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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 31, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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happy halloween. thanks for being with us. before you head out trick or treating, welcome to america's news headquarters this fr washington. >> the search for answers on what just caused a russian passenger jet to crash in egypt with with 224 lives lost including 17 children. we'll have the latest. plus the paul ryan era has begun in congress as the wisconsinspeaker. we'll have a fair and balanced look at what he can and more importantly complain accomplish.
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and suspended for showing his faith. we'll talk to the christian coach who got sidelined over prayer. i can't bring public -- it becomes a whole different thing. >> investigators have just made their way to a vast and gruesome debris egypt's sinai peninsula. now comes the search for what brought down the jetliner. everyone aboard the metrojet from sharm el-sheikh died. 224 people in all. we're told including 17 children and a crew of 7. john huddy is following the story from our mideast bureau are what investigatiors know right now. >> reporter: of those passengers that were killed, as you mentioned, 17 are were children ages 2 to 17 according to egyptian officials. and russia officials at this
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point say that genetic tests are being done on the bodies that have been recovered so they know the identities and family members are a waiting more information. this as we're getting new video. remember, this is very fluid. basically every 30 minutes or hour we're getting new detail, new video coming from the scene or at least the periphery and the bodies as i mentioned that have been recovered going to the morgue there in egypt. at this point, what we know is that according to egyptian officials, the plaque bblack bo been recovered. so that should provide crucial and critical information about what france fitrance fired in t and even seconds before the plane went down. the pilot reported that he was having technical issues. achd then 20 minutes into the flight, contact was lost and the plane basically dropped off the
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radar. officials say that the jetliner was flying at a normal altitude of about 30,000 feet and it appears according to officials that it diverted off course most likely to make an emergency landing. now, egyptian officials said earlier today that the plane was inspected prior to its departure and no mechanical problems or issues were found. but obviously the history of this a-33021 will be thoroughly looked into. it departed from sharm el-sheikh airport on the red sea in route to st. petersburg. it crashed in a region of the sinai where they have been battling isis militants. but officials say will is nothing to indicate that this was this anyway a terrorist attack. so i want to reemphasize that. family members of the passengers meanwhile and again we're getting more images devastated by this this, stunned by this as they await more information.
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and about an hour ago, as we reported, information was coming into us by both the a.p. associated press and reuters that the german airline lufthansa are diverting around the sinai peninsula out of caution according to officials and spokespeople with the airline until the crash or what happened in terms of the crash is determined and clarified. so again, a devastating situation. leland. >> devastating, and we'll see how long it takes for them to get the black boxes tee codecod. thank, john. as you might imagine, condolences are pouring in for the victims all over the world. egypt's president spoke by phone with russia's president putin. secretary of state john kerry heard about the crash during a visit to the former soviet republic of kurdistan. you see video there as he sat
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down to address reporter. he expressed remorse for the tremendous tragedy and loss. >> authorities have recovered the black box as we heard in that report and will begin deciphering its contents. an aviation attorney is joining us. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> very early in the investigation. we just got word that they have recovered the black boxes. so you can walk us through what goes on at this point now that they have those recovered? >> sure. under the international agreements that are in place, the egyptians because the accident occurred in hair country take the lead in the investigation. we're talking about two boxes, we're talking about the flight data recorder and this is a relatively advanced aircraft, an airbus 321, so it records hundreds if not thousands of parameters in terms of the position of flight control, instruments, engine operation, so forth. and then the other one is the cockpit voice recorder which is
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the one that we hear about in terms of recording the voices of the pilots, co-pilot, what is happening in the cockpit. and essentially the investigation will focus on downloading the at that tidata cockpit voice recorder and the flight data roerd aeporters and specialists will be able to determine right up to the point that electric cat power was cut off to those systems exactly what happened on that airplane in terms of the flight control systems and everything associated mechanically and electrically as well as everything happening in the cockpit in terms of the pilots talking to one another. >> and in a statement on a ebb with sight, the metrojet says the a-321 received required factory maintenance in 2014. so at this point -- and the pilot was very experienced. so at this point it looks like there was technical issues on board. >> it's entirely possible. we're very early in the investigation. the fact is that airplanes, even
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though this was something in the order of 19 years old, these are highly cared for, highly monitored, highly inspected aircraft. they fly for decades. the pilot as i recall, something over 12,000 hours th s which is highly experienced pilot. so i don't think we're dealing with an issue of pilot experience. it doesn't mean that the pilot's actions or inactions may not be implicated. but as i said, the black boxes really do tell the story. and we'll have the answers to that very quickly. >> and make you a good point, the airlines are under a lot of pressure to keep everything up-to-date and inspections are on a regular basis. >> well, i think in this case all the airlines, whether it's a russian airline and i think there has been a lot of comments in the media recently that over the last 20 years there have been a number of accidents involving russian airlines since the russian federation and all the changes and so forth. but the fact is that there is no benefit to an airline doing
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anything than operating at the highest level of safety. and i think here we're dealing with very sophisticated equipment and typically they're not going to operate this equipment unless they have the ability to maintain it and care for it. so i think that once again i think in this case the flight data recorder begin that it records so many parameters of the aircraft's operation in terms of it technical difficulties that the pilot may have reported, we'll see what they are. >> and how long until we know what was on the black boxes? >> it's a question of who does the readout. in in this case if the egyptians have the boxes, which i think purportedly they do, whether or not they have the technical capability do the readout. certainly airbus is standing by. they're the manufacturer and they have the ability. and in this case given the fact that this is an accident, it kimply indicates international agreements. the ntsb could be called upon, the british could be called upon. so it could be 24 hours, it could be a little bit more, a little bit less. but again, i think it will be pretty fast.
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>> all right. mark, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. turning now to news at home, donald trump and ben carson are still sitting at the top of the republican presidential polls, but another and today tcandidat rise. senator marco rubio gaining steam and grabbing billionaire paul singer's endorsement. garrett is in washington with how it could change the race. >> this just keeps getting better and better for marco rubio. singer is one of the most influential donors in the country and his endorsement carries symbolic weight and also a network of donors and millions of dollars in contributions. in a letter to that donor network, singer wrote marco rubio can appeal to both the head and the heart, he can lead our nation by inspiring it.
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it's a huge win for rubio and another big loss for jeb bush who was also courting singer's support. on a more positive note for the former florida governor, rival donald trump is now stepping back his criticisms of bush and turning his attacks on dr. ben carson. >> jeb bush is a low energy individual is this oh, did that kill him. i didn't want to hurt him that bad. i think he's such a nice guy. i think i'm going to revive him, it's not fair. ben carson's a lower key individual than he is. we need somebody that has a strong temperament, we need somebody fast. >> carson who is now leading the polls in iowa is also leading the charge for changes to the format of future debates after the controversial debate hosted by cnbc this past wednesday. yesterday the republican national committee informed nbc it was suspending the network's debate scheduled for february 26 kri citing cnbc's handling of the debate which was criticized by
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many republicans and democrats. >> the questions were argumentative, petty, putdowns in many cases, purposely pitting candidates against each other. everything that they promised not to do. everything. from the beginning to the end. >> nbc responded in a statement saying this is a does his appointing development, however along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. several of the republican campaigns are scheduled to meet here in washington, d.c. tomorrow to discuss what changes they would like to see made to future debates, as well. >> all right. garrett, thank you so much. why don't we just give a chicken in every pot while we're coming up with these fantasy tax games? >> you find a democrat that is for cutting spending $10, i'll give them a warm kiss. >> i didn't read about this in a book. i know for a fact how difficult it is to raise children, how expensive it's become for working families. >> three pages is about the
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maximum that a single business owner or farmer or just a couple can understand without hiring somebody. >> that was a handful of gop candidates wednesday outlining their plan for the which i economy. is this type of overall what the economy needs? joining us now a man who knows a lot, william isaac. bill, we hear about the massive revamp that the folks want to do, flat tax, far tax, eliminate the irs, these kind of things. first of all, is it possible, second of all, is it reasonable? >> it's good to be with you. happy halloween from sarasota. i think that we definitely need to overhaul the economy. the past -- basically the past 20 years have not gone well. particularly the past seven or eight years somewhere gohave go
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poorly and it's hurting the folks most in need. the bottom the third of our population has really been suffering. at the top we're doing really well with the stock market and everything else. all the improvements and value there. but for the folks that are struggling and the middle class and the lower middle class, we're really suffering and we have to -- >> i don't think anyone will argue with you that the middle crass is suffering and that there is an issue in terms of income growth and those kinds of things. the question, though, as you look at it, how do you fix it. is something like completely changing the u.s. tax code from 73,000 pages to three pages even possible to do? is it reasonable to be talking about these things or are they just pie in the sky plans? >> i certainly think simplifying the tax code is a worthy objective. but i don't think that will turn the economy around by itself. i think there are more fundamental things.
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i think we have to get monetary policy right, we have to get fiscal policy right. and we've got to get some of the regulatory burdens out of the way so that businesses can start operating success friday again. for example, we're just overwhelming the banking industry with regulation and it's really hurting. a lot of people cannot gain access to the banking system today because of the mounds of regulation that have been heaped on the banks. >> as somebody who has talked about cutting regulation, it's dr. ben carson. i want to play a back and forth from the debate in terms of the discussion of whether his tax plan was possible or not. take a listen. >> you'd have to cut government by about 40% to make it work with the $1.1 trillion. >> it's not true. >> it is true. i looked at the numbers. >> i was once told that 80% of all statistics are a lie. with that in mind, as these candidates are throwing around all of these numbers, this will work, that will work, i can do it at a 10% flat tax rate, no,
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no, you need a 15%, does anyone really know, is there any truth in the numbers that we're hearing these candidates throw out? >> i don't think we know in any detail yet. it's way too early. but i do believe that directionally they're right. we need to reduce the intrusiveness of government on our economy. we need to spend less. we need to get our fiscal policies under control. we can't continue to run up these deficits. and we have to find some way to bring the lower third of our population into the economy. all these things can be done and i think directionally these republican candidates all have it right, but i don't know that any of them you you could say, well, that's the precise plan that we'd like to see. >> it appears we're having a problem with mr. isaac's satellite system. we'll see if we can't get him
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back. in the meantime, be sure to mark your calendars for the next gop debate. we'll break that down, as well. probably preview it, too. november 10 is the date. it will be hosted by our sister network fbn p. pop some popcorn, you won't want to miss it. and a second round of storms is expected to hit an already battered washington state, this time packing stronger winds and torrential rains that could bring up to 15 inches of rain at even higher elevations snow. a mud slide already caused problems off washington's popular route 101 yesterday. trees and debris blocked the road. that national weather service says that they had issued a warning for flood watch for much of the western part of the state. still ahead, picking through the wreckage of a deadly building collapse for clues as to why it might have happened.
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we'll delve into that. new technology is also giving police officers shall backup in the field. we'll tell you where they are now mounting cameras. very interesting stuff. plus, paul ryan takes over the gavel as the new speaker of the house. some cheers from in some of his colleagues, but given the division in the republican party, just how long will his honeymoon last. our political panel is here to debate. >> let's seize the moment. let's rise to the occasion. and when we're done, let us say that we left the people, all the people, more united, happy, and free. thank you. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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a search is under way for survivors after a residential building collapsed in central china. witnesses say construction work was being done on the building's foundation to shore it up when this happened. building collapsed. at least 17 workers were killed, more than 20 others injured. officials say the building they were working on was originally built back in the 1990s.
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congressman paul ryan is now speaker of the house ending nearly a decade of john boehner's leadership, but will it change at the top or heal the rift there? hear to break it down, our panel for a very spirited debate. thank you so much for joining us. angela, this is very personal for you. can now speaker ryan really get the troops together? can he heal the different fractions in the house and get stuff done? >> that is why they lobbied him so. if thanybody can to it, paul ry can. we met each other when we were staffers. we both worked under newt gingrich. he had integrity and tenacity then. that has not changed. and people in the party respect him. >> integrity, and tenacity, you heard it here. >> i agree if anybody can do it, paul ryan can. but nobody can do it and
11:23 am
therefore paul ryan can't. >> and i want to ask you that because yes we did see the debt ceiling come to an end, but that was because of john boehner. >> no, that is also because of paul ryan. paul ryan wanted john boehner to clear the deck for him. he wanted john boehner to do all his dirty work for him. he voted for. he wanted to clear the deck -- >> he was disgusted with the process. >> of course he was. you need the democrats to get the speaker to do the job. at the end of the day, the house of representatives may be controlled by republican, but it's democrats that do the work of government day after day. >> they do it together and again going back it to the contract with america, president clinton a democrat signed 70% of it and you did have parts and politics then. but members of congress knew when to come together to create a better america. not a better ego, but a better america. >> john boehner can work with democrat, paul ryan can work with democrats, but the tea
11:24 am
party wing do not want to work with democrats, don't want our government to function at all. they want the whole thing to fall apart and they won't support paul ryan. >> the house and senate are two different entities. the house is based on rules. but how do you change a culture and debt back to the basics? he said i want laws to be created in committees. can he do that? >> so right now there is a law being done through the committee to basically harm the 9/11 responders. >> which committee? >> judiciary. so there is a bill for 9/11 responders. filibuster-proof in the sfenate. i think paul ryan would vote for that bill, too, but goodlatt wants to do harmful things. >> this is what liberals do. mark knows going through committee, you don't have a clean bill. you have different amendments tacked on to the bill.
11:25 am
so there must be something in that bill that paul doesn't agree with. >> what they want to do is give it for five years rather than a permanent health care. it's 33,000 people that were harmed on september 11th. this has the support of the vast majority of the house and senate, but a few republicans like goodlatt are holding it up. this is what will harm paul ryan. he will be torn between what most american people want -- >> so you're saying he will look just like john boehner? >> and i like paul ryan, but i think he will end up just like john boehner. >> i go back to the time with newt gingrich. there was a lot of strive, but newt gingrich brought the party together and brought clinton on board, let me finish, brought clinton on board. so i don't see why paul cannot do that this time for the republicans and democrats. >> will he end up being as popular as he is now? >> you can't live off of populari popularity. but he's a great leader. he was canned cdidate and
11:26 am
i'm looking forward to what he can do as speaker. >> newt gingrich shut down the government. i don't think paul ryan is stupid enough to do that. it was not a smart thing to shut down the government. >> did you enjoy the '90s, the surplus? >> i enjoyed bill clinton has president. >> bill clinton signed that, republicans brought it through. >> after he made sure the government wasn't shut down anymore. >> and on that note, hopefully we won't be seeing anymore shutdowns. hopefully now that we have the new speaker we are continue on that trend. thank you both for joining me. appreciate it the spirited debate. coming up, a washington state high school coach is kicked off the field suspended from his job in a fight over faith. joe kennedy is back with us to talk about what is next. plus why donald trump wasn't too far off about obamacare premiums.
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>> you know, obamacare is turning out so badly that in '17, it looks like they will have to go back to congress and rewrite the whole thing. it's a disaster. premiums are up 35%, 45%, 55%. the deductibles, you're not even getting anything, the deductibles are so high, you have to die and would knoho kno covers you if you're dead.
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11:32 am
technical problem just before the plane it disappeared from rr as it headed to st. petersburg. we are told by egyptian authorities that all 224 people including 17 children and 7 crew members were killed. now of course begins the investigation as to why this happened. the black boxes help a lot. russian president vladimir putin has declared a day of mourning tomorrow. in a few hours there in russia. to remember those killed. it's not just the time change that kicks in tomorrow. remember it is daylight saving overnight. open enrollment in obamacare also begins november 1. this marks year three for the law and its third enrollment season is one to watch. the obama administration has seen upgrades to the website to make it easier for people to shop, but what l. shopper like what they see.
11:33 am
rich edson has the story. >> reporter: facing higher average premiums a penalty, customers can again enroll in obamacare sunday. the administration says the affordable care act silver plan the second cheapest available will cost an average 7.5% more next year. the price changes vary nationwide from a decrease of about 13% in indiana to an increase of nearly 36% in oklahoma. separately the obama administration projects 10 million will be on taken health insurance through these exchanges next year, less than half the congressional budget office's prediction. >> the white house saying 10 million is successful but a major failure on the part of the program. it means there will be fewer people in the pool that means that rates will continue to go up. >> reporter: still under attack from republican opponents and as critics argue, it's unsustainable design, obamacare is entering its third open enrollment period. one health care analyst says obamacare is too expensive for
11:34 am
consumers because too few premium paying customers are signing up. >> insurance companies by and large are losing lots of money in obamacare. obamacare has some really serious problems here. and the enrollment, the only way for obamacare to solve its problems is for the enrollment to increase dramatically. >> reporter: the administration claims the reason for the lowe projections, more employers are still providing insurance for their workers about abo. >> we haven't seen it on near the scale that was predicted. so another reason why there are fewer people who have to turn to the market place for coverage. >> reporter: most who fail to obtain insurance will be subject to a penalty of $600 or 2.5% of their income whichever is larger. critics argue that's still too
11:35 am
low. rich edson, fox news. as rich noted, when the president and democrats sold obama care to the american public, the congressional budget office talked about 22 million people signing up for the exchanges. that is less than half the number expected to sign up this year. just 10 million. hhs secretary sylvia burwell says enrolling i'm this year will be, quote, tougher and goals harder to reach. joining us now to tell us what the numbers mean, megan mccardell.discrepancy. 22 million expected, 10 million actual. >> it's a huge discrepancy between what they wanted and what they got and the administration's explanation that items because the employers aren't dumping people into the market doesn't work. the original 2010 march estimate that the cbo did, they only had in 2016 a million people being moved off of employer insurance and into the employer market.
11:36 am
later they increased those estimates. >> are these healthy people, sick people who aren't signing up? >> so who is missing? some people that are missing have grandfathered plans we think. that wasn't initially supposed to happen and then there was a huge outcry people were losing plans they like. obama said if you like your plan, you can keep it. so they let the -- the administration let people keep old plans provided that they had them prior to a certain date. >> but what does this mean for the taxpayer in general? does it mean obamacare is more expensive, less? >> well, it means that it is less expensive from the subsidies because you're giving them to fewer people. they were expecting 19 million subsidized people and we're in the range now of 8 million to 10 million. on the other hand, the cost per person in subsidies we don't know what that looks like yet, but that could well be higher. who doesn't go on to the exchanges to buy insurance?
11:37 am
healthier people. >> healthy people say i'll take the risk. take a look actually at what the cost to the individual consumers. we have an example here about the silver plans that evidently about 70% of obamacare enrollees get silver plans. next year average increase 7.5%. if you live in nashville, tennessee, it goes up by just about 40% for your plan. two fold. one, how do you get the pricing that wrong, i thought this was supposed to be affordable, and second of all, doesn't that mean even more people say now i'll have to roll the dice? >> the subsidies basically cap the amount of their income that they will be paying. if you're under 250% of the poverty line, you're probably still going to keep buying insurance. it's the people above that line where the subsidies start to fall off for whom this becomes an issue. i was looking at this for for my aunt who is thinking about retiring this year, her subsidy is $18 a month. this is not enough to mitigate -- >> that pays for, what, tli hre
11:38 am
aspirin? >> exactly. so those people may look at it and say you know, what i would be better off going uninsured making that calculation. >> if you're uninsured, at some point you can always sign up for obamacare. >> you have to wait open enrollment, but -- >> we wish your aunt very good health. megan mcardelle, appreciate your reporting. thank you. >> thank you very much. elizabeth, what's next? >> coming up on the show, a football coach gets suspended there his job for his tradition of praying on the field. joe kennedy joins us again to talk about why he won't back down. and as we go to break, we remember the beloved chef at the drive-in on happy days. al molinaro so many know as the malt shop oh, other thwner al os
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a story we've been covering, on fight over faith in washington state continues. assistant football coach joe kennedy forced to sit in the stands after district officials suspended him after he refused to follow an order to stop his tradition of praying on the 50 yard line after games. at this week's senior game night, players showed him sport by hugging him on the sidelines. school officials say it violates the separation of church and state. we've been following the story from the very beginning and coach kennedy joins us like with mike berry from the liberty institute. thank you both for joining me today. >> thank you. >> coach kennedy, i want to start with you. first of all, walk me through thursday night and are you glad that you stood your ground? >> oh, yes. so thursday night as you know i
11:44 am
wasn't allowed to be on the field or be around the team while they did their warm-up. so i got there, you know, the media was there and everything. and i was hoping that they would pay more attention to the game than to me because, you know, it's all about the team. and the game was absolutely phenomenal. these young men just did some incredible things to make itn to the playoffs. and i think that message got lost a little bit there. and, you know, the part about me of it was it just really hurt to not be able to be out there with these guys. i've had them for, you know, four years. i've been coaching them for, you know, seems like forever. i think it's been eight years now. and this could be potentially their last game. it was their last game in our stadium. so it was an important night for them. >> and we see them reaching out to you and embracing you on the
11:45 am
sidelines there because you weren't allowed to be with them on the field. how did that make you feel? >> that really tore me up. you know, you're so proud of them for what they do and you raise them to be strong young men. and they delivered obviously. but it really kills you when you can't be out there with them and see them through it. being a stek at a tipectator a hinge for the coach. >> i want to read a statement from the school district. they say while the district appreciates kennedy's many positive contributions to the program football program, kennedy 's conduct pose as genuine risk that the district will be liable for violating the state and federal constitutional rights of students or others. what is your reaction to that statement? >> mine is it's good that they realize that what we're doing
11:46 am
with the program is something that is good. but as far as all the legal stuff, i don't understand, you know, really any of it when they talk about it could potentially cause problems. well, by taking away my rights, it definitely has caused problems. >> right. community divided. barry, legal counsel-wise, can you tell me your reaction to that statement and also are joe's rights being violated? >> well, that document that you just read from and the rest of it is available at liberty and really if you read the entire thing, that school district policy, their statement, is ridiculous. they have gone so far as to ban any visible religious expression by any district employees. so they're the ones that are violating the law here and placing themselves really squarely in the risk of litigation. and so this is really a decision by the school district to choose
11:47 am
litigation instead of resolving this, which is something liberty institute offered do many times. and they're hurting not only coach kennedy, but these kids who very obviously love and feel for this coach and they wanted him on the sideline. and the fact that they wouldn't allow him to be there is very hurtful. >> we appreciate you joining us. we'll continue to follow the story. thank you so much for your participation and keep us posted. >> thank you. absolutely. all right. still ahead, the cameras that can show us what happens before the trigger is pulled by police. but will cameras on their guns do more harm than good? and withis. way i don't understand the sweet and scary. we'll tell you how mexico celebrates the day after halloween. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower
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. you might know it as all saints or all soul's day. in mexico the day after
11:52 am
halloween is known as the day after the dead. candy skulls and colorful flowers are displayed to honor the memory of deceased loved ones. their favorite foods are served. all in the hopes if they return they will feel welcome. serious questions nationwide about police officers who leave suspects unarmed offer a simple solution. we've heard it all. body cameras to offer an ir refutable record during a confrontation. rick leventhal reports body cameras aren't perfect. enter, the gun camera. >> reporter: 90% of police departments in america use some kind of video technology>p recording traffic stops to shootings on the dash-cam or chest of officers on the street. sometimes action happens outside the frame where the view is blocked by arms or objects. undercover cops can't wear body cams.
11:53 am
now there's another option called the "the sentinel," a camera mounted on the barrel of a handgun activated when pulled from the holster providing a critical look at the area where the weapon is being pointed. >> if i had a body worn camera at this time the view would be obstructed. you got the first person point of view as the officer sees it, the incident unfolds. >> it's capturing whatever you're point thanksgiving weapon at? >> "the sentinel" records audio and video and can stream video in realtime back to headquarters so supervisors can watch the scene unfold. it sends a gps ping to dispatch so fellow cops can respond to a precise location. >> it will give the agencies as much information as they can possibly get without physically being there themselves. >> critics point out sentinel does not record anything before the weapon is drawn. the company said it's best employed with other camera systems. second in command at new york dutchess county sheriff's department said he's seen "the
11:54 am
s >> essentially you're able to see through the deputy's eyes what he or she is seeing, what they are encountering and why they are going to actually use force. that's what's great about that product. there's no obstructed view. you're seeing what that deputy is seeing. >> the company hopes to equip police officers across america starting january. in new york, rick leventhal. if you're trick or treating tonight, there's a few things can you count on, sugar high, jack-o'-lanterns and bats. these flying creatures have become spooky symbol of halloween. woman tried to change the image. >> they think they are vampires, which is not true. they think they try to get caught in your hair, which is just silly. they don't do that. >> hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju, coming up on america's news headquarters,
11:55 am
continue to follow egypt jet that crashed with 224 on board. sending special op advisers to syria, too little too late in the fight against terrorists. a reaction on the president's claims that the media is to blame/u for fueling anti-cop attacks. all that and more coming up. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options.
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11:59 am
people think bats try to get caught in your hair, which is sully. they don't do that. >> glad we cleared that. that was a self-proclaimed bat lady setting the record straight about her favorite animal. she cares for 6,000 bats at a facility she runs in texas. myths that surround bats she will tell you especially this time of year, she says her mission is to show people how cute bats really are. good luck. >> all right. for those of you who may be out trick or treating a tad late, you get an extra hour of beauty sleep. that's right. daylight savings timevtc ends a 2:00 a.m., technically sunday morning. don't forget to fall back and turn your clocks back one hour unless you might miss us tomorrow, which would be a complete travesty. >> it would be terrible. you're here at 5:00 a.m. >> i'm not here until 8:00.
12:00 pm
>> you're not here until 8:00. she's going to get the beauty rest she doesn't need. i'll see you back tomorrow at 1:00 with shannon green. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great halloween. stay safe out there. and begin this hour with more on that tragedy unfolding right now in egypt. there are no survivors from the crash of a russian jetliner going down egypt's sinai peninsula. hello. welcome to brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. all 224 passengers, several children, all dead. they are charged with the gruesome task of recovering the bodies to cairo. authorities on the ground have recovered both black boxes. the flight crashing 20 minutes after taking off from a popular resort on the red


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