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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 4, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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eastern. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from the nation's capitol where we spend your money like crazy. there is no accountability. good night from washington. tonight on "red eye", donald trump says being president is not ben carson's thing. could the simple ella against of the slam be enough to stop the surgeoning surgeons? and why lawmakers could be the next legally protected class. and will the move be a fan favorite or lead to broken hearts? our panel provides lights and retweets. first, a news break. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm robert gray. a cargo plane crash-landing in south sudan's airport shortly after takeoff. according to local media the aircraft had seven passengers and five
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russian crew members on board, but only two people survived. an eyewitness reports seeing the plane lying in the white nile river. local media reported that it happened close to the airport. the crash-landing of this cargo plane comes days after a russian passenger plane crashed in egypt killing all 224 people on board. u.s. embassy staff in could i yow have been urnalled -- in cairo have been urged not to travel in the peninsula. it is not clear what brought down the russian plane. but they de ect ited heat around the -- they detected heat around the plane suggesting an engine or bomb could have exploded. authorities will announce on thursday that a suburban police officer killed himself. you may recall the shooting death of lake county officer charles glenowitz lead to a massive manhunt. a source said he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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a massive manhunt for a suspect charged with killing a georgia sheriff is over. law enforcement recapturing jim lowry after he escaped on tuesday during a jail transfer. lowry is charged in the june 16th death of a montgomery county sheriff. a hefty fine for takata. the u.s. government ordering the company to pay $70 million in fines for not recalling faulty air bag inflaters in a tilely manner. they were found in the shaw rap national in the crash and blamed for eight deaths worldwide. more than 100 people have been injured. i'm robert gray and now back to the overnight show you can't get enough of, "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news
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deck. >> happy sandwich day. >> i love a good sandwich. >> me too. any idea what mark's favorite sandwich is? >> am -- ham and cheese? >> you would be wrong. according to a survey it is turkey. >> i never would have guessed that. it proves what i have been saying all along. the influence of islam in this country is growing rapidly. >> it is hurtful. >> i didn't mean that in a negative way. >> it is hurtful you underestimate the power of the jews and eventually that will be your undoing. >> let's welcome our guests. she is one of a kind. she must be because no one named tony ever named their daughter jedediah. jedediah bila. i don't know why he doesn't have a consumer device column. the writer and producer for anthony fisher. she appeared on mad tv, chelsea lately and party down. she gets good shows canceled.
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actress and comedian. and you would think he was a mermaid in a sea shell the way he clings to the stern. from the howard stern show. let's start the should. let's start the show. >> ben carson has surpassed trump in a new post debate poll. and now trump who is not and has never been a fan is attacking the new gop front runner. they are explaining what is wrong with ben. >> he will not be able to negotiate with china. it is not his thing. he doesn't do that. >> why? >> it is not his thing. it is not in his wheel house. he has never done it before and it is not meant for him. >> trull p was there -- trump was there promoting his latest book crippled america. in other campaign news, a new
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survey looked at the media habits of supporters. carson supporters are the most likely to get their news from twitter. fans of trump get their news from watching tv. better into sanders -- bernie sanders followers are the biggest readers. international news like the dale looy worker and hillary workers are most likely to drink the kool-aid. that was a little joke. the kool-aid was not in the survey, jedediah. jedediah, look, trump is attacking carson. it is obvious because he is holding a little bit of a lead, right? >> carson is the guy to beat now it seems. i think trump can't really figure out what carson's appeal is. carson -- if you watch the debate, you are like trying to figure out if he is awake or not. he is always standing there looking like he needs 35 cups of coffee. seems like a lovely person, but you wouldn't want to send that calm, quiet demeanor in to deal with vladimir putin.
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he is an outsider and now he has to go after him. the one person he is not going after is ted cruz because ted cruz has been really, really nice to trump. >> is that really working for ted cruz? some people think it is. >> he is doing better. he is actually doing better. he and rubio are ?ooking up -- are sneaking up. you have to watch out for the conservatives. we sneak. >> what's going on with the conservatives. you are not a huge trump supporter. i don't even have to use the word huge there, do i? >> you can use huge anytime. trump is now -- he has fallen back. can he get back up there and do you think it is a slide? >> i think his peak lasted longer than anybody could have imagined. >> do you think he didn't think this would happen? >> i think he thought he would have the summer of trump.
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i don't think he anticipated going deep into the fall and even being neck and neck. i think he enjoyed it. he enjoyed his time at the top and that's why he is getting pissy that ben carson is saying almost as crazy stuff trump is saying, but doing it so calm and measured and doing it with his seventh day adventist, very peaceful demeanor. it is infuriating to him because the whole thing has been bravado. >> trump's thing is fake it until you make it. >> what is the appeal of trump and carson? >> i am totally in love with both of them. to me some of the people don't trust politicians and maybe there is something about these two. it does feel like an episode of "apprentice." the ultimate thing they will win is the presidency.
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i think trump knows more about hiring than anybody else. he knew latoya jackson was not good enough to be his apprentice and he let brett my will cays through. brett my will cays through. >> why does he keep talking about china? that way? and why can't ben carson negotiate with china? >> trump is obsessed with people not having enough energy. i have wopped -- ouch whatted" the uh -- "apprentice." >> when he is nodding off trump is complaining of people with no energy. he should go after that. >> he did. he brought up jeb bush and ben carson not having energy. jeb has no energy and that's one of the reasons he is unpopular and he also looks like he will have a 3-year-old tantrum at any moment. >> and his name is bush. >> but carson also has low
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energy. are you alive? >> is it low energy or is it the focus energy? he is like a laser beam, isn't he? >> he is part laser beam and part rowdy roddy piper. all that is missing is a kilt and bagpipes. we have this promo style of delivering the speeches where he is roasting and giving a speech at the same time. maybe he is on to something. this carson guy is so smart then why isn't the tonight show theme? i am an idiot. i thought of that. >> there may be some rights issues to sort out. >> here is what i don't want from my president. i don't want a guy would busted his butt going to school half his life to become the most brilliant brain surgeon on planet earth. i want a guy who knows how
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hard life can get. i want a guy who out of college was handed a meetly million dollars -- measley million dollars to scratch and claw at life. >> it is not what used to be a million dollars. >> no. then again i wouldn't know. i didn't have it then and i don't have it now. >> all right, next story, to paraphrase my favorite group, tlc, don't go chasing view likes and followers. she made news when she quit social media and exposed the real stories behind her seemingly perfect on-line life. 19-year-old mod deem o'neil had half a million instagram followers and earned her living through brand sponsored posts. she came to realize that social media wasn't real life. as if that's true.
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o'neil explain had her decision in a 17-minute video on youtube. >> i am getting emotional because i feel like at 12 i thought i was nothing. and then here at 19 with all of these soloists, i don't even know what is real and what is not because i have let myself be defined by something that is so not real. being with people in your real life and hugging people and talking to people and going out to the park and into nature that is [bleep] real life and i didn't do it for the majority of my life because i was living in a screen. >> going to the park. >> you have to go out to the park. i always say that. o'neil started a website for others to live without digital distractions. but without a brand paying her to post a photo wearing a dress she can't sustain her lifestyle, and so she is asking for help. >> i can't afford rent right now. if you like my videos or like
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my posts, will you like this website? if this is a value to you, then, yeah x please support me because i can't afford my own real life. >> o'neil has an instagram account, but she has gone back and edited the captions to tell the try. for example, here is the new caption. it says nothing about this image is insphiering -- inspiring to younger generations or creating real change. there is nothing zen trying to look zen and taking a photo trying to be zen and proving you are zen on insta-zen. and for once she confesses we didn't even go for a jog this night because it started raining, but i up loaded a photo insinuating we did. insinuating or out right lying? ged do dye yaw, you are on instagram?
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>> i am not living those moments. she is telling you to go out and real real life in the context of a video she made telling you to do that. she is not out there living life. she is trying to find out how to make the next buck. the second they see a celebrity without make up or a celebrity doing a photo shoot not air brushed or a girl saying this is the real me they will say she is the coolest new thing. she thinks it will make her some cash. it might. she is smart. there are a bunch of girls half naked on instagram. i will do my thing. >> we didn't know who she was before today. >> you were following her? i know i wasn't. >> the zen photo you know next week she will be in a victoria secret fashion show. she is wise. >> you two don't think she is
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having having a spiritual awakening? >> it is a 19 thing to do. if you are going to quit social media don't do it in a 17-minute video. it was like 140 characters on a tweet. i will pay you not to make a 17-minute video. she can't pay her rent. she discovered what she was doing was a job. she thought she was living her life. she was always a job. she was making money modeling. this is native advertising. it is all there. you can't sell commercials on tv because nobody watches tv anymore. >> wait a minute! we pr on a tv show. >> we should be on insta -- instagram. >> instagram doesn't move my pillows. >> let me tell you about my crowd funding. i had to wait tables at the
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olive garden. no one on this planet should memorize the song at any p oi -- point. you sit here and you have a life -- you think there is something better than modeling? try plumbing. i did that for a couple years. she is fun. >> she gets to be -- if it is instagram -- she said we went out for a job. she put somebody out of work. >> i watched the video and she said i yelled at my sister for like an hour. her pour sister. >> now her sister is out of work. >> i think she is on a journey and she inspired me to go back flew my instagrams to edit the captions to tell the new story. >> i am wearing a crown, but i don't feel like a kid at all.
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for this pic, how can i admit i am not this fun at weddings? i am a fraud. and would he be smiling if he knew i was gunning for his job? you know, i lts -- i also noticed jedediah revealed some captions to reveal the new truth. my other hand took this photo. i kidnapped my neighbor's dog and say it is my own. thank god my neighbor is too old to work a computer. seriously don't tell my neighbor i stole the dog. it is my dog. >> that is exciting. you can get that girl's sister to -- >> didn't you know life is empty for that dog. >> she is well loved.
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>> how did you know she didn't go to a party or have a date. that denim skirt would g a long way. >> then i will be famous. >> i would love to turn and say remember you used to pay money when i would put smiles on your faces? >> that left me empty. >> so do me a favor and my cell phone bill is kind of high. think of the penis joke i used to do and cash is okay too. >> it didn't occur to her that she may have to get a job. she is asking for donations. continue she grab a swiver. >> no, she thinks she is going to be best friends with oprah because she did this. she thinks she will write a book -- the editor will love her. if you are having a moment you don't put it on video. that's the girl who breaks up with a guy and then puts up 75 instagram posts up to show how
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much she hates him. >> remember the crying and leave britney alone, he is a big star. >> the prediction i made years ago i would be right. if i had a time machine i would go back and pat my younger self on the back. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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not the other way around. the calorie labeling law in 2008 i cried tierney and many laughed at me. it will help consumers make informed choices, they said. i don't care, i said. i don't want to think i can't pick up lunch without reading a government mandated fact sheet. oh tom, they said.
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not all of us are walking stick figures with will power coursing through our veins. we need big brother watching over us so we don't over eat. the facts are in and once again i am proven to be of note. a new study in health affairs compared data from fast-food joints in new york to those in new jersey where there was no labeling law. they found posting calories increased, quote the likelihood of customers reporting and having seen nutrition information in the restaurant and reporting using the information and reporting using it to reduce the number of calories consumed. the study went on to say we found no consistent change in food and beverages purchased or in how often respondents purchased fast-food. it was as i expected an exercise in futility. at least they are exercising. >> anthony, i don't think you need prodding here.
12:23 am
labels are for losers, right? >> it is a tremendous waste of money and creates a whole level of bureaucracy and i suspect it is one of those things that is actually there to make the people who are already making, quote, unquote, good food choices better about themselves than making people change their behavior. >> there it is. in 2008 i was back on this show arguing again it and you know who was arguing for the labeling? governor gary johnson. look it up. search tom shillue and governor gary johnson. >> i am grasping at straws, but it is a fairly non-- of all of the things big brother action this does not forbid people's behavior. >> he stood in favor of the light touch.
12:24 am
>> let me defend him for a second. >> this is informing people. this is telling people this is what it in your food and you have the freedom of telling him don't eat it. this is not michelle obama's school lunch program. when i go to a restaurant i have the food on my mind miles ago. i am dreaming of the burger and french fries. it is like i just can't -- the bacon and that. so you get there and you soy it is 30,000 calories i will still get it. most people feel that way about food. whether or not they should be informed to make that decision you can be a libertarian and say yeah they have a right to the information and they are free to decide. >> it makes mira bell yous. i am the boss of me and we are all secret monsters. we are all certain big monsters. we all love to
12:25 am
eat. it is easy to be 30 pounds heavier. let's make that be the sexy thing. whatever your fast-food is. >> you want everyone to balloon up. >> like dads bods and moms bods. i'm in. >> look, you want a cronut, don't you? does it scare you when it is 880 calories? >> no. when most people are reading labels they are eating what they are reading the label on. nobody says give me a cup of the hellmun's light. do you read the user agreement when you update the iphone? i don't. >> i'm like e-mail it to me.
12:26 am
>> like the fast-food drive through they should put mares there so you can watch yordz. watching yourself. >> what bugged me is like most of the regulations it was going to hurt the small business more than the big corporation. every mom and pop store had to re-do their menu. it was for 12 or more they said. >> to me that's mom and pop, right? who doesn't have 12 restaurants. they are not forcing you to follow the rules. they are forcing the businesses and it is doing no good and it is money down the drain. >> that's true and they aim to change behavior. the goal is you would see that and feel bad about yourself and order a salad. they don't know people. especially with food.
12:27 am
people passion that the of food, i'm italian. i think about food when i think about you. you are a giant pasta noodle. >> is it a commercial where you see a chicken. >> put a -- when i see a chicken i see a girl in wellies and shorts. >> coming up, it is not half time. it is not over time. it is -- it is half time. did i say it is not half time. you know what it is. and i will be headlining the bees sten -- the bo is sten comedy official -- boston comedy
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. a russian made cargo plane crash-landing in south sudan's airport shortly after takeoff. according to local media the aircraft had seven passengers and five russian crew members on board, but only two people survived. an eyewitness reports seeing the plane laying in the white nile river. the crash-landing of this cargo plane comes days after a russian passenger plane crashed in egypt killing all 224 people on board. u.s. embassy staff in cairo have been urged not to travel iny gyp's saw anyones law. --
12:32 am
in egypt's peninsula. they detected heat around the plane before the crash suggesting an engine or bomb could have exploded. voters around the country are making their voices heard. in kentucky republican matt bevin was elected governor and becoming the state's second republican governor in four decades. phil blatt won a second term. easily defeating a political new comer. and pot will still be illegal in ohio. they rejcted a bill to legalize -- rejected a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use. the issue got heated after an illegal immigrant with a criminal record shot 32-year-old kate steinly to dt. the man was released from the sheriff's jail even though federal i have aviation admit he be detained. the e-coli outbreak is
12:33 am
linked to officials. 37 people have been thickened and most made it to change restaurants. thisy are trying to pinpoint the source of the outbreak and they have closed 33 stores. now back to "red eye." welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we messed in the "red eye" news desk. are you there? i am creeped out about what i learned about you during the break. [laughing]. >> not even going to share it. before we get going can we get a shot of tom's shoes. what is going on there? >> i didn't plan that. >> we quail -- we came up with that in indonesia. >> i love the campus originals. and they are hard to get.
12:34 am
>> which is getting paid more? definite -- definitely tom. >> are you the female ted mcbeginly. >> i really am. i really am. wasn't he on "married with children"? >> he was on a lot of things that eventually got canceled. >> he is actually a fine actor. >> "revenge of the nerds." >> you were on "hung" and. >> and that was canceled. >> oh i thought it was still on. >> way to save it. >> i like where you lead with the one i was making out with people. i saw "hung" in indonesia. i remember "hung." that's the comedy. i remember "hung." i was on "hung" yeah.
12:35 am
>> trump says being president is not ben carson's thing. you said he can't figure out what carson's appeal is. today is the day i agreed with donald trump about something. >> i agree with him too. i also don't think donald trump is presidential material, but i agree with him on carson. but nobody agrees with us. >> seems like a decent guy. >> why would you want that job, that crazy -- there must be something wrong. >> that's absolutely true. you said trump's peak has lasted longer than anybody including him. >> i think trump believed he could win. i stand by that. i know he is hyper confident, but the summer camp that will never end. >> all right. arden you say trump is obsessed with people not having energy. is that the secret to carson's
12:36 am
success that he positioned himself as an outsider, but he has the opposite fern -- personality. >> maybe he will schmooz his way through to talk. gee you look like simon peg. >> sorry. did i just get the show canceled? i'm sorry. jay. >> i am actually told it canceled in the a block. >> good, good. my work is done here. >> former instagram model wants them to pay. what a bunch of haters. tom as you know i counsel a lot of exmodels if you can't afford rent you can stay at my
12:37 am
place for awhile. >> she should have known. >> jedediah, you accused this lovely young woman of not trying to live real life, but making a buck. how dare you. she is trying to share it with the world and tear it down. >> yow she knows she can stay at your place. she will be a lot leap yes, sir. she will be a lot happier. >> just beware when she flushes it it goes the other way. >> that's good, tom. that was clever. >> i believe that is a myth. >> it is a myth worth inserting a joke. >> i am actually not sure. arden if you will qis social media don't do it in a 17-minute video. i agree. it should have been closer to an hour. >> did you watch it? >> did i? >> is it on loop at your
12:38 am
house. >> yes. you say you think it will get better than modeling. >> i believe that. then the kitchen fire. i have had every crappy job known to man. i quit or filled a drug test. to me i don't i don't have a lot of sympathy for you where you are at a point -- if you want people to give you money and you are putting a $17 minute video on-line, make it a sex tape like everybody else. it is 2015, get with it. >> awful people. all of you. i thought maybe you were on the side of right, but you said can't you just grab a swiver and clean some apartments? >> yeah, have you not seen how hot she is? gee that's why.
12:39 am
who wouldn't want her in your apartment swifering. >> she can do it in a french maid costumes left over. >> there is all of you and i looked up comments and person after person was peeling this poor girl to get a job. actually i support her so much and i went through instagram feed and unliked and reliked all of her pictures since she changed the captions. >> did you buy into the clothes? >> no, sadly they were not for sale. oh you mean the clothes line? >> the clothes she was modeling. >> we had different understandings. tom you said it proves it was an exercise in futility. clearly the reason they are not working is they need to be
12:40 am
in larger type. when the government does something and it doesn't work we need more government. >> i will go port further. if they insist on whatever they want we will mandate that they eat healthier. >> we are going that way. jet do dye yaw, are you informing people. >> did you not hear what i just said? >> i heard the slippery slope prog jeblght. you are a libertarian and you like freedom. don't you want to make what is in your food? >> i want the freedom not to know. >> arden you said we are all secret pig monsters. >> because i outed us? i'm so sorry. >> getting shows canceled. >> it is a big day for me. >> not cool. >> when people are leading the
12:41 am
labeling, they are reading -- they have already made a choice. >> if you are a true friend of the mcdonalds gang. i can see them sliping the pink slime off of it. that's not a number four. give me a number four. >> i watched super size me and could not get to mcdonalds fast enough. i wanted the quarter pounder. >> lastly you mentioned gary johnson was defending these labels on our show years ac which is true. you might not have been here. the next time he was on the show he said we inning changed his mind. >> that is great. maybe it was me. >> it wasn't you posting it on youtube. >> my calmly n seasoned
12:42 am
arangement. >> you have a regular dr. carson. it is time to take a break. more stories when we come back. now here is what is happening on the next "kennedy" mooy. >> on the next "kennedy" guiding like, tom huh slew 789. 8:00 p.m. 5:00 paw sick on fbn.
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a woman in san francisco says we shouldn't call thieves criminals. during a discussion about crime and safety on a neighborhood social network, she urged her neighbors thought to use the label because it shows lack of empathy and understanding. she noted instead of calling the thief who took a bike from your garage a criminal you can be more respectful and call hem or her the person who stole my bicycle. she wrote. i suggest people who commit property crimes are human and deserve to be referred to in terms thatting knowledge that. i must say i agree with her, but i have other suggestions. i don't believe you should call an arsonist an arsonist. the person who burned down my home when my dog was in it. take time to learn his or her names.
12:47 am
calvin, the man who appears in my bed. not being able to call someone a criminal are widespread. >> ♪ what i need ♪ is a good defense ♪ because i'm feeling like a ♪ person who stole your bicycle. >> it is getting around. >> it really is. would you think twice about disparaging the criminals of america? >> i will. thank you for asking. criminal is a hard word. i prefer bandit or hooligan. >> bandito. >> i like san francisco. i love their food. i think they are a beautiful city. and the person who stole my grand mother's pearl necklace out of the window he was a criminal in the moment that bandit stole my necklace.
12:48 am
she wants to be sensitive and her heart is in the right place. she also blames gentrif cry ation. >> the law will have to overcome certain obstacles, but they can retain their humanity while being assessed for the criminal activity they engage in. if there is gentrification and if you are bumped out of your apartment and you hurt someone else, in that moment you still are a criminal. the thing i tried to point out is nonviolent drug abusers are technically criminals under the law. even a thief who has had a tough go is a criminal. >> maybe a crook. >> crook is fun. >> crook is fun. >> i picture a guy with a pill box hat and stripes.
12:49 am
>> we are talking like we are inventing halloween costumes for fake people. they are thieves. san francisco, i have never been there, but i don't know a single person from san francisco that makes any sense. not one person and ex-boyfriend included. sorry, you are a loonatic. i don't know what is wrong with people. i feel like we are dealing with a bunch of toddlers where when they say he is a big jerk. you have to be like no don't say the word jerk. he is not being nice right now. that's great, but we are talking about someone who broke into your house and stole all of your [bleep]. >> sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words are more harmful the acts. >> it may be true. who are we to say? jedediah called them toddlers, but they are little people. >> we are in the midst of a brushfire ofence sensitivity in -- of a brushfire of of
12:50 am
sense sensitivity. are you telling me i can't call a fox news reporter smokin hot? i am talking to you steve doosey. >> she is a human being and steve doosey is it not. it is about a person first. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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you don't work on this floor! td ameritrade. you got this. next "red eye" ben collins and farrah brooke and dave smith. >> once ton a time we praised tweets by giving them a star. well, now our children and our children's children will never know what that was like. on tuesday twitter announced it was changing the stars to hearts hearts and calling them likes instead of faves. the heart is more expressive and in their test people loved it. reaction from users back that up with jk ricky retweeting i don't want to sound mellow gram particular, but it has made me inapable of love.
12:55 am
>> even twitter hates me. why did you have to change the star for a heart? and andy levy wrote at twitter i am outraged that the thing i click is now a different shape. he has such an analytical mind. >> are we talking about twitter? >> jet do dye yaw, i feel weird clicking on a heart on another guy's tweet. >> it took a hart emoji in my tks. that's a lot. you don't know what a heart is saying and a star says this is cool. you don't know. a heart has meaning and women will take it the wrong way. thee will see the heard and read signs that aren't there. i know, i did it all day. >> well whim take it differently. i have a theory and you go ahead with your answer. >> as there a question? >> i have a theory as to why they would change it of the i
12:56 am
don't think it is what they are saying. >> i didn't notice it was happening or saw the announcement. i just saw somebody had favorited a tweet of mine and when it popped up on my phone so and so liked it. what does that? tripping me out. i saw the heart and it was jarring. too personal for twitter. if i wanted that personality i would go on facebook and see people i went to high school with. >> days book and twitter are two universes. >> twitter is snarkier and facebook is lovey dovey. tweeter is showing its opinion panties. they are being threatened by it. it is snarkier girl. the 8-year-old girl wants a heart, but the adult comedian wants stars.
12:57 am
>> quick before we go. >> look, anybody says did you hear twitter switched to a heart? out of my life. >> thank you to everyone on the panel. i'm tom shillue. see you next time.
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