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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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radio station. and don't forget to dvr us. or better yet, watch us live. the rule of the republican presidential contenders hitting the sunday shows today. trying to gain some ground in the crowded gop field. this after meeting with voters in the key state of iowa, taking part in the last big cattle call before the all-important first in the nation caucuses. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> in the meantime, former florida governor jeb bush, he is doing some soul searching, you might say, after the last republican debate. he is insisting his campaign is not at all on life support. we've got fox team coverage now
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on all of this live in boston, with a look behind the scenes. the bush campaign. but first, let's go to molly live in our d.c. bureau with the latest on the gop field. hi, molly. >> hi, greg, hi, marthel. one of the driving forces behind a meeting of the gop campaign minds in virginia today. in addition to more time for opening and closing statements, here's what else dr. carson would like to see changed in the debate format. >> i would like to see, you know, tighter guidelines in terms of people when they respond to questions. you know, some people just pretty much ignore what the time constraints are, others are very careful to stay within them. and i think that creates inequality. so, you know, we need to just tighten it up a little bit and do it more like a professional type of debate. >> after last week's contentious
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cnbc debate, the national committee said it's suspending the partnership with nbc news. for an upcoming february debate. a good start, said one candidate, who is not sending staff to the nbc meeting today. >> i have campaign staff here in iowa with me, and logistically we couldn't work it through. the rnc obviously made a decision to exclude nbc from subsequent debates. i think that was the appropriate decision. >> on the democratic side, socialist senator bernie sanders has put up his first tv ad in iowa, in new hampshire. part of a more than $2 million ad buy. the campaign highlights sanders' history of standing up for working families and principles. here's part of it. >> now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system. funded by over 1 million contributions. tackling climate change to create clean energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay and tuition-free public
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colleges. >> sanders continues to lead in polls in new hampshire, and hillary clinton continues to lead in iowa. greg and arthel? >> molly, thanks. >> meanwhile, jeb bush is firing back against skeptics insisting his campaign is not on life support. molly line joined the former governor for the behind-the-scenes look on the campaign trail. hi, molly. >> hi, arthel. you said it, former white house hopeful jeb bush was lashed by the media over the course of the last week. he's cut some staff, but at the same time in the sunshine state, you wouldn't think his campaign was struggling. we had a chance to join the governor there in florida on the ground. he went back to the scene of one of the worst hurricanes, charlie, more than a decade ago.
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it destroyed a high school. the nearby rivals, port charlotte, stepped up, the two schools shared the facilities there. schools from both communities attending in split shifts. when the two teams met on the football field in the midst of the rebuilding efforts, governor bush was there. they faced off again, he posed for pictures. enjoying just an enthusiastic welcome in that community, where many people credit the governor with helping them rebuild. >> what is it like to see the difference now, 11 years later? >> yeah, well, i was all in to help them. and i have a bond because of that. it's just hard to describe when you get a chance to help people when they're truly on their knees, literally. and you get to do that. it's one of the most fulfilling experiences in your rally earli had a chance to sit down with him and he's taking stock of the
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last week. he's already thinking about the next debate, which, of course, will be held on fox business network november 10th. >> i know i have to get better at the sound bytes, and the cute little phrases in the debate. not answering the questions that people ask. these are things that are hard for a guy who's brought up to answer before frightened, to say what you believe when people ask you a question. >> governor bush is far from withdrawing from the campaign trail. after that stop in florida, he took off for iowa. he's returning to florida. then he goes on to south carolina. and a bus tour in new hampshire. he's far from quitting at this point in time. he seems very invested in the process. he says that he is. this is a very wide-ranging interview and we'll have more in the next hour and on fox report tonight. >> thank you, molly. >> thanks. on immigration in particular, we can't trust this president on immigration reform. he's already proven untrustworthy, because he tried to circumvent the legislative
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process. >> new house speaker paul ryan ruling out any attempt to pass an immigration reform with president obama. this coming after the new speaker pledged to work with democrats and began fixing what he calls the broken house. garrett is live in d.c. with more. >> reporter: paul ryan appeared on all sunday talk shows. on fox news sunday, the new speaker of the house said he wants to unify and change the republican party in the house by going on the offensive. and laying out a bold alternative for the country. >> we fight over tactics, because we don't have a vision. we have to have a vision, and offer alternatives to this country. so they can see that if we get the chance to lead, if we get the presidency, and lead the congress, this is how we'll fix the problems that working families are facing.
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>> on cnn's state of the union, ryan discussed efforts to fund planned parenthood, saying be realistic about what can be accomplished, but wants to make the house a more participatory process. >> we need to be clear about what we can and cannot achieve, and not set expectations knowing that we cannot reach given the constraints of the constitution. but we also have to push issues where we can push issues. >> on nbc's meet the press, he said he will not be endorsing any republican candidate during the primaries, but whoever wins the nomination will be better than hillary clinton. anchor chuck todd tried asking ryan if members of congress who miss votes should have their pay docked, a reference to marco rubio who jeb bush and others have criticized for doing that. ryan shot back with this. >> they're trying to take cheap
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shots at people running for president and i'll not play that game. >> paul ryan said he and his staff are trying to get the smell of smoke out of his office after boehner's affinity for cigars. you can catch more of that interview with the new house speak speaker, paul ryan, right here on the fox news channel. new details on the russian jetliner tragedy in egypt. a russian aviation official saying the plane that crashed in the sinai broke up at high altitude. but adding, it is still not clear why this happened. a team of russian investigators also arriving in egypt, as emergency crews continue recovering bodies from the crash site. all 224 aboard, including 17 children, were killed.
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meanwhile, air carriers, including lufthansa, airfrance and emirates say they will no longer fly over that flight until the cause of that crash has been officially identified. colin powell joins us -- cotter powell joins us live. >> reporter: flags across the country have been lowered in memory of the 224 people who died in saturday's tragic plane crash. the aircraft was flying from the resort town of sharmel shaikh in egypt to st. petersburg, mostly with families on vacation. hundreds of people bringing flowers and candles to the airport in st. petersburg, building a makeshift memorial there. according to russian and egyptian officials, there were no survivors. they have the grim job of trying to recover the bodies. more than 100 or so have been retrieved, what we're told. at same time authorities are trying to figure out what caused the crash of the airbus 8321
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that crashed. it appears the plane broke up in midair, about 30 minutes or so after taking off. a pilot reportedly radioed to a control tower saying they were experiencing technical difficulties. both russian and egyptian officials have defended the inspection and safety process, saying the aircraft was in good condition. but russia has a notoriously airline and air safety record. so far the leading suspect for this crash is due to bad maintenance, not terrorism. but of course, we're waiting to find out some confirmation. >> indeed. conor powell, thank you for that update. president obama ordering boots on the ground in syria. the white house planning to send fewer than 50 special operations forces there, saying they'll support local forces as they battle isis. critics say the move is being made without any clear u.s. strategy in syria.
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>> sending 50 american special forces into syria, in the eyes of isil, shows that obama is not all in. it is a sign of weakness to isil. they sized obama up and think he's weak. and sending 50 troops means we're not committed to destroying isil. if we're not committed to destroying isil, they will attack us here. >> ambassador john bolten, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, and fox news contributor. good to see you. two years ago president obama said we will not put woots on the ground, now he's putting boots on the ground, but only less than 50 special ops. is senator graham right when he says isis is just going to think this is not just a sign of weakness, but laughable? >> i think the entire world is going to see it as a further sign of the incoherence of the president's policy, not just with respect to isis, but in the middle east as a whole. we don't really have a policy. we have urges, and partial
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objectives. we're making sure even seven years after taking office, that we're not the bush administration. when you put all this together, you end up with actions and statements that contradict one another. this deployment of under 50 special operators, i think is just putting these people in jeopardy for no clear reason. >> and the white house, it's interesting, the white house is really parsing this, claiming that these will not be combat troops, and yet they're going to be deeply engaged, ambassador, in a combat venue. doesn't that render the white house claim a farce? >> it's embarrassing, really, that a president is going through such gymnastics. we have over 3,500 people in iraq right now. we have some unknown number about to go into syria. they understand fully they're in a combat environment and they act that way. their mission may be to train, advise and assist, but as we have seen just recently in the rescue effort where an american
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was killed as part of the attack, they are exposed every hour of every day. and trying to say that it's not a combat mission, it's not boots on the ground, it's still part of this exercise of saying, i'm not george w. bush. get over it, mr. president. >> it's not just syria, but in places like iraq where the president appears to have ignored pentagon advice on withdrawing troops there, do you think this is a president who really has a tendency to ignore sound military advice, in favor of his own political objectives? >> i think it's a political ideology. i think certainly it's intended to serve domestic political goals as well. but i think the president believes that a strong america, as exemplified by military deployments, is as much a part of the problem as what the deployments are intended to combat. and he instinctively recoils. sometimes reality overtakes him. i think that's what this
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deployment of 50 special operators is. he doesn't want to do this. he just doesn't see any way out of it. >> famously president obama vowed that assad must go. and he promised he was going to do it. now he has agreed to resume the united nations peace talks with the recognition that assad will remain in power. has he utterly nullified his own promise? >> i don't think he ever believed it. i think the reason assad has remained in power as long as he has is because of the support of russia, and particularly iran. and i think obama knew that if he really took significant steps to oust assad, that his much desired nuclear deal with iran would disappear. so this is part of the incoherence and inconsistency, now he's just contradicted himself. >> putting these troops in, as well as armored vehicles, service-to-air missiles, a whole lot more, has president obama
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been outmaneuvered and outleveraged by putin, maybe to the point of embarrassment? >> all of the above. putin is clearly making a play here to assert russian dominance in the broader middle east, accompanied by arms sales to egypt, russian advisers with the egyptian army, and the spread of russian influence like we haven't seen in nearly 50 years. the president is simply watching it happen. he thinks if he pulls america back, the region will be safer. putin sees an opportunity. and he's going for it. >> real quick, is president obama just running out the clock? >> i think that's part of it. but i would not underestimate the ideology that america's part of the problem. >> ambassador john bolten, as always, pleasure to have you with us. >> thanks. search teams working to confirm a major clue in the search for the wreckage of a cargo ship lost during hurricane joaquin. a car plows into a group of trick or triters.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. crews now working to confirm whether wreckage found deep in the water off the bahamas is the cargo ship al faro. the ship disappearing last month during hurricane joaquin, with 33 crew members onboard. a shooting at salem state university in north carolina leaves one person dead, and another injured. both believed to be students. and the death toll is rising in texas after massive flooding. at least six people have been killed in the heavy storms soaking areas from austin to san antonio. halloween celebrations ending in tragedy here in new york. a car plowed into a group of trick-or-treaters in the bronx killing a little girl and her grandfather. moments before the driver jumped the sidewalk, crossed the double line, and then hit another car.
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>> literally, like jumped over a parked car, hitting a bunch of people. >> at least three other people injured, including a 3-year-old girl now listed in critical condition. his campaign is struggling to gain traction, but jeb bush vows he'll fight on, despite what some are calling the less than stellar showing in the most recent republican debate. the former florida governor said the bumps are just temporary. >> i have enough self-awareness to know this is the bumpy time of a campaign. this is the process. i totally understand it. and i'm more than prepared to fight on. >> let's talk about it now with eliana johnson, the washington editor of the national review. so, can jeb fix it? >> the bumps started at the beginning of jeb bush's campaign, and it's been a bumpy
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ride all along. jeb bush is old when republican voters want new and exciting. you see other candidates with a similar profile. rick santorum, mike huckabee, struggling in the same ways as jeb bush. the one thing jeb bush had that other candidates didn't is $100 million in the bank. for those who worry money has too big an influence in politics, i think you're seeing with jeb it can't overcome the difficulties if you don't have the fundamentals for a strong candidacy. >> still some of that money is slipping away from jeb. but at the same time, i mean, his donors, it's not going to be a complete money drain. his donors are going to stick with him still, right? >> what you're seeing is a struggle for hard dollars. that's not superpac money where people can get unlimited amounts. the dollars are going to campaigns where you can't give over $2,700 in the primary phase. he's struggling for people who are going to give, you know,
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$50. that's where candidates like ben carson, ted cruz are really succeeding, and some of top dollar donors are threatening to peel off to other candidates. >> you don't seem to be too optimistic about jeb -- >> no. >> as you know, on the last gop debate, carly fiorina said, look, i know during the first debate people told me i should smile more. and she put this fixed forced smile on her face. the audience reacted. the audience there, at the arena. then last week the ladies on "the view" talked about it. in fact, one of the hosts said that when she did the forced smile, carly was demented. and the other said there should be a fiorina mask. this morning carly fiorina responded to that. >> i think what these women represent is a set of liberal feminists who believe that if you do not agree with them, on their liberal orthodocksy, that you don't count.
9:24 am
that somehow you're not a woman. >> that is carly's take on the ladies on "the view." does she have a point or not? >> you know, arthel, i think the meaner appearance, dress, all these things are important. i think she has a point that perhaps the media tends to focus -- to think it's okay to talk about the appearance of republicans more than democrats. i think it's all fair game. that may make me in the minority, but i think the media does a disservice for not talking about these things, which includes dress and tone of voice and so on. and i think the reason that carly -- carly is perhaps the best at this, and how effective a messenger she's been. that's one of the reasons hillary clinton isn't succeeding and has had troubles in her campaign. but nobody wants to say her looks, her dress, her tone of voice is a part of it. that's perhaps why carly fiorina is getting so criticized because she's so tremendously effective. >> i want to talk about this.
9:25 am
there's this rnc debate summit this evening. in a nutshell, the candidates want more say in the debate, even some of the questions. how much say should the candidates have? >> you know, the debates are conducted for the benefit of republican primary voters. it's those voters who i think should get a say. the goal of reforming the process was to not have the smash mouth contests where the nominee emerges greatly disfigured. that's not happening. some major failure on the part of the rnc. >> adjustments need to be made across the board i guess is what you're saying. at least i think that's what you're saying. >> absolutely. >> i leave it there. thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. were you appalled by what the women of "the view" said about carly fiorina? >> was i appalled by it? >> i was appalled by it. what do looks have to do with anything? >> you know, people talk about our looks. especially as a woman here on tv, they talk about us. that's what happens as a woman. >> a month earlier the women of
9:26 am
the view excoriated donald trump. >> i'm not saying it's right or wrong, that's what they do. we've got to go. house call is up next.
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. time for "sunday house call." >> welcome. joining us, of course, is dr. david samadi, pchief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, also author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> good to see you both. we're going to start with this. this is a -- they're calling it a bombshell finding from the world health organization, showing a direct link between eating processed meats, like cold


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