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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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san francisco embattled sheriff at the center of the sanctuary city controversy voted out of office by a land slide. it is one of many election day results. garrett tin tihas more. >> the sheriff who is out of a job. the sheriff received heavy criticism after the july shooting death of 32-year-old kate stein lee by an undocumented immigrant released by the sheriff's office only months earlier. family members of other victims, though, say the sheriff losing h his job isn't enough. >> everybody in san francisco is pointing fingers so he is pointing fingers at the mayor, the mayor is pointing fishings at him.
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they are all guilty. they have all violated the law and they should all be locked up. >> in ohio voter the rejected a proposed constitutional amendment which would have realized marijuana for recreational and medical use. the measure known as issue 3 would have created a network of 10 grows facilities in the state. it received strong support from ohio including nick lachey who would have been part owner of one of the 10 sites. >> reinvigorate our economy and help with the safety of the economy. >> he said while i may not agree the people of ohio have spoke ep and thae the way it is supposed to work. change takes time. #democracy #respect. the second gop governor in the state in four decades. the businessman and tea party
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favorite beat con wick. it was seen as a test for outsider candidates at a time when several outsider candidates are seeking the gop nomination and they are leading in the polls. >> gaur receipt tiny live for s >> two months after an illinois officer's death sparked a massive manhunt. officials are expected to announce today he took his own life. police lieutenant charles joseph len wits shot himself with his own weapon after saying he was chasing suspects. they combed the area for days but never made any arrests. they believe he was under professional and personal pressures. his family dismissed suggestions that he committed suicide. a police officer killcharged wi killing a man was being moved
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between jails when he removed the shackles on his legs butt through the police cruiser and run off. he was captured not far from where he vanished. he was charged with fell me murder after a sheriff died in a car chase in june. at least 25 people killed when a russian made cargo plane lum ets from the sky in south sudan. the wreckage over the river nile. this after the embassy in cairo is warning the staff not to travel anywhere in egypt's sinai peninsula. after this weekend a russian jet crashed in the same region. the united states is not reeling out terrorism. pentagon officials confirming that an intelligence satellite picked up a heat flash but there is no evidence a missile brought it down. the president of egypt is dismissing claims isis was involved calling it propaganda.
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>> russia says it doesn't mind bashar al-assad stays in power or steps down. it follows a surprise visit to moscow weeks ago. russia is considered assad's biggest ally and blasting heavy air strikes against rebel forces in syria for weeks now. the white house does not think russia's support for assad has changed at all. >> movie director quentin tarantino doubling down his po murderers. >> i am a human being with a conscience when i see murder i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> as he refuses to apologize more police unions join the boycott of his new movie. robert gray is live for us. what is tarantino saying now? >> heather, good morning. the oscar winning director
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making the first comment since the rally telling the la times quote all cops are not murderers. i never said that. i never implied that. he goes on to say he has been mis misrepresented and police department and law enforcement groups are trying to intimidate him and others from protesting incidents of alleged brutality and quote i am not a cop hater. that is not how i feel. i am not taking back what i said, what i said was the truth. a growing number of police troops have called for boycott of tarantino's film. after the comments at the rally which came four-days after new york police officer randolph holder was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> i think the perception of what occurred was reactor re. he would have protested. he is anti police. he is talking about murder. whether it is reference of all cops it is on the heels of an
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event in which a police officer was killed. >> the up coming film is slated for release on christmas day in time for oscar consideration. the weinstein company issued its own statement saying tarantino quote can and should be allowed to speak for himself. anna, back to you. presidential candidate hillary clinton not only calling for people at a town meeting but promising to make it a voting issue. >> the majority of americans and majority of gun owners know we have to make changes. what stands in the way? one of the most powerful lobbies in our country the nra. >> clinton says she is determined to push measures that would expand background checks and make it harder to get into the gun owner's hands. this comes after a wall street journal poll shows retired
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neurosurgeon ben carson with a match up in the general election. look right there, the numbers high. >> fired up, jeb bush is trying to silence critics like donald trump who are calling him low energy by an impassioned speech to voters. >> we are americans. we have to believe we are on the verge of greatness. that's the way america has always been. the government is a parasite. we are the host. >> bush is trying to reboot his campaign by promising he can fix the country's problems and marco rubio is explaining why donald trump is still beating him in the polls. >> people are saying we have a majority in the senate. to his credit donald pressed upon some of that frustration. i don't believe those will be the numbers by the time we get to rice. the race is going to narrow. people like myself do much better than in a broader race. >> our next president needs to
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have a sense of urgency in this country. everything from financial status to love of water. the former speech writer for president george w. bush says this may not be the best strategy. >> i don't think it will work as well for trump as when he attacked jeb bush. when he attacked jeb bush for low energy it range true and two it touched a nerve. republicans are afraid of having a low energy nominee is going to be like mitt romney and not respond to democratic attacks. if marco rubio is sweaty by definition he is not low energy. >> 50,000 people doubled the amount of people expected packing the streets of downtown kansas city to celebrate the world series trophy in 30 years.
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they rolled through the crowded streets some calling off classes for the day to see the champions crowned. >> huge crowd there. feels like summer almost here in new york city. some areas pektsing snow. >> good morning. we are tracking a massive winter storm. it shows anywhere between 1 to even 2 feet of snow. the storm has already brought all of the snow across parts of nevada. there are heavier snowfall totals and snowfall weather advisories. in new mexico it is across the rockies and again we are
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expecting 2 feet out there across parts of the colorado rockies. i want to take you further east because we are enjoying mild temperatures places like omaha you will stay in the 70's well above average in the upper 50's as we head into wednesday and thursday. but eventually the cooler air with the western storm starts eastward. we will see temperatures closer to average in places like minneapolis as well as friday. in friday it will be for you as well. wednesday, thursday, friday well above average 60's and 70's in the forecast. get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. temperatures will be dropping as we head into the weekend ch heter and anna. let's get over to you. >> 10 minutes after the hour. dramatic images caught on camera. how a parachute saved a plane from crashing. >> another high school football player benched for praising god after a touchdown. a big update on the teen's fight for faith. >> the next place is going to cost you a little more the two
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11,000 local activities right from our app. it's even harder to believe it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. >> a plane lands right on the roadway with the help of a parachute. >> whose car is he going to hit? whose car is he going to hit. >> oh my god. dude. >> three people were on board when the plane went down in arkansas hitting a truck. no one was seriously hurt. witnesses say it was tense watches it all unfold. >> there was a plane free
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falling for a second and popped a pair suit. it continued to free fall for a little bit until it got some type of stability. we were all scared for a good two minutes until we realized everybody was going to be all right. >> former wal-mart ceo simon was flying the plane. the ntsb releasing the preliminary report on the incident that left one person seriously hurt and 21 others with minor injuries after they evacuated the burning jet. the plane had been in storage for 29 months up until september. dynamic airways is inspecting the entire fleet for fuel line safety. >> it is a mother's tearful plea to an alabama school board as she fights for her son to have the best quality of life with what time she has left. >> i want to be able to have the
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comfort and dignity and for it to be okay to hold your hand sit down i am fine. i will fight for the last of our fami family>> alex cooper has a terminal heart condition after three recent hospitalizationed. they had him draw up advanced directives against reviving him if his heart stops. but in alabama those orders only apply to people over 19d. the school district insist standard medical procedures will be used. they are pleading to let her son pass naturally if it happens at school. >> there is no doe significance yet from the school board. punished for pretending. a 6-year-old boy is suspended for three-days after a fake shooting or after he was fake
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shooting another student with a bow and arrow. he was playing during recess when a teacher saw him make the gesture. his parents say he did nothing wrong and tried to argue with the principal but the school standing by their zero tolerance policy for any kind of violent threat. the boy returns to class today. >> friends, are you looking to adopt a dog? contact the tsa. the agency is now searching for families to adopt a retired bomb sniffing dogs and other pups that flubbed their training program. most of the dogs are between 2 and 10 years old usually labrador retrievers german sheperds and belgians. if you are interested get a hold of an adoption coordinator. ebola scare at chipolte is spreading. >> more chipotle e coli cases
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are spreading. there are 300 cases in oregon and washington state. a customer said she contracted e coli and had medical attention and 43 restaurants remain closed this morning. >> getting into the holiday spirit by adding sir charges. spirit added an extra fee for checked luggage over the holidays. this year they brought it back. frontier hiked fees by an extra 5 bucks for flights between thanksgiving and new years. a new feature on g mail will suggest supplies to your e-mails. smart reply. identify them that require response and present three options for you. it will roll out sometime this week. pinterest is launching the pinterest shop. you can finally buy all of the stuff you have been pinning. it was already on the mobile app. the shop will feature merchants from neiman marcus, ethan allen and a whole lot more. >> cheryl casone we appreciate
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it. to find fox business network, cheryl and others >> how safe are you when you flay? major fail uncovered at the tsa. how are weapons getting through checkpoints? >> what gets you out of bed in the morning? you may want to try to crank up the song. this one in particular. we will have the top 2 to get you moving and your favorites are up next.
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>> a huge reversal to tell you about a high school football player for praising god. he will be allowed to play in saturday's playoff game. he was kicked out of last week's game when he did that. he pointed to the sky after scoring a touchdown. he was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct for excessive celebration and suspended for one day. the arizona interscholastic association overturned that punishment. >> at the end of the day when it comes down to the rule this was not a prolonged display. he just went and did that and moved on. we didn't see that as a taunt to the point of an ejection. >> this is the first time the high school football team has played the playoffs in nearly 25 years. congrats to them. we will hear from pedro live on "fox & friends" at 6:00 this morning. to a different sport now nascar cracking down on driver mat kenseth after he had a
2:24 am
blatant crash with fellow driver tony lagonno. >> he was still competing for a championship. it is believed to be part of an ongoing feud if you follow nascar between the two drivers. anna? >> it is a war on christmas in autumn. jeremy morris goes all out for the holidays, a 22 voice choir even a camel. it is so extravagant he starts working on it about now. but this year the association acting like a big grinch demanding he take it down it may offend non christians. if he doesn't comply it could face a lawsuit. no more chewing the infamous gum wall is coming down. they will begin scraping an excavahe
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is estimated 1 million pieces of chewing gum next week. the sugary gu is starting to damage the brick. it started when they were waiting for late night improve show. once it is cleaned people will be allowed to put the gum back up again. >> there's a reason not to spal low it. >> do you need help getting started in the morning? >> according to a brand new study cold play has the best songs to wake up to. >> viva la vida ranks so high because it has a strong beat and helps you wake up gradually. elevate by saint luge shaw and lovely day by bill withers. >> viva la vida is my alarm. how about the songs that get us up out of bed.
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american kids like kenny chesney. ♪>> reminds me of being on the beach. that's why i love it. >> back home. >> in north carolina. i like to start my day with stevie wonder's "signed sealed delivered." ♪ >> actually starts fox and friends weekend almost every weekend with that song. >> what is your walkup jam? send us an e-mail at on facebook or twitter page. >> 26 after the top of the hour. a safari adventure turns terrifying. (screams) >> what happened after that elephant started actually
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because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> he's the sheriff who let kate stein lee's killer walk free. now he is out of a job. a man to make pot legal goes up in smokes. >> quentin tarantino doubling his claim that cops are murderers. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered and the murderers the murderers. >> we are live with the cop's first comments since the rally. >> what's the wild animal doing
2:31 am
inside? "fox and friends first continues right now. >> i am heather childers. >> i am anna kooiman in for ainsley earhardt. there is a new sheriff over night. the embattled sheriff in the sanctuary controversy voted out of office by a land slide. it is one of many election day results around the nation. >> garrett is with us live. it was a long night for lots of folks. what's the latest? >> good morning to you all. former sheriff was already facing a number of high profile controversies but it was the city's sanctuary city policy that brought him into the national spotlight. sheriff ross mirkarimi was not
2:32 am
reelected after kate stein lee was killed. in ohio voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment which would have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use. the measure known as issue 3 would have created a network of 10 growing facilities in the state creating a constitutional monopoly. the issue received strong support from hollywood including ohio native nick lachey who would have been part owner of one of the 10 sites. >> reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our communities. >> lachey responded while i may not agree the people of ohio have spoken and that's the way it is supposed to work. change takes time #democracy #respect. >> right now is a good time to be a political outsider. in kentucky republican businessman and tea party favorite matt bev vin joined
2:33 am
with conwdr be -- beat conway t become the fourth republican in decades. they would have established nondiscrimination for gay and transgender people. opponents said it infringed on their religious beliefs of homosexu homosexuali homosexuality. the past july the texas supreme court ordered them to repeal it or put it on the ballot they did and they rejected it. >> garrett tiny live for us. thanks. >> two months after an illinois officer sparked a massive manhunt they are expected to announce today he took his own life. they say he shot himself with his own weapon after reporting he was chasing three suspects. hundreds of officers combed the area for days but never made any arrests. they believe he was under
2:34 am
professional and personal pressures. the search is on in chicago for the killers of 9-year-old tayshaun lee who police say may have been you gunned down by gang members. he was shot multiple times and died with a basketball by his side. his mother sending his message to the killers. >> please turn yourself in. you know you are wrong. he is only 9. come on now. >> a reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> healtheder? >> breaking overnight at least 25 people killed when a russian made cargo plane plummets from the sky in south sudan. you can see the charred wreckage over the river nile. this after they are warning its staff not to travel anywhere in the sinai peninsula after the weekend jet crash. confirming fox news a satellite picked up a heat flash of some
2:35 am
sort before the plane crashed. that official insists there was no evidence a missile brought it down. the president dismissing claims isis was involved at all calling the it propaganda. >> the slogan death to america not aimed at american people. it is according to the iran leader who says it is referencing american policies and arrogance. it is not a wish for people to die. still ayatollah khomeini says iran is suspicious of the united states and considers our country a threat. director quentin tarantino not apologizing for the comments about police being murderers. >> i am a human being with a conscience. when i see murder i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> he refuses to say sorry more police unions join the boycott
2:36 am
of his new movie. robert gray is laif with more. >> tarantino making his first public comment since that rally last month calling cops murderers in regards to police brutality. he told the la times all cops are not murderers. i never said that. i never implied that. the director goes on to say he had been misrepresented and police departments and law enforcement groups are trying to intimidate him and others from protesting incidents of alleged police brutality. the paper quotes tarantino as saying i am not a cop hater. that is not how i feel. i am not taking back what i said. what i said was the truth. >> a growing number of police groups are calling for boycotts of tarantino's films after the director's comments at the rally which came four-days after new york police officer randolph holder was shot and killed in the line of duty. >> his movies are extremely
2:37 am
violent. he does understand violence and he understands the nature of the violence that police officers confront and unfortunately he mistakes lawful use of force with murder and it is no the. >> tarantino's up coming film the hateful eight is leasing in time for oscar consideration. the weinstein company says tarantino can and should be allowed to speak for himself. >> a boycott could hurt the films commercial prospects. only time will tell. >> we will see what happens next. >> harrison of the show "pawn stars." he through support behind marco rubio. harrison telling cnn i suddenly became famous i was the one willing to throw my career away to endorse a republican.
2:38 am
when you endorse a republican everyone frowns on you. i don't know why, but hey. they net earlier in the year for a fundraiser. >> you want burning briefs? a vermont company is lobbying bernie sanders by selling men's and women's underwear inspired the presidential candidate. it will have a black-and-white drawing of sander's face with the slogan feel the burn. 10 percent of the sales goes to yellow ribbon fund. >> some are thfull heads. >> some snow is possible for folks today. barack obama average temperatures maria molina is live in the weather center. >> out west we are dealing with a big winter storm that will be producing significant snow out here especially across western colorado out there across the ro can keys.
2:39 am
we could be looking at as much as 20 inches of snow. because of that we have winter storm warnings in effect out here also winter weather advisories. eventually it will be producing eastward. some of the storms could produce isolated severe weather from texas up through parts of kansas and nebraska. it will be much more widespread as we head into thursday. anywhere from texas also up into the midwest. you will be looking at the risk as well for isolated tornadoes across the region. that will be something to keep a close watch on in terms of severe weather across the plains and temperatures across the eastern u.s. remaining above average, well above average for many of you into the 70's here over the next few days and eventually that cooler air arrives as we head into friday across the plains and into the northeast it will be coming up this weekend. >> thank you very much maria.
2:40 am
>> viral videos the animal addiction. it was no laughing matter when an angry elephant charges at a group of tourists. >> tourists. all of those tourists laughs quickly turning to screams as the elephant slams into the mini van. the tourists escaped unhurt. >> a deer walks into a bar. no this isn't the start of a bad joke. it really happened in river falls wisconsin. the buck jumps through a glass window and spent a half an hour inside before taking off. just taking a break. the tame now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. patriotism at the stadium. are you paying for it? >> we will have brand new information up next. >> just how safe are you whenyo?
2:41 am
major sales just uncovered at the tsa. how are weapons getting through checkpoints? that is scary. you want to thehear that one. >> the brand new study about to change the way you should have been in town. i think you are going to like it. this holiday season, get ready for mystery. what's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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>> a fox bus alert for you, though, alarming gaps in airport security. the tsa promising to make changes. adam shapiro from sister network fox business with the latest. tests in some of the airports failed to catch prohibitive items such as weapons explosives 90 percent of the time. they held hearings on the safety failures which members of congress called terrifying, horrific and pathetic. homeland security department inspector general john roth testified about the tests which
2:45 am
uncovered the safety failures. >> what we found at different airports of different sizes using a variety of concealment methods by individuals who are aw auditors with no specialized training or skill is that a universal disappointing performance by the tsa screening checkpoints. >> roth told lawmakers the safety gaps were consistent across every airport but pointed out the tsa under new leadership is attempting to address the problem the previous head of the tsa resigned after under cover agents were able to sneak explosives and weapons past airport screeners. back to you. >> adam shapiro to find the fox business network and adam and others log on to patriotism at the stadium it's an emotional staple at sports games. now the nfl and teams are responding to accusations some
2:46 am
of those touching moments honoring u.s. heros are paid acts of patriotism. the money used to pay for it, your tax dollars. the envelope is denying the charges of paid acts of patriotism but adding they will launch an independent audit and if warranted money will be refunded. >> the obama administration just let 6,000 inmates get out of jail early. we told you about that. a new york man will spend several months in federal prixed s prison for catching too many fish. a commercial fisherman found guilty of under reporting his catches and illegally bringing in more than 300,000 found of fluke. there's an app for that. including clearing violations off your driving record. off the record charges a fee and it works with an attorney to streamline the process of taking care of the tickets. costs about 250 per violation which may seem high but violations will not impact your
2:47 am
insurance premiums. >> 14 minutes before the sttop the hour. you have got to come see this. a would be shoplifter almost got away with it until the revolving door got in the way. >> what gets you out of bed in the morning bee sides "fox & friends first". >> the top 2's to get you moving and your favorites are next. >> steve doocy to see what's coming up next on "fox & friends." >> i don't wake up a song it's just... >> you need to switch to a song. >> the... is so annoying you have to get up and turn it off. >> coming up from the sanctuary city sheriff in san francisco to a referendum on pot we have election results from all across the country as the country moves to the political left. no. to the political right. plus an interesting new poll that pits ben carson against hillary clinton.
2:48 am
guess who wins? frankie valli from the "four seasons." you know the show "jersey boys"? just marked a landmark. frankie stand by along with one of the song writers. it is in 12 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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hi everyone. nine minutes before the hour. a fox news alert. a 9-year-old ohio boy dies after collapsing at football practice. the cause of death is still unknown. his coach saying wyatt bash ber had just finished running a 50-yard sprint. was sitting on his helmet getting a drink when he felt over. seven high school players died
2:52 am
during or shortly after a football game this season. the obama administration is ordering an illinois school district to give a transgender boy full access to the girls' locker room. the school set up privacy curtains for the student but the department of education argued that violates federal rights. they have 30 days to reach a settlement or they could lose federal funding. adele just exploded back on to the music scene. ♪ >> and now she's going makeup-free for the next edition of rolling stone. article gives a rare glimpse into -- she's beautiful. into her highly guarded personal life. she set a record with more than a single buys in the first week.
2:53 am
♪ >> another powerhouse. carrie underwood making history, becoming the first artist in billboard's 51-year history to debut a 6th album at the top of the country music charts. storyteller released october 23rd sold more than 177,000 copies. we love this one. you may want to start each morning listening to cold play's viva la vida. ♪ >> gets you going. >> and there's a brand new study by spotify. >> says the song builds as it goes and helps you wake up gradually. we asked everybody at home what other songs help you wake up in the morning. we get you off on the right foot. frederick on facebook likes to listen to todd rund gren. bang the drum all daily. ♪
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>> and russ tells us his day is always better listening to acdc's satellite blues. ♪ >> and peter says he loves to wake up with the music we play every morning right here on "fox and friends first." >> love it. >> i have satellite blues for a workout song. gets you pumped and ready to go. >> makes your heart race. >> i like downtown by mclemore. 6 minutes before the top of the hour. the e. coli outbreak is spreading at chipotle. >> you have to see this one. a would-be shoplifter almost gets away with a crime until that revolving door gets in the way.
2:55 am
♪ there are no medals won for earning a living. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. ♪
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening. authorities expected to announce the illinois police officer whose shooting death sparked a massive manhunt took his own life. fox lake police lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz shot himself with his own weapon after reporting he was chasing three suspects. he was just voted out of office at the center of the sanctuary city. he voted to legalize
2:59 am
recreational marijuana on another note. e. coli cases across oregon and washington state, more than 3 dozen. one customer who got sick is suing the restaurant chain's 43 first the good. a brisk walk better at keeping the weight off than going to the gym or even running? >> come on. let's go. >> hope you don't look like that doing it. a new study finds people who took regular walks had lower bmis and smaller waists compared to those who did vigorous exercise. a shoplifting suspect in south africa fails trying to make a get away. she runs into a revolving door shattering the glass. finally the ugly. need to punish your miss behaving child. this creepy clown is for hire. residents in naples, florida, booking wrinkles for scaring gigs at birthday parties and bar
3:00 am
mitzvahs and recently a mother hired him to scare a troubled pre-teenager into behaving. >> that would scare me as an adult. >> that movie, "it." it reminds me of that. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is wednesday, november 4th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the results are in from the sanctuary city, sheriff in san francisco to a referendum on pot. we've got election results from all across this great country. why conservative voters won the night. meanwhile, a plane piloted by a former walmart ceo fell out of the sky. >> dude. oh, my god. whose car is he going to hit? oh, my god. >> dude. >> dude. look at that. there's an airplane with a parachute that savedhe


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