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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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each night would be good. thank you for being with us. have a wonderful weekend. good night from washington, d.c. bill o'reilly is up next. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> ben carson is does not have the aptitude to bring jobs back. >> marco rubio's personal finances are discredited. >> donald trump the scourge of polite politic will be on "saturday night live." first will talk with us tonight. >> anarchy rising in the developed countries. thousands rampaging in london. black lives matter plaguing the u.s.a. why is this stuff getting worse? we will tell you. also, george will says i have slandered ronald reagan. mr. will will be held to account this evening. caution, you are about to
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enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. scrutinizing ben carson, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. dr. carson having some trouble. today's campaign admitted that he story he told about being offered appointment to west point is not offered, cnn reporting dr. carson's biography where he describes himself as an angry boy who was close to committing violent acts may be suspect as well. network trying to corroborate carson's story that at age is he tried to stab a boy related to him. >> the person that i tried to stab, you know, i talked to today. said would they want to be revealed? they were not anxious to be revealed. and it was a relative of
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mine. and i didn't want to put their lives under the spotlight. it's a smear campaign, but, you know, i'm not going to play that game with them. they can do it all they want. >> now, dr. carson is smart to hit the controversy head on. when i was attacked earlier this year i did the same thing. let the folks see and hear your side and then they will make their determination. talking points has no idea about ben carson's childhood. but, as a presidential candidate, it is proper for the press to vet what he has put out there. and now that the west point thing has been established as false, the doctor is on the defensive. add to that some dumb statements ben carson has made. back in 1998 he said this about the egyptian pyramids. >> my owni personal theory is that joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain. now, all the archaeologists think they were made for the pharaoh's graves. but, you know, it would have to be something awfully big
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when had you stop and think about it. >> now, dr. carson was speaking at a school associated with seventh day adventists, a fundamental christian church. the doctor is obviously no historian. the pyramids were built in honor of the dead egyptian royalty, period. carson and all the other political candidates should understand that any, any foolish statement they make will become a headline. especially if they are republican. and there is no statute of limitations on that. whatever demeaning stuff the media can dig up, it will use. however, all the candidates do have an obligation to speak the truth. period. again. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. another big weekend for donald trump. he has got a new book out o, crippled america. how to make america great again. also, is he hosting "saturday night live," ratings are likely to be historic. i spoke with him this morning. >> so you pounded carson on that biothing with cnn.
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but the media is trying to dig up stuff on you too. you guys. >> for 25 years. >> you guys should all stick together on this small ball dopey stuff. >> i have been around for a long time they have been doing that on me a long time. i'm pretty well vetted. >> they will try. >> and that's fine. that's fine. but, you know, if you think about what carson is saying, hit his mother over the head with a hammer. >> no he hit a friend, he almost did. >> he hit a friend in the face with a lock. he tried to kill somebody with a knife. and he said he suffers from pathological disease. okay? when you suffer from pathological disease, you are not really getting better unless you start taking lots of pills and things. >> he was a kid. >> well. >> answered writes. >> went into the bathroom and all of a sudden he found religion. >> he is a kid. >> i'm surprised you are so gullable. i have never seen you like this. >> it's not a matter of being gullable. i have said quite clearly i have no blanking idea what happened. >> you know what's amazing to me, bill. here is a mother.
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>> it doesn't matter. >> he is he trying to prove that he did it in order to have credibility. this -- i think. >> he is 13 or he is 12 when he did it. he is he a little kid. and the story is. >> i never hit my mother over the head believe me and you didn't either, bill. >> the story is redemption. that's what he is trying to get across. be that as it may. the bigger story is. >> did you ever hit your mother? >> no, of course not. >> and i don't think so. >> you didn't write that you hit her. >> there is something very strange here. something very strange is going on. >> my point is that you and carson and other other republican when this kind of stuff happens unsubstantiated, you should say hey it's small ball we have bigger things to deal with. >> i don't think it's small ball if you have somebody who admits that he suffers from pathological disease. >> when he was 13. >> i don't care. you don't get better. you don't get better. you know what makes you better, pills make you about better. better. >> now you are dr. phil. >> enough, enough. >> if it's in your stream. they talk about temperament.
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do you think that's the right templement to be president? i don't think so. >> everybody changes when they're kids to adults. >> you think so? >> let's get to something serious it looks like isis blew that plane up. >> bill, that's serious. >> not to me it. plane up. >> it would look like that to me. >> now we have data pretty much confirming it? >> president obama sends 50 forces to syria to help fight sources. >> 50. >> and he announces it. >> now we have isis blowing airliners out of the sky what do you do. >> first of all i'm very happy that russia is bombing the hell out of them and testimony was a russian plane there is no love loss there. have someone else some people want to do it themselves. if russia wants to do it, i think that's terrific. >> you want to subcontract. >> i gold after them so hard and so fast and one of the things all of a sudden i hear other's candidates saying what i have been saying for two years, for three years. number one we should have never been in iraq.
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we went thering about mistake. the way we got out was wrong. i said take the oil with isis they are making a fortune on oil. bomb the hell out of the i'll oil. >> blow occupy the iraqi oil fields. >> no the isis. >> excuse me. >> i don't care where it is. what's iraq? iraq is a bunch of thieves running a government sort of. >> let's deal with isis now. >> you have to take away the money. i'm dealing with isis. isis is making a fortune with oil. >> so you stop their money flow. >> and you know what? that's going to have a huge impact. now people are copying that idea which is fine. >> still trying to blow airliners out of the sky you don't need a lot of money to do that. >> no, you don't. >> how do you do that. >> stop it at the ed head. do the best you can. >> send ground troops in. >> frankly that could really louis louse up the world. they see that scene of that plane where obviously thejd back of the plane was blown to pieces, it's a real
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problem. you are going to have to do some really strong things to make sure that threat goes away. >> what i'm trying to get at would you send ground troops into syria to get isis thugs. do i would knock out source of wealth. >> i will take that as a. >> no don't take it as a. no do you know what i think is terrible? obama sends 50 people over there and these are 50 of our sleuthbw finest. can you imagine. they are all tremendous. why does he have to announce it? he goes out and tells everybody has a news auto. >> he wants to look like he is doing something. >> but you can't talk about it do you think general patton talked? do you think general douglass mcart you are talked? they shot first and talked later. >> obama goes out and says we are sending 50 of our finest men to syria. there is a target on those 50 men. if he would have kept his mouth shut, which he should have nobody would have even know. number one, number two, it has to be more than that. >> of course. you have to go and you have to do the job. and if russia wants to help.
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i think that's great. >> all right, the book, you are like a mean guy in the book. >> yeah. >> really a mean guy. >> you know, it's the worst picture i have ever taken. >> why did you put the mean guy look. >> i will tell you what happened, the book is a very, very strong condemnation what's gone wrong with the country. >> there is a lot of whining in the book. >> a lot of let's fix it and how to fix it i can't have crippled america with a big smile on my face agree? >> that's true. >> they sent over these great photographers and i had some beautiful pictures, and this is the worst picture i took and everybody agreed that's the one to use. >> it frightens children. children are frightened. >> i know. >> "saturday night live," did you knock out any of the bits? did you say this is -- >> -- we're doing some bits that are i think going to be terrific. >> okay, but did you knock out any bits that they brought to you. >> yes, i had to. there were a couple that were too risque. >> wow. >> the poll just came down i'm leading in iowa. i want to stay leading in iowa. does that make sense to you? >> they gave you veto power over knocking stuff out. >> we all agree, lauren
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michaels is terrific. we al$ is he very talented. sit down and look at they have 100 writers. and they are all about 17 years old. okay. they are all young. the whole thing is crazy. but they come up with many, many skits and you pick the ones you think you like. >> is this going to be funny? is it worth staying up late? >> i think some of it is going to be really great. i think so. >> you are not allowed to ad-lib. >> they have the cameras. they don't want you wandering around. >> they don't want a lot of nonsense, yes. >> you are happy about this "saturday night live" thing? >> it's work. i'm leaving here. i'm going over there for some more time. it's work. >> rehearsal? >> a little rehearsal. but, you know, it should be a great evening, i hope. >> we will see. thank you for coming. >> in thank you very much. time. >> great honor. >> thanks to donald trump. next on the rundown, all hell is breaking loose with dr. ben carson. we'll talk to him after these message.
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to west point. and apparently there is some controversy about whether:y your campaign is saying that's not true. what's the story? >> the story is, you know, i had ascended the ranks of rotc to become t executive officer faster than anyone had ever done that before. i got a lot of attention for that was invited to a lot of
5:15 pm
the -- at one point was told that i could easily get a scholarship to west point. and i indicated that, you know, i was going to pursue a career in medicine but that i was very grateful. that was the end of that. there was never. >> you weren't offered anything. and i don't know whether you know this or not but there are no scholarships to west point. it's all free tuition. you get an appointment from a congressman or a congresswoman and that's how you get there. but you were never formally offered any kind of a accommodation to west point; is that correct? >> right. i was just told that it would be very easy for me. >> okay. so that should have been a little clearer on page 57 of your book. correct? >> i guess you could have been more -- i told it as i understood it. >> okay. last night on miss megyn's program you were talking about the kid that you almost stabbed apparently a relative of yours. cnn has raised questions by
5:16 pm
b. that story. do you stand by that story? >> without question, absolutely. >> you stand by the story that you almost assaulted your mom? do you stand by that story? >> absolutely. >> okay. so these stories were tolded in the context you were a troubled kid, no father, you were angry and you turned it it around. ised that the context it was? >> in the context i would have these anger episodes and when did i that i would become irrational. that's why i said it was almost like a disease most of the time i was a reasonable person but i would have these flashes of anger and do things that were irrational. >> okay. is it unfair that cnn and other organizations are going after you now trying to find inconsistencies in what have you written and said? is that unfair in your opinion? >> what's really unfair is the way that they do it. because, you say we went back and talked to nine of your classmates. i looked at some of the]l names of the people they talked to. there is no way those people have any clue of any of this
5:17 pm
stuff it's just erroneous methodology. particularly, you know, like the lock episode. that occurred at wilson jr. high school. none of those people were at wilson junior high school. that's just craziness. >> i'm going to take your word for all of, this doctor. i'm going to believe you. you are not going to let me down, are you? >> of course not. i mean, you know, lying, i believe, is a grave sin. and there is just no way i would be sitting here lying about something like this. it's just beyond belief. >> my philosophy as a fellow christian is to, you know, you have a track record of achievement and you don't look likewyzg a seatful man, i just hope you are telling it the truth. i think a lot of it is small ball. as i said in the talking points memo, you are running for president, you have got to tell the truth all the time, 24/7, last word. >> as i told cnn i hope you apply these standards to people like hillary clinton.
5:18 pm
>> yeah. >> there is a lot of things need to be coming out. >> okay, doc. we appreciate you checking in with us. thank you. directly ahead, anarchy, thousands rampage in london. black lives matter causing trouble in the u.s.a. why is anarchy rising. the factor is coming rightbeas back. ll not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler. if you're a fisherman, you tell tales. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler!
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the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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alright, kelly and promise me that you'll try that taco place on south street. and we have portfolio planning tools to help you manage your ira. yeah, you're old 401k give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. up resolved problem segment tonight. anarchy, that's a situation where masses of people disobey the law and rampage sought in ferguson, missouri when hundreds of people began looting when michael brown was shot by a police officer, then yesterday in london, england thousands of anti-capitalist protesters tore up the central part of the city.
5:22 pm
[shouting] >> 50 people arrested. three police officers hurt. blood everywhere. key question is why is this stuff on the rise. joining us from philadelphia, dr. chuck williams, a psychiatrist and from austin, texas dr. bonnie forest a psychologist. why is it on the rise? >> so i think three factors, basically, bill. first one is that the thing that you talk about so much people wanting to get ahead, working hard, that sort of opportunity is on the decline. you add that with income inequality and finally the third factor, protests are getting a life of their own and becoming an event that's being protest and so i think you are getting more people taking to the streets. >> you know, but we have been through 6
5:23 pm
economic times in the past, dr. williams. the great depression, we had food lines. you know, our grandparents after world war it. did you not see this kind of stuff. so there is something now happening on the planet. do you know what it is? >> well, bill, i'm glad you are showing your harvard education and your knowledge of history not only in america but around the world. you're correct. but what's different about today is that people have this sense of i have the power, i have the ability to effect it. back in the day, particularly during, say, the great depression, people didn't feel empowered. they felt as though that was their lot and they it couldn't do anything about it. with the advent of social media, all these different groups from black lives matter to the tea party movement, americans feel very empowered to advocate for a specific kind of change that can address these issues.
5:24 pm
as my colleague just mentioned dr. bonnie farce a big part of this around the country and around the world as you know is about rampant income inequality both sides agree need to be addressed. >> it's spectacle. >> i don't know if i agree with that bill. >> let me make my case here. >> all right. >> they don't really get anywhere by doing this other than venting and destroying. because they alienate 90% of the people watching. black lives matter is newark is not a group that's embraced by the majority. it's a minority fringe group. >> i disagree with that. >> you may disagree all you have got to do is look at the numbers in the polling and the polling will say that most americans do not admire this group. even the tea party isn't a mainstream american group. >> if you move outside of the black lives matters movement and you look at the issues that they are addressing, bill, even people on your network from fox news, msnbc, republicans, the democrats
5:25 pm
believe that.- we need criminal justice reform. that we need. >> there is nothing wrong with that but when you are burning down a store and putting police in a hospital. >> that's not black lives matter. >> wait, wait, dr. williams. let dr. forest get in here. >> all right, go ahead. >> bill, i'm with you. i think it's about protesting for the sake of being on tv more often than not. >> or the internet. >> absolutely, bill. i actually think people are frustrated because they are trying to do things, there are fewer opportunities but then you also get these people out there who jump on the bandwagon who have no idea what they are protesting about, bill. >> they want to cause trouble. there is azx though. but i think it's also twinned with a libertine outlook that the social media promotes that you can get away with anything. you can can get away with it, burning down things. can you get away with it. >> it's not fair. it's not fair to say that
5:26 pm
the people who ares; doing illegal things somehow are connected to the black lives matter movement as you just said and my colleague dr. farce just said. a lot of things are looking for an opportunity to just do what they want to get attention. that's not the black lives matter movement. >> i'm not saying black lives9= matter movement is causing all the problems. i'm giving them up as an example of anarchists. >> when you say it's not working. right now the leading candidate on the democrat side has embraced the black lives matter agenda. >> we will see how that works out for her. it seems to be working. you say it's not working but it's working. >> it's not change, bill. it's not working. it's about getting that five minutes of fame. getting on tv and it's not about trying to get more. i agree with you, people are really frustrated. but it's not -- this isn't the way to go about change. this is about getting a good candidate, exercising our right to vote. and doing the things that actually create that i think as opposed to making a lot
5:27 pm
of noise. >> change has to come until abd rational way, i believe, or you are going to have real, real violence in the street. doctors, thank you. >> absolutely. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. george will says i, your humble correspondent have slandered ronald reagan i say mr. will has libeled me. viewer warning, some of what we will report is upsetting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. nz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz.
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>>: personal story segment tonight, attack on my book. a book bill o'reilly slanders ronald reagan. can i say with certainty george will libels bill o'reilly. mr. will joins you now from washington. so you write that my book is a no facts zone. let's talk about the facts. fox news, hard news chief, mike lamenty who you know told us that you told him you would call me before the column was published. did you call me? >> no. and i didn't promise to call you. you have my phone number and if you wanted to call me you could. >> i couldn't care less been b. it i didn't know what you were doing. >> are you calling mr. clemente a liar. >> no i'm not i have said you got it wrong it wouldn't be the first time you got something wrong. >> i have it in writing from mr. clementi, you are seater saying mr. clement, i'm not
5:32 pm
saying anything you are hard news chief told him you would call me. are you gottenning that tonight? >> do you think to talk about bill o'reilly or bill o'reilly's book. >> my name is o'reilly. do you want to deny clementi do you want to say is he not telling the truth. >> i'm saying there is is a misunderstanding. mr. clement is a tremendously honest man. >> good, because we have it in writing that you were supposed to call me and did you not call me and by writing a provocative column like this you had an obligation as a journalist to do that. page 2445 in killing reagan is what your real beef is about. a meeting on march 2ened, 1987, the meeting was called by howard baker, then the new chief of staff of ronald reagan. before the meeting took place, howard baker asked his assistant, james cannon to investigate ronald reagan, to investigate him. are you denying any of that is true? >> of course not. you say that that memo he wrote is a centered piece of the book. it's a memo that you have never seen. it's a memo that you didn't
5:33 pm
even ask to try to see from the reagan library. until after the was in print. it's a memo that the reagan library doesn't have anded you should know it doesn't have because the author was not a memo of the white house staff. >> where is that memo? >> it's probably in the papers of mr. cannon. >> no, it's not. >> well, then i don't know where it is. >> do you deny the memo was written? >> of course not. it was written. you learned about it i presume from jane meyers book. >> no there is a number of sources. >> which did you not repeat that the author of the memo went on to repudiate and deny the memo that you made the centerpiece of your book. >> when did he repudiate it, mr. cannon? when? >> shortly after meeting ronald reagan. >> no, not meeting ronald reagan. he repudiated while he was in the white house under heavy pressure. do you know michael dever. [ laughter ] >> what are you laughing ating,will? do you deny that he
5:34 pm
repudiated under heavy pressure. >> i deny that you know that he repudiated under heavy pressure. >> do you know who michael dever is. >> of course. >> tell who he is. >> long time assistant to ronald reagan. >> okay.a here is a quote from michael dever, all right? after a day and a half of briefings but without seeing the president they delivered to baker a stunning report he would have to be prepared at any time continue to vehicle the 25th amendment, which would remove a president if he was unfit to serve. they, the president, had had concluded was on the brink of being physically and mentally incapable of carrying out his responsibilities, unquote: michael dever, behind the scenes, that's a quote in his book. do you deny that that happened? >> the memo is presented to howard baker who commissioned. >> dever, his friend, close friend as you just described deal with that? explain that. >> the memo was presented to howard baker. howard baker took one look at it and said to the man
5:35 pm
who wrote it this is not the ronald reagan i know and that was the end of it. >> that was not the end of it. you are not telling the truth. you are actively misleading the american people you are lying. >> you are expert of misleading people. >> you are lying and here is more proof. ed mcmorris do you know who evan morris is? okay. here it is is edwin morris, quote: quote during one unhappy period when the iran contra scandal coincided with prostrate problems with ronald reagan the president was so confused that papers with withdrawn up by staffers who declared he might have to be declared disoriented. that is from the guy who wrote the bio. you want "l.a. times," "new york times" quotes on it you got them. i can read them to you. >> you who began this interview by them saying i had a%k moral obligation to call you by forewriting your book wrote a book without talking to ed mease, george schultz, jim baker any other
5:36 pm
people. >> why didn't i talk to them? >> because they would have refuted the flimsy thesis you have. >> you have skin in the game. we don't talk to people when we are writing our books. >> you may not they have knowledge of the game. >> they ask skin in the game. emotion in the game. spin in the game. we don't talk to anybody who was derogatory to the reagans or anybody who was laud tore. we do our own investigation. you want me to read more? i got more. this meeting absolutely took place on page 245. it was absolutely taken seriously by mr. baker and everybody else. and the conclusion of the meeting was the president was fine. he was capable. and killing reagan is a laud tore book toward ronald reagan and you didn't even mention that. >> it is not a laudatory book. >> doing the work of the left. in order to discredit conservatism it must destroy reagan's reputation as a president and your book does the work of the american left with its extreme
5:37 pm
recklessness and when you finally 7 book's publication to scheduling an interview with ed mease you then cancelled it. >> we cancelled it because ed mease -- >> you haven't even seen so i do not understand how you vet a memo you have never seen. >> all right. look, here is the deal. that memo was written. that meeting took place. all of what we write in killing reagan is true. you are a hack. you are in with the cabal of the reagan loyalists who don't want the truth to be told. killing reagan is a laudatory book. it praises ronald reagan. yet, you didn't call me when you said you would. that's a fact. >> why do reagan loyalists don't want this laudatory book. >> they want apt deification. they tried to get the book killed before it was published. >> that is a lie. that by the way is a lie. >> that isn't a lie. and we can prove it and you are a hack. >> do so.
5:38 pm
do so, mr. o'reilly. >> when we come back, bolling and rivera on carly fiorina appearing on "the view" today and a new report about drug overdoses in the u.s.a. watters has some grizzly internet stuff moments away. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the second personal story segment tonight, carly fiorina versus the ladies of "the view" as you may have heard joy behar and;fáz collins smile at the debate saying she looked demented. today she confronted the ladies. >> how will you get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about you? >> well, hey, if you meant your comment about my face being demented in a halloween mask is humorous so be it. i guess you misinterpreted donald trump's comments about my face and thought those weren't humorous. here is the reality. i think if all of you are honest you will admit this is the reality, conservative women are held to a different standard than liberal women. that's just true.
5:43 pm
>> by whom? >> by all of you. >> you know, carly fiorina, you are -- >> -- >> joining us from miami eric bolling and geraldo rivera. they did not admit, the ladies of "the view," that republican women are held to it a different standard. in fact, they yammered on about nothing. that was a fairly you provocative statement by miss fiorina. >> i think think carly fiorina did a good job. unfortunate that everybody was talking over each other. i think you have to have a thick skin. i think that's whoopi -- i have known her for over 40 years. she makes plenty of fun of women. and joy behar goes on about bill clinton's sex life. i don't think anyone's ideology acceptable to criticism. she did a good job criticizing them because they had criticized donald trump carlie's face something you didn't want to look at over time. they exscoriated donald trump and then they did the same thing. >> surely you remember what sarah palin went through. >> they killed her.
5:44 pm
>> comedy killed her. >> so you put hillary clinton up against sarah palin, and then you say to the american media, all right, look, both ladies have plenty of potential to be mocked, i think everybody would admit that, all right. but who are you really mocking? you are taking the republican and you are destroying her, her credibility, whereas you are giving mrs. clinton a pass. here is a sitting governor of alaska and mrs. clinton is a senator from new york. parody? ms. fiorina is absolutely correct if you are a republican woman the liberal media will go after you much harder than if you are a democrat. >> completely hypocritical right there. whoopi goldberg was supposed to be off today, bill. she decided to come in to do those add homonym attacks against carlie fiorina. joke when she said it about carlie when donald trump said something whoopi attacked donald trump. clearly it's all about liberal. it's not about protecting
5:45 pm
women or having a feminist view of things. it's having a liberal view of things. because if you are a conservative woman, there is no protection on "the view." five women taking shots#at carly fiorina give carlie credit for standing her own, standing her ground. >> she got good publicity from it. >> of course she did. it was all about that. >> let's switch over to topic number two. this is just out from the drug enforcement agency, 2013 stats, latest stats available. drug overdoses in the u.s.a. kill more people than traffic accidents and gun incidents. in 13, 46471. 46471 individuals died from drug overdoses. this is a story that's not really played up by the media because now we are in the glorification of marijuana time. we are in the drugs are okay time. let the drug pushers out of jail time. but they don't want the human suffering to let it be known. >> i think that you are mixing apples and oranges with all due respect.
5:46 pm
the heroin epidemic is the direct result of them cracking down on pharmacological abuse. opiates people are getting. oxycodone and all the rest of it they can't get the pharmaceuticals anymore they are going to heroin. huge story. number one story in new hampshire. ironically chris christie deal with it he. >> the drug liberalization in america, bolling, i don't think the media wants to grapple with this story. they will do it in segments. they won't do it in why is it happening? last word. >> i think the 2016 candidates have. chris christie, carly fiorina and jeb bush talking about his daughter who was addicted to prescription drugs as well. i think they are going to bring it to the forefront. but, you know, geraldo is right on part that this is a heroin and opiates problem. bill, you can say that -- you can almost -- you can point the finger at the opiates, the narcotics and say that's one issue and have the marijuana is
5:47 pm
another. >> no, marijuana is a gateway once you get into the culture suspects a lot easier. >> it never led me anywhere. >> there is a difference. >> look at that face is that what you want? there and say is that what you want? stay clean. >> users and distributors are two different animals. >> i disagree marijuana is a great way and lot easier to get into the culture. watters is on deck. he has been watching the social media and very disturbing things to report. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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5:50 pm
what walters' world. monitor social media, facebook,
5:51 pm
tweets, that kind of thing so i don't have to. tonight, first of all, what appeared from isis on the social media? >> immediately, the social group came but everybody dismissed it because they don't have the capacity to shoot this plane out of the sky. then, they came out with a video taunting putin, brandishing a knife and saying there's more to come. then, the splinter came out again and said you know what, you don't believe us? check the black box. analyze it. now, the theory is they created a bomb on the plane and that's what caused the explosion. >> before this happened, it wasn't any chatter. it was all after the plane went down, right? >> there was one threat. >> about the sheik taking down the russian plane? >> but that's going to be dismissed because they're flying
5:52 pm
aircraft all over the place. >> but then, afterward, they said it was a missile, right? >> isis never claimed it was a missile. >> they didn't. they just said they blew it up. >> exactly. >> in florida, we have a very, very disturbing thing. somebody put something on facebook. tell us about that. >> this is actually disgusting. a 19-year-old guy driving a car in jacksonville hits a 16-year-old boy, kills him. while he's waiting for the police to show up, he takes a picture on his phone and says i just killed a guy, r.i.p. now, when the police come, they didn't administer any sort of sobriety tests on him. they say he did multiple interviews with detectives and never exhibited -- >> how did he run the kid over? >> it was dusk. the kid was not crossing in a crosswalk. he was not speeding. he just hit him with the car. >> and then the kid expired. he takes a picture of the kid
5:53 pm
and posts it on facebook. that's unbelievable. >> it's disgusting. >> but it's not against the law. >> it's not against the law. >> so he calls the police, this guy. and the ems come, they pronounce the 16-year-old, right? he's dead. does the guy have any remorse? >> he's not showing any remorse. not only that, he took a picture of himself smiling. >> who is this guy? >> this guy's name is keenan slaughter. >> no, no, that's the kid who was killed. who's the guy who did all of this? >> this guy has no criminal record. he posted lyrics on twitter saying i'm drunk. now, those lyrics are from a rap song. so. >> so i got a little mixed up here. michael slaughter is the one who killed the kid. how old is this guy? >> he's 19. >> and he's and smiling with the kid in the
5:54 pm
street? >> can't do anything about it. >> have not done anything about it so far. >> all right. factor tip of the day. the tip moments away. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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5:56 pm
factor tip of the day. first, this weekend, very good time. if you miz a town hall meeting on ronald reagan last night, we have it posted for you. charlie messina. bill, there has not been a single article on yahoo. that's because it's an embarrassment for the left, charlie. also the fact that i'm promoting the law does not sit well with mainstream media. that's why the coverage has been scammed. good observation.
5:57 pm
james schofield. i would think all immigrants want the case law defined. >> i know you're interested in getting the facts right. richard nixon did six takes. and then bernie goldburg said a hundred takes. but i believe six take social security correct. >> the problem i have with killing reagan is not that the
5:58 pm
negative stuff is untrue rather a question of perspective. my job is to write or report the truth. that is a compelling story. without knowing what they were really like at one time, the story isn't effective. i don't really care for you personally, but love your charity work. all right, factor tip of the day. sometimes, negative things strike us quickly. personal attack, even a physical attack. when that happens, the best thing to do, if you can, if you can, retreat. regroup. think about what's happening.
5:59 pm
i think i've learned my lesson over the years. i took a couple hours to analyze the situation. and then i moved to correct the falsehood. you can judge if my strategy was a success. but here's the factor tip of the day. you will win far more often in life if you retreat before deciding how to strike. the mind and rational thinking, the best weapon against unfair assaults. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site. also, we'd like to spout off from anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine, word of the day, do not be callow when writing to "the factor." thinking about whether it was wrong of me to call george will hack. i'm going to standby it. i think what he did was pretty
6:00 pm
awful. again, please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, dr. ben carson firing back. the republican presidential hopeful getting in a heated exchange with reporters after a new article suggests carson and his team concedes to fabricating stories. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. for years now, carson has told the story of a tough childhood, rocked by an absent father and financial hardship. but, yesterday, cnn took issue with his redemption story. the idea that he drastically changed


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