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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 5, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> that's a "special report" coming up right now. this is a fox news alert. tonight new information about the crash of that russian airliner. that went down in the egyptian desert saturday. british intelligence says tonight they have concluded there's a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. and now u.s. intelligence officials tell fox the brits are likely right. after several claims, isis or an isis-linked group may actually be behind the attack. correspondent connor powell is following the story tonight from our middle east news room. >> u.s. officials are still reluctant to say with complete certainty what actually brought
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down the russian jetliner, there's mounting evidence that it was a bomb and not a mechanical malfunction and isis right now is the leading suspect. intelligence officials telling fox news that they are looking through the flight manifest list to see if there are any potential suspects that might have carried out this attack. the united kingdom is not waiting for confirmation. they begin to cancel flights to sharm el-sheikh in egypt. the impact of the downed russian passenger jet continues to widen tonight. with the united kingdom suspending all british flights to and from the egyptian resort of sharm el-sheikh. the prime minister's office could not say categorically why the aircraft crashed. but information had suggested it wasn't an accident. >> we have become confirmed, the plane may well have been brought down. as a result of an explosionive device. >> from the start, investigators refused to rule out terrorism. at the same time, egyptian authorities did not immediately sound alarms, either.
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instead taking an uncharacteristically low-key approach to the potential terror attack. british officials were not taking any chances. >> this seems unlikely that downing street would have made a statement like this. unless they had a reasonable degree of assurance that this was the problem. >> an isis-affiliated group initially claimed it shot the plane down. while there was a sudden and unexpected heat flash at the time of the crash, there's no evidence that a surface-to-air missile caused it. today isis once again claimed responsibility. saying in an audio recording that the burden is on investigators, not isis, so explain how it happened. if it was isis or an isis-linked group, it raise as real possibility that the group continues to get stronger outside of its home base in iraq and syria and it's beginning to raise real questions about the u.s. strategy to defeat it. >> connor powell, live, thank
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you. in another fox news alert. this time on politics, the man who has led the gop presidential sweepstakes for most of the year is now one step closer to being on the ballot in the first primary state for 2016 and as donald trump marks one milestone. his grip on front-runner status is holding. but no longer outside the margin of error. in the latest fox news poll. chief political correspondent carl cameron is on the campaign trail in new hampshire tonight. >> donald trump arrived to file for the primary ballot in 14 weeks. he's the first republican candidate to pay $1,000 and secure his spot on the nation's first primary ballot next year. >> my slogan? make america great again. that's what we're going to do. make america great again. >> after a few recent polls, where he was behind, a new fox
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poll shows trump slightly ahead of ben carson. virtually tied within the poll's margin of error. ted cruz and marco rubio tied for third and bush and the rest of the candidates in single digits. after filing trump escalated his attacks on rubio, bush and in particular, ben carson. >> ben carson does not have the aptitude to bring jobs back. does not have the aptitude toe deal with china, japan, mexico and any other country you can name. just doesn't have it. >> trump is reraising questions about both rubio's past financial struggles and using a credit card from the republican party of florida, for what some consider lavish expenses when he was speaker of the house. >> marco rubio, all you have to do is chuck on what happened when he was running things with his credit cards. >> he also announced plans to begin his tv and radio ad blitz with a warning to those attacking him. >> if they hit me they'll get smacked like they never got smacked before. >> i'm going to be very positive. we're doing ads, they'll be
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announced tomorrow sometime. we're starting with radio and we're going to television. >> marco rubio was also in new hampshire and dismissed trump's claims about his finances and fired back. >> he always gets weird whenever his poll numbers get down. he fires back. we'll focus on our campaign and we'll pray for donald to get some peace. >> after an admittedly poor performance in last week's debate, bush has apologized to france and resumed his criticism of rubio we caught up with bush on his jeb can fix it bus tour. >> i'm they aoroughly vetted. marco going to have to explain whatever he's done. i don't know what it is. >> rubio's crowds are growing in size and enthusiasm. he acknowledges that he does have two years of receipts or the florida republican party credit card. he plans to make them public in the next month or so tomorrow he'll go to the state house in
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concord and file to have his nation on the nation's first ballot. >> carl cameron, thanks. more on the polls and the specifics inside. later with the panel. tuesday's off-year elections saw major victories nationwide for republicans and conservative ballot initiatives. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel goes down a list. >> election night 2015 will likely be remembered for conservative candidates and causes stopping liberal advances. in kentucky, republican matt bevin, a political newcomer was elected governor in state where democrats have been in the governor's mansion for 40 out of the past 44 years. >> this is your kentucky. this is our opportunity, we will seek the future together. but we will do it as one kentucky. republican and democrat alike. independent. those who did not even vote. to those of you who did vote, i personally thank you. >> bevin defeated attorney general jack conway by almost nine points, in what turned out to be a bad night for kentucky democrats.
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>> i told him that i remain positive about moving this state forward, if he ever needed any assistan assistance, that this democrat was at his disposal. >> in virginia, republicans retained a 21-19 lead in the senate, despite the fact that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg spent more than $2 million in favor of gun control in two races. it was a blow to democrat incumbent governor terry mcauliffe. who did 24 events over the past four days and sold the election as make or break for his progressive agenda. >> in virginia, you're a lame duck quickly. you can only serve for one, one term. so mcauliffe is in the back nine of his governorship now and in terms of getting big-picture items done, it will be difficult. >> in ohio, a marijuana legalization proposal was rejected bay 2-1 vote. >> it's good ohio common sense, they weren't going to be snowed by $25 million worth of ads. >> some republicans are warming up to the idea of medical marijuana with, the pro pot
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lobby pledging to continue the fight. >> this does not end. it cannot end. because there are people that are counting on this. and we cannot let them down. >> and in houston, a controversial local nondiscrimination ordinance that would have established protections for gay and transgender people failed by a wide margin. conservative opponents framed the issue as allowing men dressed as women to enter female rest rooms. since president obama was elected, democrats have lost 14 senate seats and 69 house seats. democrats have also lost a net 12 governorships and 910 state legislature seats. in that respect, republicans can view the obama era as being good for them. another landmark gender issue is playing out in suburban chicago. where school district officials are digging in, their figurative heels over their compromise in the issue of locker room access.
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chief legal correspondent shannon bream has the specifics. >> our position is one that stands on principle force privacy. >> that doesn't work for the federal department of education, which says the palatine 211 school district has violated federal law, by refusing to let a student, born male, still physically male, but living as a female, unfettered access to the gi there's a solution to allow the transgender student to use the locker room, but change behind a privacy curtain. the district has expressed concern that allowing full access without privacy measure was expose female students as young as 15 years of age, to a biologically male body. the department of education's response, it quote finds the concerns unavailing in this case. >> privacy in our locker rooms is a fundamental critical right that we believe is protected for all students. and when the administration requests and requires that we
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remove that expectation or agreement, we believe that that compromises the rights of all of our students in the looker rooms. >> the transgender student indicated a willingness to change in the privacy areas, but the aclu says that amounts to separate but unequal treatment and is applauding the d.o.e.'s finding that the school has engaged in illegal activity. >> it reflects on the department of education and the federal government to take a strong stand with regards to discrimination. >> the school district will continue to refer to students by their chosen gender identity. give them access to all bathrooms where there are private stalls. and also allow them to play on sports teams aligned with their gender identity. but kate says respect for transgender students must also be weighed against the privacy interests of the roughly 12,000 other students under his care. >> this school district is now within a 30-day window in which it must find a way to comply with the d.o.e.'s demands or face the possible loss of more than $6 million in federal
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funding. and a potential case referral to the justice department for prosecution. brett? >> thank you. up next, why are obamacare state exchange in crisis? what's the white house saying about it? here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 5 in san diego, s.w.a.t. teams have just take noon custody a gunman following a five-hour standoff at an apartment complex. multiple shots were heard and moments ago, san diego international airport lifted its groundstop. allowing flights to resume after a long day of pause. fox 2 in san francisco, with five people stabbed at the university of california's merced campus. official says two victims were transported to hospitals by helicopter. police officer shot and killed the suspect when he refused orders to stop. a live look at chicago from our affiliate fox 32, the big story there tonight, officials say fox lake police lieutenant charles joseph glennowitnesses
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killed himself after years of stealing money from the department's youth program. police say he staged it to look like a homicide, as hundreds of officers for 30 50 area police departments, searched the area for his killers. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway, we'll be right back.
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obamacare's latest sign-up window is open. tonight we look at a disturbing trend involving the growing failure rate of the exchange set up to sell the insurance. correspondent kevin corke tells us what's happening tonight from the white house. >> less than a week into its third enrollment period, a major setback for obamacare. specifically, the nonprofit health care insurance co-ops, authorized by democrats in congress with the hopes of holding down premium costs are shutting down at an alarming
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rate from colorado to south carolina, louisiana to new york. one by one, co-ops have been collapsing. despite an enormous financial investment by the federal government, more than half, 12 of 23, have failed. with loans to the shuttering co-ops topping $1 billion. leaving 900,000 americans looking for plans. >> even though some of those co-ops won't remain in business, it will not affect the overall competitive balance in any of these marketplaces as evidenced by the fact that 7 in 10 americans can purchase insurance for $75 a month. >> critics say many offer artificially low premiums. have to operate in a strict regulatory environment and have struggled to remain solvent because of too many payouts. and on capitol hill, lawmakers are looking for answers, senators hatch and alexander wrote the law responsible for the program.
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administration officials say fewer co-ops don't mean fewer options. >> some co-ops have risen to that challenge. and have been very successful. and are expanding. into new markets, and giving consumers new options. >> this is costing a lot of money. and it seems like at many levels, it's simply, simply a failure. >> meanwhile the president took part in a conference call touting the enrollment period and the website health in an effort to have ten million americans signed up for obamacare next year. >> our focus is making sure that folks who signed up last time stay covered and continue to have a good experience. and we want to reach a lot of folks who still haven't signed up, but are eligible. >> senior administration officials tell us the reason you're seeing this cluster of co-op failures, brett, is they want to make sure people who still have coverage have the full range of options by using the government's health marketplace, there are skeptics
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among experts, some suggest the remaining co-ops will all be closed by the end of next year. >> kevin corke live from the north lawn. the veterans health care scandal is expanding tonight. correspondent leland vitter tells us of what appears to be an unbelievable pattern of mistakes by va officials. >> a number of cases, the va declared veterans dead who were very much alive. even going as far as sending condolence letter to their loved ones. on its face, the paperwork snafu wouldn't mean much. but when the va declare as still living, breathing va dead, it ends their benefits. something many depend on to eat. >> meet michael reicher, they reported he was died and they end his benefits. he gave them a call. >> our records show you're deceased. and i said well obviously i'm
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speaking to you and she said our records show you're deceased. and i said obviously i'm not, there's some mistake somewhere. >> he's not the only one. one congressional florida district is home to almost a dozen vets declared dead, but who are very much alive. >> it is shocking. you also see the concern on the face of the veteran and the spouse who rely on that income. you know the funnier letter is the second one that arrives that says after further review, we have decided you are in fact alive. >> >> jolly's office showed us this case file including a handwritten note that one veteran quote came to room 222 to verify he's not deceased and would like to have his benefits reinstated. in some cases the va told jolly they got bad information from the social security administration. jolly has been asking for answers for more than six months. the va says they will respond to jolly directly, but in a statement they say in part, the va receives information from multiple sources, although we
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believe the erroneous notifications represent a very small number of beneficiaries in comparison to the millions of transactions completed each year in our administration of benefits. end quote. and the va promises new procedures to keep this from happening in the future. consider this when it comes to fixing things. the va health care scandal dates back to early 2014. almost two years. and still, we are told there are waiting lines for medical appointments and other problems. at this point, brett, it's unclear if the va fully understands why they are declaring living people dead, much less how to fix it. >> leland, thank you. we'll stay on the story. still ahead, you'll be amazed to hear criticism by former president george h.w. bush of his son's advisers on the iraq and gulf war and afghanistan war, he names names. first why the new polls show hillary clinton could be in trouble in the general election.
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a state department spokesman says the obama administration will not pause its review of the keystone xl pipeline project. earlier this week, we told you transcanada requested a time-out. speculation was the company was giving up. until a new president takes office. federal reserve chair janet yellen testified on capitol hill today, said a dems interest rate hike is still a live possibility. the stocks, i don't know if they like that or not, the dow lost 51, the s&p 500 was off 7, the nasdaq fell 3. earlier we slowed you the new fox polls in the republican presidential race, now the democrats. chief white house correspondent ed henry is here with the numbers. despite the clinton comeback that's talked about in the good ten days she had, she could have
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some problems in the general election according to the new numbers. >> big developments tonight. the point is hillary clinton has a huge problem on the issue of trust and what's significant, our poll out tonight, two others from other news organizations, our first snapshot since the big benghazi hearing. it became a galvanizing moment from the left, right and the middle. look at the new poll, she was able to play the hearing as all politics, so democrats are coming home to clinton. she solidifying a 25-point lead over democratic socialist senator bernie sanders, as she looks to the potential general election, look at the fox poll whether she's honest and trustworthy. 35% say yes, 61% say no. that's a devastating number it explains why last night you mentioned that nbc news/"wall street journal" number that among those critical independent voters, republican ben carson was beating her by 13 points, people don't trust her right now. >> it's not just ben carson, it's really all the republican candidates, she's struggling with.
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>> you look at quinnipiac, all republican candidates they polled, whether it's chris christie, carson, rubio, cruz, donald trump. they're close. like trump was losing to her by three points. that's within the margin of error, everyone else was beating her. in the new fox poll we asked republican primary voters, who is best equipped to beat clinton and trump runs away with it he said 37% nobody else close, carson 18, rubio 11%. here's another danger spot for clinton. quinnipiac asked female voters to pick ben carson and hillary clinton. carson 45, clinton, 44. cline wins big-time 60 opinion to 30% among women. head to head with hillary clinton, karlie fiorina, not so much. nato is about to wrap up its most ambitious military exercise in more than a decade. the maneuver is code-named
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trident juncture. the drills involve 36,000 personnel from all 28 nato allies and eight partner nations, as well as 160 aircraft and 60 warships. meanwhile "forbes" magazine has named russian president vladimir putin as the world's most powerful person for the third year in a row. germany's angela merkel is second. president obama came in third. the president's pick to run the treasury department's anti-terror campaign is encountering some resistance, the senate banking committee postponed yesterday's vote on the nomination of adam zubin to be undersecretary for terrorism. the nomination was once seen as a shoe-in. but fox news has confirmed that treasury inspector general is investigating hiring and promotion practices in the office that zubin was managing. up next, astounding revelations about what president george h.w. bush thought of his
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son's war council after 9/11.
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tonight some surprising criticism of president bush president bush's top lieutenant. by the president's own father. bush 41, president george h.w. bush had some harsh words for two of the architects of the wars in iraq and afghanistan.
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in a new biography of president george h.w. bush, the 41st president breaks his silence on his son's war team of defense secretary donald rumsfeld and vice president dick cheney. >> he likes cheney, respects him. but he clearly believed and wanted historical record to reflect, that he had objections to how cheney had conducted his vice presidency. >> john meechum, a pulitzer prize winning author of "destiny and power" the american odyssey of george herbert walker bush. he was granted unprecedented access to the bush family and their archives. >> president bush 41 believed that cheney imbodied an image of the 43 administration that was in some ways counterproductive around the world. >> the elder bush believed that cheney acted too independently of his son, and advocated too hawkish a line after the attacks
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of september 11th 2001. meechum says george h.w. bush believes that cheney was pushed to a harder line by his conservative wife and daughter. >> i think bush 41 suggested that perhaps liz cheney and lynn cheney had had an influence on vice president cheney. >> we smile about it, we laugh about it, same with my daughter, with liz. but my family was not conspireing to somehow turn me into a tougher, more hard-nosed individual. i got there all by myself. >> cheney is reading meechum's book in which the 41st president calls the vice president iron ass. cheney sees the comment as more of a compliment than criticism. >> take it as mark of pride. the attack on 9/11 was worse than pearl harbor. in terms of the amount of people killed and damage done. that, i think a lot of people believed then and still believe
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to this day. that i was aggressive in defending, in carrying out what i thought were the right policies. >> meechum also writes in the book that quote bush 41 believed cheney and his hard-charging staff had fuelled a global impression of american inflexibility. >> i've had much worse said about me, anything he ever thought. and i don't spend a lot of time worrying about what he meant by those diary entries. i fully admit after 9/11 i saw my role as being a tough and aggressive as needed to be to carry out the president's policy. of 43's policy. to make sure we didn't get hit again. >> nevertheless, cheney says he likes the book. >> diary is fascinating because you can see how he felt at various key moments of his life. so i'm enjoying the book, i recommend it. to my friends. and proud to be a part of it. >> the elder bush reserves his
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harshest criticism for donald rumsfeld, of who he's quoted as saying, i don't like what he did, and i think it hurt the president, george w. bush. having his iron-ass view of everything, there's a lack of humility. a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks, he's more kick ass and take names. secretary rumsfeld declined comment. one revelation that came too late for meechum's book, president bush had said in his diary, that he didn't think the country would accept gay marriage. >> he wrote me a note in september saying while he still believed in traditional marriage, he thought that people had a right to be happy without discrimination. and he said, i guess you could say i've mellowed. >> well you can learn much more about our 41st president and hear for the first time those audio diaries. this friday, 10:00 p.m. eastern, fox news reporting presents "destiny and power: the private diaries of george herbert walker
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bush." hosted by brit hume. a thick sandstorm disrupted travel for first lady michelle obama during her two-nation middle eastern visit. she spoke about her girls' education initiative. the speech was delivered at the qatar foundation. politico reports that the mosque that serves as the foundation's educational center last week hosted an antisemitic sheikh who called for the extermination of all jews, the white house had no comment to the publication. texas republican kevin brady has been selected as the chairman of the house powerful house ways and means committee. the steering committee decision must still be ratified by the house republican conference. brady would replace paul ryan elected speaker last week. brand new fox news polls on the presidential race, we'll get analysis of that race from the panel after a quick break.
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i don't really understand the ben carson thing. i will tell thaw ben carson does not have the aptitude to bring jobs back. does not have the aptitude to deal with china, japan, mexico and any other country you can name. just doesn't have it, it's not his. >> because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this -- ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> okay. donald trump in new hampshire and in the "saturday night live" promo. one of many he's done. we have new fox news polls as reported at the beginning of the program. and take a look -- donald trump up two points since october. now leading, obviously within the margin of error over dr. ben carson. you see ted cruz, marco rubio, also moving up, jeb bush dropping down. if you add the second choice, there you see an interesting list. ben carson, first and second choice combined. leads, trump still up there.
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rubio next. take a look at two other polls before i bring in the panel. most qualified to handle the question, look at this poll, 42%, donald trump. gop candidate most qualified to be commander-in-chief, donald trump. 19%. ben carson, 17. and you see the rest. with that, let's bring in the panel. jason reilly, columnist with the "wall street journal." a.b. stoddard, associate editor with the hill. and robert costa. >> you look at that and what's happening on the trail, what do you think about donald trump and dr. ben carson. >> the outsider wave shows no signs of receding. trump and carson continue to lead nationally. you have seen strong momentum coming out of the last debate for senator cruz and senator rubio. many in the republican establishment are looking at rubio to someone to come around
1:42 am
the corner and be their contender. >> a.b., i'm sure we're going to hear this poll cited, qualified to handle the question, 42% say donald trump. this is 1230 voters, this is republican primary voters, this is, there is a margin of error, 4.5%. this is such a hunl lead. >> i think he's going to remind the kindly doctor, that he beats him by 33 points on handling the economy. the doctor is behind cruz. and also he beats him on 19 points on who can best beat hillary clinton in a general election. the commander-in-chief numbers are only two points apart. in polling, the general poll they're very tight. i think those numbers are going to be bragging rights for donald trump and again he's, he he's behind him in national polls. this is a good poll for donald trump. >> top issue, let's go to that. fox news poll 4. and facing the country.
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deficit government spending at 36%. jobs, unemployment. not much of a change from september, but on that issue of the economy, obviously it drives the day. >> it does drive the day. and you'd expect that. that's been the big story of the obama administration, where are the jobs. a lot of people and of course, the employment rate doesn't really reflect, who's not looking for work any more, or who's looking for work part time. i'm a little surprised that trump has decided to set aside ben carson right now. one of the things that the poll shows is carson's likeability versus donald trump. there donald trump is getting creamed by carson. i'm not sure that seems very short sighted for him to go there. i think the other thing that struck me about the poll, brett. is that jeff bush has fallen off the cliff here. he's no longer a top tier
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contender. it will be interesting to see if the mainstream media coverage reflects that. talking about carson or trump or cruz or people that the mainstream media typically likes to con descend to. it will be interesting to see if they treat them as top-tier candidates as they are right now in the race. >> you look at the jeb bush campaign, they're in their third iteration of a restart there are more and more questions about are you getting out. he's pushing back hard against that. but you look at these falling poll numbers. what is your sense of where the bush is right now? >> i've called around bush's allies. they say remember he's a bush, he has presidential politics in his blood. this idea that he's going to quit that doesn't ring true. but bush has a difficult proposition ahead of him. how does he win new hampshire. it's crowded in the granite state you have senator rubio, senator cruz, governor kasich, governor christie. if you want to be a center-right candidate who is going to get a bounce out of new hampshire. that's what bush wants, the
1:45 am
field is crowded. >> i want to look at fox poll 11, honest and trustworthy. it has all of the candidates, democrat and republican and how they stack up. leading in honest and tru trustworthy. ben carson. you can see all the other candidates, sanders is second in the plus column and there you see clinton in the bottom in the honest and trustworthy. right behind donald trump. what do you think of that poll? >> well, this affirms what was found in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll out earlier this week. clinton's numbers, even after her benghazi testimony on honest and trustworthy is terrible. they're 36-60. the worst of any candidate. those aren't getting better. she's a known quantity, it will be hard for her to earn credibility and high marks for character and trust worthiness. when she's so known.
1:46 am
trump continues to succeed in the polls, despite the fact that his numbers are pretty bad as well. >> donald trump talking about marco rubio and rubio's response and how that plays. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. when you check his credit cards, take a look at what he's done with the republican party, when he had access, what he had to put back in and whether or not something should have happened. you'll understand it marco rubio has a basic disaster on finance. let's see what you find. let's see what kind of a reporter you are. okay? good luck. >> i don't have any debt in the world against my mortgage on our home. he always gets weird whenever his poll numbers go down. he goes off a little bit. i guess that's what's happening. >> what about that tactic? >> i think he's taking shots at these other guys. i think the campaign is most
1:47 am
concerned about ted cruz. i think that long-term is the person who could hurt him most. carson's numbers have come up. but they haven't come up at trump's expense. trump has maintained pretty level over, throughout the summer. he's still pretty much where he's been in the mid 20s. i think in what, i think is happening in the campaign is you're going to see the other voters, the other side is consolidating around an anti-establishment candidate. if trump isn't their guy, the most likely person it could be is ted cruz. so then the others will coaless around other candidates. >> it is the marker by which we kind of measure where things are, the polls. organization on the ground you've been out there, who is best organized? >> in terms of grassroots fervor and organization on the ground. you have to look to trump and carson. i've seen their operations in iowa, trump has rick santorum's,
1:48 am
former strategist working on his side in the hawkeye state. and carson, the enthusiasm for him is letting him have this network grow almost organically. bush has a great operation in south carolina. rubio as well down there. it's pretty competitive all-around. >> next up, obamacare exchange and more of yesterday's election results.
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well, election night 2015 pretty good for republicans, conservatives, take a look at the democratic losses under president obama since he has been in office. democratic losses. governor seats 12. u.s. house seats, 69. u.s. senate seats, 14.
1:52 am
state ledge lateraú seats 910. last night in the election, in kentucky, republican businessman matt bevin was elected governor, he is just the second republican to govern the blue grass state in four deck case. ohio rejected to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. houston a controversial local nondiscrimination ordinance that would have established protections for gay and transgender people failed by a wide margin and a huge blow fortñ virginia governor terry mcauliff, republicans maintained a 21-19 lead in the state senate in virginia. so, what about all of this in perspective. we're back with the panel. what do you think? well i think the race in kentucky was particularly interesting because, there, bevin, the republican candidate made obamacare an issue, which i think national implication to show it is still a liability for democrats. he also effectively tied his democratic opponent to obama himself and his policies, whether it was on energy or on other issues. and that's interesting.
1:53 am
obama is still going to be a liability for democrats going into next year. and i think there are some national implications in this message. if republicans can continue hammering away that hillary clinton will simply be obama's third term, i think this kentucky race shows that can be an effective message. >> when the president is not on the ticket, he is still on the ticket. look at those stats. i mean, it's pretty stunning. >> this is an alarm bell for hillary clinton. i heard david bluff, plouffe, the ache tech of the obama campaign raise the stakes because democrats are failing across the country in any elections that don't have president obama at the top of the ticket. they can't translate the excitement of the obama coalition into any midterm elections, gubernatorial elections. they have lost statewide senate races. they have lost state houses in such numbers it could take them so to 15 to 20 years to recover from?q this. so, when he says raise the stakes. he is saying hillary clinton better get people really excited and think this is really important.
1:54 am
they might say oh i'm a democrat. they might not get out, raise money and knock on doors and show up on election day. she is facing really, really tough numbers with these republican victories. >> bob, we should point out a lot of these issues and races going, in the polls showed the opposite, and they skewed the other way, almost uniformly the other way. >> virginia a s. is an interesting case study. governor mcauliff is known as advocate for gun control. saw a lot of voters go which is he considered to be progressive leader in his state. the ones thing democrats are taking away is thiscái+=j a midterm election. the enthusiasm they expect to be there next year for secretary clinton should she be the nominee, which is not on the campaign trail at all in kentucky or new jersey. >> is there a bigger issue about obamacare that mr. l. play out in 2016 this is microcosm or foreshadowing of that. >> absolutely. bevin in kentucky ran
1:55 am
against the medicaid expansion that the current governor was for very effectively. then you have this issue with the co-ops, about half of them have failed. d seven just in the last month have failed. and they were probably debts. you people running them who didn't have experience. running health insurance. they set premiums artificially low. took on too many customers when the medical bills came in the premiums couldn't cover. more importantly, i think this shows obamacare just doesn't work.ç poorly constructed. americans like free choice. trying to force them to buy a products and services that they don't think they need is tough. i think whether the next president is a republican or a democrat, obamacare is in for some major, major changes. >> quickly hillary clinton owns it but to be fixed. >> i think in march when she is officially the nominee, i think she is going to start picking on obamacare. coverage is narrowed,czy enrollment is down and the prices are rising in double digits in most states. all the numbers, all the
1:56 am
things the republicans said would happen are coming true. she is going to have a tough time defending it. >> that is it for the panel. bob, thanks for being here. stay tuned to see one basketball fan get a once in need to hire fast?
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to finally tonight, it was the shot of a lifetime for one memphis grizzly's fan, he was chosen to participate in half court shot contest you see a lot. against all odds he nailed
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that shot and won a gift that never stops giving. >> the house just went crazy. as this fan came out a half court shot an3)í5x it goes and guess what he wins? tatertots for life. >> what is that five bags? i imagine ketchup. >> you make the big shot and that's what you get? >> no online show tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report,d(s fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" withy16)ç the with a special >> it is thursday november 5th, 2015. brand new fox news polls are out as we get a sneak peek at his "saturday night live" hosting
1:59 am
gig. >> let me say this. am ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> but he might not make it to that stage if one group gets its way. we are live in washington. >> quentin tarantino in his first interview since calling cops murderers. >> i am on their said when it comes to this issue of ultimately what i feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country. >> did he just cause even more controversy? >> the winners and losers and the jokes from last night's country muse can a -- music awards. >> we can't ignore the breakup that can roed our world. kermit and miss piggy, we are with you. >> on a completely different topic, howdy, blake. >> "fox and friend first starts right now.
2:00 am
>> we begin with a fox news lart. blown out of the sky a u.s. official now confirms a bomb likely sent a russian plane plunging into the egyptian desert. >> this morning the passenger log now being compared to the terror watch list here in the united states as isis once again claims responsibility. >> koeconnor powell is in jerusm with the latest. >> it is looking more likely it was mass murder not mechanical failure that caused the russian jet to crash into the egyptian desert killing all on board. >> we have concluded there's a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> memorials to those who died grow in saint petersburg. that's where the plane was headed after taking off from the egyptian resort city. investigators in russian say the remains of some of the victims


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