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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 5, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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each night. that would be a good time. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington,lç d.c. don't forget, fox business, big night tuesday.çtç#j tonight on "red eye", a new video features latino children screaming obscenities at donald trump. will they soon be calling him el presidente? and talking about deep spiraling depression. don't worry, kids, jeb can fix it. and who made the list of the world's most powerful people? see if one fox news personality can top the charts. our panel provides comfort and cheer, but first a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. early u.s. intelligence suggesting a bomb may have brought down a russian airliner on saturday. the plane crashed in egypt killing all 220 people on
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board. isis claimed responsibility, but they tell fox news they are looking into many groups. disagreements over the future of guantanamo bay prompting pat roberts to put a hold on the nominee forearm -- for army secretary. he is looking to use his executive powers to close the military prison in cuba. cops arresting one of the suspects in the air force sergeant spencer stone that happened outside a bar in sacramento, california. stone is one of three americans also credited with stoping an unrelated attack on a paris-bound train this summer. when asked if he wakes up wondering if all that's happened since then is real, this is what stone had to say. >> it doesn't seem real. it is like living a dream. i got to save some people and i am still alive. >> more people are getting
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sick from the e-coli outbreak in the pacific northwest from chipotle. they say the tainted food sickened 39 people in washington state and oregon. so far they have not been able to pinpoint the source of the e-coli bacteria. while they try to find out what is making customers sick, chipotle closed the doors to 43 of its stores. target is closing up some locations. some 2500 people will be out of work come the end of january. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, go to fox >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. lets ay check in with andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> big day coming up jie. why is that?
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>> it is guy fox day. >> he was great as ray charles. >> that is scwaim me fox: >> ♪ >> that is red fox. >> ♪ >> it is faux not fox. >> red faux? >> words haven't been described enough to say how much i hate you. >> let's welcome our guests. she plays a bachelorette in a hit show. there is that art life or life art thing again. joanne nosuchunsky. i hope you read the book green berets and ham. the army special forces officer ben collins. she is my third favorite brooke after shields and brothers. and judging by his age and facial hair he has two
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pod casts. comedian dave smith of the let's start the show. >> the kids aren't all right. a group called deport has taken aim at donald trump in the most adorable way possible. let's cringe along together, shall we? >> hola, donald trump. please get out of my country for use of offensive words. >> [bleep] you, you racist [bleep]. >> we are latino kids born in the usa. >> and we've got something to say. >> i am rosa. >> i am ricardo and my friends call me rick. but you call mooy an anchor baby. >> you may be high in the polls. >> you have to come to me.
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>> [bleep]. >> the children are screaming obscenities, but at least they are doing it in english. the group is sponsoring a campaign to disrupt the live broadcast as trump hosts "saturday night live." they said they will give money to anyone who gets on camera saying deport racism or "trump is racist." i don't know. which one do you prefer? deport racism or trump is racist? >> i have never been more convinced we should deport those kids than after that video. i was on the side of op borders. who are they trying to convince with this argument? it is never best when being yelled at cursing children. who accepts someone who already agreed that this could
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possibly convince. >> i guess he is trying to con vens the people to get riled up so they can lie on "saturday night live." >> como-se-d cree awesome? >> do you support swearing children? that's not what bothers me about the video. it is the attitude of the children. >> where are the parents? i want to thank them. these kids have more charisma than trump's left toe. >> you think they are great? >> i enjoyed them. it was a slight reminder that i am definitely not ready for children. they were a bit annoying. they were cute and trump is the fun intoest person in this -- is the funniest person in this country and they will have a hard time getting him off "saturday night live." >> that's why they want him. he is a ratings jugger not. do you support what they are
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trying to do? >> it is live you know. >> certainly not through a commercial like that. we looked at probably the paranoid or the pessimist in me, but maybe too many years in special operations, but i dug a little into the website and looked at who it was registered to. it was registered to a guy named luke montgomery. >> sounds like a nice guy. >> he has a wikipedia page and you can enjoy how passionate he is. this guy has been supporting hillary clinton since back to 2008 and 2007. >> he is not a trump operative? >> you think there could be ulterior motives here, but for me it is not such -- i had a problem watching the kids do this. it is deplorable. i ask too where are the parents. if i used language anywhere near that i would have gotten
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a belt. i don't know if that is pc anymore for parents. >> did you ever really get the belt though? my dad would pull the belt out and snap it and that's all it took. >> you did. >> that's why you are special ops. >> i still can't look at wooden spoons. >> what do you think? >> this is the third website to do this. >> i hope their money went into a college fund their parents can't touch if i learned anything about children in the industry. i really hope -- not hope. "snl" better be doing a sketch based on this. they better already be ahead of the game and be doing something where they call trump racist or they have people yelling obscenities at trump when he is yelling there or trump dresses up as one of these kids and does this. great ideas and you can take them all, "snl." >> do you trump would endorse that?
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we heard he does -- doesn't have as much of a sense of humor about himself. >> i think he would in this case. it would be the thing that would shut everyone up and it would bring more favor built to him. he can make a joke out of everything and we want a guy who can do that. >> the ratings will be huge either way. jeb bush is keeping it real. mr. fix it spoke to kids at a charter school for grades six to 12. one of the students asked what it was like growing up with a dad who wasn't. who wasn't. >> when i was a kid he was just dad and he was the greatest dad alive. i don't know about you, but i'm blessed to have a mom and dad who taught me right from wrong. >> that's very nice. >> jeb went on. >> my dad was such an inspiration to me that when ever i made a mistake all he
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had to say i am disappointed in you and it would send me into a deep spiraling depression for days. >> wow. later he told the truth about the puppy farm. there was another noteworthy exchange by a reporter. jeb gives long answer on board of security, reform i'm dwraition system. next question from girl, what is a border? fantastic. in other political news, hillary clinton gave a speech on criminal justice support and she supports banning the box they have to check acknowledging they committed a crime. >> earlier i announced as president i will take steps to ban the box so former presidents will not have to declare their criminal history at the start of the hiring
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process. that way they will have a chance to be seen as more than someone who has done time. >> did she say former presidents? >> i will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won't have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process. >> you notice just before history -- i like her can dore. can we see it one more time. >> earlier today i announced that as president i will take steps to ban the box. ban the box. >> the box. >> ban the box. >> the box. >> there must be a good idea in there somewhere. >> i had to get the doctor in on that. let's go back to bush. we were laughing. >> was it a little dark and
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what did he say spiraling the depressions? >> he was a great dad. he was such a great dad. >> there was something about being an abusive dad. >> his dad was the head of the cia. it gives you a craze a image like george and jeb would be running around and you know what you have to do. >> it wasn't all paradise in kennebunkport. look at that. i misspelled it on here and said it correctly. >> that's fine. a lot of people do it. >> was he speaking of former crimes of former presidents? >> i think she is entitled to her opinion on this one. and, you know, if she is upset about the gaff shooy can wipe
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her tears with bills from goldman sachs. >> i think, ben -- now for someone like you you didn't fall into a depression and your father beat you with a belt every day. >> i am not going to say i didn't deserve it most of the time. >> he was not just a director of the cia. this was a man who was a world war ii hero. he comes home from world world war ii and gets into congress and he becomes the ambassador to the u.n and he becomes the director of the cia and he is vice president and he is president. i tell you what, my dad could look at me and i knew when he was disappointed. i was probably depressed for a good hour or so. maybe not days. a guy like that and growing up in an environment like that, i mean who wouldn't be disappointed? >> i hope he has prozac for when he loses the primary. >> do you think he is totally out?
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at the are saying he is on the canvas. >> the only people he can get to listen to him are a forced assembly of kids who can't even legally vote. what do you think? >> i wish we had a shot of the children to see their expression when he said spiraling depression. they don't though what a border is. >> they were probably like who is this guy and when can we go to recess? >> this goes to show you as all candidates should know, know your audience. that's probably the next time. it is not a therapy session. i do think jeb was in the throws of depression and i'm sure his father said i'm disappointed in you, look at these polls. i'm disappointed that um from p and carson -- that trump and carson are beating you. >> isn't that the message f kids now? kids don't have that experience with their parents, right? i want my kids to be more scared of me, but they are not.
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isn't that your experience? >> you would think so, but no. they are more scared of my wife's about probably 100 pounds on a good day and they are terrified of her and walk all over me. >> is it the cultural message to not be scared of dad anymore. >> it is your tie. put on a different tie. >> nothing to do with a zipper sweater. >> and the fact i sing about good neighbors. >> next story, vladimir putin tops the list of most powerful people for a third year in a row. the russian president was awarded the ability to do whatever he wants. president obama sliped one spot to number three. being narrowly edged out by flow from the progressive commercials. candidates were judged on several candidates including influence, wealth, power and
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swell suit competition. swimsuit competition. other notables german president angelica merckle. trump came in at 72 and just cracking the top 100 at number 9 fine, fox news' own todd starns. >> ♪ that's the power of starns ♪ ♪ the power of starns >> we love that song, don't we? is this list accurate? >> i think barack obama should have been repraised with -- replaced with michelle obama. if michelle obama has the most threnes, look at the children's lives she has ruined and has her get moving initiative. and a lot of that junk food is
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processed and all over the world. they will go out of business and she will single handedly destroy the world. >> if you are going by popularity, i think michelle often scores high on the popularity, but we are talking most powerful. putin is getting away with a lot and he is showing up every corner, but obama is still the leader of the united states and isn't he the most powerful? >> this is the first time since forbes started doing this list that the president of the u.s. has not been number one. >> number one or two. i think he h's always been one and two. >> day one of obama into his private boarding school he was at the kgb. >> so they both come from rough groups. >> and they both hate the
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u.s. >> we have two spheres of where they come from and the different way they vnl. putin is doing what they want to. i just don't happen to gee with what he is doing. he is certainly affecting -- it is not like he has hit anything from the way he wanted to change the country. >> very out front with his goals. dave, should america be ashamed we are losing to a girl? >> yes. not even a girl in the sense that germany is a girl. we should be ashamed we are losing to germany. >> did you see the pecks? pretty powerful. >> on merckle? >> whose pecks are we talking about? >> they have the economic power to pay all of greece's bills. >> they would rather thought. >> obama is still the most
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powerful person. we may not like how he is using his power, but he has written a ton of executive orders. >> do you agree that putin is more powerful than obama? >> i don't know. i think the person who put these results out should watch out for one of obama's drones. >> they are all over the world. >> i don't know if they are factoring bench presses versus. three point shots. i think obama is powerful. >> obama is pretty good on the mountain bike. >> you never see him riding horseback and shirtless. >> no. >> now you can sew why he won. democrats are losing their religion. maybe they should stop listening to all of that rem.
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a new study by the pew research center on religion in america produced some interesting results. among democrats the most popular religious affiliation at 28% is none as in no religion. that's not counting obama worship. as the study puts it religious nuns are now more numerous than are catholics evangelical protestants or members of the historically black traditions. are they more nonbelievers or choosing the democratic party. probably a little both. one of the most powerful factors is do they go to church. i would wamt to make sure as few people as possible did
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that. i didn't say i want you to lose your religion. i am saying that. why wouldn't they? you have to believe in something. maybe it a health care plan that will do. i don't think the change is a welcome one. america's greatness was that it was a religious company. it is slowly becoming a secular company whose religion is government. did you see what i did at the end? >> that was really nice. that was good. >> you know what i think it is? most democrats are young and there was a study that came out -- i read a lot of studies, that lil 11 y'alls -- the millennials have no generation. the majority don't affiliate. you know what it is and why i think that is is a lot of people were involved in religion and their communities to meet their spouse. that's how a lot of people
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back in the bay are tv movies. >> they met in church. >> that's how they dated. and now you have your phone and apps. you don't need to go to church to meet someone. >> i thought tinder was replacing bars. i thought -- do you think it is the apps? do you think the technology is to blame? i think it is the government programs and people put their faith in them. >> who can believe in god when you have bernie sanders? >> do you agree that it is -- joanne thinks it is an influence of millennials. people are dying off and -- why do young people -- why are they shedding their religion? >> that is personal to them. joan exactly.
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i don't know exactly. it may have to do with how people are getting together and everything comes down to sex in the end. and why are they -- why are all young people democrats? that's a more interesting question. >> it is more interesting. one of the top actors if you are going to become a republican there are two factors. one is are you married and two is do you go to church. women vet democratic and married women vote for republican. my question to you is do democrats want people to be a religion. >> in the long-term they better not. there was another question tort down that to moo was the most interesting. nonreligious people were less leakily to vote. we have this growing population of people that are
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not believing, but liz likely to vote. you then take that deem demographic and layer on the geographic one. only somebody who nighs in new york and l.a. and make a statement to the young kids voting. you are forgetting the core of the central of the country. to me that's a long-term issue. we have discussed in the media enough about, and we have seen and i believe there has been a war on religious liberty. that's something you have to come to terms with. it is not the case that kids are losing their religion. choach of colorado the -- copy of of colorado they are not losing their relig screen. in terms of getting people to come out and vote, las something they will have to fix or find themselves in trouble.
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>> or i thought you were going to say they need an app for religion. >> we were talking about this gal in australia whose life was empty. she was an instagram celebrity. she thought her life was shallow because she is living her life through her apps. i think a lot of people will be finding this digital world is shallow. will we have a resurgeons? yes or no? >> i don't know. the reason is breaks up like this is a bunch of guys. that's what it is. it is the pinnacle of marxism. they have building toward this for a longtime. we are only a few years away to learn nuns is not an offensive term. for now let's enjoy it. get off my lawn you nuns.
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>> inns non or -- nones non or nuns nun? >> everyone's favorite levey is back. i will be headlining on fof 14th. do i live in boston? we can go to learn how to move there.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. 5* fox news poll replacing donald trump and ben carson as neck and neck. trump who was the clear front runner has a slight edge with 26% and carson's 23%. the next tier is two first term cuban american senators ted cruz and marco rubio at 11:00. at 11%. carly fiorina's support has dipped to 3%. on the democratic side, front runner hillary clinton has a 56-31 lead over bernie sanders. according to the fox news poll, the republican most likely to beat clinton in the general election is donald trump. a shake up where the doomed russian passenger plane departed from. the head of the airport has been fired. following news intelligence suggests a bomb may have
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brought the plane down. the crash killed all on board. a knife wielding students stabbing four people at the university of california merced before being shot we campus police. none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. and an officer whose death lead to a massive manhunt killed himself and had been stealing money for years. that's according to investigators who say the officer embezzled money from a program he was running. minnesota is testing gps equiped drones to inspect the state's nearly 25,000 bridges. officials say the drones can get into spots that the hule inspectors -- the human inexpek inexpek -- inspectors can't and in less time. i'm patricia stark. for all of your head liens go to fox
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>> welcome back of the -- welcome back. it is time to find out what we've got wrong. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> anti-trump video. before we start i would like to address the people who made this video. are you trying to make me like donald trump? that's it. >> that's amazing. obviously there is a backlash if you are going that way. >> dave you asked who are they trying to convince with this argument? the answer is nobody. nobody tries to convince -- people just make things for the people who agree with them. that's how they write and make videos. >> i watched the video and i said we may have to start deporting kids. you said they have more charisma than trump's left toe. >> i stand by that statement. >> i think the way to make it
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a slam on trump is to say these kids' left toes have more charisma than donald trump. >> sure, that works. >> ben, you said you dug up the info and that it is registered to luke montgomery. last year we did a video called potty mouthed princesses and they dropped f-bombs. >> same guy. >> i think he has a fetish. i think he likes swearing kids. joanne, you said snl better be doing a sketch based on this whole thing. as tom pointed out, this group has offered $5,000 to anyone who gets on camera saying deport racism. trump should do it. >> and get everyone to say it and they should donate all of that money to immigrants. >> then the group would have to give the money to trump
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which is the worst thing in the world. jeb bush tells kids he would be depressed when his dad said he was disappointed. evidently there is a thin line between a great dad and a verbally abusive dad. that's not what jeb was saying. he said his dad was so great he didn't want to disappoint him. >> he was with a kid and he knows what he is doing. he set that. >> ben, i'm with you. who won't be depressed with a dad like hw. >> world war 2 and i would be disappointed to. >> jeb needs to know his audience. you shouldn't talk about things like spiraling depression.
12:38 am
jay there were other things he said that were questionable. he said, quote, one time i was in sixth grade and i gave up the winning goal and i cut myself for hours. >> he never should have said that. he said i remember when i asked becky williams to the dance and she said no i tried to cutoff my thumb with an old razor blade i found. >> come on, man. >> there are other girls. >> those are from andy's diary. >> hillary miss speaks as the former president. >> the gaff is she was supposed to say future presidents. >> forbes most powerful list. joanne, when tom played the song and said we love that song. can you say mm-hmm. you love that song.
12:39 am
you said when obama was in boarding school and we don't want a kgb thug on. >> we can make that quickly. >> tom, i think we looked at the list -- we were looking at the list and the person after donald trump, we thought it was margaret cho. but it was margaret chan from the world health organization. >> i disagree. i think margaret shannon has more. >> i agree. >> i look at the world health organization and i go who? >> we canned dit that out too, right? >> and edit my laughing. >> leave that in. it will sown like random
12:40 am
insane laughter. >> the larkest group is none -- large ease group is none. they will not wrap your knuckles. tom you said -- i am not saying the democrats want people to lose their religion. why wouldn't they? you have to believe in something. why? denialism. >> even then you believe in something. nothing is something and something is nothing. >> what? that was -- >> yes, might as well be. >> you said religions are trying to get into the app business. >> it is w-a-f-er. and you can take communion from your own couch. >> it makes money. >> why does it make money? >> i have no idea! i thought to drop the e.
12:41 am
nobody else thought that was funny. >> is that how you spell wafer? is there an i in there? >> definitely no i. >> there is no i in wafer. i always maintained that. >> thank you, andy. thank you. time to take a break. relationship deal breakers. first, canada has a message for "red eye" fans. >> the next "kennedy" jedediah be law and day pho perino and tony robins.
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everyone has relationship deal breakers. for me i can't be with someone who doesn't share my passion for wind sail roller blading. now researchers looking at surveys from around the world have ranked the top deal breakers for both men and women. the list includes obvious, no-no's like being disshelfed and needy and stubbornness and being quiet and playing too many video games and being too talkative. women have more deal breakers than men. >> what? >> yes. and deal breakers are more important than deal makers. joanne, come on, what are your
12:46 am
deal breakers? >> talking in third person. tom shillue does that all the time. >> jealousy. that's a big one. laziness, yes. you need someone with big goals and you support each other. i need a pusher. >> we will edit the end of that. some people said sell is fishness was the deal breaker. i am a selfish person and i like miami time. for some people finding somebody equally as selfish could be a good thing. >> he makes you a better person and you can concentrate on that time when you are with someone. >> there are more stories to share. >> give me your top deal breaker. >> you know, you can cure
12:47 am
cancer and you can be a model. but if you chew with your mouth open, get out of here. >> really? >> it is disgusting to me. it grosses me out. i can't -- it is something i can't get over. >> it is the visual or the noise? what if they turned away from you. >> the noise is number one. the visual northbound two. it grosses me out. >> slurping up soup or noodles? >> if i can hear you chewing from across the table, no thank you. >> i feel like we did a study that said that is a problem with you and not the other person. >> no, that's true. i can be picky. the truth is the only dead set deal breaker is if someone successfully files a restraining order. >> that's never good. >> obviously women are very,
12:48 am
very high maintenance. seems like you gals have a lot of demands. >> i was luck -- lucky enough to meet my wife when we were sophomores in high school. my deal breaker and her deal breaker, number one she better think i'm funny. i'm funny, right? >> hilarious. >> but i tell you she needs to think i'm funny and my wife and i can make each other crack up all day long. i am trying to close this with a inwin here. >> it is fantastic and beautiful. dave, people find you funny. audiences do, but do girls? >> i would say my pet peeve is anyone who doesn't look it and studies like this. listening to you two, that was like the most painful thing.
12:49 am
>> it is true that women are are more picky. my boyfriend started to pick up guitar and i tid on television and -- i said it on television and i am looking for a new boy end from. >> it is a beautiful answer. me and my wife are a happy person. >> it is because we need to find the right mate. we can't just give these eggs to anybody. it has to be someone you can live with the rest of your lives. >> if they will get dentures and take this will out. >> you are wrong. the old man thing -- old men eat like that. you may mary someone who is a perfectly normal eater. >> they can do that. i think the bottom line is if you look like either --
12:50 am
youtube gals, slurp all you want. >> you can't chew your food up. >> some guys are into that. >> we will close things with a "red eye" story. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at hand apparently, they also lovee stickers. g. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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next "red eye", gymly rog nie sky and rob long. >> vanity place, they let us know how much you love bowling. and other things. in california thousands of vanity plates are rejected every year because they are vulgar, hostile or racially degrading. it is not always certain and they are dedicated full time to reviewing full requests. here are a few plates that siped through. 1,000 faq. it means 1,000% for al-qaeda. a pho cls8. that driver is saying all for
12:55 am
califate. next d2nklch. the message is death to nick lachey. >> that's his brother drew lachey. >> dave would you ever get a vanity plate? >> i am a new yorker. i don't drive. you can write whatever you want on your metro -- what is hilarious is there are things they will let through and the things they catch make no sense. told somebody they can't put 69 in their plate and they were referencing the year. the government is the one with a dirty mind. >> friends with the summer of 69. yes, i never understood how
12:56 am
people pay for it and wait in line. who cares what your license plate says. >> i think this is sensorship and it needs to be stopped. people should have what they want on their license plate. >> what about the foul words? >> i just know i wanted to get the acro anymore for friendship, caring and kindness. it somehow did not go through. >> that's bureaucracy. people at the dmc being boring. >> any thoughts on this? >> i have to say my father-in-law, god rest his soul was one of the classic generations. his license plate spelled missing, m of i of s-s-i-n-g. and i kept imagining what was happening in the cop car.
12:57 am
i have seen them when they are funny. i have seen them inappropriate. >> it is a way to express creativity. >> we are leaving. so sorry, everybody. we ran out of time. tom shillue. good night.
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>> that's a "special report" coming up right now. this is a fox news alert. tonight new information about the crash of that russian airliner. that went down in the egyptian desert saturday. british intelligence says tonight they have concluded there's a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. and now u.s. intelligence officials tell fox the brits are likely right. after several claims, isis or an isis-linked group may actually be behind the attack. correspondent connor powell is following the story tonight from our middle east news room. >> u.s. officials are still reluctant to say with complete


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