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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bill: all right, kid. martha: big voting day in ohio, yes or no. bill: i don't know if it passes. it is really, really close, so. we'll see. too close to call as of last night, 50/50. just like the state, actually. martha: exactly. why it is so interesting. thanks, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. jenna: investigators examining the black boxes to learn why a russian jetliner crashed in the desert killing all 224 people on board as the first victims are identified. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. a senior defense official tells the fox news that the russian metrojet was not shot down over the sinai peninsula. u.s. satellite confirmed it picked up heat flash on the time of the crash on saturday. as a joint russian-egyptian committee wrapped up the ground
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investigation and examines the black boxes recovered from the crash. john huddy is live in our middle east bureau with the latest developments. john? reporter: jon, as the committee starts the investigation, russian and egypt officials both are urging people not to jump to conclusions what indeed caused the crash. there has been a lot of speculations out there, a lot of theories put out, but nothing, jon, really concrete. no hard proof at this point. even the airline, metrojet, says it was some kind of quote, unquote, external force. not a mechanical malfunction or human error that led to the disaster. basically further fueling that it, speculation it may have been caused by a terror attack. adding to that, as you mentioned, a u.s. satellite picked up a heat flash before the plane dropped off the radar. theories it may have been caused by engine or fuel tank explosion or even bomb planted on board.
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there is talk of a missile hitting the plane. u.s. defense official with access to the latest intelligence report about the crash told fox news there is no way the plane was shot down by a missile or anti-aircraft fire. so talk of terrorism aside. the plane's history. is also a major factor that will be looked at in the investigation. the tail was damaged during a landing in 2001, so there are questions, if the tail broke off during the flight. if that was possibly the catastrophic event, that led maybe to that heat flash. still, u.s. national intelligence director james clapper said that, while a terror attack is unlikely, he also added, quote, unquote, wouldn't rule it out. as mentioned, the so-called black boxes have been recovered, and are being analyzed. they were recovered fairly quickly after the crash, just a couple hours. as the search area around the crash site has been expanded during the ongoing recovery effort.
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as we've been seeing sad, heart-breaking scene in st. petersburg, so far the 140 bodies, recovered, have been returned there and are being in identification process. of that number, of 140 body, 10 so far have been identified by family members. jon. back to you. jon: john huddy live from our middle east bureau. we'll be talking about this case more. jenna: turn to politics. america's election headquarters, four questions for the next four years, our segment gives you a chance to ask presidential candidates about issues that most concern you. today our guest is kentucky senator rand paul. good morning. >> good mornings. thanks for having me. jenna: senator, great to have you on. we have a lot of great questions for you, including many about the budget. recently a video speaking about the budget that passed through the house and senate. got a bit of attention. a viral hit. i will play a snippet of for our viewers.
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>> this is sort of like saying, all right, i have a pension fund, say i have $100,000 in my pension plan but i want to go to the racetrack and i need some money this week. so i'm willing to take the $100,000 out and willing to pay a $30,000 penalty, but i want to do it, because i am an addict and i am addicted to spending i have to spend the money now. that is what it is, you're guilty of it, right and left. you will take money out of the social security fund and spend it on an immediate fix. jenna: no gambling on this show, senator, we don't allow it, but your criticism was heard loud and clear. a lot of responses online. ben, wants to know how would you preserve funding for social security? is that a priority for you. >> one of the interesting things about that video, 21 million people have seen the video. we have no idea something like that gets started but bigger than entire bait. it has been bigger than entire
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presidential debates watched one video. people are upset taking money from social security and spending it on immediate concerns that have nothing to do with social security. this is why we're bankrupt. right and left bankrupted country. right wants more money for military. left wants more money for welfare. they get it together, i call it unholy alliance. they are willing to spend money on anything. for social security i would fix it by gradually raising age. everybody knows the age has to go up. let the age go up a couple months every year for the next 20 years. that fixes 2/3 of the problem with social security. then people like myself who have done pretty well in life, would get a couple hundred dollars less through means testing, when social security gets fixed. that fixes entire problem. but somebody has to have the guts to fix it. most people up here are basically wimps. they're unwilling to say this is what it needs to fix the problem. jenna: you said the left likes to spend money on welfare and
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right likes to spend money when it comes to military and defense. jessica wants to know, senator, list your priorities in a list if you will for us and let's talk about that when it comes to money. taxpayers certainly give the government a lot of money. where do you think is priority number one for where that money should be spent, senator? >> first priority needs to be we shed only spend what comes in. that sounds like a simple proposition. but that is every american family does that. i don't know why government shouldn't do that we bring in $3 trillion. that is enormous amount of money. all i'm asking we spend three trillion. break it down, what should we spend it on, we should spend it on what the constitution allows. the constitution has certain specific powers given to congress. one is to defend the country. i would give priority to national defense. we need a strong national defense but shouldn't be a blank check. we found out just recently we spend $43 million on a gas station in afghanistan. that does not help our national
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defense. should never happen. i'm willing to stand up and say, enough's enough. we're not going to spend $43 million on a gas station in afghanistan. jenna: how do you stop that from happening? we hear all the strange scenarios every year, every month about strange studies we're investing on. we hear a lot of politicians say they will stop it but how will you do that? >> i will let all spending expire. this is what i do as a senator. i would let all spending expire. only renewed and through traditional appropriations process to take 60 votes. so many people say we 60 votes to defund anything. we should turn the tables, you know what? let it all expire. it will take 60 votes to start any spending. a lot of offensive programs and wasteful program, like 43 million-dollar gas station, those would not be renewed. jenna: getting a lot of questions coming in, a little more on jobs and economy. i will check those out in just a moment.
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i would like to get you to answer this first, senator. i had a flurry of questions from the poll numbers. we have new poll out from "the wall street journal" today, and nbc talking about where the candidates are at this very moment. you are trailing behind and you have mentioned, you had this huge success online with this one viral video. but a lot of our viewers want to know, how do you translate that into numbers? what is the strategy moving forward, to pull your poll numbers up? >> we think we're underrepresented in some of the poll numbers because our strength is among the youth and i have yet to meet a college kid that actually has ever done a presidential poll or survey. our strength is also with independents. independents don't always get called because they're calling traditional republicans. our strength is also within the liberty movement within the republican party. if you combine youth vote, independent vote, and liberty or libertarian wing of the republican party i think there is a winning coalition. so we are very well-organized in
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iowa and new hampshire. we'll surprise a lot of people. the polls are still so early. most all of these polls, they won't tell you this, but 2/3 of the people being polled in every poll are still undecided. so we think it is too early to give up on anything or make any decisions. jenna: what kind ever challenges do you have fund-raising though? because the numbers are where they are, certainly your points are well-taken. the segments wen a little later in the program, talking about how leaders in the polls don't necessarily win. as far as challenging for fund-raising, senator paul, being able to actually fiscally fund your campaign, what position are you in right now? >> well, we've raised over $20 million between us and our super-pacs. this places us about in the middle of the pack. last time i looked we were fifth. we have a very lean campaign. we have very committed volunteer audience. so we have a lot of people, i was just in iowa and had 60 people calling on the phone on a saturday. but you know what? they were all volunteers.
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we have extraordinary up swelling of people who don't need to be paid. we're bringing in more money than we're spending right now. so i think we're in pretty good position for the long haul. jenna: let me ask you a final question. we had a few more with attendance and marco rubio and candidates. i would like to skip over those. i see one from viewer that i think is important. when you look at any poll across the board, viewers say the economy is number one for them. peter wrote us, he wants to know what your plan is for jobs in this economy? >> i think we have to understand where jobs are created. i think they're created in private sector. i would leave more money in the private sector. i have a $2 trillion tax cut. which involves getting rid of entire tax code. getting rid of irs and single card to fill out your tax return with one single rate of 14 1/2%. i think this would unleash an enormous amount of capital in the private marketplace. i think what you would see is a recovery, and a boom like we haven't seen in a long time. jenna: snort paul, nice to have you on the program.
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we appreciate you taking our viewers questions. i know they have a lot more. we hope you come back. thank you very much. >> thank you. jenna: next hour of "happening now," we're joined by another gop predential alcan date, governor george pataki. what questions would you like to ask governor pataki. go join the conversation by going to jon: volkswagen cheating scandal widens. the automaker's shares slide as u.s. environmental officials reveal the company equipped more models with software capable of cheating on emission tests. fox business's gerri willis live from new york city with more on that. >> you got that, right, jon. new model volkswagen vehicleses were failing agency emission test for the first time a porsche sports utility vehicle. among the cars, there are some 10,000 all together that the epa flagged is the 2014 vwtaurig,
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fifth porsche cayenne, 2016 audi a6 quatro. the 2016 audi a 7 quatro. and q35. all these vehicles diesel powered. they said the nitrogen oxide emissions are nine times allowable levels. back in september epa alerted volkswagen that it discovered software designed to fool emission tests. vw as you remember, recalled 482,000 cars right here in the u.s. this time around though, volkswagen's response is far, far different. the company is pushing back and saying, no emission tests evading software has been installed in the cars that epa is talking about right now. of course a lot depends how the issue plays out for volkswagen which is a critical player in germany's auto industry with revenues of $228 billion last year. as you said the stock is trading
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down, down 2% at 110.40. we'll keep an eye on this one for you, jon. jon: gerri willis, fox business network. thank you. presidential candidate donald trump is out with a new book. he is promoting it and taking questions now from an audience in new york city. let's listen in for just a moment. >> from iowa where i'm leading. saw the new poll from iowa saw the new poll in new hampshire where i'm leading big. a poll just came out in florida where i'm leading big. georgia, texas, i mean all over the place. and i think, you know, look, we're doing well and if you add ben and myself, we're beating everybody by a lot. that seems to be the big story, that we're beating, call it the establishment. it is called really the failed establishment because the establishment has let us down but i don't know. i really don't know how his book is doing. >> [inaudible]. >> i think my book is very hard-hitting. his is a different kind of a book and he is a different kind of a person.
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my book is very hard-hitting. says it like it is. and based on what simon & schuster told me it is selling like hotcakes. so we'll see. >> [inaudible] >> we're very different people. we have very different qualities and we are extremely different. i'm different from all of the other candidates. look, nobody can negotiate trade deals like me. we are going to take the 400 billion a year that we're losing with china. that will be turned around. the, $75 billion a year, that we're short on with japan, the $50 billion a year we lose to mexico. that's right, there will be a wall built. it will go up. it will be built. people won't come into the country illegally. i'm much different than marco rubio. very, very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he is very weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare. ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. would be horrible thing. it actually works.
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get rid of fraud, waste and abuse it works. when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare i don't know how he stays there. go ahead, tom. >> [inaudible] >> no, i think that really marco is overrated and, frankly, had bush been a better messenger, he has the better message. if that was me delivering that message it would be a much different story. marco doesn't show up to the united states senate. he is representing the people of florida, which by the way that poll just came out today and i'm way up in florida over everybody. but, marco is a sitting senator and he doesn't show up for the people of florida. and i don't think he should be doing that. now, bush gave a very weak message, i agree with that. it was poorly delivered but the facts are on bush's side. ultimately i think marco will be hurt very badly. if you look at mr. singer, you have to see where mr. singer is coming from, and when you see
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where he is coming from, i think people will say, whoa, we didn't know that. but look at marco's stance on illegal immigration. it's really trouble for him. i don't see how he can win. okay, yes. mark. mark? >> [inaudible] >> marco rubio's personal finances are discredited? all you have to do look at his credit card. he is a disaster with his credit cards. i tell you what, i love florida. i'm in florida all the time. and for years i've been hearing that his credit cards are disaster. i would think when you take a look at it you will find that. his credit card debt and his problems with credit card and what he did when he was running party apparatus with credit cards, i have heard about it for years. you will have to find out. well, he has a very bad record
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of finances, if you look what happened, with his houses, with his, you know, he certainly lives above his means, there is no question about that. >> [inaudible] no well, we're going to look. on the debate it is very interesting. i don't care that much. i want a room and podium, let's get going. i don't really care that much. a lot of people who are candidates, i respect many of them, not all of them but i respect many of them because they felt unfair because hillary clinton was given all softballs. she wasn't asked one tough question. they didn't ask about her foundation. didn't talk about the emails. when the email problem came up bernie sanders lost his whole campaign. what he did was so stupid from his standpoint. in order to get a one minute sound bite of some applause he gave up the emails. that was end of his campaign. first of all people are not going to his ral rallies anymore. he is finished.
8:18 am
unless something happens to her with respect to emails she will easily be the candidate. i will say this, she only got softballs, that is all she got. look way we were treated it wasn't same way. with that being said i don't really care. yes? >> [inaudible] >> your name is? >> [inaudible] >> well i think republicans are actually doing a pretty good job over all, they coalesced at that last debate, really started with me, the guy asked me a question. i think harwood is probably finished as credible reporter. he is a disaster. it was such a horribly-put question and so obvious. the republicans coalesced around each other. it was actually, pretty beautiful when you think about it. and all we want to do is be treated fairly. with me, i don't care that much. just give me a podium. what i would say is this.
8:19 am
networks have made a fortune because of me. not because of anybody else. you know they were saying, that the last cycle, they had two million and one million people and networks didn't even want to broadcast it because nobody watched. nobody wanted to watch. now they had 25 million people, 24 million people, 23 million people and 16 million people. give me a break. so somebody said, how did they get there. actually variety an "hollywood reporter," who report this, solely for one reason, it was trump. i will take the credit. what i also want, i think wounded warriors and our veterans should be given some of the enormous profits being made on these debates, enormous profits, by the way, beyond anything they ever envisioned. cnn was going to get $2,000 for a 30 second ad. they ended up getting 250,000. so they went from 2,000 to
8:20 am
$250,000 for a 30 second ad. the networks and cable are making a fortune and i think they should give some of the profits to the wounded warriors and the veterans. that is what i want. >> [inaudible] >> i'm giving them away. i'm giving profits of my book, i'm giving them away to a lot of different -- including vets. okay? >> [inaudible] >> who are you with? okay. good. this is new form of reporting, you believe? they used to come up with cameras. he comes up with a cell phone. speak fast, go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> i have been amazing with respect to the hiring of women.
8:21 am
this building was built as the head person, who was fantastic, by a woman. and that was at a time when you didn't see that in the construction trades. it was totally unique. i have many, many executives upstairs and a different buildings that i have, that are women. many are proportion that is close to 50%. might even be over 50% if i analyze it. they get paid a lot of money. in many cases more than men doing the same job. so women have always appreciated that about me. i've been in terms of employment, really a standout and i've been honored for doing so well with women. yes? >> [inaudible] >> yes, go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> french television. are you going to be voting? i don't think so. let's go. we don't have to worry about the french. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> what jeb bush was saying at last debate? i don't know, but he didn't say it well. what is your question, go ahead,
8:22 am
behind you? >> [inaudible] you're with telemundo. ah, welcome. welcome to trump tower. i like telemundo by the way. i like it better than univision. i'm suing univision for 500 million so. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> because the country is doing so poorly. it is very accurate title. because the country is doing so poorly. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> that's good. they're going to have some demonstrations. oh, good, because it will get even higher ratings if they do that. i think it's fine. look, i think they should demonstrate. ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. it will be one of the highest rated shows ever, and they're very excited about it. and i have a great relationship, as you know, from telemundo with the hispanics.
8:23 am
you actually treated me very fairly. won the poll recently in nevada. won other polls. and in nevada i think i got 37% and leading everybody. so, i've had a great relationship with the hispanics. i have, working for me, thousands right now, thousands of hispanics. i have had tens of thousands of people over the years working for me. i'm a job machine. i'm a job machine. and one of the things that does come out in every single poll and every single survey, is that nobody, for the economy, nobody is even close. i'm two, three, and you see that, two, three, four, five times greater than anybody else. and you almost say, like it's about the jobs, it is about the economist. how is anybody going to beat trump in all fairness. i have had a great relationship with the workers. i have had a great relationship with jobs. i have had an amazing relationship with the hispanics. and i predict i'm going to win the hispanic vote.
8:24 am
i think i'm going to win the, hispanic vote. i predict, yeah, i think i'm going to get the nomination and i will win the white house. i think beating hillary clinton is going to be easy because her record is so bad. okay. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> that's the question i like. how am i preparing for "snl"? i'm meeting with lorne michaels later on, we'll sign, thousands of people online. we're going to sign, then later on this evening i'm meeting with the lorne mike cycles and the whole staff and start preparation. we'll pick our skits. am i nervous? not too nervous. we'll do a good job and have fantastic show. we'll have a lot of fun. my jeb impression? i don't like to do that. i have don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. tom is asking, can jeb make a
8:25 am
comeback? i think it will be very hard. very hard. not about money. i just think, you know i came up with the energy. i just think we need tremendous energy because -- jon: there is donald trump out with a new book. that is the reason for this news conference he is holding life in new york city. you heard some of his thoughts there, about some of his rivals, dr. ben carson who he is now behind in national polls. let's talk about it because there are major developments in america's election headquarters. new polls on race for the white house. on democratic side, nbc "wall street journal" poll finds former secretary of state hillary clinton boosting her lead over senator bernie sanders. she is ahead by two to one margin, 62-31% on gop side, dr. ben carson overtakes donald trump with senator marco rubio surging. he comes in at number three, 11% for rubio.
8:26 am
joining us mike shields, president of congressional leadership fund and former chief of staff at the rnc. chris kofinis, former chief of staff for senator manchin and former communications director for senator john edwards. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. jon: mike, there are interesting poll numbers out regarding what people nationally think about who should control the white house. you have seen numbers. what do you make of it? >> first of all this poll is bad news for democrats. start off with the fact the president's approval rating in this poll has gone down. that is never good for party in power going into general election. he is way below 50%. second highest negatives for any candidate is hillary clinton. she will become the democratic party nominee, even if she is indicted by fbi she will still be nominee because they have no bench. on republican side, whole group of candidates rising, getting
8:27 am
known by voters. republican party is led by person of color. ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson, all people of color that are really representing who the party is. that will appeal very strongly to voters in this election. finally there is one key number in here that is really, really bad news for the democrats. the democrats hang the hat on the fact they're presidential cycle election. maybe they get really defeated in the midterms where we won 31 governors, have house and senate. hang on presidential turnout. there is number here, with presidential turnout the parties are tied in terms of people who want to see in the white house.e democrats going into the election. jon: chris, respond to some of that. republican preference was up by a point in this latest poll. does that concern you at this point as loyal democrat? >> a year out doesn't concern me at all. if i'm the republicans i am looking at chaotic race seems to get more chaotic by the day.
8:28 am
not clear for example, who their nominee will be. the one who is are the frontrunner have no real national appeal. trump is starting to falter. just take his candidacy as example, you can't alienate hispanic population of the united states and expect to win the general election. it is not going to happen. in that same poll, by the way, republican favorability of the party, far lower than democratic party. so, there are significant challenges the republican party faces of the biggest being, they can't figure out which way they want to go in this election that will be a significant obstacle for them, not only beating hillary, but being a viable party. look at mess they went through just to choose a speaker. they're going through it again just to choose a nominee. it does not, does not reinrce a perception amongst the american people this is party that can lead. so i would say, a year out, i'm feeling fine. jon: well, you just said that it's not clear who the next nominee of the republicans is going to be.
8:29 am
mike, is that a bad thing. >> first of all i want to go something he said, brought up new speaker paul ryan. he has higher approval rating in this poll than hillary clinton. you say where the party came together and chose the exact right leader to see them. that is the process we're seeing. i have no idea what hillary clinton's campaign is even about. perhaps my democratic friend can enlighten us. since she launched her campaign in april, four or five good days. otherwise it is about the clinton foundation. about email scandals. they're still going to nominate her because they have nobody else. they have no bench. meantime of course you see a big, robust debate on republican side because we have so many good qualified candidates they're really having a good conversation with voters and all they're doing. another key issue, another key number you see in polls, intensity among republican voters is much higher than intensity amongst democratic voters. that is a huge problem for democrats. partly because they don't have a nominating contest on their side.
8:30 am
jon: chris, there are those who say, that if you waltz into the nomination you come in uncontested by debates and everything else. hillary clinton might be helped by having a tougher challenge than it appears she is going to have. what do you think about that? >> i think someone who has been in politics and public service as hillary clinton has been tested. notion she hasn't been is funny seems republican wake up every day can't focus on their own race and want to beat up on secretary clinton. that's fine. that's politics. that's the way it works. but if you look at the way the republican party and their dynamics of this race are shaping up, the notion somehow they are content and happy with ben carson or donald trump, i mean i would suggest to my good friend on the other side that he talked to his republican friend because they seem to be in nightmare scenarios envisioning prospect of donald trump or ben carson being the nominee. i mean here's reality.
8:31 am
republican party has this struggle going on between the outsiders an insiders. not surprising. there is incredibly vitriolic anti-washington wing of the republican party speaking out but the problem they have with both ben carson and donald trump these are not viable candidates in general election. marco rubio i grant you is much more viable candidate, much more competitive. he will have tough time. saw in the press conference, donald trump just slamming him. they have a serious problem on their hands. i'm more worried about them than democrats. jon: chris kofinis giving you gop analysis from the democratic side. mike shields also with us from the republican side. thank you both. >> thank you. jon: gop presidential candidates face off again one week from tonight when the fox business network teams up with the "wall street journal" for the next republican debate, this time in milwaukee. starts 6:00 p.m. eastern with the first debate followed by the main event at 9:00 p.m. catch it all on fox business network. jenna: crime in the digital age,
8:32 am
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jenna: right now quick look what is still to come in next hour of "happening now." eric medina goes on trial for murdering his wife. how they plan to defend that he posted a picture of his wife's dead body on facebook. another city says, the risk of cancer could depend on
8:36 am
genetics and dna we'll dig into that. heavy rain bashing sunshine state. the latest on flooding in florida. jon: so the murder trial begins for a miami man accused of shooting his wife, then, posting a picture of her body on facebook. 33-year-old derek medina, charged with first-degree murder. defense attorneys claim he shot his wife, 27-year-old jennifer alfonso, in self-defense, that she was a violent drug abuser around satan worshiper. lis wiehl, fox news legal analyst. dan schorr, former prosecutor. how does that work with juries, saying she was a satan worshiper and -- >> it will not work well. she went upstairs. they have a fight in the kitchen. he then goes upstairs to get the gun. jon: he says she came at him with a knife. >> right. but you have to have imminent threat. that is the legal standard in florida. where is the imminent threat? she came after him with a knife.
8:37 am
he gets out enough go upstairs, grab the gun, come back and shoot her multiple times. how about leaving house? there is no imminent threat there. jon: does that mean premeditation and grabbed gun which i guess even his defense attorneys is say what happened? >> if premeditation can be formed in a moment, doesn't have to be planned out days or weeks in advance. not only shot her multiple times, according to medical examiner she was on her knees kneeling to protect herself. obvious they're not doing if they're attacking another person. inconsistent with self-defense. and he posted a picture, going to jail facing death penalty for killing her. you don't do that in self-defense. jon: it stayed up on her facebook account for five hours before it was taken down. >> horrible. jon: he didn't call the police either. >> exactly. jon: i went to facebook and puts this post out there before he --
8:38 am
>> minimizes what he had just done. again, if you are a battered spouse, which is what he is claiming, you don't put a picture of your dead spouse you just killed because you were in fear of your own life on facebook. you call police, do something. run out of the house. don't make fun of it basically putting it on facebook. jon: he says she was abusive. she controlled the relationship. he was essentially a battered and abused spouse. >> the thing is, he shot her multiple times while she was kneeling and posted to it and admitted it. there is not a lot of room for viable wednesday. he can argue self-defense because there is nothing he can say. even if she was abusive, no evidence she was. doesn't justify shooting her so many times when she is in position where she is not attacking him. >> one thing i hope will resonate with the jurors, look, there are real cases of battered spouses out there. there are real cases where people are being battered and they use self-defense and it is righteous. here they try to manipulate idea
8:39 am
of battered spouse. that is wrong for people who are hurt. >> he is amateur boxer. a friend is supposedly testify in the past, that if she ever left him he would kill her. there is other evidence in addition to the mountain of evidence. >> i feel sorry for this defense lawyer. jon: let me read for the viewers exactly what he wrote in the posting where shows the body of his wife, still probably warm,lying there on the kitchen floor. i'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. love you guys. miss you guys. take care. face books people, you will see me in the news. now, he doesn't say anything in there about, she was threatening me. she had a knife. >> i was scared. jon: i was scared. his own words could come back to haunt him, couldn't they. >> absolutely. completely inconsistent with someone who had to defend himself to use lethal force against the spouse. you don't do that after a killing going to facebook. >> the fact he wants to be on the news, don't like that either.
8:40 am
jon: the trial is expected to take two weeks. jury deliberations could take about two hours. >> over with in 15 minutes. jon: we'll see. there could be surprises ahead. >> always. jon: we'll bring you both back. damage shore, lis wiehl. jenna? jenna: a warning that processed meat could cause cancer, could have a lot of folks cutting meat like bacon out of their diet. another study says the risk could depend on your dna we'll tell you about that coming up. then there is this. a mansion where three family members and their housekeeper is up for sale where they were brutally murdered. challenges and price next.
8:41 am
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jon: new information on a terrible story we've covered on "happening now." that washington, d.c. mansion in which three family members and their housekeeper were brutally murdered is now on the market. five bedroom, seven bathroom home in northwest d.c. is listed at $3.25 million. it was the scene of four grisly
8:44 am
murders and a fire back in may. police say the suspect held a businessman, their wife, son, housekeeper captive for 18 hours before killing them and setting the home on fire. jenna: you likely saw this study. the world health organization warning last week that processed meats like bacon can cause cancer but worth a note that another study last year but another prominent cancer research institute saying that your risk could depend on genetic makeup, dna. processed meat is not as dangerous for some people as others. joining as you clinical ininstructor in medicine at cornell medical college. of course we all want to know if we call in the category of those who can't eat bacon without any issues. before we get into that, tell us a about a study getting renewed attention results from the new study that we shouldn't eat processed meat. >> to rehash that, who said
8:45 am
bacon, processed meats are cars again i can -- carcinogenic. in the same study as tobacco. a different study says there is possibly a genetic composition how your body processes meats. if you have this genetic variance you will likely develop colorectal cancer down the road. if you lack the gene you doesn't have the risk. jon: how do we know if we have the jean or processed bacon or not? >> most people will never know. jenna: really? >> we're far from that in the way we manage people. perhaps within our lifetimes we'll be able to test everyone for genes and say you're okay, you're not okay. jenna: so we know because we would all like to rely on bit of a there any way to s initial research whether there are certain people, certain groups, from certain regions of the world have to be more worried about it? or is it not even that specific
8:46 am
yet? >> it is not so specific yet. what i tell people look at their family history and their other genetic risk factors. as a whole we really should be limiting amount of red meat we have in our diet, not just processed meat. it is linked to colorectal canners, obesity, cholesterol, hypertension. jenna: you have diets like atkins diet, all protein all the time. you look at people, they look really skinny and really fit. okay they have a lot of bacon, so maybe that's all right. >> this question whether or not you can be exposed to something and person next to you can't, can or can not to develop cancer is not unique to this discussion. we hear this all the time. some people smoke their entire life and don't develop can'ter. jenna: right. >> while someone had 100 cigarettes and did. it is about looking at unique individual and looking at your doctor to see where you fall in the spectrum. jenna: go back to the w.h.o. study, because you said something at the beginning of the video. carcinogenic, that is the term
8:47 am
being used to describe some of these processed meats, a doctor personally, when you go out to brunch, seeing i have bacon with my eggs, do you like at bake can that is like cigarettes? how do you prioritize? >> i admit it i enjoy bacon. jenna: i love that good confession, doctor. we're a bacon-friendly set here. >> what i would tell people and my patients would be, cut back. look how many times a week you're eating processed meat and cut it in half. if you're doing it every day, cut back to three times a week. really should be seen as a treat. everything in moderation. i know it is boring. we wish there was a quick answer but really everything in moderation. jenna: we'll leave with that it is good we have bacon-friendly doctor as well. we appreciate that, dr. sowa. jon? jon: bacon over bean sprouts in my diet. deadly storms on the move, unleashing flash flooding making for a terrifying ride on some roadways.
8:48 am
plus the man caught on dash-cam video attacking an uber car driver was arrested. that is not all. what else just happened to him. we're live with that sorry. story. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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jenna: fox news extreme weather alert from florida where heavy rains flooded local roads, closing many of them down completely. one car spun off but thankfully the driver wasn't hurt. same storm system that went across texas last week, killing at least six people. jon: right now crime stories we're following. after a five-year search, los angeles police, arrest a man they say is the western bandit. 51-year-old patrick watkins is his name. now accused of shooting and killing two people and wounding six others between 2011 and 2014. police say his only motive was
8:52 am
robbery. a man accused of abandoning his granddaughter in the middle of the arizona desert. police say paul raider took the girl for a ride in the truck. when it got stuck, he left the girl alone with loaded handgun. fortunately she was found by an off-duty firefighter. rader was found several miles away at a bar. he is charged with felony child abuse and endank marement. man found guilty of killing three alexandria residents over a decade. they recommended the 55-year-old sentenced to in each case to life in prison without the possibility of parole. jenna: this was viewed a million times on youtube. showing a california man attacking uber car driver. the man attacking him lost his job as marketing manager attack cobell after being arrested for assault. we'll pick up the story from there. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more.
8:53 am
women. reporter: that passenger william goldman is without a ride and uber banned him from the service in the future. the driver, edward cuban, tried to drop golden off after the two argued over directions. cuban says golden was drunk and belligerent. >> his response to that was, to open the door and then, immediately start beating me over the head. at that point, i, i was, trying to block his blows with my arm and fiddle with safety on my pepper spray before i was able to break free of his grasp on the back of my head. reporter: police arrested golden, a marketing manager at taco bell corporate which issued a statement, given golden's behavior he can no longer work for us. we offer him and encourage him to seek professional help. we spoke to uber as well. they did not endorse using pepper spray but didn't criticize it either.
8:54 am
uber does knot permit drivers to carry guns but urges them to contact law enforcement first, which caban did although he is quitting since he says uber's policy the customer is always right is wrong. >> there just have been too many instances where i end up getting the short end of the stick on these, you know, things with uber, because uber just doesn't, uber listens to passenger and when they have got a complain, that is who they listen to. don't get any side from the driver. reporter: caban said if it was wasn't for the dash-cam no one would believe him. more than a million people, 1.2 million actually do after watching it on youtube. back to you. jenna: good thing he had video and mace too. probably not a bad idea on either. william, thank you. jon: new next hour of "happening now," a new report set to be released on food-borne illnesses. health and safety officials call it a wake-up call for the food industry. we'll be joined by another gop presidential candidate,
8:55 am
former new york governor george pataki. we want to know what you think. what questions would you like to ask the governor? our live chat is up and running. join the conversation by going to
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8:58 am
jenna: different stories emerging about six peabs evers kicked off a flight who say they were singled out because they were black. but some passengers say they were being disruptive. >> obviously someone was in his seat and he wanted to move. i guess he went about it wrong. the stewardess got nervous and they wanted him to leave the plane.
8:59 am
he wan wanted to get to dallas. the police had to be called to remove him from the plane. there was 5, 6 other people gathered and they got off, too. jenna: the flight attendant called security and he was escorted off the plane with other passengers. jon: in our next hour we'll be talking about the russian jet crash in the sinai desert. was it brought down by some kind of external explosion? and you have a big interview. jenna: we just talked to senator rand paul. and we'll be talking to george pataki who will be on set take your questions. so tweet us, email us. telegram. we'll take anything. the point of this segment is to bring your questions to the presidential candidates. jon: even carrier fij pigeons.
9:00 am
see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faller. host of lou dobbs tonight is here, he's out numbered but that's not really true. temperature. great to be with you guys. harris: for the second time from two weeks ben carson is leading in the a presidential poll. the retired neurosurgeon is leading in the donald trump 29% to 23% nationally. this is


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