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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live streaming, whatever that is. i've got my life preserver, life jacket, streaming. again, thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. emememememememememember, the sps here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> not backing down about police as the devicive hollywood director now doubles down. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. showing you the first tv interview just moments ago to msnbc host, chris hays. yesterday, tarrantino offer his first comments telling the l.a. times that he had been slandered and refusing to apologize for remarks so
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incendiary that not even his hollywood bosses are backing up. hear the comments tarantino made and the antipolice rally that made people so angry. >> when i see murder, i cannot standby. and i have to call the murdered, the murdered. and i have to call the murderers, the murderers. >> just moments ago, the very first sit-down interview. and when given the chance to apologize, tarantino, instead, appeared to double down. >> we were at a rally that was dealing with unarmed people, mostly black and brown who had been shot and killed orr beaten or strangled by the police. and i was obviously referring to the people in those type of situations. i was referring to eric
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gardener, i was referring to sam debose, i was referring to tamir rice. in those cases in particular that we're talking about, i actually do believe that they were murdered. i was under the impression that i was american. i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an antipolice brutality protest. and speaking my mind. and just because i was at an antipolice rally protest because i have made statements in some interviews, you know, along the way that have suggested that i'm on their side when it comes to this issue of, you know, it matly what i feel is a problem of white supreme sill in this country.
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it's just not convenient. that's the way they attacked me. calling me a cop hater. that's the way mill call key county sheriff was on fox all the time saying i'm putting police in danger by standing up for the right of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police. but, at the same time, they
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say that about anybody who acknowledges that there's a problem in law enforcement in this country right now. is considered by law enforcement targets the problem, whether that be me, whether that be bill deblasio or president barack obama who that be patrick lynch or accused all three of us. it's much easier to defame out rage and start arguments with celebrities than it is to deal with the fact that they deal with the citizenry losing trust in them. >> so i don't think he's going to be apologizing. joining me now to discuss the n.y city police commissioner and founding partner of frarity. good too see you both. so, no, there won't be an apology. instead, we've taken it to a new revel. this is not only about bad cops, this is about white supreme sill. mr. commissioner, i'll let you start with that one. >> i can be the even get into
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the white supreme sill thing. this is a guy that didn't have the courage to go out and do the job that the men and women of this country do in law enforcement. he wouldn't have the courage, the commitment, the dedication. and i think something has to be said for the number you started with. when you tack on their family, i think he should send the message to him and people like him. they have to send the message and make sure he understands that. one of the ways is they have to send the message by not attending his movie. >> and that's clearly -- he had to come out because the pressure is mounting on him and the hollywood producers are not happy that he chose to go to this antipolice brutality rally. it certainly seemed like there was a greater sentiment there. >> it sounded like not only did
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he not apologize, he played the victim and then added racism into its. >> he says he's a person with a conscious. well, this ex-cop is someone with common sense. and, in my opinion, is a buffoon. he is doing something that is becoming so devicive in this country and is just throwing fuel on the fire. he's making a mistake. while he has his first amendment right to spout all of this, it's my first amendment right and my vote not to go to that movie and to go to every other movie but his. i've got a strong feeling the families of police officers as well as cops aren't going to go. we're tough breeds. sticks and stones and bullets can hurt us. but his words, they just ear tate everyone. >> but what he says is these cops are feigning out rage. that they're feigning their out rage at what he said. >>. >> megyn, there's another issue here. he did this three or four days after. >> he admitted that the timing
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was very bad. >> that's his decision. he decided to go with the same people that are calling for cops to be killed. those same types of people. well, if that's what you're going to do, if that's what you think you're going to do, then i think it's time for the cops to pay it back and send a message. he came back and said i'm not a cop hater. there were murders by cops of black citizens. that's incontrovertible. he says i'm referring to cases like that. not to all cops. >> you know the way it sounds like a racist will say you're black, you've not like one of them. to me, it's racist against every officer in blue. he makes these blanket statements and tries to take a baby step back and then doubles down. it's ridiculous.
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cops overwhelmingly put their lives on the line. there are a number of them that live in a bubble. there are others who don't think like him. but he's in a bubble being protected, by the way, by cops and ex-cops. >> just a couple weeks ago, he just had to call the cops to his estate 13 days before he whipped up that crowd when somebody broke on his property. >> it's the same guy in hollywood that makes tens of millions of doll dollars imitating the lives of these cops who make 50,60,th$50,60,00. >> hillary clinton met with the mother of trayvon martin, fine. but also, the mother of michael
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brown who was killed, it's been proven, by the department of justice. while he was attacking a police officer. so michael brown, the victim of cops when it's been proven. he was not. >> would hillary clinton be visiting the officer if michael brown finished the job he started? my guess is no. >> great to see you both. thank you for being here. >> coming up, breaking news on what may be the worst terror attack since 9/ 1. and it looks more and more like a bomb brought down a passener jet killing more than 240 men, women and small children. congressman king and lieutenant colonel schaffer will join us with new details. plus, a stunning upset in kentucky where a tea party executive is now governor elect. but the bigger story may be what this means for the 2016 presidential race and chris and dana just ahead on that.
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along with the new poll, shaking up the gop race. and then, a week after senator rubio is hammered for suggesting hillary clinton lied about benghazi, we've got a new look at what the victims are saying the secretary told them and how the media rorted it all. this as we get a sneak peek and the soon-to-be-released film about this american tragedy. >> chief, are we expecting any friendlies? >> i'm not aware of any friendlies. >> let them come. let them come. ♪ our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn.
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there is a high probability that a bomb took down that russian passenger jet. our sources cannot confirm who's behind one of the worst single terrorist attacks since ace. tonight, isis is again claiming disaster and they may put these questions to rest. we are joined by peter king and lieutenant.
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we begin with the very latest. catherine? >> thank you, megyn. tonight, the intelligence community has intercepted between known terrorist operatives that an explosion brought down the jet with a device possibly planted by ace. the national security team had no comment tonight being only led by the egyptians. increasingly, including ground crews and luggage handlers. suspending british flights out of the airport and all british citizens where advised to avoid air travel to the region. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.
9:15 pm
>> meantime, u.s. officials that encountered terrorism are urging caution and no rush to judgment because the black box has been recovered but they are damaged and have not been fully evaluated. but, today, for a second time, isis claimed responsibility for the downed jets. fox news told us both social media accounts are highly credible so their claims carry more weight. as a member of the house intelligence committee claims isis is expanding its reach. squl isis has a bomb-making capability. it's also likely that they have a chemical weapons capability. they are drawing talent from all across the world. this administration has c consistently underestimated the risk that america finds themselves. it will call out for a redoubling of american strategy to crush isis now.
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>> the intelligence contact says two palestinian bomb makers had the talent to make devices that use what's called an army switch base. one was in iraq and connected to the al-qaida guys who became isis. he then fled to yemen in 2009. we just don't know the significance of this data point tonight. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> joining us now, a member of the homeland security and intelligence committee. a c.i.a.-trained intel operative. congressman king, let me start with you. now that the united states is involved in this and seems to be suggesting that we, too,believe that this plane may have been bombed. is that your information? >> i cannot tell you details, but i can tell you a number of top intelligence do believe that this is a likelihood that this
9:17 pm
was a bomb of some type of explosive on the plane. it's not definite. and i can't go into detail other than to say that obviously, from just listening to us with the very top people, you know, at all levels and many governments, the number of governments, there is a rolling consensus that there was a bomb on the plane. but, again, that's not defin fif. definitive. >> but that's what we're looking at. if, in fact, isis is responsible, as it's claiming, then we have isis committing the worst terrorist attacks killing nearly 230 people include ag 10-month-old baby girl, just to put a human face on it. lieutenant colonel schaffer, the question is how? how? >> simply but, the vector going into the aircraft is limited by only the imagination on the ground.
9:18 pm
you've got food service, people with access to luggage. i mean, they've gone through the manifest. they don't completely know. >> they went to the manifest, but none of the passengers or crew members were found on any u.s. terrorism data bases. but, again, somehow a bomb got on the aircraft. we have to look at the perimeter and how it was breeched. >> remember, megyn, the chief of security has been fired. all of this has been circumstantial. what we have to recognize is we have to take this very seriously. these guys have figured out a way way to penetrate security. now, it looks like more than ever, that they are actually strutting their wings. they may have well recruited someone. and all the places that were mentioned, there are isis in all of those places. how the vector would have been from one of these folks to put together a weapon, a bomb, to
9:19 pm
get it through security and get an aircraft. there may be al-qaida involved. clearly. it's time now to come together and do something. >> here's the question that people are wondering. they're wondering if this could happen at home. what we have is tsa agents, while doing their best, constantly let things get through. and the question is whether a bomb could get through undetected here. and whether that could have happened in egypt, as well. if it wasn't an inside job where they just allowed it. >> in fact, megyn, it could have happened. there was an investigation through a year, at least, heavy-duty weapons actually being smuggled and put on american planes. starti starting in atlanta allowing this to happen. it certainly can happen.
9:20 pm
ye, it can happen. and that's why it shows all need to be more individual lent as far as working. it always goes through security. >> let me ask you about that. air ports told nbc news that egyptian security is focused on departure hall, who had permission to be in the departure lounge. what does that mean, colonel? food service? >> food service means someone who's actually putting people on the aircraft. that means somebody who is actually an employee could have taken something the size of a carry on and stuck it next to the aircraft. they're looking right at the source. >> this is why screening is so important. in this case it's penetrated every element of the egyptian government.
9:21 pm
it's very possible, a combined operation. an ultimate insider could be a brotherhood who has been sitting there for a long time and slip it in. >> unbelievable. thank you both. >> this is a game-changer. squl absolutely. >> congressman, thank you. well, we also have big political news tonight on a surprise republicans win in kentucky. everyone predicted this guy would lose. wow, the pollsters got it really wrong. plus, his fans await the new star wars movie. new controversy from one of the famous movies of the most popular films. see how it plans to handle the current uproar over princess leah and her "slave" outfit. just ahead. thought i told you to stay off our turf. and what would you know about turf, skipper?
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upset in the race for governor of kentucky. and a stunning failure for pollsters. a three or four point doe feeted by a ma r gin of almost 10 points. he also helps project the winners right here on election night. he thinks there's a big story here. what is it? >> well, the big story on the surface is plainly republicans have good auguster going into the next election cycle. they are not hold iing in the incredible onslaught. in a state government with a former campaign chairman saying the republicans have plenty of good news. and they also turp ban back the
9:26 pm
effort for legalizing pot. but the polling is another story. and it's tainted. and it's bad -- >> why? >> well, look. there's two things that affect this. there's one, and we saw this all over the place in 2014. the wrong aassumptions of pollsters. they're looking for a sample that comports with that. so if the assumptions are wrong, you can fission it. you can see that they're wrong and can fix that. in this case, what you had is a bad assumption combined with an absolute dog pile of a poll. you have a robo pile. >> here's the one that they're talking about.
9:27 pm
of course, bevin wound up winning by 10 points. >> so you can't call cell phones on a machine. the robo polls that are so cheap to do and people like to do because you can get a headline, even though the poll is not real, those allow to call people on their cell phone. and, as it turns out, they make up for it with junkie online polls. front runner nationally in donald trump who talks about the polls every day. 75 million times a day. there is a discussion about polling and the point is everybody has to be discerning. some of these polls are real junk. if you want to know what's going on, use your reliable polls and drill down to find out what's really going on.
9:28 pm
>> and the real clear politics average of all polls. let me ask you about these other issues. you mentioned there was a rejection in lgbt and they were suggesting you don't want a transgender child to use your child's bathroom. the republicans, the conservatives won that. and the conclusion by some have been that the liberals are losing the culture wars in this country as they lose, i should say, 70% of state legislatures to republicans. 55% of the attorney general's position, the secretary of state are held by the republicans, not to mention the national house and senate. >> well, the very fact over tranz-gendered people and the ladies' room. that's where the fight is being fought. they've probably lost a lot of ground.
9:29 pm
when it comes to the obama era, it has been a catastrophe for terri. but his party has taken it in the shorts for cycle after cycle after cycle after midterm after midterm and lost 900 seats. >> i'm good. i'm all good. >> bye. >> see you, chris. >> bye. >> well, we also have two polls out tonight with big news for the republican primary. and for the general election. the breakdown is right after this break. plus, we are fact-checking the benghazi fact checkers tonight. we get a soon-to-be-released film on the deadly attack. >> as long as i'm doing the right thing, god will take care of me. when you booked this trip,
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well, breaking tonight, two new polls out today with a mixed message from the man previously reading the gops for the white house. donald trump, republican 2016 front runner out just hours ago, maintaining his lead over dr. ben carson. he also has a sliegt lead over carson in the quinipiac poll today. there is, however, a different picture being painted. dr. carson, senator rubio, senate store cruz all beat hillary clinton in a head-to-head match-up. the republican who does not beat mrs. clinton? donald trump.
9:34 pm
all of this as trump makes headlines this morning for an interview with another network where he slams the very network he's on the phone with. >> she never flips the camera to show the lines. i think she's absolutely terrible, your reporter. i think there were three people standing in the ange. she's a very emotional person or not a good reporter. >> i don't know if it's because she's incompetent or doesn't like me. or maybe she's giving instructions from someplace in sienna. >> dana is the co-host of the five, right here on fox so, howie, good to see you.
9:35 pm
trump gets challenged by dr. carson in more and more polls. and as of this morning, carson was the front runner in the real clear politics which proceeded the fox poll ahead. he's getting a little bit sharper in language against his competitors and gets just as on ri as ever. >> so, then, the next morning, he goes ballistic. he chemos trying to move on while defending his reporter. cnn's camera was inside. nothing gets donald trump more infur rated than when he thinks the media are ignoring his huge crowd. >> i don't really know this reporter really well, but we
9:36 pm
took a quick look at her reports. she doesn't show the lines. she did show crowds. she also verbally described the crowds. she did focus on steady poll dominance. another report was very fair saying carson is doing great, but so is trump. figs line, donald trump knows how to rally a crowd. but the problem, dana, is, unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit. and the thing that happens on some of these networks is they give him an unfettered arena in which to assault the press which helps with some voters because they don't like reporters they don't like the media. you know that from your time in the white house. >> the media has a lower approval rating than the congress. >> and the congress is lower than a cockroach. >> it's hard.
9:37 pm
i think chris cuomo did a nice job of trying to defender. i also think that donald trump wasted a major opportunity. or even to have said, if i were donald trump, and i'm not, i would have said, chris, did you see what happened last night? republican victories huge, all across the country. why do you think that is? it's because of me. and they better stick with me because i'm going to take them through to 2016. it's an obsession that i don't think serves him well. he's up in the polls, so he will accept my criticism, i'm sure. and then, on the other hand, you have reporters like chris cuomo on this instance, and it's happened in other networks, where the reporter interview says do you think i'm fair? i'm fair, though, right? and rush limbaugh was out today
9:38 pm
saying these reporters love it when trump compliments them and they hate it when he hits them. if you happen to be a reporter who did you want need his praise, that drives him crazy, too. >> another interesting tidbit from this press conference is when i asked him about his efforts, he said, well, hillary got all softball questions at the cnn debate. anderson cooper pointed out the trump had praised anderson cooper's performance chlts the bit about the polls is it doesn't real hi matter if he's up three-points or down three-points. psychologically, it's important. the media pays allot of attention to it. >> right. trump is leading by a considerable margin and he continually points to the state polls which are very relevant. i guess to the psychological
9:39 pm
aspect. >> hey, great, i'm on top on some of these polls. but with front runner status comes more and more media scrutiny. trump is right that ben carson is about to get it in a way that he hasn't in the past couple of months. >> it east interesting to find out one of the ways that carson's campaign has done is they did 250 targeted facebook ads. so where trump is boisterous, carson is calm. there's an appeal, aparentally, as the two outsiders to a lot of different people, there's enough appeal. there's one good number in the fox news polls when it comes to the issue of the economy, he was up 42% way, way ahead. >> the thing i really don't like is he actually says, in this
9:40 pm
four-second pro moe that "snl" is running that ben carson is a loser. why not hit hillary clinton. just be funny. be self dep ri kating. that's something that works the best. >> fascinating. great to see you. great to see you, too, howie. the next republican debate is six days away. tuesday, november 10th on the fox business network. the debate coverage will start at 6:00 p.m. and take over for the second debate at 9:00 p.m., prime time. and then, unarmed into a special kelly file live at midnight with complete analysis. we'll have you covered here. marcorubio. tonight, we look at what the victim's family say she actually told them and whether the
9:41 pm
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benghazi is under attack. we need immediate assistance. >> the u.s. ambassador at risk x you've got to send us. >> let's go, we've got to move. >> we're not even supposed to be here. >> stand down. if you do not get here soon, we are all going to die. >> none of you have to go. but we are the only help they have. >>. >> i'm on the roof, don't leave me. >> we're under fire. >> chief, are we expecting any
9:46 pm
friendly? >> i am not aware of any friendlies. >> what you do right now is determine whether we live or die. >> as long as i'm doipg the right thing, god will take kafr of me. >> you're not giving me away.
9:47 pm
>> i'm thinking about my girls, man. >> wowment that was a block buster new trailer from 13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi. claiming the lives of four americans at the height of the last presidential election. it comes on the same day that guy benson raises new questions about a washington post fact check on hillary clinton and what she told the victims' families in the days after that terrorist attack. >> guy benson is a fox news c b contributor and co-author of the book. >> the washington post did a fact check saying you can't really say lie. she says it was a confusing time.
9:48 pm
it was the thought of war. and they give short thrift that there was nothing ambiguous that she told to them when she told them flat out you were killed because of a video. >> that's right. and rubio was called two pinochios. i think there should be a robust debate about whether or not mrs. clinton intentionally and deliberately distorted what happened. i believe he's on firm ground. but what caught my attention about this fact check in particular was a line given to the washington post, a quote from hillary clinton who flat out denied that hillary had ever blamed the violence in benghazi on that internet video.
9:49 pm
so if the clinton campaign is saying that she ever blamed the video, that directly contradicts the statements from multiple family members who have said on the record, including on your show, megyn, as you know, that that is precisely what mrs. clinton told them. >> so when you're doing the fact check and you're looking at statements that she's offered and the latest statement is i never blamed that attack on a video, why wouldn't you take into account -- and why would you be so dismissive of the following testimonials of the families of the victims. watch. >> let me just read what's writ p down here. i gave hillary a hug and shook her hand and she said we're going to have the film maker that is responsible arrested. >> when i think about that day
9:50 pm
and what she knew, it shows me a lot about her character. she would choose in that moment and basically perpetuate what is untrue. video. obama told me. p paneta told me. biden told me. they all told me at the casket ceremony thought was an individual joe. >> and yet, guy, they seem to be forgotten in this whole debate. >> well, it's interesting. working backwards there you had sean smith's mother then glen doherty's sister. and to me, very compelling, tyrone woods' father who had written a contemporaneous journal about his meeting. >> that would be in a court of law. >> right. he went through and actually read directly from what he wrote at the time all three of them from three different victims' families with the same recollection which was that hillary clinton blamed the video when they met with her on september 14th. and keep in mind what we found out at those benghazi hearings a few weeks ago a few days prior to telling them that she was
9:51 pm
telling her own daughter and egyptian officials she knew what has h had happened, a planned terrorist attack by an al qaeda offshoot. now we have the clinton campaign now we have the clinton campaign saying she neverer i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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well, in the latest sign we are going to purge every historical moment there is a famous moment from the wildly popular "star wars" film. the latest controversy involves princess lipless leia and her sl
9:55 pm
costume. >> the news of the leia slave girl costume didn't come from disney or lucas films. it came from a star wars comic book artist who wrote on facebook quoting here "disney is already well on its way to wiping out the slave outfit from any future products period. you will not see future merchandising featuring the slave outfit ever again, trust me." well, a lot of publications did trust him and they ran with the rumor. until the comic book artist started walking it back. posting on twitter that he didn't make the statement with any authority. but even though disney, lucas films and hasbro, the company that makes the princess leia dolls, didn't confirm that slave girl costume was going away, neither did they knock the statement down. the costume has long been called sexist and inappropriate for children. teenage boys not withstanding. fit did go away, apparently it wouldn't break carrie fisher's heart. she interviewed the new "star
9:56 pm
wars lead" don't be a slave like i was. you keep fighting against the slave outfit." even if the costume goes away it's not like disney is worried about the bottom line because the new "star wars" film expected to turn about two, maybe $3 billion. >> is that all? they'll be okay. the mouse always wins. the mouse always wins. great to see you, trace does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't.
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tickets to the new "star wars" and they're going to go every night for three, four weeks are. you doing that? can you relate? kelly file. let me know what you think. what do you think of the princess leia slave girl costume? must it stay or go. tonight 2016 gop candidate ted cruz is surging in the polls. >> people are hungry for a conservative they can trust who will stand up to washington not only who will but who has. >> the texas senator is here tonight with reaction. then 2016 contender former governor jeb bush is firing back at donald trump. >> he's run for president twice and quit. and i've run for governor in the biggest swing state and won twice. i know how to win. >> governor bush is here tonight with more on the state of his campaign. >> and thousands of iranians burning american flags in the streets of


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