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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ we begin with breaking news. fred thompson has died of lymphoma. the former u.s. senator and one-time republican presidential candidate is probably known most for his role in american politics, but also by millions of tv and movie fans for his role as an actor in film and television including his long-running part in "law and order." thompson was a watergate attorney who moved between politics and acting for most of his adult life. early in his time on capitol hill he was a rising star in the u.s. senate, but he retired from the seat in january 2003 saying he just didn't have the heart for another term. he later ran for president in 2007.
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thompson stood at 6'6" with a booming voice, focused demeanor and appeared in at least 20 motion pictures. his credits include "in the line of fire," "diehard," "the hunt for red october" and cape fear" and people knew him from the hit tv show "law & order." thompson joined us on the couch in "outnumbered" and talked about being a conservative in hollywood. let's watch. >> i'm curious, is it true, though, that most of hollywood expresses itself in a liberal way? i mean, did you -- >> oh, yeah. there's no question about that. i've thought about, you know, why that is and -- and i don't know that i kind of think that most of them are artistic and idealistic and humanitarian, so many of them and their heart's in the right place, but a lot of them don't have a real strong connection with what it's like
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in the day to day world out there making a living the way most people do. >> people loved to hear him talk, that voice. before fred thompson's death fox news host sean hannity took a look at the former senator's long legacy. let's watch that together. ♪ ♪ >> fred thompson has worn many hat, lawyer, actor. >> no deals, casey. do your job. housekeep the crime. >> senator, presidential candidate. >> it's about the future of our country. >> in his new book "teaching the pig to dance" thompson recounts his colorful and admittedly, lucky life. >> growing up in lawrenceburg, tennessee, thompson was raised by hardworking, middle-class parents. after becoming the first in his family to graduate college, thompson went on to law school and despite protests from his mother, he became a lawyer.
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soon after tochompson start his political career as howard baker's campaign manager during his 1972 reelection campaign. he was then appointed minority counsel to assist republican senators on the senate watergate committee. the 1977 thompson made headlines when he filed a wrongful termination suit against democratic governor ray blantin and he help expose the cash for clemency scheme that eventually led to his removal from office and the plot became part of a novel when it was made into a movie. when the director cast thompson to play himself thus began the start of his long acting career. in 1994 thompson was elected to finish the remaining years of al gore's term and was re-elected two years later. in 2007 thompson threw his hat into the ring with the presidency and withdrew after a tough race in 2008. although thompson admits he is lucky, it's the foundation that his parents and a small tennessee town provided that truly set him up for success.
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♪ >> we remember the lawyer, the politician, the actor fred thompson. dead of lymphoma at 73. right now a number of the competing republican presidential campaigns are meeting in one room at this hour to talk about future republican debates. fox news can confirm representatives from at least nine of the candidates' teams are in attendance and we have a camera set up outside that meeting to bring you the very latest. this weekend we can tell you we saw many of the candidates at a forum where they called out the moderators of last week's debate on cnbc for their so-called gotcha and mean-spirited questions. the republican national committee going so far as to suspend its partnership with nbc news for a debate in february. today candidates are quite vocal about what they'd like to see changed in future debates. >> these debates are to highlight the differences and philosophy between the candidates, particularly when you have as many candidates as
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we have now. the people need to be able to find out what is the thing that distinguishes each one of us. >> i want smaller groups on the stage, better questions and let us all be heard from equally. reince priebus is a good man. he's rebuilt a republican party that was pretty much in tatters and this debate structure is not leading to the best candidate coming out of the debate. >> molly is live in washington, d.c. for us and we heard from the campaign staff going into this meeting this evening, and i know you've got that for us. what are they saying? >> hi. the republican national committee or rnc was not invited to this meeting in virginia. staff from the various campaigns say they're coming together for a, quote, problem solving session to see if they can agree on what they want in future debates. >> i think the campaigns want to have a conversation among themselves and i'm sure we'll be talking to the rnc afterward about what we want to do.
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>> about 100% convinced. we'll have a meeting, not a miracle. >> the campaigns say they have no input on the debate schedule or the moderators. >> today, though, prior to the meeting, the rnc announced it has asked a party official to be the point person on debates and work with the campaigns and the networks. hair snis. >> on to syria now. i know president obama announced he is sending dozens of operation forces to fight islamic state savages. i know republican candidates have been talking about this on this weekend. >> certainly. one republican presidential candidate says isis will see this move by the president as a quote, sign of weakness. >> 50 american special operators are going to go into a very bad spot with no chance of winning and at the end of the day this will not destroy isil. this is an incremental change that has no chance of success. >> senator marco rubio contends that the bigger problem is that president obama has not explained a specific mission for
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these special operations forces. >> i don't have a problem with the tactics of it and the numbers might have to be larger at some point, but i think the bigger issue is can they arrive at a strategy and that's what the administration is struggling to outline. these 50 forces will be on an advisory role and not on a combat mission. >> molly, thank you. >> don't forget to tune in to the next republican debate it is tuesday, november 10th on fox business and they have teamed up with wall street journal. the early debate beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern and followed by the prime time round at 9:00. also in political headlines on this sunday, jeb bush's camp are working to turn things around for him. our molly lime caught up with the one-time presidential front-runner. that close-up with jeb bush at the bottom of the hour and the fox news political insiders gin me with reaction to that and the passing of former gop
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presidential candidate fred thompson. now to the devastating plane crash in egypt. investigators say the russian passenger plane broke up at high altitude well before it hit the ground. that piece of information is helping to narrow down the possible cause. investigators in egypt and russia looking at the two black boxes they recovered in the wreckage and the jet took off half an hour after taking off from egypt. all people onboard died including 25 children. connor powell has more now from our middle east newsroom. connor? >> reporter: harris, the grim process of recovering the bodies is under way. authorities have retrieved more than half so far and many of the bodies will begin arriving back in st. petersburg soon. flags across russia have been lowered for the victims. many were families on vacation. thousands of people bringing flowers and lighting candles at a makeshift memorial at the
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airport in st. petersburg. the country shocked by the crash. investigators are now trying to determine what went wrong with the russian metrojet plane. the aircraft left the egyptian resort town of sharm el sheikh and was headed to st. petersburg, but broke up in mid air about 30 minutes or so after taking off. there were no survivors. authorities say they have recovered the plane's flight recorder and are now examining it. both russian and egyptian officials have defended the inspection and safety process saying the aircraft was in good condition. >> but russia has a notoriously spotty airline safety record and most analysts think either poor maintenance or mechanical malfunction are the leading causes for the crash. harris? >> thank you. new crews now in the mysterious sink of the el faro. investigators are awaiting video that they've found what's left of the ship. crews used sonar equipment to find the wreckage under 15,000
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feet of water. the el faro vanished in the bermuda triangle one month ago during hurricane joaquin. crew members onboard included 28 americans. if the wreckage is confirmed the team will try to capture the data recorder. it could hold the information crews need on why that ship went actually into the path of the storm and then sank. the first two rounds of obamacare's rollout were bumpy. that's putting it mildly for some of you. round three beginning this week and this year's health insurance plans could have some surprises when it comes to price. and lessons learned from halloween 2015 with the police now out with a warning for next time. this is "the fox report," i'm harris faulkner.
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new house speaker paul ryan is promising to reform the u.s. house of representatives beginning with the speaker position. ryan says he's, quote, redesigning his new job and planning to implement a
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bottom-up approach which house conservatives have been pushing for. >> what i think we need to do is change the way we do business. i think we've been bold on ta tact tactics, but not bold on policy. i think we owe the country an alternative and that is why in 2016 we have to show people who we are, what we believe and how we would do things differently and what our ideas and policies are to change the direction of the country. >> one thing that will not change, he will continue sleeping in his office when he's working on capitol hill. i guess that's why we took a live shot of that. not that we can see him sfloot new speaker says the party needs to offer alternatives for obamacare because open enrollment for next year begins today. millions of americans may be about to experience sticker shock. this is the third time consumers will choose plans. earlier rollouts were, as you may know, marred with technical glitches. this year any challenges will include an increase in premium hikes and the penalty for not
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choosing to have the insurance. l elizabeth prann with more. >> hi, harris. it is looking substantially different from the prior two years. how so? the price tag. consumers who were paying attention to social media have been bombarded bay hash toog staycovered and #staycovered. they offer cheaper premiums are also going up. according to a group breaking down the numbers by 16% on average across the country. that's not in every case. states like indiana could see a decrease and customers in oklahoma may see a jump of 36%. the administration projects a 10 million enrollment. officials continue to push the end goal, reducing the number of americans without insurance. >> as a result of the major
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provision of the affordable care act taking effect, 17.6 million americans have gained health care coverage. >> on the other hand, many uninsured say they cannot justify the cost. critics argue the plan is impossible to sustain and if it includes too few customers who purchased insurance and companies would have to raise rates on paying customers. >> obamacare. i mean, look at the disaster that the rollout of obamacare is continuing to be. i think we owe the american people a specific agenda for how we would do things differently. >> the marketplace would be open for three months and those who abstain will see a penalty on the 2017 tax returns of 2.75% of annual household income or $695 per person. harris, back to you. >> that's a chunk of change. an out-of-control car plowed into a crowd of trick-or-treaters and at least three people are dead including a grandfather who was out with his 10-year-old granddaughter. now investigators say the driver
4:17 pm
may have had a seizure moments before the crash. here is the scene in new york city, the bronx, to be exact. witnesses say it happened in the blink of an eye. >> the families were trick or treating walking behind me and all of a sudden a car -- like, i heard the boom and the car literally jumped over a parked car and flew into the gate hitting a bunch of people. >> the crash hurt three others including a 3-year-old child. and after this halloween in pennsylvania police are investigating how trick-or-treaters reportedly got sewing needles inside their candy bars. detectives trying to get the word out to parents in the kenneth square area. a caller claimed to have found those needles in five wrapped candy bars given to four different children in five different households so they want people to listen up. as they do each year and particularly coming from authorities in pennsylvania, parent, always check your kids' candy for tampering even if you think you know all your
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neighbors. police officers are taking a stand over what they call hateful rhetoric from one of hollywood's most acclaimed directors. plus, miami fans celebrating after one of -- the craziest final plays you will ever see, perhaps, in a football game. so crazy now the referees are getting suspended for it. we'll show you the whole thing. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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thank you in advance for what you're about to do. new trouble for oscar-winning filmmaker quentin tarantino. the national association of police organizations is announcing a boycott of all of his movies and that's because tarantino recently came to new york city in a rally and referred to police officers as murderers just days after one of new york's finest was murdered in the line of duty. the police union that's
4:22 pm
boycotting represents 1,000 units. unit, across america. >> robert gray is following the story from our west coast newsroom. robert? >> harris, that's right. the national association of police organizations says it sworn law enforcement uarter of officers and it's now joined the boycott against the oveng ar winner's film saying in a statement, quote, as a high-profile figure tarantino's language is utterly irresponsible. anti-police rhetoric like this threatens police and citizen alike. he called on police officers to stop working special assignments or off-duty jobs for the director's projects, quote, we need to send a loud and clear message against police officers is unacceptable. they join police unions in new york, los angeles, houston, new jersey, chicago, and philadelphia in the boycott. tarantino drew criticism from law enforcement after his comments a week ago while speaking out at the rise up
4:23 pm
rally in new york city protesting police brutality. >> i am a human being with a conscience and when i see murder i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murredered and the murreders t s the murdererers. >> the director's father tells fox news his son was, quote, dead wrong in calling police murderers. the studio behind tarantino's upcoming drama, the weinstein company has not made public comments about the film set to debut on christmas day, and harris, in time for oscar consideration. back to you. >> robert, thank you. the acc and college football has suspended one of its officiating crews after a wacky final play in yesterday's miami-duke game. did you see it? here's how it went down. the blue devils punting, up 27-24 with six seconds left in the fourth quarter and the
4:24 pm
hurricanes finding a way to keep the ball alive. look at those guys, tossing what looks like lateral after lateral and they did it eight times before finding the end zone. the crowd appeared to be in shock. stunned silence. the acc later said one of those threes came after the player was down and they said the hurricanes used an illegal block and that's at least some validation for duke, but for the blue devils this game still ended up in the loss column. wow! >> fox report is on the campaign trail this time with jeb bush, the former florida governor taking stock of his presidential campaign after a dip in the polls and what critics are calling a lackluster performance in last week's debate. ahead, what he says he needs to do to improve to bounce back in the race and the fox news political insiders will weigh in on that and you can, too. remember, we love it when you chime in and tune in, that means watch and take out your second screen. hit us up on the fox news social media pages facebook and twitter. we're coming right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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4:29 pm
in florida for a behind-the-scenes look. >> reporter: white house hopeful former florida governor jeb bush was battered by the media following his debate performance and he's taken hits, but among fellow sunshine staters you'd never know his campaign was struggling. >> we joined the governor returning to the scene of one of florida's worst hurricanes, charlie, more than a decade ago the storm devastated charlotte high school and the punta gorda area. >> do you remember what it looked like back then? >> it was all wiped out. nothing existed here and there was the facade of the building on the other side, it was a cat-cat cat-3 storm and 150 miles an hour and it flattened this and support from the state and the community built it back up. >> reporter: the midst of the destruction is highlighted in a new campaign-produced video. nearby rivals have stepped up and shared facilities for most of the 2004 and 2005 year.
4:30 pm
governor bush was there presiding over the coin toss. bush returned friday evening to watch the rivals face off again, enjoying an enthusiastic welcome in a community with helping them rebuild. >> what is it like to see the difference 11 years later? >> well, i was all in to help them, and i have a bond because of that and it's just hard to describe when you get a chance to help people when they're truly, you know, on their knees, literally and you get to do that it's one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life. >> i've had a chance to sit down with the governor as he takes stock of his campaign and looks ahead. >> i know i have to get better at the sound bites and the cute little phrases and the debate. not answering the questions that people ask. these are things that are hard for a guy who are brought up to answer to say what you believe when people ask you a question.
4:31 pm
>> reflecting at the swipe he took at fellow floridian and white house hopeful senator marco rubio, he sought to clarify his intention drawing contrast between what he considers very different levels of accomplishment between himself and others on the stage. >> the gridlock, i'm not blaming any particular senator, but it's a disaster, and compare that to a time when i balanced eight budgets and when i vetoed two 2500 separate line am whys in the budget. we cut taxes $19 billion. we led the nation in job growth and that comparison is what i was trying to get at. >> reporter: dubbed the leading establishment candidate from the start, bush racked up donor dollars and both with a father and brother former presidents, he tries to focus on his record, but is sometimes forced to talk about theirs. what advice do they offer? >> my dad, not as much anymore because he's kind of past the point of giving out advice. he just gives me unconditional love. my brother is the last
4:32 pm
republican president, did it twice. he's the guy that probably knows more about how to get elected as a conservative and his advice is stay the course. be patient. this is a long haul. in october four years ago herman cain was the front-runner. eight years ago hillary clinton was beating this unknown senator from illinois by 25, 26 points. the world changes pretty quick, and it takes a concerted, consistent effort and that's what i'm doing. >> in the coming days governor bush will make several stops in florida. he considers his home state to be critical on the path to victory and he returns to the early voting states of south carolina and new hampshire. harris? >> molly, thank you. the fox news political insiders are here and you can join our conversation on facebook and twitter because i'll read your posts. pat caddel, former pollster for jimmy carter. look at that sunset behind you. gorgeous. >> former republican congressman for new york and doug shown, former pollster for bill clinton
4:33 pm
and fox news contributor, as well. i want to start out with this tweet. america first says neither jeb bush and marco rubio hold close to donald trump in their home state of florida. >> that piece was done in florida this weekend which is a worrisome thing if you're pro-jeb bush because why would the former two-term governor be running around florida while the answer is he's in fourth place in florida in the republican polls. that's terrible. rubio is in third place. he's the sitting u.s. senator. that's terrible. they're in trouble, and we haven't -- we don't spend enough time talking about the big story in the race is trump and carson are way ahead everywhere of these guys. >> you know what? let's talk about what's next or shall we say, what's first, the iowa caucus is there first and let's talk about where are the real clear politics which is an average so we get to see the conversion of a lot of different polling that we watch here on fox news and ben carson a top
4:34 pm
29% in iowa and donald trump, 21% and those two are far out front and then still in double digit with a 10% tied and ted cruz came up a bit and marco rubio. >> what we're seeing is john suggested correctly, harris is that ben carson has surged in iowa. there are a disproportionate number of evangelicals there, and he is taking advantage of his appeal to them. the larger point, though, is that trump and carson, neither of whom has served one day in government are commanding close to 50% or more of the republican primary electorate. >> another tweet, robert mclean says we're tired of being betrayed with political talking points and being ignored by people we elect. pat, that's something you say all of the time. >> yeah. well, that's true. i think we have a situation here where watching the coverage you would have thought after the last debate that the insiders
4:35 pm
that rubio and bush and ted cruz was mow of an outer than insider, but a senator, someone in office, but they were somehow from mars and at the top of the field and the dominance of trump, carson and to some extent fiorina would be elected and the people would elect the political system as it is. >> i'm wearing my tie for the horror of all of this my granddaughter made for me for halloween with spiders and spidery things and it's perfect to describe the republican and the state of american politics today. it's a horror show. >> it's something that pat just said that tied in with that, harris, if you can stay on your seat for the show, is that the in -- >> the tie scared me. >> the insiders in washington and the media keep reporting that the inside candidates,
4:36 pm
bush, rubio and all of this stuff when, in fact, you know what there isn't anymore? outside media. there really isn't any media that's out of this thing that can look objectively -- >> you have bloggers online, and a few -- >> even though we're called, the segment is the political insider, the three of us were four years ago talking about what was coming politically. you know, the political insiders, but we are really outsiders. ry are reviled by the establishment for the stuff we say with you on sundays. >> you're against both parties for what pat was describing. let's take a look at the new hampshire republican presidential primary as in the real clear politics is showing. this is pretty amazing how far out front he is. doug, what are your thoughts? >> in the same way that iowa is a natural fit for ben carson, new hampshire is a much more economically conservative environment and suits donald
4:37 pm
trump much better and he's got the numbers that suggest a big lead. trump and carson are very, very close, but what pat said bears repeating, harris. the outsiders continue to dominate the race, whatever state you look at. carson has come up recently, but his move has been a substantial one. trump's come down a bit and there's very little evidence yet of rubio or cruz coming up beyond, say, 8%, 9%, 10% and this is still an outsider's race. >> you know what's interesting? as you look, on. >> go ahead, pat. which is perfect and you read and i listen to you, obviously it will be rubio versus cruz. ted cruz is -- and i'm going, what are you people doing? you keep trying to make what is a revolutionary political year
4:38 pm
fit into your little structure of how politics worked prior to this year and they don't get it. they still can't get that the country is blowing up. >> by the way -- >> that's the point john made. >> and on that path, i can't believe, when i look back to last weekend it was when the bush conference was going on in houston to try to stabilize his campaign. it was in the press every day that you were chool efrjing jeb and we knew if you readed brass said nothing, but can you imagine -- >> you want to be president of the united states and the way to get there is to do a character assassination on a guy that you helped get going in politics? you're standing next to him. this is how you're going to win the presidency? >> it was not effective. >> what is breaking news is that all of the evidence since the debate suggests that trump and
4:39 pm
carson retain their strong position and what pat and john have said is absolutely true. people remain very angry. all right. we'll move on, bernie sanders, senator from vermont, his campaign is dropping big cash for air time in key voting states. will it win votes? is there anybody who is taking on hillary clinton in your party and i know we'll get in trouble with doug shown. the fox news political insiders. >> you declared love to her, last week, didn't you? >> i did. i did. >> oh, my goodness. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs.
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4:43 pm
because now they are really, really getting closer, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. what happened, john? >> i think the excitement around bernie sanders which was palpable up to the debate is gone. it's dying, it's fizzling because he had his one moment to draw a huge contrast on a matter of principle with hillary which is this email problem and he didn't do it. he said i don't care about the damn emails. >> he didn't just do it. they shook hands and it was like a lovefest. >> that's it. you get one shot and he blew it. >> chris christie had one shot, 2012. they begged him to run. he could have run. he didn't do it and no buzz this time about him and the buzz is dying on bernie. >> all right, pat. so in new hampshire, about a third of the seats reportedly were empty when bernie sanders stopped to give a lunchtime talk to seniors during a swing through the state this weekend, and he's buying these ads. what does this tell you? is it a foregone conclusion now
4:44 pm
for doug's best friend hillary? oh, come on, somebody had to say it. >> smile, pat. >> well, i think that, you know, we will see, but sanders has got what john accurately described is the fact that he was not running for president. now suddenly he wants to run for president and he's running an ad. i wouldn't be running a biographical ad, but he is. i would be out there making the case. he did use the word honest and is he going to creep to that issue which is not a strong democratic party, but you know what? we'll see if they can come back and they've got to debate and he has lost his initiative in this and let hillary run with it because he endorsed her basically corrupt behavior. >> it can't be too tough to run off of a socialist in america, doug. i know you love her and she's your friend and even if you didn't have all of that, did
4:45 pm
anybody think that he could keep up or can he come back? >> here's the thing. the democratic party has moved far left, harris, in termless of its base. in iowa and new hampshire there is a natural constituency for bernie that he's now trying to appeal to. the problem is post-debate as john and pat suggests he has dropped hillary and he's surged and if he doesn't win one of those two states, he's finished. >> here is another thing that i would consider. do you think joe biden is out and does the vice president still sneak back in there? my question, and i don't know if you saw him recently. he says he could have won the nomination and joe biden. and then he should have run. >> i am sorry, john, go ahead, and i was just going to say, i think he is done pending one thing which probably won't happen, if she were to be indicted for this email classified data thing and
4:46 pm
espionage act and then the democrats have a real problem and they have nobody in the race. >> he'd be back in the race in a nanosecond. >> that's what i'm saying and you, my friend, will be eating a big plate of croat thw on this . >> what goes on crow best? paprika or black pepper? let's move on. [ laughter ] >> that was low-hanging fruit. i can't help myself. so, guys, where do we go now with looking down the road here for voters? i mean, what are their choices, really, pat? can you drill it down for us? because i know that you say that the voters are not being served by any of this process that we're watching. >> no, well, they're basically not now. the democratic party as doug said has moved very far left and it's a system. hillary clinton has 500 delegates already called superdelegates or elected officials and dnc members who were imposed by the party as a way to stop outsiders and it has been a successful strategy, and
4:47 pm
so right now they've really set themselves on this course, and i don't -- and it's something, look, i don't believe after lois lerner thing, after lois lerner was not prosecuted by the justice department and after getting their signal from obama and the white house that the new attorney general can only distinguish loretta lynch from holder for one thing. he was a man and she's a woman and she is getting the signal now not to indict or do anything to hillary. there is no justice in the country. the republicans on the other hand were all still waiting for a message that really, really resonates with a country in resolt and i don't think we have seen it yet because we have not seen the narrative. >> the back room deal and the budget. >> hence it would have been the conclusion that hillary is effectively a done deal for the
4:48 pm
nomination as john so articulately stated. >> a country in revolt. we tried training fighters outside of syria to take on the savages inside that troubled country. it didn't work. now the united states is going in, including a small group of special operations forces on the ground to see if they can get the job done that way. the fox news political insiders are coming back and john is already shaking his head. that won't do it. >> oh, yeah! what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help pre. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections
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4:51 pm
all right. so we've learned the united states will send up to 50 of those advised troops -- >> trained. >> the special operations forces to shore up those local people on the ground who are fighting the islamic state savages. that's in syria and iraq. they promised no more than 50. the fox news political insiders are back.
4:52 pm
so i want to start with a tweet that simply brings up the question from russia from t.m. freeman and just let you take it away. >> do i hear a tweet? >> absolutely. is this a proxy war against russia? are we about to take them on. >> no, we are partnering with them. as i said to you off-air, did you ever think you would see the day when the u.s. was part of the axis of evil. >> iran, russia, cuba and a sadz a assad and we are on the ground with them invited by putin in to come and carry it out. >> sergey lavrov, the foreign minister said to john kerrie this week, we invite your cooperation, as a result, we are sending in 50 special forces with no clear mission as to what we're doing, potentially as you suggested, harris, starting another conflict. >> i want to interject with this, by the way. if somebody thinks that this
4:53 pm
will work like with the surgent that we've tried in afghanistan and what not, i don't necessarily need ton the details because you're giving the enemy too much, but we have to have some presumption with the thakt that it will work. >> what are 50 going to do? >> they are the best of the best, we are told. >> they're the best of the best and i congratulate them for being who they are and their bravery. >> i'm talking about the strategic decision, harris, to just send 50 people in when the russians are bombing, 90, 100 sorties and we do not have a clear dog in this hunt, and a clear strategy and candidly, as john suggests, the axis of evil has taken over the middle east and we are losing. >> i tell you, my producer in my ear hears that and she's just, like, you can't include us in that and what you're saying we're partnering in that. >> can i -- sorry. i would like to jump in on one thing on this. speaking of iran, they've arrested an iranian-american, a
4:54 pm
businessman now who -- and then we invite them -- we invite them to come and sit beside us while they are also testing ballistic missiles and basically showing they have total contempt for us. we are on the wrong side of everything and to the point of 50 people. you know, this begrudging thing i said i wouldn't send anybody, all right. i'll send 50. if you're going to do something do it ride. don't bleed your way into this. this is the making of a quagmire. >> do you remember how we heard the president say over the last year, we haven't finalized a strategy. >> he said we don't have a complete plan. >> that is why putin has moved in. he seized this vacuum. no american leadership -- bang! >> with all due respect, anybody could see that. i mean, really. the president telegraphed to the entire world that we don't have a plan to fight isis. >> he said to medvedev, i'll have more flexibility after the election and tells vladimir, well, he has had more
4:55 pm
flexibility toward the russians. >> i said remember last week president obama said he would talk to anybody to tamp down in syria. i said why didn't he talk to russia, and you said --? he did talk to vladimir putin and the next day a three-star general came to the u.n. and said the bombing starts in an hour and stay out of the way and we said thank you very much for the warning. that's sad and pathetic. >> we're coming right back. final thoughts. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:59 pm
their revolutionary -- >> why couldn't reince do a better job of negotiating better with nbc? >> donald trump negotiated for two hours. >> the republicans need hispanics and if they're dropping nbc and telemundo it's another slap in the face of the hispanic community. >> all right. let's get to this now, and it was fox's top story. the loss of former u.s. senator and gop presidential candidate fred thompson, and i want to go around the table and just get everybody's thought. he was an actor, but he also was a rising star within the gop very early on in his political career. >> 30 years old when he became the watergate minority counsel. big star from the get go. >> a creative man. a man who was bipartisan and committed to republican principles and also anchored and valued guest on fox. >> pat, your thought? >> my thoughts are fred and i were in a movie together. i went to hollywood and followed
5:00 pm
his path. we were in "the line of fire" and he didn't like the way washington worked and i'll say this about the nbc thing. >> we're running out of time. can't have it. >> all right. good-bye. hi. i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reilly, for the an o'reilly factor election 2016. those on top of the gop polls don't have what it takes to be president. >> my great concern is that we are on the verge, perhaps, of picking someone who cannot do this job. i've watched to see people say that we should dismantle medicare and medicaid and leave our senior citizens out in the cold. i've heard them talk about deporting 10 or


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