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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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mitzvahs and recently a mother hired him to scare a troubled pre-teenager into behaving. >> that would scare me as an adult. >> that movie, "it." it reminds me of that. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is wednesday, november 4th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the results are in from the sanctuary city, sheriff in san francisco to a referendum on pot. we've got election results from all across this great country. why conservative voters won the night. meanwhile, a plane piloted by a former walmart ceo fell out of the sky. >> dude. oh, my god. whose car is he going to hit? oh, my god. >> dude. >> dude. look at that. there's an airplane with a parachute that saved the day. we're going to tell you the
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story. director quinton tarantino playing the victim card and refusing to say i'm sorry. he's doubling down. you do your own crisis management at home. let me remind you, mornings, especially this morning are better with friends. ♪ >> that's the four seasons. staples of entertainment here in new york city and the show business world for years. ten years ago, a show opened here on broadway, called "jersey boys," and so frankie valli and bob gaud yoe will be joining us live to talk about how that show has done so well. >> he was nice. frankie valli was on the couch, on the other side, i remember
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when he talked about this new broadway play he's launching and producing and investing in. it's so much of a bigger hit than anyone could have imagined. he'll probably tell us he predicted it. >> i'm a fan. >> i saw the movie before the play. a lot people say i shouldn't do that. i did. >> how did that work? >> the reason why i was looking down, it's because the quinnipiac poll came in. i was astonished by some numbers. until one minute ago. >> we're going to tell you about the numbers in a second. there is a new sheriff in town. did you hear this? san francisco's embattled sheriff at the center of the controversy voted out by a landslide. >> wow. it's one of several key election results. "fox and friends weekend" co-host anna kooiman joins us live with a recap. >> good morning to all of you. sheriff has been criticized after the shooting death of kate steinle. she was gunned down on a san francisco pier in july.
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her accused killer, francisco sanchez. he was released from the jail months earlier. this despite federal immigration officials asking the sheriff to detain him for possible deportation. in ohio, voters rejected a measure to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. nick lachey would have been part owner of one of ten approved growing sites. he tweeted this afterwards. while he may not agree, the people of ohio have spoken and that's the way it's supposed to work. change takes time. in kentucky, the bluegrass states turned red. republican businessman and tea party favorite matt self-in wins the race. >> this is the opportunity for kentucky to be a beacon to the nation, the values that we hold, the principles that we hold, the work ethic that we hold. the high road that we will take. this will change the tenor of what happens in the 2016 race.
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>> and in houston, voters reject a proposal to protect lgbt people at housing, jobs and other areas. opponents call it the bathroom bill. they believe it would allow sexual predators to go into women's restrooms. city council approved the measure in may of 2014, but in july the texas supreme court ordered the city to repeal it or put it on the ballot. back to you. >> thank you very much, anna. it looks like when you look at the sanctuary city sheriff, you look at ohio says no to pot and look at kentucky a republican for -- it looks like they've moved to the political right. two things at play in kentucky. kim davis is from kentucky. >> second of -- >> the executive director of the democratic governor association credits donald trump actually with the shock victory out there. he said trump has created the
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political condition of outsider popularity. >> his opponent there was a big embracer of obama care that worked against him right there. >> virginia, mississippi and we push towards and closer to the presidential election, this may be a message to democrats. with all these votes coming in yesterday. >> yeah. that is absolutely true. most fascinating. a billionaire who upset the apple cart and got everyone upset who spoke blatantly and running around in a gold escalade. told everybody this is what i would do for the state. eventually, ended up winning. it was looked at as a joke. does everybody remember that storyline. that leads us to the other big story. what is going on with our own presidential race. let's begin with the gop. >> nbc "wall street journal" poll, it has dr. ben carson beating hillary clinton in a head to head contest among independent registered voters.
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this is huge. clinton loses across the board to trump. loses to rubio. these rp huge, huge victories for the right. >> they're independents. >> independents when asked, hillary clinton gets trounced. >> the key is, for the most part at this stage, republicans vote for republicans. democrats vote for democrats. so it's the independents who pick the president. >> yeah. >> for hillary to get beaten by everybody -- there's another "wall street journal" poll showing 27% of america feels that she is trustworthy. meanwhile, a quinnipiac poll -- >> before we move on, head to head, hillary clinton beats everybody among registered voters, the only person to tie her is ben carson. >> ben carson. it's interesting she's moved more toward the left. this independent poll, you look at how independents see her right now, this is not good because her recent moves farther and farther to the left. >> the quinnipiac poll came out
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six minutes yet, you'll see my notes. here it is. as we can see right there, there you go. zoom on in, ed. my handwriting is terrible. trump at 24. marco rubio at 14. ted cruz the 13 and bush only 4. >> trump and carson neck and neck divided a by single point and marco rubio at 14%. eyes are on him. because trump and bush campaigns have been vocal about how he has some issues. >> they also did a head to head poll with hillary clinton and the following. christy, cruz, rubio and trump. the only person believe it or not that hillary clinton beats is trump. rubio beats hillary by 5. 46-41. cruz over hillary by 3 and christie by 5 over hillary clinton. >> the weird thing about the "wall street journal" nbc poll, it's a five-day poland they took, let's see, the debate
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happened an day four. it didn't make any sense. it wasn't before and after, this was a mishmash. the interesting thing, the poll out after the debate. you've been up for a while. >> what time did you get up? >> 3:00. >> about the same as everybody else. >> thanks for that wake-up call brian. good morning everybody. we start out with a fox news alert. 25 people killed when a russian-made cargo plane plummets from the sky. you can see the wreckage along the nile river. it's not known what brought down the plane. we'll keep an eye on that. in that region also, the united states embassy in cairo is now warning its staff not to travel anywhere in egypt's sinai peninsula after the crash of that russian jet last weekend that killed all the people on board. the pentagon ruled out the possibility that tfts shot out
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of the sky. investigators continue to study that doomed plane's black boxes. two months after an illinois officer's death sparked a manhunt. officials are expected to announce that they believe he took his own life. sources say that fox lake police lieutenant charles joe sif gliniewicz shot himself with his service weapon after reporting he was chasing down three suspects. officials within that department believe that gliniewicz was under professional and personal pressures. his family dismissing that report insisting he had no reason to commit suicide. the coroner can't rule out a homicide. imagine seeing this. a plane crash lands on the road with the help of an emergency parachute. watch. >> dude. oh, my god. whose car is he going to hit? oh, my god. dude. >> well, that aircraft coming down on a highway striking a truck in arkansas.
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the former walmart ceo was piloting that plane when it wept down. two other people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries along with the driver of that truck, the plane had oil pressure problems right after takeoff. the ntsb and the faa now investigating. it was a celebration 30 years in the making. more than 800,000 fans showed up in kansas city to sell bait the royals world series win. they waited 30 years to be back on top. the team celebrated like it. take a look. >> you want to be politically correct. we whooped their [ bleep ]. >> that was the royals player, jonny gomes holding the american flag. making a lot of waves on social media. those are headlines. see you back here in a half hour. >> i think there are 2 million people in kansas. >> the middle of kansas.
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>> we remember it -- thanks heather. >> we her quinten tarantino joined an anti-cop rally a couple of days after a cop was killed in the line of duty trying to chase down a would-be bike thief who turns out to be a multiple felon. >> randolph holder was the officer in case. >> tarantino, he was going to apologize. let's hear it. >> not so fast. he's playing the victim card. i'm not a cop hater. that is a misrepresentation. that is slander and that is not how i feel. but you know, that's their choice to do that to me. what can i do? i'm not taking back when i said. what i said was the truth. i'm used to being misrepresented and misunderstood. >> we understand you. when he said when i see murderers, i have to call a murderer a murderer and april murdered the murdered. it's clear what he was talking about. his company that has a lot of
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invested in him and pushing him to apologize. they put out this statement. >> we don't speak for quentin. noerd, we tried. but this is the best we can do. i think the perception of what occurred was pretty accurate. he protested. he's anti-police. he's talking about murder. whether it's refrps to all cops, it is on the heels of an event in which a police officer in new york city was killed. i think right now is the big play on words. if you look at his movies, in almost every movie, he has written and directed, police officers are being shot in those movies. you read the part of the solution -- you're either part of the solution or part of the problem. >> he's got a movie coming out in december. harvey weinstein is producing it. i believe that there's going to
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be some organized backlash unless they do something to add some sincerity to that would-be apology or explanation. because that was awful. >> you either have people protesting outside of it or supporting it there and it might get ugly. >> how would you feel if you were an investor in that movie and he does things like this. an actor or whatever. >> that's how he wants to put it to bed. >> people have their own choices. >> tossing and turning. after the top of the hour, coming up, it's not your average viral video, but it's shattering social media records. >> stealing money from people who will be getting money in the future to pay for media concerns is robbing peter to pay paul. >> senator mike lee posted that video on facebook. he joins us next with why he is so outraged about the latest budget disaster. you won't believe what he's got to say next. it's happened again. a high school football player penalized for pointing to the sky and thanking god.
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future to pay for media concern is robbing peter to pay paul. >> something like 60 million impressions so far online. senator mike lee joins us right now from the russell rotunda. what is rand paul talking about right there, robbing peter to pay paul. >> he's talking about a bill that was passed in the senate last week that took $150 billion from the social security trust fund, that busted our spending caps to the tune of $80 billion, took $1.5 billion from the crime victims' trust fund and decided we're going to sell a whole bunch of oil at historically low prices all to may for immediate concerns. the american people are upset by this because they understand, as senator paul said, this is robbing peter to pay paul. but they're also upset by the process. they're upset by the fact we did this in the middle of the night on a rush basis.
3:19 am
no committee action, no opportunity for review or amendment by the american people and their ee lengted representatives. this is a problem. the american people deserve better. >> i'm shocked that the conservatives in congress -- i know you did and 30-some-odd senators stood up against this. for the most part, the house has the majority of republicans. i'm shocked that this would get through. >> yes, i understand that shock. that shock explains why so many people were willing to view and then share this facebook post which reached 60 million people. more people than watch all three republican presidential debates combined. for the simple fact that the american people are frustrated by what's happening in washington. they're worried about the how. they're bothered by the fact that this was rushed through at the last minute. governing by cliff. they don't want that. >> senator, they suspended the debt limit until march of 2017
3:20 am
at the election. doesn't that mean for the most part it's an open checkbook, as much as they want to spend, they can spend? >> yeah, that's right. so there's no borrowing limit up until 2017. so as much as need to be borrowed and whatever demands the federal government has at the time, they can borrow. this is a disturbing trend. in the past congress would raise the debt limit by specified dollar amount. it's no longer doing that. it's now just suspending the debt ceiling. it's sort of a debt ceiling mardi gras if you will. >> no kidding. senator mike lee. the republican from utah who said no to this. but nonetheless it did pass. thank you very much, senator. if people would like to watch the video, we'll link from "fox and friends".com. mike lee, thank you. thank you. that is really something. coming up, it happened again. high school football player flagged and even ejected, suspended for pointing to the
3:21 am
sky praising god. there's an update to the story. the football player at the center of the controversy joins us live next. you know the songs in the music behind their career, four seasons front man frankie valli is here to talk about the smash hit jersey boys, now tep years on broadway. [eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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quick headlines. pro sports teams denying accusations that some of the most touching moments at stadiums are paid acts of patriotism. the money used to pay for it, your tax dollars. the nfl adding they will launch an independent audit and any warranted money will be refunded. that will be terrible. nascar cracking down on driver matt kenseth following his blatant crash of joey
3:25 am
logano. kenseth suspended for two races. his intentional wreck came as low began owe is still competing for a championship at martinsville speedway. he took him out. hi, elisabeth. about the biggest game of the season. senior running back scored the touchdown to send his team to the playoffs for the first time in two decades. what pedro did next got him kicked out of game and put his football future in jeopardy. he pointed his hand to the sky and thanked god. but in a win for faith, he learned last night that he will be permitted to play in the playoff game after all. joining us now is that high school running back, pedro. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> you score this touchdown. first time in two decades your team is going to advance to the playoffs and get a chance at real success for your school. you thank god and they say it was offensive, excessive penalty there. what were you trying to do in
3:26 am
that moment? >> like you said, i was trying to thank god for giving me the power to score the touchdown. >> so they reviewed it and found that it was -- it didn't meet the prolonged rule when it comes to penalties here. they're giving you the benefit of the doubt. do you feel as though they believe you? >> i don't necessarily because of how the meeting went the morning before the decision. >> so you feel as though they're going by the rules here, but they still think you were taunting? >> yes, ma'am. >> that's too bad. pedro, let me ask you this. this is something that was important to you. there are a lot of movements right now, coaches can't pray with their players, say a prayer before or after the dwgame on field. you get a penalty that could have cost you your career for
3:27 am
thanking god. why is god important to you? >> well, i think, i believe without him, nothing is possible. so i do everything i can and i stay faithful to him because he gives us the power to play the sport. and i believe that we should glorify him because he's the one that deserves it. >> how do you feel about this victory that you get to play in the game now, that they've pulled back this penalty, you get to be with your teammates? how does that make you feel today? >> this whole experience has been extremely -- has made me extremely humble and i'm looking at it in a positive way. it has given me the drive to work hard and motivate my team to focus on this game coming up. >> pedro, if you're on the field and a big moment comes, knowing
3:28 am
you o got a slap on wrist for the first time pointing up and praising god, are you going to do it again in this game coming up? >> yes, ma'am. nothing will change. i feel like it's not excessive celebration. i will continue to do it. >> okay. we'll be looking for that and big win for your team. we wish you the very best. i'm sure you have a big practice today to prepare. >> thank you so much. >> you got it. our best to you. coming up, parents outraged after the obama administration forces a school district to give a transgender boy full access to the girls' locker room. that superintendent is now responding to the controversy. plus, everyone has their hangups when it comes to dating. admit it. up next, the most common deal breakers that people will just not tolerate. we'll tell you. but first shall happy birthday to former first lady laura bush. she's 69 years old today. a very happy birthday to you.
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less than 100 days out from the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. >> oh, my goodness. what a year it's going to be. meanwhile, the candidates head to officially file their papers. >> hillary vaughn is live in concord with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. today is a big day at the new hampshire statehouse. former maryland governor, martin o'malley will be the first 2016 candidate to file. real estate mogul donald trump will also be here this morning. over the next two weeks, candidates will parade through the state to put their names on
3:33 am
the primary ballot. secretary of state, bill gardner greeted candidates since 1976 and oversees the process. take a listen. >> this primary is really about the little guys. that has proven out over the last several decades. you don't have to have the most fame or fortune to have a chance to win here. >> reporter: now, this year is the primary's 100th anniversary. to celebrate, candidates will file on the farmer's desk who helped establish the process. letting voters not party bosses choose the candidates. tomorrow, senator marco rubio, senator bernie sanders and carly fiorina will file. closing out the week are john kasich and chris christie. brian, steve and elisabeth. back to you. >> do the candidates have to show up themselves and file or does a staffer do it? can they e-mail it?
3:34 am
>> they can have a surrogate come to the statehouse and file for them. but if they wait until the last day, november 20th. they have to file in person. back to you. >> hillary vaughn, all the traditions of new hampshire. 100 days away. >> nice seeing that desk there. >> that guy, he's been there to see everybody. >> sure has. >> we'll talk about this later. but one of the things donald trump said during his bookie vent was, you know what, if you're at 0%, why don't you drop out? i want the field smaller. >> the biggest rally. but he made a good point. if you've been campaigning for 3, 4, 5 months and still at zero or 1%, save your money. >> i know. but it's so cheap. what you do is you run, you have a bumper sticker and you go on television. you don't need a super pac. you stay around. up your speech base. >> look at jim gilmore. >> in the meantime, we'll turn to heather nauert for you at
3:35 am
home. >> good morning. let's start out in chicago. this is quite a story to talk about right now. the obama administration is ordering an illinois school district to give a transgender boy full access to the girls' locker room. now, the school had set up privacy curtains in the past for that student but the department of education has ruled that that violates federal civil rights laws because it has singled out that transgender child. the district superintendent says the district has done nothing wrong. listen to this. >> privacy in our locker rooms is a fundamental critical right that we believe is protected for all of our students. when the administration requests and requires that we remove that expectation or agreement, we believe that compromises the rights of all of our students in the locker room. >> the district says it has 30 days to reach a settlement or they could lose federal funding. that's a story we'll follow. we'll let you know how it turns out. a 9-year-old boy has died after collapsing at football
3:36 am
practice. the cause of his death is still unknown. the coach says that this handsome little boy, wyatt barber, had just finished running a 50-yard sprint, was sitting on his helmet getting a drink and he fell over. so far this football season, seven high school players have died during or shortly after a football game. our prayers go out to his family in greensville, ohio this morning. a st. louis county man sentenced to jail for setting fire to a store during the ferguson riots. he pled guilty in april for attempted arson for starting that fire. the night the grand jury announced a decision not to indict the officer for shooting michael brown. talk about extreme political correctness in san francisco. neighbors there are saying we shouldn't call someone who steals a criminal. a user in an online forum is called next door, it's intended for people to post their opinions about community issues
3:37 am
writes this. "people who commit property crimes are human. we should think twice before speaking in disparaging terms about those criminals." . another person agrees saying we must do what we can to create community not worry about our own security. not everybody is often board. how will i refer to the person who recently stole my bike. who is the actual victim here? more than 80 people commented so far. those are your headlines. >> remember the story about the little kid who had his bike stolen for his birthday. that was criminal. >> yes. >> thank you, heather. >> i think by that logic, the victim would be the person who actually stole the bike because they really -- because society beating him down. >> it's society's fault. anyway, speaking of -- >> can't blame maria for the weather. >> blames the weather person for the weather. >> it's not right. >> no, it is not right. you should not blame the weather
3:38 am
person. i want to take you out west. there's a winter storm out there. i'm sure many weather people are getting blamed for this bad weather. we have very strong winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour here and heavy snow with as much as 20 inches of snow possible across the higher elevations of the rockies. looking at the radar, it's very active this morning, especially across colorado. that's where we have a lot of winter storm warnings in effect and also winter weather advisories scattered about from montana all the way down to arizona. so, again, winter weather, cold air moving into parts of the west. but ahead of that storm system today and into tomorrow, you're going to see that risk for some severe storms. we do have the potential for damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes across the plains and even into the midwest by the time we head into thursday. temperaturewise, ahead of that storm system, though, you are very mild. temperatures well above average. in new york city, you'll be in the 60s or 70s during the afternoon hours through friday. that's well above average. we're supposed to be in the 50s this time of the year and you're going to be on the warm side in
3:39 am
chicago as well. in omaha. the colder air arrives there by friday. let's head back inside >> maria, thank you very much. in the "wall street journal" today, probably haven't picked it up off your driveway yet. there's a great item about what men and women are looking for in a mate. what's interesting is, we all have in the back of our heads a list of dos and don'ts. deal makers and deal breakers. >> yeah. you focus on deal breakers. this is a six-grouping study they combined to look at 5,000 single people. women have slightly more deal breakers than the men. but they share deal breakers in mind. the number one deal breaker is if you're disheveled. >> comb your hair. >> followed by lazy. that's number two. >> too needy. >> i thought women liked to take care of their man. >> no sense humor. >> i don't know what that's like. >> this is the top shared deal breakers between men and women. are they on your list?
3:40 am
>> if you get married and the person moves out. probably not a good thing. i was amazed at how many people instead of deal makers. you're a half full, am i right? the glass is half full or empty. everything is half full. what's good about you. these are the things i can't handle. rather than things i need, these are things that are no. >> this particular research showed that most people looked at both sides. but most people have something where they look -- they pay more attention to the deal breakers than the deal makers. in other words -- >> that's apt hasselbeck. >> if you look -- >> the deal makers they think fade and the deal breakers stick. >> if there's a deal breaker, it immediately disqualifies them. >> a problem that men -- i think i have this right. a problem that men have that is a deal breaker. low sex drive. if that's the problem with your mate. talks too much. that tends to rub us the wrong
3:41 am
way. those are the two breakers. i like this. drinks excessively. lie is third. >> you can lie to me. just don't smoke. whatever you do. and don't drink too much. but you can lie to me. >> let us know your deal breakers. coming up on this wednesday, your kids will love this. they're about to get paid cold hard cash for good grades. is that a good idea? the guys behind that education program join live to explain why it works. >> the recipe has stayed the same for 250 years. but guinness is changing things up. you won't believe what they're taking out. it's a true story and it's sad. and might make you spit out your beer this morning.
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it's active. that's the power of active management. just about 15 minutes before the top of the hour. being single could be making you fat? >> i'm having a relationship with my pizza. >> well, a new study shows living alone encourages an unhealthy diet. british researchers say that it's because singles are less motivate today cook and they tend to eat fewer fruits, vegetables and fish. after more than 250 years, guinness is changing their beer recipe to go vegan. guinness users, apparently they use fish bladder to filter out extra yeast. they've been complaining for years for them to stop using the fish bladders. the change will go into effect next year. get it while you can if you like the fish bladder.
3:46 am
>> no wonder i turn pabst. cash for good grades. how do you feel about that? high schools in michigan are offering contracts to pay students up to $200 per semester for improved grades. it's part of a scholarship kids to give kids more than a pat on the back in return for hard work. we have the founding sponsor of champions of wayne program and jeff stiers is here supporting sponsor of the operating room as well. guys, at first, i thought -- this is so much more than what i thought. tell me where the foundation of the program began? >> it came from the school psychologist, bill bray. bill had an idea if he could take the students, particularly the at-risk students, and give them a goal and if they achieved that goal, he would put their name on a trophy and give them a banquet. he wrote to me and asked if i wobbling to support a scholarship program.
3:47 am
i wrote back to him, i said bill if you put the money in the hands of the student, i'll support it. the way the program works is that each students gets an individualized goal, most often improvement in grade point but sometimes it's behavioral. if they get a mentor. and if they reach the goal at the end of the semester, they get a banquet, they get a trophy and we put a check for $200 in their hand. >> i really love this program because it's getting used to real life. rewarding exceptional work, not just the standard work. we're not paying them to do what they're supposed to do. we're paying them to excel, is that correct? >> that's exactly right. for each child would who receives a check, there's a goal put in front of them. i think it incorporates expectations, they might not have had that before the program. i think it makes it real world in that way. >> i'm looking at this, jeb, and i'm thinking to myself, where do
3:48 am
they get the mentors? how do you mentor every kid in in class? >> that's where everyone chimed in from the janitors to the teachers. they picked different kids and mentored them. they set standards best for them, correct? >> absolutely. what we hear from the teachers in this program is this is why they came to teach in the first place. so i think this unifies the whole mission of the school. and so it's not just the students, but the teachers who are starting to see the positive residual effects as well. >> rich, real quick. tell me the results. i see improvement in a.c.t. grades, correct? >> from 17.2 to 18.8. the change in the school culture from one of not being academically driven to one where kids are proud of their grades. four gads millennium scholarships in the last three years. kids from wayne going to harvard, princeton, other schools. it has been a remarkable success. not only individually, but across the school system. >> you guys are getting involved
3:49 am
from outside the system helping people inside the system. so you don't have to go to a private school to get this type of care. rich and jeff, thanks so much. what you're doing, explaining your program and it's hard to find a counter to this. i love it. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us on. >> no problem. coming up, straight ahead, there are countless problems in washington. one lawmaker's biggest concern, donald trump and "saturday night live"? >> you're upset that mr. trump is hosting this rather than just being a skit. it is enabling him after he has said these derogatory comments. >> brand new pushback taking place today to take trump off the air. and -- >> you know the song and the musical that celebrates their rise to fame. from the four seasons, we've got frankie valli and bob gaudio. he's here to talk about the broadway smash hit jersey boys and the remarkable careers. if they told us about it ten -- they told us about it ten years ago.
3:50 am
they're here to tell us more. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions
3:51 am
for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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3:53 am
♪ i thought it ended too soon ♪ oh what a night ♪ why'd it take so throng see the light ♪ >> i love that song. oh what a decade. >> you better love it. frankie valli is here. >> from the main stage to the big screen the musical "jers boys" is celebrating ten years on broadway. aped what makes it too good is
3:54 am
pr frankie valli and head writer bob gaudo. welcome. i remember when you had this ten years ago sat on the couch to tell us about it, and did you ever think that it would be this successful? >> well, i didn't know it would be as important. >> important, why? >> well, i thought that getting to broadway was enough for me. i thought that it was terrific, but for the acceptance that the it got worldwide was absolutely unbelievable. >> and when you think that 23 million people have seen "jersey boys" and more than 4,000 performances, bob, it spans generations of, bob, how did
3:55 am
this happen? >> well, you don't feel the impact that the audience gets, but having been in the show, and being in the audience, there is an impact, and i am seeing why this is maybe why it is important. >> well, it is thrilling for you the be on broadway, but then halfway through it, clint eastwood call and said, hey, i want to put your story in a big movie, and it was a big movie. >> it was. it was pretty exciting. >> frankie, when clint eastwood called you and put it up on the big screen -- >> what? i didn't hear it. >> clint eastwood. did you put -- >> apparently, i was not as thrilled with the movie as the play. >> why not? >> there are some missing elements in the moviement. >> and the play is huge and when i think that 23 million number, and what does it feel like to
3:56 am
you to know that what you have done has impacted so many people? >> well, to be honest with you, in the very, very beginning and the first few times i saw it, it was very uncomfortable. >> because it was struggling in the beginning. >> no, i was looking up to do i talk like ta that? do i walk this way? >> walk like a man. >> i mean, realistically, it is like when i see the show, it is like living my life over with a 20-minute intermission, and it can be exhausting. >> and despite the music and and the impossible odds, you did it. >> one of things that happened is that it opened up the door for a lot of other people to come out to do the same thing. right now, you have the carole king show which is doing very well. >> that is right. >> and gloria estefan. >> so you are the christopher
3:57 am
columbus of the new generation. >> and bob and frankie, see you in ten more years to talk about 20. >> all right. >> best of luck. >> and this wednesday, coming up, another russian plane goes down in the middle east, and more than two dozen dead and the video of the crash site is just coming in. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock
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4:00 am
good morn ing ing to you. today is wednesday november 4th, i'm elizabeth hasselbeck, and the results are in. the sheriff in san francisco to a referendum on pot. the final votes coming in late last night and the con ser servs came out on top. we will have the results for you. and dramatic new poll numbers in, and while donald trump and ben carson are neck and neck after the last debate, and there is bad news for hillary clinton, and how she matches up with the gop contend contenders. and a flight and former
4:01 am
walmart ceo comes crashing down. >> oh, whose car is it going to hit. >> dude! >> dude, without a parachute could have been a different story, but that one had it and saved the day. >> live from new york city, you watching "fox & friends" on wednesday. hi, everybody. we welcome back. we have a lot going on, and let's get right to it. we start with the fox newsle alert. san francisco has spoken. the sheriff was voted out of office and remember this guy? it was not close. >> you are right, brian, it is one of several key resultz, the fox co-host joins us. >> good morning, and to you and everybody at home. after the shooting of the 32-year-old who was gunned down
4:02 am
on a san francisco pier in july, and her a accused killer was an illegal immigrant who had been released from the san francisco jail months earlier and after the sheriff's department asked for him to have possible deportation, and no comment from the steinley family. >> and the approval of pot was shot down in ohio. nick lachey would have been one of the ten growers that would have benefited. la shay tweeted this, while i agree that the people of ohio have spoken and that is the way it is, and change takes time. and from ohio to kentucky, matt bevan is elected governor and only the second republican governor in that state in four decades. in houston, voters reject a
4:03 am
proposal to protect lgbt from housing and jobs and other areas, and they called it the quote bathroom bill to the allow sexual predators to go into women's restrooms. it was approved in 2014, but then in july the texas supreme court told the city to repeal it or put it on the ballot. and so, anna s america moving to the political right. you have ohio saying no to pot, and you the story of how the first time in decades that you have got a republican winning the statehouse in the great state the of kentucky, and its epa and kim davis and the donald trump factor there, but is there backlash out there in san francisco over the sanctuary city idea, because that guy who had raised double the amount of money was ousted. he is no longer sheriff. he is the one that the feds
4:04 am
said, hold on to that the guy, and he said, no, we have thing. >> and so the presidential election for 2016, the democrats are hearing the call that was made last night. >> and the fact of the businessman in kentucky doing what he want and outgoing about how old he was with the gold escalade and he did not mind ruffling the feathers and walks away with a victory and did donald trump help him or did the bevan give him a bump? and donald trump said, ben carson can't do it. he cannot negotiate. he cannot run the military the. and he said that about ben carson, but about marco rubio, he cannot be strong enough. >> and now, 23% has dr. ben carson who he says can't to the job, and just below him, 14%
4:05 am
marco rubio, and close with ted cruz at 13%, and jeb bush at 4%, and single digits there. >> and the interesting thing is that this is the first national poll after the debate. the nbc/washington journal poll that we had quoted earlier was before the poll or little after the poll, but if you look at the tabs on the quinnipiac poll ben carson beats hillary clinton 50-40. >> if anything the quinnipiac leans to the left, and this is a huge number. >> and it is huge, and she does come out ahead compared to the trump by 3% which is within the margin of error. and marco rubio beating clinton and ted cruz getting in there at 3% over clinton and five points ahead is chris christie facing
4:06 am
hillary clinton. >> and chris christie says put me on stage with hillary clinton, and i'm a pros ecutor, and i will let everybody know what she did with the e-mails and how responsible on benghazi, and at some level the quinnipiac polls show that. fwl yesterday in new york city i was walking around and i see people lined up at donald trump the's building. >> i know the building. >> and i was with cheryl casone with a live shot, and so people were there to support him, and right in back of 30 rock today. >> you will see the people with the dump trump rally, because, get this, according to congresswoman loretta sanchez by inviting donald trump on their program as she is going to be the host, he will endanger iing latinos. listen to this. >> i happy to like snl show, but
4:07 am
certainly, there are times when snl and the skits have gone overboard, but in particular, we are upset that mr. trump is hosting this rather than just being a skit. it is enabling him after he has said these derogatory comments. >> this is weekend update, and is that to a good compromise? >> apparently, does she do anything else? >> they have 400,000 signatures to get them to disinvite mr. trump. >> and originally they said, would you like to do to a scene? and lorn michaels said, a scene? you are donald trump, do the show. >> and don't forget his comments are aimed at people in this country illegally. that is what it is all about in the very beginning, and that is what they are hanging the hat on is that he is hostile to latinos and he has addressed it.
4:08 am
>> and between book and snl and of course, carly fiorina is going to be on "the view" and donald trump again has managed to dominate the week on the republican side through pure publicity without spending a dime. even though his protesters bring more attention to him. >> and they say it is going to be the highest rated "saturday night live" with donald trump. >> that is unbelievable. and we have a fox news alert, don't we? >> yes, let's start out with breaking news. we have video from the plane crash in south sudan that left 25 people dead including children. ch charred, mangled metal is all that is left of the russian-made cargo jet. government forces and rebels have battled h in the country, but it is not known what brought
4:09 am
down the plane. in the meantime, the n he embas cairo is being warned after a jet crashed and killed 224 people aboard over the sinai. today, the investigators are continuing to study the black boxes retrieved from that plane. today, a plane crash lands on a road with the help of an emergency parachute. watch this. >> dude! oh, my gosh. whose car is he going the hit. whose car is he going to hit. >> oh, my god. dude. >> and that aircraft came down the on the highway and hit a truck in arkansas and former ceo of walmart bill simon was piloting the plane, and two more people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and including the driver of that the truck. and now, a costly defense program is at the center of last month's runaway blimp.
4:10 am
the radar blimp was intended to keep the skies safe over washington, d.c., but as you recall, last month it broke free of the moorings at a maryland air force base. and then it had to be shot down raising the question of the program's worth and it has cost taxpayers more than $2.7 bill n billion. wow. and coast guard to the rescue. a woman in need of medical attention air lifted off of a cruise ship in key west, florida. it is not clear what the medical emergency was, but you can see the 53-year-old woman was lifted off of the edge of the cruise ship and to a nearby helicopter, and the coast guard does such great work. great work, guys. ba back to you. has anyone seen steve? >> yes, we are absolutely taking a page from steve. steve, you are outside, right? >> yes, because there is a brand new spottify list, a music service, that wakes you up that
4:11 am
you like to listen to, and we have a list, right? >> yes, and we have low ka lavi lavita. another one from viva la vida from coldplay. >> and elevate from st. lucia. >> and downtown from macklemore and ryan lewis. >> and lovely day with bill withers, and wake me up by avicii. so it is perfect sense to the wake those people on spotify. and so, gerard, when your alarm clock goes off, what is your perfect song to wake you up. >> blues travels "run a around." >> sing a little. >> ♪ why you want to give me the
4:12 am
run-around ♪ >> and jay, what about you? >> when i was younger i used to like to listen to the "don't stop believing" by journey. >> i'm unfamiliar with that song, how does it go? ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling >> that is awesome. now, see at my house all we have is ug, ug, ug. that is all that wakes me up. >> and don't forget that the cast of the sopranos. >> what do you wake up to, brian? >> if i were asked to make this choice i had two picks. "streets have no name" because i would love a day where you don't know how the get anywhere because the streets have no name by u2. and this one is andy grabner, an
4:13 am
when he was in the green the room, he sang, and two hours on the stage he entertained us and andy grab tner now from "dancin with the stars." what about you? >> "eye of the tiger." >> i hear -- >> i know that i am grabbing pants and running the stairs when i hear that. what about you, steve? >> i had said earlier revellie, but sometimes i feel like groundhog day. ♪ i got you babe >> and this guy should audition for frankie valli.
4:14 am
>> and not waking up to every song you chose, but here is presidential candidakancandidat who a has a new slogan "jeb can fix it." >> and we will give him the dial treatment next. ♪ [music] defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong.
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4:18 am
from president obama's attack the on republicans, and jeb bush's new campaign, it was all put to the dial test, and welcome back, leigh. >> thank you very much. >> we want to look at what we guess is the president of the united states not running for office, but in front of a friendly crowd. let's listen to what he had to say. >> have you noticed that every one of the candidates say obama is weak. you know, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he is going to straighten out. just looking at him, i'm going to -- he is going to be. and then, it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators.
4:19 am
>> and we saw the yellow line of independents meet the red line as he brought up pew tipp autin he believes that the republican s would do. >> is that is the most surprising, and it is not surprising that the democrats loved it and republicans hated it, but what is interesting is that the independents hated it. so bashing does not always work, but it did not work with him. so with independents an f, and with the democrats not surprisingly, an a. >> and jeb bush said, i know i have done some things wrong, but i am going the fix it. and, in fact, that is going to be my new campaign theme, "jeb can fix it." >> why the jeb can fix it? >> because you need leadership, and we have candidates great at talking about things, and disparaging others, but not many
4:20 am
people on the stage who have the ability to fix the things that are broken and i have a proven record of 32 years in business, and 8 years in governorship, and applying the conservative principles in the right way. >> what stands out? >> the independents there. the independents didn't respond to this. and what we heard from the folks is, great, you are running for the president, and you are going to fix it, and you better, and everybody can, but what does your presidency look like that is different, and you have to have the experience and the ability. so overall, the gop gave it a a b, and the democrats a c, and that is surprising, but independents the f and that is who he needs to reach. >> and also, the word fix it in political could mean fixing an election, and as donald trump said, you don't want to use the word fix in in politic, but that is trump. also, thank you, lee carter. and now, it happened again, a high school football player penalized for pointing to the sky to praise god, and there is
4:21 am
an update. and he trained bradley cooper for his new role "burnt." chef batali is here. we will talk to him next. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:24 am
time for the news by the numbers. country super star carrie underwood, number one. ♪ it is time for a smoke break sfoet ♪ >> the grammy award win ser the first to debut a sixth album at number one top of the charts. congratulation, carrie. and now, spirit a airlines
4:25 am
is adding a separate fee for additional baggage. they started to charge extra last year for the budget airlines. >> and girl scouts are hiking up the cookies by a buck. they will make 90 cent as box with the new $5 price tag. elizabeth. well, in the new film "burnt" bradley cooper plays a chef who tries to make a comeback after a fall from grace, but to retain his culinary crown he has to face his former classmate. >> what happened to your face? >> oh, crack-cocaine, louisiana. >> i heard an idiotic rumor that you are going to get a third star. >> i heard you got yours, but i knew it couldn't be true. >> yes.
4:26 am
>> how? >> well, i was on heavy painkillers. >> and mario batali who consulted on the film has everybody talk. so your character, matthew s is the arch nim ses of bradley's character, and tell us more. >> well, initially they said that you will be playing bradley cooper's arch nemesis, but only in the movies. we grew up a trained together, and then i achieved my dream, and in the movie, bradley is attempting to achieve his. >> and so in real life, who is the better cook, you or bradley cooper? >> hands down, bradley cooper. >> i heard that he became a very good chef and you ate the food on the set, is that true? >> well, in the old vanguard who insisted on using the pans and the flamesb and they ate almost everything, but in my kitchen,
4:27 am
poached more of the food, so we were not allowed to open up the plastic bags. >> and mario, let me ask you this, america loves the cooking shows and the competition behind it, and the fire between the people, and not only between people, but on the stokes, but you were brought in to make sure it looks real, and it does. >> well, thank you. my kind of job was to consult on the script and development to make sure it was real and the action and the discussions of the sharp words exchanged weren't just fake tv. >> and matthew, how did you really get into character? did you start by watching the cooking shows and the competitions, and speak with mario on the phone every night? >> well, sadly, i could not get to the maestro, but they were looking at various experts and how they skirt the thin line between artistry and insanity. >> and what will people walk away with this other than the fierce competition of your two characters? >> well, i walk ded away with t
4:28 am
greater appreciation of what goes on behind the doors, and when it is presented on the white lenin tablecloth is a mountain of striving for perfection, and so my appreciation for the types of gentlemen and women has gone up tenfold. >> well, my son after having seen the movie said, and we don't follow the stars so much, and the michelin guy's stars, but he said, well, i think that we should do the michelin star, because he sees the intensity and the library of the place that you don't see. >> and what does that mean the stars that you get at the restaurant? >> well, the restaurants are the michelin guide which is touted highly in this, and it has awarded it for creativity, experience, food, the entire world for the lighting and everything. and when you get to the experience like this this, it is so cure rated and managed by the chefs or the characters or the people in the dining room, that it is such an expression of art almost like a piece of music.
4:29 am
>> and matthew, if you had to learn one thing, what is one thing after all of the cooking that you feel more confident about? >> well, i have prepared a omelet and after the 18th or 19th take was an impossible omelet that he would actually agree to eat. and the french omelet has gone up, but the acceptance of not being close to the kitchen is what i am there for. >> and leave it to the experts is what i have learned. >> yes. and "burnt" is getting everybody's attention, and well deserved. thank you. be well. it was great to talk to them. and a middle school student getting detention over a hug. you got to hear this one. and looking to give your house a new look before you have company over for the holidays. you know who you are, and home depot can change the entire room on one cheap move and easy step to prove it. coming up next.
4:30 am
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>> 3 of 4 children under the age of 4 have their own smartphones. you can tell it is bad, because last night i told my daughter it was time for bed and she tried to swipe left on me. you go to bed, old man. >> how is that. i'm going to unwrite dad. i remember a big debate in my house about a phone in the fifth grade. >> this is about a telephone, and the smartphone, and who actual actually talks on a phone. so few people talk on the phone, but they text and apps and learning things. i get it. >> and most of the people i sit with on the train decide to talk on the phone, and it is fascinating to the hear about their lives, and 27 minutes before the top of the hour. in an unprecedented decision, obama administration ordering a
4:34 am
school district to give a transgendered boy access to the locker room. now, there is a suit saying that it discriminates law. what does this all mean? >> well, good morning brian and elizabeth and steve. this is civil rights into one of illinois's biggest school districts, palatine has been a allowing a male who has identified since birth as a female. they the locker room which was pound to be discriminatory, and so they then the added a partition, but because the student was the only
4:35 am
one using the privacy curtain, the aclu calls the move blatant discrimination. >> they are setting aside a separate bathroom and telling her, and only her that she has to use that to dress and that is discriminatory and no other way to look at it. >> and while they respect the transgender students, it is required to protect all of the student, and prepared to defend the policies in court if an agreement with the feds is not reached. >> privacy in the locker rooms is a fundamental and critical right that we believe is protected for all of the students. when the administration requests and requires that we remove that expectation or agreement, we believe that compromises the rights of all of our students in the locker rooms. >> the district has 30 days to reach an agreement with the feds or it risks losing up to $6 million in federal funding. steve, brian, elizabeth. >> thank you very much.
4:36 am
they tried to figure it out with the rtains. >> well, they did. >> and you know what, it is a tough one, but of all of the issues that the white house is tackling, you would think that it could not focus on something like this. i would -- i don't know, 25 minutes ahead of the top of the hour. heather with breaking news. >> this is out of the state of illinois, another story there, and two months after the massive manhunt in chicago, investiga investigators are to announce today that they believe that the officer took his own life. they say that fox lake li lieutenant joseph glin wits shot himself with his own weapon after he reported that he was chasing suspects. they say he was under personal and professional pressure. but his family disputes the report. the coroner says that homicide cannot be ruled out. and the kuwait airlines is refusing to sell airline tickets to israeli, and the airline
4:37 am
won't let people with israeli passport passports to buy tickets, because they prohibit doing business with israeli. and the u.s. says it is unacceptable, and our government will fight for all passengers' rights. >> and now, get this one, a fourth grader gets detention forgiving a hug. she embraced the male student in oviedo, florida, because he was having a bad day, and the school saw it as inappropriate touching which is a violation of the policy, and they the say that hugging, holding hands or linking arms is banned at that school. and now, the high school player who was penalized for praising god will be allowed to play saturday. he was initially ban ned for unsportsmanlike conduct after he
4:38 am
simply pointed to the sky can after he scored a touchdown, thanking god for his gift, his athletic abilities. well, the arizona interscholastic association has overturned the punishment, and earlier on fox and friends, he told elizabeth that he is going to continue to thank god in the upcoming games. >> nothing is going to change. i don't feel it is excessive celebration, and so i will continue to do it. >> this is the first time that the dirkssart school has made the playoffs in nearly 25 years. what a story that was. now, outside to maria molina, and hi there, what is it look like? >> well, out west it is looking snowy and also on the cold side. we have a big storm system rolling through the rockies, and bringing in heavy snow this morning across the colorado rockies. out there, we could see as much as 20 inches of snow across the higher elevation, and strong wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that is going to be producing
4:39 am
rough conditions on the roads, and hopefully not too many people are out there driving. you see the winter storm warnings in effect and winter advisories. meanwhile, ahead of the storm system, you will see the risk of storms. today, for parts of texas and nebraska and widespread and higher risk as we head into the thursday with the isolated tornadoes possible, and damaging wi winds and large hail. across the eastern two thirds of the nation, you have been enjoying the mild temperatures, and the forecast continues for many of you wednesday and thursday and minneapolis and chicago and omaha, the cooler air arrives friday and hangs on mild across the northeast. by friday, you are forecasting a high temperature at 73 degrees by the end of the work week. and now, over to steve and brian. >> and the home depot guy, marie yachlt it is is season -- it 'tis the season to spruce up the house before the loved ones come in. and we have lighting and faucets
4:40 am
and all tips to give your home a new look. >> and joining us from home depot is tom wolf. welcome back. steve will show us that it is easy, because he can do all of these things, but i can't. lightning. >> you have something outdated, you put up something new. >> yes. >> and so the first time that you want to do any time you are installing a new kitchen, take down the power. and then you take out the old incandescent lighting, you take that out, and so that is builder's grade, so to attach this, you put the lines together, just like with the old-style speakers. >> you have one there? >> yes, right there. >> and you put it on? >> yes, and twist it. twist it right on and push it right up inside of here so it is going to be safe and not going
4:41 am
to be causing a fire. and it is protected. >> there you go. >> and you end up pushing that up inside, and we have a lot of extra wires here for showing purposes. >> you don't have to put it there, because it is made to show you. >> made for television purposes. >> and the ground is the green screw here and now how easy, once you is hooked up all of the lines, then, just push it through the two holes, and the two holes there, and then get the lug nuts, and having the trouble getting it in the hole. >> okay. there you got it. and then these screw right on. and this then you put the l.e.d. bulb in there with the efficiency and grandma is happy. and other styles is not just the
4:42 am
pendants, but chandeliers and flush mounts and different things the to go with, and it depends on the look of the kitchen. >> and now, this is more complicated except for the new delta thing that does the thinking for you, and you don't have to hire a plumber anymore? >> no, the technology has cha changed in plumbing. >> don't say that my brother is a plumber. >> you don't need a master plumber anymore. everything is attached the supply lines and what the new faucets are doing getting rid of the outdated faucets. these will have a bunch of great feature, and these are the touch faucets to turn on and off, and if you simply touch it, on/off, and the power player or the spread spray and also the l.e.d. lights come out of here, and it is so easy to install, and you don't need a master plumber anymore. >> and this is t.j.'s assistant there. >> and now, with the outdated tile, scrape it off and put this
4:43 am
stuff up. it is just plastic and it looks like the real thing. >> i can't use the grout, because i tried to make an ashtray in the fifth grade and it did not come out. >> and put that in there. >> they lock in like legos. >> it is more like legos, but ima tinker toy guy. lining them up. >> oh, looking good. coming out nice. >> brian, you are doing a home improvement. >> you did a backsplash. maybe some side jobs for you this weekend. we will line it up for you. >> tom, and t.j., thank you for backing him up today. well, the house is new, and we can have people offlike that >> and i love that backsplash, guys. >> ohio is on the verge of legalizing marijuana and the final votes coming in late last night, and we are live in columbus with a huge decision. >> and he broke the record for
4:44 am
the most time in space, and now astronaut scott kelly joining us directly from the international space station. right now, we are going to be waiting to see him. hello. i follow him on instagram, by the way. kellogg's® frosted 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us. ♪ kellogg's frosted mini-wheats® feed your inner kidult
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. welcome back. we have a fox news alert for you. ohio voters saying no to pot. a measure to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in the state is rejekted. mike mccarthy from fox 28 in columbus, ohio, joining us now. good morning to you. >> elizabeth, good morning to you, and it was an overwhelming rejection by voters the polls for legalizing pot in ohio. we are live out sooside of colu, and this is one of the areas where mnl mj would have been grown in what is called issue 3 would have been passed.
4:48 am
but when the voters went to the polls they rejected marijuana by a two to one margin and the large reason is that there were concerns that a marijuana monopoly may have been created by the backers of issue three. they had planned ten exclusive growing sites for commercial marijuana use. adults 2 # 1 or older would have been -- 21 or older could have grown it at home, but they could not have sold it. so the sites were only available for commercial use, and so the backing was by private investors and part of the reason that it is getting national attention is that the nick lachey, the former 98 degrees band boy was one of those. and this morning on the backer, he says that he does not agree with the decision, but he used the #respect. >> and thank you very much. and also, a former nba player
4:49 am
was behind that as well. big decision there in ohio. out of this world interview with astronaut scott kelly from the international space station. you cannot miss this. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. gummy multivitaminrst ever from centrum.
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4:52 am
he has spent more time in space than any other american, and now he's talking to us from the international space station. joining us is expedition 45 commander scott kelly. commander, a year in space is what you will wind up spending. who did you hack off to get that assignment? >> well, it was a long list, but actually to be honest with you, there were a lot of people in the office that wanted to do this. it is an honor to be the first
4:53 am
american to spend this amount of time in space, and it's, you know, a challenge. i look at it as a real privilege. >> absolutely. commander, what you hope to accomplish in your year in space? >> well, you know, on nasa's horizon, hopefully not in the too far distant future is a journey to mars, and there are still thing ths that we need to know about spending the amount of time in space that it will take to get to mars and, you know, safely get back to the earth. and the space station, while we have it, it is an incredible opportunity to learn those things. >> and tell us where you are in the international space station the right now. i mean, it -- you have wires everywhere and it looks kind of like a part of the airplane or something, but how far in space and how fast are you going, and where are you right now? >> yeah, so, i am in the u.s.
4:54 am
destiny laboratory module, and it is the kind of the main primary module for the u.s. segment of the space station. it is part laboratory, and part like, you know, bridge of the starship "enterprise" in a small way. we are 250 miles above the surface of the earth traveling at 17,500 mile answer hour, and we are currently over australia, and it is night time. in about 45 minutes, we will be or less than 45 minutes, we will be flying over the united states. >> that is so cool. commander, you are kind of floating around. if you are weightless right now, do you mind doing a flip [ laughter ] i love that. >> done. >> i want to be able to do that. when you are in space for a year, are you on social media, and are you able to communicate
4:55 am
on earth with twitter, and what is the food that you say, as soon as we land, i want to go to this place? >> well, we have can decent capability with the e-mail, and the skype ip phone system to communicate ax and little bit of a delay, and we have an internet connection which is lot like the dial-up was, and i'm sure that the kids don't know what dial-up is. but it allows us to get on the internet. slow, and not ideal, but better than not having anything. so there is pretty good capability there to communicate not only with your friends and loved ones, but also with the pub liblg in general. as far as, you know, what type the of food that i'll get when i land. we land in kazakhstan, and so it is not like a corned beef
4:56 am
sandwich from new york city or some new jersey/new york pizza. they do the best they can, and when i get home, i will get up to the northeast pretty soon. >> well, i will tell you, commander, when you land, come to me in new york city, and i will take you out for a big steak after a year in space. commander scott kelly, good luck to you, sir, and thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure and great to talk to you. >> yes, sir, thank you. and meanwhile, coming up for the first time, quinton tarantino speaks out about his cop comments and why he is playing the victim card. and kelillie pickler has a brand new project and it is not what you think. kellie and her husband talk about why opposites attract in the next hour.
4:57 am
getting paid to be patriotic. now, a senator will have a bill to stop the flow of cash, and the real story today at 2:00.
4:58 am
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suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief it is wednesday november 4th, good morning. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. with election results coming in overnight, with the sanctuary sheriff losing his job to kentucky going red for the second time in 40 years. >> yeah, the question is, is it a trend? and plus the plane of a former walmart ceo looks like it is just dropping out of the sky. >> dude! oh, my god. whose car is he going to hit. whose car is he going to hit? >> oh, my god. dude! >> thankfully, that airplane is equipped with an emergency parachute that saved the day.
5:01 am
we will tell you the story. >> and a world series champion who is not afraid to tell it like it is. >> if you want to be politically incorrect, i'll be politically incorrect -- we whooped their. [ bleep ]s. >> welcome. ♪ roll if you want to ♪ roll around the world today is a big day at "fox & friends" and we will tell you what to avoid using car seats and when to turn your kid around to face the front. we have the facts for you this morning, about your baby's safety and not to be missed. >> i remember when i brought brian out in from the maternity and what do they call it after
5:02 am
you have the kid? >> delivery room? the maternity suite? the ma teternity ward? >> and they said you could take him home, and i could not get the car seat in, and the nurse came out and i thought, oh, my gosh, is she coming home with us? and then i realized i have a car kid in the car and i drove like 5 miles an hour. >> and now, 95% of the car seats are installed incorrectly. >> yes, we will have the facts to keep your sweet one safe to today. >> and i am especially worry for the people who got out the book, and i know what happens when you go slightly ahead of donald trump, and you will be called sleepy and tired.
5:03 am
so i am hoping that he surged in the polls, so i am so happy. >> and awesome history, and everybody should grab it. >> and now, there is a new sheriff in town out in san francisco. and their embattled sheriff has lost the election by a landslide. >> it is one of the several key results in the country that is noteworthy when you think of the next election. we have been following this to find out what happened last night. anna? >> yes, a lot of topics. good morning, and good morn ing to you at home. there is no sheriff ross mish mircorini after an illegal was released from the sheriff's jail
5:04 am
earlier even though the immigration officials asked him to detain him for deportation. but so far, no comment from the family. and in ohio marijuana is smoked out. nick lachey would have been part owner of one of the ten approved growing sites. he tweeted this after the results, though i may not agree, the people of ohio have spoken, and that is the way it is supposed to work. change takes time. and from ohio and marijuana, matt bevin is elected governor. he is the second republican governor in kentucky in four decades. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us, and lot of work to do and it is time to get the overalls and the boots on and get out of bed, but this is the opportunity to go out to seize this. >> and in houston, the voters reject a proposal to protect lgtb people from jobs and other areas. it is called the so-called bathroom bill which would allow
5:05 am
sexual predators the go inside of the restrooms. the texas supreme court ordered the city to appeal their ruling and ordered them to put it on the ballot and the people have spoken. brian? >> one of the reasons that they said is that the guy who won the republican had the out soosider going on and credited donald trump for that, and also the same state, kentucky, a lot of coal, and draconian epa requirements put on the state by this particular administration, and another thing, kentucky is the home of kim davis, and she was the county clerk who refused to issue the same-sex marriage license, and she was defended by l liberty council, and they said this now that he has won, it was due in part to kim davis.
5:06 am
they say that the people of kentucky favor traditional values in marriage, and they are tired of the political elites represented by governor bashar who are out of touch with ordinary god-loving citizens. >> and obama care played a huge role in that vote that the was cast. and democrats must be paying attention here, and this is a big win for the conservative principles in the elections that we talked about, and the hearing of moving 2016, and the poll coming out, the quinnipiac poll showing donald trump and ben carson running neck and neck in an official horse race, and donald trump the at 24%, and ben carson nationally at 23%. >> and also, it is noteworthy to bring up there is that marco rubio benefitted from the debate where he was steriling for the third straight time as did ted cruz, but the drop is precipitous for jeb bush down to 4%. he has to recalibrate and fix it, whatever slogan he wants, but it is a tipping point for him. no doubt about it. >> and bush had in the
5:07 am
quinnipiac poll, the worst favorable, an ben carson jumping up for the first time beating hillary clinton 50-40, and when it comes to women, he is ahead of her 45 to 44%, and that is of course, within the margin of error, but in what hillary clinton has seemed to lock nup n the women with's vote, ben carson is taking it a away. >> this is head-to-head matchup, and hillary loses to every one of the republicans, and she is within the margin of error between trump and mrs. clinton, but this is registered voters across the country, and that is not good for hillary. >> and before we lose the screen, christie with the five-point lead, and the only thing that is there which must be stunning to the clinton camp. >> after the republican debate, and after mainstream media talking about how she had the ten best days of her campaign, and yet according to one of the
5:08 am
polls out there only 27% of the americans think that she is honest. that is a problem. >> and this is interesting, and carson got the best honesty grades of candidates and positive of 62%, and carson also the highest when asked who cares about your needs and problems, and maybe that is why he is in donald trump's sights. he has been hacking away at his lead. >> and all of the polling, and work at the dial, and she says that donald trump is a master at finding the weakness and underlying it. he says that ben carson is sleeppy and marco is young and sweaty and overrated. maybe in the ba-- maybe in the back of your mind, you say, maybe he is sleepy, and regardless, he seems to cut right to it. >> i spoke to some people who work with donald trump and i said, is that donald trump or does he have gals or guys with
5:09 am
the strategists, and they said, no, it is donald trump. >> and what about the one-man team. >> and a gang helping her with the headlines. >> and you as well? >> yes. we are all a team. >> good morning to you and hope you are off to the good day. let's go overseas for the fox alert here. at least 25 people including children are dead this morning. the plane plummeted to the ground in south sudan, and new reports that the russian-made cargo plane may have been overloaded, but the rebels and the government forces have battled in the kcountry recentl, but it is not yet known why exactly that plane went down. also in that region, the united states em bbassy of cair is warning people not to travel in the sinai peninsula after the crash of a russian jet airliner that killed all 224 people on board. the pentagon has ruled out the possibility that it was shot out of the sky while investigators continue to study the black boxes. >> a scary scene as a plane
5:10 am
lands right on the road with the help of a parachute. >> dude! >> whose car is he going to hit? >> well, the dude part there nonetheless, but it came down striking a truck in arkansas. three passengers and the truck driver were treated for minor injuries. the former walmart ceo bill simon was piloting the single engine plane at the time. and a st. louis man has been sentenced to setting fire to a store in the ferguson riots. antonio whiteside pleading guilty in april to the attempted arson for starting the fire the night that the grand jury announced the the decision not to indict officer darren wilson for the shooting of michael brown. it was 30 years in the making and more than 800,000 fans showing up in kansas city to celebrate the royals world series win against the new york
5:11 am
mets. royals fans have waited 30 years to be back on top of -- that is doocy over there clapping -- and the team celebrated like this. >> you want to be politically correct. i am not the politically correct person. we whooped their [ bleep ]s. >> and in case you didn't hear that he said that we whipped their and another word for that. that is jonny gomes holding the the american flag and it is making waves on social media. and 800,000 people turned out, and you know what the population of kansas is? >> it is right in between and straddles the kansas and missouri line, and the celebration was in missouri. >> probably nowhere near the harry truman museum where nobody was at because they were all at the celebration. >> and quinton taryantino is
5:12 am
refusing to apologize for calling cops murders. >> i have to call the murdered, the murdered and the murderers the murderers. >> and now he is saying that he did not say that. he is playing the victim card. >> and now, while president obama frees men with real convictions, and another man faces jail, and his crime -- fishing. >> what? >> fishing.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
i'm a human being with a conscious, and when i see murder, i cannot stand by. i have to call the murdered the murdered and the murderers, the murderers. >> that ten days of quentin tarantino doubling down on the comment comments at a police rally. tarantino said yesterday in the l.a. times it feels lousy for a bunch of police mouthpieces to call me a cop hater, and i will
5:17 am
not take back what i said, i'm not a cop hater. we are joined about this. >> this is a huge hollywood scam, because quentin tarantino has put box office ahead of the african-american community and put a war on the police officers to pump up the box office receipts. he has a problem based on the movie "django unchained" and he was faced with criticism that it was upsetting to the african-american community. and so he wanted to drive up publicity for the "hateful eight" coming out on christmas
5:18 am
day and make good to people angry at him. >> you are saying that cop rally was to make good for him? >> well, that is what it appears to be in my view, and on toch that, it is a cynical sick ploy that will help not get police officers hurt in this country. he was part of the group rise up october. it is a group that is essentially made in my view of marxists, and people who have been to prison for conspiring to blow up a police station, and people involved with armed robberies and harboring police fugitives in which armed robberies where police officers were killed. >> talk about this movie "rise up october." >> the powers at be have unleashed the cops to kill and brutal theize people, and back them up, and in this movie, it targets black and latino people,
5:19 am
and as genocidal implications. >> so that is the rally he was at? >> well, he was standing at a group in greenwich village in central park saying that there is a conspiracy of the united states government and police to commit genocide of the mass murder of african-americans and latinos in the country. i think that it is a front to make money for a movie. >> well, he says that he has no intention of saying anything else, and he did not do anything wrong. he said that he is a victim, and they are trying to squeeze him. >> and he is waiting, yep. >> and he is waiting for the hollywood troops to come to his rescue. jamie foxx has come to his rescue and said, go quentin, and go, and wait for more of the hollywood libs to stand the up to say, quentin tarantino first amendment. well, quentin tarantino has it wrong and if police officers and their families act up, they will
5:20 am
shut this movie down, big time. they should go to exhibitors as well. go to the next step, and shut it down. hateful to america, and hate fu to cop, and violent and dangerous, and bad words, bad fighting words that we don't need in america today. >> peter johnson, jr., thank you. thank you. >> what do you think of that? e-mail us at, and tweet peter as well, because he would like to hear from you. and now, we have just learned how easy it is for the terrorists to smuggle weapons past the tsa. that is not good. >> plus, we are hel yopg u t the -- we are helping you to keep your kids safe in the car. and answering questions like when do you turn the car seat around to the front? that is coming up next from that subaru. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum.
5:21 am
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our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
5:23 am
o'reilly here, and will the
5:24 am
quick headlines now. more promises to fix the tsa from capitol hill after another undercover study revealed horrific results when thing agents were able to sneak weapons past checkpoints. 95% of the fake bombs made it past the checkpoints, and this time the agency decided to keep the exact study results sealed. >> and now, obama agreed to let 4,000 men free. and now this man is arrested for fishing. anthony joseph was arrested for illegally reporting his fish and bringing in reportedly 11,000
5:25 am
po pounds of fluke. elizabeth? >> and now, we are told that this is the best car seat for us to use. the car seat ladies are joining us for tips for kids' car seats. parents are listening now, and talk to the us about this study. they said that they were suffering from injuries are from a rear-facing child seats. what do you know? >> we know that it is the best way to study. this study had numerous flaws to the render it scientifically flawed. 75% of the crashes that cause injury to children are frontal and side impact crashes, and rear facing offers the best protection. >> at what point to the baby's life? >> at least 24 months of age, but hopefully much longer.
5:26 am
rear facing is the most protective for most of the body, but mostly the brain and the spine. >> and that is what we are trying to accommodate to kids for thr3 to 4 years old. >> and you opt for that for a toddler? >> yes. emily's 3-year-old who is very large and rides rear facing in this exact seat. and this one is for babies coming home for the first year of life >> and we have heard in terms of the asphyxiation and not being able to breathe when they are a asleep. how do you keep the babies most safe? >> any time the baby is in the car seat, whether it is is in the car or the house or the stroller, number one, make sure that the baby is buckled, and buckled snug. emily will show you how. and take the shoulder straps, and gather to take out the flack
5:27 am
of the legs and the stomach, and then pull up on the tail, and then firmly on the shoulder strap to pull up on the flack, and the tail again, and then pull up on the shoulders. >> this is even when they are not in the car. >> every single time. >> why? >> because fi that are not buckled or partially buckled, you can see the asphyxiation, because the chin will fall down on the chest, and they can't breathe and pick their head back up, and we will also see the strangulation which is what this warn warning label says. there is also a chest clip that has to be used. >> and it slides up? >>, for the baby slides down and gets caught. >> so when this is clipped, it should be clipped as if the baby is in the car seat, you keep this baby clipped in as if they were ride manage the car. >> yes. >> and what we will see is 10,000 infants visiting the e.r.
5:28 am
due to drops and falls from the car seat. you go to the grocery store and put it on top, or to the restauran restaurant, and somebody knocks it off a and the baby is going to the hit the floor. so my time the baby is in the car seat, on the stroller or the floor, and never elevated. >> so we are looking at baby up to 4 rear facing and in the car seat always buckled. >> in the house or the car or wherever it is. >> these are new revelations for most parents watching today, do doctor. than you, dr. baer and lillian. how do you know whether it is better to rent or buy? we will tell you next. >> and a shoplifter trying to get a clean getaway runs straight into the glass. ouch. that had to hurt.
5:29 am
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hewlett packard enterprise. listen up. we have been boarded by four armed pirates. you know the drill. we stay hidden no matter what, and i don't want any hostages. we stay locked down until help arrives and nobody comes out until you hear the password from me which is suppertime. if the pirates find you, remember, you know the ship, and they don't. >> what a good movie. that is from 2013 "captain phillips" and based a off of the real life story, and the first time in 200 years an american ship has been taken off of the coast of africa. and prior to that it happened in
5:33 am
1784 when our country was just a year-old and before we had a president, and that is when i had a chance to research for the past four years with don jaeger and the tripoli pilots. and it has gotten off to a good start, and i appreciate it. i will be in washington, d.c., mclane, virginia. and at the barnes & noble, and then in fredericksburg, sunday, and then the only other stop is huntington at the book review on the 10th, and santa barbara on the 13th. >> go to pittsburgh. >> well, go, everywhere. >> well, we should reflect more on willie stargell and clemente than this. >> and the parallel of what is going on now in terms of the e freedom, and purchasing it, and keeping the military at a certain level for those who don't want us to maintain our freedom.
5:34 am
incredible. >> if you look at the combinations of clinton, bush and obama, and you could add in adams, jefferson and washington, and see who had it right. >> it is a great read. >> and now, a fan of your writing as well has the headlines. >> and brian, it is on my calendar for november 10th. >> you can't stay up that late. >> well, it is so late, maybe i will wear my pajamas. but i do have a serious story. new overnight, american flags were set on fire in teheran as thousands gathered to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the u.s. em bas si there. and people chanted "down with the u.s." and it was a call to sever ties with iran. and there is a a user on and
5:35 am
online forum says that people who should post their thoughts about community issues. people who commit property crimes are human, and we should think twice about speaking in disparages terms about those criminals. and another person says, we many must do what we can to create community and not just worry about our own security. not everybody is on board with this and one man saidb how do i refer to the the person who just recently stole my bike? who is the victim here? that is a good question. more than 80 people have commented so far. and parents, punished for pretending. a 6-year-old boy is suspended for three days for shooting another student with an imaginary bow and arrow. the child was playing during recess when a teacher at the catholic school in cincinnati saw him make the gesture, and the parents said that he did nothing wrong and tried to the argue with the principal to keep
5:36 am
him in, but the school is standing by the zero tolerance for any threat of violence, and he returns to class today. and he is just 6 years old. a shoplifting suspect fails while trying to make a getaway in south africa. she run right into the revoling door, and she cracks the door. what a stud. and she gets away when another shopper holds the door open for her. those are the headlines there. >> and that is embarrassing. >> the revolving door will get you every time. >> and she has gone out the door and that is maria molina and since it is wednesday, science trivia. >> that is right. a and the today's question is what is the strongest wind speed officially recorded in the u.s. it is not estimated which a lot of times that is the case with the tornadoes, but this is actually recorded by an instrument in the u.s. a, 131. b, 231.
5:37 am
c, 300 or d, 300? >> well sh, b. >> a. >> and b is the answer, and way to go, elizabeth and steve, brian got it wrong. that was recorded on mount washington, and you are right, on the mountain at the observato observatory, but the strongest wind gust on earth was in australia and this is over 250 miles per hour. >> wow! >> and now, looking at the weather conditions across the country, because we will be seeing the windy conditions across the rockies with the winter storm bringing in one to two feet of snow out there, and across some of the higher elevations of colorado, and that is where you are looking at the stronger winds and the higher accumulations, and that is where we have winter storm warnings in effect, and scattered ak dross
5:38 am
roc -- across the rockies. and now, the forecasting of the storms where some could bring some damage today, there are storms in texas up through the midwest, and we have the risk of to tornadoes and damaging winds and large hail. as far as the temperatures go across the eastern two-thirds of the nation, we have been enjoying warmer temperatures, and for a few more days. back inside. >> live it up today and tomorrow. >> thank you, maria. >> is it good idea to open up a joint bank account with your spouse? and when should you rent or buy? we are going to be trying to answer the most asked money questions coming up next. and plus, country music star kellie pickler a has a brand new project and it is not what you think. they are going to be joining us to talk about why opposites attract. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
5:39 am
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od. helping the world keep promises. welcome back. we have quick head looinlines f now. would you like a pair of bernie briefs? i am not kidding a vermont company is lobbying for bernie sanders by selling men and women's underwear inspired by the candidate the featuring a black and white drawing of sanders of course with the slogan "feel the bern." and the cost is $15. and this, she has the bark high as elected for a small kentucky town, and border collie lucy lou is hoping to be the first canine candida candidate in the paw-party. that is cute. talking to money. >> yes. and elizabeth, when it comes to
5:43 am
money, we are needing advice time to time, and we are about to the answer some question, and get out a pen and tell everybody to the quiet down. financial expert rachel cruz is joining us from nashvillet you know. and first of all, move the nashville and buy a home, baud it is it is a great place to raise a family, but rachel, when do we know when to buy or rent? >> well, wrenting is a great option, and not a bad thing. people are like, oh, you are a a renter. no, it is not the case. renting is not a bad thing and especially moving to a new city and live there for a year and figure out where to buy, and if you are a newlywed, don't rush in. be together for a year and then look for a home. >> and people were so burnt by mortgages, and they could not afford it, and believed the mortgage broker, and they said, i want some peace of mind, and i will rent. >> yes, when you in the position to buy, this is what you should
5:44 am
do, be completely debt-free, and 3 to 6 months of expenses saved in the bank. it is conservative, but here the de deal, credit card payments and student loans and no savings and you go the buy a home, then the roof leaks and the heating and the air goes out, you are deeper in debt and the home is more of a curse than a blessing. so put at least 10% to 20% for the down payment. >> and tom hanks did a movie like that called "money pit." and when do i know how the buy a car, lease a consider or buy a used car. >> and avoid car payments like the plague. buy a reliable used car. and actually leasing a car is the most expensive way to finance a vehicle according to "money" magazine. >> because there are many more incentives built in, in the '90s to write it off, and there was much more of an incentive and most people believe that you
5:45 am
should buy a new car if you can afford it, but get a slightly used car? >> yes, let somebody else take the hit, because when you drive off, it depreciates like that. buy a great car two to three years old, but with cash. >> i know that happy couples have separate accounts, and others have joint accounts when it comes to the checking account. what do you recommend? always combine those accounts. because when you sit down together, you will budget together, and accounts are together, and i believe that. you have to be unified on the subject when you are marry and having a joint checking account h helps that. >> and it is the number one reason that people have conflict and ultimately divorce, money. >> it is one of the top reasons that people divorce is that money fights and money problems. if you have had a money fight, and i have had them, and they are hard.
5:46 am
to be able to to be together and have that account to communicate. >> and now, where did it all go? and we agree on that. and what do we do if we have a little money and people say invest, and you say to take out the savings account even though you get almost no interest on it, and have a savings account for those expenses. >> well, sure, if you are spending the money within five year, and saving it for a vacation or car, and have a simple account or money market account, but if you are saving five years or longer, or saving for retirement, invest. >> man, a lot of pressure on you have to be financially solvent, because you are telling people what to do and you can live up to the hype and the responsibility. rachel cruze, thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. and now, one of the talents to emerge from "american idol" with a great personality is kellie pickler and her husband kyle are going to talk about their new reality show which
5:47 am
starts tomorrow. she says don't expect any drama. and let's check in with maria who will also have no drama. >> thank you, brian. we have a big morning here as marco rubio is moving up in the poll, and donald trump is going after his financial chops and the senator is here to respond. and candidate cruz had a big night at the last debate, and how is he planning to build on that? and peggy noonnan wrote that jeb bush is not ready for primetime and now that jeb is getting tough on trump, will she change her tune on him? we aare happy to have her with s this morning, and we will see you at the top of the hour. americans. we're living longer than ever.
5:48 am
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from "american idol" to "dan "dancing with the stars" kellie pickler is unstoppable. her latest project gives the viewer as peek behind the curtain in her new reality show, "i love kellie pickler." take a look. >> you can't look behind you, because it does not work that way. >> wow. >> and she is backing that thing. >> this thursday, follow kellie and her husband kyle as they hilariously tackle life's ups and downs. and country music star and her si singer/songwriter husband kyle. and kyle, we didn't get to see you yet, but we heard about you the last time you visited with us, and you were talking about the show, and now what are we going to see? >> oh, my goodness. a lot of love and laughter. we are so blessed to have good people in our lives and great friends that we just share a life together. they are nashville family.
5:52 am
so you will meet our friends. >> you might meet some chickens. >> yeah, some chickens. >> and you are talking about it. >> and some dogs. >> and watch this, one of the producers put in a bug in somebody's ear. have her pick up a chicken. this is what happened. >> you want to hold one? >> yeah. >> all right. you get in there. >> okay. >> you get over here. >> getting in the coop. you better be careful, babe. act like you are one of them. >> like a football. grab it. >> there you go. awesome. now you can hold her. >> this is laverne. isn't she cute? let's get one. >> kyle is allergic to everything. >> why did we have to say that? >> you are. it is okay. >> and is that what backyards are like in your neck of the woods where couple of guys are strumming guitars. >> yeah, we are surrounded by
5:53 am
musicians and creative people, so never a dull moment. >> and ryan seacrest produced this, and some people say this couple and we have to have drama and i see wholesome and love and no drama? >> well, there is no need for it. we feel like there is enough of it out there, and we, like i said earlier, we surrounded ourselves by good people that we love to pieces. there no cat fight, because we don't have cats. he is allergic to the fights. >> there we go with the allergies again. >> these are short little 30-minute episodes. we did 13 >> yep, 13 episodes. >> and we just want to make people laugh and smile and have a good time. and cmt is our family, too. it makes sense, and great for us. >> and the debut is thursday. >> thursday night. >> and explain to me, and you have been together for a number of years, but you are described as complete opposites. how did you wind up getting married? >> well, i would not say
5:54 am
complete opposites, but i'm from minnesota, and she is from carolina, and so there is a lot of differences being on the show no doubt. >> i did have my first white christmas in minnesota. >> and i had my first fried okra. >> it is delicious. >> it is amazing. >> i know. it is like a test. and it is like, okay, he has to like this, and this is going to be a make it or break it thing. >> and check it out, "i love kellie pickler" thursday night at 10:00 p.m. on cmt. >> thank you. >> thanks for sharing your love with everybody. >> we are about the love, too. >> go out and write a theme song for "fox and friends." >> i'm on it. >> i'm on it. >> thank you. >> that would be a good song, right? >> and coming up with kellie pickler's home to yours. and now, we are reading people's
5:55 am
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from science to relationship s. >> they have used scientific techniques to find out that all of us when we are looking for the spouse, we have dealmakers, which is what we like in somebody, and deal braikers, and when you see it, you say, next. >> and combined, women have more dealbreakers than men, but these are the dealbreakers. disheveled or lazy. and no sense of humor or lives too far away, and those are dealbreaker s dealbreakers in the relationships. >> and for men, is it is a e lowis ex drive or talks too much, and a those are the dealbreakers and so instead of
5:59 am
the positives, it is more important of the negatives. so what are your dealbreakers? >> okay. robert tweets in nagginging is number one. >> nagging is a dealbreaker for robert. >> kim on facebook says that need di is one thing and user is what the dealbreaker is. >> and alex added this, whiners and complainers, and dealmakers, humor and respect for others. >> and did you say that sense of humor always ranks up there. >> if you are on a long date, you have to have a good time. >> you can't depend on the movie all of the time. >> that is all. >> and tomorrowings on this program, steph goldman is going to be joining us, and the top home products of the year are going to be revealed. which is great, because things that are going to be suggested as gifts. >> and staph needs a new blender.
6:00 am
>> a margarita machine. >> and if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio, because we are on from 9:00 to noon. >> and maybe i will get my wife a radioment and get her a radio show. >> ham radio. >> ham radio. bill: here we go, everybody. a neck and neck battle for front runner stat nuts republican race. donald trump and dr. ben carson just about even in a new national poll. it's amazing to wake up every morning to see this stuff, but the shifts happen all the time. martha: trump and carson virtually tied in the latest national quinnipiac poll. trump at 24% and ben carson at 23%. marco rubio has seen some gained


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