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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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recommend knee, mi me, nick, jo, kathleen and earl ry tonight on "red eye." the media keeps going after ben carson. when are we going to see that famous temper of his? i can't wait. and p p.diddy wants us to spend millions of dollars up lifting the black community. i always say mo money can lead to mo problems. >> and can you figure out what coded messages your teen is using to text? our panel provides wit and charm. first, a
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>> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the news deck. >> happy national saxophone
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day. >> i love the sax. >> today in 1572 the the inventor of the sacks -- sacks saw phone was born. they grew up in holland and he and all of his friends made in houses of brass and carried brass lunch boxeses to school. >> i am not sure if this is true. >> on one day the young master saxophone lost a round of croquet and took the mallet and cut a hole in the head and more up the top. he was enchanted by the sounds he heard blowing through. so he devoted the rest of his life to perfecting the creation beloved by all. >> i think are you making it up. >> then an evil wizard named kenny g came along -- >> we are done of the let's welcome our guests.x.tiq is alws because she always drinks spirits, joanne nosuchunsky. the last theater goer this bitter was at ford theater
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circa 1865, author of "razzle dazzle" columnist for the new york post. and he acted in a big hollywood blockbuster. he must be anti-military. and liberal former navy seal, kevin lace. and we are glad to have him and his two cents. it usually costs $6.95 a month. let's start the show. >> ben carson is defending himself against allegations that he never stabbed anyone. he promises you he did try to kill someone. according to carson's auto-biography he tried to stab a classmate, but the blade hit the boy's belt buckle and broke. the interview with childhood pals said he was not as violent as he claimed.
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it was a big part of his campaign and it said the idea he fabricated stories is insulting. >> i would say to the people of america do you think i am a pathological liar like cnn does or do you think i am an honest person? >> during an interview with cnn he was con fronted about some -- confronted on some comments he made and flew off the handle. why do you do that? >> i want to clarify. >> that's not what i said, but that's what you guys love to do. >> i assume -- >> no. no. no. that's not what i said. listen to what i said. listen carefully. write it down and put it in quotation. you didn't hear a word i said. you just wanted to make your point. do you actually believe there was not more that could be done. >> that was carson losing it. what a week for him and we haven't got to the west point
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story. you were laughing, but they were going after him in a way they never went after barack obama for instance. nobody paid uh tngs to him when he was down in the polls, but now the pack is circling and they will attack. i am in favor of it. the guy has been a zombie for the last year and suddenly he is getting testy. he is becoming human. there is actually blood flowing through this corpse of ben carson. so, fine, let the media go after him. let him thrust in perry. that's what politics is all about. >> maybe he will come back and be stronger because of it. if we find out he didn't stap that kid -- stab that kid can we vote for him? >> i love this part of the story. he will love you for it. >> are you not entertained?
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>> if he is making it up people embellish. there is no way to prove it. it puts them in the ether. >> he said i just talked to him on the phone. >> don't say anything. he is making up a story that gives him excitement, god bless. >> we find out he didn't separate the conjoined twins. they were never separated. >> i mentioned barack obama. why? he wrote a book called "dreams of my father" that were full of fiction. he made up a lot of it. he melded -- he turned his girl frndz into one crazy girlfriend. nobody gave him grief over that. >> at least back in the day he was acting on impulse. he doesn't have a fear in the
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we need to go back to the old ben carson. if he was going to cut the skin of somebody he would order 10,000 diagnostic tests. he needs to go back to the old ben carson. come on. he had to do what he had to do. >> the old ben carson is nyquil. >> the media is getting under his skin. >> ben carson said he didn't embellish. he called the guy bob. he said that is a literary device people have used. there were many, many fabricated passages. he is just a great author. >> that's because obama is a democrat. and the liberal media has an
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agenda. are we right? i don't know if it is a smear campaign. be happy. that's why people are looking into your past. we are going back to years and years ago. we should be remembering what he said, i don't know, this year, 12 months ago. he said going to prison makes you gay. does no one remember that? >> but he has had other things since then so he covered those things. >> pome are now digging into the past. let's focus on the current candidates. hillary clinton, a candidate who has the fbi looking into her past. >> the biggest lier inr@ politics. >> i never use my private e-mail for government business. a lie. >> i was going to try to dpet the panel to go -- to get the
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panel to go after hillary. >> i thought she would be smart when she bumped her head in 2012 . apparently that didn't work out. carson is doing the right thing. if people have to dig -- politics these days it looks like -- take soccer. everybody is i can cking the ball and he is at the top of the table and he's got it. >> way to go. bernie sanders is killing it with the comics. as the "washington post" wonders, how does the most humorless candidates win some of the nation's fun -- funniest people. >> if people saw how tremendously unfunny he was it would be embarrassing. why is pretty much every comedian in the u.s. not named tom shillue? sanders' impersonator describes his appeal saying i think if they are hyper attracted to truth and being able to communicate it well on
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stage. maybe it is the leftist politics. a lot are liberal and making them prime to feel the burn. what do you think it is? why do they love bernie? >> it is a liberal thing. you named among the most liberal comedian ever. margaret cho and sara silverman. i have been in battles with them on twitter. >> i bees back off of -- i best back off of this. >> sara is always campaigning with the democrats. why do they like him. >> maybe they think he is larry david and can get them work. >> because he is not a funny guy except for the policies. they are a real joke.
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>> it may be an economic thing. they went without money for the first half of their lives, right? >> i think it is more complex than that. you have the burn. you have the can gnaw -- candidacy and comedians. bernie is not impressive and not funny. comedians have a couple of dubies and bernie is funny. >> i am glad bernie is around because he draws the distinction between himself who is a true believer and hillary who just does anything she can to get elected. >> the real story is that the hollywood elite de spieses -- despises hillary clinton. that's why they have gone for bernie sanders. they can't stand the clintons and so they go for anything nonhillary. i speak as a right winger.
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i think he is honest and adorable. when he gives a speech and the wind blows and his hair goes all over the place it is hilarious. the fact that he has no sense of humor makes him funny. he believes in what he says and he is a pure person. they were quite right to support him instead of the cynical and the evil and clinton machine. >> understood, but why? she would be the first woman president. she was shamed by her husband, bill clinton, in the white house. everything is primed for hillary. why don't they like her? >> she tries to be funny and it fails miserably. >> those jokes are terrible. the cackle she has. >> if you've got it, flaunt it. if you don't, don't even try. >> i like snap chat. they disappear all by themselves. wipe my server with a cloth?
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where is your brooke stick. >> she needs to just not do it. >> bernie goes away there goes the fun. we need larry david and "snl." >> but we are not laughing with him. we are laughing at him. >> it is all about the benjamins for diddy. he said president obama needs to spend billions of dollars to up lift the black community. in an interview with hot 97 diddy wondered why if black people got obama elected how come black communities haven't got more out of it. >> i am not going after obama. the time is ticking and we need some repayment on the deal, playboy. we got president obama in office and there should be some nice parting gifts to give the future a better chance.
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>> how are the people in the back not laughing? >> how can you take anyone serious who wears sunglasses in a radio studio? >> the president maybe needs to treat black neighborhoods the way we treat foreign countries. >> it is a disaster, you know what i'm saying in chile. we are sending specific aid, specific scientists and engineers to help with that specific problem. the black community is at a state of emergency so it should be treated like that. it should be treated like there are helicopters coming with education and books and trade and coming with things for the psyche. >> well, i don't know. maybe we need to take his proposal seriously. kevin, what do you think? edge cigs by helicopter -- education by helicopter. >> it sounds complex. i was talking to my buddy and puff daddy is great. he made good music and he even
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appreciated j-lo's hind quarters. p.diddy is just a large posterior. >> helicopters are coming in and they drop bags of of money on the poor people. that will solve the problem. >> that's what he seems to be saying. he certainly understands economics. he is a mogul. >> he is right that the inner cities and the neighborhoods and not just black, but there are plenty of poor white people have been ill serve had for this country for a longtime. it is not that we haven't spent money. we spent billions on education and welfare to what end? what he doesn't grasp is you can't redistribute wealth. you have to create wealth. you have to take regulations away so people in the inner cities can begin to build small businesses that will lift everybody eventually.
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that is called capitalism and it has worked very, very well in the world. >> and it worked well for p.diddy. that's apparently not what he wants. he said we gave you the votes and you give us the cash. >> the inner cities are not doing well because of the government programs. how will that solve anything? what is more interesting and what p.diddy or puff or whatever he is called now there are non-profits that foster youth and community development that will not take government grants. with that money comes limitations. what he should do with his millions is start community groups where they need them the most and then real change could happen. >> he should fund a charter school. that's what he should do. >> that's an amazing idea. the thing i don't understand is how joanne is confused about his name. he hasn't been called puff daddy since junior high.
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>> i am not up on my cultural names. >> she is a musical theater geek for heaven sake. >> the way he put it was so -- the first thing we do is secure it. i don't think he wants soldiers going in there with weapons to secure the area. crime is a horrid problems in those communities. that's why it is hard to build businesses up when they are being robbed and people are having a hard time living their life. how do you do that? do you put it out of a big plane like operation dumb bow drop. >> it seems like hue was talking about the helicopters. why did he bring up the idea is i thought there was too much of a presence in these neighborhoods.
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is there too much or not enough? >> not enough i guess. if he wants more people and knowledge location. by the way, if he feels that passionate, go if there and start pealing some off. yeah, a little off the top. a new study says religious kids are jerks. i say new kids are studies. take that, study.
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findings were published from a new study titled the negative association between religiousness and all truisms across the world. the media will love this one.
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love it they did. here is a sampling of the headlines. religious kids are meaner and morsel fish and harsher -- for selfish and harsher and jerks. they looked at 11 ows children age 5 to 12 all over the world. but it was hardly objective when you look at what was asked of the kids and what was concluded. for instance one of the major parts of the study shows the children from the religious households were more likely to give harsher punishments like pushing or bumping into one another. it showed nonreligious children were more tolerant. yes, of crime. it comes down to one value. religious people teach tolerance, but it comes after deciding something is right and wrong. nonreligious put tolerance first and so do the authors of the study when they show their cards when they show yon religious -- nonreligious kids are more moral because they
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use reason and logic instead of codes. they say if you cannot rely on stories, tales and super natural beings, what is left is rational reasoning. something tells me the atheist college professors can determine if they are a condescending jerk. he rigged his study to draw the conclusion. i judge him harshly. but i tolerate him. >> anthony i think this stud dooy should have been called children of progressives are cooler. >> that seems to be what we are getting at here. >> every kid between five and 12 is a jerk. >> i agree 100%. >> i never hung out with one that even offered to buy mooy a beer. buy me a beer. >> not only the part i cited, but they gave kids stickers and the religious kids held on to their stickers more than
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those who gave them away. >> they were generous. >> growing up i was raised catholic and the other religions were like alien. most of my arguments were over religion. maybe that has something to do with it too. if you don't have a horse with wings in the race maybe you don't care as much. i was defending my religion. my invisible guy is much better than yours. >> that's the whole thing. if you have a religion you believe in something, if you don't, you don't. so yeah there are more reasons to fight about something. >> i was raised catholic and raised by the bible and i became a navy seal and delivered harsh punishment. i guess the story is right. >> i'm scared. >> at those young ages i have young children, yes. they can be bullish and mean, but at the end of the day you raise them respect and they have respect to elders and i'm
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okay with that. >> as am i. when i look at this study, particular looy what i cited. the authors of the study decide what is moral, and then they make up the test and then they say i am surprised look who is more moral. the kids i have liked. >> look, i don't like kids. every kid from 5 to 10 is from the village of the damn. they are obnoxious nothings. that's why i never had any. if they want to be religious, fine. if they don't want to be religious, fine, just get out of my way when i am at disney world. >> that's funny. you don't like children and go to disney world. >> i love the haunted mansion e. >> i know children -- children are mean and they have to be taught. religion does help with that. >> definitely.
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we rely on technology to baby-sit our kids and teach them lessons. really all you need is fear of the lord to do all of that. my mother told me and my sister growing up in the backseat of the car that jesus was sitting in between us so we shouldn't each other because we would be punching jesus. i think while there are a lot of kids being taught religion, we need to keep that fear alive and that could help with morality. >> some of those things really got in the way in high school years. >> my mother told me don't look both ways before you cross the street. >> i think anthony the thing that is -- this study like any study can it be truly objective? >> no, the people that come up with this, it is like you are
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caught in this vicious cycle. they will skew it to get the results they want. when they get the results they want, then they win. >> then they have the conclusions. >> the tolerance was the real -- no one reads the>.+ñ actual study. because all they do is read the newspaper reports. >> it is propaganda from the secular left. >> i am doing a show on november 14th in boston. get yourself in
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>> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. did you see i grabbed my coffee without looking at it? >> no. >> it was a nights move. >> may be taking the news desk on the road. may be headed to wisconsin. not sure yet. ben carson's stories are under attack. you said the blade hit the boy's belt buckle and broke. can you say that five times fast. >> have i trouble saying it once. >> it is a twister. >> i don't think i can.
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anthony you said if he is making up the story about knifing his family member, no big deal. people embellish. i was talking with rupert about this and he totally agreed. >> really? how about those mets. >> if the stabbing story is not true, i think this one is a big deal. it was for ma tiff and it changed him and helped make him into who he was today. if it didn't happen to me that's a big deal as opposed to the other nonsense. young -- i don't think you ever think when i run for president i better not do this or put that in the book. it is another time of life. >> you should give yourself some leeway after you are a brain surgeon. >> so you when you tweet you
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may not think one day you may run for president? >> i am never thinking clearly. i am always lying. >> kevin, you said carson needs to get back to the old ben carson. if he were smart, hear me out, the next time somebody asked about the story he should pull out a knife and attack him. >> it was impossible. he went from there to yale to university of michigan and taking twins and splitting them. that was back in the belt buckle. he should get back to that and get back to the fire in the gut. >> you are pro more stabbing. make a note of that. i will be very polite to you after the show. >> he knows how to use the knife. >> i imagine he does. you are glad he is going after carson he has been a zombie and now sounds human.
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if the story is legit the press should go for it. we had the whole thing about the west . thing. it turned out they self-edited the article and change the headline. that's the stuff that the press -- >> this is the time ben carson should1íúí get out his qief and stab every editor at politico." >> everyone is pro be staying. >> he did learn how to use a knife. >> bernie sanders, i thought what he said about being sick and tired of hillary. michael, you said the real story is the hollywood elite despises hillary clinton. as part of the hollywood elite do you agree request that? do you agree with that?
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>> i have been finalizing. >> are you one of the top grossing movies last year. nominated by the motion picture academy. >> your facts are good. >> when you sit in your trailers do you runós/6 down to hillary? >> the truth has just come out. >> actually i think you are right in pointing out some like bernie more than hillary because he is prewarrer in his progressivisms. a man stands for it, i idiotic and she stands for nothing, but the ambition to grab as much power as she can. >> i completely agree with that. i also don't understand why it is a story. why would comedians want a candidate who is funny as opposed to one they agree
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with? >> you are right. it is weird. >> i don't get the whole thing. >> they are like you and me. >> except they are funny. >> walking into these. >> jimmy carter wasn't funny, but comedians had fun with him on tv shoes. >> you are looking for a dumb and boring. president. >> with a great accent. >> didly thinks president obama needs to help bloke communities. as far as i remember mo money, mo problems. >> when you said puff daddy who we should call diddy -- okay. when you said he appreciated -- back in the day he was puff daddy. when you said he appreciates her hind quarterbacks dism are you talking about the help.
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>> i was talking about not the the -- is that good? it is now. >> was it you who asked why diddy brought up chile? >> it is a functioning country where places like brazil and argentina -- >> i think he was representing the relief sent there. that's why he he was giving them money. >> i don't think that is a terrible thing. >> when the minors were trammed we helped save them. >> i called you out for wanting to send aid to help people. >> you you will have to leave this place with a big belt buckle. >> i am leaving with him. he is my bodyguard.
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>> anthony you said the first thing we do before dropping relief surprise is relief supplies. we have to secure the area. he is talking about chelly and their hurricane. does he not want a bigger police presence in the neighborhood than he is talking about? >> in order to make that money work and those resources work you can have people stealing it and causing problems. and please sean combs. that's his name. >> tom do you not think diddy have a pit of a po -- a bit of a point? instead of doing that for other countries way should use it domestically? >> i don't think he has any point.
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he shows a remarkable naive way and young what he thinks that air dropping mine into a neighborhood is not going to do very good jie. it was child like. >> they should air drop money into my neighborhood. >> religious studies say religious kids -- >> i completely agree. >> wow. >> there was a study that says they give more to charity tan nonreligious people. >> there you go. i'm done. >> time to take a break. team code words when we come back.
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they are speaking a language that adults don't understand. i had my suspicions. according to a local tv report where i get all of my news, teens use code words and abbreviations to talk about sex, drugs and alcohol so parents remain clueless. for instance you probably heard netflix and chill. that means let's watch netflix and have a cold drink. nothing sexual. i may be wrong. salad means sex. tdtm is talk dirty to me. 182 is i hate you.
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and what is that last thing? mos? >> that means don't say anything. mom is looking. >> there is a dictionary of code words only kids understand. here are some. that means turn on tv. it is time for tom's upon gnaw log. monologue. what is the latest on the keystone pipeline? you are watching wolf blitzer. did you see the latest column? and finally, jeb can fix it. >> do you know these codes? >> i don't, but we used a lot of agoy cro -- acro -- acro anymores. >> is that where it began? >> the military had codes.
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>> mos is job rating, but it is mom's over shoulder. they are setting thelzs up for success. let's take something positive. >> anthony, you probably know these code words if you have to communicate with teens. >> my text looks like an explosion at the gravel factory. i like to keep tabs on what the kids are are doing these days. parents should be into more of what their parents are doing. if mom is over shoulder she should look them up and then be horrified. it is like anything else. >> why is it so hard? it is not that hard to figure it out. i don't know what it is. is this the cup holder that comes out? what do i do with the foot
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peddle? >> why salad? can you explain that to me? i don't know. you have to go to urban i didn't know smh was shaking my head. >> i just learned that. >> code words have always been around. you wanna come over and study or watch a movie, that never happened even in your day. >> i did go over -- i did. i went and studied. >> then the girls were very disappointed. >> you actually played the movie when they came over? >> yeah, there was no -- i wasn't having sex. this was the 80s. nobody was having sex. >> kids will always have their secret societies and their code words and it is perfectly fine. my only objection to this
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technology is that it is ruining the english language. these kids should be reading charles dickens and they should be reading thomas hardy and employ the beautiful words of our beautiful language. instead of having crazy abbreviations. >> a lot of kids are doing that. >> the noun should always agree with the verb. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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finland? more like funland. the nordic country is the first to set up a national emoji. they approved symbols that show the fin sigh h culture. they are man and woman in sauna. no kia cell phone. and hard rock head banger. that's a fun idea and i'm sure other countries will start doing this. what would america's emoji be? what emoji best represents our country. we thought about it and here is one. here is another. one more.
11:55 pm
that's right. we don't needy mow gees. we have -- we don't need emojis. we have brand. if we had to pick one for america, it would be this. >> that's the perfect symbol of modern america. >> init is either always light so you can't sleep or always dark so you can't get up. the only thing they should have is finland vote caw. if you live there everybody is drink. it should be their national symbol of bottle of vodka. >> they spend time in the sauna and they drink vodka, but they didn't think it was in the top three. what about to my point? we don't need emojis. what do they have? they don't have a mcdonalds. >> to be american, what if you show somebody just really
11:56 pm
offended. that would be good or just somebody guilty or an apology. maybe an apology emoji to say i'm sorry, but with any sincerity. isn't that why donald trump is so big with make america great again. >> we have been waiting for fin land to -- finland. that's our emoji. we cover all of our bases. we need to battle on this one. >> you know what i love and you skipped over it. finland being a socialist country. but these are government approved emojis. >> it is a socialist country. >> you can find it on our website. i wonder what the others will be, the rest of the third. i have a feeling it will be a
11:57 pm
heart monitor and chair. >> special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky. >> that does it for me. tom shillue.
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and tell us what you think about the show. that's it for tonight. they called him poppy. george herbert walker bush, 41st president of the united states. a new england aristocrat, who became a politician in the texas oil patch. he owned perhaps the most impressive resume of any man ever to win the white house. he relished the rough and tumble of politics, but steadfastly maintained a public identity of dignified restraint, even in defeat. tonight, for the first time, you will hear the private thoughts of the 41st president in his own voice, part of an


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