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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 5, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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on an unusual game 80 years ago today. if news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. the dow is flat. neil cavuto is not. he's coming up right now. >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. seen this new ad run about all these latino kids blasting thank you. thank you. thank you. it? is over the top. if you think it is affect hogue people feel about him, think again. we're getting growing indication with the february fbn debate days away he is still largely bulletproof. to blake berman with that. >> good afternoon. the top line number in the fox news poll, donald trump leading dr. ben carson 26-23, is something truck will take heading into the debate on tuesday. when you take a deeper dive there's another number that currently looks just as good for
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trump. that is 42%. 42% of republican voters feel the billionaire businessman is the one most qualified to handle the economy. now, to put that into context, 42% equate of the combined total of carson, rubio, kashich, bush, fiorina and huckabee. essentially that's the next seven candidates. now, that's an important mark because when republican voters were asked which issue is most important to them in deciding the eventual nominee, economic issues top the list ahead of national security, immigration, and social issues. trump also stands atop the list for voters voters who think he e most qualified to be the next commander in chief and the most likely to beat hillary clinton. carson's strongest polling point is 60% of voters and 82% of republicans feel he is honest and trust worthy. good numbers for trump. >> you indicated earlier, too the fact of the matter is these outside the box, nonconsensus,
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nonestablishment candidates that continue to prove that this isn't just a brief sort of a summer fling here. >> no. these two, carson and trump hey been at the top of the poll combined, carson rising to the top. carson and trump combined for the betters portion of 75, 80 days and trump has led the majority of these polls for more than 100 days or so. when you look at the polling on the republican side, republican voters by and large say they want an outsider, somebody who they feel has never been there before and can deal with these issues. interesting that it's the complete opposite on the democratic side, but for republicans, carson and trump, still up there at the top heading into the debate next week. >> wild stuff. thank you very much. speaking of the democrats. notice a lot of them are popping up in new hampshire because they have to file the paperwork. bernie sanders there doing the same, but he used this as an
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ideal opportunity, he says to show the difference between the two parties in that state. pete peter doocy has more. >> sanders brought a lawyer and democratic party official with him out of concern that when he filled out the paperwork and handed over a 1,000 check to get on the ballot as a democrat, somebody would challenge him since he is officially an independent. but there is no dramatic just this dramatic declaration. >> what i believe is we need a political revolution in our government belongs to all of us, not just the one percent. >> a political revolution. we are getting used to that kind of antione percent rhetoric from sanders, but new from the senator, in second place today, is an attack on sect clinton for possibly mishandling classified information. senator a sanders was applauded bid democrats when he said that
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nobody cares about her e-mails. now he is explainingway the debate response in the "wall street journal," changing his story to this. he says, quote you get 12 seconds to say these things. there's an investigation going on right now. i did not say end the investigation. that is silly. let the investigation proceed. so, clinton getting hit below the e-mails from the right and from the far left. >> wow. that's not exactly what i remember from that debate. thank you very much. well, there is an argument back and forth whether this recovery is something that republicans shouldn't mess up or messy and they should look for a dustup. take a look what has been happening to the retail environment. target closing a lot of stores, coates co, big sales -- costco sales disappointmented. those are target venues for those looking for cheaper goods. if they're in a world of hurt doesn't it say this economy could be in a world of hurt or
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head thread. we'll hash it out with jessica, and lisa. jessica, to you first. when i hear the bernie sanders argue; the one percent, and they're making life miserable for everybody else and then i hear everybody necessary this recovery that has been championed on the democrats are slowing down, then everybody is hurting now. right? >> well, i don't know that the one percent is hurting. that bernie sanders' point. these low retail numbers, for places like costco or a walmart or target, target has been hit because of their own issues with their tech problems. that is me main thing. >> but this recovery championed by this administration, certainly by hillary clinton, that it is just going along fine, it's getting better as we go, the sands are shifting.
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>> we have seen that there has been an improvement from the bottom we were at when obama took office. we were in a complete state of freefall. however -- >> you don't think we'red a head back there -- >> i don't know that if we continue on the path we're on, that we are going to continue to grow. there need to be a lot of change's that's what bernie sanders is talking to. while certain things in particularly for the top one percent have gotten better, you're seeing people who are in the lower middle class, middle class, still struggling to -- >> lisa, what due you think of that? that has widen under this occupant of the white house so what do you make of that? >> well, neil, the big problem is that the democrats continue to talk about wanting to help the middle class. middle class families are doing worse under president obama than they did prior to him taking office. they're making less now then when the took office and hillary clinton said herself during the cnn debate that income inequality ills the worst since then 1920s. look at the work force
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participation rate, it's the lowest since then 1970s, and those middle class families are getting punished by policies like obama cad because they see insurance premiums rise exponentially. the big problem is look at the individuals benefiting the most. it's the big. the big insurance companies, the big hospitals, that are consolidating and getting bigger. the reality is the rich have continued to get richer under president obama. the poor have got 'poorer and middle class families are hurting. >> jessica, the bottom line if is bernie sanders is ripping open a scab and a wound that could hurt democrats that gap has widened under thissed a meteorologist has for many decades. the fact of the matter is it seems no matter what democrats do to adjust that, they can't even control that. so they forcibly try to raise taxes on the rich, boost the income of the hourly wages on those at the bottom, and still
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nothing. >> i diff aggrieve. we haven't seen a dramatic tax increase. that's one of the big issues -- >> yes, we do. the top saw their rate refeather back to 40 -- >> but the -- >> obamacare is -- >> jessica, okay. >> that's on paper and you're easily able to find ways to get through tax loopholes to avoid -- >> you think rates should be higher. >> -- the loopholes need to be cleared -- >> wait. i want to be clear. bear any sanders says we could revisit that old top rate which i think was 90%. >> and that's -- >> no, no, let her answer, lisa. >> it's not just about increasing tacks. if you don't close the loopholes and make sure people are -- >> lisa, what do you think of that. >> i don't agree -- that's the scary thing. the reality is bernie sanders is a socialist and his policies are incredibly scary ask the harm they would do on this economy hitches policy -- >> well, he's popular, he's
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popular -- >> neil, neil, here's the thing. we absolutely have to look another after small businesses. for the fir time in american history more small businesses are being destride than created and it's because of policies like obama cad. >> it's not because of own -- obamacare. >> yes, it is -- >> don't get me started -- >> no la la la la, that will do it. this kind of stuff i have a feeling will come up in a few days at the fbn "wall street journal" debate. we'll be there. we thought we'd stick to business and money because -- i don't know about you, but it's not about being red or blue, it's green, and i seem to remember both sides losing a lot of money for us. right and? so i think it's fair to say we got to get to the bottom of this
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>> facebook shares at an all-time high. why is that? why is that part of the economy thriving but when you get news oust retailers like costco, target, not much. and why have just one latino on your ticket when you can have two? have you been hearing the latest buzz to create a rubio and cruz ticket or cruz and rubio ticket? what would be the logics behind that after this. if you love shrimp like i love shrimp, come to red lobster's endless shrimp... ...for as much as you want, any way you want it... sweet, spicy, and crispy.
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>> someone have a pen? >> all right. marco rubio doing the honors in the granite state, registering to be included on the ballot in new hampshire, the big primary there. he has the wind at his back and gaining a great deal of momentum. as is ted cruz, the senator from texas, the maverick senator they call him. but there's an idea afloat that calls for combine these two, putting on the same ticket together. to the national review's jonah goldberg who sees a pairing here. explain. what would the upside be in that event, especially in the case of putting a cruz as a running mate to a senator rubio, texas usually is a republican state anyway. you have one latino on the ticket. who needs two? >> well, look, first of all, the days of picking a vice-president to carry a state have been gone for very long time. >> you're right about that. you're right.
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>> i don't think president bush was worried about carrying wyoming or barack obama delaware you. pick a vice-president to fix the problem with your brand oar reinforce your bran, and lord know is have the problem with bill clinton but his pick of al gore was a brilliant choice because it seven the signal to then perceived to be very moderate southerners, new generation, young, handsome guys, doubled down on the parts of clinton he wants to emto f size and -- emphasize and whether it's cruz rubio or rubio cruz, you can see how two young, charismatic, smart, next generation candidates and makes it. possible to not talk about the fact they're both hispanics because they're both hispanics. >> but one alone on a ticket would be historic.
1:16 pm
so, why do you need two? i take nothing against either man. why need to double it up? >> well, one in part to reinforce the branding thing. because there's other political aspects to it. ted cruz has been brilliant in making himself the leader of the base opposition forces, talking about running the washington cartel, attacks republicans. he is on the talk radio right. he is the guy. and rubio has been biding his time to win the lane that jeb bush has been blocking a the best alternative establishment guy. so you have why reagan had to pick george h.w. bush, was to unify the party to bring the moderates onboard. it's why mccain picked sarah palin to bring the base on board. these two guys represent the leadership of both factions. >> you're the minutiae man here.
1:17 pm
last time we had two senator's on a ticket would be kennedy and johnson. but there it was, based on geography. johnson could shore up texas could you could argue would be dicey, the great austin connection. >> that was smart. >> if agree. and my preference is not have senators run for president ever. i gently don't like it. but in 2008 we had no choice because we had two senators running against each other. and so these days, that's -- there are lot of things i were so but that's one reason why cruz and robow are running because they know the longer you are in the senate you seem like a senator and that's why obama ran right away. you start saying things like i passed the omnibus cloture referendum and people's eyes glaze over. >> you're right.
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thank you. >> great to be here. >> well, we're looking into more what brought this russian plane down over the weekend. a lot of evidence pointing to some catastrophic event, maybe a bomb on the plane and that immediately raised comparisons to lockerbie scotland in 1988. and we thought that since then we took measures to m that stuff just didn't happen. what if it did? what else is going to happen? after this. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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my job is to act on the basis of the intelligence, making the judgment that if it is the case -- we want captain be sure but more likely than not a terrorist bomb on the plane, he job is to take the right
1:22 pm
action. >> part of the right action might be being careful who gets on a plane what they store on that plane. right now we're getting indications britain is going to resume flights out of the sinai on friday. that would be tomorrow. but passengers can only take carryon bags. greg palkot with the latest on that. >> reporter: the claims and counterclaim ares mounting. at the center, did terror bring down the russian plane over the weekend? u.k. officials stepping up and doubling down on charges. you heard from prime minister cameron, other officials saying there was a significant possibility that the cash was caused bay bomb and a local isis affiliate was responsible. the white house were listening to them this afternoon, a little more circumspect. josh earnest saying there's no determination what cause evidence it but they couldn't rule out terror. at sharm the airport where the e
1:23 pm
left we saw the fallout at the british flights were suspended and rescue flights will start tomorrow to start to prisoning out 20,000 brits stuck there, and you're right, hand baggage only in london, al sisi was here for a preplanned visit. sisi saying the investigations is not concluded and in russia, the first of the 224 victims of the crash was buried, roche, the clem lynn, slamming the u.s. and u.k., calling the terror claims shocking and ream mature. so -- premature so it's still up in the air, terror or not. if it is terror, big implications for describe the united states. they're both in their own fighting isis. all they need is a new throat from the terror group, new threat for the airports and the traveling pock around the world. >> thank you very much itch want to get to my buddy, the former
1:24 pm
nypd detective, pat, if it is true, that a bomb somehow got secreted on to the plane in the luggage compartment and -- too early to tell -- very similar to what happened in lockerbie, and we obviously took steps after lockerbie to make sure that didn't happen again. are we looking at a new type of device that would not be detected by conventional means? >> it's difficult to say, neil, with any precision what the type of device would be. let's assume a bomb got on the plane for the purposes of this discussion and due diligence. it's astonishingly easy to the extent that there's such a range of individuals who have access to the plane, where they could bring something in like a bomb and secret it. so if that's the case, the big problem here, the broad concern -- we have spoken about this -- due diligence, due diligence, due diligence.
1:25 pm
who is checking out these people? are the criminal histories being vetted thoroughly? i'm in that business so i know the same legal of dill gainsays accorded to these personnel with access to airlines 0, aircraft, have the same level of background screening as, say, a visiting news or mid level party city employee. this is an stunning example of where conceivably there's such a chink in the armor of the mechanism to provide and vet personnel who are the gatekeepers, for these aircraft that could be devastating as it happened here with 224 dead. this is scary stuff. >> you know, we obviously -- we match luggage with those on the plane. now, the brits are interested in resuming flights out of the volatile region but with the caveat, areaon luggage only and those who are supposed to be on
1:26 pm
the plane. now, obviously we know from past experience with the underwear bomber that might little difference. they're concerned about another lug gallon come -- luggage come part. issue but have the they replaced one problem with another. >> possibly. i there's only two ways it could have happened, and two reasons for it to happen. so, two ways is either a passenger beat the system coverage the bomb on, or an employee, mechanic, caterer, a stewardess, heaven a captain, anybody, it could be the electrician, was put that bomb on that plane and the reasons are only two. ideology, or cash. or both. so there you have it. there's no -- not a lot of moving parts on this one. >> know what cameron's office is saying hat and our tsa has been hitting at, and we hear if that were the case, it is not the kind of thing that could happen
1:27 pm
here, that we do have safeguards in place and systems in place that would avoid that. the keep talking about russian security that could be los angeles. mechanical records could be lax. that region can be lax. doesn't happen here. what too you think? >> i don't buy it. i don't buy it. it all comes down to screening. it champs down to vetting, comes down to knowing who the people are that have the keys, the keys to the aircraft that could sneak something on. sneak a gun on, knife on, bomb. this is the problem. the vetting of these individuals are done often times by outfits that have subpar mechanisms in place. for instance -- we have spoken bit and one of the ten commandments, it's the first commandment, that shall not believe that criminal history checks are the end and all be all. they're inherently flawed. states that don't report criminal convictions.
1:28 pm
only goes back stenyears, whole mess or problems and we're putting people in absolutely critical spots with minimal understanding of who they are, and whether or not they have a criminal history, or have an ideology that would lend themselves to executing such a conceivable and possible and realistic threat to the homeland. it's terrifying. it really is. talk about missing the forest for the trees, neil. this is the perfect example. >> i hear you. pat brosnan. woke folk -- we're folk can you god on candidates getting raw and merge with their own store -- and personal with their own stories. they're gut wrenching and also very viral. >> he had everything. he is a drug addict. and he couldn't get help and he is dead.
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>> they found him dead in a motel room with an empty bottle of percocet and empty quart of volunteered. a 52 years old. >> have some personal experience in this, just as a dad, and it is the most heartbreaking thing in the world to have to go through. >> i'm the only person on this stage who can say this but i know there are millions of americans out there who will say the same thing. my husband, frank, and i buried a child to drug addiction. >> very human, very heart wrenching, very raw, but is it very political? to mark, former bush/quayle adviser. you have to be careful with this stuff. obviously all of these are gut-wrenching admissions but come at a time when a lot of people cynically believe, oh, it's all staged. >> there's a lot of risk with it, neil, because these are unguarded moments. we went through decades where most of what we saw from candidates was prepackaged.
1:34 pm
now with social immediatey and video transcribing, that one clip from governor christie got 5.5 million views online, and on top of that the long formats settings of town hall meetings create a lot more opportunity for unguarded moments, and so what we see is something raw, something real. i think what we're seeing is factual and genuine and that's very, very important when telling stories like this, and sort of bearing your soul because it connect with people. people can relate. but there is some risk to it. it can fall flat. it can be -- for instance, jeb bush this week with his fix-it tour. telling jokes that fell flat, and tone deaf. >> i do think that christie stood out to me as being a little bit more genuine in the respect he stepped back and as a party made a statement we are very right to life, we want to protect that child in the womb for nine mondays but afterwards we tend to forget whether the
1:35 pm
child is a drug addict or a business executive and hot shot lawyer, depending on percocet. then we don't say much about it. i thought that was very themeatic, very, very powerful and it was in response to a question and not so much a predelivered event. but i think that's why that one went particularly viral, because people stepped back and said, you know, he has a point. it's a powerful point. but can you overdo that sort of thing the. >> definitely risk of that. you can overdo it. especially if it becomes part of your stump speech as opposed to something that is natural and an unguarded moment, or in a more intimate setting in new hampshire. keep in mind, new hampshire especially but many of the states rely on retail politics for voters to get to know the candidates. and that's gone on for a long time. but now, we're seeing a lot of soul-bearing and it can be othe top and come across a --
1:36 pm
>> you look at the interview with president bush -- >> are -- jeb bush talking bit has daughter. >> but someone who is -- doesn't strike me as a very emotional or tearful guy -- >> not -- >> charlie gasperino, who is not ever going to run for president, but he did raise a very good point today that enough already. we don't want to hear you guys whining or sharing your deepest, darkest moments. that's all well and good. way want to know what you'r impe economy, to get us out of this sort of subpar recovery, and save the tears for the important moments. what do you think? >> with most candidates charlie is right. most candidates should not take the risk because it's not general win. they should talk about what matters to voters, not their own personal experience. it's funny, george bush 41 used
1:37 pm
to indicate psychobasketball and didn't want to get -- psychobabble and didn't want to -- >> that was part of the generation that -- >> definitely, world war ii generation didn't talk emotionally. charlie is right for most candidate but chris christie got away with and it he midwest it. i it was real but for most, it will come off as canned, prepackaged, and they should not take that risk. so, this is really just on select cases where the timing is right, the story is right so that people can sort of get a look inside of the candidate, what foreigns their views and informs their personality, but i afree with -- agree with charlie it's a big risk. >> what made christie's rivetting it was making a bigger metaphor and a bigger statement about where the party you are and where as human beings you are and it was no vested interest or particular family issue to raise. i could be wrong. >> kind of like carly fiorina and the planned parenthood
1:38 pm
issue, in the one debate where she said, when are we as a nation, as a people, standing for? >> you have to make that connection for people to tug on their heart strings without a greater message. sometimes misses the entire point. >> have to be a good store-teller. >> and not like charlie gasperino. the. in the meantime, i've seen this ad and i have a problem with it. it's kids cursing out, literally, donald trump. here's why i have a problem with it. it's kids. they're cursing, and it was used for political ads. why i think donald trump capitalizes on this and should because this is offensive. >> hola, donald trump, screaming ex-get of my country using offensive words. >> here's a few of our own. >> racist -- , [bleep]. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree.
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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you may be high in the polls. >> thanks to your racist.
1:42 pm
>> if [bleep]. >> really? really? fight fire with fire? this the dumbest thing i've seen. i've seen a lot of dumb things and here's how dumb it. our democratic analyst jessica agrees, using kids to point the finger at donald trump to score a point he is a bigot and a fool, only reinforces the point. >> yeah. i definitely would not have advised this group to go on this route. i think that they have a sound point insofar as talking about how donald trump's plans would split up families the fact he is not going to be deporting 11 million people and they could have mentioned -- >> they questioned him with their foul mouth. >> donald trump is more -- vulgar but in a -- but he uses less curse words. >> so you respond to, know you
1:43 pm
don't like this but someone being vulgar so you respond being vulgar. >> you soon. and the implication with the kid, that are young enough to wonder if someone taught them these words. >> whoa is bin he ad? >> a political action committee. >> they presumably want democrats to vote for democrats and not even consider voting for donald trump. >> well, did. >> wouldn't it -- here what i think. it's going to boomer rang -- boomer rang on them. >> it's part of the boycott's appearance on najibullah zazi. >> don't watch the show. turn it off. no one is pointing a gun at your head. >> i've said that before, don't think that a traditional boycott will work but the video was shocking shocking and moved few are from the issues and some was slightly
1:44 pm
amusing. but it was more disturbing. >> when you used the kids because now liberals are tradition -- not you -- criticized republicans for conservatives for getting vulgar and attacks being crude and kidottic -- >> all that good stuff. >> not you. not saying you. but now along comes an ad like this that reason forces the point, wait a minute,'m black, kettle? >> absolutely. we need to do everything we possibly can to not give fodder to the right. this unfortunately does this. we're on the right side of the immigration debate and the ones comprehensive immigration reform is the way to move. donald trump's plan is up -- unrealistic -- >> but taking the leap he is bigoted dirk. >> the way her initially said was bigoted. craved hi is only talking about illegals -- >> and wasn'ting calling all mexicans rape irss and murderers
1:45 pm
disk. >> we are not having a -- we're just having a thoughtful conversation and i just want to ad -- thoughtfullish. >> physical. >> donald trump is poll sergeant 1% with the lad teen -- powelling at 11% with the lat teen nors -- >> but in nevada he is number one. >> democrats need to mobilize the latino community. hillary won the latino vote in 2008 -- >> so he has a good bet at these future voter -- >> not the ones. the voting aim ones, but agreed, that ad, not smart. but it gives the republicans a talking point and detracted from her message about keeping families together and keeping hard working immigrants in the countri' putting them on a path to citizenship inks. >> distinguishing. >> absolutely. >> thank you meche. you are seeing things flying outside because jessica and i
1:46 pm
agree. we have north carolina looking to pass a lot of banning the sanctuary cities which are stuff of great division. north carolina republican governor, pat mcrory, doesn't care the kind of ire this creates help wants to stop something he thinks is bad. governor, lawyers and very shrewd judges slap this down all the time. that amazes me. i'm not a lawyer ump but it's illegal weapon shouldn't have sanctuary cities. here illegally shouldn't be here yet we provide legal protects for them by essentially looking the other way. you want north carolinians to stop doing that. what kind of progress are you making? >> the fact of the matter is the concept of sanctuary city goes against the rule of law. this governor, this governor, the ninth largest state in the united states of america, every mayor in major cities, and every
1:47 pm
law enforcement are sworn to uphold not only the constitution, laws of north carolina, but the constitution and laws of the united states. and we can't select which ones we're going to enforce, and what is happening is certain select cities, including north carolina, are passing policy which are tying the haps of law enforcement officers to find out the immigration status, including illegal immigration stat tuesday, of some of the people in north carolina which may cause future crime and not prevent crime, which is my goal in north carolina, and we ought to be working with the federal officials together, just like we do on federal crimes, including bank robberies. so, i'm doing what i'm sworn to do is a governor and that to uphold not only the constitution of north carolina but the constitution and laws of the united states of america. >> well, i'm curious, first, why so many in your party who feel your rage and anger don't want to touch this because the next thing you know we'll get the
1:48 pm
latino kid ads, it's a zero sum game, you lose latinos -- >> -- lock themselves up, chain themselves up across from the executive mansion. >> assure people in your party that this doesn't mean you get a latino backlash or that your bigoted or you get kids putting out ads where they're throwing the finger at you or worse. >> that's are ridiculous ads and i believe we need some new immigration laws, and open up immigration of our great melting pot of legal immigration but we have to be honest about illegal immigration. we have cartels, human trafficking, we have drug trafficking, and my job is to protect the people of north carolina, and sadly some of the illegal immigration cartels are
1:49 pm
actively involved in that and i won't tie the hasn't offed my deputy sheriffs, highway patrol or city police officers in north carolina, and i'm not going to let city does that because crime does not recognize political boundaries so we all have to work together at the federal, state, and local level, and i'm going to do just that. >> governor mccrory, thank you very much. we'll keep a focus how that's going. he has an uphill fight. >> something going on in durham, north carolina. this john kashich talking. that's the national debt clock. how many candidate use the national debt clock when they talk? he does. i don't know who tomco burn -- the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson.
1:50 pm
they bought the place four months ago on what was arguably the scariest day of their lives. neither has any idea what the future holds for them. but they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. that was bold. they must really believe in themselves. buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power. . . . . . . . . . .
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all right. john kasich is running for president, he's in new hampshire right now. he's talking about the debt, he's talking about excessive spending. that's not what we call hot or sexy topic, right? but he's talking about it anyway, as is this gentleman, the former senator tom coburn, from the state of oklahoma. who welcomes it. you're not taking sides, but you think more should be talking about it. >> sure, the american people if they really knew the financial condition that we're in, would say why aren't you talking about the biggest problems that we have. >> why don't we? >> because basically most people are afraid to defend one, their position on it. number two, they're afraid of the cheap shots that will be taken at them. and number three, is they don't have the trust of the american people to begin with. >> you had that trust. in the senate. many other does not and did not. i think we were touching on it
1:54 pm
during the break, senator. they avoid it like the plague. they agree that we've got to do something about entitlements, but they know it's not as if candidate 2 offered a plan like jeb bush and chris christie, they get out on the third rail and get electrocuted. >> i'm not sure they're not performing because of that. >> don't you find it odd that the ones who have offered specific plans have not specifically launched themselves. >> but they were there before they announced their plans. i think the thing is, what we lack in our country today is leadership. inspiring aspiring leadership that calls us to higher purpose. this country was built on sacrifice. it wasn't built on benefits. it was built on sacrifice. and the very fact need leadership that calls us to number one to be honest about what the real problems are. not the symptoms, but the real disease. that we have in front of us. and offer honest solutions that
1:55 pm
will require every american to sacrifice. because financially, i mean with 142 trillion, that's t with a trillion, dollar unfunded liabilities, that's $1 million per family in this country, we can't make it. >> do you think that republicans should be prepared to make that sacrifice? that when it comes to you know, gutting your favorite programs, or slowing the growth of those programs, they, too, slow theirs, cut theirs? >> absolutely. >> defense included. >> defense has $100 billion worth of waste in it. a lot of people don't want to admit that i put out a report on it. >> i see this $43 million afghan gap. >> sure. the thing is i'm all for us defending our country. but there's not a branch of the military that can pass an audit. >> what did you think of the two-year budget deal they just passed. >> i think we'll never get to pay for it. it's the same game. >> years down the road. >> years down the road, they'll
1:56 pm
never fix social security disability. it's totally broken and 40% of people on the system by our own studies, aren't truly disabled. it's being gamed by the lawyers. >> do any of those candidates senator impress you? >> sure. >> who? >> marco rubio impresses me. ben carson impresses me. >> what do you think of all the heat he got for not showing up for votes? >> hey, barack obama didn't show up for votes. john mccain didn't show up for votes. it's, it, look, if you're running for president, it's hard to be a senator and do both. but you can do it it's been done. >> governors can get away with it. >> john kennedy got away with it. >> you're right. >> the point is that is a side effect of it. >> how are you feeling, senator? >> i'm doing great. >> third go-round with cancer. you're a tough bird. >> i am tough. >> and your enemies are hating it. >> well -- i don't think so. >> you're indestructible.
1:57 pm
>> you look terrific, that's god's way of saying i'm not going anywhere, folks. these are the type of issues we're going to be bringing up in the big debate. candidates, money and how they pay or don't pay. (cole) alright, now that we have merged with cableworld, we are so excited to hear your big ideas on how we're going to take on directv. so over to you. (newhart) thank you. full disclosure. we forgot to come up with ideas. (cw exec) yeah, we got messed up last night. you're lucky we're even here. (newhart) but, we did bring breakfast. (jmh) bagels? (newhart) nope. (woman) oh my goodness. (newhart) peel and eat shrimp. (cole) not how i would have gone but it's good, it's innovative. and that's what we want here. (vo) get rid of cable and switch to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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i'm back, america, it's greg gutfeld, eric bolling, dana perino, juan williams and kimberly guilfoyle. it's "the five." quentin tarantino is a loudmouth putz, now that we got that out of the way, the flat-faced fool went on msnbc to extend his anti-cop blather, linking it to white supremacy. >> they got in touch with me because i had made statements in some interviews, you know, along the way that suggested that i'm on their side. when it comes to this issue of you know, ultimately what i feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country. >> ah,


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