sure bush will say the opposite. >> and now to broaden the landscape a little bit, who was the bigger win on wednesday night, marco rubio or really the entire gop party? because we saw them in a very odd sense really unite as one and come against the moderator.
10:29 am
which one do you think -- who do you think is the bigger winner? >> i think marco rubio will be the biggest winner. the expectations for him have just shot up now. he's established himself as a breakthrough candidate. someone who can maybe steal the establishment vote from jeb bush and have that same power in the primary. it was absolutely a uniting moment. republicans love bashing the media and this was a perfect opportunity to do so. it really riles up their base. that's what gave us that amazing ted cruise moment for example. he also had a very good night as well. >> quick question, only about ten seconds left. how does the landscape change now before the next debate? >> well, i'll be watching what happens with donald trump and ben carson. because right now they're eating up about 50% of the vote. will some of those people now give ted cruz and marco rubio another look. >> rebecca berg, thank you for joining us. be sure to mark your kallener it now for the next gop
10:30 am
debate november 10th. hosted by our sister network fbn. of course you don't want to miss it. still ahead on this program, how a capacity crowd, indoor fireworks, turned a nightclub into a disaster. and take heed, some scary threats from the irs. the agency's commissioner may be coming after you. >> we're doing a million audits this year. we're audit democrats, we'll audit independents, we'll audit people who go to church, people who don't go to church. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. after a dvt blood clot.mind when i got out of the hospital what about my family?
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a friday night of fun turns into the worst disaster of its kind in romania. hundreds were packed into a nightclub when a fire broke out and there was a stampede for the only exit. at least 27 people were killed. almost 150 others remain in
10:35 am
hospitals across the city. officials blame the band's pyrotechnics for starting the fire. survivors say at first they thought it was part of the show and then panic. officials say they expect the death toll to rise more. the country's president is promising to investigate the blaze. there is a word in washington that no official ever wants to hear. it forced richard nixon to really sign and almost derailed bill clinton's presidency. now it is irs commissioner's turn to face the possibility of impeachment. accusing him of high crimes and misdemeanors in connection with the irs targeting of conservative groups seeking tax except status. specifically for misleading congress and ignoring subpoenas regarding lost e-mails of former irs official lois learner. the justice department cleared the irs of any wrongdoing but
10:36 am
that didn't clear the air at a senate hearing on irs abuses. >> -- discrimination in the agency that has the power of intimidation in a way that no other agency in the federal government has and it used that power of intimidation against conservative organizations and then there was a cover-up with that intimidation. >> there's no evidence that supports there was any culture of discrimination. >> the questioner in that clip was south carolina republican tim scott. he's on the senate finance committee. earlier this week, i asked him how far the impieachment proces might go. >> when you look at the irs as the agency with the power of intimidation, it is obvious something has to change and you might as well start at the top. it's very important for us to restore confidence in the irs and it is missing today. i was very frustrated with the fact we continued to see people
10:37 am
targeted. imagine if this was racial targeting. we would explode with amazement and challenge the system immediately. we've had no such challenge of the irs. >> when you talk about sending a message and restoring confidence, how much of of this in terms of articles of impeachment has to do with justice for wrongs that have been done, how much is sending a warning to those who have this job in the future? >> probably a combination. my hope is this opportunity to bring a spotlight to the challenges that we've seen in the irs will bring about the type of equilibrium that we expect from government and fo folks. this was a challenge he was brought in to fix. what we've seen is not someone fixing it, but it seems like there's been nothing like congress being made in the irs
10:38 am
and that is a tragedy for taxpayers who should have confidence in their government. >> it takes a majority of the house to agree with your sentiments to impeach the irs commissioner. same rules if you want to impeach the president. are there any democrats who so far you've gotten to join your ranks who are willing to vote for the art icles of impeachmen? >> i am fairly confident we will not have two-thirds in the senate to make that happen. what we believe is the best thing to do, that's what we're trying to get accomplished here. started it by having the narrative with the commissioner about what needs to be changed, what needs to happen in the irs. others started the impeachment process in the house. that's not part of the process i've been a part of. i'm looking for ways to make sure we change the irs from the
10:39 am
inside out. if that requires changing the head again, let's do it. >> that was south carolina senator tim scott. obviously, we're going to follow the impeachment process. if the house does indeed bring those charges. and if it gets out of the house and makes its way to the senate. elizabeth. >> well, the paul ryan era is under way on capitol hill. >> this gavel to the speaker of the house, congressman, honorable paul ryan. >> the wisconsin republican was sworn in as the 54th speaker of the house on ryan to cheers from his fellow lawmakers. ryan has said time and time again he didn't want the job but he agreed to run after all factions of the republican party backed, though not endorsed, his candidacy. ryan won the speakers race with votes on the full house floor clearing the 218 required to win. but now the hard part, restoring
10:40 am
unity to his deeply divided party and fractured congress. fox news' john roberts talked to ryan about what's ahead. >> some mainstream republicans have told me you as speaker may have to start throwing the senate under the bus to get -- >> i don't think we throw any republicans under the bus. look, was not asked to disunify the republican party in the congress, i was asked to unify. so throwing republicans under the bus is not in my job description. we have to unify. and we have to also understand the limits that the constitution places on us when we have a president that doesn't agree with us. when we have a president that's unwilling to listen to us. so hold truth to power, be an effective opposition party but be a very effective proposition party. >> the full interview tomorrow morning on "fox news sunday" when john sits in for chris wallace. check your listings for tie and channel. mother nature causing some
10:41 am
muddy problems for one of washington state's most scenic highways during color season. we'll tell you what happened. plus, 1-0. the great pumpkin that just flew by. who else but brian is checking what can only be described as this big gray space rock. >> 40 minutes ago, an asteroid the size of three times the coliseum in rome dipped by earth. why scientists are calling this the zombie comet next.
10:42 am
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well, it is halloween. we can tell you there's been a close encounter with the great pumpkin. that's what nasa is calling a very large asteroid that zipped
10:46 am
by earth about th45 minutes ago. they say it's the closest we've come to one in nearly a decade. brian, why did it take so long for scientists to spot this coming? >> well, it's a good question. quite frankly, kind of scary. scientists say the reality is it's a big sky out there. we can't expect to see or catch everything. the asteroid is a friendly reminder of how vulnerable we are. about 1:00 p.m. eastern time the asteroid zipped by earth at about 78,000 miles per hour. it's about 2,000 feet in diameter. imagine 5 1/2 football fields. that's relatively big for near earth objects. initially thought to be an asteroid, nasa now says it's more than likely a dead comet. that's right, a zombie comet. adding to the eerie feel, the dead comet fittingly looks like a human skull face. a normal comet is made up of ice
10:47 am
and gas and rock and dust particles combining with the sun's radiation. a dead comet has lost the gas and ice over time, leaving only a charcoal-like dark rock. the skull comet flew by earth about 302,000 miles away. this is the closest encounter we've had with a large space object since 2006. some scientists are a bit concerned this one snuck up on us. what's interesting about this asteroid, we didn't see it until october 10th. that's because it's on a very strange orbit. a very tilted orbit. it spends most of its time well below that plane and more towards the orbit of mars. >> this chart shows other asteroids expected to fly by. ranging from 140 feet long to about the size of a bridge.
10:48 am
nasa says they place a high priority on tracking asteroids. nasa's near earth object program has found more than 90% of dangerous objects larger than half a mile. the one thought to have killed the dinosaurs was about six miles long. the next time an asteroid is expected to get this close to earth won't be in august 2027. scientists found out about that asteroid in 1999. a near miss, a close encounter on this halloween. >> thank you so much. >> all right, still ahead, we all know sugar can be bad for you. but a brand-new study may pinpoint exactly why kids need to lay off the sweet stuff and, yes, we are doing this story on halloween. plus, hundreds of goblins are spotted at the white house. we're going to bring you the spooky thrills from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson.
10:49 am
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pope francis has received top honors for his halloween
10:53 am
costume. baby pope was there to stay. little guy was pushed along in his popemobile at the annual white house halloween party. mr. obama took one look and declared top prize goes to little pope. hundreds of little school kids and children from military families took part in the festivities in a very spooky white house. now a story that you don't want your kids to see or maybe you as well as you go trick or treating tonight. americans are expected to spend more than $2 billion on candy this year. and eat about 600 million pounds of the sweet stuff. but a new study may have you second guessing your little ones letting them eat all that halloween treat. joining me now, fox news senior managing editor for health news. dr. alvarez, thank you so much for joining us. >> happy halloween. >> when i read the headline, i
10:54 am
sort of thought duh. but then i read it and explain what happens to a child's body after ten days of having no sugar. >> this is a small study. and for years we know we have an obesity epidemic in children and obesity in childhood tends to become obesity inned adulthood. so in this small study, they shut out all the sugar and replaced it with something that was not sugar-like. what you saw was a dramatic decrease from weight gain and that includes the blood pressure and it improved other factors like insulin reduction. but i think from a scientific point of view it proved very little for me because the basic issue was weight reduction in general. and we know for a fact that
10:55 am
weight reduction in anybody, whether a child or adult, is better for your body. so now a lot of the bloggers out there, the anti-sugar movement is saying i told you a calorie from sugar is worse than a calorie from fat. maybe so, but this study did not prove that and particularly for this study to come out at halloween, i think that kids should enjoy themselves today. i think every parent knows that limitation is the key. let the kids have a good time. let them have chocolate today. let them have candy. they will walk it off which they need anyway. and enjoy the holiday and stop a little bit with the crazy political correctness even in health care. >> i hear you. so the sugar industry association says the study is flawed, you yourself said the study was very, very small. is there any takeaway here and does this prove that not only calories are alike?
10:56 am
>> no, i think the takeaway message is very simple. you've got to curb the weight gain in children. and that is the key. use that as the model. keep the weight down, balance your diet. teach kids will healthy education of food. and let them being kids. >> okay. thank you, dr. alvarez. and enjoy those hershey kisses tonight. >> absolutely. thank you so much for joining us. happy halloween. coming up, the very latest on the crash of that russian jetliner in egypt.
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11:00 am
happy halloween. thanks for being with us. before you head out trick or treating, welcome to america's news headquarters this fr washington. >> the search for answers on what just caused a russian passenger jet to crash in egypt with with 224 lives lost including 17 children. we'll have the latest. plus the paul ryan era has begun in congress as the wisconsinspeaker. we'll have a fair and balanced look at what he can and more importantly


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