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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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board duke. they get an "a" for effort. thank you does it for us "media buzz," is up next. we hope you have a great weekend, everyone. >> on the buzz beater this sunday, the republican party declares war on nbc after the debate on cnbc with the moderators sounding snarky and hostile. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? they said you have as much chance of cutting taxes as flying away from the podium by flapping your arms. when you look at the average in the national polls the leader is drum truck. do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country. >> such a nasty question. but, thank you, governor. >> i have to tell you the truth even in new jersey what you are doing is called rude. >> the questions that have been asked so far in the debate,
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illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> the democrats have the ultimate super pac, called the mainstream media. >> why is the debate being so widely panned? is the press that declared marco rubio calling him the winner looking for a death march for jeb bush. why does donald trump call the media scum? >> we have our new media microscope using cutting edge technology on how the candidates are covered on television, radio, in print and online, which stories are getting traction and how it is impacting the campaign. >> bob woodward on hillary clinton's e-mail mess and the challenge of covering trump. >> if i did trump i would do 50,000 words and do each deal and look at how did he get his money? this is a guy who has been in
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the news for decades. >> why he is again investigating richard nixon and watergate. i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz." >> republican national committee is going ballistic over the cnbc clash in colorado which was panned by critics of aural strike stripes and does not play well with the republican audience. >> does that speak tore your vetting process and judgment? >> to the fact i don't know --. >> boo. boo. >> the tone of the question by washington bureau chief prompted media bashing by the candidates, both during and after the debate >> you look at the question, donald trump, are you a comic book villain. beck, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? marco rubio why don't you
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resign? jeb bush, why have the numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues that people care about? >> what did you think of the questions and the questioners tonight? >> i think they obviously had an agenda. >> the questions were snarky and devicive and non-substantive they were bias. >> joining us to analyze the performance of cnbc and the rnc threat to pull the next debate on nbc, mercedes schlapp, former official in the george w. bush white house. andrea mccarren, reporter for the wus tv and former corps for nbc and abc, and joe trippi strategist and fox news contributor. i have made my view clear that the moderators seemed to reek of disdain at times for some of the candidates, but in your view were they politically bias?
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absolutely. they asked questions live, would you support the budget deal in washington? or, for example, that exchange with ted cruz, i would not have beer but, it is the tone, the defensive hostility to the candidates, they did not cover the important topics like health care, which is a sixth of the economy. >> i would not have a beer with the moderator tax is clear. >> it is a business channel that covers wall street and stocks and bonds, so in your opinion, were the moderators ready for prime time? >> i thought it was disappointing performance. the irony is cnbc has finest business journalists in the year but many of the quiz were absurd and offensive, the follow-ups nonexistent and the respect for those mod radars was slim to
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nothing. in the end the greatest loss was for the american public who did not learn anything about the candidate policies or ideas. >> f took heat after the debate, and i argue those questions were more on substance than most but, joe, were ted cruz and marco rubio and donald trump justified in complaining about what donald trump called nasty questions and then pivoting to rip the mainstream media? >> absolutely. i don't even understand some of the criticism because it was is clearly bias that it was like just up there for each of the candidates to nobody out of the park, and all of was like the going field won, cnbc lost and part of that, too, was disappointment that people were looking forward to an economic debate and led by a debt work that has some standing to ask the right questions but they did
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not. >> and if you looked at the debate that was fascinating they asked substantive questions compared to what we saw in the prime time debate. it went from talking about the economy, and we learned more about jindal and santorum's policies on the economy than with the prime time candidate. >> few times that there were legitimate questions it was easy to make the media a villain. like ted cruz, basically --. >> right. >> he had the line of the night, and now, john not expressing any regret after being interviewed on "washington week." >> really, the...the energy and anger in the republican party that we saw expressed at us, the moderators, in the debate is very much to what was going on in the house of representatives. >> andrea mccarren, the head
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of the rnc is writing a letter saying we are suspending our partnership with nbc which is part of the same company but not involved in the debate, scheduled for february over what cnbc did, calling it petty and mean spirited what do you make of this? >> he had no choice but to suspend the next debate but i believe that will actually happen. if you read his letter, i did not realize until i read that, part of the agreement was for the candidates first question to be about the economy or financial matters. it was about their weaknesses. i thought john kasich -- he was lame but he set the stone by just absolutely bypassing the question. that fed into the lack of respect for the moderators, justified i have to say. >> this is about republican national committee and the head being under criticism trying to get nbc to grove develop --
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grovel and then they will kiss and make up. what else was mentioned in that note? >> that number was partnering with telemundo, and working with those folks who have have been the likely moderators, it is a missed opportunity because they would give them a fair shake. >> but it is highly symbolic. >> not what i would have suspended. >> insane to even think about skipping an nbc debate. for a bunch of ropes. first of all, say they did the same thing again, again, g.o.p. will win the debate, it will be so obvious how the questions are loaded they will just knock it out of the park and they talking to a g.o.p. audience that will decide in the primaries, make the decision, so that will help them. second of all, what they missed was, no, we took the bias stuff
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that we think is bias and we will do it again and let nbc prove to the world what they are and, by the way, challenge the democratic party, why won't you go on fox? why don't you have fox have a debate? by the way, the democrat, why not? you push...push it... >> fox news asked to host a democratic debate and was turn down by the dnc thank you is a mistake. >> after the cnbc crane wreck it hurt everyone in the media, now you have ben carson coming out and saying maybe the debates should be on the internet which would mean less questioning by many network big shot anchors and ted cruz saying, well, we should have republicans do the questions, rush limbaugh and mark levin. >> i want that debate. i want the conservatives to have an opportunity, whether it is radio talk show that a lot of the g.o.p. caucus voters listen
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to radio, this is where they get their news. >> what about journalists? >> why not have the american people and they and ask the questions. >> you need a mix of both. mix it up. >> we will look at questions that everyone is talking about. we will start with the chief washington correspondent of cnbc mixing it up with marco rubio on the tax plan and invokeed the study by the tax foundation. >> to be clear --. >> you had to go back and check. >> i does not. >> you did. >> so, hardwood said, i did not correct but there was a tweet two weeks earlier and he had a different question in a different context cited the criticism by the right leaning tax foundation saying it was correction but on television he said, no, no, no. >> it was shocking to watch him take that position. later he tweeted and had to make
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the correction anyway, but, never said anything at the debate which, again, makes him look weak and it gave rub the upper happened. he is a solid journalist. it was baffling some of the questions were coming out of him. >> conservatives have had questions about him and he gave them some ammunition. it was not just one or two questions. now, another moderator, becky was talking to donald trump and bringing up a statement where she said that trump in the past had criticized zuckerberg on immigration, and we will look at what happened. >> let's stay on the issue of immigration, you have been director critical of mark zuckerberg who wanted to d. >> i was not critical. i was not at all critical. >> where did i come up with this --. >> probe, i don't know, you people write this stuff. >> my apologizes, i'm sorry. >> that was just a heart
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stopping head slapping moment for me as a journalist. look, it is not easy to moderate a presidential debate. becky quick is a solid journalist, should have had that attribution right in front of her she did not have that many questions, about six questions, she should know every possible answer. >> you never ask a question without having this. it was on trump's web page and 20 minutes later, it was correctioned and she apologized but she was right. >> she was correct. that is the irony. >> but there was in press. you do not have the backup there, that is about preparing for the debate so it goes high wire if you do not have the backup. >> look at that lack of preparation compared to anderson cooper where he asked the follow-up, he listened intensely to the answers and clearly he
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was prepared. >> know the mod prayers are in trouble when you become the story. there you go. >> that sums it up. >> are done. >> way the debate ended for donald trump forcing cnbc to having a two hour debate, and hardwood said no, no, it was always two hours but there were days of stories on that. >> and they asked the readers to post the most ridiculous comment from the republican debate and there were 600 responses. what happened at the d debate? they did not ask for the most ridiculous, only the republican debate so that makes people skeptical of the msn. we go do our media microscope and our new technology that zeros in on what is moving the needle for the candidate who only come back, bob woodward weighs in on donald trump and hillary clinton and how the journalists cover the campaign.
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>> bob wood board will be known for his role in blowing watergate method but can that be applied to the 2016 campaign? i sat down with the author of "the last of the president's men," right here. bob woodward, welcome. in the coverage of the campaign do you feel more than any other that maybe substance and policy is aching a back seat to personality and polls and insults? >> yes, certainly. and the question is, who are these people? how might they really do things? in journalism, our main job is to figure out what happened and then why?
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we need to drive in to the question harder, why? who are these people? why are they running? what is their value system? and i think it will be done but it is going to take a hot of patience and as you point out, each week, in the culture of the internet give to me in 140 characters. that doesn't get you this. >> you were on o'reilly and talking about hillary clinton and you will say your network and my newspaper and all the news organizations everyone will do a 20,000 word or 30,000 word biography of every stage of her life and it struck me as old fashioned observation, because journalists can write these but what drives the news cycle is the quick hits, the viral video. >> but if you find something that is new and explains who these people are, that will drive the news cycle and people
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will read it or maybe they will not read all 30,000 words as frequently happens but they will get the essence of it because it will become part of the discussion. >> the culture of journalism, is still rewarding that kind of deep digging which as you know takes time and there are dry holes and you have to crush things and have it checked by a lawyer. does the culture of journalism reward that? >> yes, it does, and what is important is the readers and viewers reward it. at heart, people want to look at the president as someone who is very serious and what are the ideas driving them and all of the questions that you can only answer with an in-depth excavation and biographical study. >> how would you cover donald trump who gets a lot of attacks from the media but the criticism from the media in many ways
2:20 pm
makes him stronger. >> if i were doing trump i would do 50,000 words and do each deal and look at, how did he get his money? this is a guy who has been in the news for decades. >> decades. >> he has a long history, as vladimir putin said, not a stage of our life passes without a trace. right? >> right. >> and trump is running on his business success. >> true. >> there is a lot of work to be done. with all of the candidates, in the end, if we talk about this after the election, we are going to say that we went back to the character studyies because you are not electing someone, a sound bait, you are electing someone who is a person and we want to know that. i am sold on the idea
2:21 pm
particularly after doing -- revisiting the next on book. >> you compared hillary clinton e-mail to nixon's tape but as we know, he talked about coverups and burglaries and wiretapping. are you assuming there is nothing nefarious? >> not assuming anything but the volume, 60,000 e-mails, give me 60,000 of your e-mails and i will learn a lot about you. everyone said something in an e-mail that perhaps they wish they did not say. we are going to see. again, it is the in-depth work and in this case we have the f.b.i. doing it for us. >> more with woodward later in the program and also, ahead, is the press burying jeb bush prematurely and try to get him to drop out?
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legalzoom. legal help is here. we're >> we have a new fee tear on campaign that we call media microscope working with a new company that exams tens of thousands of sources from television, print, radio, internet and measures how much coverage the g.o.p. presidential canidates are drawing whether it is positive or negative, which issues are driving the campaign or fading from the radar and using a model called "the edge," with technology that did not exist a few years ago. we will look at who got the most attention before the cnbc debate on monday and tuesday according to the research 55 percent was donald trump. ben carson got 22 percent of the coverage and then down to 16 percent for jeb bush and under 7 percent for marco rubio. this predebate coverage was
2:26 pm
mostly negative. now, we have taken out the small proportion of neutral reports and negative in red and positive in green, the company found that two-thirds negative coverage tore trump, for bush, for marco rubio and ben carson doing the worst at 79 percent negative. now, check out the sudden shift after the debate on thursday and friday, ben carson and donald trump leading in media attention at 30 percent each, which is a significant drop for the donald and a sizable upfor the doctor but marco rubio's coverage tripled to 20 percent and bush is up to 19 percent after going toe to toe over the senator's spotting voting report that everyone said marco rubio won. but negativity rules in red, all four candidates over 70 percent negative give and ben carson the highest at 78 percent negative and just a lost negativity out there when you include the online sources. that cnbc debate moved the
2:27 pm
needle for marco rubio and we will slice and dice the data in different ways when we bring you our media microscope. >> are the pundits hailing marco rubio and too quick to let jeb bush go? plaque psoriasis...
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2:31 pm
the exchange is terminal for the campaign. >> i knew it would be a long journey but to suggest the campaign is terminal...come on. >> your campaign is on life support? >> no it is not on life support. we have the most money, the greatest organization. we are doing fine. >> mercedes schlapp, andrea mccarren and joe trippi are back. should journalists use death watch, and are you on life support? >> look, there are nine candidates where poll numbers than jeb bush and the voters have a long-term to make their decisions. no voter has cast his or her ballot. what i will say, it did not help jeb bush during the debate, probably one of the most animated moments that i have witnessed during the campaign season is his talking about fan teas football. >> the question which he bragged
2:32 pm
about his team and chris christie said why are we talking about fantasy football, and asking jindal and rick santorum if they dropping out. >> could think to. >> stipulate that jeb had a lousy debate when he needed a good one, and he is stumbling but weapon the media say to you constantly, why are you still in this, are you on life support, does that color the coverage? >> absolutely. the media wrote the obituary. we did not see that with governor walker. his numbers were low but we were caught off guard when he decided to jump out in the summer. there has been a distinction in the way they have been covering jeb. >> jeb bush said a challenge was to breakthrough the clutter of the money -- pundits. >> and an demanded chris drop out and go back to being governor. who elected the media to demand
2:33 pm
candidates get off the stage? >> so far this year, when the media has ganged up and said something would happen, take the other side of the bet. if everyone is running around saying bush is dead, i will go the other way. i don't think he is dead at all. >> it is not helpful. it is dominating the conversation. >> it is not reality. there are plenty of episodes in the past and the cycle that have proven it is not reality. everything from hillary clinton was finished and collapsing and we will see if it pans out. it was waiver done. the media gets on the bandwagons and over does it and it hurts a campaign. does he come back from that? does he for it back? that is something he can do and in that sense the media may it will help him come back. >> and urging people to write his come back narrative. >> how many times has the media saying donald trump is done?
2:34 pm
>> he is not done. >> or he is not a real candidate >> i want to ask andrea mccarren about marco rubio because he was asked about the newspaper in florida calling on him to resign because he has a spotting voting record and when you run for president your voting record suffer and marco rubio pointed out that the newspaper, while urging him to step down over missing 30 percent of votes in a certain period and that was the basis for the job bush attack, didn't do that when florida senator bob graham ran for president in 2003 , 37 percent missed votes or endorsed obama in 2008 with 25 percent missed vote. >> he handled that question and deflected it very well. that also, the idea gave the media haters a lot of ammunition it is because it did come across as clearly bias. >> we will tack abut trump since
2:35 pm
you mentioned him and he is making plenty of news and we have video clips to show you. the first begins with trump talking about how journalists, not his favorite people, are now rated lower than, say, congress. >> media is rates, you are right, they are scum, they are horrible people. they are horrible people. >> iowa, will you get your numbers up, please. what the herm are you people doing do mest i am presbyterian, that is down the middle of the road, folks in all fairness 7th day add ventist, i don't know about. >> i don't thing you are a herrible person or anyone at this table. >> we don't either. >> was it odd that donald trump brought up the religion of beck been without quite criticizing it. >> he put it thought class what a little strange but it is a donald trump tactic to say,
2:36 pm
look, i'm middle of the road but you look at what ben carson's religion, whether it is fair game, that is another story. >> it worked. i have seen several stories about, what is 7th day add ventist and when governor romney ran there were so many stories about romney being mormon. it really -- for the media, it was, look into it. >> i did not family it was his place to discuss his religious preference of ben carson. >> this is what he will do and it woulds and he is smarter about it. people thing he is winging it but he knows what he is doing. >> when he said the pollsters do not like me or the polls are unscientific because the -- the numbers are not as good add they were. >> he know was he is doing. putting doubt out there. it is the strength of the challenge that makes it come
2:37 pm
through. people like that. >> and donald trump used to say, certain outhealths high does not like, but, now, we are all scum, does that help when the from says not popular? >> absolutely there is a southwest media hate the we we could be scum but we should be grateful we have a free press. >> for republicans, it is really a narrative that plays for the g.o.p. primary voter, the fact that it is the we us versus the media because for so long we have been demonized by the names >> andrea mccarren, trip try, mercedes schlapp thank you for joining us. the press made chris christie sound like an out-of-control loud mouth but, first, bob woodward tracks down the man who blew the whistle on the secret taping system of nixon and found even more deception. it's more than a network.
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if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. jardiance is free for one year for eligible patients. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit >> it was a gripping moment at height of the watergate scandal with nixon fighting for survival when a senate committee questions an obscure former presidential aide naked butterfield. >> are you aware of any installation of listening devices in the office of the president at the oval office? >> i was aware of listening devices.
2:42 pm
>> he is the central player in the new book of bob woodward, the "last of the president's men." >> in your book on the secrettous tapes and butter field it reminded me living through water game when the country was consumed we the scandal and would nixon survive and president nixon said let others wallows in watergate we will do the work of the country and taking on this more than 40 years after the break in did you feel like you are wallowing in watergate? >> no, the opposite, in butterfield's files, 40 boxes, a lot of original documents and some of it quite frankly shocked me because the management of the vietnam war was done in a way to win re-election, not win the war --. >> you were shocked by the memo when the president was reassuring people that the bombing was highly effective and
2:43 pm
the memo said it had done nothing. if it capital out at the time would it be a bombshell? >> it would have meant or caused us to examine what is going on in vietnam war. we now know all of the bombing studies done and so forth that nixon had it right. it accomplished zilch. it was a failure. in so man ways. but, again, he said this on a top secret memo to sharyl henry kissinger. he was saying publicly, it was militarily necessary. >> the staff of the senate watergate committee found out that butterfield knew of the secret taping system that would bring nixon down and you found out, i figure your source was the guy you recommended for a guy there, scott armstrong, you told the late ben bradley and his reaction was? i calledly on a saturday
2:44 pm
night because i was...everything was taped and this was done secretly and it could resolve the conflict between nixon's denying and the assertions of others, particularly the council , john dean and i woke him up at 9:00 and said, he taped everything, nixon taped secretly. what do you think? and ben said "well i would not bust one on it to get a story in the paper." he said how do you evaluate it, i said a b husband and i took sunday off feeling i had broken the chain of command and again to bradley because it was... was...tapes? is this possible? when butterfield testified on monday it shook the world. it was one of these things and to bradley's credit he came back
2:45 pm
and knocked open my deck and said, okay, it is better than a b+. >> what jumped out at me in the book was the portraying of richard nixon as told through the eyes of butterfield would sat outside the office for four years and even how awkward their first meeting was because he had been brought in by h.r. h.r.halderman. he was uncomfortable around people? >> yes, a listenly man and butterfield temperatures how he work in the oval office and rather than going to the residence would go back to the office, the executive office building and put his feet up keep his jacket on and have a drink and have his man servant make dipper for him alone and sit there with the yellow legal
2:46 pm
tablet. the story that butterfield has provided in the book is one of nixon's obsessions and his deceptions and there are more and more of them particularly on vietnam. people -- i served in the navy. for people who served, for people who care about the military which are most people in this country and particularly a lot of conservatives who believe what the military stands for and does is a pillar of trent in this country, this is a level of deception if line in mismanagements of the war. >> you are finally open twitter in 2015 but you do not tweet that much. are you a reluctant cop voter? >> i am trying to get my feet into it and i want to be careful
2:47 pm
at age 72 i am trying to learn. >> the 140 character thing is a different world. >> thanks for joining us. >> after the break, a journalist tries to pin down truck true on why he unloads on polls that show him flipping and another that said hillary clinton is making trumped up charge of sex ism. a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> now our video verdict, when donald trump called in to morning joe, they tried to get him down on a favorite subject, the important question of polls. >> when you are ahead in the polls you cite them but when the
2:51 pm
polls show you are behind, you will challenge the pollster, the organization, the methodology, the legitimacy of the polls. >> the thing with the polls they are different because they come from all over the lot where one guy such here, someone else is up there and you see swings in 10-12 points on the same day so right now it is not scientific. >> it is not scientific when donald trump is not winning. he has incredible fascination with polls we have not seen with any other candidate. when he makes the decision that, look, i am losing right now, so these cannot be working for me, but just today he tweeted that he was saying, well, i agree with the polls and i am on top. >> it is a challenge to pin him down. the question was crafted in a way that he cut off the escape route and we got a revealing
2:52 pm
answer. after bernie sanders said that shouting would not solve the problem of again violence, hillary clinton responded with this and msnbc's reporter was, well, appalled. >> now, i have been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. i have not been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it is shout. >> is that sexist? what beers said? >> don't make me say it. >> please. >> met me say that is pathetic. pathetic. >> pathetic. >> pathetic. >> say it like it is, it is pathetic. i think of my cinco demayo -- matt said are you shouting and i
2:53 pm
say, no, we are cuban, that is how we talk so for hillary clinton to sari am shouting so i am a woman...come on, it is a weak play. >> it is an attempt to try to cast bernie sanders as being sexist can she has done this or the california pain does. i have to get drive to the reporter she is liberal, she would hike to support hillary clinton but she could not hide her disdain although joe had to pull it out. >> great to see women journalists to come out and say it like it is, absolutely pathetic the this is a narrative that hillary clinton wants to push which is i'm a woman, i'm running and the media is buying into it. >> thanks, summer shades. vice president biden as he makes the big decision and have you heard about chris christie in the quiet car? it is a bogus story. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm.
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>> all the journalists and pundits reporting that vice president biden was on the verge of running or about to declare and it turns out one was vice president biden. >> how often did you talk about this decision? >> it was driving us crazy. you guys are driving us crazy but, you know, serious press people would say, well, we have on good authority from very close friend of biden he will announce tomorrow or we have on good authority he is not running and that used to drive me crazy. >> the vice president was fed up. he challenged the reporting that his late son was on his death bed urging his father to run saying it wasn't a hollywood-style scene but that is now how "new york times" reported it but the paper left that impression and a correction has been made.
2:58 pm
>> was the rnc in pulling the next debate from nbc? >> the democrats do not allowed fox to moderate so it is fair to not allow off nbc to moderate. >> and robert said they should be fired for the crap they threw out and the mainstream media is no better. >> if the rnc cannot get veto power they should hold their own debate. >> i would not think rnc is anything but crybabies. it is okay to respond to questions. >> what a delicious story of chris christie, the gossip site reporting that amtrak conductor kicked the loud mouth new jersey governor out of a quiet car for talking away on the phone. >> governor chris christie not nope for his inside provide was returning from washington when he was kicked out of the quiet car for talking open his phone. >> they complained and chris
2:59 pm
christie was ejected from the quiet car and he had to go to the cafe car to finish the smoothie. >> he was sipping a smoothie and talking on the cell phone and someone could plains. that is a no-no on quiet car. >> did you hear the scan detail? chris christie was talking on the quiet car. >> hold on a journalist was right there and she said chris christie was run late and he did not realize he was in the wrong car and was superior courteous and told his colleague he was in the quiet car and he would to call back. >> this stuff the reporter said, this "stuff," is why people don't believe anything they hear or read. that is it for "media buzz, i am howard kurtz. we hope you check out our facebook make, videos will be responding do your questions and can you hear my media minute on the serious -- sirius xm.
3:00 pm
>> see you next sunday. >> i am john problems here for chris wallace with the interview with new house speaker paul ryan and the president shifts his strategy in syria. >> my answer is simple: i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> the decision the president has made is to further intensify our support. >> we will discuss the situation with sinned graham one of the biggest credit is of the administration's foreign policy. >> paul ryan takes the good develop from speaker boehner. >> we need to make changes. starting with how the house of representatives does business. >> we speak with the new speaker of the house on the challenges ahead. >> the new shape of the


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