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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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unafraid. tonig"ñ, "olnoñi;orñi record," carly fiorina hitting back. hewlett packard ceo and presidential candidate squaring off against the ladies or should i say the mean girls of "the view"? that big interview coming just days after the show's host said fiorina's face looked commented she challenged the hosts to say it to her face and they did. >> how will you get a thicker5ó skin to accept some of the humerus things that will be said about you. >> hey, if you meant your comment about my face being commented and a halloween mask as humorous so be it. i guess you misinterpreted donald trump's comments about my face. >> i have a real thick skin,
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no, no, no. >> hold on, carlie. hold on. thick skin.again. >> it's the wounded warrior. give me a minute. >> i defended you against donald trump's comment. he is running for president of the united states. and he was making a nasty comment about your looks. and i took him on on this show. but, we are comedians here. i make funnel of hillary's pants suits and hillary's husband's sex light, john boehner's tan. ben carson. >> i want to also. >> go on. >> i don't understand why any politician is exempt from my comedic jokes. i don't get that. >> from our comedic jokes. >> you know what, joy, can you say whatever you want. you always have, you always will. i'm not going to stop that. i'm not going to stop that and don't worry, i have skin plenty thick enough to take whatever people throw at me.
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i'm making a different point. and the different point is this. i think that there are real issues in this nation that he we ought to be able to discuss in a fact-based civil fashion. >> absolutely. >> and frankly i don't think we talk that way enough. >> former new york congresswoman and co-chair nam hayworth goes "on the record." nice to talk with you. >> and with you, greta. thank you. >> let's start first with the ladies of "the view" ohio tongue in cheek say the mean girls of "the view." what did you think about how they handled this confrontation with this presidential candidate? >> well, you know, greta. they definitely have a point of view and it's it the litany of the left as carliel said. carlie countered that litany of the left which is entirely focused on a single issue being gender with real substance and greats and sense of humor as well.
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carly fiorina represents in fact a serious substantive discussion of the issue. she is not about answering a litany with anything less than that full grace and substance. >> are you saying that these women are not sort of equal opportunities insulters. i don't think it's comedians. the joke about you have heard the one about the demented face doesn't bring the crowd laughing. are they equally opportunity insulters or only insult republicans or even women, republican women? >> i think they take a special glee in insulting republican women or conservative women. and as carlie said, you know, she is there to concentrate on what matters most to the people who need to hear from a leader and that is about the issues, about jobs, about health care. >> carlie for that, yet, they think that what they
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say about carly fiorina is somehow green lighted or funny? >> well, it seems to be something of a blind spot, no question. definitely a certain agenda. they have a certain slant. carlie recognized it. carlie countered it with grace and good humor. and i think she sounded very presidential today. very ready to take on anyone who wants to talk with her and answer any question and be there to present substance and style and real grace. >> they say they make fun of hillary clinton's pants suits. i don't know if they ma+u fun of donald donald trump hairr somebody's tie is that a good defense to them? >> you know, it's certainly -- i mean, it seems very petty, let's face it, greta, compared to what we actually have to tackle, exactly the things that
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carlie mtion to talk about i was just mentioning. how are people going to survive in this economy? how are they going to find jobs? how are they going to have healthcare they can afford? how are we going to deal with isis as a nation? carly fiorina is ready as a leader to tackle those questions the fact is carly fiorina has heard dopey things said about them. surprising when dopey things come from women themselves. i hold the women to a higher standard my mistake this time. anyway, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. carlie holding to that higher standard, too. >> how did this ongoing battle between carly fiorina and the women of "the view" start? take a look. >> you know, people it tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. >> halloween mask, i love that. >> of course there is a double standard. i am tired of being insulted by liberal feminists. let's see if they have the guts to say that to my face. >> just so we are all clear
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you have to know the difference between when somebody is coming for you and when somebody is paying you a complement and when somebody is saying here's my observation. if can you get that together, maybe you can be president. >> i never liked this stuff. i don't like when women pick on each other's faces. >> seventh grade mean girl stuff. >> how will you get a thicker skin to accept so. humorous things that will be$a said about you? >> hey, if you meant your comment about÷. my face being demented in a halloween mask is humorous so be it. don't worry, i have skin plenty thick enough to take whatever people throw at me. i think that there are real issues in this nation that we ought to be able to discuss in a fact-based civil fashion. were. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from "u.s.a. today" kirsten powers and "fortune magazine" senior editor nina easton. i love whoopi goldberg, enormously talented great sense is of humor. joy behar has always been a
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mean girl. now she is hiding behind we are comedians very gross poor manners and certainly not comedy. what do you think? >> i do think they do have a blind spot. i thought it was interesting watching them sit there today and basically say to carly fiorina like they were mist find like you really think we have a problem with you or we have a problem with conservative women when if you watch the entire interview they are so hostile towards her in the first place and then to cast her as a joke okay fine, make a joke. that doesn't mean that people aren't allowed to criticize a joke. you say their face is demented that they can't respond to it. >> funny thing we make fun of hillary clinton for a pant suit. you can change pant suit. like that's the oldest trick in the book. >> right,yeah. saying something about her pants suit versus talking about her face saying it's demented that she looks like a halloween mask is different thing. it's demeaning. i also thought this sort of twisted like oh, you are not tough enough, can't you be tough enough to take our
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mean girl attacks? it was just very. >> she showed up. she was tough enough. >> actually, i think there is a deeper thing going on there it has to do with carlie foreign naps pro-life stance. if you watch that show and watch the video, they shut her down the minute she started talking about planned parenthood and the planned parenthood videos. they literally shut her down and would not listen. here's the thing. if you are a conservative woman, they will listen to you about the free market, the liberatié about anybody who is pro-life. anybody who cares about the fact that there are 1.2 million abortions per year. anybody who raises questions about the planned parenthood video, they don't want to hear it. they get emotional and angry and they shut you down and that's what they did with carlie. >> i will defend whoopee. whoop'y takes all sorts of positions. and i think joy behar particularly closed minded, unwilling to have any sort of thinking beyond what is her opinion. >> on her show whoopi shut
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her down when she started talking about the planned parenthood videos. >> i don't think whoopi makes a pattern of it this is not whoopi's pattern. >> she says they have videos showing that planned parenthood is harvesting and then they immediately start talking over and interrupting saying it's not true, it's not true. what do you mean it's not true? planned parenthood put out a statement saying they are going to stop doing it. it is true. like you sitting there just insisting, i think nina is right, you have this person who is whatever you think of her, i disagree with her on probably most everything, she is obviously so smart and so articulate and is willing to sit there and say i'm pro-life. i think they will not tolerate that. >> shame on abc. they need to make those mean girls apologize. anyway, kirsten, nina, stay with us. don't miss the fox business network g.o.p. debate. the big debate taking place on tuesday, november 10th. the first debate kicking off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and the prime time debate which you really want to watch starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. it's all on our sister network the fox business
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network. if you don't know where to find it head over to fox finder. this is a fox news alert. british investigators reportedly now believe a bomb' in the cargo hold is what brought down that doomed russian jet killing all 224 on board. also tonight, disturbing new information from french media on the record has live team coverage from europe to the u.s. we begin with fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot live in london. greg? >> hey, greta. more indicators pointing towards terror in the crash of that russian plane. as you just mentioned, the latest coming from france. well, we have not confirmed these reports, we can tell you from our time in france these arelu very reliable media sources and we know there were french on the investigative team listening to the voice cox pit sound. they say they heard a sudden and brutal explosion on board the plane and then
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their words, absolutely nothing. using the french word, we can understand it, it was non-accidental. then they used another french word we'll give you a translation for it they said it an attack. now, this follows president putin today suspending flights to egypt until the cause of the crash is known. remember, these are the guys who just yesterday were saying hey, the calls about a possible terrorism attack -- attached to this crash they are premature. though there were new reports that the concerns were sparked by intercepted isis communications regarding a possible attack, they there still is no conclusive hard evidence of terrorism. pieces of the wreckage have been flown to russia for analysis regarding that. meanwhile, the sharm el-sheikh airport, that's in the sinai peninsula, that's where the doomed plane left from, there was chaos today. remember the uk has suspended all of its flights
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in and out of that airport. there were rescue flights today they got a couple thousands of the tourists out. they were only allowed carry on baggage the fears of a possible suitcase bomb. now moscow weighing up. 45,000 russian tourists in egypt. they have have all got to get out. the latest word we are getting is airplanes have now left russia and they are going to go get them. u.s. airlines don't serve sharm el-sheikh but u.s. airlines do arrive and leave at a lot of other airports that are are hot spots and we heard today from the department of homeland security saying that they have a whole new set of measures, including security measures, including checking baggage to try to safeguard the american travelers. greta, in just a matter of days, this incident is changing the, when it comes to it aircraft security and as well as russian and the u.s. and isis. back to you. >> greg, thank you.
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now, that horrific plane crash now causing panic here in the united states. the department of homeland security stepping up security for flights heading to news chief intelligence correspondent catherine honorable is here. >> fox news has confirmed this evening one through a government source that all of the evidence so fa\eñ is consistent with a device, a high tech, high end device being planted on the aircraft. a second source also insisted to us that the crash signature was consistent with a bomb, the flash, and then also this narrow or discreet debris field. the new intelligence that is now available to the u.s. government has prompted them to change security procedures overseas. specifically, on airports coming in to the united states. this is not a maybe. this is driven by new information which increasingly points. >> what are they actually doing? because we saw here domestically that dsa flunked all the tests last june and they said they were going to change everything and they tested in december domestically nothing changed
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so what are they doing? >> what changes at foreign airports is the way they are screening luggage security and those that have access to the aircraft. wait a second. i don't want to get into too technical of detail because i will lose people. but foreign airlines are not allowed into the united states unless they meet certain criteria. so, the u.s. government has the ability with increasing the screening or the regulations to block flights into the you u.s. this is not true in places like sharm el-sheikh because they do not fly directly into u.s. destinations. >> what are we doing domestically. i remember covering horror stories how easy it is for people to have access to own flights whether it's caters or other service providers. >> these really effect foreign airports not u.s. airports. based on our reporting and the statement itself there will be changes unseen by the naive to think
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that nothing will change as we are three weeks away from the busiest travel period over thanksgiving. >> i guests, you know, i think it's naive to think they will change when they knew 9 5% failure last june with the test of the tsa smuggled weapons and they got it through. >> they checked it in september and still they hadn't done anything. lots of promises. i actually like to see them tell us what they are doing and say we can't tell you for security reasons. >> i think that's anlsy valid point especially given the information we have confirmed tonight we're six days out, five days out from this crash all of the independent carrots point to a bomb and not just a bunch of explosives in a suitcase something high end and high tech. >> anyway, catherine, thank you. you are welcome. >> a seven year game of political football now over. today president obama rejecting the proposed keystone xl pipeline. the controversial 1200-mile canada to texas pipeline has been a hot button issue
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since president obama took office in 2008. >> the keystone xl pipeline would not serve the national interest of the united states. >> this is a terrible decision. i'm not surprised though. people are like oh my goodness. we knew this was going to happen. and it's a shame. >> lost jobs. lost income. disrespecting all of our largest trading partner all of this does the country no good. >> there is no reason for them to deny the approval of the destone pipeline they have delayed this for so long. >> for years the)p keystone pipeline has occupied overinflated role in our political discourse. >> why did he lie to the american people so long that he was considering it? did anybody who had any common sense believe that barack obama was ever really considering the keystone pipeline? i know i didn't. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. nina, not the issue of whether you are for the keystone pipeline or opposed to it, i'm curious as to your thoughts as to why today? any reason politically or anything at all the
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announcement? >> the timing, i think has been building, first of all it's been seven years and then there was this back and forth with the construct tore of the keystone pipeline. you had hillary clinton that that she opposes it he would have to be opposed to hillary clinton if she opposes it he has this climate change meeting in paris he wants' to burn another his credentials here. here is the irony is that that oil is going to be transported anyways. it's already being transported by far dirtier facilities meaning railcars. and that's been the irony of all of this. you are basically giving up a pipeline for a dirtier form of transportation. >> you are from a pipeline state, the great state of alaska. >> yeah. >> well, i think that, you know, of the president's explanation is that he wants to be a global leader. he want the united states to be a global leader on fighting climate change. and i think that actually is sincere. i think that he believes that and he believes that$
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approving this would undercut that. i think that's also true it would undercut it. it's hard to approve this and then go to a meeting and say oh, you know, by the way, climate change is the most important issue but we just approved. this the other thing this is part of his legacy. he wants to be remembered for being a very progressive liberal president and this is one of the most important issues to the liberal base. >> nothing has happened in years as you pointed out. i think if he had done nothing, nothing would have happened. you know, there was no sort of deadline except for the meetings in paris, maybe. something would happen because in terms of his legacy it would be herd remembered. >> which makes me crazy when presidents are worried more about legacy for whatever reason on any issue when i hear that. >> and a he has the environmental community and he wants to please. that's a big part of it.
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>> anyway, nina, kirsten, stick around. donald trump getting ready, big night tomorrow night. hosts saturday night. will he be funny? we have the inside scoop on trump. dr. ben carson taking dr. ben carson taking incoming fire for claims in
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let's take presidential candidate donald trump will berx5bx hosting "saturday night live" i'm not supposed to say this but he said i could be his running mate. >> i'm trump's vp. >> i'm just shopping around. >> live from new york, it's
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donald trump. g.o.p. presidential frontrunner donald trump taking the stage tomorrow night's "saturday night live">uñ the bombastic and very rich businessman has some other reason to celebrate tonight a brand new cnn poll putting trump right back in the lead in iowa. 25% of lukely g.o.p. iowa caucus goers want trump donald trump. dr. carson is choice number two he is it 3%. and trump had a brief dip in the iowa polls now back on top of the heap and a he might have that in the back of his mind during snl. here is what he told bill o'reilly. >> we're doing some bits that are i think are going to be terrific. >> did you knock any bits. >> i had to a couple were too risque. the poll just came down i'm leading in iowa. i want to stay leading in iowa. >> and i want to know what you think. will the snl appearance help or hurt donaldq'gs trump? tweet help or hurt using stag greta. we're going to use you your
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live twitter votes throughout the show. right now the host of the fox news red eye and stand up comedian tom. >> hi, greta. >> what do you expect tomorrow night from trump on "saturday night live." >>teuiu going to be huge. the ratings are obviously going to be huge and he is going to be bragging about it for weeks. donald trump is known for being a bit of a control freak, right? that surprises no one. people that have worked with him in the past comedy writers say he controls every joke. for comedy it's best to kind of let go and let the writer does their thing and he is not usually willing to do that. okay, but, donald doesn't really care about the comedy. he cares about his image. so, apparently you know, there is two things. if you want the show to be funny or do you want it to help his presidential campaign? obviously the people at?m want it to be funny. he wants it to help him. so there is that struggle. >> all right. so i take it, okay so, the joke -- there will be jokes, i imagine, about his hair, that will be one.
11:25 pm
about the word huge. that will be another. >> yeah. >> one about the fact that he is rich. he might -- and there might be one about low energy with the others. so, what do the others sort of safe topics? >> you never know because, you know, has famously thin skin about certain jokes. you never know what's going to set him off obviously you do the best -- there is going to be an um person nature. doesn't mind impersonating him. it plays into his huge image. what do they call? what's the phrase, greta? imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> if you were at home watching the show which i know you do every night at 7:00 p.m. getting yesterday for your show and you were asked to tweet hurt or help, using #greta, will this hurt or help donald trump to be it be on snl? >> oh, it's going to help obviously. it's going to help.
11:26 pm
because there is going to be a lot of people hate watching. this people who don't like donald are going to watch anyway to see what% happens. some people think there might be disruption because people are protesting. this the ratings are going to be high it doesn't matter if he is funny or not. the ratings are going to be high and trump is going to have a thingíewz brag about. >> i guess all the viewers right now agree with you, 90% say it's going to help them but the people are still voting. all right, what about his relationship with nbc? that's been a little bit frosty. >> i you know. he says at first it was oh donald got fired by nbc he said no, they didn't fire me. the thing is i think the folks at snl know. they don't hold any grudges. if he is going continue to crease ratings, they want him on the show and i think everyone over there, there is a huge writing staff. they all have of humor. i would bet that there is very few people at snl who are going to be voting for donald trump but they are more than happy to have him on the show. >> tom, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> of course, don't miss the rest of donald trump's interview with bill o'reilly that's tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the o'reilly factor right
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dr. bebb carson in some hot water maybe boiling hot thec6 presidential candidate coming under heavy fire for eruption of controversies. one is west point scholarship claim and the other a violent stabbing incident. host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz goes "on the record." let's start first with the
11:31 pm
west point controversy. what is it and why have it dogging him? >> yet, screaming headline in politico today touched off a furrier carson admits fabricating west point scholarship later toned down. >> changed thew!8 headline. >> never applied. in his book dr. carson wrote i was offered a full scholarship to west point that was a mistake. he didn't apply. he was not given a scholarship he told bill o'reilly today. i was told it would be very easy for me if i did apply and accused of politico of outright lie. he is he at war with the media right now. >> have no sense of how people respond to that. when you go to west point if you are admitted, you get the military picks up and you owe an obligation after graduation, right? that would be, quote, the payment. the second problem that the incident about where at age 14 -- where did he say that he stabbed someone? >> he has talked about this several times. it's in his eye biography that he was angry and sometimes violent young teenager in detroit. cnn sent reporter and
11:32 pm
interviewed neighbors. he was nice quiet young man to me. nobody necessarily would be. there is no way to disproving that very contentious interview today with megyn kelly dr. carson did say in hissed same autobiography that he had changed the identity of the person he says he stabbed and rather than it being a friend it was a relative. he doesn't want to reveal who it is. so, needed to be clarified. but is it a huge deal? should have been played up by cnn. we shouldn't accuse him of lying said we couldn't find anybody to substantiate it. >> and we really putting the spotlight on these people. >> he is running for president. >> no, i'm just saying. >> isn't it a bizarre speck kel. usually you have the trying to dig up something bad on presidential candidates. carson says basically i was a thug when i was 14 years old. cnn says no, we think you were a pretty nice guy you are trying to imply that i'm lying about this incident. >> i am surprised weed have so many candidates want this job the way we dig on them. niceyalvráqq you.
11:33 pm
>> dr. ben carson addressing the controversy with bill o'reilly. >> you were neverly formally offered any kind of of accommodation at west point; is that correct? >> right. ifersz just told that it would be very easy for me. >> okay. so that should have been a little clear on page 57 of your book, correct? >> i guess it could have been more -- i told i understood. and dr. carson even getting support from his campaign opponents. >> between politico and ben carson put me on the ben carson column. >> the "on the record" political panel is back from "u.s.a. today" kirsten powers and "fortune magazine" senior editor nina easton. we have gone after other candidates in the media for things that are pretty dated so, kind of a dangerous task when journalists are going down the road of proving these childhood hazing incident at boarding school and back and forth whether
11:34 pm
that was really true. on one thing as these things sort of play out and if there is more of them can i see carson coming under, it would be difficult for him because his campaign really is based on his personal story. on the other hand, it starts to look like a pile on by the media. so and in that sense i'm not sure how much it does hurt him at the end of the day. >> kirsten, what do you think? cnn is trying to make him look like a nice young is-year-old teenager and he is saying that he was not so nice and then you have got the pest point thing, of course no one ever offered me a scholarship, if someone said i can get you into school and you don't have to pay until you graduate i might think that's a scholarship. >> i think it's perfectly conceivable. here is he told you can come to school here and not pay for and it he sees that as a scholarship. that seems completely reasonable to me. he did not say he was admitted. this thing is he didn't apply. well he didn't say he applied. so i think that that's fair. the thing about what happened to him when he was
11:35 pm
young, the idea that somehow because people thought he was a nice kid that this didn't hauujjip &c @&c@ those two things don't go together there are plenty of people who seem perfectly nice who are violent people. stabbing somebody is violent. >> such gentleman, always so kind. wake me to':,z door. it's not unconceivable that he was different. i think the point of his story the reason he told this story was he had a radical christian transformation and how he was this way prior to that happening and now he is obviously a very calm person. and so when people are saying why is he talking about this? well, there is a reason. he is trying to tell people i had a very significant conversion in my life. >> in terms of fall-out it's going to be less how the media goes after him because i think his supporters could care less what the mainstream media says but if donald trump next week figures out a way during the debate to take all this and
11:36 pm
throw it back at him in a way that hurts and sticks that will hurt his campaign. >> i think we in the media are on thin ice with the viewers and the readers and everything else. i think, you know, we need to make sure we do our job really well and straight on the up and up because we are on thin ice. >> yeah. >> and we know for sure before we go out and blare it in the headlines. >> people do makechplujátáu mistakes in the way they remember the past. when i wrote my book i had a very small section just on the history of my family and in terms of being irish and i had some things i thought i need to go back and double-check some of÷y5ñ these things. there were stories that i had told to other people that actually weren't accurate and that i could have just put into my book. i had to fact check my family stories because i didn't remember it correctly. people tell stories differently. >> that the senator elizabeth warren's issue misremembering. if and if i wrote a biography, my title would be as i remember it.
11:37 pm
nina, kirsten, thank you both. don't miss the rest of ben carson's interview with bill o'reilly. the woman prison employee who helped two people escape prison she has news tonight. senator tim scott was at the cuban prison. what does he want? the senator goes "on the record" ahead. earning a living. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. ♪
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get ready to speed read the news. joyce mitchell the exprison you worker who helped two convicted murderers break out of prison slapped with a hefty pamghtd. mitchell forced to pay $80,000 to repair the damage caused during the breakout. in june richard sweat and david matt cut their way out of the prison using hacksaws and other blades provided by
11:42 pm
mitchell. sweat was killed and matt was capture ited. dams burst in brazil. entire village buried in a mudslide. two dams dams in nearby iron mid burst spreading what could be toxic water. they expect the death toll to continue to climb. they are not loving it a fight breaking out in mcdonald's drive-thru. an angry customer attacking the minneapolis'ñcs' store's manager because he said it tootoo long to get his change. that's when gabe hart spit on the manage egger and began swinging. another customer shot this video and gave it to the police. hart was later arrested and charged with assault. that's tonight's speed read. day one in office president obama has vowed to close the guantanamo bay prison and now as his presidency winds down, the president is]w threatening to shut it down using executive action. south carolina senator tim scott was at that prison and to quote the senator, the president's threat is overcooking the senator's grits. senator tim scott goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hey, greta.
11:43 pm
i will tell you3bfbñ what, i is looking at fulfilling a campaign promise over our national security and having been there guantanamo bay, only location sur rownded by water, deserts and safest location known to man for the enemy combatants, for our military who are guarding them and for the public. there is no reason for us to have to even car domestic location. >> you know, senator, this is what i don't understand. in my old days i was a criminal defense attorney can i tell you that the worst place to be is in our prisons in the united states. they are rough places. and when you take a group of people who are in some group whether it's gitmo or some gang or something else, is they spread them out so they all go to different facilities. i would imagine if i were someone i would much rather be with people i know and speak my language at gitmo than end up-mile-an-hourian
11:44 pm
-mile-an-h ourian illinois or super max or some place in upstate new york that's old and dirty. i don't get this one. >> it bog gels my mind. the enemy combatants that are being detained enjoy quality of life that we never see at any federal prison anywhere in the country. and, frankly, the fact that they are enemy combatants and being detained and not necessarily being punishside a key component to why we should make sure that this facility and6ysv÷ gitmo remains open. it is a perfect location without question. >> you know, the more disturbing issue and i don't know what do we do about this? we are detaining these people and they don't get trials. and we're just detaining them. you know, got to be some end point i imagine. but president obama has been suggesting releasing them. he is suggesting moving them to the state side prisons, right?
11:45 pm
>> exactly, greta. out of the 114 detainees down to 113. he just released another one recently. all the science and all the knowledge that i have about the information is that about half of÷ permanently detained rather than go through a judicial process or not, i cannot tell you. but the fact of the matter is administration and all the experts tell me that about 54 of them will be permanently detained. which means that wield be bringing 54 of the world's worst terrorists to locations near you. that's not good news. >> senator, quick question. we only have 10 seconds left. i'm not asking you who you are for. if you were to guess tonight, who the state of south carolina would pick tonight to be the g.o.p. nominee, because you are number three contest in this. which way is south carolina going? >> you know, i will tell you, it's hard to tell to be honest with you. today it's almost impossible for me to answer that question. i probably would go with marco rubio or ted cruz to be honest. >> all right, senator. we will check back with you
11:46 pm
as time marches on. thank you, sir. >> that was good. thank you. >> and from bad to worse crooked cop joseph gliniewicz now of a
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
this is absolutely heart breaking a 9-year-old boy in chicago lured for that an alley and executed police say it's all about gang retaliation. reuters reporter mary is live in chicago. mary, tell me what happened. >> this is a 9-year-old boy named tyshawn lee and what police say happened was he was walking home from school to his grandmother's house and lured into a south side alley and shot multiple times. police say this had to do with they were trying to get to his father.
11:51 pm
there was a conflict between rival gangs and there had been some recent shootings in the past couple months and they are trying to get people to cooperate. they are trying to get tyshawn's father pierce stokes to cooperate. superintendent mccarthy says he is not cooperating. the superintendent says this is the most cowardly abhorrent thing that he has seen in 35 years of law enforcement that now we are targeting little children. gangs are targeting noncombatants. >> do they know what gangs were involved and has mayor rahm emanuel said anything about this? >> yeah. they -- the police aren't saying on the record what gangs are involved. but what we are hearing is the gangster disciples is one of the gangs involved. and mayor rahm emanuel said he is very angry about this. he says there is a place where humanity doesn't go, something like that. where, you know, for people who committed this kind of crime against a child.1ú
11:52 pm
i understand he liked to play basketball and a basketball found near his body. >> people are just outraged about this in the community. they are saying this is everybody's child. >> not just the community. i'm outraged and i'm a thousand miles away. i'm equally as outraged as anybody who hears this is. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> this ceepsz getting worse. disgraced cop who staged elaborate suicide lived incredible web of lies. sham marriage to con the army. breaking developments. matt? >> good evening, greta. well, the length this bad cop would go to shocking. before he died gliniewicz arranged for 28-year-old mistress to marry his own 20-year-old son. we have a copy of the short lived marriage papers. family tell us that gliniewicz arranged the
11:53 pm
union so his son could pocket the extra military monthly marriage benefits. a lifelong friend of gliniewicz who didn't want to be identified tells us the marriage was fake. she doesn't know if the ex-wife was getting cash but did receive health benefits and that friend also admits that gliniewicz was stealing from the police department. take a listen. it was strictly for medical benefits for her children. did he borrow money from time to time from the explorer program and paid it back. i mean, we don't condone those behaviors. >> that sham marriage onlykcdñ lasted about one year. sources tell us that ex-wife was gettingkq about $500 a month. we reached out to that ex-wife. she didn't want' to talk to us. but, greta, this is not over. tonight police are investigating multiple other people associated with glents money laundering and theft including his own wife and son and his son is in the army. so he faces being discharged and felony charges.
11:54 pm
greta? >> matt, thank you. and coming up, can't we all just get along? i think so. i will tell you why off the record straight ahead had. at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. it takesi'm on the move.. to all day and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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let's all go off-the-record. we sure have some very different ideologies in our house. for instance, when someone comes to the door, dottyies it's appropriate' to bark, l bark, bark, until she gets yelled at by me to stop barking. and bill the cat he hears someone knock at the door he runs for cover. he runs under the bed. two polar ideas to appropriate response to a stranger at the door. they have other conflicts like who gets to bring in
11:59 pm
the dead squirrel to our house or who gets to jump on the counter and lick the butter mistakenly left out in the open. despite their fundamental difference and they can be occasionally really deep differences sometimes causing flurry to fly, bill and dotty do manage to get along. they do really like each other. politicians could learn from bill and dotty, don't you think? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and you t been voting on twitter. will donald trump's snl appearance help or hurt donald trump by tweeting help or hurt using #greta here are your results. 86% say it will help. and check this out. this is is the best tweeted picture of the day. that is president ronald reagan telling frank sinatra to stop dancing with his wife nancy. the photo taken during a white house party in february of 1981. and never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. set dvr to record "on the record." if you can't watch it live play back "on the record" after you are finished watching your other favorite
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fox programs perhaps 11:01 each night would be good. thank you for being with us. have a wonderful weekend. good night from washington, d.c. bill o'reilly is up next. tonight on "red eye." the media keeps going after ben carson. when are we going to see that famous temper of his? i can't wait. and p p.diddy wants us to spend millions of dollars up lifting the black community. i always say mo money can lead to mo problems. >> and can you figure out what coded messages your teen is using to text? our panel provides wit and charm. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stack. russia is suspending all flights to and from egypt after a jetliner went down over the p


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