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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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i'll ask him about the idea all debate moderators must have voted in a gop primary. is that a good idea? on twitter @megynkelly. thanks for watching. i am megyn kelly. good night. hello, welcome to "hannity" tonight, after last week's debacle at the cnbc republican debate, many of the 2016 republican presidential campaigns are pushing for mandatory changes at future debates. fox news is reporting last night representatives from more than a dozen of the campaigns met in washington to discuss a strategy going forward. here's what some of candidates have been saying about the rnc in recent days. >> cnbc, i want to give them credit. they did something i wasn't sure anybody could do. they actually have brought all of the republican candidates together in a complete agreement that we won't do anymore debates on nbc if they're going to run them like that. >> i think we should have
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moderators who are interested in disseminating the information about the candidates as opposed to, you know, gotcha, you did this, and defend yourself on that. >> stop complaining. you know, do me a favor, set up a stage, put podiums up there and let's just go. >> would you say the moderators were awful? >> yeah, so what. that was a statement of fact. they were not good. all right? >> we're here in iowa talking to voters instead of being in d.c. talking about debates. we've had no trouble negotiating with the networks, and my policy remains what it's always been. i'll debate anyone, any time, anywhere. >> do you believe -- >> we need to understand that the media is not going to be fair. >> that's what the candidates were saying about the cnbc debate. let's go back and look at some of these biased questions. take a look. >> what is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it? >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> no. >> you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you
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would flying away from that podium by flapping your arms. >> you'd have to cut government by 40% to make it work with the $1.1 trillion goal. >> it's not true. >> it is true. i looked at the numbers. >> you said yesterday you were hearing proposals that were just crazy from your colleagues. who were you talking about? >> now you're skipping more votes than any senator to run for president. why not slow down, get a few more things done first, or at least finish what you start? >> it raises the question whether you have maturity and the wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy. what do you say? >> here with reaction, rnc chairman reince priebus. how you? good to see you. >> nice to see you too, sean. >> i know there's been brushback for you on all of this. what is your response to that, and what is your position going forward? >> well, i think that where this is heading i think is in the right place meaning i think the candidates, themselves, want to have control, at least some candidates want to have control over the formatting of questions.
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opening or closing, do you want a two-hour debate or longer than two-hour debate? so those sorts of things. >> whatever it is, they have different positions. >> how many questions does everyone get? i think where this is going is actually in a good place where the candidates are going to be more involved on that piece then we're going to be involved on the sanction of the debate, the calendar, when it is, you know, all the logistics plus the power and authority to desanction a debate if there's an agreement with the candidates that they're not getting what they want then they can use the power and leverage of the rnc to desanction a debate. >> right. >> because otherwise what happens, then, is that we end up in the middle of a situation where some candidates want a one-minute opening, some don't want any opening. some want a 30-second opening. i mean, that is a bad place for the party to be. >> that's not your decision. that's not your role. >> well, i think it's a good thing that the candidates have decided that there are a few things that they can all agree on and they're going to pursue
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them, and we'll support them. i mean, our role is to support what the candidates want, and that's what we should do and that's what we will do. >> you've now assigned a new person just to advocate for them. >> that's right. so we've got a former chief counsel at the rnc, chief operating officer who's going to be in charge of negotiating the contracts with the networks. but keep in mind -- >> nbc's out, right? they're not going to get that debate back. >> we suspended nbc, but because now obviously it's going to be up to the candidates. so we have to -- obviously we're going to confer with the candidates and see what they want. by the way, that's end of february -- >> they decided to cancel cnn because they're biased, nbc and abc because they're biased. >> we're going to do what the candidates want. >> right. >> again, the challenge, with a 15 candidates, there is a lot of different opinions. so it's easy to say this is what we want, that this makes sense or that makes sense. well, maybe not and not
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necessarily. >> you know what bothered me the most about that debate, we have moderators thinking it's their role to debate the candidates or to make them fight against each other rather than get to the substance, and i applaud the candidates because i thought in the end they were very substantive. here's what's missing. under obama, he will accumulate more debt than every other president before him. >> didn't talk about that. >> that didn't come up. it didn't come up we have millions more americans on poverty on food stamps, millions of more americans out of the labor force. not once did they bring up how bad obama's economy has been and how to fix it. >> and their promises to candidates and the rnc, cnbc said they're going to have a financially centered debate. just like their show on "squawk in the morning" every single day, they've done it before, they did it four years ago. they're going to talk about technology, they're going to talk about energy, they're going to talk about strictly financial matters. they didn't do it. when this was going on, i was thinking about that scene on "forrest gump" where he goes and speaks in front of all of the
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people on the national mall, and they pull the electricity. >> and jennie runs through the water. >> i said where is the circuit breaker in this place. >> so if the candidates decide that george stephanopoulos is out, he's out. he's already out. if they decide cnn is biased, they're out. >> well, but, there are things you can do. you can work with these networks and say who's all the talent that you have on your network? you can say okay, well, we like these two people, or these three people. but these are the types of things that we're going to work with the candidates on to make sure that they're is tied satisfied that the right people are up there. but it doesn't mean that when the curtain goes up and the lights turn on that people don't turn into monsters. i mean, no one can prevent totally that from happening. >> all the candidates have to be a majority, does it have to be a total agreement? does it to have be consensus? i noticed ben carson, for example, doesn't want it on a
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network, he wants it online. >> i think at -- that's why they're going to be -- that's why they had a meeting on sunday night. when you saw the real narrative in these articles, they said, we need to get together first on our own so we can determine what it is that we can agree on. >> and you -- the debate structure from those who have forgotten from 2008 to '12 have changed a lot already. >> of course. >> you reduced dramatically the number of debates. >> we wanted to do a few things which was not have a 23 debate calendar no one could predict. now down to 9 to 12 debates, a reasonable number. we also wanted to have some say over who the moderators are. you know, you can't always dictate to networks that are spending millions of dollars putting these things -- but, you know, they're making money too. also we didn't anticipate -- >> the ratings. >> also when you put this together six months ago do you anticipate 25 million -- we're
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going to do a few things. reduce the number ofs, have some say over the moderators and make sure there's a calendar people could count on. but, you know, all these -- >> right now -- >> all these other things a candidate should deal with. >> so really everything's open now. everything will be revisited. >> the calendar of debates is set. however, everything's going to be revisited. i mean, everything -- you know, so we have the dates, the dates candidates can count on, but everything's going to be revisited with the candidates. >> okay. reince, good to see you. thank you. >> appreciate it. joining us now with reaction, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr., fox news contributor monica crowley. peter, what's your reaction to that? after john harwood and the cnbc debacle -- >> sure. >> -- i would say all calls are off. i agree with the chairman. >> that was an assassination squad, as was cnn. but it's slim picks. i think the rnc chairman has done a good job in doing the best he can with this. to get a fair debate out of nbc is like getting a fair debate out of al jazeera or russian television. probably have the same chances.
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so at some point the republican candidates got to step up and say we're going to do the best we can with what we have, put their message across. if the media gets out of control like they did at cnbc, slap them hard across the head. the american people will be okay with that. they spend too much time on this. the risk, though, is they look weak. they're not weak candidates. they're strong candidates. so they've got to get in quickly, get out quickly. obviously they have no problem with the fox business debate coming up. they've already said that. >> they already said that. that's set in stone. no changes there. >> they know it's going to be fair and balanced. >> neil cavuto. it's going to be maria. >> it's going to be neil, maria, a fair debate. >> straight and smart and interesting. to get it out of these other folks, that's a tough one. >> yeah. >> that's a tough one. >> monica, what is your reaction at this point? look, i love the fact they said, nbc, you're out. i don't blame them. i thought that was the right call. >> absolutely. look, sean, it's long past time that republicans and conservatives fight back against the left, against the left's wing men in the press and frankly against the establishment forces in their
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own party who for decades have allowed republican candidates to walk into lions dens over and over again. the truth is the left is in a war for america. that's how they view it. therefore they view republican candidates as the enemy. that's how they treat them. you saw it last week on the cnbc debate. frankly now so many members of the leftist media don't even pretend anymore. there's no more pretense of even trying to be fair. the bias is out there in the open and now in large part thanks to donald trump who has gone in there and fought back against the influence of the mainstream media, against the length of the debates, against, frankly, the influence of the rnc. i think this is all to the good. they should all be thanking trump and now that they're all together in one big force, i think you're going to see serious changes. >> the amazing thing, peter, is they would never treat hillary clinton this way. >> oh, my god. >> never. >> and that brings me to carly fiorina. she is dropping behind enemy lines this week and going into
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"the view." a courageous conservative warrior. >> i agree. >> she's taking the fight to the people that defamed her and made fun of her and say i'm not afraid of you. i'm not afraid of your silly comments. i'm going to debate you on the issues and beat you. that's the key to republicans winning. >> we're going to talk about that very thing next. thank you both for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> that's next up here on "hannity." >> when they don't like the message, they attack the messenger so my message to the ladies "the view" is man up." >> kimberly guilfoyle and eboni williams. also more backlash over liberal director quentin tarantino's very disturbing comments about cops. his father says he's dead wrong about the police. quentin tarantino's father is here with reaction. all that plus 2016 republican contenders chris christie and mike huckabee as we continue. c mike huckabee as we continue. if you love shrimp
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live if america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good evening. president obama says there will be no u.s. troops on the front lines in syria. the comments come just days after his decision to deploy special operations groups on the ground. the president says this is an extension of what the u.s. is already doing, noting there have already been special operations missions in syria. two u.s. contractors detained at the airport in yemen's capital sanaa. that's according to u.n. officials. the area is controlled by huthi rebels. no further comment. in the u.s., the death rate
10:15 pm
has been falling for decades now, but for one group, middle aged white people. scientist says the increase began in the late '90s when certain prescription painkillers became more common. they're blamed on suicide, drug overdoses and alcohol abuse. i'm kelly wright. the. welcome back to "hannity." 2016 republican presidential candidate carly fiorina announced earlier today she'll square off with the co-hosts of "the view" later this week. this announcement came after "the view" made these very controversial comments about carly's appearance. watch this. >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. she did not -- her mouth did not downturn one time. she was like -- >> i thought it was a halloween mask. i love that. >> a smiling fiorina. can you imagine? >> demented is a strong word. it looked like she'd been practicing that for a long time. >> for weeks. >> earlier today on "fox & friends" fiorina issued this challenge to the ladies of "the view." take a look. >> my message to the ladies of "the view" is man up.
10:16 pm
if you want to debate me on policies, the obama administration, for example, has been bad for women. planned parenthood is harvesting baby parts. if you don't like these facts and those messages, man up and debate me on them but don't think to talking about my face. >> and earlier today, whoopi goldberg, she said this on "the view." >> i do want to point out, carly, that the last time you were here, and you'll see b roll running, we welcomed you to our table. we helped raise your -- >> profile. >> so you would be included in the sea of men. we were respectful and gave you your due. so just so we're all clear, you have to know the difference between when somebody's coming for you and when somebody is paying you a compliment and when somebody is saying, here's my observation. >> all right. here with reaction, the co-host of "the 5" kimberly guilfoyle and fox news contributor eboni williams.
10:17 pm
really? she looked demented? and her mouth. really? >> it's pretty mean spirited. it's not appropriate i think for other women to speak of other women like that. it's something men would be criticized very sharply if they did that. in fact, people took issue with mr. trump when he made some comments about carly and the point is then don't have a double standard. so if the women and they did criticize him for saying something, now they're calling her demented. that's also suggesting not even just about her physical appearance but saying there's a mental problem with her. why? because she's being serious on tough issues. >> and she's very smart. very well prepared. very meticulous in her debate preparation. very smart. >> yeah. >> and very successful. but is it -- have we now gotten to the point that if you're a conservative woman and you look at the planned parenthood videos as grotesque and disgusting and maybe you're not pro-choice but you're pro-life, that somehow you don't fit into the group? seems like it. >> i disagree with many of carly
10:18 pm
fiorina's policies. there's a legitimate way, i feel, for women to criticize other women but this is not it. this is childish. it's insulting. it shows them actually incapable of making a substantive critique of her policies and her politics. it shows them to be superficial, as kim said, there's a long line of people that are trying to reduce powerful women to nothing more than their looks. don't get in that line. i'm very disappointed. >> another article last week that shows hillary clinton as secretary of state paid men on average $16,000 more a year. hillary took money from the saudis and kuwait and the uae. all these countries that treat women horribly. it seems like they bought her silence because she doesn't criticize those countries. >> right. it's really more an ethical issue yet she'll accept all kinds of money from donors to create this whole propaganda war on women, nevertheless she's the one who's making sure men are paid more. she should really live her life in a way that's consistent with the rhetoric that she espouses
10:19 pm
every day on the campaign trail. and then also real quick the women on "the view" took credit for carly's rise in the polls and on the debate stage by say ing, hey, we helped bring you end and raise you up. she's supposed to say thank you -- >> thank you very much. >> at the same time. >> how nice. it's going to be an interesting showdown. she's a great debater as we've seen in the debates. christine quinn, she raises money according to "politico" for hillary's campaign. they were up in arms about the 73-year-old curmudgeon communist bernie sanders because his campaign actually had the unmitigated gall to say we'll consider her for vice president. how is that sexist, and, quote, misogynist and very dangerous? here's what she said. very dangerous rhetoric that perpetuates sexist and misogynistic stereotypes, because you're considering her for vice president? >> well, it's not. and certainly if barack obama had put her as the vice
10:20 pm
president, that would have been celebrated. >> no, i don't think it would have -- >> by her camp at that time. that was the number two ticket. i think it's really unfortunate that women have made such strides, hillary clinton will be the first to take credit much for that, but then you want to play this feminist card. you know, when it's so inopportune. to your point, john, we want all women to have a voice. that's what i thought the women's empowerment was about, not just the popular voices. >> trivialize that, when mitt romney was carrying around women's resumes, binders, because he wanted to hire women. we allowed that narrative to advance that somehow that was anti-woman. that, to me, is pro-woman, proactive. looking to reach out to get the best and brightest. >> the best and brightest, yes. i think it was framed in a way that it was becoming tokenism. no marginalized group wants to be -- >> really? because he's reaching out and trying to have diversity -- >> that was the framework, right. i think that was the way it was framed. >> unfairly. >> he had an opportunity to say
10:21 pm
you know what? that's not it at all. i'm looking for quality to put in my administration. that's how you combat that. >> that should be -- it should be that way. by the way, nobody, for me, especially, i don't necessarily think, oh, i have to have, i want to have a female or woman president. i want to have the best candidate i feel is going to represent the country and, yes, do great things for women and children and create opportunities. >> i think k.g. runs for president, that would be the antidote for -- >> it would be interesting. >> like hillary says, don't you want a woman president? yeah, that would be great. >> the right one. >> you'd be great, but not her. >> when i was on "the view" i said i'd love to have a female president, condoleezza rice. is my favorite candidate. that was my job at the moment. they didn't say anything about that. >> all right. thank you, guys. coming up on this busy news night, 2016 republican presidential candidates governor chris christie and former governor mike huckabee join us next. then later tonight -- >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the
10:22 pm
murders the murdered and i have to call the murdered the murderers. >> that's quentin tarantino. at an anti-police rally. he's facing a massive amount of backlash for his comments and calls for people to boycott his films. tarantino's father says he's, quote, dead wrong. tarantino's father joins us coming up straight ahead. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like...
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definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? enough on fantasy football. let people play. who cares. >> that was governor chris christie calling out the cnbc so-called moderators at last week's republican debate. here now with reaction the man himself, 2016 republican presidential candidate, the governor of the great state of new jersey, chris christie. you know, i said this right after the debate, i said the candidates won as a whole, as a group. you, cruz, huckabee, rubio. you went after those moderators hard. you guys all stayed on substance
10:25 pm
and that was a huge loss that i think is going to impact media for years to come. decades to come. >> no question. listen, what i was trying to say to folks is we're running for president of the united states, there are huge issues to discuss and not to get into a back and forth, it wasn't an interview, it was a debate they were supposed to be moderating. ask a question, let us give an answer that's fair and have the discretion to follow-up if they wanted to but not in the middle of the question, not with snarky bias-filled responses. and that's what happened. their biased showed. >> the day you announced, a lot of people were jealous i got the first interviews. you just announced you're running for president. i asked you hard questions about immigration and drivers' licenses for illegals and all that. i did my homework. i felt after you announce, i want you to lay out your vision. you want to be the president, you want the most important job in the world. does that happen less and less now? do these -- do you think these moderators feel it's their job to debate you? >> everybody wants to be woodward and bernstein.
10:26 pm
>> no, if they did, they would go after hillary. >> no woodward and bernstein for the republicans. they didn't go after any democrats, either. the fact is that's the deal. they want to make themselves famous. they're more important. and they get to brag to their friends at the cocktail parties on the weekends. look what i did to that republican. >> t >> that's what motivates a lot of this stuff. listen, the other thing i say if you want to be president of the united states, you want to debate hillary clinton next fall, you got to be tough enough to deal with that. >> i got that, but you know what, there's a certain sense, a double standard and unfairness there. >> total double standard, by the way. all you got to do is watch the debate on cnn with hillary and the -- >> oh my god. what's your favorite color? what's your favorite dog name? what's your favorite cat name? >> "saturday night live" did a great sendup on it. she's using anderson cooper's nickname. it wasn't far from true. >> it wasn't far from true. all right. the president is arguing with the fbi director over the issue of the ferguson effect. i believe it's real. the president was in your state today. >> yeah.
10:27 pm
listen, the president came to my state today to take credit for something he's got nothing to do with. crime rates since i've been governor is down 20% in new jersey, and the prison population is down 10%. why? because what we've done is focus on the real violent criminals, sean, and we're backing up police officers on the street. in camden, the murder rate is now down 53% in the last 3 years because we put a new police force in there. we backed them up and they're working with the community. >> 53%. you don't think we should send the cops out in ice cream trucks as some are suggesting? >> no, you know what, our cops in camden, you know what they do? they're out on bicycles. they're on foot. they're interacting with the community. >> do you believe this ferguson effect is real? i have talked to many police officers, they're afraid to do their job. >> i absolutely believe it's real. as a former law enforcement guy, i believe it. i tell you why else it's going on because you have folks like
10:28 pm
barack obama and bill de blasio and others who don't back up the police. who, in fact, worse than don't back them up, take shots at them. not only give them the benefit of the doubt. the benefit of the doubt is against them. this president has lost the moral authority to discuss this. that's why the fbi director is speaking out because the fbi director knows he's someone in this administration has to back up law enforcement so he's doing it. >> last question. bring us through what happened at the negotiating summit on debates this weekend. >> listen, i think it was a lot of discussion about placement of bathrooms and who the moderators might be and all the rest of that. i'm not concerned about that. >> how many times did my name -- >> i'm not concerned about that. i tell you what i want. let's get on the stage, let's debate these issues. let's have fair questions asked. and then let's test the people up there. >> yeah, i agree. >> that's what's most important. you saw at the last debate, sean, the folks who knew how to handle themselves, tested, mature, are ready for the job did a great job. >> all right, governor. good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> appreciate it.
10:29 pm
joining us now, 2016 republican presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, how are you? good to see you. >> great to see you, sean. nice to be on the show. >> let's talk about this summit this weekend, and your thoughts on what happened at this last debate. >> well, i wasn't at the summit, but i was at the debate although there were times i wasn't -- wondered why i even needed to be. i only got three questions all night. and i think the big concern for many of us is, look, ask us the hardest questions you want to bring. after all, we are running for president of the united states. we can handle your tough questions. but it's hard to handle your questions when we don't get any. and i think it's a matter of the allocation of time because the people who are going to vote in the republican primary need to know what it is we believe, what we're going to do. so challenge me on the fair tax. if you don't think the fair tax is a good idea, bring it on. let's talk about it. >> i actually interviewed you many times about that, i like the fair tax. >> absolutely. >> i think you make a compelling case. here's the issue, though. when john harwood starts
10:30 pm
advocating and saying, quoting unnamed sources that say, well, your idea has as much chance as success as you flying off this stage. isn't that -- haven't we crossed a line here? i don't imagine that these moderators would treat hillary clinton and bernie sanders that way. >> well, they didn't treat them that way in the debate that they had. it was softballs. yes, that is no longer an inquiry, that's an advocacy point of view. it's an editorial comment. again, i think all of us are big enough to handle that kind of stuff but it just shows a complete contempt for those who are running for president on the republican ticket. what you said at the beginning of the segment, sean, i think is the most important point. the real loser of that debate turned out to be cnbc and the real winners, i think cnbc, let's give them credit, they did one thing i didn't think was possible. they brought all the republican candidates together on that stage. they brought us together in spirit and unity in our equal contempt about the manner in which that debate was conducted.
10:31 pm
>> i really appreciated what you did during that debate because you, governor christie, marco rubio, and ted cruz got it all started. you guys took on the media, but you also did something that impressed me, you said i'm wearing a trump tie and everybody up here would do a much better job than our current president or any of the democrats running for president. i'm sure that's not easy to do when you want the job, but you did it, anyway. >> well, look, i think all of us are trying out to be the quarterback, but i want to get the job because i play a better game, not because i broke the legs of the other people trying out. the fact is i don't like anybody -- >> you're not planning on breaking any fellow republicans' legs in the course of this? that's good to know. >> i really -- that's not the point because we have to support each other when the nominee is finally selected and the cheap shot question i was asked about donald trump and his moral authority, i'm going to tell you something, sean, you know how i can tell you something about donald trump's moral authority? look at the relationship he has with his adult children. they've all turned out to be very successful.
10:32 pm
they're very respectful and they love their father. they're very respectful of their father. that tells me everything i need to know about whether or not he has the moral authority. now, did i hurt myself as a candidate because i recognized the qualities of another? i don't think so. i don't think america wants to elect a president because he can say horrible things about other republicans. i think they want to elect one because he's got the kind of executive experience and because he's got the toughness to fight the clintons and he's willing to go and take on the tough jobs and the tough challenges. >> all right. governor, well said. thank you so much as always for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> quentin tarantino's anti-cop rhetoric may hurt him big-time at the box office as more police unions all across the country now calling for a boycott of his films. now tarantino's father says his son is, quote, dead wrong.
10:33 pm
his father joins us next. then later tonight -- >> having the faith -- >> comment on someone that you're -- >> not at all. not at all. >> reaction to those very disturbing comments about dr. ben carson. that and later much more, coming up tonight on "hannity."
10:34 pm
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10:39 pm
those remarks. as a matter of fact, the man himself the father of quentin tarantino, tony tarantino. i got to imagine this is hard for you to criticize your son. he made those remarks at that rally a weekend after a new york city cop was shot in cold-blooded murder. what do you say to that? >> yeah, that's -- that's true. and it's not him i'm criticizing. it's his actions and the things that he had to say on the spur of the moment. without taking the time to really think about what he's doing. he didn't look at both sides of the story. i'm here not just because i'm his biological father, but because of being a concerned citizen for what's right in ours communities today and it's extremely close to me because i have so many relatives on nypd. i have two cousins on my
10:40 pm
father's side, lieutenant johnny macerro, a horseback cop retired. his son continued the tradition -- >> tony, you say spur of the moment. that didn't sound spur of the moment. this was -- these seemed like planned remarks. he went to rally. he was prepared to speak. and obviously that's his mindset. because otherwise he wouldn't have said it. that's outrageous -- >> yeah, what he did -- what he did and what he said is dead wrong. i, you know, 100% on that. i would like to see him come back out and take a second look at what he did and what he said and apologize for it. >> have you talked to him? >> that would help. that would make a difference. no, i haven't. we do not have a good relationship. you know, so -- >> you know what, i hope you can repair it, and i hope he listens to you because what you're saying is important. these guys are putting their lives on the line. cops are dying. anti-cop rhetoric has never been that bad. it is extraordinarily reckless
10:41 pm
and dangerous what is being said out there. >> one of my cousins, nypd, had his back broken on the job, another one was killed. i saw the misery their families have gone through under those circumstances. >> all right. thank you, sir, for being with us. i appreciate -- >> i understand the opposite side of the story. >> i hope he takes his father's advice because it's sound counsel. thank you. here with more reaction, former nypd detective bo dietl, nypd sergeant of the benevolent association sergeant ed mullens. i don't usually support boycotts because people want to boycott, boycott, boycott. i just, i am so disgusted because that rhetoric which is so false puts people's lives in jeopardy, bo. >> you know, sean, like we've been talking many a shows, you've got these officers out there putting their lives on the line and get second guessed as it is. now all of a sudden you have -- when you arrest somebody, somebody's videotaping you, you have a 100-pound female, she
10:42 pm
doesn't want to be arrested and she resists, it looks ugly. people have to understand. wait a minute. doesn't every arrest look ugly? unless somebody says, okay, it's never going to look good. >> when this creep comes on, this whatever his name is, he comes on, he starts stirring it up. why isn't he demonstrating in chicago? why isn't he demonstrating where these young kids are, long island where a young little girl got shot in the head, 12 years old sitting into her house? that's what the demonstration should be about. >> sergeant, let me ask you about this boycott. a lot of unions are now joining in. what do you want from quentin? if he came out and apologized, would you believe him, would you think it's sincere? i don't think he gets it. i think that was the real him. >> i think it is the real him. look at the history of his movies, he makes anti-semitic statements in his movies, racial statements in his movies. miramax films and weinstein group are currently supplying the financial investors.
10:43 pm
they need to take accountability for -- >> i heard weinstein's upset because he's worried -- >> this is all about money and this could even be somewhat of a publicity stunt to draw attention to tarantino's movie. >> let me play jamie foxx defending tarantino. here's what he said. >> quentin tarantino. i want to say this. quentin tarantino, you're a boss, absolutely amazing. keep speaking and telling the truth and don't worry about none of the haters. i'll let you know that right now. >> in hollywood it's cool to hate cops. >> i happen to like jamie foxx. >> i don't like that remark. >> i don't like that remark, but really if hollywood wanted to do something they'd ban together showing what we talk about every night, the unseen violence on the streets. the names that we don't know their names like that little girl in ferguson who got shot in the head dead. we don't know her name. they just take out these one incident, you got millions, tens of millions of incidents every year with cops with people, interaction.
10:44 pm
why all of a sudden is it on cops? it's the ferguson effect. and it's tiresome. >> thank you, guys, for what you're doing. appreciate it. we got to defend these guys. their lives are are at risk . coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> having the faith -- >> being christian -- >> comments on someone that you're -- >> not at all. not at all. >> nasty comments said about dr. benjamin carson on nbc. we'll explain that and much more straight ahead. ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so much prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work.
10:48 pm
i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be.
10:49 pm
you called hillary clinton a liar. >> well, no, i said hillary clinton lied about benghazi. there's no doubt about that shlg, charlie. there are e-mails in which she was talking to her family telling them there was an attack on that consulate due to a terrorist attack by al qaeda elements then she was going around the country talking to the families of the victims and to the american people and saying, no, no, this is because of some video -- >> senator, you know -- >> she absolutely lied about it. >> gop presidential candidate senator marco rubio literally schooling charlie rose. joining us with reaction from "the weekly standard" steve hayes. and fox news contributor, deroy murdock.
10:50 pm
yeah, she lied. she told, libyan president, egyptian prime minister one thing and us something else. that's a lie. >> that's exactly right. i like to say people died,lied. she sent out a statement at 10:32 saying there is suspicious behavior in response to inflammatory videos on the internet. what hillary clinton did privately is tell al qaeda did this, and publicly she said it was a video. lying. >> charlie rose is a talk show host. and they're like us. and they know she's vulnerable as hell on benghazi and that is why they're shouting with their lungs. >> and i don't think efforts to
10:51 pm
rehabilitate her work. the time line mentioned is an ad. >> yes. i think roy got a different take. i find charlie rose doing interesting stuff. it's very interesting. >> how many times today -- >> right. you know, in this interview, he is wrong, wrong repeatedly. what i thought is interesting is that marco rubio knew the issue to push back and say no. no. you're not going to push me around. it was a contrast to what happened a few years ago. >> wasn't that just like ted cruz at the debate? that was a moment. >> yes. yes. >> i think the world changed. this is how they treat ben carson on nbc. watch this. >> it's important people supporting him because oh there is another black man, commenting or negatively against the president and i don't feel
10:52 pm
comfortable in doing so because of the race factor so here is someone that can do it -- >> not at all. >> that is a problem. >> the question is what was he doing? he was attacking the president and going after him in such a way that was very well pointed out where the issues were with the president, with obamacareob- >> having the safe -- >> not at all. >> just like the media won't ask hillary questions who says these things? >> it's unbelievable. here is a very smart man, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and gets called a fake negro here. and a good winner of the cocoon of the year award? >> he needs to separate her brain. i mean, what the hell? >> that is sexist.
10:53 pm
hang on. they'll come up with some criticism. but steve, what do you think the republican candidates, president candidates ought to do now, knowing the world now sees this bias, called out for everybody to see? what should they do? >> i think some of the specifics seem small and petty but i don't have a problem with them challenging the moderators have been biassed. it's important to push back in realtime. senator prudy use that had to create a moment for himself. ways stunned how he was able to lift up every offensive question the others had received. >> right. it's a good moment for him. >> i agree. i wish we had more time. we have a lot more to talk about. i'll have you back soon. and thank you. we've got to take a break and we'll have more "h ♪ every insurance policy has a number.
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welcome back to "hannity" over the weekend, all of us were heart broken to learn the great american and dear friend, fred thompson passed away at age 73. fred was a frequent guest on this program, filling in for me as host and here are a few highlights from over the years. >> two weeks and a day remain before the iowa caucuses. >> i know that you know, you can be born into modest circumstances in this country but blessed in ways that kings of gold could not begin to contemplate. you're born with a legacy of freedom, independence and free choice. >> good to see you, senator. we appreciate you. >> and we'll take a break -- >> do you want to throw the football? >> not especially. >> it's not a real football.
11:00 pm
>> it is a real football! >> our thoughts and prayers with his wife, and tonight, "on the record," governor jeb bush is rebooting his campaign and he is here to go "on the record." plus, the first poll numbers just in following the cnbc debate. they are in now and a man mouth university poll of new hampshire likely republican voters show donald trump is still number one. trump with 26%, with dr. ben carson so points behind in second place with 16%. senator marco rubio in third place with 13%. ohio governor john kasich in 4th with is 1%. texas governor ted cruz 9% and jeb bush with 7%. today the candidates hit the campaign trail. >> after seven years of incompetence, corruption, and gridlock in washington, we need a


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