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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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while the candidate maintains he did. it's relevant because dr. carson says that was the beginning of a real turn around for him and beginning of redemption. go to the kelly file with your thoughts. have a great night. tonight, is terrorism to blame for the mysterious russian plane crash? >> it looks increasingly likely that a that was the case. >> our experts are here to weigh in. >> she looked demented. her mouth did not downturn one time. >> 016 presidential candidate carly fiorina is set to square off with the co-host of "the view." >> my message, man up. >> she will be here tonight with a preview of that showdown. >> hi, donald trump. >> and donald trump is getting ready to host snl this weekend. >> and i'm going to do the best job anyone has ever done, not saying it. >> not everybody is happy about it. and protests are mounting. >> we want justice.
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stop shooting unarmed people. >> plus, quentin tarantino refuses to apologize for his anti-cop comments. and is calling out his critics by name. >> milwaukee county sheriff david clarke says i'm putting police in danger. >> sheriff david clarke is here tonight to respond. hannity starts right here, right now. >> and welcome to hannity. did an act of terrorism bring15 down this russian plane over the weekend resulting in the deaths of over 200 people. u.s. and british authorities are saying they are not ready to rule out terrorism as the cause of this crash. standing by in london with much more is our own greg palkot. >> hi, sean. yeah, the claims and counterclaims are mounting. at the center of it all did terror bring down that russian plane this past weekend? u.k. officials here today seem to be doubling down and stepping up their charges saying, and i quote: there is a significant possibility that the crash of the plane saturday in sinai was caused
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by a bomb. and it came from the local isis affiliate. the white house this afternoon a little bit more circumspect. president obama is quoted as saying "i think there is a possibility there was a bomb on board." said also the white house, washington is taking it seriously. at sharm el-sheikh airport in egypt where the doomed plane left, fallout today those concerns about terrorism. all british flights in and out of that airport have been suspended a british military and security team has been flown in. the first rescue flight to get some of the 20,000 brits in that region out of that area scheduled to start tomorrow. handbag damage only by the way on those flights. back in london, egyptian president abdul el-sisi was here on a preplanned visit. here today he said that the investigation was not concluded and he promises transparency when it is. and, in russia. the first of those 224
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victims of the crash was buried. the kremlin today slamming the u.s. and the u.k. for and called the terror claims shocking and premature. if it is terror, it could be big implications, sean, for both russia and the united states both of those countries in their own way are waking their own both would be challenged by that group. >> isis affiliated group in sinai province issued a statement right after the crash pretty much taking credit for that, correct? >> there have been various claims of responsibility fromu02lr isis. sometimes they are and looking a bit closer at the terror spobility possibility, sean. >> it seemed like the president wasi3kúh hedging his bet certainly ah possibility. anybody could really say that but the prime minister of great britain david cameron said we have become concerned that the plane may by explosive device.
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it seems that they are out there a lot further than the u.s. government. this is the sixth anniversary of major hasan killing people and the official government position to this day it s. it wasn't terrorism but work place violence so one has sob somewhat suspicious. >> well, it certainly seems that the british are ahead on this. they claim that they have heard some kind of interseptember either phone or internet or maybe even human intelligence. they say they have shared it with the united states. the united states, as you noted, washington, as you noted. just coming out a little bit. but even to say what presi said today, there has got to be some basis on it hopefully we will get it all unraveled in the next couple of days. >> apparently there was some chatter of some kind that governments are paying very close attention to. greg palkot, thank you, sir. here with analysis former commercial pilot kathleen banks retired u.s. air force pilot. dan hampton and former fbi
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agent danny gomez. kathleen, i have spent a lot of time talking to a lot of pilots over the years. planes, would he have generally mastered the art and science of flying. i think it's pretty safe to say that it would be quite unusual for a plane to disintegrate or a fuselage to disintegrate in the sky. that doesn't happen. shouldn't the first thought be, especially when someone claimed credit that it may very well be terrorism? there seems to be a reluctant to go there right out of the gate. >> well, sean, i share that reluctant. i think if this accident ha happened, say, coming out of dallas, texas, the last thing we would be thinking about is a bomb. the first thing is mechanical issue. because of ther location. because it was the sinai peninsula we might be jumping the gun. i say best chance 50/50. it's either on board bomb or mechanical failure. one thing we;fe do know, we do know that there was an explosion. remember, an airplane is a pressure vessel and so up at altitude which is where this occurred right when it hit
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its peak altitude hitting its max pressurization if that tail ripped off, which is that is the second thing we know we know the tail separated from the airplane first could have easily had explosive decompression. that doesn't mean an explosion caused by a bomb. that just means explosive scenario brought on by pressurization. i think there is a very good chance this has happened. >> listen, none much us know, and i think that's fair to point out. i don't understand this compulsion to race out there and almost immediately say oh it's not terrorism. there is a fear, i think, to tell people the truth. but a plane disintegrating like that, back to my point, we have mastered the art and science of flying airplanes. they don't dissent great. the devil of redundancy and safety checks are incredible on these. >> but, sean, we have not always mastered the art of maintaining those aircraft. remember, this is an aircraft that may not have been maintained that well. we know for sure in its history, here is another smoking gun, this airplane had a tail strike put it out
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of commission for two months. history shows other precedence of airliners, even well maintained like japan airlines where they have fallen out of the sky from a tail damage situation. happening years before the actual accident. >> what's your reaction? sean, i agree with kathleen up to a point. she has an excellent perspective there in that this is a russian maintained airplane. and a rapid decompression at that altitude could cause very easily a catastrophic structural failure. the terrorism angle, you know, initially a lot of people were talking about missiles, which doesn't add up because of the altitude and some other things in the sinai. if there is not that could happen internally explosive device is a definite possibility given the way that this airplane they say this airplane broke apart. that's a small section, the tail and a then the larger forward section because the
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bolt cargo hold in this model air bus cargo hold number a is all the way in the back where this airplane supposedly came apart. >> that's a good point. if something was inserted into cargo it wouldn't have gone through the airport scanners who knows what was in there. that's a very definite possibility. >> that's a good point you are making. let's go to the fbi and fbi and forensic side of this and as a former fbi agent, i would assume by now, because they have all a the wreckage that if there was bomb residue they probably know right now whether or not something happened. >> well, the fact that british intelligence, as well as american intelligence is saying that there was probably an explosive device on that plane, very indicative that there is empirical call evidence thatru probably there was. that being said, whether there was a bomb or not, the fact that we are having this conversation, whether isis blew up that plane or not. >> but an anonymous u.s. intelligence official told the a.p. that intercepted
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played a role in the conclusion that the islamic state planted an explosive device. that, to me, tells me something is up here. now, politics plays in everything, right manny? >> agreed. >> in other words, i don't think vladimir putin recently said he is going after isis would want to admit that isis attacked successfully a commercial russian airliner nor do i think he wants to hurt the economy because that's a big vacation resort. i would expect' that vladimir putin would want to hide it. wouldn't you know by now? wouldn't there be bomb residue? >> absolutely there would be. and, again, the fact that both the brits and us are saying -- >> -- on the intelligence side? >> on the intelligence side that there probably was a bomb to me, tells there was something. >> your heart goes that there probably was. we don't know for sure? >> yes. >> i'm with you. all right. we will have more as it develops. thank you all for being with us. coming up next on this busy news night tonight right here on hannity. >> you have to know the difference between when somebody is coming for you and when somebody is payingjd
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you a compliment and when somebody is saying here is my observation. you will be here again. all right. welcome back to "the view" carly fiorina. >> carly fiorina square off with the ladies of "the view" tomorrow the 2016 presidential candidate joins us up next with a preview of what she is expecting plus, donald trump is getting ready to host "saturday night live." but not everyone is looking forward to it. wait until you hear what one group is threatening to do to effect that show. and then later tonight. >> milwaukee county sheriff, david clarke, is on fox all the time, says that i'm putting police in danger by standing up for the rights of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police. >> unhinged, quentin tarantino doubles down on anti-cop remarks and calls out sheriff david clarke. sheriff clarke will be here to respond in a hannity exclusive. that and more coming up straight ahead.
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the stage is set for next tuesday's republican prime time debate on fox business network. the eight candidates making the cut, donald trump, dr. ben carson, senator marco rubio, senator ted cruz, carly fiorina governor john kasich and senator rand paul. governor christie didn't make the cut but he will
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take part in the earlier debate along with mike huckabee senator santorum and bobby jindal. u.s. officials say president obama has ruled out the chance of a middle east peace deal before he leaves office. the assessment comes ahead of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's white house visit on monday and follows the latest wave of israeli/palestinian violence. i'm will carr, now let's get welcome back to hannity to 2016. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is getting ready for a showdown tomorrow on "the view" after the show's co-hosts made these extremely distasteful comments about her appearance and then refused to apologize. take a look. >> she kicked off her thing saying, you know, people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. i mean, she did not. her mouth did not downturn one time. she was like. >> wing mask i love that.
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>> smiling fiorina. can you imagine? >> i do want to point out, carlie, that the last time you were here, and you will see b roll running we welcomed you to our table. we helped raise your. >> profile. >> your profile so you would be included in the sea of men. we were respectful and gave you your due. so, just so we are all clear, you have to know the difference between when somebody is coming for you and when somebody is paying you a compliment and when somebody is saying here is my observation. >> joining us now 2016 republican presidential candidate carlimq÷ fiorina. all right, i'm not disputing whoopi, i have known her for years. they did welcome youment they probably helped raise your profile that doesn't excuse what they said, does it? >> well, no. and, look, i'm looking forward to going back. i have been around a lonm.vñ time. i know the difference between an observation and an insult. i think what this points out is that the left always demon nices demonizes the
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messenger when they don't like the message. they don't like my mess my message on planned parenthood and what's going on. they don't like my message that progressive policies harm women instead of help women. in general what the left does, instead of debating on the merits of the issue, they want to demonize the messenger. i hope tomorrow on the "the view" we can have a really civil conversation about the issues and why we differ. >> as i think about it, in this pc world we live in you can't say anything about anybody. i can't imagine a conservative making a similar comment, say, about hillary clinton or some democratic woman. >> exactly. >> and not just -- >> -- it wouldn't happen. >> poor rick handed hillary a piece of paper and that was the end of the world. what bothers me the only acceptable prejudiced attack line seemed to be against black conservatives or female conservatives and people get away with that. what's your response to
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that? >> well, i think that's right. i think conservative women or african-american conservatives are held to a different standard because we are not supposed to exist. of course i am hillary clinton's worst nightmare. a conservative woman who will take her on on her track record and her policies and her lies and so, you know, they are going to hurl a lot of insults my way. that's okay. but i hope tomorrow, actually we can have a civil conversation because i think that's what's wrong in this nation. we are not willing to talk about our differences. we have real differences in this nation. let's talk about them. let's not demonize the messenger. you are right, sean, the right doesn't do that but the left does. >> i'm putting my money on you. i have watched you in these debates. if they take you on i have every belief you will do just fine. thank you for being with us. >> well, thank you. you lay your money down, sean. it's must-see tv. >> i have got to get to vegas quick.
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thank you. here now with reaction, republican strategist mercedes slapp and ari fleischer. i know, mercedes she is taking it with great humor but it's still wrong. it still wouldn't happen to hillary. that really bothers me. >> you know what really bothers me, you know, i'm the mother of five girls and goodness i teach my kids don't bully and don't let yourself be bullied. the group of "the view" right now, they are like the mean girls club. you know. this is supposed to be like a pro-women, let's elevate our women show and even whoopi said we were respectful for carlie but thñ again they criticized her physical appearance which, come on. what are we in 2015? i mean, it's completely hypocritical on their part. i know one thing about carlie she is fearless and she will take them on. >> ari? >> the problem is and you alluded to it. set off a feeding frenzy in the press if a conservative does it to a liberal. if a liberal does it to a conservative it's duly noted.
7:19 pm
rewe covered it they touch and go. for us they stay on it for days if not weeks until they get a pound of flesh. >> we will see what happens. i think tomorrow will hold her own. we have the latest fox news poll and very similar to the other polls, trump 26. carson 23. cruz and rubio first tier. >> there is remarkable change in the republican primary electorate. they are deeply desirous of somebody who is going to shake things up and changes thing up. when jeb says i'm going to fix it bad slogan. they want to change it that's why trump, carson does so well. >> do they go all the way one of these insurgent outsiders do they go all the way or people at the last minute say i'm afraid of that? >> the his industry of the party is you have a large insurgency when they meet up with the establishment. when man om. i think history will still
7:20 pm
prevail rubio has the strongest chance to take on trump or carson in the end but this year is different. >> mercedes your thoughts. >> i have to say it may notgn be determined by new hampshire, south carolina or even florida. what's going to happen is you have got to have five or six of those candidates or even more drop out to see how it shakes up. when you look at the numbers, 26% for trump, 24, 25% for carson. that's really not a lot. you are still talking about that close to 70% of the republican voters out there have not decided. yeah, they are leaning toward a candidate but they are not committed. >> all right, guys. good to so you both. thank you. coming up, donald trump getting ready to host snl this weekend not everybody is happy about it one group is offering to pay people money to disrupt the live show. we will tell you about that coming up next. plus, later tonight: >> milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, who is on fox all the time, says that i'm
7:21 pm
putting police in danger by standing up for the right of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police. >> quentin tarantino refuses to apologize for his anti-cop comment and take as swipe at our friendebñcñ sheriff david clarke. the sheriff is here tonight in a hannity exclusive to respond. also check in with greg gutfeld and 2016 republican presidential candidate rand paul all coming up straight ahead. and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz.
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(patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. welcome back to hannity 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump is getting ready to host snl live this weekend and ahead of his appearance nbc has released promos and here is one of them. >> hi, i'm donald trump, and i will be hosting "saturday night live" this week with musical guest cia. >> and to make things extra fun donald has promised for the whole show he is not going to brag or say he is the best at anything, right, donald? >> that's right i'm going to
7:24 pm
do the best job anyone has ever done not say telling. >> you just said it? >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best, what can i say? >> number two. >> trump is ready to go not everybody is happy that he was offered the opportunity to host the show. one liberal deport racism think are offering a thousand dollars to anyone who will disrupt trump during the live broadcast. here with reaction is the editor and chief of life laura ingraham and director of border angels aenrique is with us. i thought the promo is funny. is that what you want to do now if you don't like what somebody says we are going to offer moneyot and try tomorrow bare was them on national tv? do you support that? >> i'm not familiar with that part of it, but i am familiar with the fact that hate words lead to hate actions. and donald trump had been spewing hate. >> what is the hate? aside from throwing out words, i listened to his entire comment and i have been down to the border
7:25 pm
nearly a dozen times on horseback, on all terrain vehicle, helicopter. i have been out there in boats about a dozen times. i have seen drug warehouses. i have been there when criminals and gang members were arrested. what has he said specifically that offends you? >> well, there is many things that he has said as you know. >> what. >> for example, one of his rallies he got these two boston men fired up and went in and almost killed a homeless man. >> he got, what? >> he said words that inspired two men in boston. >> what words? >> mexicans are -- let me tell you hold on a second. mexicans are racists, they are criminals, they are sending their worst. >> that's not what he said. you are making it up. >> he did say that i am not making it up. >> you are purposefully taking it out of context. >> hold on a second there is facts. there is fox and facts. do you want to facts or fox rhetoric. >> you keep giving me attacks. >> i said the words he said. >> two guests on the program. >> laura, to me, i have
7:26 pm
listened to what donald trump said, crime also is a beg part of having an open border. you can't say that anymore apparently? >> let's remind everyone and aenrique is committed and jq(u pretty much all border enforcement. aenrique was against operation gate keeper which is the san diego, very effective fencing and wall from san diego, moves on, you know, a couple of like serve or eight miles. very effective he doesn't like that. the united states can have a border is offensive to aenrique. i understand that. >> that's true. >> he doesn't like borders. but the country needs borders. that's offensive to him. i mean, that's why you facilitate the crossings. you make sure everyone has their provisions when they cross making it more dangerous, frankly because people feel like they are going to be cared for when they come across the border. that's a fact and aenrique is angry because trump is really popular i get that the country is fed up. sean, like you because i have listen to your radio show almost every day.
7:27 pm
latinos calling into my show who are legally in the united states they are not uniformly against people for border enforcement. people have columbia, el salvador. calling in and saying this is hurt owrg neighborhood. we want this to stop. they are supporting ted cruz, carson and trump. aenrique i guess a passion but there is not a border enforcement initiative that you favor. >> aenrique, i have a question for you. is is the mexican government racist because if you went to that country illegally, let's say you are coming from el salvador or nicaragua and you enter mexico do you know what happens to those people who are caught in mexico? they are put in jail or immediately deported is mexico as a government racist, sir? >> no. the racism comes from individuals and the fact is there are criminals but they are not necessarily undocumented people. those are people who are criminals who happen to be undocumented has nothing to do with immigration status. >> do you have a problem with america building a
7:28 pm
fence to secure its border? >> that fence, that wall. >> i had a question do you have a problem. >> yes, it's killed 11,000 people. >> i restml my case. >> laura is here right. we want them to get in line like your forefathers and foremothers did right now there is no line for them. >> aenrique, you basically think this is stolen land, and i get it that's the big narrative from the la raza crowd we are living on stolen land. it all needs to become one country and any type of border is an offense to the mexican people. young people giving the finger to the camera great way to raise your kids. most americans latinos, black, white they want laws that work for the average american not laws that make everybodiens life better in other countries. >> using exploits them. using curse words et cetera
7:29 pm
about donald trump. i want to ask you if you support. this let's roll the tape. >> donald trump screaming get out of my country because offensive words. >> so here is a few of our own [bleep] you racist [bleep]. >> we're latino kids born in the u.s.a. >> yo are, trump, you may be highs in the polls. >> thanks to racist suckers but you are going to have to come for me.c >> if you mother [bleep] >> you see the constitution make me a citizen. >> you hate that because i'm brown. >> and you say you are -- >> -- but you want to tear the bill of rights down. >> i'm an american. >> born in the u.s.a. >> this is my home. >> you can't take my rights oec @&c@ constitution and what it stands for get the [bleep] >> out of my country. >> a simple question is that exploitation of children? >> it's horrific. i don't support that at all.
7:30 pm
it shouldn't be done on either side and that's what trump is doing he is stirring up that hate. >> you keep taking it out of context. i'm not going to let you get away with that. >> it's not out of contest.t>ñ >> why are so many latinos for trump. >> dead because of hate crime. hate words lead to hate actions. >> there is no mono list. all white people and hispanics don't think alike that's what aenrique wants people to think there are a lot of outsiders supporting. >> coming up next on hannity. >> they want to demonize me and slander me and imply that i'm saying things that i didn't say. and then but and for what reason? >> well, the reason is because they want me so shut up. >> no, quentin tarantino off the rails, not apologizing for anti-cop rhetoric. instead he is lashing out at his critics including our friend milwaukee county sheriff david clarke he joins us next to respond as well as greg gutfeld. plus people of iran proudly
7:31 pm
burning the american flag and chanting once again death to america. so how does g.o.p. 2016 hopeful rand paul plan to deal if he is elected? he will join us coming up. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots,
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and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. welcome back to hannity left wing hollywoodwya.ñ directr quentin tarantino has been in a firestorm of controversy for recently making antipolice at a rally in new york city. now b5ñ doubling down on idiotic comments. watch this. >> i was under the impression i was an american and that i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an antipolice brutality protest. and speaking my mind. they want to demonize me. they want to slander me. imply that i'm saying things
7:37 pm
that i didn't say and then -- and for what reason? >> well, the reason is because they want me to shut up. >> no, keep speaking because the more you speak the dumber you show yourself to be. tarantino also went on to explain that this issue was stemming from, quote: white supremacy. really? watch this? >> the organization that put it on was -- it's called rise up october. and they got in touch with me because i had made statements in some interviews, you know, along the way that has suggested that i'm on their side when it comes to this issue of, you know, ultimately what i feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country. >> that's not all later in the interview tarantino took a shot at our friend milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. watch this. >> they are slandering me. i'm not a cop hater. patrick lynch, that's the way they attack me is calling me a cop hater. that's the way that milwaukee county sheriff
7:38 pm
david clarke, who is on fox all the time says that i'm putting police in danger by standing up for the rights of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police. but at the same time, they say that about anybody who acknowledges that there is a problem in law enforcement in this country right now is considered by law enforcement part of the problem, whether that be mean, whether that be bill de blasio, whether that be president barack obama who, in the case of both patrick lynch and david clarke have accused all three of us of this action. >> here to respond milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. sheriff, he seems aar bit unhinged to me watching that interview. that doesn't excuse what he did and what he said. he said those comments, made those comments about, murderers talking about cops at anti-cop rally. a weekend after a cop was shot and killed in new york. that was the context in which it was stated. your response? >> sure, and you notice that he had to look down and read from the script that somebody prepared for him. he didn't know who david
7:39 pm
clarke was. i have never talked about quentin tarantino on fox news but that's neither here nor there. this guy really stepped in it. you know it's not unusual for this thing to happen. here is the phenomenon. you have these hollywood elites. k a as little guilty about i had lot in life and so every once in a while what these elites do is go down and appear at these demonstrations and try to get their legitimacy that they are down with the struggle. they go down there and they get too far out ahead of their skis and they say something stupid. look, quentin tarantino's father, his dad said that his son was wrong and should apologize. my advise to quentin tarantino, honor thy father. apologize, getq yourself out of this. i will tell you what, i will make you a deal, quinton, you take the proceeds, the profits from your next movie, donate them to the concerns of police survivor or the national law enforcement memorial wall in washington, d.c., maybe nypd
7:40 pm
for survivors of people who have been killed in the line of duty, and i will help call off the dogs on this proposed boycott. but what he needs to do is realize when he is going down for his own game. he wants to feel like he is down with the struggle. he has no idea what people who he showed up with down there are living like. he has no -- he shares no black experiences. the fact is that this guy is used to red carpets and champagne toasts. that's his lifestyle. that's what he is guilty about because he doesn't want these groups to turn on him. >> you know, i think you make great comments. you know what i would like to do sheriff. how about i invite quentin tarantino, i don't think he would have the courage to show up here. come on with you and maybe you could explain to him and educate him because he seems pretty ignorant about what life is like out on the streets for cops every day. i think that might be a good experience for him. maybe he can talk to some the families of the lost line of
7:41 pm
duty out there protecting and serving before he uses a broad brush and talks about calling this the murderers murderers. he is not talking about most cops. he didn't make the distinction. nobody is trying to stop his first amendment rights but he has a first amendment right and i have one, too. i don't want to gokc see his movies anymore. i'm not interested. >> sean, as you know, this isn't even a first amendment issue. he doesn't even know what he is talking about. no government entities is telling quentin tarantino to knock it off. he should show up in the first and second week of may visit the small with the name of 25,000 law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty. sean, i reached out to msnbc for are a counter point of view to his rambling and his babbling yesterday and they declined. they said they are not big fans of mine. i guess they don't share fox
7:42 pm
news. >> i'm inviting quinton here. ill will join you in your effort. i would loan to see him from a discussion with you for the member and women out there putting their lives on the line for us. sheriff you are a friend of this program. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> here with reaction author of the brand new book "how to be right, the art of being persuasively correct. he is co-host of the five our friend greg gutfeld is here. how are you. >> he is great. >> every dime i listen to sheriff why isn't he running for office. >> plugging my books in the same sense is about being persuasively correct. he states things so clearly and nailed quentin tarantino for his hypocrisy. >> i watched tarantino in this interview he seemed like he was nuts. >> you know what happened was he caught him because he went too far. he went too far and sheriff clarke is correct.
7:43 pm
what he was trying to improve his bonafides with a southern group of activists because they were up set 'his past movie. this was a purely call calculated move on his part. >> misunderstanding of the first amendment. nobody says you can't say this, quinton. say it -- >> -- that is the last thing you do when you know you don't have an argument. what, i have a rightqe to say. this yeah. and we have a right to tell it you are a bozo. >> okay. i like that. it's funny because this really does dove tail into your book and i read it and i was impressed by it because i don't think so conservatives are often per situations in other words, they don't explain how limited government, greater -- let government spending spending greater freedom represent as better life for them in the end? how would you advise them to get their mess sojt out in a way that is persuasive.
7:44 pm
>> do it with fun and human and wit. >> not everybody is funny. >> you don't have be to funny. you have to be right now we have a socialist running for president, bernie sanders. how does ideological struckive doctor and still have weight? they selling it. >> you wasn't don't search any that way. republicans are racist. republicans are sexist. he want this to throw gabby over the pit. they want to poison the air and water and want your children to die. >> you. >> you use their own tactics. you outpassion them. they say they are for gun control say actually i'm against a gun sealing every time you limit guns you are preventing women from owning guns to protect themselves. >> turn it on them. >> turn it on them. >> a turn them the sexist and racist. kill the endlirn;
7:45 pm
kennedy view of their compound. >> and bald eagles, yes. >> i object fact on the hair list. the art of being persuasively correct. always a good day on the five we never miss. >> he always punches me. >> in the hall he always punches pee. >> i don't mind it. i do ninja. tehran burng american flags, chanting death to america all to commemorate the anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover and obama is giving them $150 billion. we will check in with 2016 republican presidential candidate senator rand paul he is up next as we continue.
7:46 pm
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because the time to think about today. go long. . welcome back to "hannity" the world regime is marking it's true colors. iranians celebrated by burning american flags in the streets. "wall street journal" is reporting that iran's
7:51 pm
revolutionary guard has been hacking white house e-mail accounts for weeks. here with reaction, kentucky senator rand paul. senator, it's frustrating that we're going to give this regime a path to a bomb, $150 billion spinning, and building up their arms and we get nothing. is there anything we can do to stop this? >> this is why i opposed the iranian agreement. the first thought that comes to mind is i'm not sure which is less secure, hillary clinton's e-mail server or the white house e-mail server but that is a disappointment. a teenager tapped into james clapper, the intelligence director's e-mail.
7:52 pm
but the iran agreement was a disaster. we have to remain vigilant. iran is iraq's biggest ally. >> i don't know what part of -- the iranian parliament this week voted they're not going to stop chanting "death to america". they burned our flag this week. what part of the iranian mullah's hating us does obama not understand? and saying to us now that there is nothing we can do? we have to accept this? we have to accept this? >> you know what, didn't you hear what the ayatollah said to the president? he said we're just criticizing you. we're not meaning death to america. i hear death to america. i hear people that do want to grind us into the ground and destroy us. so i think it's a mistake that
7:53 pm
we made this agreement. i never would have done it. we should see whether or not there is compliance, they should quit saying "death to america", won't you think?çó at the beginning? >> itty, bitty prerec . >> and radical iranian mullahs that chant death to america, burn our flag, equals a modern day holocaust. i believe this will go down in history, potentially as one of the biggest mistakes made by any leader of any country. >> you know, we continue to have the same sort of problems confronting us in the middle east with people making deals with the enemy. i think radical islam, the jihadists are our enemy but i still hear people on both sides
7:54 pm
of the aisle saying we need to be allied with al qaeda now. that is what got us into this problem to begin with. >> senator, it's scary. i appreciate your joining us. >> coming up, your question of the day is straight ahead. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain.
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so you can power imagination all day long. [duracell slamtones] welcome back to "hannity". so what do you think happened to the russian plane that went down? let us know what you think. quick programming note, be sure to tune in tomorrow niert, right here, this time, 10:00 eastern for a special edition of fox news reporting. destiny and power. the private diaries of george herbert walker bush,çóñr anchory our friend brit hume. thanks for joining us. we hope you have a great night. .
8:00 pm
the royale factor is on, tonight: >> this is yet another attack on the imgranted community. >> what harry reid is doing here is pure evil.cs >> one day after harry reid killed kate's law, all hell is breaking loose. tonight, an investigation into mr. reid. >> did you know every 228 hours a black man, woman, or child is murdered by police and/or vigilante law officials? >> mr. rose is incorrect. what he is saying is not true and part of an antipolice propaganda campaign. truth serum is on the case. >> hey hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go. >> we are standing up and saying enough is enough.


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