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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 6, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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110 percent. we will miss you but we wish you all the best, and i bet you're going to graduate with honors from the coding school. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. when it comes to the latest develop inside the race for he white house we cannot make this stuff up. but apparently everybody else can. for instance, dr. been carson accused of lying about get aing a scholarship to west point but his campaign says the media is making stuff up. we just called west point and we have news. either way, better believe donald trump is all over this thing, and governors christie and huckabee knocked off the main stage for the fox business network run republic debate. here what they have to say about that. and we're also watching some wild developments in the case of the cop who staged his own death to look like a murder. did he really get his mistress to mary his -- marry his own son to scam military benefits?
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let's get to it. >> first from the fox news deck, dr. ben carson, a candidate to lead the nation and its military, insists he is not lying when he says he was off ever eat full scholarship to west point. dr. carson's team claims the media is lying. carson's most recently told the story last month to charlie rose on pbs. >> i did it. i was offered a full scholarship to west point, got meet general westmoreland, go to the congressional medal of honor dinners, but decided my pathway was medicine. >> a full scholarship to west point. we just talked to west point. reps from the school tell us that there is no such thing as a full scholarship to west point. dr. carson's team says west point reps toll him they could help him get an appointment bait owned great grades and performance in rotc, but hi didn't seek the admission.
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dr. carson is sticking to the rest of this life story, prom mying that he did try to stab somebody and bash his mother's skull with a hammer. but if you think that is something important to know about your potential next president or whether he lied about it, dr. carson says you're just trying to distract. dr. carson has written about having a violent past and overcoming it through faith, but reporters who tracked down his childhood friends said they can't confirm any of it. carson took a break from his book tour through florida to talk with megyn kelly. >> the person i tried to stab, i want to be revealed. they were not anxious to be revealed. it's a smear campaign, but i'm not going to play that game with them. they can do it all they want. they're going to go back and try to find anything that i've ever said and try to get me on the defensive about it. about it. carson's top rival, donald trump, was quick to attack. he tweeted, and i quote, the
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carson story is a total fabric addition or, if true, even worse, trying to hit mother over he head with a hammer or stabbing friend. now as the republican front-runners bicker over whether one did attempt a bloody felon, the rest of the republican field is getting less crowded on the main debate state. chris christie and mike huckabee are out. failing to qualify for spots on the primetime debate. for the first time their low poll numbers mean they'll be part of the earlier undercard debate. the candidates with the lower poll numbers didn't qualify for any debate at all. that includes senator lindsey graham and at the former governors george pataki and jim gilmour, then carl cameron is covering all of this somewhere in washington today. wow, carl, you can't make it up. >> well, it's pretty amusing, all of this, but also early, shep, and getting voted off the debate island is not the end of it. obviously that's a big setback for. >> chris: and huckabee, and as
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well for jim gilmore was bounced off the debite stage after the first debate. what happened to christie and huckabee they fell short of the 2.5% required in fourth of the most recent polls in order to qualify. christie was in new hampshire today, filing to get on the new hampshire first in the nation primary ballot. afterwards he held a marathon session with reporters. win at least an hour taking virtually every question and making the point that debate rules do not decide the presidency. voters do. >> this isn't a student council election. you don't vote on friday and whatever has the most friends wins. the voters of new hampshire and the caulk caucusgoers in iowa play a huge role in winnowing the field, and they're the ones who will winnow the field, not anybody else. >> mike huckabee issued a statement saying the same thing. he won the iowa caucuses in
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2008. he said, quote, i'm happy to debate anyone, any 9/11 we're months away from boats being cast and neither the pundits or pjllep will decide the selection indianapolis will. donald trump who has been machine klaining they last three debates had too many candidates flip-flopped and tweed, quote, i think it would be a good idea and fair to include governor christie and mike huckabee in the debate. solid and good guys. marco rubio said he felt bad for the when was were downgraded but the reality ills they are all trying to knock each other out of this. it's the highest stakes game of musical chairs in the world and at the end there can only be one winner so they're running against one another. ware thy when-they say share sorry, you greatto wonder. >> chris wallace is with us. what do you make of this? especially this carson business? >> well, look, there are two parts to the story. one of is his personal story when he was 14 years old, and the question as to whether he tried to stab a friend or not.
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we're not gopher to know the truth of that, and so to a certain degree that's a wash. potential command their cheek much more damage, and also much more provable, is the story that he was offered a full scholarship to west point. this comes out of a book he wrote, an auto buy owinggraph, called "gifted hands" in which he tell as detail story about memorial day 1969, he ills the head of the rotc program in detroit. he says he had dinner with general william west more happen 0 who had stepped down as the commander of all u.s. forces at west appoint. he makes it sound like it was a dinner with him, westmoreland, and some congress wall medal of honor winners and then offered a scholarship to west point. westmoreland wasn't in detroit thatpv-t day. the was playing tennis in washington. there was an event in february that year but it was a 1500
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person banquet. there's no record that carson ever met westmoreland and seem he would have been one of a thousand people to meet him and as has been pointed out, west point has no record, not o. of him ever getting a scholarship, and everybody who goes to west appoint gets a scholarship. it's full ride from the government. but that he ever even applied. that's serious the idea you would claim you got accepted and by west point and you never actually applied. >> west point has never given a full ride scholarship. none of the military academies has given a full ride scholarship. you pay for your schooling with service, typically five years of service, in whatever branch of the military the academy to which you go. in fact someone told today, i'm always enbarrassed for people when hey say they got a full scholarship to fill in the blank academy which means they don't have any idea what they're talking about. i just wonder if this sort of
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thing is going to resonate? his line is issue blame the media, they're here to distract. they're terrible. that's what they always say when they don't have substance. they've attack the messenger. it's not a new trick. >> well, here's why it is potentially particularly damaging to ben carson because basically what he has got and running for president on is his story, his life, and it's an extraordinary life because, say what you will, he grew up in abject poverty him mom was ill7< literal. he ended up going to the best colleges and becoming a world famous neurosurgeon all of that is true but never served in any government role. he doesn't have a public record to run on. and so he is run only his life story, a major part of that life story, the idea he was offered -- forget what you whatnot to call it -- he basically was admitted to west point and in fact never even applied to west point. p his
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personal credibility. >> bigger picture, all of this shooting inside the tent that the republicans are doing, it's not new today, but they just keep firing at each other over and over. ronald reagan must be rolling over somewhere. >> well, and remember, you have a situation where you have hillary clinton has got all kinds kinds of credibility problems. she is tremendously underwater in terms of heir honey and truthworthy ratings, a lot of problems with barack obama, particularly his policy, his foreign policy and syria and iraq and all of that, and as you say, here you are --ñbwb we bee been talking for eight or nine minutes all about republicans firing at other republicans and this has been going on for months. instead of going of who would she be enemy or opponent, they're going after each other. >> we ought to beún=0jjt about your rebels anyway, 7-2 control our then destiny in the sec
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west. keep winning. it's yours. the atlanta is yours. >> what are they, lay lost -- >> they lost -- >> they lost would else? >> alabama -- no, they beat alabama. they lost in gainesville. beat up. >> they louisiana to florida. >> it's not over. still control their own destiny. >> it's close to over. >> they control their own destiny. beat arkansas tomorrow, then lsu has to come to town, probably number one, them you gone to go to stark and bee them, them atlanta and win that and you got the whole thing. a little boring to a hater, isn't it? >> well, i'm not a hater. i just -- it's kind of delusionary. you can't beat memphis and now you're talking -- what ills the end game here? you're going to get into the college playoffs? >> the end game is atlanta. never been there. never been. the not for the sec championship game. never been. we are lowly us. just us, kris. just --
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>> i'm not sure i'd book a room. >> i just enjoyed tweaking you every friday. >> is that what this is? i have the power over who comes here and who doesn't, chris. don't forget that. you've be nice. we're nice in oxford. we are nice. always win the party. i. most of the people from oxford. >> chris is not having a program this weekend. sunday he is taking off. so don't bother. >> i'm not talking to chris christie or mike mccall about the situation with the russian jet. i'm not doing any of those things on sunday. >> chris christie, did he make the debate? >> well, yeah, he made the debate. >> good. christie will talk -- >> the early debate. >> their early debate which is now at 7:00. they changed the game time for that. you just marco rubioed it. you just drank water. these are the people -- you're laughing go ahead and laugh.
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he is laughing. all haters laugh in times like these. look at the football -- >> my gosh. my wife says to me, shep is being mean to you, i said, no, no that's just his way. his form of affection. >> i'm mean to him? i'm sending oxford to north capital. it's it. thank you, chris. have a great show. won't be watching. >> thank you, shep. >> i always watch. i'll be watching chris with the next republican debates as well, could coming up on tuesday, he is leaning back in his chair. 7:00 eastern time. maria and neil cavuto will anchor the primetime ceremony tuesday, november 10th though, fox business network, giving you the power to prosper, and there are -- you can now find the fox business network on almost all systems because we just got a lot of carriage and we thank our partners for that. you can find fbn by going to fox finder.
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the seven year battle of theodicean xl pipeline is over. president obama says he is rejecting the project because it's not a in america's national interests. he says it would not lower gas prices and would not make a big difference in the economy. plans for the pipeline show its started in canada, and carried oil to gulf of mexico. environmentamists have been filing it. republicans claim it would create thousands thousands of cn jobs and the president says it wasn't. the president accused both side of exaggerating their arguments. >> this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy, as was promised by some, nor be express lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others. >> paul ryan says, by rejecting this pipeline the president is rejecting tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. he is rejecting our largest trading partner and energy supplier. the fox business network's peter barnes is live. >> the president supported the state department's ruling, claiming that, aside from the climate change issues, it, one,
12:17 pm
would not help our economy much in the long term, not create that many new jobs work not lower gas prices for consumers and in part because the u.s. is producing more of its own oil and more alternative energy sources, thanks to his policies and is well on the way to the goal he set three years ago to cut oil imports in half by 2020 so we don't need all this canadian oil anyway. >> between producing more oil here at home, and using less oil throughout our economy, we met that goal last year. five years early. in fact for the first time in two decades the united states of america now produces more oil than we buy from other countries. >> critics point out that a lot of the canadian oil is coming to the u.s. anyway but less safely by rail and by tanker, in a statement the pipeline's company transcanada said it is ditch
12:18 pm
appointing the administration appears to sayey to more oil ill moments from venezuela and rather than canada, a country with rule of law and values consistent with the u.s. tied's decision is a damaging blow to the jobs, the economy, and environment on both sides of the border.#kuúo asked if it would re apply under a new president, transcanada spokesman says, quote, we're considering all options. that's one of them. >> thank you; the store of the crooked cop who killed himself and tried to make look like member milled him keeps getting worse. now there's word of a sham marriage to scam money from the military. and internal police files that paint him as a drunken bully who likes to grope women's breast others christmas parties and we're just getting started. that's next.
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. at least two people dead, dozen missing after a mudslide bury an entire village, destroyed homes and film eve cars in brazil. two dams burst at an iron mine. rescuers are trying to find survivors. happened in the southeastern part of the country 150 miles north of rio. some images in our slide show. incredible devastation. this village covered in mud. officials say the water could be toxic. look at this car here. another look at all the damage. the car hanging off the roof of a house, and a closer view of that now with a couple of dogs stranded on the roof. awful scene. here crews are rescuing one of the pups who was in that mudslide and people made it out of homes in time. some of them. here are a few sitting around a
12:23 pm
bonfire after evacuating. one firefighter says he expects a lot more deaths since crews are having trouble finding remains. the imcop who investigators say staged his own death to make look like he died on the job, once arranged for his mistress to mar army soldier son. they say it was apparently a scam, a scam to get military marriage benefits. you cand2r
12:24 pm
night of drinking and took him home. officer gliniewicz apparently had no memory of the incident and mistakenly reported his struck stolen the nextwá%ñ and a detective says officer gliniewicz once tried to hire a hit man to kill a city council official who wanted to expose him as a thief. despite this there is no evidence he ever got serious trouble. the defense attorney evangeline gomez is here you. say this keis be negligence on the part hoff the city. >> well in regard to this new city administrator who apparently he was going to try to hire a hit person to basically knock off. troubling allegations going on for a long time. >> two decades. >> exactly. two decades. what dot you need do to get fired? was he being protected by other people? those are the questions i as an attorney. brandishing a gun. if you crime into work brandishing a gun you we be fired immediately. >> i would think. >> and private sector he would
12:25 pm
be gone but here we was able to get promoted. >> he has supervising youth in this program. >> exactly. and -- >> they elected like they didn't know anything. how could nobody know anything. it's in the record. >> and allegedly embezzling money for more than five years. a local charity. what about the trustees, the board involved? anybody looking at these receipts? how deep did this go? >> unless it looked like we're stating to pile on the guy. all these things are new and the question has to do with the public trust and whether that public trust was respected. >> exactly. and that is the problem here. what is going to happen? is this department going to have to be dismantled? what about other police officers who were there? once you see something like there is you say, it's not just one person because in any organization, this type of culture there has to be a lot of people supporting it. we do have a report that there were some officers who wrote a letter to a judge, explaining these misdeeds by this officer.
12:26 pm
why were they rite writing an anonymous letter to a judge? wasn't there some internal mechanism by which they could have complained to? >> there certainly is, there's a board to which you can go in any organization. >> was it controlled by him and those who were loyal to him? those are the questions you have. why were they've writing a letter to a judge. >> this is about the public trust. did other people vie lilt the public trust in the way this now dead officer did. >> exactly. how is the community going to have trust again in this police department was allowing what i would consider based on the information that's been released, dangerous individual, carrying around a firearm that was quote-unquote protecting other people. you look at this and you think, we should have been protected from him. >> multiple investigations ongoing and we'll report on them. thank you. >> thank you. >> major changes to security for all flights coming into the united states after that russian jet blew up over egypt. another country ground flights to the popular vacation resort there in light of the investigation. and look at the dow.
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i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. at least six people died and several others hurt after a charter bus crashed on a highway. according to police in north little rock, arkansas. the bus ran off the road and hit part of a bridge, ripping its roof off and throwing some passengers on to the highway. police say the bus was carrying workers from michigan to texas. no word on what caused the crash. nasa astronauts going on a six-hour space walk to do repair's then international space station. official says the crew had to deal with leaking ammonia while fixing the cooling systems. nasa claims the astronauts are not in danger. >> dozen's daredevils flying the skies in a wing suit competition
12:30 pm
in southern china. cop tess tenants -- contestants had to jump off a 9,000-foot mountain. the news continues right after this. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment.
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u.s. security officials are planning to tighten the screening process on flights headed from over seas to airports in the united states. that from the homeland security secretary, jeh johnson. sources now confirm the changes are directly connected to the russian jet that crashed in egypt's sinai peninsula last week, kill all 224 people onboard. president obama said during radio address yesterday it is possible that there was a bomb onboard the jet, and that the white house is taking it very seriously. meantime, russian government officials stopped all flights to egypt until they figured out what happened. that happened today. multiple british news organizations are reporting both u.s. and u.k. intelligence agents uncovered e-mails between islamic state members in egypt and syria in the e-mails suggest
12:33 pm
a bomb may have been placed in the cargoary of the doomed jet by someone working at the airport. any official investigation into what happened will take months and u.s. officials say all possible options, including a mechanical problem, have to remain on the table. team fox coverage now, greg palkot with the latest on the investigate from london, first, katherine herridge who has new details on u.s. security measures. >> the intense focus on procedures at overseas airports comes after u.s. and british intelligence services found substandard security at the sharm el-sheikh airport and investigators focus on whether an airport insider planted a bomb on the flight. there are no direct flights to u.s. airports nor to u.s. care years fly out of the airport, homeland security officials say connecting flights as well as passengers and luggage are potential vulnerabilities and this afternoon the white house emphasized new changes to airline security are not permanent. >> out of an abundance of
12:34 pm
caution and meanful of the possibility, secretary johnson earlier today announced a series of interim precautionary measures that would be taken at a handful of airports in the region to further secure the aviation system for american travelers. >> coming just three weeks before thanksgiving, the busiest travel weekend of the year, the decision to ramp up security was considered by what is call the deputies committee the most senior national security advisers next to the cabinet. >> what do we know about the intelligence surrounding is? >> well, this is a great question because the u.s. is not leading the investigation, but the u.s. government is still independently gathering its own information, and it was based on this new intelligence that the president used the bomb word. >> there is some u.s.góf; assessment, information, that the president says of the possible of a flight. >> information known by the u.s. government that led the
12:35 pm
president to make that statement. >> these security changes also reflect that new information as well as these recent government investigations that identify significant security gaps in tsa screenings.$w >> we have to be constantly reexamining what we're doing, as far as the and expediting -- people complain about waiting on line. we make the mistake of trying to expedite passengers at the expense of safety. >> the specific changes that are happening at overseas airports are highly classified, but based on our reporting today we believe it does include cargo, luggage, as well as a servicing of the aircraft itself. >> as investigators try to piece together what happened some 20,000 british tattooerist are stranded in the script, after u.k. officials suspended all flights to and from sharm el-sheikh airport in egypt. greg palkot is in london.
12:36 pm
we're hearing reports out of france about the plane's block box. >> very interesting report, shep. we have to be careful with them. fox news has not confirmed the reports but ill know the media sources are very reliable, and i do know that there were french experts on the team conditioning the black box, voice and sound recorder covered from the plane, they confirm that there was a sudden and brutal explosion on the plane, and then critically they were -- using the french word, nonaccidental. that was it was intentional. and then they used the word "it was an --" attack in france. this follows vladimir putin suspending all russian flights to egypt until the cause of the crash is known. remember, these are the folks just yesterday calling the british claims of possible terror premature and shocking, but, yes, as we have been
12:37 pm
saying, there's no conclusive evidence yet of a bomb onboard that plane. pieces of the plane, we have seen reports of today, are being brought back to russia where they will be examined for residue of any explosives. that was due has not been found. >> what about the situation on the ground in egypt? >> it's a mess. the sharm el-sheikh airport where the doom plane left. a confused scene. the brits halted all regular flights in and out but today they had some so-called rescue flights, trying to get at least 20,000 of the brit tourists out of there they were concerned bat suitcase bomb having been involved in the doomed plane crash, and another possible explosion that all tourists were limited to carry-on bags. now, moscow weighing in. brits have 20,000 tourist there russians, 45,000 in the area. going to be a real mess getting
12:38 pm
them out of there. certainly a changing landscape as we have been reporting regarding airport security. back to you. >> here at home it was fantastic month for jobs. the labor department reports employers added 271,000 jobs, totally beating expectations. the nation's unemployment rate is now at 5%. that is a 7-1/2 year low. the biggest job gains were in construction, health care and retail sectors. critic says new jersey of americans work organize actively looking for a job remains also its lowest level in nearly four decades. gerri willis is here. that was a big lunch. sorry. this report really is telling, isn't it? >> this is a report we have been waiting for. the kind of results you want to see. let in the give you some numbers. you can see what we're talking about. so, 271,000 jobs. wall street expected 180,000.
12:39 pm
think about that. that's a big beat. and a lot of these in business and professional services, jobs that pay well. also, jobless rate, 5.1%. we would stick at that. no, 5%, lowest level since april 2008 but this all pales in comparison to the wage number here. up 2.5%. this is critical because we have been stuck flat-lining for -- even going down for months and years now; so this is a very good number. as you say the labor force participation rate, 62.4%, and what is interesting about this report, and is buried, most of these jobs to people 5 and -- 55 and over, people 25 to 54 lost jobs. so that's surprising. you would have expected -- the big story out of this labor market is the older folks can't get jobs. not the case. this past month. >> the news is really good and it's the kind of thing that was going to have to happen before the fed goes ahead and raises
12:40 pm
interest rates. is tis the change? >> well, kite be. we'll have to wait. if i could tell you've that i would own an island somewhere but it could be. >> you and me. >> but it could be the thing that tips this over to getting a rate hike. they watch two things. they watch unemployment and watch inflation. inflation is nowhere so we don't have a reason to raise rates but jobs, who can argue. >> you can't really. seen these diamonds? i want to. >> two giant diamonds going on the auction block and could, they could, they could, they could make history. i'm going to over to lilly. she hates diamonds. you're aware of that. >> i hate might be a strong word. this first one is from christies. >> so small.ñ)zre >> 16 car rats, the largest -- a
12:41 pm
vivid fancy peek, the purest form of pink possible. >> sowms like something on chelsea. just saying. >> as oppose -- weighs two pennies. >> look at that hand. >> how much is it going to go for? >> i don't know. more than i have. >> they're estimating 23 to 28 million. >> what? >> yes. and that's a steal. >> oh -- there are two, right? you have another one. >> i. do this one is called the blue -- diamond, like once in a blue mooning very rare to have a blue diamond and it's internally flawless, 12-carats and this one -- if the other is 26 million. is this in the ballpark. >> 33 to 55 million. and even if it's on the low end it will still probably be the most expensive blue diamond ever sold at auction. >> wow. when is the sale? >> next week. the pink one goes on sale on tuesday and the blue one on wednesday.
12:42 pm
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in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. students as a high school traded flood like baseball cards and there might be hundreds of them. this happened in canyon, colorado, 50 miles south of colorado springs. school officials found out about it after an anonymous tip that led to the cancellation of a football game since the superintendent says some players are involved. prosecutors don't know the whole story. >> aggravating factors include things like the potential
12:46 pm
involvement of any adults, the possibility that these materials were coerced or there was any bullying involved, the possibility there hey have been some corresponding sexual contact between individuals. >> corresponding sexual conduct. these are eighth graders. sarah is with us, reporter for the canyon city daily record. who would have thought something like this? hundreds of pictures of kids naked? what is going on there? >> reporter: well, this is definitely probably the biggest story out of this small town, and i'm quite surprised by it. it's usually a very quiet and calm, but canyon city high school has 800 to a thousand students, and there's several hundred involved, that is a majority of the school. so, parents have been talking nonstop about this. >> do we know how they got started sending pictures of themselves naked? >> well, i have heard some
12:47 pm
conflicting information from people. some people said that this is started -- this started a long time ago. i had a mom tell me her sixth grade daughter was asked back in 2012 for nude photos -- >> what? >> but there war --ñ9á@s yes, sh grade. >> three years ago. this has been going on for a long time. >> right. and it could have been. the district attorney said there have been isolated incidents of this, but they're saying now it's such a wide scope, so that's why there's this huge investigation going on. >> now, there was a suggestion here that it's not just photos. it's -- there was sexual contact happening as well. >> that could have been. they are investigating that. >> i'm guessing this is the talk of everybody all over the place, and it won't be stopping anytime
12:48 pm
soon. what is the discipline been like out of this? >> well, a lot of others in the -- other than the cancellation of the football dancellation of the football the superintendent yesterday said that some disciplinary action had been taken, but when he was asked how many students have been suspended or expelled, he said he would rather not say. >> i bet he wouldn't. well, it's not a couple. and they have a crisis line now, and even if this is -- they were not co sired, this is a crime -- coerced this is a crime. we'll watch it but not too closely. thank you. >> thank you. >> a convicted felon celebrated his release from jail by throwing a five-day party and n somebody else's house. no perking my. because that's how some criminals roll. this happened in florida. everything does. lakeland, florida, 40 minutes east of tampa. the home owner there says that
12:49 pm
he was shocked when he came back from vacation and discovered a couple of criminals asleep in his bed. he shade assister they platted paint all over his walls and carpets, one of them had just finished seven months behind bars and wanted to celebrate. hope it was worth it. because you're going back now. >> remember the guy who flew the crazy gyrocopter thing from pennsylvania to the capitol building? got through some of the most heavily defended air space on the planet? all to deliver a message to lawmakers? well, novel we know how his legal case is going to shake down. so how much time might he do? for flying the bird up to the d.c.? that's next. this is brad.
12:50 pm
his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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the guy who flew a gyrocopter through restrict air
12:53 pm
space andland outside the u.s. capitol plans to immediate guilty. the happened in april, april 15 income. douglas hughes was a mailman at the time and said he wanted to deliver letters to congress protesting big money in politics. in case you're wondering his gyrocopter was a lawn chair with a propeller on top. trace gallagher has the news. serious charges here. >> reporter: douglas hughes was facing a bunch of felonies and up to nine and a half years in prison. now because of the plea deal he is looking at the possible of maybe three years in prison, although music' lawyer is under the impression that prosecutors won't ask for more than ten months but he is going to spend some time in jail, and be forced to pay up to $250,000 in fines. the faa would like him to pay an additional $11,000, but just like the jail time, the fines could end up being lower, which is good news for douglas hughes because he is now unemployed him was mailman when he made the
12:54 pm
flight, and put the postal service logo on the back of his gyrocopter, or verty-bird it's been known. >> this flight, he is saying he is guilty but certainly not apologizing. >> reporter: no. in fact when gets out out of jail he wants to speak out against money in politics which is of course the reason he made the flight in the first place. the letters you mentioned he was carrying for every member of congress? we're talking about how he wanted reforms and how he was tired of politicians being bought and sold. the letters apparently were never delivered so he may not have brought down big money in politics but he certainly exposed major flaws in the capitol's air defense system. remember the bill -- billion dollar preliminary that got away in it was supposed to detect things like gyrocopters but the day the flight happened, the blimp was getting a software
12:55 pm
update. that's the story we're being told. >> doesn't need that now. it's over. that program, that blimp thing is done. it's over. >> reporter: the verty-bird and at the blimp is gone. >> if he gets back on the verty-bird again i hope they catch him. have a great weekend. >> yep. >> it's nearly 75-degrees in new york city right knew. what? seems just about perfect for the rockefeller center christmas tree to arrive. they call it the commerce tree? the tree is a norway obvious -- spruce from downstate on a trailer. the tree lying is next month, which is a horrible day for you cannot walk outside the building, you cannot get lunch, and usually it rain and al roker. don't know. we'll be back with a nod to this day in history and an invention that changed how we all view the news.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> remember the alamo? ozzie osbourne does and he says he is sorry for peaking -- peeing on it. the toward the alamo with a crew this week. back in 1982 he was arrested for public intoxication and urinating in public. when he relieved himself on a memorial near the alamo's main building. the city of san antonio banned him. but officials pardoned him after he donated $10,000 to help restore the monument. on this day in 1928 "the new york times" started running the first news ticker. it zipped around the paper's former headquarters in times square here in manhattan, during world war that zipper broke the news that japan surrendered. right now there's more tickers but the times first relayed all the news what that fit to zip. 87 years ago. look at all those people in those windows there. ever walk by that window?
1:00 pm
give us a wave. 75 in new york city in the middle of november. something ain't right. when news breaks out we'll break in ex-even on -- even on a friday. have a good one. >> dr. ben carson, the focus right now. did he lie or misrepresent the fact inside some critics say that is lying. the good doctor telling bill o'reilly that is not the case when it comes to sprucing up a resume. >> we never formally offered any kind of accommodation at west point. is that correct? >> right. i was just told that it would be very easy for me. >> so that should have been a little clearer on page 57 of your book, correct? >> i guess you could -- could have been more clear. i told it as i in other words it. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" in


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