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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 1, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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now we have "justice with judge jeanine." right now on justice. >> there would be no american boots on the ground. >> about face yet again. the president sends u.s. troops into one of the most dangerous troops on earth, syria, when for years, he said it wasn't going to happen. is tonight's opening statement. plus, who would protest against cops in a city where a cop was gunned down just days before? one of the men who organized this rally is here tonight. it's the interview you don't want to miss. and then, a murder mystery, sparked national attention.
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did this woman intentionally kill her fiance on a kayak trip and make it look like an accident? tonight you'll see the real facts and hear my verdict. justice starts now. hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro, and thanks for being with us tonight. so now we're sending troops to syria, not combat, mind you, just to train and assist. but the bottom for me and every military family in america, is that we have boots on the ground in a country where our president said they would never be, that it would be a mistake because that's what itsis would want. >> there will be no boots on the
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ground. any action would be limited in time and scope. >> in 2012, you said assad would will crossing a red line if he asked you questions. you draw a red line and then assad crosses your red line. and now you're deathering saying you're going to ask for reauthorization of military action. and then john kerry, that foreign policyjustice, the one that just negotiated the u.s.-iran nuclear deal said that syria would have to give up its chemical weapons. and when the deadlines aren't met, no one seems to care. in 2014, isis announces call fate, abu dhabi, the one we let
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out of camp bucca, now starts beheading americans. james foley, steve sotlov and other westerners. then they start killing us. then we started a limited bombing of isis in syria, with the promise of no troops on the ground. mr. president, in september of this year, one day after meeting you and not telling you, putin starts air strikes in syria. and in your prophetorial american, you said bombing is not the way to go. >> as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peace inside syria, we'll be able to make progress on that front.
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>> now you're the one sending troops to syria. but by the way, it's not combat. ten days ago, master sergeant ben wheeler, just assisting, who wasn't in combat, was killed in combat. are you schizophrenic? you announce that you're going to send 1$100 million to the syrian rebels. didn't we just spend $5 million doing just that? we got five guys trained and they ran off. so we have the military version of five eguys pizza. almost 3,000 u.s. citizens dead. russia the nemesis comes into to the game, he doesn't bother to tell you the day he meets you, he just starts bombing you the next day.
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now you say assad must go. you wimped out when he crosses your red line, and now you're going to stand like a bully in a schoolyard and tell people what needs to be done? let the syrian people decide in the course of the political process. more than 3,000 people dead, antiquities and christians killed. you decide to send ground troops into syria? why? how do we even know who we're fighting? so you've got the assad forces, you've got isis, you've got anti-assad forces, you've got the syrian army, to the al nusan front and american special forces. now you want to ramp it up. why? why would we put american
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soldiers in this cauldron of medieval barbarism. and don't say we're in sync with them, we did not inform moscow where the american forces would be, but we're not places them in places where russia has struck or where russia would need to strike? how do you know, mr. president, where russia wants to strike? russia is striking the anti-assad forces that we are now supporting and training. let's not kid each other. there are jets flying at supersonic speed chasing other jets, piles of airplanes out there and remember the fog of war, the one by the way that you and hillary used in benghazi, that not so foggy narrative, but we kill our own in friendly fire
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all the time in iraq and afghanistan. you don't think that russia is going to see any opportunity to mix it up with us? after all, they're partners now with iran and syria. my fear, russia and iran are now on a collision course, why would you put our soldiers in syria. you're the ones who can't wait to let the terrorists outs of gitmo, because you say gitmo is a jihadist training ground. now what do you think they're going to do? now they're going to see us as occupiers and get a whole new generation a lesson in hating us. be careful what you wish for, mr. president, and it's the american military families that
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will pay the price. with me now is the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor, john bolton, good evening, ambassador. why is obama only making the case now that it's time to put boots on the grounds in syria? >> his policy has been incoherent for the last four years, and it's not just with respect to seyria, it's the entire middle east, you laid out the red lines he's drawn and not followed through on. but his policy was at the out set, that assad had to go, but at the same time he was negotiating with iran, and iran and assad are allies with within the region. that's when it was pretty much uncomplicated. now the situation on the ground, that putting these special
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operatives in puts a target on their back, it's a too little too late response, the incoherence is not going to get any better. >> this is now october of 2015, we're going to put some boots on the ground, not combat trained and assist, but we know what that means, but why now? we know he's dithering, he's always deathered. but what's pushing him this time? >> i think what pushings him is what he thinks his political legacy is. john kerry made it clear today that these 50 special operators will be focused on isis, not assad, another green light to the russians that they know what these folks are up to. but the whole approach to isis, to the president's objective degrade and destroy isis has not
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been accomplished. russia's going after the syrian army has been far more intense and more successful. >> it's like our sortes. what percentage are dead plane as they call them without bombs? >> every flight you can go over, but when you compare it with what's on the ground, it's precious little. >> i was trying to figure out, so i did my own little thing. there are so many people in syria, you have russia, you have isis, you have assad, you have the free syrian army, you have the u.s. that's green, those are our guys, you have al qaeda. you have the al nusra front, and
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you've got fox trot. how do you know who you're shooting? don't they have colors like gangs? how can we not get in trouble here? >> putin understands what his objective is, it's to prop up the assad regime, to regularize the boundaries of what will be a rough syrian state, and that means largely going after the free syrian army and the other opposition isis to this point has been our main objective. >> so the president says he wants to destroy isis, but in destroying isis, supposedly russia is going after isis, but in destroying isis, isn't he indirectly propping up assad? >> when you do strategic analysis, it's really not that hard, you figure out how big to
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the threats are and you rank them according to your need to oppose them threat number one is isis, threat the number two is assad. they have -- they were thrown out of egypt by anwar sadat in the 1970s. we're retreating. >> we look like we wanted to be in the game and we're going to put 50 people in. all right, and with eme now is congressman ron desantos who was head of the oversight and reform ecommittee. good evening, congressman, your reaction to the president's decision to send special ops forces to syria? >> listening to your monologue, i got dizzy because you cataloged this president's incoherence, and i really worry
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because these guys are talking about elite fighters, but a small number of fighters, when your policy is incoherent. this president with regard to foreign affairs has been the king of midas in reverse. everything he has touched has gone bad. when you talk about sergeant ben wheeler, if people are shooting at you, you're in combat. this is a guy who's one of the most decorated soldiers in american history. >> on the heels of this supposedly being killed not in combat, but in combat. he says within 10 days i'm sending 50 to syria not in combat. >> you played and you called him on the fact that he said there are not going to be boots on the
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ground. there's really been boots on the ground the whole time, broot boots are on the ground, but they're not in combat, they're for training and support. his policy is failing and he's trying to do the bare minimum just to get through his term. but i don't think he has any intent on really seeing through any real forceful effective policy. >> he changed his policy on afghanistan, and he's changing his policy in syria. it seems to me that he's trying to run the clock as he gets out of office. if he had listened to his generals, would he even be in this situation? >> if you go back, he wanted to yank all to the people out of iraq, because he wanted to beat his chest saying i got us out of
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iraq. but you saw that not having a presence contributed to the rise of isis, so if he continues with the policy against isis and now syria, he could see a lot of things happen on his watch. all he's trying to do is put this off so when next president comes into office, he's going to have a nice gift with a bow tie saying here are all these problems, you deal with it. >> you called for the removal of the irs commissioner john compton. did the white house not respond? >> they did in the respond so i responded by filing an irs audit against them. destroying documents, refusing to produce documents, throwing
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away documents, you're not able to get away with that, so how is the irs -- they made a number of false statements to congress. >> clearly they thumbed their nose at the legal system. but what are the chances of being impeached? >> the house is a majority vote. i hi you're going to see some people not give the irs commissioner a pass and allow him to live under a different standard than the american voters. i think a lot of voters would probably rally around him. but they're going to have to explain that to their con stich wents. >> and still ahead tonight, the war on cops, president obama
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weighs in. and i'll get an opinion from clark. and a man who organized a protest is going to explain his decision to me. it's been a hectic week in the develop, former front-runner herrmann kaine is here. plus the president's insta poll, what didn't you hear at the cnbc ke debate that you would like to hear on the fox business
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an outraged rnc says they have suspended their partnership with fnc because of cnbc's handling of the third debate. joining us is someone who knows a little bit about behind one of those podiums, presidential candidate and business has herrmann kaine. to the rnc says that they will not take part in the fnc debate.
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do you think he would have done this without the candidates's approval? >> no, he would not have. and the good news that came out of that debate is that the candidates won and the moderators lost. and i'm glad that the chairman dared to say that we're not going to take that blatant liberal bias that they displayed the other night. so that's positive. but one thing that came out of this is the democratic biasa came out of this. they were able to give some substance to the american people, but they had to dig to be able to do it. >> what does ry co-do they haveo make sure that this is going to be a fair debate. >> allow the candidates and
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the -- we knew that these particular moderators were going to take shots at these candidates. when the first question is what is your greatest weakness. th instead of what are your strengths. they were trying to catch these candidates off guard and it backfired. i think some approval of the moderates and the rnc candidates will help the success of the next debate. >> the moderators didn't even say what the rules were. now ben carson from iowa is leading trump. why do you think ben is leading trump now?
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>> i believe ben is leading trump now because he's like the little engine that culled, he's the tortoise, people are learning what he says, not how he says it. trump can regain to the the lead but he's going to have to be more focused on substance and not insults. i don't think he understands that a presidential cam pain is a long process, and it's still unfolding, that's what this illustrates. >> is its over for herrmann? >> i think so, and here's why, he got off to a bad start, because he was perceived as an establishment candidate, he got off to a bad start when he supported common core and then he tried to change it. then as donald trump says, and i
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know that a lot of people don't like the way donald trump deskribs things. be sure to tune in tuesday for the next gop presidential debate on our sister station fox business network, you're not going to want to miss this one. next, a protest against police in new york city just days after a cop is shot and killed. last week i asked, who are these people and why would they do this? tonight one of them is here and i'll ask him myself. don't go aeway.
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hurricane. now back to judge jeanine. with jeanine." i reject any narrative that seeks the divide police and communities that they serve.
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i reject the story line that says when it comes to public safety, there's an us and a them. >> president obama in chicago this week says he rejects narratives that seeks to divide police and the people they serve. welcome clark county sheriff. how does the president support al sharpton who sends the attorney general to investigate racism in ferguson but his own police department he couldn't back up say he's on the side of the police. >> you know that he created this narrative that coincided with the police. this has gone on long enough. the president of the united states and his people need to get their boot off the back of the american police officers so that we can get up and go back the to help maintain what little
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quality of life exists in the american ghetto. we want to go back to enforce constitutionally approved laws, the rules of law. we want to engage in self initiated and assertive policing to help protect the good, law abiding black people that live in the american ghetto. but the officers are not going to do that without the protection of the political class, who have to be guided by the rule of law instead of emotional rhetoric. >> i want you to listen to fbi director jim comey. >> i spoke to officers privately in one big city precinct who describe being surrounded by young people with mobile phones held high taunting them kwhn they get out of their cars. they said to me we feel under siege and we don't feel much like getting out of our cars. >> the fbi director who has been
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besieged several times, being criticized by the bush administration as insend area, what do you think of what jim c o mr comey said? is that an accurate depiction of police today? >> he doesn't let politics get in the way of his integrity, he would never do that. i was pleased with what i heard. i have talked to as many officers as he had, he is correct, until this onslaught, this smearing of the character, to the integrity, the sacrificing of the american police officer, until it stops, these rising crime rates, this violence is going to continue. and it's to the detriment of the law abiding black community, i think it's a shame that the president plays politics, that
12:35 am
politics plays into this, it's not in the best interests of politics and not in the interest of the american black people. >> why is the officer -- >> law enforcements have to the stay in a state of hyper vigilance, we have to watch people, we have to observe our surroundings as we go about this dangerous task. that creates a distraction, then we have focus on that and then face maybe somebody with a weapon. >> why is that a distraction? >> because we're supposed to, when we get out of those cars, if we get sent to trouble with a subject or a man with a gun, we're supposed to be focused on potential threat, not some crowd that's acting sill ely and acting goofy, because that takes our attention away from what we need to keep us safe.
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for me, it's very distracting. next thing i know, i'm under atta attack, i get shot, i get stabbed or manager like that. >> thank you for being with us tonight. joining us tonight, carl dicks, the stop the mass incarceration network, he was also organizer of the protest last week in new york city. last saturday, good evening, i said last saturday, i i said i can't believe that they would have an anti-police protest within days of a police officer being shot. was i wrong? >> well, look, we had that protest because police have been getting away with murder. they have been brutalizing and killing people, and the whole system, the legal system, the media has gone into operation to cover up their murderous deeds. that needs to stop. and that's what we were asking
12:37 am
to do. >> so you don't feel any remorse for having done this when officer holder was killed just days before that. >> i don't want to talk about officer holder. >> you want to talk about police killing people, but you're not going to talk about people killing cops? >> it's all coming from the police, i don't know what happened. i do know what happened to eric garner. we all saw him choke the to death. i know what happened to -- >> there are problems with eric garner. let's just find some common ground here, i know a lot of people who are concerned with the eric garner case and the choke held, but americans were on it. >> i don't care who was on it. my eyes do not lie to me. >> you were there? >> there's a video of it.
12:38 am
you saw it too, i believe. >> a chokehold, definitely. but the equestion is, we only saw one angle of the video. >> i don't need to see a bunch of angles. because the prosecutor who went in front of the judge, even though they helped including one who was kneeling in the back. you do that when you need their testimony. or when you want to clear the perpetrators. that's what was being set up. >> i know the drill. >> he didn't want to give those cops a pass. >> four cops have been shot, two sitting in their car eating their lunch before christmas. one guy ends up shot, chasing a career criminal, and the fourth cop is shot, again, by someone with an intense criminal record, you don't see any reason to protest the killing of people
12:39 am
that you need to realize you're in trouble? >> last year about 30 cops have lost their lives in the line of duty, in the same time period, 1,000 people have been killed by police. >> so far from january 1 to today, the number is over 950. >> i have 930. >> 930 was a week ago. that's what it was when we did our demonstration. so 300 of them. >> who are you going to call when you're in trouble? >> if you're in trouble and you're black or latino, then you're in truck. we have several dozen police who lost their loved ones lives because they called 911 to get some help for a family member who was having a mental episode who ended up being killed by police.>> this is the bottom li.
12:40 am
>> this is part of the reality everywhere. >> got to go. there is a system and i'll tell you the system works. >> the system works to exonerate killer cops. no cop gets punished no matter how horrific. go on the administration's website, that's the reality, police are getting away with murder, and we are asking to stop it. this case has been fired up. a woman who's sitting in jail, because police say she murdered her fiance on a kayak trip. i'm going to show you the huge holes in this case that you can sea right through. mom, when is daddy
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welcome back to justice. a case in suburban new york making national headlines. a woman accused of murdering her fiance out on the hudson liver on a ayack trip. how did she do it? she didn't shoot him and throw him overboard, she didn't stab him in the back. cops said that she unplug drain and his kayak sank and he drown. vince and his fiance anjelica jumped into their kayak on the hudson river. but things got rough, vince's kayak capsized and he went into the hudson. vince wasn't wearing a life jacket, but the woman he planned
12:46 am
to marry was and she lived. it looks like a tragic accident that ended a promising love story. but the prosecutor says she took out the drain plug before the trip so the kayak would fill with water. not the conventional way to off your fiance, but now anjelica is in jail awaiting trial for murder. anjelica didn't even know she was under arrest when she was interrogateded by police for 11 hours, and she described the pressure that she felt to engage in threesomes by her fiance, she finally blurted out, i want him dead, i'm okay with it.
12:47 am
now the investigators say to the homicide was due to the is intentional removal of the kayak plug, yet out would the investigator know if there was a plug or if she recovered it. but she was a beneficiary of his life insurance policy. the claim that anjelica tried to kill her fiance by going out in a kayak, where she would in as much danger as she would would be stupid. he suffered hypothermia in 46-degree water. her kayak did not cap sisizecap called 911 and she was arrested before vincent's body was even found, before cops even knew what the exact cause of death was, she's in jail awaiting trial on $9 million bond.
12:48 am
the trial is set to begin early next year. with me is an aca level 2 kayak instructor and guide. you said that you paddle daily and have been a certified guide instructor for four years. tell us about the kayak that angelique and vince were using. >> it's really kayaks that you use on flat water,lakes and ponds, stuff like that. >> so those are recreational? >> yeah they're recreational. you sit inside them, you have a skirt that goes around your torso that would keep water out of your kayak, an they didn't have that, so water can get in. >> so water can get in easier without a skirt? >> if you're in tough water. >> where is the drain of the kayak? >> the drain is at the back of the kayak just behind where you grab it the to move it. so there's no way to get in
12:49 am
there unless you push it into the water, otherwise there's no pressure, there's no way for water to get in there. >> what's the diameter of the plug? >> isl >> it's about an inch in diameter. >> in order for the kayak to get submerged in water, the kayak would have to be submerge? >> would taking the plug out be enough to capsize itsome. >> it's for when you're done kayaking that you pull the plug and let the water drain out. >> i'm going to assume the water is 46 degrees, the wind's blowing, the current going north and the wind's eblowing south. how does this affect the kayak? >> if you're going to get winds and currents going in directions you're going to get waves.
12:50 am
>> so it's going to be difficult? >> it's going to be more challenging. it depends on the person's ability to 6'2", big guy, and she's 5 feet tall. how does that affect their ability in these currents and wind? >> what will affect their ability is their ability to kayak. but a larger person has a higher center of gravity. so it could make them tippier if the boat is filled with water because they have no skirt and water is getting in. that will make the boat -- it could make the boat more unstable. >> so it would be more dangerous for him than her. >> it would be more challenging perhaps, but not necessarily more dangerous. the fact that they had no skirt, that adds -- that will add water into the boat. >> and he had no life vest on, and he had several drinks. >> which you never go into the water without a life vest. as a kayaker, ever. and adding alcohol to it, it's just attracting murphy's law. murphy lives on the water, and
12:51 am
that will attract him. >> all right. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back with the results of
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now for the results of tonight's insta-poll, we asked, what didn't you hear at the cnbc
12:55 am
debate that you want asked at the next debate on the fox business network? brady says, ask how to deal with syria, isil. we want specifics. jason says, i want to hear how the candidates will help our veterans. ask for concrete plans. hannah says, how they'll deal with the sanctuary cities, the illegal aliens and locking down the border. nellie says, ask what these candidates are going to do to generate revenue. trump is the only one who answered that question. and michael says, ask what will you do to stimulate the economy and give us specifics. kro kory, says, will you end birth right citizenship? and bryce says, what are they going to do about vets not getting quality health care from the v.a.? thanks for all the great responses. i love reading what you think. speaking of read, don't forget to pick up my brand-new book "he killed them all" out this tuesday november 3rd about that
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killer robert defrt. plus, next saturday and sunday at 9:00 p.m., tune in for my one-hour special robert durst and my quest for justice. in this fox news investigation, i take you inside the case that i investigated for years. you're not going to want to miss it. next saturday and sunday at 9:00 p.m. "he killed them all." that's it for us. you deponent ever have to miss "justice." set your dvr, tell your friends to do the same. friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter. on twitter. see you next week.
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