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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> i will be lit blocking lou dobbs on the fox business network. neil: will be interesting to see how that debate is shaping up. have a great day, see you tomorrow. >> needed developments on the downing of that russian jetliner in egypt at sinai peninsula. sources confirm to fox news there is u.s. intelligence suggesting a bomb planted by isis brought down that plane. welcome to happen now. jenna lee is on assignment. i am john scott. welcome. >> we are having more from that russian officials saying investigators are considering possibility of terrorism but they are urging caution until all the work is complete as
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british aviation officials call for tighter airport security measures before flights can resume to and from the sinai peninsula. prime minister david cameron going on the record with what he believes caused the tragedy. >> chief foreign affairs correspondent live in london. bring us up-to-date. what is the latest? >> reporter: it is unprecedented, the u.k. and u.s. saying before the country immediately involved saying it, this could be terrorism, brought down a russian plane, officials declaring there was a, quote, significant possibility the russian plane which crashed saturday in sinai, that crash was caused by a bomb placed on board by local isis the filly had. barre is a high probability of a bomb, the brits saying the risk was too high for them to hold back. here is more of david cameron
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today. >> we cannot be certain the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly like that was the case. >> reporter: in london for a visit, egyptian president abdul fatah al sissi, he promised transparency. the kremlin blasted statements from the u.k. and the u.s. calling them premature. they are worried about blow back from their own claimed anti isis campaign in syria. jon: this is a huge forest destination, egypt has to be concerned what this means for tourism. what do they do to counter the latest problem. >> reporter: egypt is trying to respond in various stages of the tourism industry and this could be another blow. the uk was concerned about what
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security at the shoreham all shake airports where the plane left, suspended all british flights in and out, military to evaluate and sort out some way to get the 20,000 brits there back safely. the tourism minister for egypt came out today and flatley said it was not terror, just an accident and in fact the u.k. and u.s. are saying it is possible the blast was caused by a malfunction. reported the there has been no explosive residue found at the site but all of this is being pondered by washington because we have our own campaign against isis and it could be below back coming elway. if it does prove to be a bomb, could be terrorism and this would be a new tactic by isis. jon: vulnerable is the frightening word.
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thanks very much. let's bring in someone who worked to ensure the safety of american flights, does this potential explosive device smuggled on board, does that pass your smell test? >> it looks increasingly like this is an act of terrorism and i think you have to begin looking at the overall quality of security at that egyptian airport. you have to think about the backgrounds of the people who have access to the aircraft. who are they? who are their associates? this would be baggage handlers, aircraft maintenance people, airline personnel, even the flight crew before you begin to look at the passengers. i think internationally we are not as robust, we don't see as many robust systems as we do within the u.s. simply because other countries haven't been victimized the way this one was
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on 9/11. jon: isis has many sympathizers in the sinai peninsula fighting the egyptian government for some time. all it would take really is one sympathizer, maybe not even a member but a sympathizer who gets talked into bringing a relatively small explosive device and finding it in the cargo compartment. >> it could happen in many ways. most likely it would take a conspiracy. if we think about an explosive in luggage, in the cargo compartment or a package with an explosive that detonated at altitude that is not new technology. that is the kind of technology device that brought down pan am 103, those responsible for that decade ago, in the age of suicide bombers and whacks airport security getting on board with an explosive device becomes even more possible. jon: it raises questions for people who fly.
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we are irritated when we go through a checkpoint and removes belts and shoes and so forth but in this country we have fairly robust security. what does it say about other places around the world where people getting on airplanes and might be able to fly to the united states? >> in the immediate aftermath the british and the americans are already engaged in supporting and advising on the investigation and the search and trying to piece things together. for americans so long as you are on an american flag carrier anywhere in the world you as standards are going to apply where sometimes you see less high-quality security measures when you have foreign carriers flying from one foreign destination to another. jon: the isis communications arm for lack of a better word claimed credit for the downing of this flight almost from the
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beginning. everybody said no, it isn't isis because we didn't see any kind of missile launch, but the possibility that somebody smuggled on board in a piece of luggage some kind of bomb, that is lower tech than obtaining a high-altitude capable missile. >> it is lower tech especially in the era of suicide bombers. we will get to the bottom of this they're looking for bomb components, traces of explosives, doing background checks on the people that have access to the aircraft as i said. regardless of what isis has to say the investigation by the british and the u.s. will find out what happened here. jon: what is your level of confidence on that? >> high degree of confidence. we will find out what happened in this instance. jon: tom blank who heads of the transportation security had ministry and administration in
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thank you. arthel: senator marco rubio at the state house filing papers, carly fiorina will also be filing later today as we get a new look at the republican race in a brand new fox poll, the latest numbers showing donald trump in the lead with 26%, ben carson behind him with 23%, ted cruz and marco rubio tied at 11% and jeb bush following 4 present and trump is trying to hold on to that lead in his campaign buying radio ad time in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. in concord, new hampshire, carl? >> reporter: marco rubio and a big crowd continuing to campaign through the course of the day with messaging on national
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security but yesterday donald trump was the first republican candidate to file for the primary ballot. he went after marco rubio pretty hard for his personal finances suggesting there were problems, particularly his use of a florida republican party credit card when he was speaker of the florida house for his expenses suggesting lavish expenses. marco rubio will release the receipt sometime in the next couple weeks to show he paid for his expanses when he was engaged in republican party politics. he would charge it to the party. here is how he fired back today at donald trump denoting one of donald trump's most sensitive issues, his own successes and failures. watch. >> i find it ironic the only person running for president who ever declared bankruptcy four times in the last 25 years is attacking anyone on finance.
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bottom-line, i did and inherit many from my parents. i worked hard all my life, had to borrow money to go to school. >> reporter: right now marco rubio has no debts other than his mortgage. donald trump was calling in two morning shows today to talk about this and essentials the say that yes indeed, there were a handful of these bankruptcies but casting it in the context there were many few and far between looking at his empire watch. >> the biggest business leaders in the world, we all do, we use the laws of the land. i had 500 companies of different kinds and over the years used a three four times as has i could name people, why shining them? for originally everybody you write about his use those laws over the years. i never went bankrupt but corporate, frankly i have been a lot of money using those laws. >> the candidates complain they don't get to talk about issues very often, questions in town
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halls are about policy but the press is often talking about something else. no situation where candidates are talking about their own personal finances instead of the finances of the american voters. arthel: one more year to go, we want to hear from you with 12 months to go. who would you like to see winded gop nomination, live chat up and running, go to to join the conversation. the countdown is on for the presidential primary debate in milwaukee, wisconsin. sister network fox business with the wall street journal, at 6:00 p.m. eastern followed by the main event at 9:30 eastern. check out. jon: new information, authorities are now identifying the man behind a stabbing spree on a california campus with 18-year-old muhammed, they say
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he was a student from santa clara, calif.. muhammed stab four people before he was shot and killed by school officers. here is more on this story. >> reporter: 18-year-old faisal muhammed was a computer major at santa clara, he lived on campus and his roommate described him as a loner who didn't say or do much but that changed yesterday. police say mohammed use a nine inch knife to stab four people in an attack that started in a classroom and moved outside. all four are expected to survive. a lot of credit given to the second stabbing victim, a construction worker who heard the commission and went and got stabbed himself. he said muhamed appeared to be enjoying the attack saying he had a smile on his face. the sheriff said pierce may have
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saved the student, stab wounds were so serious he had to be life slated to the hospital with authorities say muhamed attacked we more people as he ran away, might still in his hand and one of the officers shot and killed him. this latest act of campus violence has left everyone shaken. >> this happened, it was a real shock. >> shocked because nothing like this ever happened to me personally and i didn't think it would happen here. >> reporter: is not known whether mohammad targeted his victims, planned for this attack or what provoked him. investigators are combing for his activity on social media, they searched his dorm room and are talking to people who knew him but according to the room mate he didn't have many friends here. we are hoping to get an update from the sheriff's department in two hours and in the meantime no
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school today, classes resume tomorrow. jon: our hearts go out to the wounded in that terrible attack. arthel: an american hero seriously injured in a knife fight, police said they now know who attacked spencer jones and that person is facing a serious charge. arthel: how could for a pair are we for a biological attack? for marilyn security secretary says about america's readiness. tom ridge standing by to talk about that and iran's rising influence coming up next.
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jon: the american people are not happy about president obama's handling of the fight against isis. the associated press survey shows 60% of americans do not agree with the president's response to the terror group. that is up from last september when americans were roughly
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split on the topic. former governor of pennsylvania and former homeland security secretary tom ridge joins us to talk about that. obviously the american people are not happy with the way things are going against isis. what else should the president doing in your view? >> first of all is important to note not only are the americans unhappy with the lack of action, we lost a lot of credibility among our allies because of the past couple years, we have been released wrong on rhetorical condemnations of actions that were contrary to our interests and values but we came up short terms of action. right now the situation with this terrorist groups require stronger and bolder leadership, harnessing the capabilities, not only intelligence capabilities the military capabilities of some of those countries in the region to helped us defeat isil and we can't rely strictly, the broader work of the global community.
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jon: the administration just concluded signing a nuclear deal with iraq. there is -- with iran. there is a partially declassified report showing nearly 200 u.s. troops have died in iraq for explosives made by the iranians, hundreds more reportedly hurt by these devices. do you have thoughts about iran's rising influence? >> i think the hegemonic iran has been rising influence quite some time. years ago they were identified as the central bank of terrorism. if you find -- follow the financial trail and when out of lee will find dollars, and individuals supporting hamas they have be
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essential bank for terrorism. ending sanctions will renew their energy industry, they have more influence in baghdad than we do. there's a group of iranian citizens america pledged over a decade ago to protect and defend. we call them protected prisons, the iranians and iraqis, to ensure hundred. the iranian influence we should not be surprised, it has existed for a long time, this administration for whatever purpose continues to ignore it. it reminds me a little bit, go back to the days, one of the presidents i admired in my lifetime teddy roosevelt said speak softly but carry a big stick. the administration speaks loudly, rhetorical condemnations are replete with strong words, we speak loudly and a toothpick, if you take a look at what is going on around the world, islands in the china sea, they
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pay 21 million records out of the office of personnel management, vladimir putin moves with impunity and to crimea, syria, and the mullahs have measure for quite some time. not only the united states and the rest of the world, disappointed, more effective leadership that we have over the past several years. jon: passenger jets blown out of the sky. you have thought about bio terrorism, being used against the country. we want to ask about that. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80%
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jon: backing conversation with governor tom ridge, formerly of pennsylvania and first secretary of the department of homeland security. you testified revere this week about homeland security in this country still being unprepared for bio terror attack here. >> i was a privilege to colleague with my friend senator lieberman, bipartisan, that is a word rarely used in this town. a bipartisan group for the past year to take a look at the multiple laws, treaties, congressional committees, executive orders, 50 plus political appointees that have responsibility for bio terrorism and the range of activities associated, we concluded there is no bio defense capability that is true be unified. we don't have centralized leadership, we don't have a unified budget, when group doesn't know what the other is
8:26 am
doing but we made a series of strong recommendations to the house and senate which i might add well-received by republicans and democrats on the committees as to how we go about building an infrastructure because we cannot get ahead of this threat. the threat exists, five countries have that capacity, iran, syria, north korea, china and russia, al qaeda did experiments on anthrax in animals. isil talked about the use of bio weapons as a means of again traditional means of taking their word to the broader global communities so the threat exists and we are not preparedhorror t global communities so the threat exists and we are not prepared to deal with it. we recommend u of the vice prest of the united states. jon: you mentioned homeland security secretary falls under that jurisdiction when this
8:27 am
russian plane apparently informed speculation that it was brought down by a bomb. what changes might we see regarding homeland security here as a result of that? >> one of your previous guests talked about the rigor of commercial airliners in the united states going got out not only passengers and crew but all others with the airplanes, one of the qualities for which tsa is criticized as they often test themselves and it is discovered they don't have the capability or capacity we want them to so the rigorous self assessment will continue under this administration and future administrations. i suspect you already thought of this, what a painful irony it is for broader global community. the missile system the brought
8:28 am
down the eastern ukraine airliner and the innocent civilians, their flight was destroyed by isil if these preliminary reports are accurate. there is a cruel irony, one plane was taken down by at nation state, the other taken down by terrorists but you had several hundred innocent citizens taken down by aggressive actions, those who do harm. is remarkable to advance their own interests, they took these planes down. jon: governor and homeland security secretary tom ridge, good to be here. the net we are awaiting the changing of the guard in washington as paul ryan is set to hold his first news conference as speaker of the house. stick around for that.
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jon: the most powerful men in washington, paul ryan holding the first news conference as speaker of the house. let's listen. >> the outcome predetermined. that is no way to conduct people's business. here is what we are going to do. the house passed six appropriation bills, negotiations on those bills are already underway. as for the remaining bills, chairman rogers of the corporation committee and his members will hold a series of executive sections with our members and at these sessions every member will have the
8:33 am
chance to review each bill and give their input on their priorities. we have never done this before but that is how we should work and from now on that is how we will work. questions? do me a favor. i know who most of you are but give me the name and who you are with. >> i wanted to ask you. on the floor just now, did they support bringing up the appropriation bills to stand alone and if it came to the floor would they vote for it? what is the thinking behind that how likely the we would see appropriations through that advance? >> things are going to be done a little differently around here. we will open up this process. i made before our conference, a choice of options. instead of having leadership predetermined to pre negotiate and pre decide how things are going to go, i wanted to invite members of the conference to discuss how we move forward. we got a tight deadline with
8:34 am
appropriations, we are past the fiscal year so because we want to reopen the appropriations process and bring the article 1 powers back, the legislative branch, we are trying to figure out how to do that. me deciding in the capital how it is going to be, i wanted to lay out options so that together we could deliberate and decide. that is what the conference is about and we are asking members how to proceed going forward. i don't know the results of that. they are tallying it right now but that is how this is going to be. we are going to make this a more open process and members will have a say so early in the process on how we move forward. jon: standalone bills inside the sausagemaking on capitol hill. paul ryan, promised a more open process to involve more members of the house in the legislative process. that is what he is talking about at his first stand-alone news conference.
8:35 am
as the speaker of the house. let's bring in angela, our fox news political analyst, what are the challenges paul ryan has? >> he has a divided house and a divided house cannot stand. he has a divided party but i believe paul ryan has the tenacity and integrity to bring our congress back to the people for the people. this congress has had net spread-eagled process where they thought more about themselves than their constituents. paul ryan and i worked together in congress during one of those, we were both congressional staffers and this was under the leadership of newt gingrich where we had a contract with america, where we had a democratic president, 70% of the contract with america, that was bill clinton so i am hopeful
8:36 am
president barack obama will follow paul ryan's lead. we need tax reform. we need welfare reform. people need jobs and paul ryan is the one that can make it happen. jon: he laid down a real marker to president obama in a usa today editorial suggesting for instance on immigration reform he is not working to get that passed, instead of working to build trust, he the president has destroyed it. last november after his party lost control of the senate the president decided to circumvent the legislative process by unilaterally granting legal status to 5 million people. he has already demonstrated he is not serious about enforcing the law. passing comprehensive reform during his presidency would really render it meaningless. some conservatives were sceptical as to whether paul
8:37 am
ryan would really go at this white house but he seems to be doing it with editorials. >> we have a president that talks the talk but paul ryan is talking the talk and walking the walk and setting an example. remember candidate obama when he said we will have transparency? we have not had transparency and paul ryan is setting aside time for members of congress to read the bill. remember when nancy pelosi said we need to vote for health care reform bill and then we could read it, does that make sense to you? jon: one of those quotes you would think she would like to take back because it is displayed time and time again. >> we won't see changes overnight. i have faith that paul ryan can bring the congress together. we need leadership. jon: we hope you are right. fox news political analyst, thank you. dagen: new fox news polls out of
8:38 am
the presidential race showed donald trump leading among republican primary voters with 26%, ben carson not far behind with 23%, senator ted cruz and senator marco rubio neck in neck at 11%, jeb bush following down to 4%. on the democratic side hillary clinton finding herself with a very strong lead over bernie sanders, clinton with 56%, sanders with 39. joining us now is political editor for the boston globe, senior editor for the daily caller, jamie weinstein, good to see you. let's talk about trump and carson, 26% to 23% but from as you know also polls as the best candidate to beat hillary clinton. how much does that factor in? >> it is interesting looking at from's long-term dream.
8:39 am
let's say he does win the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary, general election versus hillary clinton will be a different beast than we have seen in the primary. i think obviously has a lot of gusto and the campaign trail and talks tough but in the end it will be a different match up when he is against hillary clinton's opposition. >> you don't think trump can go head to head with hillary clinton, if not trump then who? >> marco rubio would give her the best fight. i think that is the case. he creates a enough of a contrast with hillary clinton, has a lot of raw political talent and is good in a debate. >> is very good the numbers that represent, most people now think in the republican party he could go one on one with hillary. when he began in this race a lot of people couldn't imagine that. now they can and that will only boost him going forward where people think he is and delectable candidate. whether that is true or not.
8:40 am
whether it is true of lot of political analysts doubted donald trump could win the republican nomination. now he has been beating this race for over 100 days. to said he wouldn't be able to modify his game as he has done time and time again in this primary to be competitive with hillary clinton i am not willing to do that. donald trump defied conventional wisdom during this race time and time again. arthel: let me pull up another poll. when each primary voter's first and second choice preferences are added together, scott carson, 43%, he has the edge over trumpet at 41%. again, what do these numbers say at this point where your output as you pointed out, donald trump has been polling at the top for over a hundred days. if he is in the television business he has made it into syndication. >> i think it is healthy. both those numbers for ben
8:41 am
carson and donald trump for second choice voters are pretty high compared to the rest of the field which means his support isn't very narrow meaning the people who support him now are the ones who support him, no other people considering him. clearly 15% of the people in this poll that consider donald trump their second choice, other people out there are not necessarily registering support still considering him which means he is a force to be reckoned with. arthel: you mentioned marco rubio as your shoelace going up against hillary clinton. in the end here when you look at the same poll combining the first and second choice marco rubio is a distant third at 25%. i ask you can marco rubio's will continue or will donald trump attack and slow marco rubio's to roll? >> i don't see trump's at tax making a huge dent in marco rubio's poll numbers. this is a national poll, that is
8:42 am
not how we elect or nominate presidential nominees, you go through iowa and new hampshire and look at those polls, marco rubio's favorability is higher, he is the second choice of a lot of voters, it is a different ball game. it is a feeling with evangelical voters in iowa and women voters especially in new hampshire. arthel: you get the final word, donald trump starts his first radio ad campaign in new hampshire, iowa and south carolina, one version, trump speaking, the other version is a female voice. to try to get more support from females, going ahead to you. >> i think so. i agree that the most likely nominee in my opinion is marco rubio but i would not be so quick to say trump has a feeling anywhere yet. he is the master brand, he reinvents himself and some how reverses his negative numbers as
8:43 am
he did from when he began the campaign to now. i wouldn't throw that possibility that he will figure out a way to reinvent himself to try to court women. who knows? i would not put a feeling on any of these numbers when it comes to donald trump. arthel: you have the last word, good to see you both. jon: please make an arrest in a knife attack that wounded american hero spencer stone. authorities say they tracked down the man responsible. some veterans struggle with ptsd when they return from war but another serious problem is drug addiction. how one facility is trying to help. ere will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart.
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dagen: can arrest in the stabbing of an american hero who stop the terror attack on a french train this summer. on october 8th sergeant spencer's stone was stabbed multiple times outside a bar in
8:47 am
sacramento. jones spent several days and the hospital with serious injuries. police yesterday arrest king james tram for that attack after tips from the community for it in, as they say it is viewed led to the fight and the staffing while investigators say others were involved, they believed iran had the knife. >> detectives doing surveillance at this particular residence affected a traffic stop on him in the area of highway 99 and arrested him for the charges of the murder. arthel: in august zone in two france helped take down an armed man, fired shots on a paris bound train. "imus in the morning" jon: they call it the biggest mob trial in modern-day rome. 46 reputed gangsters and politicians accused of
8:48 am
systematic corruption. kellogg is live in rome with more. >> it is not about business men duking it out for influence. it is allegedly about the capital being taken over by gangsters and what prosecutors need to determine now our eyes with is the 4 doesn't people were running wild, engage in various acts of corruption or whether the accused in the structure, the alleged leader of the gang, the pirate lost an eye in a police shootout decades ago as a former neo-fascist who has a link the rap sheet for other crimes which is right hand man famously said in a conversation you could make more money off of migrants, stealing money earmarked for migrants, then you
8:49 am
could dealing drugs. 46 people are on trial, local politicians, city officials, business men accused of taking bribes, skimming money off of public funds, hundreds more investigating including former mayor, the last mayor resigned recently when one of the accused got wind of this. to was caught on wiretaps a now we can eat realm. trying to clean things up but simply was unable. and italian expression meaning shameless or in your face and that is what they say about rome's mafia capital, one of the most glaring examples of this was a mafia funeral held openly to the tune of the godfather in the center of romo this summer in which an elaborate her's carriage and helicopters dropping rose petals played center stage. rome has had enough. the mafia capital trial is
8:50 am
expected to go through july and there will be hundreds of people taking the stand. jon: what a story. thank you. arthel: some veterans struggle with ptsd when they return from war but another series from ms drug addiction. one facilities trying to help them.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
military who struggled postwar to reactivate to civilian life. we bring your three years ago, we met a young man named adam morse who struggled with ptsd and a hair when problem, he had a white and two kids and the new home and when he left the program he went back to heroin and a reduced and died. here's what he told me in august of 2012. >> yesterday it was 11 months for me. i couldn't get even minutes. this place saved my life. >> it needed to be done. that simple. every time there is the hole in the safety net and you see it you develop something to plug that gap. >> reporter: to a veteran homestead is holding a roundtable discussion on a opioids with community and military leaders, that place is
8:55 am
governor charlie baker who created an appeal would addiction task force to try to develop a strategy to combat addiction in civilian and military communities. >> if you look at the trend lines on paying medication prescriptions, overdoses, apps use, lines from 2004 are practically parallel although in the wrong direction. >> reporter: the governor says four five apps users started on prescription pain medication, there were 240 million prescriptions written in 2013. the u.s. has 5% of the world's population and consumes 80% of the appeal is. jon: when the administration is under scrutiny programs like this offer those troops a helping hand. >> reporter: a lot have fallen through the cracks.
8:56 am
jon: good to hear they are doing that anyway. arthel: new next hour on "happening now," new video of a violent attack at a prison that left several correctional officers hurt. more on the risks officers face at work each day. plus fox news exclusively following a long as paratroopers the part fort bragg and parachute into space in. us special look at the first u.s. air drops in europe since world war ii. we want to hear from you now that we are one year away from the 2016 presidential elections, which gop candidate do you want to see win the nomination? la f-cat up and running, go to big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars.
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hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. . .
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>> i mentioned jenna lee is on assignment. did you have enough fun to come back second hour. >> i will come back to the second hour. stick around because "outnumbered" starts now.
9:00 am
andrea: this is fox news alert. major development in the russian plane crash in egypt that killed 224 people. u.s. and british intelligence officers now say that it's likely a bomb took down the passenger jet. and, investigators are looking at isis as a possible culprit. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here today, co-host of "after the bell" on fbn, melissa francis. fox news legal analyst and host of "justice with judge jeanine" and author of brand new book about the robert durst case, so many people captivated by this. she knows everything about it. robert durst and my quest for justice. janine, welcome first time to the couch. editor for town hall, fox news contributor from town hall. katie pavlich. we know him #oneluckyguy,


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