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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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ever walk by that window? give us a wave. 75 in new york city in the middle of november. something ain't right. when news breaks out we'll break in ex-even on -- even on a friday. have a good one. >> dr. ben carson, the focus right now. did he lie or misrepresent the fact inside some critics say that is lying. the good doctor telling bill o'reilly that is not the case when it comes to sprucing up a resume. >> we never formally offered any kind of accommodation at west point. is that correct? >> right. i was just told that it would be very easy for me. >> so that should have been a little clearer on page 57 of your book, correct? >> i guess you could -- could have been more clear. i told it as i in other words it. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" in
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a world of hurt for one dr. ben carson over a black in which he recounts a story that he had got an scholarship to go to west point. wasn't quite the case and the good doctor has been spending much of the day trying to clarify all of that as site likes politico have been bashing him for all but lying. when i caught up with jeb bush, you know who he is standing by. jeb bush. >> i don't truck -- trust politico. >> charlie gasperino says different approaches, for the good doctor this is getting to be a good pot of trouble here. explain. >> if you're running for the president of the united states, you're held to a very high level of scrutiny, and particularly if you're a republican, you should dot your is and cross your ts. you should know the liberal media is going to get you. here's where i agree with ben
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carson. it's possible, extremely plausible, if he was at a meeting and a ban qwest with general westmoreland, the leading general and people from west point, do they tell you, mr. carson, you are a grade a student, very smart, you are the type of person we want in -- to go to west point and we'll get you in there. i've seen that happen. happens all the time. that's very, very applause -- plausible. did he in fact have a meeting? now, if you go back, there are records of where westmore lean was during the dates that ben carson says he was meeting with him. that's no the detroit. that's a huge problem. maybe he conflated that with an earlier time. rush limbaugh was saying that westmoreland was in detroit a month or two earlier and maybe that's where he met with him. if the meetings didn't take
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place -- and they'll find out -- if they didn't take place, it gets to his credibility. do you want a president that makes stuff up? we have a guy in there right now that makes up a lot of stuff. we know the guy in there right now exaggerated some stuff in his biography, and this early years. we know that -- >> but on this issue, on their issue -- >> don't want that. >> general westmore lean is deceased but his wife is alive and doug mcelway cat up to him. she said he couldn't do that. if he met some appealing young man we ha recommended he apply, again presumely to west point. i they consider starving for good, qualified black candidates to apply to west point but he had no influence in the selection and there were no scholarships. well, now, here's where -- >> that's right hard for know believe a general would have no influence -- >> i understand. obviously this is the recollection of someone who
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would have been, what, 17, 16? so, he might have been conflating events and dates but cuts to the core of ben carson's appeal on the campaign, trustworthy and honorable. i irof if they're michigan amy -- yikes my view is that. if he met with westmoreland, month earlier or the did hey sid -- if he met with the and there were west point people there i think ben carson rides this out because he could say i was offered a chance to go to west point. he went to yale. going to get into west point. no offense to the west point people out there but ben carson, an rotc, guy went to yale. >> we should stress the original reading of the story and all the media pieces is that he lied about going to west point, he went to west opinion, when in fact we started peeling this back. it was a little more nuance than that and nothing close.
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>> he said he was offered a scholarship to go to west point. west point generally doesn't give scholarships. people go there for flee. you could say that -- >> you're recommended by under congressman or woman. >> if he melt with westmore lean, smart kid from the inner city with three people from west opinion, they probably offered him a chance to go to west point, that they turn over -- they would break every wall to get him. >> but if he didn't meet with them he has a huge problem. >> we should say, westmoreland's widow done address where they met but it would have been imfor for him to offer that. >> guaranteed he could hey helped. i. >> he was a big deal. a little bit more from my comments with jeb bush going back and forth on fox business network on this whole attack on carson, whether it was justified. this is jeb bush from earlier. >> ben carson is making news.
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i'd be remiss if i didn't mention it. back and forth whether he lied about something that is in a number of his books, where he was accepted into west point on an rotc scholarship. that turns out maybe not to be the case. and that politico and others reported he admitted that was not the case. now come back to say, or his campaign staff has, he never admitted any such thing, that the politico story is, from team carson, an youth right lie. if that's true he fab pick indicate that is he finish. >> i think the life story of ben carson is inspirational for all of us and i believe them to be true. so i'm not going to speculate about this. i admire the guy a lot, and we're going to all be vetted. i feel like if a been thoroughly vetoed be honest with you, and that's part of the process of running for president, but it ought to be done in an honest and thoughtful way. if he sailings he didn't do something, then i trust him.
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i believe him. >> but if he did? >> i trust him. >> so would you beviesed if it turns out the story was true? >> very surprised. i just believe he is a person of integrity and i admire him. >> that is one of his key assets, as you know, governor, that as far as trust is concern, and likability, hei> absolutely. for good reason. >> -- to his central -- now i'm wondering if it is true -- i know you don't want to speculate and you're a gentleman about that but a number of people are saying if it's even remotely true and there are other things they're going to check and misstatements they're going to check, the better part of valor would be for him to step out of the race. >> i trust him. i believe it. i don't trust politico. if it's between politico and ben carson, put me on the ben carson column, please. >> there's a debate coming up in a few days. >> that's what i hear. where are you going to be? >> i thick somewhere around milwaukee. do you feel the pressure?
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you have been asked this many times -- you have to be on your "a" game and come out like blazing fire. do you feel pressure in this debate? >> i just have to talk about the things that are important for our country to create sustained economic growth and to create a stronger america and not feel compelled to focus exactly on how the question is asked. no disrespect to the great questions that will be forth coming. i want to have a conversation with the american people and that's what i'm going to focussen. don't feel pressure at all. i i feel honored to be on the stage to be able to express my views about the most extraordinary country on the face of the earth. >> wide debt you think when president obama said,em! gover, that republicans have problems with moderators as a debate, who are they to start talking about dealing with putin and what have you. i'm pair friesing -- that you guys -- not you specifically -- are acting like babies. >> well, i'm glad he wasn't
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talking about me because i don't feel like that the moderators are to be blamed for anything. look, he has a failed foreign policy and he can demonize with the best of them. the most telling thing, neil, i've seen in the last month was in the democratic debate when asked hillary clinton said who are your enemies, she said, of course the nra, and if i had to have another one, republican party. that is what she is saying half of america is her enemy and the president is good at this, too. pushing people down to make himself look better and the simple facts are that he is getting schooled by putin. it is ember wassing. he should be embarrassed permanently and for our country, our national security interests are being imperiled by a president with no strategy to deal with one of the big, big national security risks we face, which is the unraveling of the middle east. and the allowance of russia to establish a military presence after 40 plus years of not having one.
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that's what he has to be held to account to. >> governor, you have heard a little built about your dad in a book in which he criticizes dick cheney and donald rumsfeld and said they kind of pushed your brother in the wrong direction, again, i'm kind of oversimply identifying it. how are things back at the home front? >> well, we're -- there's a wedding the week before thanksgiving. i'm going to ask. i know that my dad loves my brother and my brother adores my dad, and -- >> well, is your brother hurt by what he said? >> no. i didn't know about and it i don't think he knew. but he is a big boy. everybody -- >> why do you think your dad said it? >> i don't know. i realmy -- to be honest haste read the context in how it's said.
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the book hasn't come out yet. >> you're right. i'm going from quotes. >> that's a little dangerous to without reading it. my guess is that he wanted to show this love for his son by saying that whatever mistakes were made, weren't by brother's. the simple fact is my brother was the president of the united states, he was strong, whatever happened was under his watch. he accepts responsibility. the good and the bad. and he was an extraordinary commander in chief with our -- when our country northeasted and it believe dick yep the did an extraordinary job as vice-president and as secretary of defense when my dad was president. i don't think there's a conflict there at all. >> so everyone is all getting along in the bush -- >> at least i am. i'm not picking sides. that's for darned sure. >> that would be a no-win situation, governor, thank you very much. very good having you. >> thanks, neil. >> i do want to -- i wonder what he next family dinner will be
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more. to the candidates are getting geared up for the big debate with breaking news andsteen and economic numbers, the president bashing, hillary bashing, the media bashing. the big debate on tuesday in milwaukee two stages of very impressive candidates. liketake think impressive mold raters and friends at the warm. -- at the "wall street journal." we had this crazy inside, business, money, your money, just that. all right. in the meantime, the obama administration, after seven years, made a decision on that pipeline. no. now the question is, what do we do? after this. this holiday i can count on being slammed with orders. we're getting slammed with orders.
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the state department has decided that the keystone xl pipeline would not serve the national interests of the united states. i agree with that decision.
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>> why did he lie to the american people so long he was considering it? did anybody believe that barack obama was seriously considering the keystone pipeline. >> they put environmental extremism over thousands of good-paying american jobs. that's a mistake. >> this is a big mistake but if i'm president it will be reversed. >> for seven years, seven years, the white house has been weighing this. some would say dithering over this, whether this pipeline, which would be shipping oil for the canadian santos the united states, ultimately to the gulf, would ever bezñakñ open for bus. the canadaans to now a liberal government that just took charge this week has been bemoaning, please make up your mine but today the administration did. but not what they wanted to hear. the energy industry getting shall electricked on what they thought would never be passed, has never been passed under this
1:17 pm
pret. hope springs eternal for a future president. why did he come to this decision and i would now? report. >> reporter: you hit the nail on the head. seven years to say no? can you imagine you're asking out the same girl for seven years? and the doesn't tell you yes, doesn't say no. then finally she says, no. that's kind of what happened here at the white house today. the president said, listen, it wasn't in the national interests. it wouldn't create as many jobs a people were leading you believe and the president went ton say that it wouldn't lower gas prices because there they're already falling. it is fair to point out, neil, and i'll share a little sound from the president today. he actually took a little time to criticize both backers and opponents of this project. listen carefully. >> this pipeline would neither be a sill her -- silver bullet for the economy as promised by some, nor the express to climate disaster proclaimed by others. >> so now let me show you what
1:18 pm
they're saying on capitol hill. you played a bit of it. paul ryan, the newly minted houston speaker saying this decision isn't surprisings but its sickening. he is rejecting the will of the american people, and a bipartisan majority of the congress. a couple things stand out quickly. number one, i don't think anybody thought this white house was going to go with this. and number two, i think you said something very personality. i if a rips elected in 2016, you better believe this project will be back alive once again and very likely will make its way through the congress. >> could i just ask you how you knew about my dating career and that is how i was strung along? it's so weird. >> the seven years? my heart goes out to you. >> final my my wife said yes. thank you very much. great reporting. >> you outkicked your coverage, my friend. i'm proud of you. >> man, oh, man, crazy stuff. it's weird timing for this
1:19 pm
administration but thanks, buddy. charles payne is looking at this. i think it had a lot to do with his, that the wind was at the administration's back and it could argue, look, energy prices have come down, we have got jobs on fire. look at this employment report. unexpected growth. so, perfect timing to do this, and the rationale for doing this has gone away. what do you make of that? >> there's no doubt that this was a pretty good day for the administration, who thought there would be 271,000 jobs. but it wasn't across the board, neil. in fact in the minding sector we lost 4,000 jobs. in fact that these kind of jobs where people get their hand dirty we're not creating those jobs but hey happen to be great paying jobs. unions have come out to say this is a crazying are selfish decision, obviously not just politicians, and china at this very moment have built manmade
1:20 pm
island, gargantuan islands for one reason to control the oil in the south china sea. every nation around the world understands to propel prosperity in this countries you must have access toesle fuel -- to 0 fossil fuels. the rational being the urgency of climate change is so disingenuous it's amazing. >> what 90s nor canadians? one thing thissed a marges has a contentious reeling show with the conservative government but now they have prime minister trudeau and a liberal government in charge right now. truly dough was very critical of harper's approach to this and having it jeopardize the u.s. canadian relationship but he, too, like all of the canadiens are disappointed because this obviously was a big moneymaker and a big partnership with this country and they have to seek out other partner now. no good for our friend to the north. >> not good for our friends to the north three. source rich nation like canada.
1:21 pm
the pull back in oil -- which by the way, being that the timing on this, we have to thank american fracking for this, the fact oil has come down but it's a volatile market. one day oil will be $150 a barrel and canada knows this as well. >> why couldn't be exhaust all options? you and i touched on it. i if you like wind, solar, have at it. i say all in. but hen we dismiss this one we cede important ground to the very folks who are trying to kill us. >> if agree. we continue to send all of our money now, large portion of our money to the middle east, which i obviously funding people out there who absolutely hate us instead of helping our so-called friends to the north because, again, this is going to be a pipeline that we need. it will be a pipe -- would be a pipeline that would create jobs and it's just absolutely -- i want to add, too the president is saying that the urgency of climate change is now the main driver of policy. he will be able to apply this to a lot -- >> to anything. >> -- including executive
1:22 pm
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we are about five, six days out from the are crash in the sigh now of the russian airliner and it was about that time, six days in learned the plane over lockerbie scotland it was a bomb onboard. we have strong indications that might be the case here. we're not exactly positive but a number of suspicions have been raised and so tell tale signs have been raised but the department of homeland security is not taking changes. what's the layest?
1:26 pm
>> reporter: the plane crash is having a broader impact with homeland security officials confirming that changes to screening on flights coming into the united states reflect fresh intelligence from the tragedy. >> we're obviously mindful of new information that comes in and want to make sure we communicate as much as possible about what information the u.s. government has learned, and be sure that our national security officials are taking the appropriate steps. given those facts. and given those possibilities. to protect the american people. >> the intense scrutiny of screening at overseas airports comes after u.s. and british intelligence services found substandard security at the sharm el-sheikh airport and investigators focus on whether an airport insider planted a bomb on the flight. this statement from homeland security secretary jeh johnson says the increased security aft airports overseas reflects a, quote, abundance of caution, and the expanded screening includes
1:27 pm
items on aircraft, security assess. s aft foreign airports and offers to help with screening paroled our. while there are no direct flights to the u.s. from airports at sharm el-sheikh, homeland security says connecting flights and passengers and luggage are vulnerabilities. and this comes three weeks before thanksgiving, the traditionally busiest travel weekend. the decision to ramp up security was considered by the deputies committee, the most senior national security advisers to the president next to cabinet. >> my favorite guess when people are getting nervous, michael mccasey, the former u.s. attorney general. >> good to be here. >> they're now saying, this could be another lockerbie deal could happen here. people are getting nervous, a few weeks ahead of thanksgiving travel. tsa taking cautionary steps. what do you think. >> in locker by was 1988 and that was sometime ago. we have learned a lot since, and
1:28 pm
i think that the measures that we take have certainly improved and the measures taken now -- >> they're not taken universally, though. >> no, they're not and that's the reason that foreign airports are vulnerable. not to much our own airports as it is foreign airports from which planes originate and come to this country, and if somebody puts a bomb on an airplane, it can either be timed or set to altitude variation such that it is set to go off at a particularly vulnerable time. >> what do you -- let's say the russians or however -- are doing everything they could to check this but this was a new type of a weapon. if it turns out to be that. that would be undetectible. >> well, then we have in homework to do. i would wait a long time before i concluded that. obviously they have to analyze the wreckage, have to analyze what traces of explosives were found. if explosive was found on the airplane. appears it was a bomb.
1:29 pm
there are holes in the back of the airplane that show explosion outward. that its something that went off inside the airplane so appears to have been a bomb. >> obviously different countries react different ways. britain said we'll resume some flights buzz only carry-on luggage, nothing in come compartments. what do you think of that? >> that's one remedy. hard to travel with a care-on if you're going away from a couple of weeks, it's also hard to prevent airplanes from carrying cargo that is simply shipped unless you are going to ban that and that it wit cull this down economically. this will damage egypt's tourist industry. >> no one is going to in the pyramids anymore. >> that was part of what was intended. >> do you think that this was a reminder that for some reason, terrorist, whatever, are fixated on planes, that it's not gone
1:30 pm
away, still not gone away, and still an obsession. >> not really so much as obsession. airways are an obvious target. any crowded location is an obvious target as well. shopping malls are target. so, you can gate lot done with an away. plus the fact it has a large secondary effect which it scares people away from taking airports which affects an economy. so it's an obvious concentration on an obvious target. >> if an isis sympathetic group claims responsibility for this, that's a whole knew game for isis. >> i don't know about a who new game. it's variation on the game they're playing. and not that have been lacking for brutality and lacking for sophistication and effectiveness. they have proved themselves not quite the jv team. >> thank you very much. good seeing you. on these develops so much else
1:31 pm
to say nothing of what happened at the state department making this recommendation to nix the key zone pipeline, john kerry said it was the way to go we'll talk to state department spokesman, what worked into that decision, after this. matter hot the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east?
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are getting away away murder and they might respond.
1:35 pm
began with the state department in their purview to decide yea or nay on the keystone pipeline and they decided nay. john kerry said he weighinged it carely. john, very good to have you. what a lot of runs are saying, bad move. bad timing, and all in the name of climate change. bad justification. what are you saying? >> well, we look at this, as you says, exhaust differencely for several years. >> what took so long? >> well, the process was lengthy to be sure but that's because it had to include a lot of public involvement, public comments that had to be taken into account. so it was done thoughtfully, judiciously and done over a
1:36 pm
period of time. everybody understand to get this right north get it quick. and the secretary did determine that this was not in the national interests and climbed change and our leadership and ability to be a leader on climate change was a major factor -- >> why are those two irreconcilable, john? was there a feeling that you can't have this type of activity and be for addressing climate change at the same time even though the alternative to getting oil shipped around now presents a lot greater environmental risk? >> well issue don't think we share that assessment to be honest. we have looked at all of the factors here. and the fact is it didn't -- the numbers were one factor, obviously, and it didn't -- in the end, that didn't become a deciding factor because it didn't really affect the economy and n any measurable way, wasn't going to lower gas prices and transportation, the secretary
1:37 pm
was asked to determine was not this method of transportation versus this. it was his -- he was asked to say, to determine the national interests of this particular pipeline. why i can't say that this very dirty oil is going to transport through the country through other means, which it might, what we did determine was that the pipeline itself was not in the national interests in -- >> was it in our national security -- harkening back to your days at the pentagon -- lat of military types who say, i'd rather be getting whatever we can energy-wise from this country and exhausting all means in this country, including wind, including solar, but certainly including this, robert murray, the coal industry ceo says it's tantamount to war on the traditional fossil fuels that have given us this rapid decline in prices and the enviable position we have now and we're blowing it away. >> i think that's actually an
1:38 pm
overblown, overstated argument. we have dirks. >> look how lou energy prices? all of the fracking and alternative stuff, right? >> and so gas prices are lower, and we determined through this analysis that this pipeline would have no effect necessarily on prices but would result in the transport through this country of some hoff dirtiest oil on the planet, and that -- >> all their assurances they would clean these and all these unions that wanted these johns, saying they were fulfilling their environmental responses were they lying? >> urinalysis did not show this would have a measurable, effect on jobs or on gas prices. what it came down to was the potential for this pipeline to undermine our global leadership with respect to climb change. >> john, i appreciate you coming on. john kirby. >> thank you. >> from the state department. in the meantime, we have been seeing a lot more of these
1:39 pm
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[shouting] >> watching these protests last night in london. they're familiar scene because we saw them played out to a less violent way in chicago. they're very angry at the state of the world and feeling that jobs aren't there, and that the one percent are screwing them. you know the drill. i'm then looking at an employment report that comes out today that was stronger than expected, 271,000 jobs gained. unemployment raid of 5.0% and
1:43 pm
the people providing the jobs and the opportunities are the very one percent who they're railing against. so makes me think either they have misplaced rage or don't appreciate the people trying to ease their rage, or maybe it isn't about that. maybe that is a faux rage. bill, i'm not dismissing the rage and palpable anger but it's starting to be misplaced? >> i think it is misplaced. more importantly, if you ask most of the demonstrators watt what capitalism is they can't define it. they have been taught that capitalism this -- is a bad thing and the reality is it's made everybody's life better. they don't understand that or want to complain or demonstrate. again, i go back to school in this late '6 0s when riot was
1:44 pm
the thing of the day. >> i'm not saying this is french revolution type anger but seems to be reflecting the way they're getting away with it, we're getting nothing and you know that buildness certain countries, gets out of hand. >> what does get out of hand in certain countries and that's -- i'm always reminded of what i learned in school, that nikita khrushchev made the statement we'll defeat you from within and this is exactly the kind of thing that is foment in some okays by the education system and in other keiss the immediate use trying to convince the population that the top one percent or the business community or the corporate lifestyle or whatever it is it denying them the things they want, but if you stop and ask them what it is they want, most can't tell you. the ones that can tell you probably already have it. all this is fed by the social fabric we established in western
1:45 pm
country that allow people to think from cradle to grave shy be taken care of and hard work is put aside and these things worry be. we talked about the riots in seattle when the g7 was meeting there and we see these go in spurts. it comes up every year but i doubt most people can tell you who guy fox was -- >> do someú$z of your colleagues tempt that argument and give capital rhythm -- capitalism a drug name? they can triple the price of drugs or those that deliberately gouge customer's to make a quick buck. they remind people, certainly they get hillary clinton on their hiney, and other candidates who say, yeah, there are abuses here, we got to rein them in and watch them and police them because left unfettered, they'll fetter you. >> i think there's some truth to that, neil. but i think you have to have a
1:46 pm
conscious, in capitalism, and generally most do. again, like rather other endeavor in life there are a few people that give everybody elves a bad name. and in this case there are drug companies that charge too much. there are other companies that take advantage of the corporate welfare that seems to be rampant in the u.s. as politicians try to curry favor and to get funds for political campaigns, and so it is something we have to watch. the problem is that the people who tend to watch it make those excesses worse, and those who are complaining about the government we have typically will get more bad government and those complaining about this will lose jobs and not get the benefits out of the society that are there for them to take with hard work and a focused attention to this and they can bring legitimate complains and gripes about those they believe are cheating the system. the sad thing, again, it's a limited amount of people, businesses and so forth, and i think they take it to extremes and campaign or protest against everyone, which doesn't get them
1:47 pm
or anybody else anywhere. >> doesn't get you a job. bill jobson, thank -- bill john, thank you very much. >> you hear confidences attack but it's how clever ones responsible. what carly and donald justm[ñy d that wail blow you away.
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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you've probably seen the ad with these latino kids cursing, cursing out donald trump, right? and donald trump responding to that. for the ratings gold it's been for him. take a look. >> to have young kids using that kind of language is a disgrace. and it's totally back-fired and people are actually going wild about it. and they're saying we're now going to support trump. anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest. they're stupid people that would do an ad like that. >> by the way, where are those kids' parents, but i digress. there's a separate cheap shot attack on carly fiorina and her smile. that she looks evil. you know the nan sense. her response to that. >> i don't understand why any politician is exempt from my comedic jokes. i don't get that. >> you know what -- >> you know what, joy -- you know what, joy. you can say whatever you want. you always have, you always
1:52 pm
will. i'm not going to stop that. i'm not going to stop that and don't worry, i have skin, plenty thick enough to take whatever people throw at me. >> all right. well carly fiorina survived that unscathed and actually, saw a bit of a pick-up in support from that very "the view" audience to say nothing from donald trump, who parlayed this attack by cursing kids into what they call ratings and campaign gold. conservative katrina pearson not at all surprised what do you think, katrina? >> i think carly took advantage of this. she did exactly what she wanted to do. she fought back at the ladies ever "the view." which is what her base wanted her to do. i'm sure she picked up some support. unfortunately i'm not sure it's going to help her in the polls. people gave her the shot after the first debate performance and they kind of said no thanks, we'll see what it does for her in the future. trump, on the other hand, is absolutely right that ad was horrible. for me looking at that, as a
1:53 pm
mother, like you said, where are these kids' parents? >> they're criticizing what he had to say about mexicans and the border and all this stuff. even though he's talking about just a few and not making general comments about all latinos. meanwhile, the older grandmother, i'm wondering if she was the same woman used in the throw granny off the cliff thing with paul ryan. but i digress. the fact of the matter is, that you're using cursing kids and waving the finger to make a point about a guy you find is crude and ineffective. on so many levels, it doesn't work. >> it doesn't work for a number of reasons, you have to ask yourself. are these the kids of illegals that we're talking about? if you're looking at this ad and saying wow, maybe there is something to what donald trump is saying. this is completely obnoxious. and to have these children saying these types of things, we have to ask ourselves, is this person making the ad saying that these are the kind of kids that are coming into this country illegally? if so, then we probably should
1:54 pm
could do little more interior enforcement on that, neil. >> the bottom line, it's certainly not taken the spring out of donald trump's step. egoing to be hosting "saturday night live" this weekend. a lot of groups are said they're going to protest it some of them have been offering up the $5,000 for people to shot down donald trump during the live broadcast. what do you think of all that? >> well i think it's i think it's great for mr. trump. this is obviously another left-wing liberal organization out there trying to shut down free speech. what donald trump said was true, it was factual. this is going to be great for "saturday night live," it's going to be great for donald trump and i'm happy that people are engaging in the culture when it comes to politics in general. >> what do you think of the more self-inflicted type wounds. this scholarship that he was offered to west point.
1:55 pm
turns out not quite the case. how badly does this hurt a guy who gets very high marks on trust? >> well, i think this is going to hurt him very badly. mainly because his entire platform revolves around the stories that he's been telling. and we're starting to see a lot of cracks in those stories. all it takes is one, neil to make you wonder about everything else. there's no one that he can produce from his past or even his family to corroborate the violent attacks. there's no one that's going to come forward. at this point now with the admission to where the half-truth might have been told about west point in his book he said he sat with the general. come to find out, the general wasn't even there. >> new york city we don't know, his wife, the general's widow has said not quite as it's presented. you're quite right it does ding him if an area where he's strong. we'll see if it sorts out. katrina, thank you very much. we have more on this, because these are the types of issues that will be coming up in
1:56 pm
a debate a few days away. the debate is next week? wow, you didn't say that.
1:57 pm
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we got a big jobs report, the economy humming or not huping, we've got the keystone pipeline, so cheaper gas could be a thing of the past and we've got a big debate coming. talk about perfect timing, two big debates, we're joining us with "the wall street journal," some of the best and brightest here. and tell me what you think of this, guys, i've been batting this around. maria bartiromo and i have, and trish reagan. fox business is a business network. we're saying let's focus on business. let's not make it about us. let's make it about the candidates, let's make it about the quality of the questions and more importantly, the quality of the answers, let's make it about you. let's make us disappear. let's make history. let's start next week. coming to you live from milwaukee, beginning monday, and
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we're there, because that is also the land of processed meats and cheeses and can you never, ever, go wrong. a lot of you have been asking, neil, what can i do for you? processed meats and cheeses, i'll leave it at that. sue he then. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with geraldo rivera, tucker karlsson. dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." last week some of the hosts at "the view," said some mean things about carly fiorina's face during the cnbc's degait bait. the presidential candidate challenged them to say them to her face if she returned to the program. she just did and here's what happened. >> you were a little upset with us about -- a comic comment that was made. >> hey, if you meant your comment about my face being


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