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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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the stage is set for the gop debate next week. governor chris christie and mike huckabee not making the stage. what do you think of the lineup? log in at ksh #keep talking. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye everybody. good morning to you. it is friday, november 6th, 2015. we've just announced the lineup for the next debate. two big names did not make the cut. who are they? and what are they saying about it this morning? as ben carson gains front-runner status, attacks from the left ramp up. questioning his credibility. and this morning, ben has got a message for america. >> i would say to the people of america, do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does or do you think i'm an honest
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person? >> he's not done. brand new reaction from the doctor in moments. down to d.c. and brian kilmeade. >> thanks, steve. a story that will stop you in your tracks this morning. a boy stolen from his mom. 13 years ago, has been found. he's the one that discovered he was kidnapped. how it happened. that story coming your way. mornings, no matter which ster we are in, is better with friends. what a week we have had. yesterday, of course, we blew up the internet with the fact that brian and i had skinny suits on and bought them out of the back of the car. >> you looked great. >> the last time i saw brian, he was getting in the car and he's in washington, d.c. >> you're not in "the skinny" suit today? >> no, i'm not. i'm somewhat form fitting. last time i had a chance to do my book party in washington, d.c., the nation's capitol and
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had a chance to take the same pictures. blow them up. i had a chance to meet everyone from the d.c. bureau and some people. everyone had a great time. i mean, could almost feel as if you're there yourself. it was a lot of people that chris wallace was there. the young peter doocy was there. >> i guess they had a bit of a long day. >> was chris wallace checking his watch? >> wasn't as fun as new york. but -- >> in the end, i think everyone had a good time. >> you had a chance to see people like senator rand paul showed up, mike lee and congressman ryan zinc i was there. went around the block. >> bret baier came in a tuxedo. >> i love the picture of peter doocy hold thag book. two people stopped me holding your book, saying how much they loved it. i have those pictures.
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i'll send them to you too. >> she made it to -- >> i would say, real quick, i'm going to be mcclain in tyson's corner. fredericksburg, virginia to barnes and noble there. everybody here, believe it or not, people pull you over to talk about me, elisabeth, everybody here was talking about the debate and the line yun because i think the under card has some star power as well as the main show. >> yep. it has been announced who exactly is going to be on the big stage. 9:00 tuesday night. as you can see right here in the number one spot, donald trump. number two ben carson. 3 rubio, cruz, bush, kasich and 8, paul. the interesting thing is that chris christie, keep in mind the criterion was you needed 2.5% in four national polls. chris christie right under that threshold. he was tweeted out yesterday,
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this is okay with him. >> he did. he said this on twitter. it doesn't matter the stage. give me a podium and i'll be there to talk about real issues like this one. he links to that drug addiction video on facebook. by the way, he has tagged it bring it on. that video has over 6 million views right now. >> having a good week. >> let me tell you, there's not a person i've talked to that hasn't related to that in some way. that's a really good chess move by him as it relates to this debate. >> i would say say too. governor huckabee also on the pre-show or the earlier debate. i think the fox business network, the channel is going to do a great job on both of them with the moderators there, especially after seeing what cnbc did. on the other one to make the cut, you'll have eight people on the main stage and they say it's an average of 9 minutes per candidate with 10 or 11. at least we'll get to see on the average of 14 minutes, maybe starting the middle on out. it's going to be for jeb bush and company, an opportunity to speak longer where he might excel more. >> also, actually, hit on the
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issues that american people want to hear about. with the economy on their minds, this qualification that the moderators will allow the candidates to talk about the economy. talk about business. >> they were supposed -- >> remember that? >> he's going to be at the early debate. this will be great nor chris christie. remember carly fiorina and it's going to be tuesday, november 10th. the early show at 7:00 and then the big debate at 9:00. remember with carly fiorina at the early first debate, she excelled and it propelled her to the later show. then she wound up in 4th and 5th position which was terrific. she was able to leapfrog. chris christie is a great debater. i say this as actually, even though he's going down a notch, being good for him. given the fact with the viral individual crow out there right now. he's got a lot of positive buzz. >> some people need a packed stage. some people can maintain playing up when they're not surrounded
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by others. chris christie, it doesn't matter where he is, he's going to take it over. >> there is no word about senator lindsey graham. there is a thresh -- george pataki, governor jim gilmore are outs of the fray. senator lindsey graham saying this is like "american idol." i don't know if a better way forward. how do you give the voters ample time -- you have 11 qualified people on the stage. it's not changing. we're at four debates now. we're not going to have as many as last time. i think the networks have a challenge here. it's going to be interesting. i think you're going to get 6 million people watching early and 20 million people watching late. if you're telling me as a candidate you'll get me 6 million people watching. >> the guy in the number two position is ben carson. in some polls he's eclipsed donald trump. the mainstream media, because he's the number one
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conservative, the number one republican, the kill ben carson at any cost. they've been working overtime to disqualify him. he's written a couple of books autobiographical in nature. talks about how he hit his mom with a hammer. he almost stabbed somebody once. >> he said it was divine intervention. >> he threw rocks in detroit back 50 years ago. things like that. cnn has had two reporters on that story trying to find people to corroborate the stories from the book. they haven't been able to find people to corroborate them. somebody threw a rock. >> they have a problem with carly fiorina, how dare you be a woman and not a liberal. and a problem with dr. ben carson. how could you be a black man and be a conservative. they're taking anything they can to undermine his story and
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remove him from this platform. >> and paint him as crazy. >> because according to them he should be on the other side. >> it's interesting, elisabeth. if you look at marco rubio, when you start searching, donald trump, my goodness what's with your book and ben carson, what's with your personal story. of all people, you know, you have a lot of people in the black community who see his ration to riches story but how could he be a republican. >> a calm cool, collected carson went out with megyn last night and said this. >> those claims are absolutely true. i am 100% sure that they're true. this is simply an attempt to smear and to deflect the argument to something else h something that we've seen many, many times before. i would say to the people of america, do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does
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or do you think i'm an honest person? i'm going to leave that up to the american people to make that decision. >> it is interesting that cnn goes after the front-runner on the republican side, yet who is doing the digging on the democratic side? where is all the coverage about the clinton foundation and about the servers and all the things that people are actually interested in? >> the american people have spoken. between democrats and republicans, more people find dr. ben carson trustworthy and honest than any other candidate right now. >> if you want to attack ben carson, you don't say he's not a good surgeon or person. what you want to do is try to chip away at the word trust. how do you do that? try to prove it happened. really? so if ben carson says how do you know it happened if you don't ask me. donald trump jumped on it and said this is a total fabrication
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or taking a hit at his mother. both are bad. we're used to some of the barbs. >> donald trump would -- if he's not allowing and saying it's true by attempting to hit his mom with a hammer, that's worse. people have had a lot to say about that. >> they've spent all day trying to destroy a candidate on one side and not go after the other side, interesting to say the least. it's 6:10 in washington, d.c. and heather has a fox news alert. >> i certainly do. we start out with an alert. a frantic search for a man who went overboard off a cruise ship. this is happening near the pa hamas. there was a 35-year-old man who jumped from the royal caribbean owe a says of the sea. he was trying to jump into a life raft hanging on the side of the ship. instead, he wound up in the water. no word on why he jumped. we don't know of any problems on board the ship. we'll follow the story. new information on the plane
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disaster. sky news reporting it was a bomb smuggled on to the luggage hold that was responsible for the crash that killed all 224 people on board. the department of homeland security working to secure foreign airports with flights that fly into and out of the united states. dhs could announce heightened security measures as early as today. republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina will appear on "the view" today. the sitdown comes days after the host michelle collins and joy behar slammed her appearance. >> she kicked off her thing saying people tell me i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. >> halloween mask. >> fiorina says she hopes to have a civil conversation with the hosts. listen -- >> i've been around a long time. i know the difference between an observation and insult. i think what this point found is that the left demonizes the messenger when they don't like
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the mess angage. they didn't like my message. >> that's later today. this next story stops you in your tracks. a teenager cracks his own kidnapping case 13 years later. julian hernandez was applying to colleges. but his social security number he found was invalid. he started to investigate along with the help of a guidance. he was listed on an exploited and missing children website. his father took him from alabama back in 2002. that father is now under arrest. the teenager's mom is simply overjoyed. unbelievable. the dad back then was supposed to drop his son off at school. never did. changed his name, moved away. now we know the end of the story. hopefully they'll all reunite. credit to the guidance counselor also to help trace this. our attorney general loretta lynch on monday was talking about something that the
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department of justice is going to do going forward. what's interesting is now apparently the government no longer refers to juvenile delinquents as juvenile delinquents. now they refer to them as justi justice-involved youth. >> well, when i think about that, number one, i understand the effort to get people a second shot and not label them forever. i think juvenile delinquent. you were a juvenile, you had delinquent behavior, i can take the label. now i've grown up and i don't do that anymore. we have to check the background. you can go to the label. are juvenile delinquents getting together and protesting about how they're labeled. no. they screwed up when thurp younger -- >> you're defending this action because you, according to one of the books i read, were a juvenile delinquent. anything to that? >> everybody knows you don't read books, steve. you are not telling the truth. elisabeth, please defend my honor. >> i think you were a fine young
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man. that's what i know about you. >> mean while, straight ahead, the video -- >> a liberal group using children it curse out donald trump. >> racist. >> [ bleep ] racist. >> if you -- >> that's up next. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america.
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>> racist [ bleep ]. >> if you like our constitution, get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> cute kids, right? not. controversial new ad campaign from a latino political group using children to curse out donald trump. what message does that send to voters? >> we called up someone to help us with the video. can you do the dial test? what did you find out? >> it was really negative across the board. when we take a look at the dials, you'll see a negative reaction on -- on all three parties. whether an independent, a democrat, a republican. what we heard from folks, especially in the democrats, i might agree with the message. their intention was good but the impact was really negative. >> let's take a look. here's 30 seconds from this thing. >> oh, donald trump, greetings. get out of my country. use these offensive words.
3:19 am
[ bleep ] racist [ bleep ] i'm ricardo. my friend call me rich. you keep calling me [ bleep ]. racist [ bleep ] you may be high in the polls. racist [ bleep ]. >> if you like our constitution and what it stands for, get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> okay. so the yellow lines are the independents. what kind of grade do you give them? >> could they give them, that's right. the independents and the republicans an f. democrats a d. what you see the blue line with democrats, it never broke 50. what we heard from them, one of the participants put it well. he said agree with this message. but the impact here is are these the kind of kids we want in the country. this doesn't make them sympathetic towards the children. that was probably their goal. but it didn't work. >> so this backfired big time? >> this totally backfired.
3:20 am
people did not hear the message they wanted to. they see the kids as sassy. they saw the organization as manipulative and we should not be teaching our kids to swear. seriously, they must have put those issues and those words in their mouth. >> clearly, it was a script. i don't know if the kids were actors. it is a shocking video. >> this is the same group that's offering $5,000 if somebody tomorrow night can get up at "saturday night live" and yell donald trump you are a racist. >> they're mudslinging. it's inappropriate and they're using children in the wrong way. >> lee carter, thanks for getting the dials out quick. >> any time. coming up, breaking information about how a bomb might have gotten on board that russian jetliner. could this be a test run for a larger attack in this country? and you have to see it to believe it. v.a. workers on the clock on your dime playing a human version of hungry, hungry
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a fox news alert for you now. breaking right now. at least six people are dead and several more injured following this horrific bus crash in arkansas. it was a charter bus. 22 people were on board. the top of the bus was completely ripped off after hitting an overpass. according to state police, the bus drove off the interstate around 1:00 a.m. it is still unclear why. brian? thank you very much, elisabeth. another alert. new reports this morning that this was a bomb smuggled into the luggage hold of that russian
3:25 am
jet that blew up last week that was responsible for killing 224 independent people. as president obama acknowledged the possibility on the radio yesterday. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board. and we're taking that very seriously. >> now, airports around the world are on high alert as millions prepare to take the skies for this thanksgiving holiday. if this was a terror attack was it a test run against the number one enemy, that would be us. memorial hospit congressman is here. on a serious note, what does it say to you about a revelation about bomb in the cargo. that wasn't new news to you? >> no it wasn't. when you look at the tests failed in our own tsa. isis is real. they look for opportunities and no doubt we don't have enough background checks on who is at
3:26 am
our airports moving back and forth. and the audit shows that. >> the difference, i'm personally not comfortable, the fact that we're not leading this investigation and playing more of a role. our satellites picked up the infrared flash. our planes will be targeted eventually. are you confident that the russians, the egyptians, the irish and us are working together? >> no doubt they're working together. but whether it's an effective alliance, considering what we face. this is another hit for isis, as far as a recruiting hit. they're going to embolden -- >> this is going to help them recruit? >> absolutely. it shows them they can strike anywhere at any time. >> i wonder if alliance was better with rejiegypt, if we cod help gut the terror within that country. isis says "we brought it down. die in your rage. we're under no obligation to explain how it came down. we'll detail how it came down at
3:27 am
the time of our choosing." bluster or accurate? >> accurate. this is what happens when the united states and this president doesn't engage. we've learned to say retreat in five languages. the vacuums we've created are filled by our competitors, aggressors or enemies. we're witnessing a new alliance, alliance of power in the middle east which has ramifications and consequences here. >> there's a new poll out. the majority of the american people, over 60% support additional action in syria. the president says america is tired of -- everyone is. guys like you fight these wars. if we understand that fighting, america gets behind it. >> the president plans to 50 or suppression operation's troops in. is that going to make a difference? absolutely not. unless we have a medivac and quick force, it -- the people around them, they don't have control. they don't know whether they're enemy or not.
3:28 am
oftentimes. so you're putting guys into harm's way, incredibly dangerous area and not supporting them. i don't understand it. i think it's dereliction of duty. >> i love the fact that a guy like you serves, goes on the armed services committee in washington and at least we have sensible war fighters making decisions. congressman, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. coming up straight ahead, it may be the first in the united states of america. the first time the city councilman with a muslim majority, a council with a news lum majority. that story next. you blow up social media with comments about our suits. you were split down the middle whether you liked them or not. this morning, the battle continues. we take no prisoners.
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interview yesterday, he and anchor chris cuomo got into a heated argument after trump repeatedly insulted another reporter. guys, keep it down you'll wake the viewers. >> it's extremely funny because it's true. so as you can see, if you're just joining us at 6:32 in the east, brian kilmeade is in our nation's capitol. he had a big book signing last night. >> sure did. >> peter doocy said the food was excellent. >> it was. i heard it was. i had to leave to do a hit with megyn kelly. i left for 45 minutes and no one asked for me. i left my own party. >> they were wondering. >> people go to book parties because there's ab an open bar. >> that's exactly it. >> it's the hard truth, steve. i didn't realize it. >> we heard it was a great time, brian. >> it was great. heather joins us live with news from space. >> that's right. we're keeping an eye on the skies this morning. good morning to all of you. just under an hour from now,
3:33 am
nasa astronauts scott kelly and joel lindgren will take a second walk in space in nine days. we're about to see live pictures coming out of there. there we have. the nasa space camera showing the pictures from the sky at 6:32 in the morning east coast time. the pair will leave the international space station to work on the highly toxic ammonia cooling system that's used by the lab's solar panel. it will take 6.5 hours to reconfigure that system. this is a 190th maintenance-related spacewalk since 1998. more on this when we get it. you can see a little movement there. a diverse detroit enclave back here on earth making nationwide history for its newly elected muslim majority councilman. >> ham tram i can was known for polish population.
3:34 am
but in tuesday, a yemeni aesh ever-american received the most votes out of anyone on the ballot. look at him as he celebrates there. now four of the six council members are muslim. candy land hospital in wisconsin, it's called that because they give out painkillers it's alleged like it's candy. they're keeping the board game theme going right now. this bizarre video will show you how they spend their time. watch. >> look at that there. on the taxpayer dime when they should be caring for our veterans, employees there in tomah, wisconsin, playing a human version of hungry, hungry hippos during working hours. one workers scrambles to get the balls whilehed them on skateboard. this happened a day before halloween. there was even a halloween contest. this looks like something out of an action movie. but this is real.
3:35 am
two men wearing custom made jet pack suits flying alongside the world's largest passenger plane. you see that right there? daredevils. hitting speeds of 120 miles per hour. 4,000 feet above dubai. the jet packers at emirates airlines tried to spend time evaluating that and practiced with simulators. >> how terrifying is that. >> is that true? was that happening? >> yeah. wait a second. who invented this? why weren't we told of this? >> jet packs. >> you can do this? >> brian, i like how you're standing by. thanks for the commentary. >> is this happening? is that real? >> apparently. generally we don't put on things that are not real on the news. >> it's happening, brian. how dare you question her. >> i tried a jet pack. i had to go in the water. there had to be a guy on shore. >> that was a water pack. >> it was a hose pack. >> i thought it was cutting-edge
3:36 am
technology until i saw heather's video. >> let's dig out that video of brian jet packing or water packing over seas. >> the side by side comparison. extreme weather happening now. a tornado ripping a roof off a building in dallas as people still inside. powerful wind gusts peeling off the metal and sending it flying into the parking lot damaging several cars there. >> more storms are on the way for the mississippi valley. maria molina is tracking the latest. while it's a beautiful day temperaturewise in new york city, trouble in the middle. >> that's right. we're still tracking that cold front on the move. it's going to bring the risk for more severe storms, including tornadoes that you saw on the screen across parts of the lower mississippi valley. we're tracking some heavy rain with it. anywhere from ohio down to kentucky, tennessee and each into eastern texas. it's going to be a slow commute for you as you head out to work early this morning across the areas. by the way, east of it across the eastern u.s., we also are dealing with dense fog. that's likely going to be
3:37 am
causing delays at the airports out there. places like new york city, you'll have that low visibility. but there's a look at the area where we're expecting severe storms today. from tennessee down to northern louisiana, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible. temperatures ahead of this system. again, very, very mild. near record high temperatures forecast out there. you're already in the upper 60s in new york city. atlanta in the 70s. farther south. behind that front, much cooler air moving in. 31 degrees in rapid city. those high temperatures again across parts of the eastern u.s. well above average. we're expecting a high at 74 in new york city today. across the rockies, chillier. 38 for the high in missoula. let's head back inside. >> all right. 90 degrees in tampa today. >> yep. america responded like never before on social media yesterday to our brand new skinny suits. >> did they. >> there's quite a difference. never before seen -- overstating this a little? >> we have the reveal right
3:38 am
there. kurt the cyber guy live in times square. kurt, apparently, i only looked at twitter. for the most part, the comments were favorable. apparently on facebook, it was completely different. >> what happened? >> explain. >> you know what, not everyone is the same. you guys, no doubt in social media were a huge hit yesterday. we're still baffled. good morning to you. we're live in times square. let's see. on facebook, 18.7 thousand likes for the new suit like. 3.4 thousand comments. we've been asking people out here. what is it about all of this that -- milan, italy, they're up early with us. milan is the fashion capital. is it the slim, no-tie vest look or better with the tie. >> absolutely the first one. it's more casual. i like it more. >> cool. >> all right.
3:39 am
that's fine. you're in new york city. can i get your opinion on these suits. steve and brian put on a new suit yesterday. it's a slimming suit. it had no tie and a vest. that's this look right here. then this is their normal look. what's the winner? >> this one. >> why? >> i think it's more dress i, more than this one. this is like a business, like office style of a suit. >> this is more like going outside of a suit. dresses much better. >> kurt -- ask if the suits with no tie are appropriate for morning television. >> we have a question for you. >> tell them bryant gumbel wants to know. >> is it appropriate for morning television? for anchors and host this is morning television? >> i don't think so. it all depends on television. to me they're both fine with or without it. >> i'll bring you back.
3:40 am
we'll let you see them in person and judge them. >> awesome. >> i think we need to see the hybrid, kurt. we need to see "the skinny" suit with the tie. >> with the tie? >> blend them. >> i think you're right. get another facebook and twitter test. so yeah, people on facebook did not like the look overwhelmingly. on twitter, they like the new look. >> what a difference. >> why the difference? >> good question. it could be the demographics different on twitter. twitter attracts a younger crowd. facebook is the rest of us. >> you're handsome no matter what you put on. >> great. >> i think that's the general consensus. >> we're going to have to try you in one of those suits, kurt. see how you look. >> sounds good to me. >> kurt's a little overqualified to do fashion hits in times square. the cyber guy that can build computers with a soldering iron
3:41 am
and send out with a easel and picture of us. what are we doing? >> america has spoken. >> nef. on social media for sure. thanks for weighing in. former vice president, dick cheney responds to bush's criticism of him. >> believed then and still believe to this day that i was aggressive in defending, in carrying out what i thought were the right policies. >> our national correspondent james rosen sat down with the former vice president for his new book. he will join us live from d.c. next. >> that's right, steve. when love turns to hate, people turn to her. celebrity divorce attorney, star of untieing the knot joins us live. staying happily ever after. ♪ ♪
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3:45 am
time now for consumer headlines. blackberry makes a last-ditch effort to compete in the world of smartphones. the company releasing its first android phone today called the blackberry priv. it has a hidden full keyboard and going to cost you $700. the hottest new video game also hitting store shelves later today. >> ♪ >> call of duty black ops 3 billed as the most anticipated video game this season. right there. twister, the super soaker and the puppet. inducted into this year's national toy hall of fame. the other toys beating out nine other finalists including battleship and ninja turtles. sorry, brian. steve, former vice president
3:46 am
dick cheney speaking out about the criticism from former president george h.w. bush. 41. the elder bush saying cheney was too hawkish while serving under his son, bush 43. cheney says it's a compliment. >> i took it as a mark of pride. the attack on 9/11 was worse than pearl harbor in terms of the number of people killed and the amount of damage done. that, i think, a lot of people believed then and still believe to this day that i was aggressive in defending, in carrying out what i thought were the right policies. >> wow. our own -- this book was put together. cheney 101. your reaction to the book that says -- they have it on tape. 41 critical of dick cheney. let down by his former secretary of defense. >> it's odd in a number of
3:47 am
respects, brian. we have a spectacle on the record being tougher on cheney and rumsfeld ever on clinton or obama for that matter. he said that dick cheney, he thought he was a superb vice president. grateful to have him by his side. there's one thing that bush 41 said that's flatly untrue. he accused him of building his own empire in the white house. >> dick cheney was running the white house. >> which is a myth. >> in cheney one-on-one, we talked at length about one practice that cheney nad it a point to follow that no one else had before. key staff members, scooter libby, mary madeline, others wore dual hat, served on the staff of cheney and bush to integrate the staffs because as a chief of staff, dick cheney saw rockefeller under ford totally estranged. that's integration not empire building. >> i thought so. i thought it was well chronicled in almost every book before.
3:48 am
donald rumsfeld, really never tight with bush 41 ever. >> did not serve his son well. here is donald rumsfeld's response. he said bush 43, i found he made his own decisions. >> your reaction. >> that was a kinder gentler thing that donald rumsfeld said about this. i also have to raise a point that's did he go cat, admittedly. which is to say, when you interview someone at 9 or 90 or older, the kinds of things they say and the memories they will retain, the kind of thoughts they have, i submit to you, would be different if you interviewed them at an earlier stage when they were closer to what we call the prime of life. >> now he has to defend bush 43's administration and bush 43 has to speak out and maybe push back on his dad and how do you criticize a man who has done so
3:49 am
much at the age of 91 if you disagree. sensitive all around. it's going to leave for a great special but it helps to tell the story of your book which you do brilliantly in your book. >> thanks. >> thanks for coming last night. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, democrats get on board with hillary clinton. one democratic senator says he's ready to see another bush in the white house. get that. senator joe manchin here live to explain. and breaking up is hard to do unless you know something different, you can sing at home. our next guest makes it easier. the star of untying the knot next. ♪ if you go, then i'll be blue ♪ ♪ because breaking up is hard to do ♪ . ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions
3:50 am
for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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3:53 am
as neil sedaka sang breaking up is hard to do our next guest makes it easier. >> when people get divorced they fight over anything. >> the most expensive tiffany lamp sold for 2.8 million. >> ideal with alpha sets of a divorce. >> i want to freeze my eggs. >> you have been divorced. >> they argued over her pig. >> is the star of brao's "untying the knot," vicki zigler joins us now. >> season two is premiering. you got a new app, divorce app which is easy to use. if you are divorced -- >> you're divorced, single,
3:54 am
widowed, dating somebody divorced you can download my app for free. >> what does the app do? >> it matches people once they answer question. in my experience, i've bean divorce attorney over 17 years. when people are unhappy i try to match people and ask them fun questions. would you run naked in a rain storm. what's your rebirth for your divorce tag line. >> to find a new person. >> looking for a new love. >> whether it's the first time or second time, you say there's questions every couple should ask before they tie the knot. first are you a saver or spender. >> it's important to get into a marriage knowing who will do what. are you taking the money for bills or buy a corvette or do you have the same mine set. most people i know have a corvette and chenille account. >> maybe sprap accounts? >> i think it's important to get all the marital bills into a
3:55 am
joint account. agree what percentage you put in and have a separate account so you can spend some money on your own. >> we're talking about things before you get married rather than before you get divorced. something else, your an effective communicator or do you need work? obviously if you want somebody in your life who can express what's going on in their head. >> it's more important about the language, the stylistic way you say something. you're annoying or i love when you do this. that helps a conversation. you want to sit next to your partner and hold their hand. i'm going to bed. slam the door. that's what happens in marriages. you see resentment builds. they come knocking on my door because things haven't worked out. >> you also say you should ask how someone feels about a prenup. >> absolutely. almost every person in this country should have a prenup
3:56 am
even if you have debt and no assets. >> that's the hardest thing. i love you so much, listen when this doesn't work out you're only going -- >> kit be a deal breaker. >> i love getting beaten up over this question. i see the divorce under belly and what's going on. if people had pre-nuptial agreements we can reduce divorce. why? we talked about this before. talking about your finances before you get married, understanding how much debt you're coming in to the marriage with, how much your income s-what are your future plans for your income together really helps -- >> it's not romantic. >> it's not. it's important. when you're happy and in love you can resolve things. when you are getting divorced you want to kill each other. >> thank you very much. season two of "untying the knot" premiers on sunday on bravo. >> two people might be able to use vicki's advice.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you. it's friday, november 6th, 2015. we have just announced the lineup for the next gop debate right here on the fox business network and two big names did not make the cut. who are they and what are they saying about that this morning? before they hit that big stage one of the new front returners is being called a liar by cnn. a reporter immediately shutting shut down just for telling people about kate's law. >> you're not welcome here. >> there's plenty of media here.
4:01 am
>> all these people are happy to answer. >> you'll no longer ask those questions. >> really? how much did these pro immigration protesters know about kate. you'll be shocked. you will. meanwhile, insult to international relations, the t-shirts showing up right now on the streets of russia showing vladimir putin giving president obama a round house kick in the face. live from new york and washington, d.c., it's "fox & friends." welcome to "fox & friends" on this friday morning. we have a big show coming up four. we have the candidates that are actually going to make the main stage. senator marco rubio with reaction to that joining us in about 29 minutes. stay tuned for that.
4:02 am
>> we're here in our normal perch on the curvy couch. brian kilmeade is in our washington, d.c. bureau. big night for your book. >> last night i wanted to go to d.c. for the first time ever and get a chance to meet everyone and find some political people and have a good time and have a chance to host the show today from the d.c. bureau. my main goal was to see peter doocy live. i haven't seen him since he was in 11th grade. he's had a growing spurt. he was bored. generational thing. chris wallace wasn't too happy either but eventually he would wake up to the fact that we're having some fun. >> brian, did peter say if the book is about pirates you need to talk like a pirate? >> yes. i thought that was inappropriate. obviously you didn't brief him about the book which is about
4:03 am
islamic terrorists not pirates. this bureau is so tight. so much fun. so supportive. they love "fox & friends." it's amazing. if you feed them and give them free drinks they will show up. >> absolutely. >> this is the funniest thing. megyn's thing, instead of going live after the party, can you go on at 7:30. i left to prepare. i was gone for 45 minutes and nobody asked for me. shannon came and left. bret baier came in. came back in a tux. they took a free book and left. >> the key is the free food. we see people at your book signing seem very bored. i remember i was in washington i did a story how you can go through an entire week starting monday morning and have every meal out at a different free event you he in certificate have
4:04 am
to pull a coin. >> i did not know this. tomorrow i'll be in mclean, tyson's corner. then back to fredericksburg. next week to the reagan ranch and to the nixon library where i'm going to talk like an intellectual. >> i'm sure you were talking about thomas jefferson. i'm sure what came up was the new lineup for the fox business network big gop debate twaus it was just released and we have the stage set for everybody at home right now. donald trump, you see -- >> there's kasich, bush, rubio, trump, carson, crews, carly fiorina, paul. chris christie is on the early debate. people were surprised to see christie did not make the 2.5%. this will help him. remember when carly fiorina was on the undercard debate and how she dominated and she did a good job.
4:05 am
chris christie is a good debater. people who tune in for the 7:00 show will see him, i think he'll do a good job. remember carly fiorina was in the back of the pack until she won that debate. next thing you know she's on the big stage. a lot of people said she won that debate. >> give her a chance to shine. did you see chris christie's tweet. it doesn't bother him. doesn't matter the stage. give me a podium and i'll talk about real issues. he linked that facebook post which has over 6 million views on it which basically says, you know, addiction is a disease in this entire nation is relate tight. a smart move on his part. >> absolutely. you love how people act when they get bad news. he can say i'll make the best of it. governor huckabee had a great debate and governor christie a great debate. both have moved down. moving out lindsey graham, jim
4:06 am
gilmore, devastating to them because they have been strong on the pre-game show in the debate. just goes to show you the wealth of talent on the right. look at governor huckabee and governor christie if they were democrats giving hillary clinton a run for their money. any of these men and women have been impressive. you have the hottest candidate coming up shortly. you could have marco rubio. but as soon as you go high they think they're vulnerable. they are going after rubio because of the credit card situation. >> because this is a story that has dogged him for years about the use of republican party credit cards down in florida. we're going to talk to him about that in a little bit. there he is right, there 7:30 will be joining us from trail. ben carson, those is neck and neck in the donald trump in the national polls and any time a republican or a conservative surges you know what that means.
4:07 am
that means the mainstream media is going to attack you and cnn did not let people down because they have gone on -- yesterday they had two reporters going through some of the things he has said in some of the book and what the reporters were saying is we can't find anybody to corroborate this stuff, we don't know if he made it up. some of the stuff is so crazy he sounds crazy. >> those events they were digging into when the doctor was between the ages of 7 and 14 that he wrote in his book. that incident where it was divine intervention when he went to stab somebody, he hit somebody's belt buckle. he didn't stab them because the belt buckle was there. >> he almost stabbed. didn't stab. >> almost. the belt buckle prevented it. so actually never happened. no stabbing. of course they are digging into him primarily because he dent fit their description of what he should be.
4:08 am
they want to tell him how he should think. >> those claims are absolutely true. you know, i am 100% sure that they are true. and this is simply an attempt to smear and to deflect the argument to something else. something that we have seen many, many times before. so, you know, i would say to the people of america do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn or do you think i'm an honest person and i'll leave that up to the american people to make that decision. >> the polls have come out and indicated when it comes to honesty and integrity, ben carson is the highest rating candidate. >> he sure is. >> that's why these attacks are directed in that fashion. i believe. you're guilty until proven innocent. how do you look at somebody's book since you couldn't personally go back in somebody's life who lived in abject poverty
4:09 am
as the child of a single parent who didn't graduate the third grade now you got to go back and reconstruct his life from 50 years ago and because you weren't able to do it in a week it's not true. and to run that all day is irresponsible but that opening of the weakness in his story was perceived by donald trump because he came out yesterday and said carson's story is either a total fabrication or true if worse trying to hit his mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing a friend. he tries to get you at where you're the most vulnerable. donald trump is over the cnn version of ben carson's life. i would go with ben carson. >> mainstream media turning a blind eye to hillary clinton and hyper focusing on ben carson as a 7-year-old. it's so transparent to most people. >> go back to when barack obama was running for president. where was cnn digging into his relationship with bill ayers.
4:10 am
an unrepentant domestic terrorist. >> in 2008 shut down a reporter who was trying to dig into the details live. they actually shut someone down. >> tried to poo-poo it. >> dr. carson is vulnerable on certain things but not on integrity and honesty. he became an ivy league grad and a surgeon. they are going in the wrong area. >> if that's how you feel you obviously are not watching cnn. >> you're right. >> time for the news and heather has got some big news out of arkansas. >> fox news alert. a crash that took place in arkansas leaving six people dead this morning. 22 people were on this charter bus. you can see that the bus, the top of it, peeled back after it hit an overpass.
4:11 am
there was some really foggy weather there in the area at the time. police aren't saying exactly what caused that crash just yet but that tragedy and that information just coming in. he's wanted for murder but a free man at this hour offer he gave cops a fake name and walke free. terrence brown was arrested on a different charge of disorderly conduct. during booking he said he was alfonso gray. he posted bond and set free. his fingerprints told another story. officers didn't notice that fact and this morning nobody knows where he is. brand new information on that russian plane disaster. sky news our sister network is reporting a bomb smuggled into the luggage hold of that jet was responsible for the crash that killed all 224 people on board. hundreds of brits are stranded in sharm el sheikh airport after flights were suspended. here in the united states
4:12 am
department of homeland security is work to secure foreign airports with flights into and out of the united states. seen on the streets of russia, take a look at this. t-shirts are being sold featuring put judo kicking our president, president obama. now the person who posted this picture of the shirt captioned it our answer to sanctions. the same image can be found on posters that's also for sale in russia. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a bit. >> that's cartoon version of "forbes" list that has putin being the most powerful person in the world. >> he finished third on that list. you guys tell me what's coming up next. >> the top word of 2015 has been revealed and here's a hint. think netflix. that and other words that is up the list. >> while democrats get on board
4:13 am
with hillary clinton one democratic senator said he's ready to see another bush in the white house. >> a democrat saying that? >> senator joe manchin joining us live next.
4:14 am
4:15 am
the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations.
4:16 am
this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it. you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
4:17 am
here we are in d.c. a new fox poll shows half the country disapproves the job barack obama is doing as president of the united states. if the president's numbers are slightly better than last month. so what does that mean for field of democrats vying for his job in 2016. joining us right now in washington is one of our favorite people west virginia senator democratic senator joe manchin. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you coming in. senator you said 45%. are you surprised by that approval rating? >> no, not really. every president as they go out want the best numbers they can and people are less critical when you're moving out than moving in. with that being said in west virginia his numbers are still in the tank.
4:18 am
>> why? >> the whole thing as far as energy policy or lack of an energy policy. self-inflicting ruling coal out all in energy policy that i have not been critical upon. they are using fossil. 82% of the energy of the united states of america comes from coal, natural gas or oil. >> coal users are being vi villified. you say a guy that stands out that impress us. >> basically, first of all, let's talk about chris christie former governor speaking out about drug abuse number one killer in my state. hillary spoke out about it on the democratic side. jeb and i know each other the best. we traveled together when we were governors. had a great relationship. >> on a personal level or did you see him at his job? >> i saw him at his job because i worked with him when he did education. things like medicaid reform.
4:19 am
things he did in taking bold steps of being a governor. i saw him in action. we work well together. we talk together on different issues. he helped me. if he was doing something good, he thought i did something good we talked back and forth. when i was asked about that relationship, we had a relationship. >> you think he would be a good president? >> he's capable of doing the job. >> you are for hillary clinton. >> i endorse hillary clinton. we have a great relationship. we don't agree on everything but we can sit down and talk and it will be an open process. >> you would like to see everybody on the main stage. >> they are take lindsey graham off complete pli. he's the most decent human being. he brings so much to the table. he should have a shot at the big tent. they should all rotate around. if the democrats had that many bring them all to the top. >> you don't have that. you're down to really one. you watched the debate.
4:20 am
>> i watch the debates. i enjoy the debates. they do a great job. trump brings a lot to the table. a lot of chatter about donald trump. west virginiians are tough people. >> i have a sense senator joe manchin you ought to be a republican? >> no. you need a balanced moderate conservative. i'm fiscally responsible. >> you decided to stay here for us. congratulations. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. let me toss it over to two fine people. >> the senator sounded so fair and balanced doesn't he >> sure does. >> coming up he's rising in the polls and taking new hits from donald trump. >> very bad record of finances if you look at what happened with his houses, with his -- you know he certainly lives above his means no question about that.
4:21 am
>> senator marco rubio himself here on the couch in ten minutes. >> a proposal made for the movies. kevin mccarthy and his brand new fiancee reviewing movies together. >> hi, cute couple. >> i love that. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. this holiday season, gi see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all.
4:22 am
hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models. there are no medals won for earning a living. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most
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important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. ♪
4:24 am
we have got two fox news alerts four on this friday. a frantic search is under way for a man who be went over board off a cruise ship in the bahamas. he jumped from the seventh level deck of royal caribbean oasis of the seas, trying to jump into a life raft, hanging off the side of the ship. instead he wound up in the water. no word on why he jumped. that is a big ship.
4:25 am
and a spacewalk happening right now in space. we were hoping to have a conversation between nasa and astronaut scott kelly and joe lindgren. they are reconfiguring a toxic cooling system. they are going to be out on the spacewalk for six and a half hours. good luck to them. that's so cool. >> it really is. >> meanwhile billy crystal himself predicted the faith of our own guy kevin mccarthy way back in 2013. >> you can see at the top is megan from harry and sally in new york and at the bottom is kevin and lauren. your going marry her? >> i plan on it. >> you are now. >> just last week kevin popped
4:26 am
the question. >> that's great. >> kevin mccarthy and his new fiancee lauren. they join us now. congratulations, you guys. >> thank you guys. >> how lucky am i. to have the most beautiful woman in the world. i can't believe she said yes. >> kevin, of course i was going say yes. >> lauren, i heard, we're hearing kevin popped five movie lines while popping the question. is that true and which one? >> it is. honestly the moment happened so fast and i was just so overwhelmed, i know he said you had me at hello from jerry mcguire. and you complete me. like still a whirlwind. the one from "harry met sally."
4:27 am
and then "nightmare before christmas." >> we've been dating for almost four years. we're both film critics. we love movies. all those quotes were from movies. then from "harry and sally," we re-enact the scenes for pictures. we literally did the same thing that meg ryan and billy crystal did. >> you got engaged down in disney. a lot of people don't realize lawyer inis also a movie reviewer. you guys went to the brand new james bond movie last night, and i think -- how is this going to work. lauren, are we going to ask you for your opinions first. we taught. ladies first. >> ladies first. >> i liked the movie a lot, though it's nowhere near as good as "sky fall" but a good solid
4:28 am
bond movie. it starts off very engage. the opening scene is incredible. we love daniel craig and the new bond girl was excellent as well. >> you should hear our conversations in the car on the way home. movie talk, movie talk. but for people that don't know, 24th bond film. daniel craig as james bond looking for spectre global criminal organization and trying to take them down. the villain is not that great. in here i didn't find his character menacing. the first half of the movie is incredible. shotwell. scores are amazing. it's a very weak script and the payoff is not as good. we saw the movie four hours ago. we got out of the theater at 1:30 in the morning. they are not wasting money on
4:29 am
the imax tickets. >> how many stars for the movie. how many stars do you give each other as a newly engaged couple. >> i went three out of five. nowhere near as "sky fall." >> i gave it three and a half out of five. daniel craig, what can i say. >> you gave each other five stars. >> you guys are getting along with this via. any chance going forward you'll the contrary points of view. >> but the married version? >> that would be amazing. that would be an amazing goal. typical luckiest man alive and she makes my life so much better. elisabeth you sent us nice packages. it's an honor to share this moment. >> we appreciate it. thank you guys. >> couldn't be more happy four
4:30 am
both. >> she's an amazing writer. follow her reviews. thanks guys. >> thanks guys. have a nice weekend. i have a feeling they are going to the movies. >> meanwhile coming up on this friday brand new details you won't believe about that hero cop now revealed as a crook, like why he tried to hire a hit man and how his son was involved with his mistress. >> next week's debate there's a lot of comments and marco rubio is on his way to our studio to discuss. stay with us. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman.
4:31 am
we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:32 am
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tler election. even christmases decorations, are we just too early. >> the results are in. fox business network unveiled the gop candidate lineup for the next debate and governor chris christie did not make the cut. florida senator marco rubio joins us now with reaction. great to have you here. so, obviously, governor huckabee, governor chris christie now in that undercard debate. >> i feel bad for them. they are working hard. they are good people. i thought they both performed well in the last debate. any time you set up a criteria somebody will fall out. i feel bad for those who didn't make the second debapt. lindsey graham. these guys are out there. flying around the country. working as hard as anybody else is. it's unfortunate. but, it will work out. >> sure. there will be a threshold. i think chris christie it could be good for him. remember how carly fiorina when she was on the earlier debate
4:35 am
she actually wound up leap frogging into the main event and has done very well. >> i saw you looking left to right for brian kilmeade. he's joining us from washington, d.c. he wants to say hello. >> senator, congratulations on this in the polls. as you surge, as we look at the map the floor plan you're going to be right next to donald trump. we know he high fived awkwardly with jeb bush. he's winked and touched the shoulder of people next to him. how is that going to affect your approach that you're next to a guy who you have been sparring with for the last 24 hours and right up to the debate. >> i was last time too so it's not a big deal. i'm there to talk about the future of america and issues that voters care about. it's not a personality conflict of anybody else. >> it has been for the last few days. he's taking you on about credit card issues by you're discussing today and you have taken him on about his multiple bankruptcies. >> i find it ironic donald trump
4:36 am
has had four bankruptcies in his businesses and who is he to attack anybody on finances. i find that ironic. we'll move on. i'm proud of my background and where i come from. i'm proud what we can achieve. today my family and i, we have one debt in the world which is the mortgage on our home. i grew up having to earn everything. i had student loans because my parent couldn't pay for my school. that's why i'm passionate about these issues. lot of what americans are facing on a daily basis i faced 10 or 15 years ago, in some cases five or eight years ago. that's why i'm passionate to fight on behalf of people who are struggling. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. >> do you believe when donald trump criticizes your finances your debt he in turn is criticizing most americans. >> an interesting point. if you look across dunn, for example, when i bought a house in 2005 like anybody who bought a house in 2005 in miami a year and a half later it loss value. i didn't do anything wrong.
4:37 am
federal reserve did. fannie and freddie did. i know what it feels like that their house lost value because of reckless behavior. it makes me passionate to fight on behalf of people who are facing that because die because my neighbors did and still are. and you're right. when you criticize someone for that you're criticizing millions of americans who did nothing long but lost the value of that home. >> you came close to declaring bankruptcy. >> no, i did not. >> i read that in the "new york times." >> no. >> that's the problem with reading the "new york times". >> i never came close to becoming bankrupt. >> this is something you've had to address in the past is the use of the republican party credit card when you were down in florida for personal -- >> what happened like anybody else that has a card like that that's allowed to use it for those purposes if there's a personal expense i paid for it.
4:38 am
it was cleared. some democratic activist filed a complaint. this is an old attack. more than theep address again. i'll focus on the future of america. i'm focus don't $19 trillion debt. >> senator, just one thing if i could just disrupt you and throw you off a little bit by being at another location. senator, i know ben carson said when asked about donald trump hosting snl said i would never do it. running for the presidency is a serious thing. would marco rubio do a donald trump hosting or hillary clinton walk on. that's what's happening tomorrow? >> maybe. they haven't offered. i doubt i would be able to host primarily because, you know, we have a lot of other things to do around the country. maybe. i don't know. we'll see. running for president is a serious issue and obviously if you have a chance in the process to do something fun i don't think there's anything wrong with it. >> what do you think about the
4:39 am
groups much protesters that are going to be there from the hispanic and latino community. any word on that? >> people have a right to protest. i don't understand what they are protesting. you don't like what he stands for vote against him and don't watch his show. >> deport racism -- >> outrageous. >> a little kid. >> counter productive. who do these groups think they are impressing by doing this. they are not bringing anybody to their side. people look at that and say these people are grotesque. these are little children. what kind of parent allows their children to go on a video and use that kind of profanity. >> what about this? as a latino man when you see children really being -- they are mischaracterized, how do you feel as a latino man seeing these kids being used? >> as a father it's a disgusting video. what kind of parent allows their children to participate in something like that. they are creating this image that somehow unless you're in
4:40 am
favor of illegal immigration you're anti-hispanic. that's absurd. there are millions of hispanics that are waiting to dome this country legally whose family members have been waiting for ten years and done it the right way. they are upset someone who came here illegally can come here faster and cheaper. >> your message is? >> this is a disgusting video. to the parents of those children. shame on them. what kind of parent allows third kids a to be exposed to the world ainu tube video using those words. >> i kept saying as a mom why wouldn't they show their kids at their best. senator, thank you for your time. >> if brian was here he would shake your hand. all right. thank you very much, senator. >> heather joins with us the headlines. >> good morning. 40 minutes after the hour. we're getting shocking new details about that disgraced illinois police officer who staged his own death. wgn out of chicago says
4:41 am
lieutenant gliniewicz known as gi joe had an affair with a married woman and then he had that woman marry his son who was serving in the army simply to increase his military benefits. that marriage apparently did not last long. we're also learning this that gliniewicz tried to take out a hit on a local political official because she was afraid, he was afraid rather that she would expose him for stealing thousands of dollars from a youth program that he ran. more details coming out of that. also new details coming out this morning about the california student who stabbed four people before being gunned down. he had much bigger plans in addition to a hunting knife he was carrying handcuffs and duct tape. he was upset over getting kicked out of a study group at the university of california merced. isis has praised his attack online. all the victims are expected to fully recover.
4:42 am
and pro immigration protesters shut down a reporter who was asking questions about kate steinle. >> no. >> have you ever heard of kate's law. >> no, i have not. >> have you ever heard of kate steinle. >> no. >> have you ever heard of kate's law. >> you're not welcome here. >> there's plenty of media here. >> you no longer will ask those questions. >> you'll no longer ask those questions. that's a reporter for the media research center. his name is dano receive. this was in boulder, colorado. most of the protesters there, he found, had never heard of kate steinle or the proposed law in her name. she was shot to death by a man who was deported from the united states five times. he kept returning to san francisco because it's a sanctuary city. >> bing watching is the word of
4:43 am
the year. the use of that word that's tripled in 2016. other words transgender, dadbod for an untoned man and ghosting, ignoring a relationship by ignoring texts and calls. >> dadbod, why do you look at me? >> dadbod was nowhere to be seen in that suit yesterday. >> thank you very much. coming up on this show on a friday breaking -- how a bomb may have gotten aboard on that russian jetliner. did terrorists get help from inside. >> winterize your home and say cash on your heating bills for under $100. our contractor has the secrets for you. americans. we try to live healthy.
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>> the u.s. now securing are airports around the world as new reports claim a bomb smuggled into a lug bag hold brought down a russian jet six days ago killing everyone on board. we go live to washington, d.c. with the latest. >> reporter: brian these reports that the u.s. department of homeland security will call for new and heightened security measures at certain foreign airport, airports that have direct flights to the u.s. this comes on the heels of reports by british intelligence agencies that a bomb placed in the cargo hold may have been responsible for the crash of a russian passenger plane in egyp. yesterday afternoon president obama himself said that scenario is a possibility. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board. and we're taking that very seriously.
4:48 am
>> reporter: while no u.s. airline flight into or over the sinai peninsula where trurn jet crashed officials are concerned the situation could expose holes in u.s. security measures at other international airports where there's direct flights to the u.s. such airports are required to comply with tsa regulations but they do so without any direct oversight from tsa. earlier this week members of congress expressed concern over recent security screening tests, the agency failed. >> the test results were disappointing and troubling. we ran multiple tests using different methods at eight different airports of different sizes and tested airports who were using private screeners. >> reporter: u.s. officials have not said definitively if the russian airline was brought down by a bomb on board but when it comes to u.s. security they say they are not taking any chances. >> i just wish we would have taken the lead on this
4:49 am
investigation. i would feel better. thanks so much. meanwhile back to new york, elisabeth, what do you have for us? >> winterizing your home. we'll do it and saving cash on your heating bill for under $100. meet our contractor who has the secrets for you coming up. >> will the rap radio ads help connect with voters and could it leave hillary singing the blues.
4:50 am
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he also helps homeowners fix issues with dyi solutions. he's here to help winterize your house and freeze those heating bills. so big bills come in. great to have you here. >> how can we save money. doors and windows are responsible for releasing most of the hot air in the house. big problem in letting the air out. around the door all the sides of the door, purchase this foam weather stripping. stick it on the inside of the door. peel off the back side. easy to do. anyone can do it. couple of dollars in the hardware store. the other thing can you do, different types of door sweeps that go on the bottom of the door. when you close the door it closes the gap. these are easy to install. >> how much is that? >> under $10. everything i'm showing you here is under $100 for your house. can save up 240%. >> spending about $10 maybe more
4:54 am
can save you up 240%? >> absolutely. windows and doors are the biggest problem. these things will make a huge difference. i always recommend change your windows and doors but not everybody can afford to do that. talking about the windows. windows are the biggest openings we have. how do we keep the air from getting out of the house. this is a great new product. window steel insulation. comes in a kit like this. comes with cellophane. cut the tape. peel it around all sides of the window. take the plastic. stick it on. trim off the excess with a scissor. then use a blow dryer. >> a regular hair dryer. >> household hair dryer and work it back and forth. what it will do is act as a
4:55 am
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4:56 am
caulking. weather stripping. >> you want to save up to 40% on your heating bills, skip you just helped us save time. thanks so much. steve we're winterizing out here and warm in there. coming up the video is shock. a liberal group using children to cuss out donald trump. >> [ bleep ] you racist [ bleep ] racist. >> constitution and what it stands for. get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> the video is borderline child abuse. he's here with us next. was out i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. made with hydrogenated oil... ...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream
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this holiday season, gewhat's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models. good morning to you. it is friday november 6th, 2015. the lineup is in for the next presidential debate so who is in and who south. what are the candidates saying about it? we have all of that for you in just minutes. >> meanwhile a liberal group
5:00 am
using children to cuss out donald trump. >> [ bleep ] you racist [ bleep ] >> racist. >> our constitution and what it stands for get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> marco rubio just said it was disgusting and geraldo will join us and say it's child abuse. you don't want to miss that bin 90 seconds. meanwhile, this story is incredib incredible. a child stolen from his mother. 13 years he discovers himself he was kidnapped. wait until how he figured it out and what thanks the school had to do with that. let me just inform you, in d.c. and in new york mornings are better with friends. well this morning we're road show elisabeth and i are here on the curvy couch and brian kill
5:01 am
made mm erme ade is in washington, d.c. >> the fox news people don't want to walk far for a party. i'm saying that they are so work intensive they don't want to go far and leave early. first person to show up was senator rand paul. very nice of him to come. he showed up earlier. your son was also there. he also thanked me because he said it's so nice because you had your party at 5:00. parties usually start at 7:00. i have nothing to do. i live 20 minutes away sometimes shower and come back again because his life so stressful a single guy living in d.c. thomas jefferson -- there they go. not everybody was having a good time. a lot of times they were ignoring me. maybe it was just me. i told bret baier to dress but he overdressed.
5:02 am
>> he's in a tux. >> i told him if he had to rent it and de. he had a huge event but stopped by first. we had a great time. >> nice group of people here. >> fantastic. >> great support for your book. fantastic. >> good time was had by all. brian, we'll talk to geraldo about that crazy video we showed everybody yesterday in just a moment. right now heather joins us with a fox news alert out of, near little rock. >> that's right. an update on a story we brought you earlier. a bus crash in north little rock, arkansas is leaving six people dead this morning. 22 people were on a charter bus that left detroit. you could see the top of that bus was sort of peeled back in a sense after it hit an overpass. the weather there was foggy at the time with some light rain. but police are not saying that's what caused the crash at least not yet. we'll keep you posted. a frantic is search under way for a man would went overboard
5:03 am
off a cruise ship in the bahamas. the 35-year-old jumped from the seventh deck. he was trying to jump into a life raft hanging on the side of the ship. instead he wound up in the water. another developing story. our sister network now reporting a bomb smuggled into the luggage hold of that doomed russian jet was responsible for the crash that left all 224 people on board dead. a former jihadist, a cia mole now offering his insight how easy this is to do. >> in the arabian peninsula we had their own people working inside the airport and have people at the checkpoint and passport controls and people who used to handle the luggage. >> showing just how infill freighted some of these airports may be. our department of homeland security is working to secure foreign airports with flights directly into and out of the
5:04 am
united states. time to update your pc dictionary. president obama is steering away from the term juvenile delinquent and using justice involved youth. the white house announced $1.7 million youth initiative program to help troubled kids with housing. manmade disaster instead of terrorism. >> thank you very much. brian, you're down in washington. kick things off. geraldo will be here. >> geraldo thank you. i'll ask you the question. there will be some movement on the first stage and second saeg -- stage. out go lind jay graham and
5:05 am
governor pataki and jim gilmore. now we'll get more. what's your take? >> i think that it is -- i like both governor huckabee and governor christie. christie's fate was determined with bridgegate. people poo-pooed the significance of it. the problem with bridgegate was that it enhanced the whole vision of chris christie as a bully, as a swaggering ruthless politician, even though he was never implicated directly. i believe that he never ever recovered from that. i remember his second inauguration, he did it down at liberty island with the statue of liberty behind him. it was right in the immediate aftermath of bridgegate. it was so ill-attended. >> geraldo, i've heard people say what you just said. i think this will be good for him. debater. he'll be on the second stage. his chance to come to nature.
5:06 am
remember how carly fiorina dominated that first debate. wound up leap frog over a bunch of people. >> i don't agree respectfully and this is why. to me this is a necessary winding down the field and people are seeing we're going from 16 to 14 to 12 now to eight. very difficult for governor christie to recover and governor huckabee, i think all the air in governor huckabee's constituency among the religious and evangelical has been taken by dr. ben carson who is being assailed because of the story of the nieknifing in the belt buck. thank goodness you have some undercards finally going into the sunset. the republicans have focus. if the republican party can't say these are our guys and there are coherent messages and differences and measurable amount of candidates. >> the undercard couldn't even
5:07 am
get 1%. they have been campaigning for four or five months. if you can't get 1% maybe it's time to go home. >> lindsey graham's politics reflect my own. you know why i'm not running. >> go home. >> it's a thick crew in terms of possibilities when it comes to republican side of the ticket. what we know happened you fall under attacks and carson is falling under attack. >> marco rubio also. >> we just spoke with the senator. he defend himself against a claim that he's financially irresponsible and being bankrupt. >> i just find it ironic that donald trump had four bankruptcies in his businesses and who is he to attack anybody on finances. i find that ironic. he'll move on. i'm proud of where i come from. i'm proud of what we have been able to achieve. today my family and i have we have one debt in the world which is the mortgage on our home. i have not even come close to
5:08 am
being bankrupt. >> also the use of republican credit cards. >> it's not the fact that he comes from modest means. that's an admirable at any rate that he fought his way up the ladder. it's that he allegedly used the gop party's credit card information expenses. it's one of those -- it's only $16,000 but one of those things that sticks in your crew particularly when you have trump attacking him on his absences and missing votes. >> you would have lent marco rubio money if you knew he was that strapped but he's out of the woods financially. this debate will be huge. governor christie is going up in iowa and new hampshire. look at the moderators. trish regan and gerald side and sandra smith in the early debate. neil ok neil cavuto and maria bartiromo
5:09 am
in the later debate. the hispanic vote, many people think that donald trump hurt him southwest the hispanics when he talked about the wall. there's a group that doesn't want him to host snl who pumped out this commercial, this spot in order to discourage hispanics from voting for him. i think this is terrible. watch. >> donald trump, get out of my country. >> you racist [bleep] >> i'm ricardo. my friends call me rick. you keep calling me anchor baby. [ bleep ] >> racist. >> trump you may be high in the polls. >> racist. >> if you don't like our constitution and what it stands for get the [ bleep ] out of my country. >> this backfired. we had lee carter. democrats gave it a d.
5:10 am
independents and republicans gave it an f. >> moms and dads -- >> moms and dads. >> i feel sad for these kids. >> i have a 10-year-old. can you imagine me putting words in my child's mouth. it is child abuse. it's counter productive. it will rebound. if anything throw support towards donald trump candidacy and boost the ratings of "saturday night live." it's ill considered. it's my role however and i have to add it's impossible to understate how the trump approach, downdocumented immigration has caused consternation in the community not the immigrant community but latin american community, american latinos. whole talk of amending the 14th amendment or having courts constru it so children born here are not citizens. >> where do they go? not deportation. where do those people -- >> where would they vote? >> prior to the comments he
5:11 am
made, who do they align with on the republican side? >> i think even as trump attacked marco rubio it's because marco rubio has shown in the past he has the capacity to compromise. but you have to see that this population, their hopes raised artificially perhaps by president obama's promise of executive clemency, essentially now goes from clemency and legality to deportation. >> you know that donald trump has tapped into something because there's a lot of people across the country who feel we don't have any borders any more. you got have a border. you don't just walk across it and become a citizen. >> it's not an accident that he's made it the centerpiece of his candidacy. it sustained him in the first half of the presidential race and his most potent issue right now. that's why even this morning i heard him on fox business when i switched the channel, which i sometimes do from "fox & friends," i heard him stressing it with maria bartiromo this
5:12 am
morning. he thinks this is a winning strategy. i think and i have said to him personally and on the air that this may help you get the republican nomination but be the president of the united states you must get as george w. bush did a significant portion of this bourgeoning population. >> geraldo -- >> i think he can speak much more compassionately. >> i think geraldo you would have won "the apprentice" had you not spoken up to donald trump and not been runner up. number, two don't short change jeb bush. lot in the hispanic community, speaks fluent spanish and been very different from donald trump in that area. if you feel as though republicans are not being backed by donald trump they are probably going to go jeb bush who i have to ask you this last question, geraldo. and is that do you believe that jeb can step up and dominate the debate like he even admits he has to on tuesday? >> i don't think so, brian.
5:13 am
as much as i respect the bush family when i see jeb i see the incredible shrinking candidate. just seems physically he's begun to just wither under the pressure and when he tries to talk up it's almost like he's trying i can outtrump you trump and he can't. to me that's the biggest news. not that christie and huckabee are the undercard. jeb bush is the incredible shrinking candidate now at 4%. he's not budging. i don't know how he recovers. >> geraldo, thank you very much. >> i want steve to run. >> he was trying to talk me into that. you never know. >> i would campaign for him. >> i would pay you not to. >> i'm kidding. straight ahead story is incredible. a child stolen from his mother 13 years later he discovered he was kidnapped pep d. he discovered it himself. >> another story you won't
5:14 am
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. we're back with this stunning story. made for the movies almost. a teenager realizes he's a kidnapping victim. taken from his mother's home 13 years ago. >> "fox and friends weekend" host joins us with the clue that helped that kid figure out he had been kidnapped. >> it's wild story. >> reporter: good morning. 18-year-old julian hernandez was 5 years old back in 2002. his father was supposed to drop him off at pre-school in alabama but the pair vanished. hernandez's parents were not married and police called it a noncustodial abduction. fast forward 13 years. hernandez is an honor student living in cleveland applying to colleges when he realizes his social security number his father gave him is false. after investigating with the school counselor the teenager discovered he's listed on the database for missing and exploited children. 53-year-old bobby hernandez is now under arrest accused of
5:19 am
custodial interference. neighbors say they had no idea. >> i was shocked because having a neighbor like that, a kidnapper, you're surprised. you don't think that about your neighbor. >> i'm shocked. i'm totally shocked. >> bobby always took good care of his son. the boy has been in touch with his mother. because julian is 18 years old it's up to him to decide if he wants to return to alabama. like a movie of the week. >> it is. thanks for bringing us that. coming thunder friday a warning for all parents. a boy losing his vision because of a laser pointer. the damage apparently is permanent. we'll tell you about that. >> a photo shoot goes viral after a deer walks right into the frame. look at this. with a little sleeping baby. >> shh, the baby is sleeping. >> join us live.
5:20 am
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
5:23 am
hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. at 23 minutes past the top of the hour we have a warning feerns. a 14-year-old boy burned both of his retinas by shining a laser pen in his eyes. his vision is down to just 25%. what we consider 20/20 vision. a simple balloon could be the key to weight loss. nonsurgical procedures where patients swallow a deflated balloon. patients lost an average of 22
5:24 am
pounds over four months. steve has the deerest story. >> very deer. thank you very much. our next guest 1-month-old son to be a miracle baby coming into their lives after seven years struggling with fertility. when a special visitor crashed their baby's photo shoot it created a moment that was nothing short of magical. join us right now are tiffany and matt rogers. and there's baby conor who is having breakfast. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so tiffany tell me why you wanted to do a photo shoot with c conn conner. >> i wanted his four week pictures done to mark and he was month old after we finally got our little angel baby. and we found a photographer and
5:25 am
we picked a location to go to sam houston park for a fall session. >> all right. so that's when they arranged the baby on a bale of hay right there. >> right. we got conner to sleep. >> scott, it looks like, can i ask you this. the picture is so perfect. had anybody seen that deer in the neighborhood before? >> yeah. i believe it's pretty famous deer around there. i think it comes up to humans like i think it's a popular deer around that part. >> i think the name of the deer is maggie, rescued deer in that area. tiffany, when they laid your baby out on that bale of hay surrounded by pumpkins because it was october, it's an october baby. you had that right there. in the distance you saw the deer coming over what were you
5:26 am
thinking? >> my initial thought whenever i heard the noise i was curious what i was. when i turned around and saw that beautiful deer, i thought, my initial reaction was to protect my baby and as maggie got closer, the assistant and i were protecting conner and then he, maggie came around pretty gently we could tell it was no threat to my baby. so we started getting the shot. >> i understand there's one shot i know it's in your family photo album but one shot that's so perfect because the deer is looking right at the baby and as it turns out the photographer's assistant was actually using some bait to get the attention of the deer, right? >> yeah. there was some corn that she had and then she had the hay so we're not sure what enticed maggie to come around or if it was she could come and check out
5:27 am
conner. >> conner seems to be a very good baby. scott how has your life changed in the last month or so? >> well, a lot more people coming up and telling me, i guess he's a famous little baby. >> you know what? not just a famous baby a deer child in so many ways. tiffany and scott and conner thank you for joining us from baton rouge, louisiana. that's a cute baby. adorable. coming up on this friday it may be the first in the united states of america, a city council with a muslim majority. that story is coming up next. we'll tell you where. you blew up social media with your opinions -- that's my new skinny suit. there's brian ace new skinny suit. some of you liked it. some you did not. curse the cyber guy. it has an app to help you look really cool and you don't need a
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5:32 am
a little lower than in august and in september as well. >> that's right, steve. only 271,000 new jobs were added last month. that's up from september as well. analysts were expecting more than 180,000 jobs for october. >> so jobless number, unemployment rate 5%. on this first week in november. >> that's right. now we turn first to heather now. >> good morning to you. couple of things i want to tell you about. this may be the first in the united states of america, a city council now with a muslim majority. hamtramck, near detroit, has long been known for its polish-catholic population but in tuesday's election a yemeni-american received most votes. four of the six council members are muslim. >> you know the game hungry, hungry hippo. have you ever seen the human version? watch this.
5:33 am
okay. looks kind of cute and fun until you find out who these people really are. they are employees of a scandal plagued va hospital in wisconsin. they played that game on the company dime, your taxpayer dollars when they are supposed to be helping veterans. you see them as they grab the balls on the gym floor, being pushed on skateboards have a great time. the same va just fired its head doctor after allegations he was overprescribing our veterans prescription pain killers that has led to at least one person's death. a grandmother with a grudge makes a $1.1 million move. the 85-year-old woman sledded her family's fortune just so her relatives would get the money. they found the sledded money on her nursing home bed. despite what the grandmother wanted austria central bank said they would replace all that money. >> this is something like out of
5:34 am
an action movie. to men wearing costume made jet pack suits flying next to a passenger jet plane. the daredevils and the airline spent three months practicing this. it's not the first time we've shown you this. jet packs on "fox & friends." remember this one? brian kilmeade. jet pack it is down in tampa. we love to see that video. way to go, brian. great shot of your nose. by the way, coming you want a 10:00 eastern time join me for more headlines troon. we have a new channel here at fox called fox news headlines, 24/7. exclusively on sirius xm radio. join me there. >> we'll be listening. brian, regarding that jetliner and the guys on the jet packs they were different than the time you were in tampa bay and wound up with all that bay water
5:35 am
up your schnoz. >> i was just as high. i chose not to go up with the planes. i thought it was too dangerous. look how far up i am. put it this way, you have no control. there's a guy playing you like a video game on shore. all i could do was see. >> this is fantastic. there is a slight difference. that was our point earlier between a water operated jet pack and an actual air operated jet pack. >> it counts, brian. >> elisabeth, it's before we got to work together. this is the other one. if you want to do that and show off, i rather harass the ships. that's fine. but if you can see i was in a full suit because i was in character, i was acting like james bond and i jumped in the water and came out.
5:36 am
it was big ratings. it beat o'reilly for a month. boy was he hacked up. >> if i'm going to fight crime it will be in that outfit. >> of course. >> by the way, you know if heather gets to promo her show can i promo mine. i have a radio show. >> there you go. >> coming up on sirius. i was jealous. thank you. john meacham will be on. >> anything else? >> no. >> maria is standing by with the fox cast. >> did brian compare himself to james bond. very accurate. let's go ahead and take a look at the map across the nation. we have a strong cold front moving eastward and bringing in areas of rain from ohio to texas. widespread area dealing with this system right now. the storm even brought severe weather across parts of texas and oklahoma with reported
5:37 am
tornadoes out there that unfortunately did cause some damage and today we still have additional severe storms anywhere from louisiana to alabama and mississippi and even extreme southern parts of central tennessee. so be watching for that. more isolated tornadoes and damaging winds will be possible. now ahead of the storm system you have the winds out of the south pulling in warm and humid air. and temperatures are very mild. already early this morning take a look at atlanta you're at 70. in the 60s, close to 70 degrees in new york city. and same for you in raleigh, north carolina. high temperatures will be near record highs across eastern part of the u.s. and those temperatures will be in the 70s throughout the afternoon hours and as far north as new york city. behind that system much cooler across the rockies, temperatures there forecast to only reach the 30s and 40s. let's get you back inside. >> maria thank you very much. folks you have been weighing in big time on yesterday's big reveal. brian and i wore skinny suits
5:38 am
and no ties. enough about us. do you need wardrobe help at home? there's plenty of that app wise. >> so many people engaging us on facebook and twitter. you'll love this. >> what was it? >> the no tie. the vest. the skinny pants. >> they are both nicely tailored. trimmer fit. when asked out in the public about, is that the right thing for a morning anchor host, no. put the tie on. >> got to have a tie. what about skinny suits with a tie. >> that might be the winning formula. >> whatever your winning formula, we're talking about an app that will help you pick the absolutely perfect thing to wear whether it's today or tomorrow or if it's cold. >> that's for a significantly lazy person. >> totally lazy. it's called cloth. this app is on both platforms,
5:39 am
android and ios. what it does this, one let's you store your wardrobe and gives you inspiration as to what might you wear on a day that the temperature matches in your area or if it's a rainy day it will integrate with your wardrobe and you and say you should wear this. >> when you say store your wardrobe are you asking to take selfies. >> these apps require you to do that. this one gives you great advice even if you don't want to go down that road. that might be something -- >> that one is free. this one allows you to store your look also select the look that you want to wear down the road. stylicious. elisabeth does what i would never do. women may do this a lot more. they coordinate so that they don't repeat anything. they write down i wore this this time. i'll wear this.
5:40 am
am i right? >> you can remember what you wore this week? >> it can help me because i'm not organized. >> stylicious is great for that and putting accessories together. this is the neck tie delux. about 12 different various knots and how to tie them. >> very helpful. >> especially when it comes to a bow tie. this thing takes you step one through nine and you will be able to tie it. >> what is that april called? >> necktie deluxe. >> find all these on our website later this morning. i'm saying maybe we get elisabeth into some custom clothing. >> it was a little intrusive but she's going to get a new set of clothes. if you would like more
5:41 am
information go to his website. >> i tossed out to great american dr. susan gibson who retires today from the va hospital 13 years of service thank you for service to your country. >> very nice. >> elisabeth, that's it from over here at style section. >> i'm download two of those apps. thank you. >> give he in neck tie one. >> coming up breaking information about how a bomb may have gotten on that russian plane. i was an inside job. we are live with developing details four. a classic game we know and love. why twister is making headlines this morning. go ahead and put your foot on red and your hand on green. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms.
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top of the hour, consumer headlines. blackberry makes a last ditch effort to compete in the world of smartphones. the company release its first android phone calling it blackberry first. and hottest new video game hitting store shelves today. look. okay. that was intense. call of duty black ops billed as the most anticipated video game this holiday season. no toying around, twister, super soaker and puppet inducted into this year's national hall of fame. it beat out battleship and ninja turtles. brian? >> serious stuff. now to a fox news alert. u.s. now working to secure airports around the world as new
5:46 am
reports claim a bomb smuggled into the luggage hold brought down a russian jet killing everyone on board. we go live to the white house for the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. department of homeland security is expected to call for n new hiektened security measures at foreign airports with direct flights to the u.s. after reports of a bomb in the cargo hold of a russian jet was responsible for killing all on board. that scenario which u.s. officials are saying is a possibility heightened concerns that a similar incident can happen on a flight bound for the u.s. >> the obama administration is reviewing a number of different steps that we can take to enhance security for commercial flights down to the united states from certain foreign
5:47 am
airports. it's an ongoing process. >> reporter: no u.s. flights fly into or over the sinai peninsula the concern is with other foreign airports. those airports are required to comply with tsa regulations but they do so without direct oversight from tsa. but even tsa is under fire earlier this week, members of congress expressed major concerns over a host of recent security screen failings that the tsa agents failed in recent undercover tests at a number of airports across the country. brian. >> thanks a lot. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, he's one of the most iconic religious figures of our time. at the age of 97 reverend billy graham is releasing his final book. good morning to you in washington. was this an inside job?
5:48 am
we're waiting for an answer on that. how u.s. security will change. details coming up. the results are in for the next debate and there are significant changes. what did former president bush say about dick cheney, donald rumsfeld. the man who wrote the book about 41 is here today. we might know what happened to that water on mars. mystery. martha and will see you in ten minutes at the top of the hour. of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice
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♪ ♪so nice ♪ ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in st. croix and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice.
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5:51 am
he's one of the most iconic religious figures of our time. >> we don't like to humble ourselves. we don't like to say we're wrong. we don't like to confess we're sinners but god says you must do it before you can enter the kingdom of heaven. say tonight i give my life to
5:52 am
christ, i want to new life, i want a new heart. i want forgiveness of the past. i want christ in my life. >> what a preacher. at 97 years old as of tomorrow reverend billy graham is releasing his final book," where i am" a reflection of his life dedicated to spreading the word of god. what comes next? now his son reverend franklin graham. why do you say it's his final book? >> at 97, he just doesn't have the strength or energy to start another project like this. he actually started this before his 95th birthday two years ago. and it was about 90% finished. >> then he got sick. >> he got sick. we didn't think he would live to christmas. we set the book aside and figure we'll never finish it. but, he's gotten better. he's gotten a little stronger. he went ahead and finished the book. >> he wanted to because i read he didn't want hollywood
5:53 am
defining what heaven was? >> there were a lot of books and films that have come about heaven. and people have got a misunderstanding about what heaven is. and heaven is where god is. heaven is where his son jesus christ is. and my father wanted people to know this. there's heaven but also hell and he speaks about hell in the book. and some people think well, this book was done every word of it is his. as he's gotten older he is going back more to the kind of his convictions as a boy that he grew up with and he realizes that jesus christ is god's son he died for our sins and rose again. >> in the book he wrote this. i simply answer heaven is where jesus is. he told his disciples i go prepare a place four. there i am there you may be also so when my earthly life is ended and you wonder where i've gone,
5:54 am
i'm with jesus. this is where i am. >> is he thinking a lot about heaven now? >> he is. no question. he realizes he's getting ready to step through that portal of eternity. as a young boy he gave his life to jesus christ. as a young boy he confessed his sins to god and asked jesus christ into his heart and life and on that day god forgave my father not because and he was good boy or anything and he was sinner. he represented and asked christ into his heart and which he'll do for anybody. my father wanted in had book to be very clear, his last book how a person can be prepared for eternity. >> can you still be a little bit afraid and prepared. as a human and as a person, i think i believe what i say i believe, i do believe that's what heaven is, but is it okay to be afraid of dying? >> my father said he was never afraid of death. he said it was the dying part of it he wasn't too sure of.
5:55 am
>> i agree. >> before you go, you got your operation christmas child box. you've been doing this for years. >> this year we collect about 11 million boxes. we go to 110 countries. a lot of these will end up with refugees in europe going to kids that left behind. we need everybody to help us back a box. >> how do you do that? >> >> we do this every year. you can track the box and see where it goes. >> can you follow the box. >> great project. >> tell your father we send him our best. >> i sure will. >> coming up finally on this friday what do you do when an alligator scratches at your front door? you take a selfie, of course. one for the road coming up next. at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term.
5:56 am
active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
5:58 am
5:59 am
time now for one for the road. brian, watch this. a florida father who had never seen an alligator before is deliked to see one hop on his front porch. >> oh, oh. oh, my god. did you guys see him? >> we saw it. he said he heard scratching outside of his home in the middle of the night and peeked out the see a 10-foot gator. animal control took the beast. everybody is okay. what a selfie. >> one mother so proud of her son's again muse math skills the 6-year-old had to figure out who had more money bobby or amy. he got the correct answer. when asked to show his thinking he went above and beyond drew a
6:00 am
picture of himself and his mother posted his work online and said this is why my kid is going places. >> join me on the radio. 24/7 headline channel 115. >> we will. >> we'll have a weekend show. >> thanks everybody. bill: new calls to beef up security in airports around the world as more evidence points to isis and the russian airplane crash over egypt. this will have an impact for us. martha: british intelligence is picking up islamic chatter in syria with an airport worker putting the bomb into the cargo hold. >> whenever you have got a plane crash, firstf


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