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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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economy, like business. because if it matters to you and it's dollars and cents, we're quite comfortable being the nerds we are, we embrace being nerds, we're okay with it. a lot of times. see you in a week. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and jesse waters. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." who is the front-runner in the republican presidential race? donald trump or ben carson? the doctor has just vaulted past the donald in yet another national poll. carson is ahead by six points in an nbc news/"wall street journal" survey. at 29%. so what does trump have to say about the latest polling? >> i like ben, but ben can't do the job. there's no question about it, he can't do the job. he's not going to be able to negotiate with china. our trade deals are a horror,
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our military is a mess. >> you don't think ben carson can rise to the occasion? >> no, i don't think he can do that. >> what is it about ben carson that a lot of people are going, there's something about him. >> i think he's a nice person, i like him. but i don't understand it. >> so that was this morning on "fox and friends." trump came out in epic form to greet them on the couch and answered the questions, dana to talk about the latest polling. his main criticism was i don't think this is a guy who can get deals done. >> this is what happens when you have candidates in competition what i think that donald trump does very well is he recognizes his opponents' weaknesses. ona lot of people think that one of ben carson's strengths is that he is nice. what trump is able to do is take somebody's perceived strength and turn it into a weakness by saying basically that he won't be tough enough to negotiate with china there foreyou should look to me to do that, because
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that's something that's on the minds of american people. when he's trying to definele weaknesses of somebody else, he does a good job of it. >> he said i'm the guy to get deals done. which is a very important point. especially when you look at the polling of what people care about. >> when you look at the polling, 41% that donald trump, as far as the economy and business goes, he would be their choice. what you really need to see in the poll, these polls are going to jump around a little bit. what you need to see in the polling is that between trump and carson, the two outsiders have -- they have it locked up. they have 50% of the leaning right republican vote. leaning republican voters. if they were smart, they would continue not to take too much harsh shots at each other, continue to own the vote and hash it out at the end. right now it's going to be a game of attrition. what happens now? there's are six or seven that are probably on the bubble. three or four, jeb stays in, marco rubio stays in, one or two
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stays in and you're down to a real race. think about that, two people out of 14 have more than half the vote. that's amazing. >> unbelievable. what does it say about the rest of the crew, jesse? >> the rest of the crew not doing so well. think it's a herman kaine situation. this is a mirage, this phenomenon right now. this is the poll that the media has been rooting for. the ben carson situation. i think his support is soft, it's not deep. when i'm out on the streets, people come up to me. don't talk about carson, they talk about donald trump. i don't see a lot of carson paraphernalia out there. i don't know if he's staffed up. he's got a huge burn rate. i think trump right now. think maybe last debate, he didn't have the moment. and that hurt him. last cycle we talked a lot about biden and benghazi and hillary and he's laying back and trying to lock in the support. he hasn't been talking about illegal immigration as much. i think he needs to be more
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consistent about that. but he's got the big "snl" thing coming up this weekend eerks got the book tour, he'll be zig-zagging across the country. i think it will be fine for the donald. >> the advantage, juan when you're on top for that long, this gives a little bit plus or minus margin of error and maybe gives him a chance to get back up on top. very s versus staying there the whole time. >> this is a strong reaction. this is the first time since june he hasn't been the number one in the republican field. it's not only carson he's going after, kimberly. he's going after jeb bush, he says jeb bush should drop out. he said marco rubio is overrated. so he's definitely feeling like hey, i'm punching back. time for the counterpuncher to start punching. i would agree with jesse this is a very fluid field, i don't think anything is set. americans are looking for
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someone who is that outsider. so you get 50% about for trump and carson. but then you think about who is the other two at the top. they're not at the top level, but the second level. which would be marco rubio and ted cruz. well ted cruz, in my neck of the woods, is view as, oh, my god, it's ted cruz, you can't play with him this is the republicans talking. if you talk about marco rubio, people are saying like well, he's a nice kid. he's young. you this don't have a whole lot of sense of him having the experience to get in there and do deals. i will say this about the donald's thing, he has experience doing deals with the chinese government? dealing with domestic and international politics? a business deal, a deal between me and you is far different than if kimberly and jesse and dana say we have something to say about -- >> whether it's new york or beijing. why is it different than doing a deal with the premiere of china? what's the difference? you negotiate. >> no no no. because eric, in this kind of
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deal you have so many hands. you have could have a senate that says to you we don't like your deal. >> juan, i understand that politics is not business. but the art of the deal as he writes, goes across all the spectrum. not just a business deal. >> i'm just saying -- >> it probably goes even across a romantic deal. you want to sell someone on you, you put your best foot forward. >> that's how you got adrian. >> between you and your wife. that's one thing. between your father in law, mother-in-law -- your kids -- >> any guy who deals better than the president right now would be an upgrade. think about it, we had bergdahl, troops out of iraq. i think the guy in office is not doing a very good job. >> except for hillary. >> in a week there's going to be a fox business debate. it's going to be on the economy the way it should have been on the economy with cnbc. think about it for a second.
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trump is going to off come off this weekend. he's going to have the nbc "saturday night live" thing. and they're going into an economy debate. trump versus ben carson in the economy. i love ben carson. he's probably going to get his lunch eaten by trump in the debate about business and the economy. ben's a great guy. but if you push him on numbers, he's a little less than solid on numbers. >> let me just say -- >> i agree. >> that's not true. it's not true. ben has not had his lunch eaten at any of these debates. he has been low energy, people say he is kind of disappeared, but you know what, he electorate like him. >> he was talking about medicare, medicaid -- >> i glee, but he says strongly conservative things. not to my liking, but strongly conservative and the base knows who he is. and they find him less objectionable than donald trump. that's what these polls are telling you. >> juan has a man crush on carson. it's official. >> i find it curious that if donald trump is on top in the
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polls. that is a good poll. if carson is obviously on top in this poll, then that poll should be questioned or carson should be questions qewed. i here's the thing on the bigger scale, you mentioned herman caine. in 2004, john kerry was way down at this point in the election. he comes back to win iowa and he gets the nomination. same with obama, same with mccain, same with rock romny. i'm not saying that history is going to repeat itself this year. but i think everyone should chill out for a minute and let the debates take place, let them try to run their races. it's not over and i'm looking forward to the debate next week because i do think it will be a different one. you'll have a different tone and they will have to answer very substantive questions and follow-ups unlike the democrats who didn't have to do so in their previous debates. >> and the poll does show rubio surging. the rubio phenomenon is real. you can tell because the donald is starting to attack him. he came out today saying he was
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a disaster with a credit cards. insinuate egg was corrupt when he was running the show in florida. saying he sweats a lot. donald may be distracted putting down jeb or going after carson. but i think rubio is a threat right now. >> i think he said oh, i killed off jeb too soon. >> he needs to revive him. >> elevate rubio. to make your day, jesse, i got a little more trump for you. >> earlier trump held a news conference in new york city and used the opportunity to take more shots at his opponents. >> you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration. i think that really marco is overrated. my jeb impression? no. i don't want to do that. i don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. you need a very strong person with tremendous energy. thank you very much. folks, i'll take the jump. >> and he's also calling on some of them to get out of the race. >> do i think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates drop out? yes. there are too many people.
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well, i don't want to get personal, but you can look at the poll numbers. if a person has been campaigning for four or five months and they're at zero, or one or 2%, they should get out. look at me, i go to florida, and look at the numbers that just came out in florida. 37%? georgia, i mean those are real numbers. do they do this for their brand? because i happen to think it's very bad for their brand. >> all right. so he's obviously very confident person. and he's got a message and he's staying on it. ? going to be able to win the day? is this going to resonate with voters? or is it starting to back-fire a little bit? >> i actually think. i talked about trump quite a bit. but i actually think that his support is higher than these polls are showing. these polls are done randomly, the dial polls, the landline polls. we're steering away from online polls. he seems to have some sound of groundswell support. that isn't your typical voter.
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>> having never even -- >> weren't you saying this a few weeks ago? >> what? >> somehow that the polls were illegitimate when trump was on top? >> i'm not saying the polls are illegitimate. they're polling accurately the way they're making their polls. but if you look at the online polls, they show vastly different picture. they show trump leading everyone by quite a bit. maybe because these are typical landline, 400 phone calls, made via landline. i don't even have a landline to my house. >> you got "wall street journal" now, you had "the new york times," the polls are very similar. you have two different highly credible polls. >> what do you attribute it to? >> i think the pie is not baked or it's everything is fluid and people think maybe trump is a little brash and harsh and big on himself, egotistical. and seeing this other guy is kind of quiet. but i think jesse is right, you look at the numbers and people aren't saying they're committed to carson. they're saying right now they like carson.
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>> and trump is still winning in almost every single primary state by wide margins. he is the expected nominee among republicans by double digits over carson and is expected to take on the democrat nominee. i don't think it's like all over for trump. i think everybody is wishing to write the story that trump's on the decline. i think he's sitting pretty right now. >> it's still early and newt gingrich, dana, has also said there's going to be still movement. things happening. he doesn't necessarily think the outsiders like carson and trump are going to be out of the game. but there are some people saying well perhaps we're beginning to see a little bit of that you know wearing off. and perhaps some of the other candidates we've seen elevated like -- >> well gingrich would know. he was one of those people. i think that history as a guide you would have to just think that maybe there's going to be some additional changes. the election is not tomorrow and if it was, then maybe ben carson would win. the other thing i would point out after last week's debate.
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a lot of conservatives on the right were complaining about the debate structure. because they said republicans shouldn't go out and just beat each other up all the time and give the democrats all sorts of weaknesses about the republican field. what we just saw in donald trump's press conference was one after the other, systemically going down the line and pointing out all the weaknesses and not saying what he's going to do for the country. maybe that's entertaining, but i think he's doing what everybody said they shouldn't do in the aftermath of the debates. >> we all talked about winning a competitive primary. when people that we like get attacked, we say we have to unite. and when people don't attack, you have to say listen, it's not a coronation. >> so what? >> so it is fluid and people are going to do what they have to do to win this thing.'ve got peopl positive strides, rubio, cruz, christie. people are far from giving up at this point. jeb's got to revamp. next, pressure has been
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mounting on quentin tarantino to apologize after he referred to police officers as murderers. the director has just responded to the controversy for the first time. is he sorry for what he said? stay tuned. hi i'm heather cox
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director quentin tarantino has been under fire and under pressure to apologize for this remark the other weekend at an anti-cop rally. >> i'm a human being with a conscience and when i see murder i cannot stand by and i have to call the murder the murder and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> police unions have been calling for a boycott of his films. now tarantino is giving a response to the "l.a. times." tarantino says all cops are not murderers, i never said that i never even implied that. i'm not being intimidated. i'm not a cop-hater that is a misrepresentation, that's slanderous, he adds i'm not taking back what i said. what i said was the truth.
2:19 pm
dana perino, the truth? >> we've watched that tape of his from the protest several times. i don't think there can be misinterpreted. if he's saying he's not taking it back, i'm take him at his word and say what he said on that date, he's right. >> if he wants to double down, he's talking a big game like mr. tough guy. but he's showing no respect for the sanctity of human life. he's showing no respect for the police officers, men and women of the color and diversity, that put their lives on the line every day and have bled and died to keep our community safe. how can he look at himself in the mirror every day when he spews hate and ignorance. >> let me speak in farrvor of tarantino. tarantino said i never called all cops murderers. he said there are some police that have engaged in the tactics
2:20 pm
that have led to the death of people. >> he said in the context of talking about michael brown and ferguson. which in hindsight, that cop was found innocent of any murder charges, he wasn't brought up on murder charges if i'm not mistaken. for him to use that as an example and say cops this context, murderers, believe he did. i could be wrong, i believe he did i'm also a defender of the first amendment of free speech, you have a right to be an idiot. i never once have i ever called for a boycott. >> wait a minute, everybody has a trite to boycott if they don't like what he's saying. >> you have a right to say stuff -- >> you're for the free market, stepping in and if people you don't like what he says, you
2:21 pm
don't have to go to his movie. >> jesse, but tarantino in in addition to saying he didn't call all cops murderersoring, but was talking about people in specific instances, he said the right is trying to intimidate him and shut him up. to use him as an example to shut up anybody else. to talk about the abusive use of force by some police officers. >> this guy is a great director, terrible actor. you have a white millionaire hollywood star, this guy, who is pretending like he is the victim. >> yes, he is. >> he's being slandered. he calls cops murderers. but then he's the victim and he's not going to be intimidated. i honestly can't believe that i don't think this is the apology that harvey weinstein was looking for. i think the movie is going to -- weinstein's son, whatever. and let's look at the context of what he said. remember what happened here? this is the guy that marched with the movement. that called for the death of police. called police murderers, this is a few days after a black nypd
2:22 pm
officer was shot in the face by a convicted felon. tarantino is in trouble here. you guys have been killing him every day. the papers have been killing him. he's turning into a skinny michael moore at this point. he's in serious danger zone. >> so part of the thinking, at this table, i think everywhere is that he's under pressure, not just from the police unions, but from harvey weinstein. >> yeah. >> weinstein. >> and weinstein is distributing the film that's coming out in december, right? so weinstein company has a long-standing relationship, friendship with quentin and has a tremendous amount of respect for him as a filmmaker. we don't speak for tarantino, he should be allowed to speak for himself. jesse, what is wrong with that? >> that sounds like they're distancing themselves from tarantino. that sounds like he speaks for himself. we don't speak for quentin. >> they didn't want to go the
2:23 pm
step further and say that he's wrong. >> that's called a carefully crafted statement. >> here's stephen colbert. he took a break from making jokes to lend his support to the black lives matter movement. >> there's a lot of people talking about the use of excessive force by police, and without courting controversy, i want to say that the police have a hard job putting their lives on the line and the vast majority are good people. on the other hand, black people aren't imagining this stuff. let me take a moment here, to say that i agree with how you feel. you know who you are. i feel strongly about that. and those people on the other side -- wrong. >> how do you feel, eric? >> i think stephen colbert used to be funny. his numbers are wrong. the numbers don't bear that out. the numbers bear out at the rate
2:24 pm
at which the african-americans commit crime. it's commensurate at the amount of time they end up dead. >> there are far more white people though are killed at the other end of a cop's gun, but they commit, they're 83% of the country is white, 13% or 14% is black. the numbers are consistent. they're not people -- cops aren't killing african-americans at a higher rate than african-americans are committing crime. >> i don't think that's right. i think it's pretty clear that it's disproportionate to the population. here's what i would say -- >> it is disproportionate to the population. but the rate of crime is disproportionate as well. >> i was going to say if you want to talk about crime and especially vi especially violent crime, it's disproportionately? ed in black neighborhoods. but that that would excuse the use of homicidal force? i don't think most americans would be comfortable with that. >> eric is right, the "washington post" did a study and analyzed all the fatal
2:25 pm
shootings by the police in year, 2015. they found that 95%, 95% were justified. and as eric said, more whites are killed by police officers than blacks. the idea that black lives matter movement is this real movement based on facts, is just not true. >> i think it's very factual. i don't think there's any question about what happened -- >> how can you say it's factual when i just cited a "washington post" statistic that refutes that. the "washington post" isn't conservative. >> let me just say i don't think there's any question about your statistics, think there's a question about what you're arguing about. there's no question that this movement has broad support especially in the black community. >> no it doesn't, juan. >> that's not true. >> i'm out in the streets every day. i ask people, do black lives matter or do all lives matter? i've never heard one black guy say black lives matter. all of them have told me, all lives matter. >> maybe they're scared. >> jesse, i'm tired of being
2:26 pm
interviewed by you, you keep asking the same question. i think all lives matter. but i'm telling you in terms of the reality, this movement has some support in the black community. now i think dana, that this is a difficult issue. for someone like stephen colbert. i'm surprised he jumped in. because he's going to get a backlash. people are going to say why are you doing that. why is he doing it? >> when he starts off the commentary by saying without courting any controversy -- when actually the whole reason to bring it up is to court controversy. it's not that it's not a relevant topic. maybe that's what he's hearing a lot about. he's got a platform. he's got to right to use it however he wants. but you can't say without courting controversy, and not trying to get attention for it, because he was. >> he needs to do something, to get himself out there. because things haven't been going swimmingly. he wants to say, black people are not imagining this. he's a comedian. he's trying to just you know
2:27 pm
provoke thought and discourse and get in on it. that's how i see it. >> maybe all of these hollywood celebrity types are trying to jump in. are they all jumping on the heavy. i guess that would be the question. next bill o'reilly lashes out on those trying to stifle free speech in america.
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2:32 pm
but at the same time, you got to follow the rules in school. ith left-wing groups, didn't including who posted online petitions calling for lemon and raven simone to be fired. bill o'reilly responded with strong words for liberals. >> freedom of speech in this country is under attack. and it's under attack primarily from the left. and the facts are there, the left does not want to hear dissenting opinions and if you put them out. they will try to destroy you, that's the beginning of totalitarian society. >> dana, you're shaking your head? >> i would imagine that lemon and raven are probably the last person they thought would come to their defense would be bill o'reil o'reilly. but fox news, bill o'reilly, other people in this network are consistent in defending free speech rights, and that includes theirs. >> don lemon pointed out you need to know context before you be the judge, jury and executioner.
2:33 pm
he's right. >> this is a perfect example. it's really unbelievable, the biggest killers of free speech. the liberal -- you know his tearics in this country. that sit there and say you can't even have a thought. they want to punish you even for thinking something, let alone being honest and saying something like, all lives matter or hey, people should follow the rules. and listen and be obedient in school. i don't get it. i never thought i would wake up in america and see it like this. >> is it because lemon and raven simone are black in or because they're supposed to be liberal? >> i think it is more liberal than it is black. but black is a part of it. think when you control people's speech, you control their behavior. controlling behavior, you control their vote and when you control the votes, you control the money and the power. now the left run as tight ship. anybody 0 who runs out of line on the left, they crack the whip. because they're running a revolution, they're all about winning elections,
2:34 pm
redistributing the wealth and any foot soldiers who get out of line, a lot of discipline. republicans, i mean -- we say this, you say that we believe in free speech. you have internationalists, interventionalists. republicans believe in free thinking. not free stuff. but there's no unity on that side. >> what's wrong with adding context. at least asking for context, these two people are targeted by to be fired. >> it was worse than that i got to tell you something, i said to me the most shocking part is that if you go to to this petition, not only if you, so if you say yes, i want to sign this petition. then says so make a contribution to they're trying to raise money off of this. it's for profit. my feeling is that part of the petition also speaks to race. that it says we don't want black commentators on the air who don't represent the wide consensus of black opinion. in other words, they're
2:35 pm
expecting that raven simone, don lemon would speak for all black people. how insulting. >> the officer was fired. >> yes. and in both cases, in both cases they said, that looked like overreaction, far too violent. but they want to know more. they want to know what the girl was up to, what was going on. how can you say that's bad journalism? that to me should be held up as a standard. >> that's stay in the pc cultural war. college president had to apologize for this photo of him and staff wearing sombreros. seriously, kg. i've taken 20 or 30 pictures like that am amicro racial aggressive person? >> not all the time at all. no, you're a fun guy. what is the -- i don't get it one of my favorite things is a taco bell commercial with the little chihuahua. yo quiero taco bell. now you can't wear a sombrero?
2:36 pm
i don't understand how we became like this. >> juan, this is coming from liberal academia. the left is pushing this. >> maybe it's coming from academia. i think the whole thing about microaggression -- you know i think this came from one of the students at the school who then said this was a racist act. i don't see how it's a racist act. i think it might be you know incensed that they were -- >> why? it's a culture. >> taco tuesday, you can't have a salsa night? >> i think the whole idea is these folks have the mustaches and the sombreros. >> it's halloween, juan. you're allowed to dress up on halloween. >> so if you dress like a hooker or if you dress up like one of these gangster rappers, guess what, there are people who say you're belittling women or you're mocking blacks. >> i can dress like that. >> i think they mock themselves.
2:37 pm
check it out. i agree with you on that. >> got to just choose your friends. >> some college campuses you can't even describe a perp, with race. with a color. he's, it's a male and he's 5'10". you can't say he's black. or he's white or he's asian. >> that's why we're getting back to the school thing where they want to call kids purple penguins. >> so every six -- >> you say guilty. the minute i walk by, you're -- >> you're looking for the suspect. you want to be as descriptive as possible. >> how is black going to help you in that situation? >> you're kidding, right. >> how is it going to help you? it narrows it down. >> it depends where you are, if you're in the middle of d.c. or baltimore, it abt going to help to narrow it down to the 20% of the population. >> or if you say white male and there's 40% -- >> when you get robbed, don't tell cops the race of the mugger, try that. >> i'm saying jesse, as a general thing broadcasting, it
2:38 pm
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♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it's decision day in ohio, voters there determining whether to legalize recreational marijuana like four other u.s. states. if approved, medical marijuana would be become legal there as well. polls close in about two hours. one famous ohio resident stands to cash in. if ballot item 3 passes, former boy singer nick lachey. who would co-own -- >> lachey. >> whatever. >> i wondered about that all day. that he would co-own one of the ten farms approved to grow the weed for the state's regulated marijuana stores. >> i'm nick lachey, ohio is my home and i care very deeply about the people here.
2:43 pm
which is why i'm proud to be a part of a movement that's going to create jobs, reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our communities. >> okay, there's a lot to get to. and eric, i'm going to get to you in a moment. i want to show governor kasich. who was talking about this vote today. >> we're not for legalizing marijuana. because look, we spend all of our time trying to tell kids to stay off drugs and that legalize this drug, okay, sends such a mixed message, we can't afford mixed messages to our kids, i'm totally opposed to this. >> okay so that's one point of view. what's interesting, the twist on this, eric, maybe could you help explain it to people. is that basically only ten companies, ten firms are going to get to be in on this deal. >> this is a huge test, for once it's a midwest state. it's very close, 43-42 right now in favor it could go either way. and kasich is against it kind of popular vote in the state. but monopoly. you're talking monopoly. ten growers, one distributor, the government will be able to
2:44 pm
oversee the distributor. ten growers, which means it is a monopoly. prices will stay high, no chance for the product to improve. qualitiwise, so all the libertarians are saying legalize weed, that's what they're for. you took all the free market out of it. i think it will probably be pushed through because they want to get it legalized weed on the books. and they have to allow more growers, they have to allow it to be a free market. >> they're thinking this is a privately funded ballot initiative. they're trying to get it done. jesse, kimberly and i have never smoked pot. >> kimberly haven't? >> never. i've never even had a cigarette. >> you what? >> they want to know if he smoked with you. >> are you out of your mind? >> because you and kimberly, i'm going to go to you because you are the parents of younger children. so remember you used to get in
2:45 pm
trouble for having a bag of weed. now this is how pot comes today. you're a grower, you sell it, you can make it into all of these little fancy things. are you concerned about it as a father? or do you care? >> listen if i lived in cleveland, ohio, i would probably want to get high, too. but as a parent, it's different. did you it when you were growing up, you don't want your kids near it. you're like do as i say, not as i do. i don't want them normalized to it if these guys want to vote for it in ohio, it's a democracy, let them vote for it what do i care. the country going to amsterdam. we're going to have legalized prostitution, everything is going to be legal. it doesn't matter to me. ohio is going to turn democrat now because of this. this is where it's all headed, republicans are going to get stoned, forget when election day is. >> once it gets to the midwest, it's all over. >> i don't know. kg, you're not for this, we know that. >> no, no, no. no. and i don't like it hidden --
2:46 pm
what was that, a jello star? what was that? >> they're like candies. >> well this is very deceiving. i'm very worried. because somebody could fool someone and slip them that and they think it's a delicious treat. >> and there's interesting statistics for emergency room visit for children who are like, oh, that looks good. >> i agree with john kasich, you want to send the wrong message to kids, try pot, then cigarettes, no, no, no. >> what about alcohol, what about tobacco? >> well, i try to give you enough time. can i get a prediction. is it going to pass or not pass? >> i think it passes, i would add, it's about the money, it's wait they presented it, not about what we've discussed that the table. >> really? >> they think it's a money winner. >> did you know how to pronounce nick lachey's name? >> there was a guy because ho played for the washington took football game with that same last name. they say last certificate
2:47 pm
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. if you watch "the office" you know the tv bofs often tried
2:51 pm
to make his employees laugh. >> hey hey hey,is fat albert. >> what? >> fat albert. jim halpert. meredith, you slept with so many guys, you're starting to look like woman. kevin, i can't decide between a fat joke and a good joke. >> they say last certificate the best medicine. so stanley can you throw away those pills, you are cured. actually, you better hold on to the pills just in case. how come chris rock can do a routine, and everybody finds it hilarious and ground-breaking. and i go and do the exact same routine, same comedic timing and people file a complaint to corporate? >> a new study indicates that managers should lay off the jokes in real life as well. because ones that come from bad bosses annoy and offend their
2:52 pm
workers. >> dana, you worked with george w. bush. he told jokes? >> was really funny. he had a good wit. >> he didn't make fun of people? >> no. >> o'reilly often tells jokes that are demeaning. >> everybody in the pod laughs, nervous laughter. >> bolling, you've worked in the training pits, these guys are cracking jokes left and right. >> you got to have humor. >> those are your peers. >> i don't understand why the boss thing, is that another microaggression. >> exactly right. we were talking about the sombrero thing. it all builds on each other. you're not supposed to like laugh, don't laugh, don't tell anybody that works for awe joke or else they might be offended and go to corporate. >> like a well-timed ethnic joke from your boss, juan? that's well timed, it's fun, right? >> it's fun. >> we're talking the power of
2:53 pm
equation, it's often the women, the big boss, he can hire and fire. and people say that's not in terms of power, it's not an equal relationship. which is why i was curious about the eric situation, people in the pits are all traders, all going after each other. >> kimberly has heard a few off-color jokes from the bosses over the years. >> how about at this table every day, everywhere. >> one more thing is up next.
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
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2:57 pm
time for one more thing. dana? >> i felt like yesterday we didn't give enough love to the kansas city royals, they deserved it. today royals fans packed downtown kansas city. painted the streets blue. they welcomed back the royals. in a really great, great way. there's some aerial shots. look at that, 300,000 people there. and also i got a couple of pictures from twitter. there's a selfie. i think they were there early. around 10:00 a.m. another aerial shot. >> they were ndeserve it. they were down in the ninth inning. >> congratulations to the royals, we didn't mean to dismiss you yesterday. >> good job, royals. feel yourself. >> jon stewart just signed a four-year deal with hbo, i'll take care of that on saturday. jimmy kimmel does it every year. watch what happens the day after
2:58 pm
halloween. >> mommy and daddy ate all your candy. >> really? >> no candy, you're in big trouble young lady. >> i ate it. >> i wanted the skittles! >> it goes on and on. >> i hate it every year. >> it's frustrating. >> i think it's so mean. it's so sad. and they're crying, they're all upset. >> they could be scarred for life. talk about microaggression. >> wait a minute. what about politically correct. you can't play a joke on a kid now? >> thank god, time for one of my food segments, today is national sandwich day. want to know how i'm celebrating? you know it, salami, i mix it up a little bit. with some turkey, incredibly delicious. according to a survey released last year americans picked
2:59 pm
turkey as the type of sandwich they ate most often followed by ham and chicken. peta, falafel. yum. >> how do you do it? >> "monday night football," i was watching the game last night. panthers versus colts, third quarter, very unusual. a man and woman rapeling down the front of the stadium. protesting bank of america, based in charlotte. financing a liquefied natural gas facility in maryland. four people were arrested. and they unfurled a banner saying the bank of america should not be funding dominions. >> that did nothing but help bank of america. >> okay, jesse? >> the guy is hammered in the back of an uber car, so drunk, couldn't tell the guy directions how to get home. the driver had enough of it. this is what happened next. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. so the guy is whaling on him.
3:00 pm
but the uber driver had a little mace, there he goes, right in the eye. it turns out the guy was arrested. he's an employee of taco bell. >> not any more. >> at least he wasn't wearing a sombrero. >> set your dvr so you don't miss an episode. u.s. and russian pilots test communications in syria. while a top american general says russia is our number one threat. this is "special report." welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. we begin in syria. where there are new questions about russia's support of the embattled leader while part of president obama's effort to degrade and ultimately destroy isis appears to be degrading itself. at a rapid rate. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest tonight from the pentagon on the often confusing and contradictory actions in


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