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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, certified mechanics hotline and pinpoint emergency assistance hum by verizon put some smarts in your car >> i am greg i just downed three bags of circus peanuts. here's what's coming up. do we need to change the way we hold political debates? i've got some ideas. seriously, i do everything, america. another incident with a cop caught on tape. are they ever as good as the ones from my personal collection? and hard worker is now a term. the debate kids who report on my new book. let's get started, america. i've got a live tortoise in the trunk of my corolla. >> we can't fire him for his
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beliefs. we can fire him for being a jerk. >> i don't think the jokes are suiting him at all. snark and arrogance, that's just rude. >> it's a joke. everybody knows it's a joke. here's what i learned from the last debate. [ bleep ]. >> nothing. i learned nothing. i actually think i lost information while watching it. through the debate, like a substance sucking machine. the more i watched the dumber i got. by the time the debate was over i had the iq of lincoln chafey. >> undocumented students could have instate tuition at our state colleges. >> but on the bright side, i now laugh during episodes of "two broke girls. "so what happened? why did the debate suck harder than a dyson in a hoarder's living room?
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there were too many mouths, the platitudes dissenting, when heard, that kills brain cells. >> we are going to be the first generation in american history that leaves our children worse off than ourselves. the government has no business. >> millions of americans rose up against amnesty. >> trillions and trillions of dollars in debt. >> i think government's too big now. >> hmm. meanwhile, the moderators ate up all the time with their heat-seeking questions. yes, the moderators. the other reason why the debate stunk like egg salad in a hot car. >> mr. trump, you've done very well in this campaign so far. let's be honest, is this a comic book version of a campaign? >> when you say you hate your job, do you? >> i've talked to advisers who have served presidents of both parties. they say you have as much chance of cutting taxes of flying away from the podium by flapping your
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arms. >> everyone's accusing cnbc of bias. but that network is a fishbowl for retired fist-bumping stockbrokers. they were like a pot of bad coffee at an aa meeting, cold and bitter. solutions? change the format. make it a fight club with words, pair up the candidates for speed rounds. they'll be like rap battles without the misogyny or visible underwear. make it like "the five," but with shock collars. or hire me. i promise i'll ask the questions sober for the first hour. the solution, suspending the nbc debate which is nuts. the best thing that could happen to the republicans to unite against the one thing everyone hates, smarmy media hacks. the hosts were the goliath to the candidates' david. people love to be david. i could be wrong. like i said, the debate made me
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dumber. i'm so dummy can relate to john harwood. >> here he is. >> let's welcome tonight's guest. he's so sharp, he's not allowed within 50 feet of the goodyear blimp. co-founder of the federalist. the heidi klum of the courtroom. and it's comedian nick napolo. her astrological sign is sm smirnoff. her glasses are sponsored by windex. and he's made of trees and full of fleas. boo, liberal panel. >> nick? >> yes, sir. >> i need to know your honest analysis of the debate. >> well, i like your idea. the format's wrong. fight club is a good idea. do you want to see chris christie without a shirt? i'd rather see hillary in a one-piece.
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i think rubio always impresses me. but he's a politician, kind of conventional. when trump is winning in the polls still, do you want -- ben carson needs to brush up on the economy. chris christie, i never liked him. he's starting to win me over. he just hates liberals. >> that's all it takes for you, huh? >> that's all it takes. who else is in it? >> i think you named them all. ben, do you agree with him? >> i think his political analysis is pretty dead-on. i agree with your analysis of what the debate did to the general american mental situation. this is a situation where you had these moderators, guys like john harwood, who we at the federalist, others, were warned about in advance. he's the inventor of harwood-isms. i mean, every single question thrown at these guys, the funny thing about it was, they was supposed to be an economic debate. they didn't ask about the wall
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street regulations, or too big to fail, or trade policies. stephen colbert asked hillary clinton about that the other night. that's what you expect from cnbc. they didn't do any of that. >> remy, what are you, a defense attorney? i can't remember. >> former prosecutor. >> who murdered at the debate and who got killed? see what i did there? >> well done. >> thank you very much. >> i would say everybody got killed. quite frankly, i think the network and hosts were trying to emulate what fox news did with the first debate. megyn kelly, the hosts were trying to make a name for themselves, taking the spotlight away from our candidates. >> so you blame megyn kelly? that's an interesting point. because what's his face, harwood started off wa trump question, but it wasn't substantive. basically he was trying to pull a megyn. >> exactly. if the purpose of this debate was to make harwood and the other two moderators the stars
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of the show, increase revenue, advertising for cnbc, well, you know, that's what they did. we're all talking about the moderators because the candidates didn't say anything. >> what you're saying it's not bias, it's ego. >> yeah, you go on tv, who would think. >> the ratings, harwood, who's going to believe anything he says now? >> he's finished. >> career altering. >> yeah, career altering. >> the audience there is booing you, that's not just all of our analyses afterwards. in realtime, the audience is booing him. i think that speaks to the climate of america. i think what is so wrong with these debates now, you said with the format, everyone has to speak in sound bytes. nobody gets their policies across. i was watching happening now the other day, jenny was asking lindsay graham about what's happening in syria. he spoke for about three minutes. i learned so much about what he
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would do if he were commander in chief with our military, it made me want to vote for him. just on foreign policy. >> i love lindsay graham. >> i actually heard his ideas and they were great ideas. in the debates you're not hearing what the candidates would do if they were in the white house. >> lindsay graham is the uncle you enjoy to go fishing with. he takes a little nip out of bottle and tells you cool stories. and you leave when it gets dark. >> no matter what you ask him, it doesn't matter. about the economy. i'm going to kill iran. >> it's wonderful. >> kill iran. >> all right. let's go to our brainy lady, katherine. huckabee was talking about his grandkids. are there any facts about grandkids that you might have? >> yeah, well, huckabee was saying he really cares about the country, because he is -- he has
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to carry his five grandkids through the charred remains of america. but trump actually has seven grandkids. so he would have to -- it seems like seven is more than five, so even more grandkids to walk through the charred remains. and so does bernie sanders, too, he has seven, too. and if you look at hillary's doing, isn't grandkids what it's all about? >> i'm skipping the whole having the kids. i just want to have the grandkids. i don't know if that's biologically possible. >> can you adopt grandchildren? that would be great. >> but i think you would be investigated. liberal panel, i've got to ask you, would the moderators have been like this to queen hillary? >> i love this debate. i don't know what any of you are talking about. the debate was awesome. cnbc's great. i've never watched it before. is it like msnbc? >> it's owned by the parent company nbc. >> hillary clinton would have destroyed john harwood.
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because she's not afraid of tv moderators like conservatives are. >> all right. actually, i almost might agree with him. why cancel -- is canceling the nbc debate good, nick? >> yeah. nbc is -- come on, they're the ones who got obama elected in the first place. the most liberal -- they didn't even try to hide it. why would you -- >> that's my point. then you should do it. >> does it expose them? >> i think you have to expose them. >> canceling the debate is more about getting reince priebus on the side of everybody else. saying they're the bad guys, don't get mad at me. yes, it serves to his benefit. but i think ultimately, this is a scenario where the leverage has been with the networks for way too long. you should have given the debate to the conservative media partners directly and then had them negotiate with the networks. both places would benefit. they would still get the ad revenue but you would have the conservative media partners in the driver's seat. >> that's hilarious. >> we should expose them.
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you know who would have gotten -- >> natgeo. >> t land, t"the golden girls" replacement. >> the liberal pel loves them. you know who would have gotte my vote in the debate was the person who answered that question about the greatest weakness. what's your greatest weakness? wouldn't it be great if somebody said -- you know what it probably is, the oxycodone. you know what i like to go out late at night. that was the dumbest question. that set the barrel i, really low at the beginning. >> it showed cnbc what was shameless. tell us what's wrong with you. that's what they opened with. >> i felt it was a debate from -- an episode in west wing.
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actors playing moderators. before we go to break, we have a helpful video here for our younger viewers out there. ones in their 40s. we've been hearing a lot -- we've been hearing a lot about tax reform from the presidential candidates recently. but does everyone understand how our tax system really works? behold, our latest installment of news for kids. >> so, what are taxes and why are they important? well, taxes are sums of money the government takes from you every year to pay for stuff. they're necessary for any well-functioning society, because they fund critical infrastructure, like roads, schools and bridges. but they're also used to fund really awesome stuff. in recent years, your tax money helped the government study the gambling habits of monkeys, provide swedish massages for rabbits and to teach mountain
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earlier this week, a sheriff's deputy in south carolina, where most sheriff's deputies are located, forcefully removed a female student from her high school classroom. unlike that time i bench pressed a buick, this incident was caught on camera. how did cnn report this story? we investigate in a segment that we're calling -- >> in an attempt to clearly explain the nuances of this
7:18 pm
particular situation and provide the audience with all the information necessary to come to a reasonable conclusion, cnn decided to play the clip until your eyes bled. >> miguel marquez begins our coverage out front. >> 16-year-old female high school student -- >> any measure -- >> have you heard -- >> i'm not -- >> based on the legal system -- >> the next 24 hours about what -- >> officer all over the state, we do not want him back on our school grounds. >> race, do you think? >> i saw my daughter. >> outraged at this video, is there any way the officer's actions could be justified? >> this is post-punch. gets caught there in the desk. >> punch. chair goes back. her legs get caught. we see this start in. there's already an altercation happening. >> 22 times. they played that video 22 times
7:19 pm
in just two segments. the actual amount of time they ran it in their 24-hour news cycle later broke the space/time continuum. the officer involved has since been fired from the school. on friday over 100 students from the high school held a protest by walking out of class. which i think they -- they just used this as an excuse. but in support of the school resource officer. so i ask, was it necessary for cnn to treat this video like it was a sid bruiner film? you're about to explode. >> back and to the left. back and to the left. and to the left. you have to analyze every aspect of this video in order to fully appreciate it. >> does this help the country? we've got so many fractious identities, and things like this. is it great to keep showing this over and over again? >> you just want to make sure that everyone has fully understood all of what's going on in this very complicated
7:20 pm
scenario. >> i need to see it 22 more times. if the teenager strikes the cop and the cop is there to maintain order, and the child is refusing to leave, what is his recourse? >> they have standard protocols. they have procedures. they're trained to de-escalate a problem. that's his job in a high school. it is not as if he is coming after a criminal suspect who's armed and dangerous, and fleeing from the police. she's not a double homicide suspect. she is a high school student who refused to put away her phone, and then when asked by the teacher and by the administrator to leave the classroom, she refused to leave. he comes in, and we're told that there is something that happened before the video is turned on where she lunges at him or strikes him and pulls him down. it looks really bad for the officer. and as a lawyer, as a person, i would say he probably didn't follow protocol. >> i have a feeling that you
7:21 pm
would take the girl as a client and make a lot of money. nick? >> the cop and the girl got their s.a.g. cards yesterday. full health care. >> dental alone. >> they have a series coming up on nbc. that happened to me, by the way, i got cheating in math. but why are the cops handling these situations anyway? >> that's a good question. >> and why do they have their phone? we have people getting shot in other places. >> i said this last week on "the five" about charter schools. caring parents like charter schools, because they worry that there aren't caring parents dealing with the students that are there. it's like that's why you have cops there, joann, because nobody's minding the store. does that make sense? >> also, i -- maybe i'm too privileged. but i grew up in a school where our resource officers, you would high five them. they did nothing. they oou
7:22 pm
if you were ditching class and walking out to your car. then they would bring you to the principal's office. that was about it. i don't know if i can speak to the climate of what this school is. it's so funny that this all started apparently because she refused to give out her phone. we're playing cell phone videos that kids whip out their phones to take the video. >> this could be one of the science fiction short stories where she's on the phone watching videos of her. like one of the weird movies that doesn't end. look at me. she's stuck in this world like it's a short story. >> what the hell is a resource officer? >> i'll tell you -- >> i don't think those of us who don't have children of our own in a middle school or high school. i have learned to my surprise that just about every middle school and high school in america these days, post-columbine and all the other tragic things we know happen in the public schools, have police officers. a lot of them --
7:23 pm
>> that's -- >> metal detectors. they're there for the terrible tragic things. what happened here was certainly not that, and it was an officer probably overreacting. >> real quick, convince me there should be cops. kat, what's with the desks? >> the desks in this video, as in many schools, the mass-produced single-unit desk with the laminated table, and the plastic chair, which made it difficult to gethe student out of the desk. but it does make classroom cleanup much cleaner. imagine if you had to move the desks and the chairs individually. that would take twice as long. >> that is true. liberal panel, i bet you think the cops should be in jail for life? >> no, here's the thing. if this little girl had been a muslim who built a clock, fox news would be covering it
7:24 pm
nonstop. >> i'm trying to figure out if that's right. >> i'm trying to think, we've shown it 47 times? >> yes, we would have. don't go anywhere, we've got lots more stuff. including my interview with the great p.j. o'rourke. but first, a word from our sponsor. tired of shopping at two different stores of your tv personalities? now you don't have to, thank you to the williams depane. thanks, william depane. thanks william
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new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel shakespeare. hemingway. they're okay. i guess. but my next guest, he's better. his career includes stops at national lampoon which saved my life. there was "rolling stone," which we won't hold that against him. his latest book brings together his funniest, most outrageous, most controversial and most loved pieces. it's call thrown under the omnibus. very clever. it's very heavy. it hits bookstores on tuesday. i'm delighted to have the man himself to talk about it. p.j., this is a big book. >> it is a big, fat book. anchor. workout program. >> i used it on my left arm, so my left arm is as strong as my right. i don't know why my right arm is
7:29 pm
stronger. >> well -- >> 25 years of working out. that right arm. this is amazing. is it safe to say everything in here was written on a typewriter? >> pretty nearly. when you get down to the last chapter from the last book, no. almost all of it was written on an ibm selectric. i worked on it up until a couple of years ago. and the guy, 91-year-old guy, the last guy who could repair a selectric said, i'm not doing this anymore. i'm retiring. now mine gathers dust in the corner of my office. >> so now you work on a computer -- >> which is way easier. what was i doing? >> they say the right isn't funny. but you have made me laugh for decades. do you agree with them that there just aren't as many funny people on the right? >> no, i don't.
7:30 pm
the roeason the left has the reputation for being funny, show business is part of the left. why show business is part of the left, because show business is about pleasing people. pleasing the audience. >> right. >> and what is left in politics, except to go out like bernie sanders and say, you're all going to get everything for free. it's all free. and everybody's happy. and we love you. we love you no matter what. whether you change your gender, you can change your race. we love you unconditionally and everything's going to be free. of course, which is a big lie. but comedians are in show business. so they tend, with the rare exception like dennis miller, they tend to be left wing, as all show business people do. actually, if you go back over the history, like from jonathan swift on of humorous, of course they're more conservative than not. because what makes us laugh? things that are different. >> yes. >> or new. >> yes. >> conservatives hate things
7:31 pm
that are different and new. >> that makes sense. what do you remember writing first, and then what do you remember writing first that was published? >> the first things that i wrote, i was determined. i decided to be a writer when i was in college. because i thought being a college student was square and bouj woir. i wanted to be something else. soldier of fortune, or revolutionary. these jobs seemed to be taken, or far away from miami, or ohio where i went to school. i decided i would be a writer. and there's no quality control. so i would just write stuff. >> poetry is great for picking up girls, but not for a paycheck. >> no, not for a paycheck. it turns out in order to be an incomprehensible poet or novelist, it paid if you were dead. >> i want to know the story you were held at gun point. >> my first experience as a war correspondent. civil war in lebanon, 1984.
7:32 pm
and i got myself down into south lebanon, which was held by hezbollah, the same hezbollah that's fighting for assad right now. great bunch of guys. and i get stopped at a checkpoint by this -- manned by -- i should say boyed by this 16-year-old with an ak-47. and america's satan devil t-shirt. he sees my american passport and he levels that gun at me and he begins yelling at me. like a 20-minute tirade about a great american satan devil, and how america is responsible for world poverty and war and zionism, and all this. and america, you name it, america's responsible for it. and at the end of his rant, he lowers the gun, hands me back my passport and he says, as soon as i get green card, i am going to detroit, michigan, to study dentist school. and i'm going, one of two things happened. either that guy was the
7:33 pm
underpants bomber, or he's a wealthy orthodontist in bloomfield hills and voting republican. that's the scary part. >> you never know which direction they're going to go. and it's our fault for worrying about that direction. it's as if we're islamic-phobic. we're blow up aphobic. you talk about politicians, and leaders that you like. and compared to the candidates now, like the trumps and the sanders and so on. could it be that the reason why you find these candidates unsavory is we know too much about them now? >> this is entirely possible. we live in an information flood, you know. get those animals gathered two by two. think of all the things we may not know about calvin coolidge. >> he could have been a big [ bleep ]. >> he could have been. and not only that, i think we
7:34 pm
can say with confidence, that calvin coolidge would not have been televisiongenic. >> get this book. his writing influenced my life. when my mom bought national lampoon for me. that changed everything for me. throw me under the omnibus, out now. the debate league are back. i gave them a special project to do this week. it had nothing to do with watching that last horrible debate. they're up next. to do with wat that horrible debate. rl the cold truth is... if a cold keeps you up at night you can't just catch up on sleep the next day. new alka-seltzer plus night cold & cough liquid relieves tough cold symptoms and quiets coughs for up to 8 hours... help you sleep at night. new alka-seltzer plus night liquid.
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yes! the brilliant kids from the new york city urban debate league are back with a book report on how to be right. joining me once again, our sadie, carolinea -- i'll bet you were surprised by the opening. all right, chase, i want to know what you have to say about my book. were you happy with my cover? >> well, not really, because your cover, it doesn't really look like a complete portion of your face. it looks like, you know how -- like the middle of like -- when you're grrr! >> i look like mid hulk? >> yeah. >> it's not a pleasant look, is it. did you like the inside of the book? >> yeah. it was very interesting. it was a lot -- it was really informational for a child. >> for a child? >> i think it was kind of challenging for someone my age. it was deeper in politics than
7:40 pm
just like a presidential candidate debate. or who was getting elected. which is good. >> does it make you want to write a book? >> it looks like a lot of pages. booklet? a lot of pages. >> i don't know what that is. >> a brochure? >> too many pages. >> i like that. all right, joelle, you're a fan of the man bun, aren't you? >> okay. i guess you could say i'm a fan of making fun of the people who have man buns. >> you pass. i had you read out compassion them? what did you think about that chapter? >> i like how you gave information, especially us debaters on how we can refute our opponent's point, and how we can bring up new information, while agreeing with them. but then just destroying them. >> exactly. you sneak up on them. would you say my book is better than bill o'reilly's book? just say yes. >> yes. >> thank you very much.
7:41 pm
very good. sadie, what chapter did you read and did you find anything wrong with it, or right with it? >> well, i found some things right with it. there was a chapter called staying young, which people remember. my thought on the chapter was you were completely right when you said you have to say things that doesn't necessarily have to be in a quote or anything. it just has to touch the heart or the mind. but other than that, the things that you talked about going on to the use of guns and drugs, you said, in one thing, i'm going to quote this from the book, too, you said that the only substance in the world that delivers what it promises is drugs. people use drugs because they're good. but i disagree with that. because we heavy regulate the useful, which is painkillers and stuff because people can abuse that, into the powerful drugs. >> mm-hmm. >> and we ban the other drugs such as pot and marijuana.
7:42 pm
it has this area where it builds like -- it's a gateway to other drugs. >> i might disagree with you on the gateway. but i like the fact that you have a strong opinion. you're right, the potential for abuse is very high. you have to protect communities against abuse. but sometimes you can't protect human beings from themselves. no matter how many laws you have. sometimes when you have laws, it forces people to do it in a different market, like an illegal market. where if you make it legal, you might find it out. would you say my book is probably better than, say, dana perino's book? >> yes. >> clearly it was. all right. carolina, what are your thoughts? >> i think it comes in handy, because i usually use my mother to help me prepare for debates and speeches and come here. >> what does she tell you about coming here on the show? >> she just said make sure you look good, say nice things.
7:43 pm
you know, be appropriate and stuff like that. >> you can be mean to me. you can be critical to me. it helps me. i think criticism is very important in life. if all of your friends tell you what you want to hear, then you'll never improve, right? it's true. do you think this book should be taught in school, chase? >> oh, yeah. actually, i was talking to my debate teacher how i was going to ask the teacher if he could print out papers from the book, to like carry it in school. i think it was a good lesson learned on how being right is -- well, just being right. because it comes in handy when you're trying to get your point akror across, and how people see themselves, when they don't see themselves the way they think they are. >> back to the point about criticism. which is why i love having you guys here. because whenever you come on the debates, you always give your honest criticism. and you make me a better person.
7:44 pm
which is important. i want to thank you for coming. don't go anywhere. lots more stuff to come, including greg mayo. and here's me reading an excerpt from my new book. go to the university. as a former editor of a health magazine, i can attest the government cannot give you six-pack abs, unless you get them to pay for the implants. exercise is perhaps the best example of conservative thinking at your disposal. for the amount of effort you put in, you reap the rewards you deserve. if you pump iron for two hours three times a week, your body will change as a direct result. fitness is one bank where you deposit effort and you build the portfolio of reward. there is no affirmative action in exercise. one muscle doesn't get special dispensation because it's smaller, or weaker. there is no minimum wage safety net or unemployed bennys for
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>> we are using offensive language we give big thanks to melissa harris for being a force against evil in this world. words, words. yes, she never heard sticks and stones. anyway the fringe will listen to the best is hard worker. she thinks we should be quote super careful when using that term. here's a response to her guest who referred to paul ryan as a hard worker. how dare he. >> he wants us to be super careful when we use the language hard worker. i keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall. it is a reminder of what hard works look like. i feel you that he is a hard worker, but in the context of relative privilege, i want to point out when you talk about work life balance and being a hard worker, the moms who don't have healthcare who are working on -- we don't acall them hard worker
7:50 pm
we thicall them failures and sucking off the system. >> that is very unfair. >> absolutely amazing. you know what that is? that is a product of academia background where she is talking meaningfully about nonsense. none of that could help you in the practical world. >> i do those things that there is going to what paris harris is saying here. i am thinking of a congress with less hard work taking more of the money giving it to other people. spending more things of that nature. i would be fine with all members of congress adopted the paul ryan approach and spent the next several years with their families. >> i want to spend more time with my family. remi, what term should we use instead of hard worker.
7:51 pm
it is so misplaced and said something about a she is doing these motions that any one other than the najs and the cot tonl to picking order pans. it is ons offensive to anybody in the world. you can't say robust. then you have bust. that's sexiest. you can't say braetd winner becau -- bread winner because of gluten free. >> i have a picture of my kids choking each other. five medications. boehner being speaker of the house. hard work. >> crying at the end soint.
7:52 pm
he's talking about chicken joyce. >> i grew up with that. >> me, too. watched it as many times as i watched the swid yo tonight. >> we are not going to talk any more. we are going to gesture. that could also be wrong because it is offensive to people who don't have limbs. you and her have a lot and series and we are all kind of heat they'll. all right cat a lot of people sha to start corking>> colleges in of owe work you back through
7:53 pm
skl you can use it in the word work in the context of white privileged. >> hill of a sweatshirt. >> you probably watch perry every day. >> love her. conserveties who pull themselves up by the lower tassels are what ared wroshgers. that way or she will be care y rayi raying to us is newer chance with cincinnati louisville with cincinnati louisville indianap
7:54 pm
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>> it is time for greg mail. i read, he answers then we make stones out of blood. from north hollywood california he writes, i work with many types of wood. naturally when i see something made of wood. what kiep of wood is that. when i wat your show i thought the liberal panel was made of maple f. my inare correct it is made of red chinese helm? >> it is actually an excellent question. it is made from a mixture of entitlement, self delusion, dependency and ffred outrage anti person bigotry and moral insect. and morphed in theirs.
7:59 pm
next one from tum lass>> that is kind of racist. wasn't doesn't that have to be back? she hates all of us. she bites us. she likes to bites. >> uh-huh. leaves a mark. >> for sure finally last one. dolphins in baltimore right now. i always felt the main reason barry sanders won't be the audience is because he votes. we could lounge in my hop top and slade video. that's how you tried to slip by. last week i don't we are what happened i am not coming back until that rash of yours clears up. i dpoo need that in my life.
8:00 pm
recommend knee, mi me, nick, jo, kathleen and earl ry tonight on "red eye." the media keeps going after ben carson. when are we going to see that famous temper of his? i can't wait. and p p.diddy wants us to spend millions of dollars up lifting the black community. i always say mo money can lead to mo problems. >> and can you figure out what coded messages your teen is using to text? our panel provides wit and charm. first, a news break. live from america's news 4ed quarters, i'm loren green. the investigation continues into the crash of that russian pa


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