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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 3, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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first." >> thanks so much for starting your day with us. let's get to that fox news alert. the midair mystery deepens in the russian plane crash. >> the director of the national intelligence now refusing to rule out the possibility that isis took down that jet. >> kelly wright is here now with the breaking developments that have come in overnight. kelly, what can you tell us? >> good morning to you as well. while the remains of more victims from the crash where being returned to russia, investigators continue to try to solve the mystery of that crash. the airbus crashing just 23 minutes after taking off, killing all 224 people on board. that happened on saturday. satellite images then show a heat flash was seen at the exact moment that russian metrojet went down. international aviation experts are trying to determine what caused the sudden crash. top u.s. and intelligence official james clapper was even asked about the terror group isis claiming it brought the plane down. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist
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involvement yet. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: owners of the metrojet say the plane went down after an external impact, but russian officials say that statement is premature. a source in egypt says the plane's black box indicates the jet was not struck from the outside, and i pilot did not make a distress call before it crashed. but congressman peter king says terrorism cannot be ruled out. >> the fact that there was such a large explosion, certainly terrorism has to be considered. that's a hotbed, that area there, for isis, for al qaeda, for islamic militants and the arab spring has only gotten much worse. to me this has all the earmarks of something that has to be looked at as far as terrorism. >> congressman peter king talking about the sinai peninsula. we'll be showing you more of that at 5:30 including a map of that terror zone.
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the investigation continues. meanwhile, people in russia continue to mourn the deaths of those who died if that crash. heather. >> kelly wright, thank you so much. we'll check in with you later. a police chief in texas is fighting for his life this morning after he was shot in the face. darrell allen is the chief of the marland police department south of dallas. he was working security at a bar over the weekend when he got into some sort of altercation with a customer. that customer shot him in the cheek and shattered his jaw. 24-year-old derek gamble has been charged with assault. we'll watch his progress. a former student charged with murder in that deadly shooting on a north carolina college campus. 21-year-old jarrett jerome moore was enrolled at winston-salem state university last year. he's accused of shooting two people in a dormitory. a sophomore tech student was killed. a female student was wounded. well, two subpoenaed v.a. officials refused to testify at a congressional hearing on job manipulation. diana reubens and kimberly
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grains repeatedly pled the fifth to protect themselves against self-incrimination. the v.a. inspector general report claims that the women forced lower ranking officials to accept job transfers against their will and then took their open jobs with higher pay and less responsibility. the san francisco sheriff whose sanctuary city policy is blamed for a death toughing a tough re-election vote today. police say that francisco sanchez who had been deported five times shot kate steinley as she walked along a pier in july. the sheriff's department had recently released sanchez from jail even though federal immigration officials wanted him detained. only two incumbent sheriffs had lost re-election in san francisco in the last 60 years. well, brand-new poll numbers show ben carson gaining more ground on donald trump as jeb bush tries to reboot his campaign with a brand-new slogan "but is that enough?" kristin fisher follows the latest developments from
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washington. tell us about this new slogan and how that's going down. >> reporter: i'll get there in just one second. first, though, i've just got to talk about ben carson and donald trump because for the second time in less than two weeks, ben carson is beating donald trump in a new national poll out just last night. it's an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll and has carson ahead by 6 points, 29-23. rubio is in third with 11%. trump still on top in new hampshire. a new monmouth poll gives him awe commanding ten-point lead. 26-16 with rubio again in third at 13%. in iowa the headline has more to do with what we were just talking about, a former front-runner, jeb bush. according to a survey from public policy polling, he's now one point behind bobby jindal. 6% to 5%. so it's a little -- it comes as little surprise that bush is now trying to reboot yesterday he unveiled a new campaign slogan "jeb can fix
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it." he explained it like this. >> i think you need to have proven leadership to fix the big, complex things. and we have candidates that are great at talking about things, great at disparaging others, but not many people on the stage that actually have the ability to fix the things that are broken. >> meantime, the rest of the gop field is still moving forward with their plan to bile did pass the republican national committee and directly negotiate with the tv networks ahead of all future debates. many of the campaigns are now working together to draft a letter of demands. trump's campaign, you know, they initially seemed to sign off on it, but now they're going it alone, they say as they've done for the previous three debates, they will negotiate directly with the host network. heather? >> thank you so much. kristin fisher live for us. meantime, president obama now stepping off the sidelines to rip republicans over debate reform. >> every one of these candidates say, you know, obama's weak.
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putin's kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those gu guys -- you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> the president making the comments at a fund-raiser at a broadway theater in new york last night. well, as the republicans fight to fix the debate format, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer has advice. he says it's not worth it. >> the republican candidates should quit while they're ahead. they won this debate against the media. the debate about the debate is over. and they crushed the media. there's a general consensus including in the liberal media that it was an awful debate run
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by disrespectful kind of useless moderators who clearly showed the world that there's a liberal bias. so the gop won. and actually came out of the debate looking good as a group. at this point, i think to continue to beat the horse, it's kind of pointless. >> well, you can watch the next gop debate one week from today on the fox business network. coverage gets started at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> that is one to watch. talking about extreme weather right now. whipping winds causing a massive pileup. take a look. more than 20 cars smashing into each other in bakersfield, california. >> in the mountains, old man winter arriving early. some areas in the sierras seen six inches to a foot of snow. marina malina is here tracking more storms. >> good morning. that's right, we're looking at snow along the higher elevations across california and also across the great basin and rockies. a lot of areas looking at that winter weather. and because of that we do have a
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number of winter storm warnings in effect. i want to show you the radar because it's very busy across nevada, you have that snowfall, across idaho and montana right around the billings area. again, those higher elevations have those colder temperatures. so the storm is able to bring in some of that snowfall, and it's going to be accumulating at times as well. we're talking about, like you mentioned, 6 to 12 inches of snow and potentially even some higher snowfall amounts. we have winter storm warnings that are in effect across parts of montana and also farther south in through portions of nevada. and eventually that snow's going to make its way eastward into parts of colorado. so we'll be seeing that snow move in out there as well. in other news, we also have heavy rain that's forecast across the carolinas. we'll bring you more on that coming up in the next 30 minutes. let's head over to you. >> maria, thank you. we'll check in with you later. >> thank you. let's talk sports now. the panthers continue their best start in franchise history. but it required a thrilling finish on "monday night football." watch this.
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>> online! panthers win in overtime! >> nice. the panthers surviving a fourth quarter comeback. the game-winning kick in overtime giving carolina 26-23 win as they remain the only unbeaten team in the nfc with a 7-0 record. c congrats, heather. thank you. >> that is my team. going to the super bowl. and plenty of drama in the stands as several fans after ra peeling from the upper deck to protest bank of america for financing a natural gas facility in maryland. bank of america holds the naming rights to panthers stadium, but that did not take away from their win. 7-0. >> you stayed up to watch that whole thing, right? >> no, not really. couldn't stay thup that light. it is nine minutes after the hour. the big job that this man had before he was caught on camera attacking his uber driver. and a penalty for praising
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god. another high school football star benched for pointing to the sky. >> yo, you don't even know what stupid is! >> heather, did you know this? your workplace could actually make you dumb. >> not here. no way. >> yeah, it could happen. we'll tell you what this is all about. you'll want to hear it.
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welcome back. quentin tarantino is getting ready to apologize for calling police officers murderers. >> i have to call the murderer the murderer and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> the national association of police organizations urged officers not to work on the director's projects. police unions in new york, los angeles, chicago and philadelphia also boycotting. but now tarantino is reportedly
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going to write an op-ed article seeking forgiveness. tarantino's father says it is the right thing to do. >> what he did and what he said is dead wrong. you know, i'm 100% on that. i would like to see hum come back out and take a second look at what he did and what he said and apologize for it. >> not yet clear what paper will publish that apology. well, a taco bell executive is now out of a job after he was caught on camera attacking an uber driver. watch this. >> no, i'm kicking you out, man. you're too drunk to give me directions. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> ooh. and that video goes on and on. well, that passenger has now just been identified as 32-year-old benjamin golden. the driver says he told golden to get out of the car because he was too drunk and couldn't give him directions. taco bell has now fired golden.
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the company says it offered and encouraged him to get professional support. he's now permanently banned from using uber. he works in marketing for that company there, now out of a job. now to a fox business alert. your fridge and your freezer, did you check that before you headed in? >> i haven't but i will when i get home. >> something inside could make you very sick. >> cheryl casone is here with an urgent recall. hi cheryl. >> good morning, ladies. nearly 168,000 pounds of ground beef are being recalled for e. coli contamination. all-american meats in omaha made the meat after some tested positive. so far no reports of customers becoming ill. the outbreak at chipotle was likely due to produce. they've received over 100 calls from people who say they ate at chipotle, then became ill. amazon kicked off its black friday site almost a full month ahead of the actual black friday shopping day which is november 27th.
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tens of thousands of deals and items from electronics to clothing to toys will be offered. prime members will get access to lightning deals. walmart is stepping up its holiday plans but sprucing up its stores with more christmas decorations. music and, yes, santa. for the first time, santa and all of his christmas cheer will be featured. and finally, just in time for the holidays, new m&m flavors are being introduced. white peppermint, hot chocolate and cafe mocha. m&m's are soon going to be hitting store shelves. the limited edition treats will be available this week at walmart and target. sounds pretty good, you guys. back to you. >> delicious. >> cheryl, thank you so much. logon to did finder. do you ever feel a little brain drain at the office? >> yo, you don't even know what stupid is!
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it's about to get all stupid up in here! >> well, a new study says that the air you breathe at work could be making you dumb. researchers find that carbon dioxide levels in your office could cut your brain power by more than half. the co2 gets trapped inside because typical buildings are designed to trap conditioned air to save energy. >> that's interesting. move over, man. dogs are now a kid's best friend. >> jamie! jamie, my boy! oh, yes! yes! yes! jamie! >> aww, that's how it goes. well, there is a new study that shows that having a pooch if a child's early years reduces the risk of asthma by 15%. this supports the hygiene hypothesis that claims that living in conditions that are simply too clean can prevent the immune system from developing properly. and if you have farm animals, it even reduces it further.
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>> yeah. well, it's now time to "brew on this." punish for praying. another high school football player says that he was kicked off the field because he pointed to the sky, praising god for a touchdown. >> yeah, the play on friday night put pedro banda's team in the playoffs for the first time in more than two decades. but now the senior at the high school in arizona may not be able to play. he now faces a one-game suspension for what they considered unsportsmanlike conduct. >> okay. >> well, the arizona interscholastic association's appeals committee will consider the ruling today. so what do you think? is this a violation of the first amendment or just the game? >> send us your comments on facebook, twitter or you can send us an e-mail at and we'll share your comments later in the show. >> always look forward to your opinion. 18 after the top of the hour. coming up, a shocking confession from this college football player. the chilling plot that could land him in prison for a long time. and playing with fire
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22 minutes after the hour. we're back way fox news alert. a fresno state freshman football player confesses to threatening a mass on-campus shooting. police say that 18-year-old christian pryor sent a message on the anonymous app threatening to, quote, release his frustrations at a school shooting on monday afternoon. well, officials tracked down pryor through his i.p. address and then arrested him within hours. he will likely face state and federal charges. heather? well, hillary clinton making
2:23 am
a bigger push for her common-sense gun-control laws. that's what they sauls them. by meeting with the mothers of teens killed in shootings. at the two-hour gathering in chicago included the mothers of trayvon martin, michael brown and tamir wright. their deaths sparking nationwide protests and outrage. the woman reportedly describing the meeting as powerful with a focus on clinton's gun policy plans and social justice reform. well, cornell university in a bit of an uproar. last week the ivy league school booted him for questions about bias on campus after it was revealed that 96% of professors' political donations go to democrats. well, that prompted an editorial in the student news saying, quote, fox news clearly sought to embarrass cornell through its cuts to cultural clips and witless questions. yet the university's response to the piece was far more embarrassing than jesse watters' shoddy journalism techniques,
2:24 am
end quote. but isn't it the school that should answer his questions? here's watters' world at cornell part two. ♪ >> do you support diversity? >> i do. >> but you don't support diversity of opinion? so you wrote the article that blew this whole story up. >> the administration refused to comment. we actually got a lot of professors saying that pretty much they don't think that republicans are qualified to teach here. >> if you need a voice, we can get you a voice. >> so you're the media relations director? >> i am. >> so shouldn't you be able to talk to me about that? what do you think about that? there's not a lot of political diversity here on campus. >> it is a good time. >> does that bother you? >> the leaves are fantastic. >> that's what you're going with? >> well, i mean, i'll be happy to do what i can to help you do whatever you need to do. >> well, we're doing that right now. >> not in a particularly magical way. >> the administration
2:25 am
stonewalled your investigation into donations? >> yeah, they said that they don't take that into consideration, and they would not comment. >> if there's anything while you're here that you need us to help you arrange. >> do you have any input? >> what i'd like to do is do what i can to help you. >> you're helping me by answering the questions. do you think that an appropriate amount of diversity -- >> is there a contact information on this? >> watters world. well, from watters world to jimmy kimmel's hysterical halloween prank, it is back. the late-night host encouraging parents to tell their kids that they ate all their candy. >> did you eat all my candy? >> mm-hmm. >> if i see no candy, you are in big trouble, young lady! >> i ate all your halloween candy. >> no! >> i'm super, super angry at you! >> i ate it all. >> ate all your candy? >> i ate it.
2:26 am
i got really, really hungry and i ate all your halloween candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean, how? i ate it. >> i don't want to see you ever again. go get a job. >> go get a job. my kids would say the same thing. they'd be so upset, but i don't think i could do that. my kids are 5 and 6. they'd just be so devastated. >> from the mouths of babes. those were about 5 and 6. the time is now 26 minutes after the hour. from boy band front man to pot kingpin? the celebrity who could now cash in big time from a drug decision that's set for today. and a wild sight in the sky where a stunning streak is caught on dashcam. ♪
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♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano. recipient of autopacific's best-in-class vehicle satisfaction award. now get great deals on the nissan murano.
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it is tuesday, november 3rd.
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a fox news alert. the midair mystery deepens as more experts say that there's a good chance terrorists took down a passenger plane over egypt. >> we have to take this very serious that this was a terror attack. >> the unusual sounds heard from the plane just moments before it broke apart. and back here at home, a big win for ben carson. the presidential candidate is smiling this morning after surging in the first post-debate poll while jeb bush now is trying to recover from a major blow. the brand-new poll numbers that could now change the campaign. and a heavenly reveal from victoria's secret. the multimillion-dollar bra. the angels will soon wear on the runway. "fox & friends first" continues right now. good morning and welcome to "fox & friends first." i'm heather nauert. >> nice to have you here. i'm heather childers. half past the top of the hour.
2:31 am
some brand-new information just in, giving new insight into the final moments of that doomed russian charter fight. >> this as the u.s. intelligence director refuses to rule out the possibility that ice us was behind that crash. >> kelly wright is here now with the very latest. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: yeah, we are still dealing with a very grim story. this morning russian media reporting initial findings from the plane's black boxes. they claim recording suggest there was a sudden emergency on board, taking the crew by surprise right before the airliner disappeared. there was reportedly no time to send a distress signal at all. when the plane crashed on saturday, isis made the claim that it was responsible for taking it down. russian officials then quickly denied that. but today some security experts around the world are still considering that terrorism could have played a role. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner?
2:32 am
>> it's unlikely but i wouldn't rule it out. >> now, take a look at this map. it shows various terror danger zones throughout the world that some airlines are now avoiding. the russian plane went down in the sinai peninsula. one of those zones where egypt's military is fighting isis forces. all of this leading to more speculation that terrorism may have been involved in the plane's crash. >> physical evidence shows that the actual airplane, the actual compartment shows pieces of metal fanning out like they were blown out. which tells me this may well have been, megyn, a lockerbie-type bombing. we know isis has been very aggressive in pursuing targets in the sinai, egyptians are fighting them on a daily basis. isis has conducted assassinations there. >> tony schafer talking to our own megyn kelly last night. the owner of the metrojet says
2:33 am
technical problems did not cause the crash but say an external impact is likely. russian officials say that is chief of the marlon police department south of dallas. he was working security at a bar over the weekend when he got in a fight with a customer who shot him in the cheek, shattering his jaw. 24-year-old derek campbell is charged with assault. new overnight, prosecutors are appealing to south africa's supreme court to convict oscar pistorius of murder. the 28-year-old gold-winning pa paralympian was released on house arrest after less than a year into his five-year sentence. he was found guilty of manslaughter for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. if convicted, he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison. the san francisco sheriff whose policy is blamed for the death of kate steinley is facing a tough re-election vote today. police say francisco sanchez who had been deported from the united states five times shot kate steinley as she walked along a pier in july.
2:34 am
the sheriff's department has recently released sanchez from jail even though federal immigration officials wanted him detained. just two incumbent sheriffs have lost re-election in san francisco within the last 60 years. we'll follow that story throughout the day. ohio voters decide today whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana, and the move could have the singer nick lachey cashing in big time. ♪ i want you and i feel you ♪ falling underneath my skin >> the former 98 degrees singer is the owner of one of the ten farms that would be allowed to grow the drug. lachey now urging voters to approve the plan. >> it's going to create jobs, reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our communities. >> improve safety. all right. well, ohio would become the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana following alaska, colorado, oregon and washington.
2:35 am
some big changes in the race for the white house with ben carson extending his lead on donald trump and jeb bush trying to prove that he has staying power with a brand-new slogan. kristin fisher following the latest developments for us from washington. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, heather. yeah, so the protocol for future republican debates is becoming increasingly uncertain. most of the campaigns are moving forward with their plan to bypass the republican national committee and negotiate directly with the host networks. but trump's campaign now says they're going it alone. quote, as we have for the previous three debates, the trump campaign will continue to negotiate directly with the host network to establish debate criteria that will determine mr. trump's participation. so trump may be leading the charge in that regard, but he's no longer leading the republican field. for the second time in less than two weeks, ben carson is beating tru trump in a national poll. a poll has carson ahead of trump by six points, 29-23. marco rubio's in third with 11%
2:36 am
of the vote. but trump's still on top in new hampshire. a new monmouth university poll gives him a commanding ten-point lead in that state. 26-16 with marco rubio again in third at 13%. one candidate noticeably absent from anywhere near the top of these polls is jeb bush. bush is now trying to reboot his campaign after a less-than-stellar debate performance and the news that some top republican donors are now endorsing his home state rival, marco rubio. yesterday bush even unveiled a new campaign slogan "jeb can fix it." >> we've had a rough couple of weeks. i've got to get better at the performance side of this. but i know i have the skills of leadership to fix these big, complex things and i have a proven record to do it. >> reporter: so bush's campaign said yesterday, you know, look. we acknowledge that comebacks take time. they say they're ready and they're prepared for it. heather? >> kristin fisher, we'll see
2:37 am
what happens next. it is exciting. with trump and carson continuing to dominate the polls, former house speaker newt gingrich says they won't be going away any time soon. >> it's fascinating people say, well, when trump and carson decay, so and so, rubio or whatever, and i keep saying, why are you assuming? that the two guys who have been consistently number one and number two aren't going to be number one and number two? you know, trump's learning. i think he handled this last debate perfectly. he was quieter, which he needed to be. he was willing to let others get some of the applause lines. that was exactly what he had to do at this stage of his candidacy. >> gingrich also says that no one is out of the race just yet because most voters haven't even started to think about the election. well, more controversy could come up in the general election as well, especially if hillary clinton gets the democratic nomination. here's why. her husband, bill clinton, is an
2:38 am
honorary chairman on the commission on presidential debates, and that sets up a potential conflict of interest. now, it's not clear how the former president would function in this role. the other democrats serving as an honorary chair is former president jimmy carter. there are no republican honorary chairmen. well, here's some extreme weather now. brand-new video of an ef-2 tornado. look at this, ripping through a texas neighborhood. ferocious winds slammed this home, pushing all the furniture all over the patio there. >> goodness. as many as 20 tornadoes touching down in texas over the weekend. heavy rains also causing chaos. in alabama, a school in headland reduced to rubble there. maria molina is in the weather center and tracking more of this information for us. good morning. >> good morning. we're tracking the same system responsible for the flash flooding and also those tornadoes reported across those areas like texas and also into parts of mississippi. and you can see that the storm system now bringing in areas of
2:39 am
heavy rain across parts of eastern north carolina and eastern south carolina as well. and that's really where the heavy rain is going to be focused throughout the day today. we do have the risk of seeing more flash flooding out there. so we'll keep a close watch on that. farther west, we have a different storm system. and this one is bringing in some very cold air, some windy conditions with gusts over 30 miles per hour possible and also heavy snowfall. about one on two feet possible in some of the higher elevations across parts of the rockies and also farther west into the great baiten. we have winter storm warnings in effect and winter weather advisories as well. but where we don't have winter weather is across the eastern two-thirds two-thirds. many of you enjoying above-average temperatures. omaha and denver, that cold air arrives by thursday. let's head over to you. >> i can't believe all that snow she's talking about already. 72, though, here in new york. like that. thanks, maria. well, a giant crack in the earth causing concern in wyoming. take a look. many locals calling this the
2:40 am
gash in the big horn mountains. it's estimated to be about 50 yards wide and the length of six football fields. initial fears of hidden volcanos and earthquakes being dispelled by experts. they say that a wet spring lubricated across a cap rock and then a small spring on either side caused the bottom to slide out. >> you got all that? >> i don't know, it's a big crack. >> exactly. well, a dazzling light display over the skies of thailand all caught on camera. this is gorgeous. a giant meteor streaking over bangkok briefly turning the sky a dramatic blue green light. that is real. astronomers say the fireball could be part of the torrid meteor shower. it peaks around this time of the year. incredible to see. >> i love that, yeah. well, the time now is about 20 minutes till the top of the hour. and an about-face. hollywood director quentin tarantino apologizing,r planning to anyway for calling cops murderers but is it too
2:41 am
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good morning. it's now 44 minutes after the hour. the company that's behind the keystone xl pipeline is now trying a through stall tactic while the project is reviewed. trans-canada is asking the state department to delay its application while it works with nebraska authorities over legal challenges to its preferred route through that state. now, critics say that transcanada is trying to delay the process, hoping for a republican president who supports that project. well, the volkswagen emissions test cheating scandal
2:45 am
has now widened. the company accused of cheating on emissions tests for cars with large diesel engines including porsche and audi. the epa saying the german automaker used illegal software in certain six-cylinder diesel engines, but they are interested they didn't do this. volkswagen admitted to the epa that cars with model years 2009 to 2015 had the cheating software installed. unbelievable. 11 million cars have been affected worldwide. we'll keep watching this one. what a story. heather? well, are you a "star wars" fan? some fans will have to leave their gear at home. cinemark banning weapons including light sabres from all screenings. amc, however, is allowing light sabres as long as they're turned off during the film. fans can dress in costume. the added security comes after the deadly theater shootings in lafayette, louisiana, and aurora, colorado.
2:46 am
well, the odds will always be in your favor now that a "hunger games" theme park is set to open. >> turn your weapons to the capitol. >> lionsgate confirming it's developing an indoor entertainment center in china. you'll have to wait at least four years to take part in the ultimate "hunger games" experience. before you book your holiday travel, you want to cash in on some good deals. >> of course. adam shapiro from fox business here with the frequent flyer bargains that you can get right now. adam, good morning. >> good morning. the website road warriors updates frequent flyer deals from the airlines. here's what we can all expect this november. how does hawaii sound? sounds good. united offers 20% off frequent flyer miles you need to buy an economy class ticket. 36,000 miles instead of 45,000 gets you a ticket if you purchase by november 5th and you
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travel before march 3rd. i'd do that deal. beware the plaqueoblackout date. american is offering bonuses if you have to purchase extra miles. virgin america is offering double points is and elite status on flights up to november 19th. you can earn bonus miles from united airlines mileage partners. you know the hotels and rental car companies but you've got to book right now. and the website aeroplan has a promotion to help you earn bonus miles on select routes which run through -- this deal runs through december 13th. remember the blackout dates with that united deal to hawaii. you're not going to be going over christmas. remember that. the exits are located there. >> he's good at that. it is 47 minutes after the hour. sky high delivery. the latest company planning to launch packages from drones? and a permanent celebration a little too soon. the mets fan with a painful reminder of this past season. >> oh, gosh. first let's check in with
2:48 am
brian to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." can you believe that guy? >> i cannot. it reminds me how close they were had they held on to that lead. saturday night and sunday, they'd still be playing today. we'll talk about that a little later. let me tell you if it's okay, heather and heather, what's coming up. on our couch for two blocks, the author of this book "donald trump." the inside story about robert durst. she'll be here as well. peggy nunez writes really brilliantly. she'll be here. and james rosen is really cute, according to joel. he did a one-on-one interview with dick cheney. it is unbelievable. plus karl rove, laura ingram, rachael ray. an unbelievable show. please get dressed and wake up. throw up the animation. i have some reading to do.
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. that guy right there. quentin tarantino, apparently getting ready to apologize for calling police officers murderers. >> i have the murdered the murdered abdomen the murderers the murderers. >> the national association of police organizations urged others not to work on his projects. now tarantino is reportedly going to write an op-ed article seeking forgiveness. says it's the right thing to do. >> it's not him i'm criticizing. it's his actions. the things he said on the spur of the moment without taking the time to really think about what he's doing. >> not clear yet, though, what paper will publish the apology. let's keep talking about this.
2:53 am
what is the intent behind the apology? weigh in after the show with the #keep talking. the congressional hispanic caucus wants "saturday night live" to dump donald trump from the show this week. they say he doesn't deserve a platform from a major tv network saying his racist remarks and rhetoric demonizing latinos and immigrants have created fear within the communities. >> he last hosted in 2004. google wants to take holiday shopping to the skies. the tech giant will start using drones to deliver packages in 2017 hoping to compete with online retailers like amazon. the project using internet and cellular tech noll to program the low-flying drones. the star of the victoria's secret fashion show unveiled. check out this fantasy fireworks. it's made up of 6500 gems and
2:54 am
salve fires and topaz. lily aldridge will have the privilege of wearing that bra next week. the time now, 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a penalty for praising god. e-mails are pouring in after another high school football star is benched for pointing to the sky. playing with fire. a daredevil stunt you have to see. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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good morning. two minutes before the top of the hour. russian media reporting that initial findings from the doomed russian plane's black boxes suggest there was a sudden emergency on board before the plane broke apart. this is the u.s. intelligence director refuses to rule out the possibility that isis was behind the crash. san francisco sheriff faces a tough reelection vote today. sanctuary city policy is blamed for the death of kate steinle. his department freed her accused killer each though he was deported five times. a massive celebration for the world series champs, the kansas city royals will parade through the heart of kansas city this afternoon. heather? >> congrats to them. time now for the good, the pad and the ugly. amazon offering paternity leave starting in january. all new dads will qualify for six weeks paid time off. the bad, the stunt leaving you scratching your head. a skydive instructor in arizona
2:59 am
intentionally sets a parachute on fire with a flare gun and deploys her backup chute. it was part of a safety demonstration for her flight school. the ugly. this man getting a championship tattoo for a world series win that never happened. oddly enough, he says he doesn't regret it. time for the responses. another high school football player kicked off the field becauseointed to the sky praising god for a touchdown. >> that put the team in the playoffs for the first time in decades. now the senior in arizona may not be able to play facing a one-game suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct. is this a violation of the first amendment or just a game? tom says the tv celebration is part of the game. high school pc police out of line. >> daniel says it's the right call. that is unsportsmanlike conduct in high school football. >> another ridiculous situation prompted by the ultrapolitically correct narrow minded people in power. how do you really feel?
3:00 am
>> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 3rd, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. what really happened to that russian passenger plane that crashed in egypt. why won't the united states rule out terror? we're live with the latest for you. things get heated on the hill when subpoenaed va officials take the fifth 16 times. >> it's not a joke. my suspicion is that this kind of behavior is rampant not only throughout the department of veterans affair. also the rest of the federal government. >> these are government employees. why won't they answer the questions and will anybody accept responsibility? >> it's unbelievable and it's our


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