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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it became a symbol too often used by both parties. all of this obscured the fact that this pipeline would neither and silver bullet for the economy as promise bid some, nor the express lane of climate disaster proclaimed by others. let me briefly comment on some of the reasons the state department rejected this pipeline. first, the pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy. so if congress is serious about wanting to create jobs, this was not the way to do it. if they want to do it, what we should be doing is passing a bipartisan infrastructure plan that in the short term could create more than 0 times as many -- more than 30 times as many jobs as the pipeline and would benefit our economy and
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our workers for decade to come. our business created 260,000 new jobs. it created 13 million over the past 68 months. the longest streak on record. the unemployment rate fell to 5%. this congress should pass a serious infrastructure plan and keep those jobs coming. the pipeline would not have made a serious impact on those numbers and on the american people's prospects for the future. second, the pipeline would not lower gas price is for american consumers. in fact gas prices have already been falling steadily. the national average gas price is down to about 77 cents over a year ago. it's down a dollar over two years ago. it's down $1.27 over three years ago. today in 41 states drivers can
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find at least one gas station selling gas for less than $2 a gallon. while our politics have been consumed by debate whether this pipeline would create jobs and lower gas prices, we created jobs and lowered gas prices. third, shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase america's energy security. what has increased america's energy security is our strategy to reduce our reliance on dirty fossil fuels from unstable parts of the world. three years ago set a goal cut our oil imports in half by 2020. between producing more oil at home and using less oil throughout our economy, we met that goal last year. five years early. in fact for the first time in two decade the united states of
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america produces more oil than we buy from other countries. the truth is the united states will continue to rely on oil and gas as we transition, as we must transition to a clean energy economy. that transition will take some time. but it's also going more quickly than many anticipated. think about it. since i took office we doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas by 2025. tripled the tour wee generate from the wind. multiplied the power wee generate from the sun 20 times over. our biggest and most successful businesses are going all in on clean energy. and thanks in part to the investments we made, there are already parts of america where clean power from the wind or sun is finally cheaper than dirty or conventional power. the old rules said we couldn't
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promote economic growth and protect the environment at the same time. the old rules said we couldn't transition to clean energy without squeezing businesses and consumers. but this is america. we have couple with new ways and technologies to break count old rules. today home-grown energy is booming, energy prices are falling, and even as our economy has continued to grow, america cut our total carbon pollution more than any other country on earth. today the united states of america is leading on climate change with our investments in clean energy and energy efficiency. america is leading on climate change with new rules on power plants that will protect our air so that our kids can breathe. america is leading in the on climate change while working with big emitters like china for new commitments to reduce harmful green house gas
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emissions. because of that american leadership. 150 nations representing 90% of global emissions put forward plans to cut pollution. america is a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. and approving this project would have under cut that -- undercut that global leadership. that's the greatest risk wee face. not acting. today we are continuing to lead by example. ultimately if we are going prevent large parts of this earth from become inhospitable and uninhappen und but uninhab. we'll have to release less pollution into the sky. as long as i'm president of the united states america will hold ourselves to the same high standards to which we hold the rest of the world.
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i look forward to joining my fellow leaders in paris to construct a framework to protect one planet we have. we want to prevent climate change before it's too late, the time to act is now. not later, not some day. right here, right now. and i'm optimistic about what we can accomplish together. i'm optimistic because our own country proves every day one step at a time that not only do we have the power to combat this threat, we can do it while creating new jobs. while growing our economy, while saving money, while helping consumers. and most all leaving our kids a cleaner, safer planet at the same time. that's what our own ingenuity and action can do. that's what we can accomplish. america is prepared to show the
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rest of the world the ware forward. thank you very much. harris: president obama talking about his rejection of the keystone pipeline. you heard the reporters shouting questions. he will not taking them. november 30 you heard the president making reference to attending a conference in paris and talking climate change and what he wants to take to the table. when you pass something like this what you signal reportedly to the rest of the room in that conference november 30 would be where america stands in the fight, if you will. let's bring it out to the couch. the timing being important because next president could flip this. senator rubio already came out with a statement. he says when i'm president i will undo the keystone pipeline. it will be approved if he becomes president. this sets up the conversation for paris.
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andrea: for paris and appeases a liberal base that's been opposed to this for a long time. hillary didn't come out in favor or opposing the pipeline for as long as she possibly could. she waited. she needs the environmental money. so that's what she decided to do. when joe biden did not primary her she knew she would have the union endorsement. the environmentalists and the unions are at war. he talked about the safety of the pipeline. his own state department and epa refuted him on this. he says the jobs are temporary. what were his shovel ready job perhapses with stimulus? cheap gas which melissa can talk about. he doesn't have to approve a five line when gas prices are so low. so there is no public pressure. harris: to add to what andrea just said.
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the president it's calling on congress to shore up the infrastructure in the energy sector. >> did see that map any want to show you something. you see a pipeline stretching across the united states. what you don't see are the thousands upon thousands of miles of other pipelines all over the place. somehow we have fix eight on that pipeline. so i ask president obama if you think that a pipeline is unsafe. should we dig up all these other five lines and start using more trains which are less safe? should we transpay the oil by camel? or if you are worried about toxic materials being transported by pipe light's time to outlaw indoor plumbing. we should go back to chamber pots. this is thoroughly hypocritical. he said the risk was overstated. then drift into apocalyptic dialogue to himself about how
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the world was going to end, the world and we have to do something after saying it's not that bad. harris: at one point the president was talking about the wind and how it tripled the effects of the wind. >> it's coming from him. harris: right many a political season. he's speaking to the issue you say there is no heed behind this. julie: this issue, the keystone pipeline i never understood either side getting so -- it's a nothing burger. it's not going to have the environmental impact they said it would. it won't create the hundreds of thousands of jobs. andrea: 40,000 jobs. julie: ultimately. 50 permanent jobs. andrea: that's not a lie. julie: 40,000 not permanent. i'm talking about permanent jobs.
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you are missing what i'm saying. i don't care about the pipeline one way other other. i don't care by the because it's nothing. i don't know how many pipelines we have going underneath this country. melissa: i covered energy for a decade. he talked about fact gas prices are low because of green energy and wind energy. that's not true. the reason why gas prices are so low is because of fracking which also he evil possible fossil fuel. it's because of technology. i have watched the price of gas and oil go up and down as i covered it. we are like the grasshopper who thinks winter is never coming again. when the price of oil is low we don't plan for the future to ease prices the next time we have a big jump.
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>> can i add one thing? i believe the wind mills which kill 1.5 million bird a year have done more damage than the b.p. oil spill. i think it' true. i think it killed for bird than the b.p. oil spill. i happen to love bird. harris: what make this such a bad decision? melissa: this oil is coming out of the ground no matter what. if you don't like this dirty oil it will happen no matter what. this is the cleanest, safest way to transport it. the footprint from this will be so much bigger by not together pipeline it's a bad environmental decision. harris: transcanada just asked in recent day, could you extend the deadline beyond this president hoping maybe a change in the white house would bring them a different answer on keystone.
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again, that different answer could come depending on hot next president is anyway. but it's hard to turn a program around. the lineup is set for the republican debate next tuesday night on fox business network. the big shakeup in the race. carly fiorina abeargt ladies of the view more the fir time since they said her face looked difficult meanted. and they wish there were a smiling fiorina halloween mask. how it all went down. did you know that good nutrition
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andrea: the field is set for the next republican debate hosted by fox business and the "wall street journal" tuesday. to qualify for the later lineup a cad had to score 2.5% or higher. for the first time new jersey governor chris christie and former arkansas governor mike huckabee did not qualify. but they will participate in the debate two hours earlier. chris christie tweeted it doesn't matter, give me a stage
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and while talk about issues. but the eyes are going to be on that stage. stakes are high but polls remain unchanged. trump on top. carson right behind him and a lot of pressure on these other candidate to shine and rise in the polls. harris: a real opportunity for the american people to get something. for the first time we are seeing carson and trump go head-to-head. as the polls have tightened up and plateaued, it set these two men to be more one-on-one. if they can get hit with substantive issue, it will be edifying for the american public. put some information in the there. andrea: gregg you mark these date on your calendar with a bought of red wine.
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>> the driving force behind an economy to me is security. no matter what they say it's always got to be about terror. we just saw a russian jet be taken down with a piece of luggage supplied by isis. one of those incident in the united states will wipe all economic information off our newspapers and cable for the next two or three weeks. we have a president consumed by climate change, i'm consumed by terror change. it's important we talk about this in every debate because i haven't heard specifics from the leaders ben carson or donald trump not on dealing with isis but dealing with surveillance and intel. how do you feel about nsa. do you have adolescent infatuation with snowden? that should be gone. we are living in the age of isis. we have to think seriously about this stuff. security trumps our economy.
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melissa: i couldn't disagree with you more. the jobs number told us people are back to work. people are watching saying no it's not good. my bank account is not full. my mortgage is under water. i have a job that doesn't pay my bills. i think the economy is front and center. i would say give me the first three things you will do. >> your mortgage means nothing when your city is pulverized. melissa: we live with our economic circumstances. i don't think your number one plane is getting on a plane. >> i would rather be unemployed than pulverized. andrea: the polls say the economy is the top issue. if you look at the media cycle you would never not. this political season has not
9:21 am
been about the economy but on voters can't we walk and chew gum at the same time. >> not me. julie: when you have ben carson putting out numbers on medicare and medicaid it would act for half of government spending and it doesn't. math would be great. the businessmen who claim to be businessmen perhaps they should do math to put behind their wharton degrees. harris: we are hoping to have more information about that russian jet. our own department of homeland security is looking at whether we need to shore up our own defenses and security at our airports. that's a reality. you can't ignore it. andrea: the next republican debate is four days away on fbn.
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sandra smith and trish regan will start the debate and maria bartiromo and neil cavuto for the second debate at 9:00 p.m. go to channel and demand fbn. president obama gheerg up for a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. aimed at mending ties with our closest ally in the middle east. dr. ben carson pushing back against a report suggesting that he made up stories about his violent past. is he the victim of a media smear campaign?
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andrea: president obama gearing up for a meeting at the white
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house with benjamin netanyahu monday. a 10-year defense deal reportedly worth $30 billion will be discussed. in a jewish newspaper county forward," hillary clinton promising to meet with mr. netanyahu in her office during the first move her presidency. many are seeing this as a direct slight to president obama who wanted three months to meet with the israeli leader. mr. obama concluded according to one white house official, for the first time in two decade the american administration facing a resolution on the israeli conflict is not in the card. he gave it speech about returning to '7 borders. he -- to '67 borders.
9:28 am
there has been a sense of hostility coming out of this white house towards benjamin netanyahu that it don't think this meeting can fix. gregg: obama hates the car gone footprint but not as much as the israeli footprint. he's been educated on this, they can't get together even after gay marriage. harris: when i sat down with senator rand paul, he concede the fact that this is probably an icy relationship between president obama and netanyahu. so he saw a future, whether he were president or not that our congress would be label to shoirp that relationship once the president is out of office. andrea: this hostility, time and
9:29 am
again you see the president have hasher words for israel than he does for iran. last night i had honor of going to the israeli forces dinner and meeting with wounded warriors. they are dealing with terrorists every single day. president obama con plates the two -- con plates the two. two. p drks. julie: he doesn't confl ate the two. >> . obama was called anti-semitic which is insane. so to me this relationship is going to have to wait until after base out of office for bb -- we don't know how long bb will be around.
9:30 am
thank you may be an election still around. but this is now gone the to the point where it's become so personal between the two of them it's starting to affect relationships. andrea: hillary pens this editorial that went largely unnoticed. when i saw this i thought wow, she is claiming she can rebuild the relationship, almost insinuating that it has disinterest grade. melissa: she hasn't been on the right side of this for some time but she realized this is a group she needs. it's also a group with look memory. it will be interesting to see how they view her going forward. dr. ben carson is firing back after a cnn report surging he made up stories about his violent past to make himself seem more interesting. he says when he was younger he almost hit his mother with a hammer and he tried to stab
9:31 am
someone, by says the power of prayer changed him. cnn interviewed 10 people from car son's past. >> those claims are absolutely true. you know, i am 100% sure they are true. and this is simply an attempt to smear and to deflect the argument to something else, and the media is ruthless. sow i would say to the people of america, do you think i'm a pathological liar does cnn does in or do you have think i'm an honest person? i'm going to leave that up to the american people to make that decision. melissa: that was ben carson responlding. car son's campaign admitting just moments ago that his story about getting sepped into and receiving a full scholarship to west point is inaccurate. he never applied.
9:32 am
that has been a central point of carson's inspirational story for years. this latest wrinkle is tough. you are shake your head. julie: it reminds me of gary hart. he said i did nothing wrong, this one and followed me around. they find him on a boat called monkey business with a woman sitting on his lap. then this west point story comes out. melissa: reading what they are dispeuting. he's saying he was -- no one is disputing this part of it pep was the numb one rotc candidate from his city. he met with the general and talked about west point. he didn't actually fill out the application. julie: he said general west moreland who was one of the leaders he met said that he should apply to west point and basically on the spot offered him a full scholarship.
9:33 am
you don't pay to go to west point. melissa: he would have gone the in had he filled out the application but he didn't. gregg: this is a thing you are seeing more and more among people in the public eye. when they have a great story, they still change it. he would have been fine with his story. but he changed it. i think a lie is often a coat of paint that you put on a story you are bored with. it's not necessarily for other people. it's for yourself. it's like renovating an apartment. it's like putting a fresh coat of paint on a story it am not like a deliberate destructive lie like hillary clinton on benghazi. julie: why not? what i don't understand to gregg's point is he has an amazing life story. he's 13 years old.
9:34 am
dropped out of school. single mother. now there is a question mark every everything else he said. andrea: he wrote this book, but he wrote this in the book. so every other page is going to be in question. harris: i have never done what you and julie do, i have always been on the other side as a journalist. obviously you guys would be tasked for a candidate why didn't his people find this out? julie: self-research is something campaigns don't do. super easy. get an opposition research to do research on you. andrea: the first thing we do on political campaigns is hire a private investigators to research us. as press secretary i want to know what's coming count pike. they didn't do that. and this is a big issue because -- harris: they didn't do it well.
9:35 am
andrea: to gregg's point, we see people lie. hillary lied about getting shot in bosnia, she lied about her grandparents being immigrants. but she is a liberal and the media covers for her. melissa: as somebody who wrote a book about my own childhood. the publisher checked the details. harris: donald trump just tweeted this out. previously the story you were talking about, his religion and faith and stories edtold about his childhood and violence. trump just tweeted the carson story is either a total fabrication or if true even worse, trying to hit his mother over the hammer or stabbing a friend. those are things carson said happened before his life was turned around. andrea: what's his number one quality, they can trust him.
9:36 am
melissa: last week the ladies of "the view" ripped carly fiorina's appearance saying her smile looked difficult meant. would they say such things to her face? she was back on the view today. we'll show what you happened. fox news reporting "destiny and power, the private diaries of george herbert walker bush." it airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. never before heard recordings of our former president's private thoughts.
9:37 am
>> george bush was his own man. an did things particularly in the foreign policy sphere that were somewhat different than might have happened under a president reagan. has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. andrea: carly fiorina returning to "the view" in just the last hour. she appeared from new hampshire to talk to the hosts since michelle collins call her smile in the last debate difficult meant an and whoopi goldberg testified that comment. there were jokes about turning her face into a halloween mask. >> if you meant your comment
9:42 am
about my face being difficult meanted in a halloween makes as humerus, so be it. i guess you misinterpreted donald trump's comments with my face. >> i don't understand why any politician is exempt from my comedic jokes. i don't get that. >> you know what, joy, you can say whatever want. you always have and you always will. >> you are trying to make lemonade out of lemons here. >> you are telling me you guys are lemons. andrea: boom, that was the best line of that entire hour. you could barely hear the poor woman talk. harris: jay behar saying, hey, this is all about me. i think that tells you everything you need to know. a lot of what's coming out of there is one trying to shine
9:43 am
over the other and trying to get that mouth going. my mom says you don't need another star to shine if you are shining in the sky at your own. andrea: they were see angry with carly fiorina. they were competing to spew hate at her. gregg: i find it strange that her name is joy. she says we are comedians even though she often aspouses political ideology on the show. we as a people should have the comedic exemption. if you are making a joke it should be treated like a joke. comedians do not deserve that special carveout. that is b.s. that was the weakest part. the. melissa: the most starting part was they were having a discussion on who is on the side
9:44 am
of women that was interesting. and she said something about harvesting baby parts. and whoopi goldberg tomorrowed on top of her. she said some, stop, stop, you know that's not true, you know planned parenthood is not harvesting baby parts. they both shout her down. isn't it just disputed whether they are profiting from it or not? i don't think even planned parenthood disputes that they use body parts for research. andrea: why did plan the parenthood come out and say they are going to stop taking money for it. those women were so out of their league. they were box way out of their class. julie: i haven't seen the show for so many years. what happened to that show. you used to have veal journalists on this show. all of a sudden you have people
9:45 am
who pretend to know something about politics and they don't. i don't subscribe to her views. she was a star compared to all of them. she was classy. she was amazing. she smiled. she had the best line and the rest of them are sitting there trying to shout her down, fighting amongst each other to see who would be the prosecutor against her. andrea: she helped their ratings. julie: she helped herself because she looked like she was up here and the rest of them were in the gutter. harris: she is the first to tell you she is a fighter. then they wouldn't let her talk because they were losing. andrea: we would like correspondly to come on this couch. we promise we'll not insult you and degrade you. we'll ask you fair questions about policies and issues. so the invitation is out there. what are 8th graders learning in school? civil war history, algebra?
9:46 am
in one school they are also learning about getting drunk at a party ending up with a an s.t.
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harris: jon scott is coming up with the second hour of "happening now." jon: we'll have more in the breaking news in the race for the white house. ben carson is telling politico he did not receive an appointment to west point a after all. president obama canceled the keystone pipeline in a speech just a while ago. plus part two of our look at the inca trail and machu picchu. and there is an incredible story of survival. harris: i have loved every minute of your story telling it's delicious. i'll see you at the top of the
9:51 am
hour. melissa: big controversy over language arts assignment for 8th graders in new jersey. it asks kids to write a reactive response to ascenario where they go out and get drunk and regret consequences. you go to the party and start drinking. you end up having sex with someone you never met. a week later you find out you contracted pecontracted herpes e night stand. this is a disease you will have all your life. 8th graders. harris: it reminds me of that movie starring aim ofy schumer this summer. how is this conversation going to help the bigger conversation that is relationship building and responsibility and accountability and all of this?
9:52 am
this is like stand iland. melissa: this is a school from kindergarten to 8th grade. i was trying to pinpoint what as a mother bugs me about this. basically way it's saying it, it's giving a scenario and saying this is normal, and if you are not doing it, whether the herpes part is. if you are not going to a part crane getting drunk and having random sexing with someone you don't know you are abnormal. if you are doing it you are normal. gregg: i wish i had gone the this letter when i was younger. it's not age approachiate and it makes you think you are missing out on something. i think this is based on personal issues of the teaching staff. they can't afford therapy. i have an issue with my digestive system. do you think activity might help?
9:53 am
melissa: the school defended this. the superintendent said the assignment is part of the core curriculum. the schools were given the seven habits of highly effective teens. they are not backing down. julie: could you imagine getting this assignment, you are reading this and i do what? then i get what? and for the rest of mire life what's going to happen to me? you are going to be shell shocked. what is going on. what core curriculum. i group in new jersey, this was no core curriculum. melissa: the superintendent said her son could opt out of sex education. and his mom said this wasn't sex education, it was a different class. andrea: even health classes get raunchy. i rib my teacher trying to teach us about pregnancy. this is even worse.
9:54 am
but i think it's a bit of a reality. melissa: 8th graders? i'm lock my kids in their room, they are not going back to school. harris: a health class setting, not an language arts setting. andrea: in the real world kids are having sex younger and younger. they might know about this. harris: we are seeing statistics with people under the age of 50 having an enormous amount of stds. mel require am not easy being right in a very liberal world. in his new book our one lucky guy reveals how to win your argument and win your argument and purchase situated other side and win over that lefty friend. active management can seek to outperform.
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much.
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just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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harris: our one lucky guy believes' not enough to be right, especially when you are not a liberal. in his new book. how to be right. the art of being persuasively correct. he reveals his extra injure for winning any argument with the left. doing things like discard your outrage. use your mom. how does this work? gregg: using your mom.
9:59 am
when i tbhorkd mag seents i always had a picture of my mother. how do i simplify a story on coronary stents. i knew my mom liked her vodkas. it's like when the olive gets stuck in the straw. i do theafort day on "the five." we all have targets on our backs. the media hates as you because year consequence are. the government hates us because year conservatives. academia hates us because we are conservatives. >> not me, i'm beloved. melissa: you do it with humor. you laugh a lot and you admit when somebody else has a good point. gregg: i learned that people can make lot of money off your anger. it bought jon stewart's second house and stephen colbert's
10:00 am
jacuzzi. don't be mad. have fun. that converts people instead of confirms them. harris: run out and read the book. gregg: it's right there so you don't have to run. have a great weekend. .


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