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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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andrea: this is fox news alert. major development in the russian plane crash in egypt that killed 224 people. u.s. and british intelligence officers now say that it's likely a bomb took down the passenger jet. and, investigators are looking at isis as a possible culprit. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here today, co-host of "after the bell" on fbn, melissa francis. fox news legal analyst and host of "justice with judge jeanine" and author of brand new book about the robert durst case, so many people captivated by this. she knows everything about it. robert durst and my quest for justice. janine, welcome first time to the couch. editor for town hall, fox news contributor from town hall. katie pavlich. we know him #oneluckyguy,
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bernard mcgirk. >> ladies, nice to be here. thank you very much. there are a lot of other really cool things i could be doing right now. this is about coolest i can think of right now. appreciate it. thank you for having me. andrea: thank you, jeb. >> quick pick up. we begin with u.s. intel and congressional sources confirming to fox news that, the evidence coming in suggests that a bomb brought down that russian plane. that isis may have had a hand in this. right now the plane's passenger manifest is run through watch list and databases as investigators on the ground pour over debris searching for clues. britain prime minister david cameron is saying just a short while ago, there is quote, strong possibility that the plane was downed by a terrorist bomb. our senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot joins us live from london with the latest. hi, greg. reporter: hi, andrea.
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this is pretty unusual. u.s. and u.k. getting way ahead of the investigation saying the plane crash of the russian airplane could have been terror. u.k. officials saying significant possibility that the russian plane that went down over the sinai that was caused by a bomb placed on board by a local isis affiliate. u.s. officials tell fox they agree that there was high probability of a explosive device involved. the brits saying the risk was so high they couldn't wait for the probe to play out. in fact they were so concerned at sharm el-sheikh airport where the doomed plane left, they have suspended all british flights in and out of the place. they sent military and security teams in to evaluate the security. passenger planes we were told, coming in starting to tomorrow, to bring out as many as 20,000 brits who are there in the sinai. now in london, timing is everything for a plea planned visit.
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egyptian president el-sissi see met with british prime minister david cameron. in fact the u.s. and u.k. do admit the explosion could havenl failure. according to reports there have been no explosive residue found at the site. finally in russia, the first of 224 victims of the crash, all those on board were killed, were buried. russia also slamming the u.s. and the u.k. for those statements, calling them shocking and premature. cameron did speak by phone with putin today and told them what the u.k. nose. there are certainly concerns in the russian circles that this could be a blow back from their claimed anti-isis campaign. experts say, putin, knowing putin as he is would have to act. andrea and folks, washington of course, watching this too. we have our own anti-isis
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campaign. there could be blowback from that too. this could be a new tactic, turns out to be terrorism or a bomb, by isis and we are vulnerable. back to you. andrea: no question. thank you, greg. judge, i want to go to you first. the russians and egypt saying do not believe this is isis. still not conclusive with the investigation. you spoke with an ambassador last night? >> i spoke to very high-ranking egyptian official last night who said he believed it was isis. i find it curious that you have the united states and u.k. saying it sound, looks like isis. yet the russians and egyptians are not officially saying that it is. in fact yesterday the egyptian minister of an tick quilt at thises -- an tick witties said it was a accident. not terrorist attack. does it interest us to say it was? does it make us more worried about things? but at the sharm el-sheikh
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airport the problem is that apparently their tsa or verse of tsa was not really not on top of their game. they women get the watch list, database, one-way tickets. a lot of work to be done. andrea: does not interest the russians to admit it is isis, does it, bernie? >> no it doesn't. kudos to david cameron meeting with el sisi would our president would do. isis is all over the place like koch roaches. >> they are. >> we don't know if that happened or this happened. they don't want to appear blowback for their president attacking anti-assad forces. however, my heart goes out to the families, sincerely, obviously. listen, they take some of these savages attention away from us, put it on russia. if there is silver lining for america, i would say, at -- >> i don't know about that.
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andrea: katetee russians are focusing on pakistanis and chechens. vladmir putin a acutely aware of the threat isis poses. he said if this is isis, he better watch out, because putin is coming for them. >> if turns out isis is responsible for downing this plane, that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made because putin now will retaliate. he won't mess around like president obama has done. it will be, i think, extraordinarily massive. and i think he needs to do that for a number of reasons, including his domestic political calculus. >> he's right. >> look out. >> people who say things poorly against him. i'm sure he will retaliate if this is the case but actually media, agency based in israel covers the middle east
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has a fascinating piece out about the back and forth between egyptians and russians and united states. but the key here is this. tsa administrator testified on capitol hill this week about the fact that, remember last year how the tsa failed 95% of security tests that went through our airports? sure there may have been security in the airport where this occurred but, our tsa agencies are not doing well either. the administrator was here this week saying, nothing is really improved. and inspector general for the department of homeland security is saying, we don't know if tsa is capable of doing their job. i can't talk about classified information about recent reports we found about how many security things that they are missing. they're missing entire sections. >> no question. >> however it's a big problem. it is classified information, i can't talk about. we have information on our hands where isis is everywhere. they have sympathizers in the united states. tsa is not doing the job to keep american airports safe.
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>> bernie says it takes focus on. what ambassador bolton said taunting putin to come in even stronger i think this brings him in even harder against isis. that he will retaliate. that is good thing in the short run. the problem it makes him more aggressive in the area. you hear our president, ultimately we'll end up following him in, following putin's lead. ends up being the leader in the area this attack against isis. had we step up earlier, it was inevitable we would be involved. >> its headache. you take it. >> isis indirectly attacked united states, killing journalists on video and taking american in custody and raping her and getting her killed. let's not pretend isis is only russia's problem. they attacked us directly. >> we all know it but the president know it? that is essentially the problem.
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andrea: irrational hate from vladmir putin coming out of washington from the republicans and democrats this is something president obama should have been working with vladmir putin. not a nice guy. we have common goal of defeating isis. when we say putin is not concerned with defeating isis just concerned with propping up assad. it is not mutually exclusive. those people are wrong. >> exactly right. andrea: with only five days until the fourth republican primary debate, new polling shows donald trump is maintaining his lead. dr. ben carson topping the list in one key category. what could this mean going forward? also growing protests against trump's appearance on "saturday night live" this weekend. should the republican frontrunner be disinvited for all controversial comments he made in the past or do we have free speech? >> catch more from the couch on the web. you have never seen this bunch before. fire off your questions. we have judge jeanine. free legal advice, right? ask her about the jinx and the durst case.
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melissa: brand new "fox news poll" showing republican presidential field may be shaking out. donald trump maintaining his edge with 26% to ben carson's 23%, not shabby, but that is well within the margin of error. only other two candidates in double digits are senators ted cruz and marco rubio. jeb bush finding himself in dangerous territory at just 4%. meanwhile when it comes to the most qualified candidate to handle the economy, number one issue for voters, donald trump crushes the competition with a 32-point lead. i'm a money gal. that is what got my attention. andrea, it is still the economy, stupid! andrea: it always has been the economy stupid. maybe the news cycle shifted to immigration but it is economy. melissa, you know this better than anyone. this debate is so important. the last debate was supposed to
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focus on economy. we had gay and lesbian rights. everything but the economy. fox business will be key. onus is on trump now. if he is ranking that high, he has got to prove it. melissa: yeah. andrea: he has to show he can present solutions. same thing with ben carson. listening to the 37-point plans, right? >> i remember. melissa: we were concerned about this talking in the break, head-to-head, donald trump is way out front, but judge, when it comes to head-to-head, seems like he is the one, according to numbers that can't beat hillary clinton. shouldn't that be the main qualification, you want to put someone forward that can win the whole thing? >> ben carson is trustworthy candidate. when you talk to people about politics today, they all lie, they all do this, they all do that. i wonder in the voting booth how much does trust worth aniness
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count or does your job count with a buy who made billions at this point. melissa: trustworthy, who is bottom of that one? carson way up at top, 60%. trump way down at the bottom. a net negative. hillary clinton also down at the bottom. she has the least trustworthiness. however, she has a negative 26. bernie. >> 61% think hillary is not honest. trump is down at the bottom. you pointed out most salient thing in the survey, trump wins commander-in-chief poll also but the economy, 42% to cruz's 10%, carson nine, rubio 7%. already has, carson, excuse me, rubio and trump it is on with the two of them. yesterday was rubio's finances. this morning rubio was talking about trump, his bankruptcies, and inheriting all his money. that fight is on. but i think rubio will lose that
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fight. cruz, the majority of people in the country, they don't like him. people on right like cruz but the country will never elect him. andrea: why do you think rubio will lose? >> donald trump is the man when it comes to the economy. he is successful businessman. as he talks about all the time, negotiates with china building this, building that. rubio has credit card problems. andrea: only reason, bernie, what they're going after rubio for, speeding tickets, credit card debt, a things lot of average americans understand in a down economy. by attacking him they're attacking voters. >> it is more than that. it's more than that it is florida credit card charge card. melissa: idea he used campaign's credit card in order to pay some other expenses. something he has to sort out. katie i have to ask but the next one. speaking of donald trump. he is set to host "saturday night live" this weekend this was the scene last
9:18 am
night, outside nbc headquarters. demonstrators from several latino organizations chanting that should dump him from the show because of things he said about immigrants. petitions asking the network to drop trump, garnering hundreds of thousands of signatures. nbc is staying silent, posting several promos online including one that has since been taken down. watch this. >> donald trump is hosting "saturday night live" this week with musical guest. ceia. equal time, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in the promo. >> let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. melissa: katie, you're laughing. katie: i'm sure donald trump will call the protesters complete and total losers as well. if the protesters spent as much time protesting illegal aliens and rapists and murders make their own community so bad,
9:19 am
maybe trump wouldn't say anything about their communities. if they don't want stereotype, or truth be told the fact illegal immigration brings with it a huge criminal element we have to deal with in this country, spend their energy getting out criminals in their own communities. then we can have a discussion about the people who remain here who haven't committed those heinous crimes. melissa: judge, this "snl" thing, very simply. it's a business. a show based on ratings. he will bring in ratings. nbc, do they have the right to do this? >> he knows he will bring in ratings. he is in a position to make whatever demands he wants to make. nbc knows it. even though they supposedly fired him from "celebrity apprentice." the bottom line they always come back together when it is about money. melissa: it is always about money. >> katie, everybody is so up sped about people expressing their first amendment freedom of speech. by the way, if you want to talk about someone who really is in trouble talk about why was hillary clinton able to do it? this woman is under investigation by the fbi.
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but she can do "saturday night live" and nobody is worried about it. melissa: i'm not sure she hosted. she appeared. this is the first front-runners who actually hosted. bernie, you're someone used to going on television and radio and insulting people and offending people, right? how do you think -- can you believe this election turned into such a headache for nbc? first the debate. >> one thing to insult people and another to make racist comments. this is tacit admission by nbc trump didn't make racist comments. we have something called the first amendment. 70 to 80% of the drugs on streets of chicago come from mexico. andrea: exactly. >> he was speaking some truth. indelicate way he articulated some of these things and let the man do his thing and dummy up. "west side story.".
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melissa: andrea, do you think it goes off without a hitch tomorrow night? huge ratings? huge got for him. andrea: protesters only draw more attention. melissa: there you go. we heard it from the source, likelihood president obama will act on his own to close down gitmo if he and congress can't see eye to eye. what the administration is saying the president will do. plus investigating hillary clinton emails. the split among republicans how best to go about this and theers could backfire on them. ♪ g, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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♪ andrea: new showdown over gitmo. the house saying the president won't hesitate to use executive authority to close the detainee prison if the congress won't work with the administration. the president is set to unveil the new plan for the prison that would bring some of remaining
9:26 am
212 detainees to the united states. the timing of the new push expected to trigger a battle with lawmakers as lawmakers vote a on a bill that could keep detainees off american soil. here is what white house press secretary josh earnest has to say. >> we would like to work with congress where we can, if congress continues to refuse i would not rule out the president using every element of his authority to make progress the same way he has done that in other areas where congress refused to work constructively with the administration. andrea: give you idea how important closing gitmo to the administrations national security advisor susan rice saying in an interview with reuters, quote, i can't say with certainty we're 100% going to get there but i can tell you we're going to die trying. melissa: wow. andrea: are we going to die because they tried. >> release the worst of the worse and die trying to make sure they get out?
9:27 am
you're replenish inning the enemy during time of war by letting these guys out. when i listen to josh earnest, sound like dictatorship. if congress doesn't work with us, we'll do it ourselves. why did we elect you? you're like the crown dictator. andrea: katie look at the deal the white house did, bergdahl swap. the five we swapped were most dangerous. the judge says, dump the dangerous one, these 112, they're in there because they stole a couple paper clips and they will run car dealerships in kabul when they get out, right? katie: making argument more costly to the american people to have them in gitmo than it isn't. i go back to what susan rice said. we'll die trying? how dare she. there are men and women who fight the gitmo, the bergdahl five, that he sided to trade for a traitor.
9:28 am
how dare she make that notion with people that shed blood and families and widows and no longer have loved ones as a result of these people. president obama wants to let them out and bring them to our backyard and it is unacceptable. andrea: democrats don't want them in my backyard. they're telling the president not in my backyard. >> a little bit of devil's advocate if i could. they don't want to release them. they shouldn't release them. but don't want to bring them to the united states to put them in halfway house in greenwich, connecticut. they want to lock them up somewhere in supermax. stow them away. expensive to keep them down in gitmo. >> do you think it has anything to do with money. >> why not a simulate them into the prison population in the united states? get jailhouse justice? andrea: money expert on the couch. this is not about money. this is checking a political box because the president promised liberal base he would do it. melissa: i wish it was about
9:29 am
money. we spent 3/4 of a million dollars building a soccer field. gitmo is tool for terrorists to use against us. we're treating them so much better than any of our prisoners. i wish it was to put them in supermax. i don't trust them. we close gitmo we send them back out to the playing field to fight against that. >> i'm not for that. but stick them in the alcatraz. reopen that joint. middle of san francisco bay. katie: we do not bring enemies during time of war to american soil. that is the bottom line. we shouldn't do that with these people. andrea: what about trials, give them trials if you hold them there? >> i spoke to u.s. attorneys in the southern district where they tried these case. you know what? the department of justice is not allowing us to bring charges against gitmo prisoners, detainees, because they don't want to convict them. they just want them out. here's the bottom line. if they go to max security facility, the problem is, they're going to start convincing some of the other
9:30 am
inmates what to do. they will have visitors coming in. it will be a dangerous situation. obama, what he is going to do, he is will give them to qatar, with no conditions. they're walking anyway. end of it. we can stop funding, giving money to move them to the united states, not going to matter. andrea: or peru. you watch them. close their ice on that one. there appears to be a split among some house republicans over what next step should be in the hillary clinton evident mail investigation. according to "politico" some conservatives are calling for expanded inquiry whether the former secretary of state mishandled classified information while other gop lawmakers would rather the justice department take the lead. meantime clinton's democratic rival, senator bernie sanders, now doing an about-face. walking back his comments at last month's debate about the american people being sick and tired of hearing about her damn emails. >> those damn emails! andrea: telling "washington post," he does think now there are legitimate
9:31 am
questions and that the government's investigation should continue unimpeded. a little too late for that, bernie, don't you think? >> it is too late. speaks of ruthlessness of hillary clinton, actually, what she did, bernie sanders gave her a pass right. then afterwards he says something about shouting about gun control. she accuses him of sexism. that was below the belt. she is tonya harding in a pantsuit. okay, i'm going after your damn emails and he should! melissa: move myself from that comment immediately. get yourself in trouble my friend. >> her henchmen accused joe biden exploiting his son's death for political gain. her henchmen did that. this woman is ruthless, the clinton machine. andrea: you saw them yucking it up over largest national security breach in history, was such a gross moment, democrats.
9:32 am
if fdr were president he would have them jailed. katie: remember too there used to be time in america, democrats would hold democrats accountable. republicans would hold republicans accountable. fred thompson passed away. who led the charge in watergate against republican president? that was fred thompson. bernie sanders looking where he is now. falling behind in the polls after he gave hillary clinton a huge gift on silver platter. going this is only thing that i have. polling even among democrats they think she lied about her emails. trying to backtrack? i don't think it will work because of how forceful he was saying we don't care! melissa: back to your original question about idea who should be pursuing this, i think though if we give it back to the house or anyone political doesn't make sense. looks like a political witch-hunt. leave it to the doj. leave it to the fbi. >> you have jim comey with the fbi. i know jim. i worked with him when i was d.a. he is honest, up standing kind of guy.
9:33 am
he will do his investigation. if the house gets involved investigating emails, we know she has got classified stuff on her private server. we're going to look bad. there is no point. fbi who has got it. here's the bottom line. it is only going somewhere in jim comey takes it to loretta lynch. loretta lynch says i give you a grand jury. final thought, if they don't put it in the grand jury. if the next president is republican, statute of limitations not yet run. they could go it again. andrea: do they indict or not, judge? >> i think jim comey recommends indictmentment, absolutely. andrea: film director quentin tarantino not backing down about his inflammatory comments about cops, not even close. his new remarks, whether they serve as explanation or whether they further inflame things even more. ♪ gs, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release.
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katie: film director quentin tarantino essentially trip approximatelying down rather than backing down days after making inflammatory comment about police. we told you about his remarks in anti-police brutality rally last month, suggesting some cops are murders. then he stands by his comment but is not a cop hater. in a new interview he had this to add. >> i was under the impression he was an american and that i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an anti-police brutality protest. and, speaking my mind. they would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by citizenry lost trust in them. i had made statements in some interviews, you know along the way that it is suggested i'm on their side when it comes to this issue of, you know, ultimately what i feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country. katie: all right.
9:39 am
in the meantime the boycott of tarantino's films keeps expanding. day by day, more and more state and local police organizations across the country are joining in. so, judge, is this just about picking a fight with celebrities like quentin tarantino. >> who cares about him in the first place. you know what i love any love, i have a first amendment right to say cops are murders. donald trump don't you dare say anything about mexicans who are criminals. all right? and what is amazing about all this he says he is on the side of murdered. within a couple days of new york city police officer, fourth in 10 months to be shot by a career criminal. here is the bottom line. "the washington post" came out with a study and they said that police are justified in fatal shootings at least 95% of the time. in 74% of the cases, where the victim has been shot and killed by a cop, they shot at the cop already, were brandishing a gun or trying to kill the cop. >> right.
9:40 am
>> 16% there may have been no firearms but coming after them with knives. you got "the washington post" saying this two days ago. melissa: yeah. >> people like quentin tarantino should recognize there is a consequence for your words. by the way, next time, quentin, you have somebody at your house threatening, you, who are you going to call? melissa: more importantly here is what tarantino says about civics. he is an artist. great. if you have something to say about making art, terrific. katie: andrea, don't we need to address the issue, quentin tarantino said in interview he wants police to stop shooting unarmed people. what he is referring to the michael brown case in ferguson, whole bogus, hands up shoot argument media perpetuated. now hollywood is taking the lie which caused a lot of damage in ferguson, caused damage in police departments across the country and continuing that. so don't you think it matters. andrea: fictional storyline, isn't that what he does best?
9:41 am
i couldn't believe watching in interview, not only keep digging and made it worse, he couldn't even speak from the heart. kept looking at his notes likes it was scripted. it wasn't from the hearts, the heart. what he said white supremacy, i first thing i thought, judge, anyone told quentin, the cops murdered in new york city, many of them are minorities? has anyone informed him of that? toot your horn a little bit, as prosecutor you never lost a case. you have defended so many police officers and gone after so many criminals when you were d.a., judge, have you ever seen the climate in the country this hostile towards the cops? >> you know, i never have seen the climate like this, and i just say, you know what? cops, when they're bad, just like a teacher when he or she is bad, they get prosecuted. i prosecuted some of them. i'm not proud of it, but what i can tell you is, the cops, i don't want to keep repeating this, they will fight to the death to protect you and me. and the hatred right now --
9:42 am
melissa: even quentin tarantino. >> white supremacy are, you kidding? >> what, is he out of his mind? he looks like he took his dentures out of his mouth all the time. a. b he is spewing punk fiction. what he said was provocative, inslammer to, hateful to the cops. contributes to ferguson effect. demonize cops with irresponsible rhetoric. they don't do their jobs because they're afraid to, intimidated. crime rises in inner cities. who suffers? black lives. people in the inner-city, suffer from higher murder rates. he is helping to cause that. andrea: maybe he could buy a gun to protect himself. wait, he doesn't believe in that either. melissa: go back to making art. stick to your knitting, quentin. >> has the right to say what he wants, come on, completely stupid. >> it was wrong. it was a lie. it is an outrage. katie: we are moving right along
9:43 am
because after years of subject of multiple investigations for murder, other felonies, robert durst is now sitting behind bars but there is one crime many believe he may have gotten away with, 1982 killing of his wife kathleen. we'll ask judge jeanine who has been smack in the case since the beginning of about her new book and what he discovered about kathleen's disappearance. ♪ on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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andrea: the wild ride is not over yet. first jon scott, what is coming up in section hour of "happening now." >> we'll try to calm things down for you, andrea. andrea: don't do that. >> marco rubio is filing to run for president today in new hampshire. he is rising in the polls and taking incoming fire from fellow republicans who consider him a threat. we'll talk about his prospects with chris wallace. filing today in new hampshire, carly fiorina is set to appear on "the view" tomorrow after a bit of controversy. more on that as we get it. we're awaiting the white house briefing today. josh earnest likely to get questions on the new detail on the trans-pacific partnership trade deal, suddenly getting some renewed attention now that details are out. we're hoping for update on russian plane crash in egypt. that's all ahead at the top of the hour on "happening now." andrea: thank you, an jon.
9:48 am
>> john o'donnell and i took a trip down to the pine barons in southern new jersey. why the pine barons? because it's a dense, million acre forest. because a great place to bury a body. mobsters did it all the time. when i first reopened kathleen durst's case, we began piecing together a puzzle and the pine barons fit right in. melissa: that is clip from the fox news special airing, "robert durst & my quest for justice." hosted by judge gin mean pirro. what happened to kathleen mccormick durst, disappeared in 1982. she was married to that guy there, robert durst, wealthy heir of a new york real estate empire. judge pirro, never waivered, that durst, who led a bizarre life, killed his 29-year-old
9:49 am
life. her investigation is focus of her new book, she killed them all. that was famous line from the hbo special. i'm addicted to this case. it is so fascinating, three cases they followed. the three people think he killed. your case was the first but also the hardest because there was no body. you always believed it was in the pine barons, where you went back and what we showed there. tell us about that. >> the case was brought to me 18 years after she disappeared. there is problem right there, right? melissa: right. >> there was no crime scene preservation. there was no body. little if any police work done by the new york city police department. robert durst comes in. my father owns half of new york city. here is magazine, when he goes into the 20th precinct. they like, yeah, she probably ran off with another guy even though fourth year medical student, about to graduate. in the middle of trying to get divorce from him. and nothing made sense. he waited five years to report her missing.
9:50 am
everything in my gut said to me, jeanine, he killed her, all right? so i had to go back with connecting those dots. when we investigated this case, john o'donnell is in there in the special this weekend, it was clear to me buried her in the pine barons. the pine barons, million acres of dense forest. even in february. killed her on january 31st, even if february you could dig and bury a party. the amazing part of the jinx, what were you looking for in the lake. you know what he says? body parts. not my wife's body. i jumped out of my seat, he chopped his first victim up, his wife. melissa: a body. he is showing consciousness what happens. >> what he was doing in the basement for two nights, when neighbors saw a light and blue light, probably checking for blood in that basement. melissa: amazing things about the cases why does he seem to
9:51 am
keep getting away with it? when you watch special, read books, this is one of the things most fascinating about this case, it stretched decades and decades. three people along the way, as you and others close in on him. he appears to have allegedly killed other people along the way. and there is always something slippery at the end, even though he seems to not be a great criminal. there are clues everywhere. he is writing notes. i mean there is, what's going on? >> this is about power and privilege in the criminal justice system and how it impacts it. if god forbid if donald trump's daughter were kidnapped you would have people all over the place looking for her. seem more durst's daughter-in-law, kidnap or killed, that is the end of the it. trial in texas, they used me as excuse, paid lawyers million 1/2 dollars, for a few pieces of silver, only reason he chopped up the body here because jeanine pirro made him do it. they bought it!
9:52 am
melissa: now he is in jail in texas on weapons charges, right? >> new orleans. melissa: seems like the best case was probably out in california where he actually wrote, well it seems if he wrote a note. police letting them know there was cadaverrer there. misspelling on the note, same miss celling on other place, miss spelling beverly hills. that seemed like smoking gun in the california case. do you feel like he will finally pay for killing someone? >> i will follow him until he does. here is bottom note line. the cadaver note was unearthed by those two pham noll job in their documentary, "the jinx." the truth is, great case in texas. texas half-wit jury acquits the guy. i can understand how he would be afraid of her, so he walks. melissa: we have to go. be sure to tune in for more. i know i'm going to. the judge's fascinating case this weekend.
9:53 am
"robert durst & my quest for justice." 9:00 p.m. eastern and saturday and sunday. i will tape it. watch it again and again. i can't wait. the case is fascinating. knowing how to act like a lady is hard. one magazine is making it easier. uh-oh. breaking it down into series of simple steps. we'll try them out here. never being late for lunch. sitting through sporting events that a lady has no interest it. that sounds like fun. that's not all. there are 39 steps. wait until you hear the rest of them. ♪
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call now ♪ andrea: this segment is so awesome. gals, listen up if you have been wondering what steps you take to become a lady, country life has steps in 39 steps. laughter is the best medicine. that is good advice. be sure to own a little plaque dress. every lady needs one. also pretty good. there are three gems. number three, cooks perfectly, roasted potatoes. never overplunge your eyebrows. god forbid. been there, done that. yeah, a lady must always know when to let a man think it isid. judge, what do you think about these suggestions?
9:58 am
>> you know what? what is fascinating about this you don't know if it is 1960 or 2000. they talk about never have botox and have a good lasgna. every woman today needs that. andrea: which one the lasagna for the botox? melissa: i'm waiting for lasagna. there it is, excels at making love, lasagna and long gin and tonics. there is more than lasagna. that is not seven. andrea: two out of three ain't bad. making love and lasagna. two out of three ain't bad, right? >> did they consult robert durst for this list? for gentlemen, cooks and onlets to die for, undo a bra with one hand. smoking, no potty mouth. no man spreading or belching. how about that? >> robert durst could -- andrea: to be a gentlemen, men
9:59 am
have to know how to undo a brassiere with one hand. a lady can undo a bow tie but not with one hand. what is going on with that? katie: some of the ones on the guy's list, i wrote it. some of the things, i can do, prepare a one match-bond fire. i know how to do that. one on lady's list, remind me of dana perino. a woman can silence a man with stair and make a dog lie down with a hand signal. melissa: i walked into this prepared to be filled with anger and resentment. i read some of them i was like eh. number 36, always own a hanky. i don't own hankies and have kleenex in my purse. people are happy when i do. i don't know. makes me so scared. makes me a girl scout! katie: this is good one, andrea. never downs a drink in one unless shot of tequila. melissa: perfect.
10:00 am
andrea: maybe wisdom. men can handle a sports car. we're not done with this list. we have staying right here for "outnumbered overtime." you do not want to miss it. click that tab. we're back on tv tomorrow at noon earning. -- eastern. "happening now" starts right now. the university merced. >> u.s. troops are dropping in europe x. we'll tell you the reason for the operation trident juncture. >> prosecutors said he shot


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