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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 3, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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call. that is unsportsmanlike conduct in high school football. >> another ridiculous situation prompted by the ultrapolitically correct narrow minded people in power. how do you really feel? >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 3rd, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. what really happened to that russian passenger plane that crashed in egypt. why won't the united states rule out terror? we're live with the latest for you. things get heated on the hill when subpoenaed va officials take the fifth 16 times. >> it's not a joke. my suspicion is that this kind of behavior is rampant not only throughout the department of veterans affair. also the rest of the federal government. >> these are government employees. why won't they answer the questions and will anybody accept responsibility? >> it's unbelievable and it's our money.
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how does this work out for mets fans? >> it turns out loud cheering for your team does not do anything to affect the outcome for your team. >> oh, man. >> do you believe that? >> do you hear mommy when i'm cheering for you. woo-hoo, go team. >> we're done. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ right place to be today. look at all the people coming up. peggy noon an with a new book. a compendium much her columns throughout the years. it's brilliant. donald trump will be here in 90 minutes to talk about all things
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politics. rachael ray. a long time friend of elisabeth's is going to stop by and cooking with friends today. >> she is. she's going to make something drunken. >> drunken spaghetti. >> she is fantastic. i see her on television and i feel like i know her. but i don't. is there a chance we'll get along? >> very well. like siblings. >> she's a love. you will love her. >> james rosen is with us. he's in the house. he's got a great book where he sat down with dick cheney, thought it would go five, ten minutes. went ten hours. laura ingram is here. she is talking about the terrible problem of homelessness our veterans face. >> our president said that would be eradicated by 2015. >> it's alive and well in the shadow of the white house. let's get right to fox news alert now. the.
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>> the director of intelligence is refusing to rule out the possibility that isis took that jet down. >> why would that be? we're live in jerusalem with the breaking developments. john? >> steve, elisabeth and brian, in the hours following the crash there was a lot of information and speculation, theories, information, some truth, some false coming out. at this point, both egyptian and russian officials maintain that it's -- it was unlikely this was any type of terrorist activity or foul play happening on board the flight before it went down. of course, the conversation is shifting towards an act of terrorism with, as you mentioned, u.s. officials saying that nothing at this point can be ruled oupt out. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. >> does isis have the ability to
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shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely, but i wouldn't rule it out. >>. >> reporter: there have been reports that u.s. satellites picked up some kind of heat flash before the plane crash and apparently broke up midair. but, again, u.s. intelligence officials say that there's no indication yet of terrorist activity. remember, that this is a volatile region. there's been heavy fighting between egyptian military force the and isis militants. there's the theory that perhaps something was going on, on the ground and that contributed to the heat flash. metro jet officials say it was not caused by technical or human error or some external force, again fueling discussion and speculation about possible terrorist activity. the black boxes have been recovered. they are being analyzed. we'll see what comes out of that. meantime, bodies of the victims have been returned home to their families in russia.
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at this point, steve, elisabeth and brian, the 224 people that died, 140 bodies have been returned to st. petersburg and more than 100 body parts of the victims as well. >> unbelievable. it looks like there's something else going on there. let's see how they respond. john huddy, great job. >> that heat flash is troubling. >> they say at 30,000 feet, you can't get a missile that high. something could have happened from the inside. they said the metal was bent like an explosion happened if it happened. >> let's talk about the "wall street journal" and nbc did, they did a poland a look at new hampshire. it looks as more good news for ben carson and donald trump. carson on top by 6 percentage points. i'd answer this, 88% who took the poll would likely see themselves voting for ben car sochblt he's also got the lowest unfavorable at 18%. >> this is the first time since june in this poll that someone
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bolted ahead of donald trump. marco rubio making third place look new again at 11% bumping down jeb bush. ted cruz is under him at 10%. this is a shakeup for the first time since summer. >> there's a new poll from new hampshire showing trump is completely in the lead there. what's curious about that, marco rubio has tripled his number in a number of weeks. good news for him. good dr. ben sahr son is in number two. donald trump is on the couch at 7:40 today. >> let's answer this too. that shows that you debates do matter. marco rubio did exceedingly well. also keep in mind that it's a game. governor christie moves up two points and ted cruz up a couple much points at 9. kasich is back in contention. >> when you look at favorability. 64% is ben carson.
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rubio, 62%. trump at 49% there in terms of favorability. ben carson is doing better with women right there in that state and voters under the age of 50. you got a real good idea who they're reaching through the polls. >> the key is a majority of the people who are the right lead erts are for the outsider. you know, it looks like between trump and carson, it's moving around. speaking of debates, you know how the republicans were trying to present a united front by on sunday night in suburban washington. they got together abdomen they talked about putting a letter. let all sign this to be united when we go against the television broadcasters for debates. it has crumbled. there are a number of candidates so far saying, you know what, we're not going to sign the letter because we're going to to it ourself. you can see donald trump, carly fiorina, john kasich and chris christie will not sign the
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letter to agree -- >> we saw chris christie on the curvy couch yesterday saying you got to get over this. you shouldn't complain about the debates if you can't handle it. >> they over did it. they looked out there. let the thing stand. cnbc moderators, the network looks terrible and now they're going back looking as if they want to fine tune something. some sections look like wires. whatever they do going forward, it's not going to touch the fox debate then coming up next week. they're going to look to somehow get control of the process. the bottom line is, they knocked out the rnc. because of that, everybody thinks they're leading, including donald trump who says thank you, i'll take it from here. i'm the best negotiators. you know the other 14 people won't let that stand. it's up to the rnc to take the leadership back. >> take taking the opportunity is president obama slac--
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>> have you noticed every one of the candidates say obama is weak, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. just looking at him, he's going to be -- [ laughter ] >> and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys, you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> that's a great laugh line. with all due respect to mr. president, in 2007 when your campaign was negotiating with the tv networks, why were you so afraid of fox? and then fast forward to this
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particular political cycle, why haven't the democrats, they've agreed to do debates on all of the networks except fox. >> it's telling. >> are they afraid of hard questions? when you turn around what the president just said, you get the irony in his comments. >> i'll break it down further. it's not a matter of not wanting hard questions. he wanted to sit down and he sits down with nbc news to get his point about recidivism and people on drugs out of jail. what if they say i'm not talking about that. i'm here to talk about that. i'm not going to talk about that. after a while, you won't sit down with with nbc anymore. i want to get a message out. instead, he sits down with nbc, gets the soft questions. >> this is a president who during his campaign along with the first lady, during the campaign before she was, was telling people on different programs what they could and could not ask. >> sure. >> i know that personally.
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i was told. >> it happened to you on the view. >> i don't think it was on house of style. >> no wonder we're not winning against vladimir putin. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour. heather joins us with developing news out of texas. >> good morning. we're following this story closely. a police chief in texas is fighting for his loifr after being shot in the face. darryl allen is the chief of the marlin police department just south of dallas. he was working security at a bar over the weekend when he got into a fight with a customer who shot him in the cheek shattering his jaw. he was in uniform at the time. there's a suspect charged with assault. a fox news alert to bring you. fresno state freshman football player confesses to threatening a mass on-campus shooting. 18-year-old christian pryor sent
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a message to the app threatening to "release his frustrations in a shooting." they tracked him down through his i.p. address and will likely face state and federal gorges. two subpoenaed va officials plead the fifth, 16 times at a congressional hearing on job manipulation. >> this hearing is not a joke. my suspicion is that this kind of behavior is rampant not only throughout the department of veterans affairs but also the rest of the federal government. >> they refuse to testify to protect themselves against self-incrimination. the inspector general report forced lower ranking officials to accept job transfers against their will and then they took their open johns with higher pay and fewer responsibilities. those are your headlines. we'll see you back here in a little bit. >> quite a situation. i have no idea why they wouldn't
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two weeks ago dick cheney says he thinks i'm the worst president of his lifetime. which is interesting. because i think dick cheney is the worst president much my lifetime. with those words at the white house correspondent's dinner this year, president obama acknowledged the influence of former vice president dick cheney. >> last year washington correspondent james rosen sat down with dick cheney for an interview and recounts the entire thing in in brand new book. cheney one-on-one, a candid conversation with him. >> great to make it to the f and f couch. >> we brought you over to the couch, like carson. this thing, you've been waiting, you were patient and promised this interview. but cheney had a series of
3:18 am
events, got busy at the end. he said now that you're out, you owe me an interview. how long was this in the make sng. >> informs nine years in the making. he owed me an interview in 2005. i ran into him at a party and after some goodnatured ribbing about my recent experience at the department of justice's scrutiny, i said i got a bone to pick with you. i said you owe me an interview. we were supposed to sit down for a total of six hours. we went ten hours. you have never heard dick cheney open up like you do in this interview talking about his childhood, his faith in christianity. the presidents he's worked with. incredible stuff. >> how open he was willing to be with me. the fact that he did extend from six to ten hours. >> he had a yellow labrador who was sitting and panting through much of the interview. >> on the audio, you can hear him.
3:19 am
darth vader himself, this menacing figure stops the recording and says i got to get my dog off to doggie daycare. it's not the sentence you expect to hear from dick cheney. >> i know. >> i thought it was fantastic. i went right to the iraq stuff after. i thought he brought up an interesting quotes. one of his favorite quotes is from clinton. we failed to respond, we will face a far greater threat in the future. mark my words, he will develop a weapon much mass destruction and deploy it. >> it wasn't just bush and cheney with the drumbeat on wmds and saddam hussein. >> why do you think that was? >> he respects me and trusts me. that was not a laugh line, steve. >> i think you're right. do you feel he wants to get the word out about his legacy? >> yeah. i mean the very last question i asked him at the end of the ten hours, i brought up the words darth vader to him.
3:20 am
i said do you think you are popularly misunderstood? he says he doesn't worry about it. he's proud to have done what he did. >> one regret only? >> that's a major in political science. i should have done history. >> that's why he sleeps well at night. >> that and maybe ambien. that was a laugh line. we have a man in the center of the storm since the '70s. did an incredible job with this. >> wildly misunderstood. even if he doesn't care himself. this book is a real treasure of information. >> cheney one-on-one. thank you. >> straight ahead on this tuesday, the sheriff at the heart of the sanctuary city debate after kate steinle's murder is up for reelection. one family whose son was murdered by an illegal says that sheriff should be in jail. the dad next. from boy band star to
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24 minutes past the top of the hour. being voted on is a category colorado. that allows one agency to administer fees and costs and medical care handled by the private sector. the bik issue is the $25 billion price tag that would come from a payroll tax. singer nick lachey could be cashing in if ohio voters decide to legalize recreational marijuana.
3:25 am
the former 98 degrees singer is the owner of one of the ten farms allowed to grow the drug. the farm is expected to bring in a billion dollars a year. steve? >> thanks, elisabethment. it's election day in san francisco and the sheriff at the center of the sanctuary city debate out there sparked by the murder of kate steinle is up for reelection today. her killer was released from the sheriff's jail, even though federal immigration officials had requested that he be detained. so the feds said, hold him and the sheriff het him go. >> don rosenberg is here whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in san francisco. the sheriff is dealing personally with this particular case. we're joined with don from los angeles. >> tell us about the sheriff in your estimation. what kind of a man is he?
3:26 am
>> well, i don't think i could say it without getting beeped. he's incompetent. he has an attitude that if you're in the country illegally, you're perfectly allowed to not only be here but to commit crime. right now, everybody in san francisco is pointing fingers, so he's pointing fingers at the mayor, the mayor is pointing fingers at him. they're all guilty. they all belong in jail. they've all violated the law and they should all be locked up. >> don, what law has he violated? >> well, obstruction of justice for one. title 8, section 1324 of the federal code deals with aiding and abetting illegal aliens and helping them. both are felonies. >> sure. >> he belongs behind bars with everybody from jerry brown through the attorney general
3:27 am
and -- it's just ridiculous. you got to wonder where is loretta lynch? where is obama? you know, they're conducting a justice department investigation on the cop in south carolina. but they let this go on? it's crazy. >> that's the way the sanctuary cities are set up. they look the other way. but in this particular case, with kate steinle, the feds said hang on to this guy we want him. the sheriff said sorry, the way it operates is i let him go. what are the parallels between the kate steinle case who we see right here and your son's case? >> well, there's two really different things. the sanctuary city law basically says we're not going to cooperate with federal law enforcement. but what ends up happening in sanctuary cities, there's a sanctuary city mind-set and the mind-set is that we're not going to enforce laws.
3:28 am
they didn't enforce the law, the driving laws in san francisco. the guy who towed my son was caught driving without a license. they just let him go. they were supposed to impound his car for 30 days, it was 18 hours, both violations of state law. that's just their attitude. whether it's that or almost any other crime that happens in san francisco. they're a protected class. >> don, with your son's case, after this guy killed your son, he was sentenced to six months. but how many days did he serve? days did he serve? >> 43. >> for killing your boy. >> yeah. killing my son, he served 43 days in jail. state law requires if somebody is being let out early that the victims be notified. now a little over three years, i'm waiting to be notified that he let him out. i didn't know he was let out until two months after he was
3:29 am
already wandering the streets again. >> what a story. don rosenberg, whose son drew was killed by an illegal in california where it's election day today. don, thank you very much for joining us live from l.a. >> thank you. all right. 29 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, surprise, this is not what cops expect d to find in the trunk of a car. wait until you hear how they were discovered. hello. koez cozy in there. jimmy kimmel at it again with a halloween prank. >> you are in big trouble. >> i ate it. >> talk about getting candy crushed. but first, happy birthday to colin kaepernick, the san francisco 49ers quarterback. he's 28 today. happy birthday. new charmin ultra strong, dude.
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check out your candy. >> it was for me. >> i wanted to try skittles. >> you ate all my candy? >> uh-huh. >> i'm going -- if i see no candy, you are in big trouble, young lady. >> we ate all your halloween candy. [ laughter ] >> i got really, really hungry and i ate all your halloween
3:34 am
candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean how? i ate it. >> i don't want to see you ever again. go get a job. >> who is raising those kids? >> do not mess with the kids' candy. >> he does it every year where he just says okay, parents, take a picture of you telling your kids that you've eaten all the candy and every year you get answers like this. >> jay leno called him to task and said jimmy kimmel has a mean spirit to him. for example, why is it fun toy tease kids like that and take their candy away? what do you think? is leno right or kimmel funny? >> nobody can eat that much candy. >> the good news after they said that to the kids, then they said i'm just kidding. >> we don't know that. >> i have a feeling. >> i couldn't do it to my kids. it's so cruel. >> you're a wonderful person. >> i don't want to make them cry more than they do already.
3:35 am
34 minutes after the hour. new overnight, singer johnny mathis' home went up in flames. this happened in california, in hollywood. while the 80-year-old singer was on tour. he arrived home shortly after the blaze started. no one was hurt but the house heavily damaged. the cause is being investigated. the star of dance moms, abby lee miller pleading not guilty to bankruptcy fraud charges. >> this is a dance competition. this is my livelihood. you either need to leave the premises or act like a lady and a gentleman. hiv had it. >> that is her right there. the 50-year-old dance teacher made her plea in a pittsburgh courtroom. she's accused of conceal $755,000 earned while under a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. she could face five years in prison and $5 million fine. a tight squeeze turns into a quick arrest for these illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the border in the trunk of a car. look at that right there.
3:36 am
border agents stopped them near but canines picked up on their scent and the agents put them in handcuffs. the driver and the passenger inside the car were both american citizens. they've been charged with human smuggling. those are your headlines. we've got a busy day today. >> we sure do. thank you for that. >> extreme weather causing chaos on california's highway 99. this happened in bakersfield. whipping winds kicked up severe dust storms there. >> in the mountains, old man winter showing his face already. some areas in the sierras seeing 6 inches to a foot of snow. how pretty is that? >> maria molina gave us the video. >> good morning. we're going to be seeing more snow across other areas as well, like the great basin and into the northern rockies. i want to start out across the southeastern u.s. out here, we have the storm system that brought tornadoes across the southern plains and flash flooding and now it's impacting parts of the carolinas
3:37 am
with heavy rain this morning. we're expecting that to continue through this afternoon. more flash flooding is possible across that area. but now take you farther west. there's that winter storm you were just talking about. you could see, still snowing across parts of california, nevada and into the northern rockies. we could see as much as 1 to 2 feet along some of the higher elevatio elevations. because of that, we have winter storm warnings in effect and some advisories. across the eastern 2/3 of the nation, mild temperatures in the forecast. to continue like in omaha, chicago and new york. temperatures should be above average. in denver, that colder air moves on in by thursday. back inside. >> today in denver, it's going to be 75. >> thank you, maria. the little known story of a forgotten war that changed american history forever. it's all inside brian's new book, thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates. >> it's more than just thomas jefferson. it's a story of several and many brave americans who you do not
3:38 am
hear about in history class. take a look. >> the aftermath of the revolutionary war, america had won independence from the british. that meant no more royal navy to keep its sailors safe at sea. the united states became vulnerable to a vicious new enemy whose extremist eye dealing we face today. islamic radical pirates. the year, 1783. the united states were free but buried in war debt. they needed to build an economy from scratch using their greatest asset, trade. the most important passageway, the mediterranean sea. the danger lurked off the north african coast. a new enemy would await. pirates from four islamic nations. morocco, algiers, teu nis, tripoli. without navy for protection, they were helpless and vulnerable at sea. they captured our ships, plundered our cargo and held
3:39 am
them for ransom. without the trade, the economy would collapse. it took two future presidents to come up with a deal. john adams and thomas jefferson. they meet the ambassador in england. he was charming but uncompromising and demanded money. >> both adams and jefferson left the meeting shaken. no deal on the prisoners and they didn't have a deal on safe passage for a merchant ship. back in the united states, they waited for a recommendation. that's where adams and jefferson split. adams said we can't fight them unless we want to fight them forever. jefferson says you can't pay for peace. he sensed that the attacks would start and the price would only go up. in this case, jefferson was 100% correct. the united states would cave to the pirates. borrowing money. it would cost them up to 20% of their national budget. yet, somehow the attacks continued. when our first president took
3:40 am
office, he continued to make the payments and commission the building of six ships, including this very one. the u.s. s. constitution. what with were they like. copper bottoms, solid oak sides. they were fast, they were strong. and they were built to fight. they wouldn't be ready for the washington administration. adams would choose not to use them during his years in office. for jefferson, he knew exactly what he was going to do. take on the nation and the first one to declare on us, tripoli. without congressional approval, all jefferson's new navy permit today do is provide security for the merchant ships and blockade the tripoli harbor. the hope was to stop commercial from coming in or out. have a quick end to this confrontation. the tripoli pirates knew how to get through the and thet the gooil and the guts to take on the navy. a quick end to this clash would go by the boards. that would all change with this captain.
3:41 am
edward prefl. the training was intense. the confrontation would begin. prebl's boys were brave and brash. they confronted the pirate, harassed their ships and took them back. even blew up the u.s. s. philadelphia that the pirates once claimed as their prize. soon the navy sealed the harbor. day after day the cannons pounded the coast. they needed a more powerful force on land and water. enter william eaton and a handful of fearless u.s. marines. they launched the land war. recruiting mercenaries and the fighters marched on foot. they took the port city of derrine in 2 1/2 hours. ultimately, the victories would be stymied by a surprising source. an american diplomat named tobias leer. >> lear would cut a peace deal with tripoli. stopping them from taking
3:42 am
benghazi and tripoli itself. another ten years and another president before we ultimately won this war. america was a naval power and a world leader, a position we still hold today. >> i got a chill. >> brian telling you the incredible job. look at this. >> you take adams' and jefferson's quotes, you can put them in obama and bush's quotes. the only true test we had was when we confronted it and took it on. >> the ship you were on in boston, the actual ship from the war. >> it's amazing. i'm going to do -- there's a feature where i took a look through. they reinstated it. it's the same thing with the same copper bottom. they're refurbishing it again. it was 400 people on that ship. >> the decisions to not downsize military, to continue to build our defense was crucial.
3:43 am
now, even today -- >> we're downsizing again and seem to be paying the price. i appreciate it. if you want to talk to me at signing, heritage on the 6th. fredericksburg on the 8th and book review the only stop in huntington new york on the 10th. >> brian for information. >> "fox and friends".com. the whole list. >> it is 17 minutes before the top of the hour. we showed you the shocking video of an uber driver being attacked by a passenger. and some language there. new details who that passenger actually was. heavenly reveal from victoria's secret. find out how much this year's bra costs.
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quick headlines now. flying out of the country about to get cheaper thanks to one discount airline. starting next year, wow air is adding destinations to los angeles and san francisco. the airline known for $99 one-way fares to europe. victoria's secret unveiling the $2 million bra. it includes sapphires, diamonds and topaz. lily aldridge has been picked to wear it on the big runway show next week. good luck. don't lose it. steve? >> we showed folks this beating of an uber driver in california. now we know the suspect is facing charges was an executive with taco bell. >> oh, my. >> heather childers is here with the latest on this.
3:48 am
>> good morning to you and everyone at home. that suspect in the video is marketing executive benjamin golden. but he's just been fired. police say he drunkenly beat an uber driver for kicking him out of the car. >> no. i'm kicking you out. you're too drunk to give me directions. >> no [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> goodness. gold man can be seen reaching into the front seat hitting the driver repeatedly, several times in the head and yanking his head back and forth until being maced eventually by that driver. the driver says he told golden to get out because he was drunk and he couldn't give him directions. >> i told him, you know, if you don't get out of the vehicle, i have to call the police. at which point, it seems like his response to that was to open the door and then immediately start beating me over the head.
3:49 am
>> taco bell now firing golden saying it encouraged him to get professional help. he's now permanently banned from using uber. he was arrested and charged assault and public intoxication. as for the driver, he's now looking for another job because he doesn't feel too safe working as a driver. back to you. >> that is something. >> sure is. thank you, heather. straight ahead, she's the woman who helped to shape some of ronald reagan's most famous speeches. >> the future doesn't belong to the faint hearted. it belongs to the brave. >> the one and only peggy noonan next, live. come on in, peggy.
3:50 am
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3:52 am
3:53 am
she's one of the first female presidential speech writers ever. >> as ronald reagan's speech writer peggy noonan made her mark, the challenger disaster happened. >> i know it is hard to understand, but sometimes painful things like this happen. it's all part of the process of exploration and discovery. it's all part of staking a chance and expanding man's horizons. the future doesn't belong to the faint hearted. it belonged to the brave. >> that was one of those moments you were touched by those words. it's in her brand new book today
3:54 am
called "the time of our lives." joining us is peggy noonan, what a delight to have you here. >> what a delight to see you today. >> you went through all your sticky pads and put this book how did you decide what made the cut? >> i pulled out of boxes 30 years of commentaries and essays. i put it all over my living room floor with my friends and we went through everything i had ever written and i pulled out the things i loved and respected most. >> you have a gift and many people respect your tone. even in what we just heard from president reagan there and you worked closely with him there on that speech. how did you know and what was the trick to finding the right tone in difficult situations? >> it's a sensitive question. we were all a little concust that day. the challenger explosion shocked
3:55 am
us as much as the american people. the president knew one of the challenges for us in that speech was we all knew the children of america, like you, were watching in their schools because krista mccauliffe, the great teacher, went up in the challenger. the trick was to talk to people who were all ages and not patronize them. there was simplicity. >> it was a famous speech but you also talk about your youth and worry about this country. you are worried the kids will grow up and not feel protected like you were growing up. what do you mean? >> i tell stories about being a kid in long island and brooklyn. it was an easier time in terms of the feeling in america that your kids were safe. we have sort of lost that feeling and it's a little bit sad. we used to be able to go out, you would leave your house at 7:00 in the morning and never
3:56 am
tell your parents where you were going to and be out until 9:00 at night and the parents were happy, they are doing house stuff, but they could say to their kids, go out and play in america. >> and you are worried we lost that? >> parents don't feel free to say that anymore. parents have a much more constrictive sense of safety of their kids. >> all right. we are going to do a little quiz for both of you. >> here we go, peggy. peggy and i are both from masapequa. >> who is not from massapequa on the list? >> seinfeld is from massapequa. i don't know if howard stern is. alec baldwin i think his parents were teachers. brian setzer, i don't know.
3:57 am
i'm saying brian setzer. >> he's from massapequa, how dare you? it is howard stern. >> the perm is not from massapequa. >> peggy, congratulations on the book. thank you so much.
3:58 am
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to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. good morning to you. today is tuesday, november 3rd. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new information this morning about the plane that fell from the sky and possible terror. and at this hour, donald trump is here in studio. he's still winning in new hampshire. and it's happened again. another high school football player seen right there ejected, suspended for praying after a touchdown. now he could be out for the playoffs. the outrageous story straight ahead. live from new york city, this is "fox and friends."
4:01 am
♪ i wish we had smell-a-vision. because rachael ray who is a guest in this next hour is cooking in the studio, drunken spaghetti or something, and it smells great in here. >> it sure does. this as karl rove and donald trump will join us. and laura ingraham has a video to share. the president says he'll try to get rid of it by 2015. >> it is visible in washington. today a book i put together with don yager. i hope you like it. take a look at what it is coming up next hour. >> i loved it. >> thank you very much.
4:02 am
>> i cannot wait to share this with my kids. they are going to love history because of people like you. >> sadly, there's a lot of great americans that we don't know about. meanwhile, two minutes after the hour, this story. >> we'll get right to the fox news alert. the midair mystery deepens. what happened to that russian jet liner that crashed in egypt. >> it's going in one direction. and the director of national intelligence is not ruling out the possibility that isis took it down. >> john huddy is live with the details. >> reporter: this was being discussed immediately after the hours of the crash on saturday. of course, that remains part of that discussion despite the fact, and i said this earlier, both russian and egyptian officials are telling people to really hold off on the speculation that it's still too
4:03 am
early to determine the cause of the crash. however, people in both the u.s. intelligence community and also aviation experts and officials including retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer who was on "the kelly file" last night are taking the hard angle on this. this is what lieutenant shaffer had to say about this. >> physical evidence shows that the actual airframe, the all compartment shows pieces of metal fanning out like they were blown out. which tells me, well, this could be a locker-type bombing. >> reporter: of course, he's reflecting to pan-affleck 103 en route to jfk. and u.s. intelligence officials including the director of national intelligence james clapper, when we heard from him earlier in the program, he said while the u.s. intelligence
4:04 am
community doesn't have any direct evidence of any type of terror incident or involvement, he also said, quote/unquote, he wouldn't rule it out. so steve, elisabeth, brian, the conversation is definitely shifting in that direction. >> the mystery continues. john huddy live in jerusalem, thank you very much. does isis know that russia was bombing isis sadly? they were pretending to? regardless, they are in the middle of this. now here is heather with breaking news. this is coming out of home here in the united states. the police chief in texas is fighting for his life this morning after he was shot in the face. darrell allen is the chief of police in marlon, texas. he was working a security job at a bar over the weekend. he was in uniform at the time and got into an altercation with a customer who then shot him in the derek gambell is
4:05 am
being held in custody for the murder. and an athlete admitted to yik yak message. he will likely face federal charges for those threats. and ignore the criminal history of potential employees? >> the federal government, i believe, should not use criminal history to scream out applicants before we even look at their qualifications. we can't dismiss people out of hand simply because of a mistake that they made in the past. >> while the president announced that the federal government will no longer ask a job applicant about their criminal record, the so-called ban the box policy is part of a series of reforms designed to help ex-cons stay out of prison.
4:06 am
federal employers can still ask about the applicant's record but have to wait until later on in the interview process. we'll talk sports right now. the carolina panthers continue their best start in franchise history. but it required a thrilling finish to "monday night football." watch this. >> and the panthers win in overtime! >> wow. did you stay up late enough to watch that one? the panthers survive the fourth quarter comeback. the game-winning kick in overtime giving carolina the 26-23 win as the only unbeaten team in the nfc with an 0-3 record. and several fans were repelling to protest bank of america who own the naming right to the stadium. >> you have nothing else to protest? >> you were able to bring ropes
4:07 am
and all that in there? i can't even bring my purse into the game. >> how do they get into the stadium with repelling gear? >> really. >> i went to a world series game and got padded down. every single person couldn't get in without getting padded down. what's going on? we have a brand new wall street journal poll that has just came out. it's great news. ben carson for the first time since june, the leader is not donald trump. he's got 29%. donald trump has 23. when you add them up, the key is it's 52. that tells you a majority of americans, by a slight margin, are for the outsiders. then after that you've got marco, ted and jeb. as you can see, a fraction of what the outsiders have. >> marco rubio is in a third slot there. and donald trump is going to join us at 7:40 a.m. you won't want to miss that. >> he's still leading substantially in new hampshire. 26 to 16 over ben carson.
4:08 am
and rubio is moving up on carson there. and in iowa, he's also tied in first with ben carson. >> carly fiorina with 3% in the national poll at the republican primary. she announced yesterday right here on "fox and friends" she's heading over to "the view" to deal with some sort of prodding they have been giving her over her face. remember michelle collins, the comedian, made fun of her face calling it demented. she is firing back at them. this is what she said. this is what whoopi goldberg said about carly fiorina joining them this coming friday. >> carly will be here on friday. now, i will not, but i do want to point out, carly, that the last time you were here, and you'll see bewell running, we welcomed you to our table. we helped raise your profile so you would be included in the sea of mad. you weren't worried about any
4:09 am
kind of republican backlash. nobody was backlashing. we were respectful and gave you your due. >> she's absolutely right. when carly fiorina was on, they were respectful. but then they stabbed her in the face, essentially. >> not all of them. whoopi specifically didn't but michelle collins called her face demented. >> there's a double standard going on. they would never say of hillary clinton she looked crazy. or see that hillary clinton face mask? they would never say that. but carly fiorina is a conservative and there's a double standard when it comes to women who are conservative on that show. i'm not talking about you. here's carly fiorina yesterday talking to this woman on that topic. >> if you want to debate me on policies, the obama administration, for example, has been bad for women. planned parenthood is harvesting baby parts. if you don't like those facts and those messages, man up and debate me on them. but don't think to talking about
4:10 am
my face. >> i think overall the fact that she says, i would like you to say it to my face, she says, i will come overall. this gives carly fiorina a chance to spotlight a national story, which she does well. she does well in live unscripted situations like the debates. and i sense, you know better than me, but i sense she's built for success with those panelists. >> it can go wrong quickly. i will say that. >> you think so? >> it could. if she gets too forceful with them in a way to separate herself from the viewer there is and the viewers at home, there's a line to walk there and i've seen it. i think she'll do okay if she brings everybody in and asks them to be her girlfriends and moving forward. >> so don't bring up -- you would sit down there and say that, why would you say at? >> i would ask them about that but try to end on a good note. let's go to high school football. we have another situation which is hard to explain. we have a running back named
4:11 am
pedro banda from arizona. he thanked god and pointed to the sky after scoring a touchdown. that would possibly propel his team to the playoffs after 25 years. what's the problem? >> he threw the flag and now he's not allowed to play. >> he got banned here for looking up and pointing to the sky. >> this is him explaining what happened. watch. >> i think god is testing my face and put my hand up to my face mask and look up for about four seconds. they thought i was saying i was number one and telling the other team, i just thank god for all the power that he's given me to play the game. and i give the glory to him. >> here's the thing, he was ejected because it was his second offense. he was called on aggressive behavior toward one of the other players. the coach dismisses that and says that was not the case. but then he made the touchdown right after. and so the ref thought he was taunting the other team. the coach says he understands where the call came from, but nonetheless they are appealing and the state board is going to
4:12 am
listen to their appeal later today. there's a possibility he'll actually be allowed to play for the final, for the playoffs. >> let us know. >> he's a senior and the team hasn't been there in over 20 years. meanwhile, he crossed the finish line of the new york city finish line and vanished into thin air. what could have happened to him? and the boy from boy band favorite to weed king. nick lachey could be seeing some serious green if one vote goes his way. that be possible? we'll break it down for you, next. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
4:13 am
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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. today ohioans go to the polls to decide whether to legalize marijuana in the buckeye state. which has a number of endorsements. >> hi, i'm nick lachey. i'm glad to be part of the movement to help the safety in the community. >> he's also asking voters to establish a monopoly of those
4:17 am
who can grow it benefiting a select number of investors, including himself. will his plea work? fox news senior analyst mr. napalatano is here with more. >> this is not washington or oregon, this is middle america ohio. this is a republican state with a republican governor and republican legislature that the republicans have to carry in order to win the presidency. and it looks like this is going to mass. the interesting thing about nick lachey and a bunch of other celebrities is they have talked the government into putting another ballot proposal on, not only to make marijuana legal but to make them the sole distributor of the marijuana. their theory is, the government
4:18 am
will regulate us and we will provide a quality product. there will be ten growers and all of it goes through them. monopolies mean no competition, price stays up and quality doesn't improve. >> the coq brothers, if they tried this people would be up in arms. a yes vote legalizes use and sale of marijuana and gives exclusive rights to ten facilities to grow pot. a no vote would keep pot illegal. the ohio board will regulate future measures including monopolies. >> just to simplify this, if they vote yes by a simple majority, marijuana will be legal in ohio for recreational and medical use. if they vote yes on the monopoly, then the ten growers grow and nick lachey and company
4:19 am
become fabulously rich because they are the sole distributor. if they vote no in the monopoly, there's going to have to be another way to grow it. the governor of ohio who is running for the republican nomination who used to work here, john kasich, says wrong message, wrong time, bad thing. he may be out of tune with the youth in the country. >> what have we learned from colorado, judge. colorado gave us a case study. >> but this is not colorado. this is middle america. this is very very telling it has this support in this part of the country. if it passes, and right now it looks like it will, in part because of your friend lachey. >> i don't get to vote in the ohio -- >> right. >> coming up 11 minutes before the bottom of the hour, she lied about her race for hours.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
it is 23 minutes past the hour. we have news by the numbers for you now. do you want to join me, brian? >> i apologize. >> 20 is how many weeks amazon is offering ma tern the leave starting in january. all parents get an additional six weeks of paid off after
4:24 am
working one year for the company. and 50 million is how much james bond has made to not carry an android phone in the new movie. and $5.9 billion is how much candy crush was bought for. big day for candy. >> candy crush. meanwhile, forget the maids and nannies, one new york city family hired in a live-in navy s.e.a.l. >> the man is a personal trainer letting him live alongside his wife and baby for a month in their $30 million home. all in the homes of gaining the warrior mentality. did it work? >> living with a s.e.a.l. and training with the toughest man on the planet. jesse itzler, what an idea.
4:25 am
how did you come up with this? >> well, we met at a 24-hour ultra marathon in san diego. i saw him at a race. >> you thought, wow, i want him to live with my wife and new baby. >> i googled him and he had an interesting story. and i wanted to get better in so many buckets of my life and this guy could help me with that. so i literally cold called him, flew out to where he was living. and after ten minutes of us chatting, i said, would you mind moving in with myself and my family? >> david, what are you thinking at that point? >> well, the guy is crazy. it's what drove me that way. i saw that something -- you know, most navy s.e.a.l.s are different people and saw he was a different guy. >> the thing about you, jesse, is you have a certain comfort zone and have a great life. so you hired this guy to make your life not so great. >> well, yeah. i was in a great routine and i
4:26 am
still have a great life. but you can be in a rut and i just felt like i was not getting better and needed to mix-up my -- >> how do you get out of the rut? >> well, that's what he was tasked to do. and he did. he pushed me to extremes that i didn't think i had and it's been great. >> in what way, david, did you push? >> for instance, we went to connecticut, he has a house in connecticut, and there was a lake in the backyard. and there would be a rock in the lake and i would say, let's get in the water. >> in the middle of the winter. it's freezing. >> we are playing ice hockey. >> ice on the lake? >> yeah, frozen lake. >> did you have conditions? what were you rules? >> the rules are just do whatever i said. >> great. >> and i would. >> you were trying to teach him what by going into the ice water? >> just to be uncomfortable. in life people are comfortable, that's how they live. how to gain -- just no
4:27 am
assessments about being uncomfortable. >> what did you find? did you see improvements? >> huge, huge, huge improvements. >> jesse, if you were to say, before this time i was blank. after this time with david i am now blank. >> let me answer with numbers. when david first moved in i could do 22 push-ups. when he left i was doing a thousand a day. a thousand a day. and i'm a runner. and he knocked one minute off of my mile time. so his whole -- i just want to know that i can always do more. i thought i was operating at a high level and he just took it to a whole different plateau. >> so he took you out of your comfort zone. what about you, david? were you comfortable living his life for a month? because he has doormen and chefs and valets and stuff like that. >> i show up with a backpack and walking in with the nannies and other stuff going on. it was very uncomfortable for me for a little bit but i got used to it. >> did you learn anything from him? >> a lot.
4:28 am
a little business savvy. i'm a garanimal to say the least. i go in with a backpack and do my job. so just a little business savvy. >> are we supposed to take away from this that you can learn mental and physical toughness at any age? >> it's about being uncomfortable. stop doing what makes you feel so comfortable and get out of your comfort zone. >> today. >> every day. do something new every day. >> i love it. >> hopefully this isn't it. >> maybe. >> i have a feeling you're going to get some invites from people. >> i don't know. >> the book is terrific and very funny. it is called "living with a s.e.a.l. 31 days training with a navy s.e.a.l." >> thank you. it's been a great morning with you all.
4:29 am
how sander lee is being used by politicians to destroy their enemies? and murder suspect robert durst has been deemed a murder for years, but there's much more to the story that hasn't been told. and there's a book written about it.
4:30 am
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all right. you're looking live at 48th and 6th avenue. that, ladies and gentlemen, is donald trump. and he is going to be on our program in a couple of minutes. he had an earlier television appearance. as you can see, he's got some security there but is signing autographs for anybody who asks. >> that's the chief of security right behind him. but now the secret service is
4:33 am
there. that's what happens when you are a front-runner. he got good news in the polls today. he's second nationally to ben carson but is right there neck and neck with a substantial lead in new hampshire. and tied in iowa. so for people who thought that these outsiders are going to go away, they are not only still there but hanging tough. >> we have a lot to ask him this morning. top of the order will also be what he said to do in terms of negotiating as it per tapes to the debate. he's going to negotiate independently. some others are not going to sign with the republicans. he's entering our building today to join us on the couch and talk about his book and more. >> his new book is called "crippled america," how to make america great again. he'll be talking about that in ten minutes. but right now we have headlines with heather. >> at lo of great stuff going on. here's important stuff out of new york. there's a new york city marathon runner who went missing just moments after he crossed the finish line.
4:34 am
30-year-old john cloudy moretigo is an italian man last seen in central park. he never returned to his hotel in queens after the marathon was finished. he suffers from a mental disability and only speaks italian. he was last seen in a turquoise shirt, black pants and a runner's bib. the number reading 23781. please call nypd if you have any information on his whereabouts. well, the former naacp leader who lied about being black just received a standing ovation saying she is white. >> i do have white parents. well, rachel dolezal made headlines over the summer revealing she lied about being black for years and year. dolezal said she identifies with black even though her parents are white. well, former senate majority
4:35 am
leader, this is here in new york state, dean skelos is exposed for trying to make andrew cuomo's partner sandra lee, a friend of our show, a pawn in his political struggle. there are new court documents that reveal wiretapped phone calls where skelos and his son adam discuss exposing lee's income as a bargaining chip with the governor. then cuomo goes crazy over the disclosure bill and comes back to negotiate. i love it, though, i think it's hilarious. well, both men skelos' were arrested on corruption charges back in may. that's quite a story and those are your headlines. thank you very much, heather. it was the true life crime case that gripped the nation. real estate heir robert durst suspected of murdering three people in three different states over three different decades. when he agreed to star in the hbo documentary "the jinx"
4:36 am
earlier this year, he was confronted with damning evidence to connecting him to one of the murders. and in a hot mike moment when he thought he was off camera, he made this stunning admission. >> there it is. you're caught. kill them all. i killed them all of course. >> the day before the episode aired, durst was arrested in new orleans where he awaits trial for murder. judge jeanine pirro has been pursuing durst for over 50 years. the new book is called "killed them all." thank you for joining us on the fox news channel. thank you for being here, judge. >> good morning. >> what are your thoughts when this became national news? >> when i first heard about this case in 1999 when i was a d.a., everything about the facts of this case made it clear to me that robert durst was responsible for the missing wife who was a fourth-year medical
4:37 am
student. but when i got the case, it was almost 20 years later. i knew immediately in my gut that once you put the pieces together, this guy was responsible for her disappe disappearing. and, you know, she was within weeks of graduation from medical school. he waits five days to report her missing. he then makes all these excuses about her and so it was my mission, i was determined not to let wealth, power and the name interfere with justice. >> and that first word, wealth. this guy was really, really rich. and when you got a lot of money, things happen. >> well, things do happen. and the investigation by the new york city police department in 1982 was more than wanting. it was stunning. but they simply said, you know, she probably ran off with another guy. really? she's about to be a medical doctor. she ran off with another guy? and that was the end of it. my information was pointed, it was clear. and then when we're going as to visit susan berman, who was his
4:38 am
spokesperson and best friend, she ends up shot execute-style in the back of the head. >> before she talkeded to the cops. >> before she talked to us. then you have his neighbor who he chops up and says he kills himself. the jury acquits him. >> you have a special coming up. here's a clip from that. and this, jeanine, is where you visit durst and he may have hidden his wife's body. >> back in 2002, tom and john spent upwards of a week poking around the bridge pointing to nowhere. >> this is all just wetlands. thick, muck, tangled brush. we walked this whole area and you taught me about looking for depressions, because the body decomposes a little bit and there's a decompression. >> up where he killed her, i believe you can't bury a body. down here it doesn't get frozen like that. >> the amazing part is in "the jinx" when you say, what are
4:39 am
they looking for in the lake? he says body parts. he doesn't say, mike's wife's body. he chopped her up, too. >> check out her special. it's going to be this weekend saturday and sunday at 9:00 p.m. mike durst or robert durst. you are looking live at donald trump. he will join us live on the curvy couch. he used to join us every week until -- what was the reason again? oh, he's running from president. live from new york it's donald trump on "fox and friends." working on my feet all day gave me pain here.
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the develop now proposing changes to the presidential debate format, but some of the candidates refusing to sign this letter, including chris christie, carly fiorina, john kasich and donald trump joininging us right here on the curvy couch. >> great to see you again. >> this is just like the old days. >> i'm wearing my donald trump tie today. >> good tie. i love to do the mondays, but a lot of people don't realize the only reason we are not doing it is you are not allowed to do it when running for office. or we would still be doing it and still be having fun. >> the good thing is we are able to talk to you from time to time
4:44 am
as you drop by and run for president. a couple nights ago in suburban washington a bunch of republican campaign people got together to figure out what to do about the debates. because they felt that there was such media bias in the cnbc debate. they had to do something about it going forward. some letter was produced with some demands or something like that, but you said you're not going to sign it because you're -- you'll do your own deal. >> one thing i want to say -- it shouldn't be more than two hours. who is going to watch it? i always say "gone in the wind" is three hours. i think the networks should make a major contribution to the wounded warriors and to the vets. because they are making a fortune on these debates. >> you get 25 million people watching. they used to have 2 million. >> you think they need to negotiate for that? >> i would like to have it and see the networks make a major contribution to the vets or
4:45 am
maybe the same thing, the wounded warriors. >> president obama called these guys out and was mocking you here in new york city. he says the guys and one woman complain about the debate rules. listen to him. >> have you noticed that every one of these candidates say obama's weak, he's, you know, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. just looking at him i'm going to -- it's going to be -- and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guy guys -- >> the country is doing so
4:46 am
poorly. the tough questions were asked of me. i was the one not complaining. >> they try to blow you up in the first question. >> it was the most unfair question. harwood, i think he ruined his career. and i called kasich and a lot of people. i love the debates. i have never debated before and i like the debates. they really serve a great function. they serve a great purpose. but i will say, i just think the president has done such a terrible job. he's good with ad libs, but done a terrible job as president. that i think frankly, and hillary has done a horrible job. and sanders blew it up when he gave away the e-mail thing. it was like saying, i want to have a nice sound byte, i'll have a little fun. but in the meantime he's over it. >> she probably won't because she's being protected by the democrats. everyone else got in trouble with what she did. >> the president makes fun of --
4:47 am
well, if they can't handle the cnbc moderators, how can you handle putin and the chinese? the democrats won't appear on a debate on fox news channel. they are on cnbc, msnbc, abc, cbs, univision, everybody but fox. so what is he talking about? >> look -- if you watch the hillary -- it was all softballs. everything. in all fairness, it was very well orchestrated. they don't want anything to happen to her that's going to be bad. and they didn't hit her with one question. the questions we were getting, they were nasty questions. i actually said, boy, that's a nasty question. look, it's fine. i want to have debates. i like to have the debates. it is actually -- i'm enjoying the debates. >> are you taking the lead to negotiate new rules at getting ahead in the field on that? >> in all fairness, i read where they want to do some air-conditioning. that's not going to debate. the room is 100 degrees while we are sitting there. and a couple of them were
4:48 am
melting. i was looking at some of the candidates, they were melting. >> let me talk about the new national poll out, the wall street poll that puts ben carson ahead of you at 29% to 23%. how do you look at this challenge and what is your next move to get on top? >> i like ben but he can't do the job. there's no question about it. he can't negotiate with china. that's not his thing. >> why? >> it's not in his wheelhouse. he's never done it before and don't think it's meant for him. these are people that come at you and they are fierce. you know the deals i have made with china, i have made great china and i beat china all the time. i love doing it. that's what i do. our trade deals are a horror and the military is a mess. >> you don't think he can do that? >> i don't think he can do it. he cannot make deals with china or japan. if we don't start taking back our jobs, if we don't start taking back our money, our financ china, we are in a situation which i
4:49 am
don't think is recoverable. and i will do such a job, i have karl icahn lined up -- >> what do you think people like about ben carson? >> i think he's a nice person, i like him. but i don't really understand it. >> he's an outsider like you. >> just ten minutes ago the ppp poll came out and i'm leading in iowa. >> you are? >> and i wasn't last week. this was done after the debate. this was done a little bit before the debate. new hampshire i'm leading, florida i'm leading, south carolina i'm leading, i'm leading all over the place. so this is fine. >> you laid out an immigration plan, a tax plan and now you have -- >> ben is very weak on immigration. he's very weak. i'm very strong on immigration. and rubio is horrible on immigration. as far as rubio is concerned. >> these are some of the guys that are contained in your brand new book. we'll talk at donald trump. he's not going anywhere. he's got a new book.
4:50 am
>> how to make america great again. you're watching "fox and friends" live from new york. now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:53 am
well, the name of the book is "crippled america: how to make america great again." donald trump has talked about this in his stump speech. and donald trump is here with us again. >> you are almost grimacing on the cover of the book. >> it's the meanest picture. they sent up a wonderful photographer. they took pictures where i'm smiling and happy and beautiful. and took one by accident where i was not ready and that was the picture. and the book is called "crippled america." and that's a tough thing because
4:54 am
our country is really in trouble with the 19 trillion and the wars and all the things we are doing so badly. we don't win anymore, that's the victory. >> how do you say that? >> i chose that picture -- i didn't even choose, everyone immediately said, that's the picture. that's by far the worst picture. >> mr. trump, did you think that that title, because this is what you have been campaigning on, how to make america great again. when you chose "crippled america" some say that's harsh. this is america with poor leadership. >> that's true. it does have -- but it's also a country that's in serious trouble. when you have 19 trillion, we owe money, with all the money that japan and china and all the countries, we owe them trillions of dollars. we owe them money. they take our money and jobs and we owe them money. we are in serious trouble as a country. and it was interesting, i was reading something and in a sentence it said "crippled america." i said, man, that's a terrible expression and said, that would be a great name for a book.
4:55 am
>> but you have to make tough decisions. you have to decide that the entitlements we have been paying out we can't anymore. you are going to tell people to sacrifice more? >> i am going to make people want to be in this country. that's why the hispanics voted for me at 37%, much higher than anybody else. we're going to bring the jobs back in the country, we'll be able to afford the entitlements. i'm not cutting social security. people are going to cut social security and medicaid. carson wants to cut medicare. i think that's the end of his campaign but he wants to abolish and get rid of medicare. that's a program that actually works. >> he wants to gradual wait a health savings account. >> i read the whole book. it's terrific. it lays out your agenda and dreams. some will come up in the fox business network debate. that you can see right there is tuesday, november 10th, between 6:00 eastern time.
4:56 am
>> and then whenever we're done. it ends three hours later. >> it will be a two-hour debate. this week live from new york you're the host on "saturday night live." >> where they oftentimes have me on. >> where you bring justice to. >> boy, they treat you rough. they treat you rough. i look at him -- he's a skinny guy in great shape. you don't look that way on "saturday night live." >> the guy who plays me on "saturday night live" is the same guy who plays you. >> on the real stage, when you are amiss of the other republicans there, is there someone sticking out to be by your side to take on hillary clinton? >> yes. >> who? >> i don't want to say. i want to make this country better than ever. >> you have a vice president in mind? >> i have somebody. i think i have two or three people that i have a lot of respect for that i think can be really good. i don't want to talk about that until i win. i want to win and make the country great again. i'm going to pick somebody.
4:57 am
you'll be happy with that person. but there are good people out there. >> you have another book out there along with the bible, this could be number two or three. >> the bible is definitely number one. >> out today. it's a best seller. "crippled america" by mr. donald trump. mr. trump, thank you very much. >> thank you. ♪ there are no medals won for earning a living. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people.
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hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 3, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. don't rule out isis. that's the word we are hearing from officials as the mystery deepens into the russian plane that fell apart in the sky. we'll bring you the very latest in just moments. then a judge down in texas has ruled that the obama administration can't give work permits to illegals. but a brand new memo shows the administration is trying to work around the judge. laura ingraham, we'll ask her about that. i have a feeling she doesn't like it, coming up. and in a stadium filled with thousands of people, how does this happen?
5:01 am
protesters repelled from the stands last night during the football game. where is the security? let alone the message they brought, which is ridiculous? the morning is better with friends. okay. final hour of "fox and friends." >> we are going down a little bit. >> coming up in two minutes we have laura ingraham followed by karl rove and we are cocking with friends and today our guest is rachael ray. you have met her? >> i have not met her. >> she's going to feel like stanley. you might have grown up together. she could be your cousin. she's a love. i'm so excited. >> we just had donald trump in the studio. you can see outside our world headquarters there are a thousand people waiting for him to get back into his limousine.
5:02 am
>> same thing happened with jindal, but he's doing better in iowa. 6% in iowa. doubled. >> we have our eyes on donald trump's exit. he was just on the curvy couch and now we have heather here with the headlines for you. good morning, elisabeth. do we have a better show today or what? let's start with the headlines and the fox news alert. the mystery deepens into what sent a russian charter plane plunging into egypt's sinai peninsula. our national security director is refusing to deny isis involvement in the tragedy that left 224 people dead. the russian officials said the crash could only have been caused by mechanical impact on the aircraft. in the meantime, investigators continue to analyze the plane's black boxes. well, some extreme weather now to take you along the west coast causing all sorts of chaos on california's highway 99. more than 20 cars piling up in bakersfield, california. winds whipping up, some severe
5:03 am
dust there, as five people were injured here. and then in the mountains to the east, old man winter showing up dropping 6 to 12 inches of snow in the sierras. finally, a potential major security concern during "monday night football." fans at last night's game got a show in the stands when two fans repelled from the upper deck with a banner protesting the bank of america project. it is unclear how they got the banner and repelling equipment inside the stadium. all nfl stadiums have strict rules on what is allowed inside. unbelievable they got that through. well, two subpoenaed v.a. officials pleading the fifth 16 times at a congressional hearing on job manipulation. watch this. >> this hearing is not a joke. my suspicion is that this kind of behavior is rampant not only throughout the department of veterans affairs but also the rest of the federal government. >> well, diana reuben and
5:04 am
kimberly graves refusing to testify protecting themselves against self-discrimination. the women forced lower ranking officials to accept job transfers against their will and then took those open jobs with higher pay and fewer responsibilities. those are your headlines. see you back here in a little bit. >> madness behind this donald trump lead. we have -- >> there he goes right there. as he leaves we have laura ingraham coming in. >> hi, guys, good to see you. >> what did you think of donald trump here? >> well, look, i think the country is desperate for change. mark fisher of "the washington post" wrote an interesting piece over the weekend profiling trump supporters and busting the stereotype of what the elite media is making them out to be. a bunch of uninformed, low information voters. he found something very
5:05 am
different, patriotic people who are tired of the corruption and money in washington. and it's a fascinating piece. >> do you know who nailed it? you'll think i'm crazy, but listen to mike tyson last week. he said, do you realize how insulting you are when you tell people that donald trump can't be president? you're making the american people sound like idiots. he was yelling at "the huffington post" interviewer. that's essentially what you're talking about now. >> if the republican party thinks they can replace all those outsider voters for carson and trump, good luck. i mean, i guess they are going to try to find them among some other agreed population and make it all work out in the end. but i don't see that happening. period. >> a majority of those who respond to the polls say they are for the outsiders. so that says a lot. meanwhile, we'll talk about the things in the news today. this is breaking. we all remember back in june when a texas judge said, hey, the amnesty program that the
5:06 am
obama administration is doing is illegal. so he put a hold on it. now as it turns out, laura, there's a leaked department of homeland security memo that apparently the administration is looking at plan b, plan c, plan d and plan e, four different scenarios to circumvent this injunction that the judge has placed on the administration. >> right. the left will work around the clock to cement its transformation of america. demographic transformation, upending social norms, all the ways the cull xhur is affected by this, this has been a goal from the administration from the very beginning. the old traditions of america, the old people of america, the old middle class and blue collar workers, they need to be replaced with a new electorate. people are on to this scam now. and there's a lot that goes on with this leaked memo, but the number one thing we know is that john boehner should have fought the executive amnesty within the
5:07 am
p.r. campaign that went coast to coast. because this is what they were always planning to do. now the republicans sit back on their heels and say, well, this is outrageous the administration no kidding, guys. they missed it. >> they have a card to play. and the republican support for the pacific trade agreement, for them supporting it, the president wants it. now you say, mr. president, i see this and read the memo, we'll revisit this when the next president comes in. >> that's a card to play but frankly i think that ppp is such an outrageous encroachment on congressional authority, they should be not approving that anyway. >> the president momsed to get rid of veterans homelessness. by the end of 2015 he said this, you are taking this head-on. that's not the case and we are approaching winter here, our nation's greatest are without a roof over their head. you say -- >> yeah, in 2010 the president
5:08 am
announced an initiative and wanted to end homelessness among vets. so i decided it was time to look at this and i think we have a clip that we're going to play of this video two miles from the white house. >> we have it here for you. >> let's watch it. >> we are not going to rest until every veteran who has fought for america has a home in america. >> he don't understand the outside. he needs to come outside, break away from his norm and meet these people. >> it's a big point to get veterans in housing by the end of the year. you know, here i am a former player, you know what i mean? it is really hard to live out here because you don't make a lot of money. >> we are working to try to get out of here. >> the images are heartbreaking. these are veterans who served our nation and are homeless in the shadow of the white house. >> about a mile and a half from the white house right near our offices. i drive by it on the way to fox.
5:09 am
and right near fox and the fox bureau here there's a homeless shelter where most people line up. most people line up early in the day to get a spot in the shelter. when you see homeless females, homeless moms, homeless veterans, you think to yourself, how do we do this to our country? how do we do this to the men and women who serve the country so proudly? how do we allow this to happen? the v.a. has given 5 million for vans. 9 million for vans, 5 million for female homeless vets. there's help around the edges, but at a time when we consider bringing in 15,000 refugees from another country, i would say to the folks watching, my goodness, don't we owe a debt to these men and women first and foremost? can't we do something with a private public partnership that is actually meaningful? a couple 10 million here or there is not really going to make a difference. we need really action. and if we have to spend our federal tax dollars, i would say the veterans deserve it first.
5:10 am
>> i think we should all -- i think america will work an extra day if we knew this money was going to them. i think we would pick up part-time jobs, whatever we could do get the money there. >> brian, elisabeth, steve, this video is on watch the entire video. it's short, less than two minutes. i can't watch it without crying. these individuals are not all just alcoholics and drug addicts, i don't think we can look at them and look down at them. we have to engage. and we have to realize, these are human beings, all of them. and they deserve our help. and our focus. and we're throwing money everywhere. once they fall and crash on the far-flung ideas about illegal immigrants and -- >> stationed in afghanistan, they should have closed 5,000. >> bingo. i want everyone watching now to watch this. get involved. the national coalition on homeless vets is a great organization. there's a lot we can do.
5:11 am
>> a lot of them need psychological help. >> right. >> not just a house. >> it is not a handout. they helped us, we can give them a hand up. >> when we come back, we'll challenge everybody to watch that video. it's a great channel. thank you, laura. 11 minutes after the hour, still a lot more show ahead. just days after the ladies on "the view" took a shot at carly fiorina, she is going to sit down with them. who are these women she's about to sit down with? peter johnson is here with that, next. and how would you like to fly across the country cheap? stay tuned, it could happen. was i didn't think i'd have a heart attack.
5:12 am
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5:16 am
i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. she was like -- >> like a halloween mask. >> just who are the women she's about to sit down with? we will take a look with peter johnson jr. >> good morning, everybody. carly fiorina is about to be dropped behind enemy lines as it were as a conservative commando. and what she's going to be dealing with is a little different than what she's been dealing with on the presidential stage. it's kind of a combination of "pee-wee's playhouse" meets margaret dumont. her so-called demented face has a side light. she's on a show called "the walk of fame show" where she picks up men and women who have had bad one-night stands in a taxicab, as it were.
5:17 am
and either dresses them down or commiserates with them. look at this. >> you obviously are not a virgin eni say that with love. you're a monster. you look like a busted american and not in the nicest way, by the way. >> so she is a shock jock? >> it's a serious show. i know at times it's been -- when barbara walters is on it and elisabeth hasselbeck. but for carly fiorina to engage in a debate with that, it's kind of like debating andrew dice clay in the morning. >> without the rhyme. >> absolutely. but they have a hard core left point of view and are going to try to stick it down her throat big time. >> and she's not a journalist, she's a comic who has a tv show -- >> she is a journalist with "elle" magazine and "vanity fair." they are going to try to say
5:18 am
she's a comedian but a journalist or a comedian? >> here's a comment that people did not think was funny, particularly nurses. >> she came out in a nurses uniform and read her e-mails out loud and shockingly did not win. >> they took so much heat for those comments they had to invite a bunch of nurses on to say, i'm sorry a million times. >> they love this because they make money off this. but when you call someone demented, there are a lot of people, unfortunately, in america, that suffer from dementia. and it is not a funny matter to them. then to call a presidential candidate because she's a conservative woman demented because she's mad, she's crazy, she's out of control, she's out of bounds, that's part and parcel of the mainstream debate that we've seen. and it's part of the debate we saw at cnbc and cnn as well. it's part and parcel of the whole thing. so she's going to have a difficult task in trying to get serious with these folks who, in fact, will try and gang up on
5:19 am
her on friday. so she's got a lot of counselor going in there. courage going in there. >> in addition to miss collins, there's also joy behar, remember when she referred to jessica simpson as this? >> remember the time that jessica simpson was -- was criticized because she didn't eat chicken and tuna. that kind of thing is more fun to criticize than the fact that the girl is fat. >> well -- >> i think she was pregnant. >> including all the johnson women i know, my mother and my wife and my youngest daughter, have given up on watching that show. because they say, they are not depicting a great view of women. i look forward to seeing what carly fiorina does on friday. because i think it's courageous, i think it's interesting, but i think it is fraught with a lot of peril in terms of that. because she's going to have a real gang-up.
5:20 am
if she gets serious and starts going after them on the issues, they won't know how to handle it. but i think it's important that it be said, you can't be making fun of people's faces and calling them crazy without account. that's what is great about america. you going to call these people into account and i think it's great she's doing it. >> the carly fiorina view this friday. >> their walk of shame. >> indeed. thank you. all right. meanwhile, remember this shocking video of an uber driver being attacked by a passenger? now we know who the guy punching the driver is. he's in trouble. and you know she loves to cook, but did you know rachael ray loves animals, too? and the number ten. she'll tell us about that coming up. ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
well, of course you know rachael ray from her cooking show. and there's a lot of things we didn't know as well. rachael ray, i absolutely love you. i'm so glad you are here. and congratulations, ten years with the magazine and ten years with the show. >> my dog is ten, too. and my ten-year anniversary, we renewed our vows in italy with 100 of our friends and family. it was a crazy, amazing party. >> you didn't have to cook
5:25 am
during the party, did you? >> i didn't have to cook a lick for that party. >> how was the food? >> the food was phenomenal. and the last night of the weekend that we spend with our friends in italy every year, our chef friends cook for us. so that was really fun. >> our chef friends. you have a high level of expectations. >> are you kidding? anything. when that judy blume book came out "how to eat fried worms," i would the one to do that. >> i'm going to cook for you. >> that sharing, that communal sharing with your friends and family, it really adds to the quality of our lives. that's the idea. >> is that what you do with your cookbooks? you now have 22 out?
5:26 am
>> 22 of them, yeah. this was the biggest manuscript. i printed it out just for fun and it was over 700 pages. >> that sounds complicated with spice. >> there's so much in it from snacks to brunches to meats. these are primarily italian cooking, it is very simple and cost effective. a lot of it is based on stretching a dollar. >> how do you explain the fact that most people haven't met you but still feel like they know you? >> i talk too much. about anything anybody asks me. you know, i think that's the fun of doing chat shows and talk shows is that you really can get to know a big group of people. you can make another extended family for yourself. it's that sense of community. >> so everyone is italian on sunday. and every single day you make people feel like they are right in your family. if there is something i would say from ten years of knowing
5:27 am
you, you make everyone feel like family. and today you are going to make something drunken. >> i was marries in tuscany and there's an actual method in tuscan cooking to cook pasta in wine, literal willly in wine. >> lovely. we are adding beets and greens, too, though. >> the last two hours you have been heating up red wine in the green room. >> and garlic and shallots and roast beef. >> thank you. rachael ray, don't go anywhere. >> i am not going anywhere. he's a sheriff at the city of the debate, but today he's facing re-election. why one father says he belongs in jail instead of in uniform. and jeb bush tries to fix his campaign today.
5:28 am
karl rove is here with a slow saunter. i hope he's hungry. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it.
5:29 am
ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
5:30 am
5:31 am
[ laughter ] >> i'm not seeing any candy. you are in big trouble, young lady. >> we ate all your halloween
5:32 am
candy. >> i got really, really hungry and ate all your halloween candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean how? i ate it. >> i don't want to see you ever again. go get a job. >> i think a lot of us would have the same reaction? >> they worked hard for that candy. >> they wait all year for halloween. >> i agree with jimmy kimmel. it is mean to take away their candy. >> it's mean. >> karl rove, welcome back. i know you're excited about this, but in the meantime, we are excited to get your take on what is going on with the whole negotiation for a new debate format. to me the republicans are overplaying this. they are going down and looking a little goofy. that's what i think. >> yeah, look, it's one thing to have the campaigns get together to say, look, we would like to
5:33 am
make the suggestions. but now we have gotten to the point of, part of the republican candidates say we don't care what the rules are, just give us a chance to get on the stage. and others are getting into this. one candidate says, i'll take can care of it all, i'm in charge. we don't have a state-run media. i know the rules are irritating some and then in the last debate the moderators were dreadful. but, you know, man up. >> the republicans had a valid complaint. >> absolutely. >> media bias. >> but cnbc succeeded in uniting the republican party. every republican -- it was not constructive for cnbc or for the country or the candidates. they had a good night in dumping on the media. but we didn't learn more on where they stood on economic issues. >> i saw this in the green room. this is what he said about the debate. >> first of all, the tough
5:34 am
questions were asked of me. i was the one not complaining. >> they tried to call you up in the first question. >> it was the most unfair question. harwood, i think he ruined his career. >> you called him on it. >> i called kasich as well and a lot of people. i love the debates and have never debated before. i like the debates. i mean, they really serve a great function and a great purpose. >> they do when they are asking questions and where they can answer them. >> let's be honest, when you have ten people on the stage, you're not having a debate. you are having ten simultaneous news conferences. >> the most you can hope for is nine minutes. >> and chopped up. so until there's a smaller number, this is not going to be -- >> let's take, for example, the most recent debate. you have mr. trump on the couch this morning. one of the issues you might expect to be discussed is social security and medicare. in that debate. nothing. >> you saw donald trump in the green room.
5:35 am
>> yes, he stopped by. >> yeah, he came in and was awfully nice and said he hoped he would get me on his side sometime. i said, you don't want me on your side. you called me a complete loser and never won a single race. we laughed about it but he was nice and genuine and off we went. next, we'll talk about jeb bush. he has a new slogan and campaign reconfiguring called jeb can fix it. let's listen to a little of it. >> it doesn't really matter what it's called. we just happened to be the time we were launching the book. we've had a rough couple of weeks. we have to get better at the performance side of this, but i know i have the skills and leadership to fix the complex things and have a proven record to do it. and it has always been my intent to share that with the american people. >> why is he not working? >> well, this is a weird year. and the requirements -- when he went tallahassee, he was a -- he upset the political culture and took on the teacher unions every
5:36 am
single year, the trial lawyers in the state were powerful. he took them on to get a climb at where businesses could grow. he took on the state employee unions. i don't know another single agency in the country where the governor was able to reduce the number of full-time state employees and he cut taxes every year. but look, you've got to be able to translate that. and this year in a way that gets the ordinary people that says, i understand the problems you're facing. and i have explained my solutions in a way that you have confidence that will affect you. now, he hasn't done that up till now. i think he gets -- that speech in tampa yesterday was good, but now we'll see. in any campaigns we learn more about people when they are in times the of adversity than we do when they are climbing high. and that's why if you look back at this point in 2008, for example, rudy giuliani was 17 points ahead of john mccain. in fact, john mccain was running third behind fred thompson. in 2012 at this point, newt
5:37 am
gingrich was nearly doubling mitt romney. and so the question is, can he get back in the game? we don't know. we'll see. >> it's a relaunch of a relaunch of a relaunch. >> what a campaign. many relaunches. >> great to see you. hi, brian. good morning, everyone. we have new information coming in overnight. johnny mathis' hollywood home goes up in flames. this happened while the 80-year-old was gone on tour. the house was heavily damaged. it is not clear what started the fire. on the ballot today the san francisco sheriff at the center of the sanctuary city policy debate faces a tough re-election vote today. ross miracomy's department released the man whom the sanctuary city wanted detained.
5:38 am
listen. >> he's incompetent. he has an attitude that -- if you're in the country illegally, you're perfectly allowed to not only be here but to commit crimes. >> well, an update on another story we told you about. the taco bell executive is now out of a job after he was caught on camera attacking an uber driver. >> you are too drunk. >> the hitting goes on and on. the driver is 32-year-old benjamin golden who works in marketing for taco bell. garden was so drunk he could not give him directions. garden is charged with intoxication. he is now permanently banned from using uber. and flying out of the country is getting cheaper
5:39 am
thanks to one airline company. starting next year, wow air is adding destinations in los angeles and san francisco as a discount airline known for its $99 one-way fares to europe. it already flies to washington, baltimore and boston. wow air. hasn hadn't heard of that one. we'll check it out. thanks, gang. see you later. ahead, it's the little unknown story of a forgotten war that changed america's history forever. brian is here to tell us about this new book coming up next. and you all know rachael ray and got to talk to her earlier. still ahead, she's going to cook for us. just wait until you see what she's cooking. it's drunken. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans.
5:40 am
slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. try our newest flavor, asian bbq. available for a limited time only.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
and now the little known story of a forgotten war that changed american history forever. thomas jefferson and the islahi tripo tripoli pirates. >> american won independence from the british and that meant no more royal navy to keep its sailors safe at sea. the united states became vulnerable to a enemy whose extremist ideology we face today. the year, 1783. the united states was buried in war debt and needed to built an economy from scratch using their greatest asset, trade. the most important passageway, the mediterranean sea. but danger lurked right off the
5:44 am
north african coast. a new enemy would await. pirates from four islamic nations. morocco, algiers, tunis, tripoli. without a navy for protection, they were vulnerable at sea. pirates captured our ships, plundered our cargo and turned the crew into their slaves. held for ransom that no new nation could afford to pay. without trade america would collapse. two presidents were tasked to come up with the deal, john adams and thomas jefferson. they met with leaders in london face to face. the ambassador was charming but demanded money for passage. according to to koran, it was their god-given right. both adams and jefferson left the median shaken. they didn't have a passage for merchant ships. back in the united states they waited for a recommendation where adams and jefferson split. adams said we can't fight them unless we want to fight them
5:45 am
forever. for jefferson, he said you can't pay for peace. he says that the attacks would start and the price wouldab onl go up. the united states would cave to the pirates borrowing money that would cost them up to 20% of their national budget, yet somehow the attacks continued. when our first president took office, he would continue to make the payments but he would also commission the building of six ships including this very one, the "uss constitution." what were they like? copper bottoms, solid oak sides, they were fast, they were strong and they were built to fight. they wouldn't be ready for the washington administration. adams would choose not to use them during his years in office, but for jefferson he knew exactly what he was going to do. he was going to take on the barbering nation. and the first one to declare war on us? tripoli. without congressional approval, all jefferson's new navy would do is provide security for the
5:46 am
merchant ships. they wanted to strangle the tripoli economy. however, the blockade was in effect. the tripoli pirates knew how to get through and they had the guile, knowledge and guts to take on the navy. therefore, a quick end to this clash would go by the boys. but that would all change with this captain, edward preble. the confrontation would begin. preble's boys were brave and brash. they confronted the pirates, harassed their ships and took them black. they even blew up the "uss philadelphia" that the pirates once claimed as their pride. day after day they pounded the coast, but the navy needed a more powerful force both on water and land. enter william eaton and a handle of u.s. marines. they launched the land war and lifting the tripoli ruler and its fighters to march 500-plus
5:47 am
miles on foot. after the trek they took the poor city of derne in two-and-a-half hours. eaton's success stunned jefferson although military victories would be stymied by tobias lear. he stopped them from taking benghazi and tripoli itself. in the end it would be another ten years and another president before we ultimately won this war, but in the end the missage was sent. american was a naval power with fighting liberty and a world leader, something we still hold today. >> there's a lot left that you don't know. a great job, brian, in putting that together. i hope you are enthused with the book as we are because it's a blast. >> you're going on tour, right? >> yes, in washington, mclean, virginia.
5:48 am
fredericksburg and huntington and then santa barbara. everything is on >> hang around for rachael ray. it smells so good in here. that's spaghetti and rachael. i'll be over there. but first, let's see what is being cooked on our show coming up at the top of the hour. >> brand new post-debate numbers to chew over with you. there's shuffling in the numbers. pretty interesting stuff. we'll show you those. and the president makes fun of the gop candidates' debates demands. have they gone too far? donald trump speaks out about that and his new poll numbers on that as well. and carly fiorina gets ready to face the women on "the view." her campaign gives us a preview of what they are in for. and the president believes the special ops will be on the ground in syria but not on the front lines. congressman adam kissinger has thoughts on that. he will be here at the top of
5:49 am
the hour when bill and i see you coming up. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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5:52 am
that is true. earlier we talked to rachael ray about her celebrations including her italian cookbook. now we are here to talk about it, we are so thrilled you are here. >> yay. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you so much. >> ten years in the magazine, the new cookbook out, ten years on the show and ten years of marriage you renewed your vows. >> it is so simple you do not need this recipe. you will just remember it. down here we roasted up some beets. put them in oven and tinfoil,
5:53 am
little bit of olive oil and pepper in a tinfoil pouch. when they come out, rub off the skins with a paper towel and you won't get the stain all over your fingers. then we took the roasted beef and we shredded them on a big box grater. that's all that's happened. the pasta, this is the cool part. >> how do you make this? >> you hard boil the pasta five minutes in salted water. then drain it. then you take a whole bottle of italian red wine. >> minus a little sip. >> minus a ship for the chef. but it doesn't have to be expensive. don't spend more than $10 or $12. dry red wine, bring it to a boil for two minutes. then throw your pasta in there and you see it absorbs all of the pasta. it finishes cooking right in the wine. >> so until the wine is absorbed, keep the pasta right in there. >> leave it in there to soak up all the wine. in this pan, what everybody has been going mad about is just
5:54 am
olive oil or the shallots and garlic. take the tongs and wilt in your greens. you can use the beet greens and supplement them with chard. if the beet greens don't look good, chop up swiss chard or kale. throw in the dark leafy greens and then we'll add in our shredded roasted beets. and that's it. we toss this all together with that beautiful drunken spaghetti. >> which the spaghetti comes in with this dish? >> you mix it all together. once this wilts down, we can put this back in to that. >> okay. >> and you marry the whole thing. >> marry because you renewed your vows. >> nice segway you. >> look how beautiful this is. first of all, and it's delicious. >> it's good for you and great to entertain with. all you need to put out is a little antipasty. >> hot or cold?
5:55 am
>> it looks like this when you're done. just throw that cheese in there and toss it over here. now we have a backup pot. this one we made with g-free spaghetti. >> this is why i love rachael, you know me well. this is parino cheese and toasted hazelnuts. is that not delicious? >> so good. >> so easy to entertain for this time of the year. and really festive, red and green. >> so good. >> this is just one of -- gosh, i don't know how many hundred we fit in. 700 pages in script. 400 in print. it is in stores now. it's my 22nd baby and my favorite child. >> you are exceptional at making really good food being so easy to prepare. >> so simple, right? >> i'm going to eat. we have to take a spaghetti break. what if one piece of kale
5:56 am
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time for the road. we start out in kansas city. they have waited 30 years since the last time they chanted the world series champions, kansas city royals. that's a live picture from outside kaufmann stadium. that doesn't look like kaufmann stadium. that looks like downtown kansas city, missouri. thousands in attendance. a big day for the royals. >> they are great fans. meanwhile, victoria secret's unveiling their big star of this fantasy bra. the model lily aldridge has been picked to wear it.
6:00 am
congratulations to her and her chest. >> i don't have a nice chest to hold up $2 million of nothing. >> we'll find out tomorrow. >> i love you guys. >> thank you for coming, rachael ray. do i get to keep this? bill: good morning. fox news alert. republican candidate stake their positions. first there was an effort to join forces. making demand if on the networks holding debates. not' a free-for-all, a fracture, unmight say. martha: you have got most of the republican campaign banding together in a fight against the tv networks. they submitted a draft letter to what the q and ax should be to even the room temperature. bill:


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