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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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recommend knee, mi me, nick, jo, kathleen and earl ry de late being i am yoit druz, i love you, america. ush cloo dlush hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thank for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. ohio governor john kasich came out swinging in this week's republican debate saying those on want to g.o.p. polls don't have what it takes to be president. >> migrate concern is that we are on the verge, perhaps, of picking someone who cannot do this job. i have watched to see people say that we should dismantle medicare and medicaid and leave our senior citizens out in the cold. i have heard them talk aboutinge here from this country out of this country, splitting
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families. i have heard about tax schemes that don't add up that put our kids in a deeper hole than they are today. we need somebody who can lead. >> donald trump took that as an attack on his own candidacy and responded with with some thoughts about his own -- about governor kasich. >> he was very unsuccessful and every commentator, even the haters and losers that i read all the time, they said that he was put down so strongly that for the rest of the debate he was just sort of limping along. he hit me at the beginning of the debate. i hit him much harder than he ever thought possible. including the fact that he worked for lehman brothers, which took down the world. i mean this guy was working for lehman brothers when it collapsed. >> joining us now from los angeles is john kasich himself. governor, you stand by that statement that republicans are on the verge of nominating someone incapable of being an effective president? >> well, look, eric, the problem is i'm worried about my party and being able to win the white house and also having good policy. when you say that you may do
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away with medicare or medicaid or make it an option. that is just a ridiculous kind of proposal. it won't work. and i just looked at the tax scheme of the person that just was speaking. and i found out that even under a model that requires dynamic scoring, he is 10 trillion in the hole. now, i mean i'm not going to add 10 trillion to my 16-year-old's bill. and then to say we're going to ship 10 or 11 million people out of this country leaving families divided. >> it's resonating with the voters. summer of trump. fall of trump. real fall of trump is not happening yet. >> severing is not about polls. it's about leading this country. i have a program that will create jobs that will cut taxes and shifted a lot of money, power and influence back to people. listen, eric, there is
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another issue here. that is the issue of rebuilding neighborhoods and strengthening our families. and if we don't have a leader that can are a kick could you late all of that and show people that really understands their problems, then i think it's hard for us to win and i want conservatism to prevail but wild sceemsz do not get it done. you know what i hear from people? thank goodness somebody stood up and they are providing leadership on the stage. >> well, you know you stood up, governor, and donald trump went right at you. he hit you hard and frankly no one was willing to take a shot at trump, huckabee said i'm wearing trump tie. >> he said i was on the board of lehman brothers. i ran a two man office in columbus, ohio. if i bankrupted lehman brothers from a two man office i should be pope not president. i signed a deal with ford
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in. listen to this. i signed a deal in 2011 to bring jobs back from mexico. he is trying to take credit for it my fight is not with dooneld. he can do what he's to do. i want us to have a solid program to lift america to make sure people who live in the shadows are not left behind and we can renew the spirit of this country through our families and our neighborhood. that's what i want to see happy. >> happen. >> i wanted to hear that from you and the other candidates at the cnbc debate. they promised we would hear about the economy and the jobs. we didn't hear that we heard fantasy football and, you know, you are a comic book character. you say you were appreciative of the cnbc moderators and how they handled the debate how can you be appreciative and the rest had a horrible time with them? >> you know what? i have always been a republican willing to step on toes. for me in the debate i got to speak more than i was able to in the second
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debate. frankly i thought the first debate was good they didn't have ask me any questions that were beneath me. i would rather come on and spend 15 minutes asking any tough question i wanted to and people can find out who i am. harry truman 30 second response. >> here are the cnbc question to you. what's your biggest weakness. which other candidate is crazy? what about the export bank. student loans and marijuana. those aren't tough questions. i have a tough question to you. how do you explain to the voters, the g.o.p., the republican holes say we are against everything obamacare yet you took money from obamacare and how you handle your obamacare subsidy in ohio? how do you respond to that? >> first of all medicaid is is the program for the poor. i took the growth from 10% to 2.5%. we didn't cut bun benefit. what we have learned about that is healthcare reform
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which is providing quality not quantity healthcare. i have a plan to replace obamacare so people don't lose health insurance. you can't say you are going to get rid of aobamacare without having viable alternative so we can begin to reduce the cost of healthcare make sure people don't lose their health coverage. >> i interview a lot of candidates. i talk to at love people and the perception is, kasich, we love him he is more of an establishment candidate. how are you going to get that voter who is antiestablishment? they are flocking to the antiestablishment right now. >> eric, i'm both an inside and outside player. i have been a reformer all my life. look, i'm stepping on republican toes right now. people are like why is he saying this? look, when you balance the federal budget you step on a lot of toes. when you turn ohio around you step on a lot of toes. i know how to get the country moving and shift the power back so people can raise up and begin to solve things in their neighborhoods. that's what i want.
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eric you need reform. you can't make promises that will not come through. it will create more cynicism in the mind of the voters. i will tell what you i'm afraid of. with plans that don't add up. hillary clinton would be president. and to me that is not good for america. i'm doing this because i want us to win. >> governor, we're going to say thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> the republicans taking major action against nbc over what they said was unfair debate this week. i will tell you all about that coming up next. i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now .
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in the impact segment tonight, the g.o.p.'s fury at nbc. it's no secret that nearly every republican candidate was upset at cnbc for their baiting questions at this week's g.o.p. debate. leaving some to call for drastic overhaul of the debate format.
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>> i have asked my staff to reach out to all these staffs at all the other candidates and let's talk about a different type of format, perhaps something where you have two, three, four, five minutes to talk about your policies, tax policies and other kinds of things and then be questioned about them. >> in response to republican national committee took major action announcing it was suspending its relationship with nbc news for its scheduled february 26th debate in houston. nbc replied by saying it expected to resolve the matter in further discussions with the rnc. joining us now with reaction here in new york is jessica, a democratic strategist and andrea tantaros a co-host of fox news outnumbered. what do you make of the rnc's announcement. will it toledo a change in the debate structure? >> i thought reince priebus was going to fix this when he came into office? remember he pledged to renegotiate these contract laws the last time in 2012 it was the debacle some
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people are saying he needs to be fired. eric, what did they expect? it's nbc, it's cnbc. you know what you going going to get with them. look, i don't think it's a good stance for the g.o.p. to be whining. the party is so bogged down with this message they were mean to us. i don't think it it's a winning message. they do have to do something to fix this because it is a disaster. i will say, this eric. the candidates really did benefit the other night. they benefited because they were able to shine with those questions. ted cruz never looked better. same with rubio. they had a very viable energy. they exposed media bias and they united the party. >> the ones that can think on their feet quickly they did shine they took shots at the media jessica, i looked at the dnc debate schedule coming forward. i see cnn, cbs, univision and pbs. do you know what's missing from the democrat debates? fox? look what happens, on the left the democrats won't come to fox to do a debate. >> we put ridiculous limits
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on how many debates that we will have in the first place debbie wasserman schultz has ruled from above we are not going to have more even though there is strong appetite for more even if it's just hillary and bernie talking all night. i think we should have a debate. mostly i wish journalist wouldn't have a bias when asking questions that would be nice and if we could stick to the appropriate topic. >> as you say the republicans shouldn't complain don't whine i think you said. the media research center did a study, 43 unique questions two thirds of them were either negative or add homonym attacks during the candidates. i'm a candidate. i'm not sure i want that. >> candidates whining isn't a good stance. the candidates themselves should be on the offense, not the defense. let their surrogates complain. cnbc was exposed looked nasty and unprepared. candidates should be focus canned on their message not poor little me. if you can't handle those
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questions. some candidates did, the others did not do well. you shouldn't be in office. if you look at reagan. reagan had tremendous media bias. he didn't complain he really kicked their butts. that's what the republicans need to do. the rnc should have fixed this a long time ago. there is no excuse, eric, it is unforgivable that they let this happen. >> jessica, before you answer that i want to look at jeb bush unt -- you told candidates you have to get better than. this 8 more debates. do what other candidates do rudely interrupt. not answer the questions that are asked and hopefully the debate moderators will actually ask more substantive questions as well. it's going fine. >> are you having any fun. >> oh yeah you saw it having lots of fun. >> was that snarkiness?
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>> a little sense of humor. we know he has a good fantasy football team i think. i'm not into fantasy football can jeb bush is polling at 6%. looking at the rise of marco rubio. rubio and cruz really took it that night. >> and jeb bush says i need to get better at this. he said i have cooler things to do than this. is this dead candidate walking? >> free time to do all those things. having more fun. i think people have more fun at colonoscopy. he doesn't look like he is having fun at all. realistic he has this much money. over 100-million-dollar war chess and he can't go up in the polls. is he not prepared. it's not just bad timing because people don't want another bush, is he just not a great candidate. >> jess, we got some news, bush's chief operating operating officer which khicone
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she resigned it's her fault. >> they will blame someone until they blame the candidate. >> chief operating officer? campaign manager is next. him in the end is that is going to have to fold each for the sake of unity of the party. is he taking up a lot of money go to candidates have a chance of beating hillary clinton come next november. >> when the staff becomes the story, rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. that campaign is in hospice. they will have to pull the plug. i hate to say it. >> when you are not having fun it shows, right? >> peggy noonan today in the "wall street journal" not ready for prime time. are the establishment hacks going to stop shilling for him now? >> wow, okay. all right. thank you andrea, jessica, thank you investment. next on the rundown, the fbi director says the crime rate is up in part because police are under siege. well, that didn't stop hillary clinton from calling for more police reforms. ed henry will tell us all
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, please under siege. police have been under intense scrutiny for much of the obama years after groups like black lives matter and other far left operations have staged a series of anti-cop demonstrations alleging that cops unfairly brutalized minorities. the republican candidates have been clear that they stand with the police. >> you know, the fbi director, the president's appointed fbi director has said this week that because of a lack of support for politicians like the president of the united states, that police officers are afraid to get out of their cars that they are afraid to enforce the law. and he says the president's appointee, that crime is going up because of this.
8:21 pm
this president has failed and when i'm in the oval office, police officers will know, that they have the support of the president of the united states. >> hillary clinton weighed in on the topic today and called for a number of policing reforms. >> now, my friends, i am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we have to take action together. african-american are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same offenses. >> joining us now from washington ed henry who covers the hillary campaign for fox news. so, ed, does hillary see criticizing cops as a winning political issue? >> i'm sure she would reject the idea she is criticizing cops. she is supporting the black lives matter movement though, of course, and they have been in a pitched battle with police.
8:22 pm
so certainly people are going to choose sides there. they are going to perceive she is maybe not defending law enforcement enough. she certainly would say she is not picking on police. what i think she is doing very clearly politically she is she is trying to wrap up the democratic nomination and create a little insurance policy here you have super tuesday on march 1st. she was talking today in georgia one of the states where georgia also go to the polls on march 1st. that's one of the first big states where there will be african-american voters turning out in large numbers. unlike iowa and new hampshire. bernie sanders doesn't do very well right now at least in the polls with african-american voters. and so she is trying to turn that on. >> and so shore up the african-american vote by criticizing police and say we need more police reforms? >> well, the part that you are saying though, she in her remarks did not criticize the police. now, her critics might perceive that, but what she one of her events in
8:23 pm
georgia. she was interrupted by black lives matter protesters who felt like what she was saying was still not good enough. they want her to go even further so. there is a clear tension there. there is no doubt about it. >> so today, bill de blasio came out and endorsed hillary clinton for a good time. is this a good thing considering what's going on in new york city where the mayor has had a contentious relationship with the nypd? i mean, does she want to have bill de blasio hitching his wagon to her? >> well, because of that tension, that certainly is something i'm sure the clinton camp wants to avoid. on the other hand, they were concerned that de blasio and other progressive leaders could potentially go with bernie sanders it was unlikely de blasio would. because, remember, he ran her senate campaign way back in 2000 in new york. and while there is perceived to be some texas recently and dragging out endorsement. no one believed he would go to bernie sanders also his
8:24 pm
position on taxes, for example. some of that is blown up in his. struggled in new york. endorsement might have mattered a lot more in a different time in a different race. the new york city endorsement now doesn't matter that much. >> another release of hillary clinton's emails. anything earth shattering there? >> what is significant is there is nearly 300 more emails that have classified information remember at the beginning of this hillary clinton back in march said. >> 300 more? 300 more? >> nearly 300 more on top of the hundreds we have seen in document dumps. the state department we should be fair is clearly saying today these are being classified after the fact. and when she either sent or received these emails they were not classified. obviously her critics have said that's nonsense and she should have known in realtime this was sensitive information and that she -- when she said in march there is no classified information, she didn't really know that her defense has been -- what's worse? she lied about it knowing it was classified information or she didn't know, i mean,
8:25 pm
how out there you can be that you wouldn't know some of this stuff is classified? >> you know what's interesting behind the scenes she continues to see the media doesn't care about this. voters don't care about it it's just the press that brings it up. i was in new hampshire with her on thursday at an event. a voter came up and interrupted one of her asked her a question benghazi, deleted emails how you can eliminate corruption in government? she pushed back and got cheers from a democratic crowd. it shows voters care. >> i love the pocket hankie too by the way. >> good to see you. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. directly ahead a new report from the associated press says immigrants are coming to america to get welfare. we will tell you all about that coming up next.
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in the factor follow up segment tonight, immigration politics, hillary clinton has made no secret that she would be even friendlier to illegal immigrants than president obama. >> there is such a difference between everything you're hearing here on this stage and what we hear from the republicans. >> here here. >> who have demonized hard working immigrants who have insulted them. you know, i came to las vegas and i think in may, early may and met about w. a group of dreamers. i wish everybody in america can meet with these young people to hear their stories and know their incredible talent and determination. that's why i would go further than even the
8:30 pm
executive orders that president obama has signed when i'm president. >> well, that's all very interesting given the associated press reported this week that it obtained homeland security documents that show illegal immigrants are coming to america because they believe they will be able to stay in america and receive welfare. so, is hillary pushing immigration reform to help hard workers or is it part of the democrats'' progressive agenda to gain more hispanic voters? joining us now in washington democratic strategist jennice fen and mercedes. what's hillary's immigration plan all about? what is the bottom line? what is she going after? >> let me tell you, eric, it's about pure politics. back in 2003. she was on a radio interview. hillary clinton said she adamantly opposed illegal immigration. now when she is running for president. she knows the fact that won hispanic vote in 2012.
8:31 pm
let me flip flop and my message i'm going to take the unilateral action that president obama did, which the majority of american voters disagree with and guess what? i'm going to take it a step further. so, again, it's very clear that this is pure politics to gain the hispanic voter. >> now, what about gentleman cbs evening news? do you agree with that politics politico or is this an act of love? so to speak? >> i think it's a combination of both. i would like to caution all the viewers that none of those immigrants are eligible to vote. i think this is more about trying to fix a problem that's been broken a long time. i think that latinos know the law. they are not ignorant. they are latinos. they're not ignorant. they are not stupid. let's make a big distinction. if you come to this country undocumented they are aware that if you make a case for asylum or for refugee status you will be listened. you have a claim. they also are aware that the courts have already established that it is in no one's best interest to hold women and children for long periods of time. it is expensive and it's not
8:32 pm
really effective. >> it's also expensive, jennice, it's also very expensive when there is two or three or 400,000 people coming across the border illegally and then we have to pick up the healthcare for them and we have to pick up food stamps for them. go ahead, mercedes. >> well, and they are also aware that if they come to this country and this is primarily for central america, which has a different policy than the mexicans coming in is the fact that they do have a legal right to deportation hearings. guess what, there are these backlogs, right in the mere fact that they know they can stay here and wait and don't have to go through the legal process and the fact that our government and this administration is sending them mixed messages which even the central american presidents who come out and have said you know what, president obama, your policy is ambiguous. >> stay with me for one second. think about this. in order for the republicans to win the presidency, you have to nail down somewhere between 35 and 40% of the hispanic vote. >> absolutely. >> so is it -- >> -- even higher than that. >> so let's say 40%. how is a republican ever going to win if you have
8:33 pm
hillary clinton demonizing the republicans and stance on immigration basically telling them if you vote republican, you are never going to have anyone that you want over here able to vote and you will never have your say in america? >> here's the deal. i think that you find republicans like governor jeb bush, like a senator marco rubio that are able to have this conversation about immigration in a way that we can view it from a humane approach from the fact that we want an immigration system that works. we want the legal immigrants to come to our system and apply through the system and not what we are seeing through illegal immigration. we need to make sure that border is secure as well. you need to talk about it in a way that hispanics that they understand that there is a process. there are laws that we need to follow. >> think about this. you have hillary clintonen one side. then on the other side have you ted cruz, you have jeb bush who married an hispanic
8:34 pm
and you have marco rubio. you have a choice of hispanic either blood or heritage or marriage on the right. >> no, shame on marco rubio because he did nothing when he was in the senate to help immigration or further the cause on the senate side. i don't think so. i think to mercedes' point, i think what is important here, she mentioned the central american countries at stake where most of these immigrants are coming from. they are not coming from nicaragua or bell lease. they are coming guatemala, honduras and el salvador. we need to he engage our government, whoever they are, republican or democrat need to engage with the government on work forward a collaboration so we can help the economy and make them more stable. >> the government. >> raped, extorted, go ahead. >> the countries you are pointing out are actually helping and suggesting people leave their countries and immigrate to the united states. you can get free stuff. >> you know -- >> -- there is no hard evidence of that. my point is still valid.
8:35 pm
even if it that were true you have to engage. we need to pea attention to what's going on in our own backyard. >> i don't know how you engage in a government who says go ahead go north. go to america. get this stuff. i have got it leave it right there, guys. i know it's a heated debate. i apologize i ran out of time. jennice and mercedes thank you very much. up next, candidates all enter the no spin zone this week. we will show you what they we will show you what they had to ♪ we will show you what they had to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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thanks for staying with us for this election 2016 factor special. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. the g.o.p. debates always shake up the dynamics of the election and this week was no different. donald trump, chris christie, ben carson and marco rubio all joined the factor to assess the situation. check it out. >> do you believe that before the debate started the cnbc crew sits in a room and says let's get these guys? >> i probably do think that, bill. but i really don't carry. i mean, whatever it is, you is. you go up there, you do your job. they came at me a little bit strong. they have came at a couple of others a little bit stronger than they should have. in some cases much stronger than they should have but i
8:40 pm
was fine with it i actually liked my answers when they came at me. >> okay. i want to play you a sound bite that i thought was a very interesting part of the debated right now. roll the tape. >> the leading republican candidate when you look at the average of national polls right now is donald trump. when you look at him do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country. [crowd booing] >> you know, as few questions i have got the last one i need is to give him some more time. i love donald trump. he is a good man. i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one. >> such a nasty question. but, thank you, governor. >> you are welcome. >> they cut away to the wrong governor. now, it was a nasty question. i don't know what that means northerly authority. i don't know what that means at all. it wasn't clarified. what do you think he was trying to do there? >> he didn't have to bring that up. he goes to another person and talks about moral authority. moral authority is better than his moral authority that i can tell you. i thought it was unnecessary. i thought it was -- by the
8:41 pm
way, we have thousands of people in this room and it's great. they are big fans. we love them. i thought it was an unnecessary question. unusual question the way he phrased it and, yes, they were very, very nasty to a lot of people last night. >> so you are up there on the stage and you are hearing fantasy football and the first thing that comes to your mind is what? >> are you kidding? >> and then you exploited the moment? >> yeah. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us. and we are talking about fantasy football? can we stop? >> how crazy liberal do you have to be to believe that the federal government should be regulating fantasy football? come on. >> what you did, that's all true. but you also made them very small, the moderators. i don't know whether you understand that. >> i do. >> when you are out here like i am -- i mean, you could try to make me small. you could try to diminish me right now. >> never, bill. >> you can try. >> i'm not going to. >> you wouldn't succeed. >> i know. >> you did succeed in
8:42 pm
marginalizing them. after that it was like these people are not even professional enough to run this operation whether you like them or not. >> they earned it. they earned it. i didn't do it to them. they did it to themselves. >> i heard you say on "fox & friends" in your own very shy manner that the moderators were quoted, unquote, awful. >> not only was harwood incredibly biased and he was. but all of them did not control the debate in any way. you know, it turned into a free for all. >> did you and your advisors, did you think they were going to be biased against you and the other republicans? >> we were hoping not. but, listen, this is nbc. and i have had my history with nbc, msnbc. >> msnbc is a different animal. everybody knows that's a liberal network. nbc news is supposed to be objective and so is cnbc. >> um-huh. [ laughter ] >> i have been looking at your flat tax plan. i want smaller government. i want more money in the pockets of american workers very, very badly. but your plan is not going to work unless you raise it
8:43 pm
up to 22% because we have commitments to the military. we have commitments to infrastructure. we have commitments to social security, medicare that the country has botched for decades it has to be 22. >> actually, it's going to be right around 18 trillion. and if you take 15% of that that's 2.7 trillion. >> you are not leaving yourself any margin for error and you have to pay down the debt. >> i haven't talked about capital gains yet. that would also be at the same rate of 15% you are looking at 15% of 6 trillion. >> if the market goes up. >> talking pretty -- let's just say things stay as they are. you are still looking at, you know, making that almost a negligible difference couple that with the fact we would do real cost cutting. 4.1 million. >> the congress likes their pork project.
8:44 pm
i think they goal along with it. you have to settle for 20, 22% if you are elected president. just looking out for you doc. >> violent crime going up in 35 largest cities in this country. why do you think that is? >> we very a societal issue in america that's very serious. the most important institution in society is the family. when it breaks down and values aren't being taught it. if we have a president and we have leaders that are willing to tell us not to overeat because it causes diabetes and not to smoke because it causes cancer, we also need leaders with the bully pulpit to tell us at the end of the day it is what happens in our homes and communities and what our kids are not learning from strong families. >> i mean, that message certainly is muted in this age of fractured families and anything goes families from might be another component. president obama has been perceived on being on the
8:45 pm
side of antipolice. maybe it's not fair he hasn't been aggressively on the side of the police in the situations like ferguson and other controversial things. >> we have had a number of police deaths here in the last few weeks. it hasn't received nearly as much attention from this white house or quite frankly from the media that. so civilian shootings have received. some of the civilian shootings, they raise strong questions about whether the police individual involved in that case did the right thing. >> we have an atmosphere now in this country that it's open season rhetorically on the police. >> directly ahead. the white house has announced up to 50 special forces troops are headed to syria to fight isis while russia continues to drop bombs in that country to help its ally dictator bashar al assad. what a mess. we'll have analysis directly ahead. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry.
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in the second unresolved problem segment tonight, chaos overseas. back in 2013, president obama had this to say about sending u.s. troops to syria. >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> white house announce dollars sending deploying local groups fighting isis. >> i certainly wouldn't under estimate the capability and capacity of our u.s. special operations forces to be an important force multiplier anywhere around the world they are deployed. and the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to taking
8:50 pm
the fight on the ground to isil in the country. >> joining us from washington, the author of the new book, imperial gamble, putin, ukraine and the new cold war journalist marvin. putin is dropping bombs to help syrian dictator bashar al assad, now we are suspect going to send 50 troops to help as well. what do you expect things are going to get better or worse in syria. >> one of the things to focus on almost immediately the question i was out for to try to explore in this new book what does putin want? what, at the end of the day, is he prepared to settle for? the president obviously takes the russian intervention in syria very seriously. if you were a russian and sitting in the kremlin and you got the news bulletined that the americans are moving 50, 50 special forces into syria, they would say you guys aren't serious. yet in the president's mind it is a serious step because
8:51 pm
as you pointed out he has never wanted to do. this he is doing this now because he feels the russians have seized the diplomatic initiative. they are getting deals worked out or trying to in vienna today. and right now the whole thing ends up as a russian diplomatic triumph. >> right. >> it is something that the president is responding to. >> absolutely diplomatic failure on our part. then you go ahead and send 50. i'm trying to figure out -- i mean ohio state football team has about 100 players on it. i mean, i'm guessing isis isn't going to be scared of 50 u.s. fighters. is this 50 now, 500 later? a thousand down the road? >> no. no i think, eric, you are taking us down the vietnam path now. and i really don't think this president or any president coming up in the near future is going to put us on the vietnam path where you could end up with half a million troops in syria. i don't think that's going to happen at all. this president doesn't want to move any troops into
8:52 pm
syria. >> does he want to win? i'm trying to figure out -- >> -- that's the issue. >> go ahead. >> he doesn't know what a win would be and i would hasten to add, after spending the last year and a half studying putin, that he doesn't know what a win would be right now either. win e right now either. they're trying at this point, the russians are trying to say to the rest of the world, especially to america, we are now back. we were in terrible shape in 1991 when communist collapsed, the soviet union died, but we're now back. you have to take us seriously. we move forces in. we turn the diplomacy around, and now we are showing the world that we are a leading power. the next -- >> marvin, we're going to run out of time. tell me about the book, but you also outline president putin. donald trump said he would get along with putin. >> i think trump is dreaming
8:53 pm
because he's never met anyone like putin before. he considers himself a great negotiator. putin does too, but putin operates on a global level. trump is dealing with business and god bless him, that's fine, but it's two different worlds, and i think mr. trump is engaging in presidential politics and putin is establishing a win or lose proposition all over the world in pursuit of a greater russia. >> we're learn more about putin in your book, imperial gamble. thank you. >> thank you. >> a signed copy of. you might want to get your orders in early. last year they had to stop taking orders because they had so many. the book makes a great gift. please make sure to check out bill o' we asked folks what they thought about the gop debate.
8:54 pm
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>> in the back of the book segment tonight, water's world received a lot of attention from pundits but what did the folks think about it? we sent jessie waters to find out. ♪ >> reporter: who debated, the republicans or the democrats? >> i think democrats? yeah. >> democrats? >> hello. >> reporter: do you think the mod rays were fair? >> yes. >> i thought they were unfair. >> i thought the questions for unstub tantive. >> why were they arguing with all the candidates? ♪ >> reporter: who do you think the losers were last night? >> republican.
8:57 pm
>> long, it was cnbc and the mets. >> obama's a republican or a democrat? >> reporter: do you live in this country? >> stop kidding with me, todd, you almost had me. >> reporter: how does the government create jobs? >> building new places. >> the government doesn't create job. the private sector creates jobs. >> yeah. yeah. oh yeah. >> reporter: do republicans want to raise or lower taxes. >> do you pay taxs? >> no. i'm trying to avoid that. >> i don't tell the irs. >> that was funny. >> reporter: tell me your opinion of these guys. >> i don't know. erik holder? >> seems like a pretty smart dude. >> reporter: because he has
8:58 pm
glasses? >> no idea. >> reporter: ben -- >> ben stiller. >> what were you thinking? >> i think he's subdued. >> i think he's going to do an amazing job. >> reporter: do you have your green card? >> yes. >> trump might support you. >> reporter: what should they do with illegal aliens in. >> stay at my house. >> i think he held his ground. >> i don't know him. >> reporter: where do you live? >> jersey. >> reporter: this is your governor. >> that's chris christie. >> have you heard of him before? >> no. >> this guy is the governor of what state? >> south carolina? no. >> i think when they started getting into fantasy sports and he called it out as nonsense, that was great. >> is that one of the bushs? >> george w. bush.
8:59 pm
>> not george. i don't know. >> this is jeb. >> jeb? >> reason or democrat? >> democrat? >> marco rubio gave him a big unner cut. >>. >> i don't know him. looks like he wears makeup. >> ted. >> teddy bear? >> you know what the tea party is? >> brit sniish? >> it's been years since i took that class. >> what class? >> social studiestudies. >> marco rubio is one of the few candidates who is answering the questions with substance. >> winner, winner chicken dinner. >> reporter: do you know who i am? >> no. >> this is my world right here. >> is this a prank show? >> reporter: no. >> seems like it. >> that's it for us tonight. be sure to catch my show
9:00 pm
saturday mornings on fnc. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. >>. live from america's news headquarters former actor and politician fred thompson has passed away. he gave up his seat in 2003 saying he didn't have the heart for another, he's remembered for acting in many movies and tv shows including "law & order". fred thompson was 73. officials may have found el faro, the cargo ship that disappeared near the bahamas. one reading shows the ship may have


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