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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 3, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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it was my best history class. republican presidential candidates say it's their way or no way when it comes to future debates. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. several republican presidential candidates are pretty mad and they're not going to take it anymore. ben carson's campaign manager says the candidates might boycott coming debates if they do not get the changes they want. but not every candidate is all in on the new demands. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us what's on the agenda. >> a two and a half page draft
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letter of questions from the gop republican campaigns make it clear the candidates no longer want to negotiate through the national republican committee, which wasn't even invited to the campaigns last night. instead they tapped superlawyer ben ginsberg as their negotiator. >> the candidates do want to negotiate for themselves. i think they're appreciative of the role of the rnc and the setting of the schedule, but at end of the day, it's the candidates that walk up on the stage, so they want the information. >> 30 days before each debate, the candidates want specific questions answered about format and logistics. they raise concerns about graphics and biographies. they want to know how the time will be managed so they know whether they'll be taking part or not. after the 2012 debates, they announce that had for the first time ever the rnc would exert control over the debates. now he's under fire for the results. a 3-hour debate by cnn and what
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the candidates had to say. they insist they're not cutting the party out. >> the truth is we're involved, we're in control, we're setting the calendar. in fact, if what happens from last night goes forward, i think it's exactly where we want to be. >> previs has tapped a new player in hopes of staying in control of debates. karen cross has been temporarily retasked to working with campaigns on debates. it's unclear how interested they are. some candidates downplay the debates altogether. >> you know, stop complaining. you know, do me a favor. set up a stage, put podiums up there and let's just go. >> we've had no trouble negotiating with the networks and why policy has remained what it has been. >> in 15 weeks, donald trump leads ben carson in the latest poll. marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz are surging on his heels. jeb bush slips to sixth in his
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must-win state. >> if you washed death bathe deu probably think the elections are about sound bites. >> a slap at jeb bush's rivals and a promise to battle all wait to next july's nominating committee, if necessary. >> when the dust has cleared, we're going to win this campaign. >> wibush backers were disappointed with his last debate. the candidates say they don't expect their concerns addressed before the debate next week, but they expect it to be soon. >> not every candidate is going to sign up for this. >> not sign the letter, but it's not going to be rnc at the helm or the case of trump and kasich, and you may find they all want to be independent and make their own decisions without help. >> so what do you think? do you think the candidates would really refuse to participate in the debates?
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let me know at chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us what and why. >> we can't trust this president on immigration reform. he's already proven untrust worthy because he tried to circumvent the process with orders. on these other issues, this president has proven himself untrust worthy. >> on air force i this morning, they called that preposterous and blamed paul ryan for something he helped negotiate. earlier this morning, the president signed the bipartisan two-year budget and debt deal. that was the final act by
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someone in the house. >> my hope is now they build on this agreement with spending bills that also invest in america's priorities without getting sidetracked by a whole bunch of idea issues the new speaker went on five shows to lay out how it will be important. >> and for conservatives hoping to de. he said the sunlight would be very, very clear we can or can't achieve. >> an early test will take and to see how inclusive he'll allow it to be. >> do you expect a long
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honeymoon or a short honeymoon? >> about 45 minutes. >> what an obamacare replacement would look like, lawmakers could provide for the american people to illustrate how republicans would do things differently. bret? the sop 500 finished. they are not aware of any americans despite sf the russian crash. . there are plenty of questions about what caused that. >> the debris of the metrojet aircraft can be seen for miles. the remnants of number 321 was broken. a clear sign it broke in mid air
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not on impact. they ruled out technical flaws or human error. >> translator: there are not such faults as engine failure. system failure, there is no such combination of system failures that could lead to a plane breaking up in the air. >> reporter: but investigators have not ruled anything out, including structural failure. in-flight breakups are rare but have happened in the past. and the metrojet plane had suffered but there is growing speculation tonight that the plane still, a local egyptian branch of isis claims it shot the plane out of the air. but the group is not said to have access to sophisticated. >> it's unlikely but i wouldn't
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rule it out. >> they have located the plan s plane's, this as planes they declared it a national day of mourning. >> there is a lot of speculation and kroefrt. we're trying to figure out what exactly happened, but until those black boxes are complete rell viewed, there's a lot of. today israeli troops shot and killed a palestinian who they say tried to stab a shoulder in the west bank. palestinian. there's several people, including an 80 year-old woman fox 29 in philadelphia where
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police are. there is a similar case in central minnesota. so far no urge residents. jimmy carter took his hand. that spread to his brain. carter is 91 years old. this is a live look from seattle from our affiliate k-13 are inspecting and expecting. more e. coli reports from a chipotle restaurant. 19 in western washington have become sick. chipotle voluntarily shut down owl of its restaurants in the two states. that's tonight's live look. outside the beltway from "special
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bernie sanders is going on the offensive in a new way. the candidate is taking his democratic socialist message to television. it comes as frontrunner hillary clinton is trying to have it both ways in health care. chief white house correspondent ed henry is covering the democrats tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton is standing up for obamacare just as consumers asigning up this week are getting hit with premium increases that averaged 7.5%. >> it has been made possible for 18 million americans to get health care, and i want to fix some of the problems that it has. >> clinton's attempt to straddle embracing president obama's signature achievement while also pledging to tweak it comes as her chief rival bernie sanders is push ing a more radical
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overhaul to the payment system. >> people are sick and tired of established politics and they want real change! >> reporter: in an attempt to oversee his ad. a reference to the lingering question of trust, especially after the latest batch of official e-mails released by the state department late friday, including an e-mail three days after the benghazi attacks in which officials in the u.s. assembly and tripoli warned clinton aides against blaming it on an anti-muslim video saying it was not as explosive of an issue here as it appears to be in other countries in the region. feeding clinton's case that they had three options, claiming libya was a success story. >> you could tell the truth like did you with your family, like
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you did with the libyan president, like you did with the egyptian prime minister, tell them of the terrorist attack. you could say, you know what, we're not quite sure. but you picked the third option. i pick you picked the video narrative. >> there is no doubt in my mind that we did the best we could with the information we had at the time. >> then there is an e-mail to clinton from houma aberdeen in which the aide notes there is an attempted assassination. >> meanwhile, there may be an offshoot of the clinton administration which suggested amending its tax returns and they say they never planned to do that. volkswagen has been caught cheating on emission tests. it says vw installed software on about 10,000 cars with 6-cylinder diesel engines enabling the vehicle to emit
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fewer pollutants during testing. the company acknowledged rigging tests for about 11 million 4-cylinder vehicles worldwide. investigators have positively identified wreckage east of the bahamas as that of the cargo ship el faro. it went down with 33 people on board. no survivors were found. the ntsb says the crews will now look for the ship's recorder. he seemed at home in d.c., the united states capitol or a sound stage. one-time presidential candidate fred thompson has died. we look back at thompson's controversial and highly successful life and career. >> reporter: fred thompson was generating a lot of buzz with voters when he made a brave announcement. he had lymphoma.
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>> no one knows about the future, of course, but as much as the doctors can tell, and this doctor is not the only one my representatives have talked to about this, it should not be a factor. >> reporter: thompson ended his white house bid nine months later, concluding a career when he was an employer at the watergate hearings and asked the question that ultimately led to nixon's resignation. >> are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the oval office of the president? >> i was aware of listening devices, yes, sir. >> reporter: then in the '80s, hollywood came calling because producers wanted to make a story about the whistle blower who helped send president nixon to jail. sissy spacek played in it and fred thompson played fred thompson. a friend said, he played himself
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in marie and he's been playing himself ever since. fictional roles followed in the next decade, and so did a "law and order." >> one day this chair is going to be empty. >> i'm no politician. >> everybody says that. >> he took a break to become senator, and again. a statement from the family said fr fr fred. he helped produce "the hunt for red october" and "diehard 2." >> former senator fred thompson was
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we are still getting reaction tonight from friday's news that president obama is
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sending american special operations troops into syria. kevin cork he has the latest fr the white house. >> reporter: it's not new. that's what the obama administration is saying about its evolving strategy in syria, the one that now will send special forces to advise and assist syrian rebels. >> some people, i think, have almost equated this as if it's a full scale return to the iraq war or something lehere. the fact of the matter is the scale of the mission is drastically different. >> what is different is the white house's effort to ramp up the fight by putting american boots on the ground. the president's plan calls for up to 50 special operators to begin an advisory role in syria, encouraging special fighters of ypg in the north, a group accused of amnesty international. syrians said to be loyal to the
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president in cages as human shields against government airstrikes. further complicating matters, competing interests for both the u.s. and its coalition partner, turkey, which has been hostile to the same turks that america has supported. in addition to that, they have an air base against advisers. >> i can't ask special forces to win a war. >> reporter: putting americans in syria will doolittle little enhance things. >> we have to look at them getting killed, at us being captured. >> at least one says the president's strategy has less to do with today than it does 2013. >> it's his legacy, he can say,
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look, it's bush's fault we had it rack and afghanistan wars and it's the next guy's fault that we lost them. >> mean many. they met in vienna for about seven hours today. that group is said to come to several areas of agreement and there are representatives from iran and saudi arabia for the very first time. bret? >> kevin, thank you. president obama says he is glad he has been able to raise awareness about racial issues during his almost two terms in office. the president made the comment to lester holt a short time ago on nbc. >> i am very proud that my presidency can help to galvanize and mobilize america on behalf of issues of racial disparity and racial justice. but i do so hoping that my successor, who is not
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african-american, if he or she did not, then they'll be. because this is part of what it means to perfect our union. >> president obama on "nbc nightly news." the u.n. agency says roughly 200,000 migrants crossed the mediterranean in october. that's more this year and more than all of 2014. they estimated that 600,000 refugees has crossed the mediterranean this year. the vatican says they have released a hispanic prisoner set up by. it was said to be days before two ex poes. next in "the grapevine," why
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one heroic emt is being punished to try to save a life.
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. you think your gas prices are expensive? a special report shows the defense department spent $43 million to build a gas station in afghanistan that should have
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cost a half million bucks. the compressed station was pricey for afghans, too. the average annual income in afghanistan, $690. the pentagon is refusing to comment. the special general for afghanistan says he has never seen the d.o.d. clam up and disavow any knowledge of the program until now. the best way to get something done is to begin. that's solid procrastination advice for doing your homework, cleaning your room. the vice chairman for the federal reserve was actually created in 2010. president obama has yet to fill the job which is intended to hold the federal reserve accountable. fed chair yellen will testify in front of the house services committee wednesday to talk about this vacancy.
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committee chairman jeff henseling is calling the situation unacceptable. finally, no good deed goes unpunished, even a potentially life-saving one. a new york emt has been suspended without pay after trying to save a 7-year-old girl from choking. the ambulance company policy is to stop only when called. quisi reed was transporting a patient when a man flagged him down and told him about the choking girl. even when his partner advised against it, reed left the vehicle to administer first aid. reed says, quote, i don't regret it. i'd do it again. if i know there's a child choking, i'm going to do my best to help her. quentin tarantino is dealing with physical fallout from comments that police officers are murderers, and that fallout is threatening to hit him and his studio right where it hurts: at the box office. william longinette has the
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story. >> reporter: quenten tarantino celebrating behind the camera now finds himself in the spotlight. during a recent rally in new york, tarantino called some police shootings murder. >> i'm a human being with a conscience. and when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murder the murder and i have to called murderers the murderers. >> quenten tarantino took heat from all sides but one: friends in hollywood. >> quenten tarantino, you're the boss, you're amazing. keep speaking the truth. >> jamie foxx isn't worried but this man apparently is. harvey weinstein wants tarantino to apologize. why? money. tarantino's new film "the hateful eight" opens christmas day. if it fails, weinstein threatens to lose at the box office.
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right now that is a real possibility after police unions across the country asked members to boycott the film. >> a man of his celebrity, instead of working to bring the community and the police closer together, he separated them more than ever. >> reporter: tarantino's cousin, a former cop, appearing tonight on "hannity" says tarantino should apologize. >> he focused on one particular thing, one incident, and then condemned all police officers over one particular incident. that's what i think is wrong. >> if so, how? an editorial, a public statement, maybe a talk show? and how will it be taken, as sincere or a pr move to save face and make snoen. >> thank you. they are celebrating 15 years of occupancy of the international space station. scott kelly says the biggest benefit of the orbiting lab is
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furthering long-term exploration goals. >> we do a lot of experiments up here, but i think the most important experiment is the -- you know, the space station as that keeps humans alive in space for long periods of time. . weapon an presidential candidates put their feet down over the debate. we'll talk about it
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the one thing everybody agreed upon is there will be openings and closings, there will be editorial control of graphics, and we also want a formula somehow of equalization of the questions asked to all the candidates so you can't just invite someone on stage and ignore them for two hours.
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>> i think we should use the leverage of having a very big product that americans want. we should use that leverage for objective people. they don't have to be republicans, i just think they should be objective. >> the candidates speaking out about the debates after the last cnn debate. it was candidates from last weekend and they came up with a list of demands. let's hear from the rnc chair about what he thinks about these candidates stepping up. >> look, there's 14 campaigns, and so, you know, it takes a few people, i guess torqu, to creat narrative, but no, the truth is we're involved, we're in control, we're setting the calendar. in fact, if what happened from last night goes forward, i think it's exactly where we want to be. >> there are some demands. here's the list so far, the letter obtained by fox highlights all future debates have a minimum of 30-second opening statements, minimum
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30-second closing statements. the campaigns must pre approve any graphics, biographies, bios the networks plan to use on screen. there will be no lightning rounds because of the privilege lusness or gotcha nature and the networks will give equal time for the equal amount of questions for east candidate. the temperature will be below 67 degrees, no candidate to candidate questioning, no audience or moderator reaction shots and no shots of empty podiums after commercial breaks. national public radio and syndicated columnist. >> first of all, these are pretty reasonable. these are exactly the kind of thing that campaigns negotiate for when they're in a presidential, general election campaign, examiand it all seems pretty reasonable. it's amazing the biographies and graphics used for jeb bush didn't mention he was the governor of florida in the cnbc
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debate. the interesting twist is that donald trump has decided he will unilaterally negotiate for himself and not be part of this group negotiation. there was a real reaction to the cnbc debate, and like grandpa said, they're a pretty hot commodity. networks are making a lot of money off this. i think in some ways this is a side show. if they get all these things, we can then maybe have a debate about their actual ideas and we'll see if it's helping the party or not. >> you mentioned donald trump. he wants to negotiate directly with the networks. a couple of the candidates, chris christie, carly fiorina said, i'll debate anywhere, any time. you set up the podiums, we're ready to go. >> john kasich's campaign is not likely to sign this letter, maybe some others. i think this will end up back with the rnc after all this hubbub. the problem with the cnbc debate was that the mod rarts didn't seem to take conservative debates seriously.
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i'm not friend of donald trump, but the question about him running a comic book campaign was meant to be disrespectful. it was meant not to elicit information, it was meant to be disrespectful and there was a lot of questions like that. it was very difference from, for instance, the fox debate, which had tough, challenging questions which were all meant to elicit information and advance the debate. i think that was the difference. i don't think this is likely to go anywhere. ultimately, you have ted cruz and marco rubio who have proven themselves to be good debaters. trump has made clear that he wants to keep the debates shorter. they don't have common interests, so unless the rnc is really running this show, it's unlikely they'll come to a group consensus. >> charles? >> the republican candidates should quit while they're ahead.
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they won this debate against the media. the debate about the debate is over, and they crushed the media. there is a general consensus, including in liberal media, that it was all a debate run by disrespectful and kind of useless moderator, that there is a -- and came out of that. chris christie and fiorina are right. it actually helps them. i think having conservative people he chooses will be right if the gop will take any liberal, because obviously when they took on the cnbc liberals, they won. so, you know, the graphics on the temperature of the room is
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important, but it isn't the main issue. the main issue is debating the ideas. >> we should point out the next debate is on fox business network. it will be interesting coming up on the 10th. now, just in the past few minutes, a new national poll with the wall street journal and nbc. they're only releasing the top five, but you see for the first time this nool. you see rubio making a jump and cruise and bush doesn't have the rest of the field. i do want. -- you see there the breakdown. there it is, 26-16. rubio making a jump from 4% to 13%. it seems like his movement --
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you know, he's moved a couple points since the debate. >> there is no doubt about it, he got a bump from the debate. i think cruz did, too. you have carson and trump, those are the outsiders and they've been on top for a while, one or the other in first place. then you have cruz, rubio and bu bush. that's the dynamic of this race. if they do and we. someone tried to con sell. rubio is clearly surging from the debate. >> today je"jeb can fix it" is e title. it's a two-step process, can fix the economy and the country, but not said is fix his own
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campaign. >> by all accounts, the speech that he gave today was a very good speech. get people who have skeptical from. and there just wasn't anything in that speech i saw that would occasion that other look. >> i think of the two outside leading candidates, it's two, or maybe a lose will come in and inherit. rubio looks like the one who will be in the other lane, at least now, of this sort of established wing. if it's one on one and trump or carson is up there at 28%, 28% does not carry you over in a one-on-one race. >> mark, something has to change for the bush campaign.
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something dynamic has to change or he's got to go up pretty hard negative against the people eads challengi challenging. maybe even chris christie. >> i think both those things will happen. the superpac runs incredible ads. but i think he has to come up with a different strategy. he was once beat by an old, crafty politician, lawton childs, in florida. he needs to be that way to marco rubio. he needs to figure out a way cl where he really contrasts what he's saying is his proven record of conservative accomplishment against this very, you know, talented, maybe slick new cocom. >> you have donors already giving a hard look to marco rubio. it's pretty slick that marco rubio is being discussed as the established candidate. he was one of the little darlings in 2010. people may not agree with his position on immigration, but if
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that's the establishment, i think conservatives ought to be pretty happy about that. next up, paul ryan on what he will and will not do as speaker of the house. plus, do you want your voice to be heard? right here on the panel. you can submit questions you would have asked on the support panel or just comments. or twitter
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we can't trust this president on immigration reform. he has already proven untrust worthy because he
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tried to circumvent the legislative process with his executive orders. i think if we can get consensus on border security and enforcement, fine. on other issues this president has proven himself untrustworthy. how do you overhaul the tax code what does replacement of obamacare look like. how do you attack the root causes. how do you get economic growth show sn those are the things people are hungry for and that i think is what we need to offer the country because we don't think the country industry headed in the right direction. we audited to show what we would do if we had the ability to do it. >> house speaker paul ryan on all of the sunday shows this weekend. we're back with the panel. steve, kind of laying down the law there. no immigration reform because they don't trust the president. i think he wanted to reassure conservatives that he had spoken to before that he wasn't going to pursue this president obama. i think he believes it is he not saying anything. you said this before when the president was promising or threatening to use executive action on immigration. paul ryan said it would hurt the trust that republicans
1:52 am
have in the president. and hurt the inability of republicans to come to some kind of consensus if that's to be found. you know, i think the interesting thing, there has been a lot of talk about ryan and obama. a lot of talk about ryan and the media. a lot of talk about ryan and the house freedom caucus. those are all interesting dynamics to look at. the most interesting dynamic is ryan and mitch mcconnell. you remember mitch mcconnell after the 2014 elections came into office and said we want to make sure that people don't see the republican party as scary. and was reluctant to put forward many alternative policy ideas. paul ryan is precisely the opposite. that's what he wants to do all the time. and is he happy to have big debates about potentially unpopular issues like entitlement reform. and have it out with democrats in public. >> marah. >> the big question about the second list that he gave, the tax code and poverty and economic growth. republicans have had a hard time uniting around their solutions for those things or replacement for obamacare. that's going to be tough. it certainly is an ambitious, worthy goal. as in terms of the first thing about immigration
1:53 am
reform, i differ with steve. the republican house had already rejected immigration reform before obama did the executive orders. they are the ones who didn't embrace what paul ryan actually was for, which was a path to citizenship. so i think it's a little bit self-serving to say all of the sudden we are not going to do immigration reform because of obama's executive actions. they already had rejected it. >> he had said ted this will poison the well. if president obama does in this will poison the well. >> yes. but they had already rejected it. >> fair point. charles? >> entirely self-serving and that's exactly what you want out of a dynamic speaker of the house. yes, of course, the reason you are not going to do it because it will split the republicans gratuitously. you don't want to start. you don't want to have that in an election year. so you want to avoid it and but you do is you come up with a beautiful explanation that puts the blame on obama in part it's true. yes. historically it would have happened this way even if obama hadn't issued the executive order. but remind people that he did issue the executive
1:54 am
order. the other part -- look, this is a -- >> -- charles, what a cynic. >> i'm looking at politics without rose-colored glasses. what i like about ryan is he does, too. he is a visionary. he is utterly sincere about the goal he is talked about. and what he wants to do is to go after the ones that are doable. and won't split the party. so he gives a list of stuff as he should and that's exactly what he ought to be doing. >> all right. considering that list. considering where things are now. how long is the the honeymoon for paul ryan? >> he said it would be a half an hour. about 10 minutes. >> i agree. 35 minutes is what he said. i think he was right on the money. >> he will have fights with all those different constituencies. >> even on the transportation bill, the highway bill? >> absolutely. >> yeah. but i don't think it's going to be a death match. there will be arguments. with a new speaker it will be incumbent on the freedom caucus so-to-so he some cooperation. is he a new guy. let's see what he can do on the big issues in 2016. i think that will be the right attitude. >> to your point does mcconnell change how is he
1:55 am
operating on the senate side? >> i don't think we know at this point. i would be surprised if he changed, but ryan will certainly i think push him to change. that was part of the promise ryan made the house freedom caucus. we are going to do big things and be bold and take our argument to the american people. >> they sent stuff over to the senate to tornado watch die before. the senate dynamics are different. mitch mcconnell has a bunch of republicanness blue states run are for re-election. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see one runner's race for the finish line turn into a r
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28-year-old adam goodman stopped mid race to surprise girlfriend britney who was cheering him on. he didn't win the marathon but he did win a new fiancee. [cheers] >> i love you so much. will you marry me? [cheers] >> did she say yes? >> i think so. [cheers] >> now he had to finish the race. she said yes on the back. adam and britney. the "special report" team. race for every child 5 k
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race to raise money for children's hospital that saves thousands of lives every year including our son paul who also ran the race. my thanks to the fox team for coming out in force. that race raised more than $1.2 million for children's national. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ good morning. it's tuesday, november 3rd, and a fox news alert to start us off today. the midair mystery deepens. more experts are now saying that there is a good chance that terrorists took down a passenger plane over egypt. >> we have to take this very serious. this was a terror attack. >> the new clues that investigators could find in an old crash. we'll explain. and about-face.
1:59 am
hollywood director quentin tarantino planning to apologize for calling cops murderers. is it too little, too late? and candy crush. jimmy kimmel is at it again this year with his annual halloween candy prank. watch this. >> you are in big trouble, young lady! >> i ate it. >> that's a mom that's hard to watch. i don't think i could do it. "fox & friends first" starts right now. and from the looks of that, you'd better not do it, parents at home. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." >> thanks so much for starting your day with us. let's get to that fox news alert. the midair mystery deepens in the russian plane crash. >> the director of the national intelligence now refusing to rule out the possibility that isis took down that jet. >> kelly wright is here now with
2:00 am
the breaking developments that have come in overnight. kelly, what can you tell us? >> good morning to you as well. while the remains of more victims from the crash where being returned to russia, investigators continue to try to solve the mystery of that crash. the airbus crashing just 23 minutes after taking off, killing all 224 people on board. that happened on saturday. satellite images then show a heat flash was seen at the exact moment that russian metrojet went down. international aviation experts are trying to determine what caused the sudden crash. top u.s. and intelligence official james clapper was even asked about the terror group isis claiming it brought the plane down. >> we don't have any direct


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