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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> especially if you have -- >> if your throat closes, that's serious. ♪ doctor, doctor give me the news ♪ the new theme song. thank you for joining us. pushing back, gop presidential contender dr. ben carson hits the airwaves today, taking on the avalanche of media reports questioning his life story. live from new york, it's the donald. times three. we got trump's best moments from "snl" and what all the other gop candidates are doing to prepare for tuesday's fox business network debate. brand-new details about the night john lennon died 35 years ago this december, from the hospital trauma staff that tried to save his life. good afternoon.
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i'm shannon bream. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. thank you for spending sunday with us. >> coming out swinging. gop presidential contender dr. ben carson firing back at media reporters questioning his background. the retired neurosurgeon is in a statistical dead heat with donald trump as the favorite among gop voters. elizabeth joins us now live. >> the former neurosurgeon came out in defense of his past today as reporters continue to press his accounts of both violent childhood incidents and west point scholarship he says he was offered. dr. ben carson said his mother is too ill to validate his story and his brother didn't want to get involved. he also firmly believes he's getting scrutiny like no candidate before him. >> no, i'm not like this. i have never seen this before. and many other people who are
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politically experienced tell me they have never seen it before either. the secular progressive movement in this country, a big threat, because they can look at polling data and see that, you know, i'm the candidate who is most likely to be able to beat hillary clinton. they see that. >> the doctor went on to reinforce his stance when pressed about wording in his book. >> go look on the west point website and you'll see those specific words, scholarship, full scholarship to west point. even though it is, you know, given as a grant for anybody who gets in, those words are used. and it is a recruiter or somebody who is trying to get you to come there, trying to get you to do that, those are the words they would use. it is on their very website. don't say that was a lie. >> also on the sunday political talk shows, his closest opponent donald trump acknowledged that carson has some explaining to do, but did turn down a saturday
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night live skit slamming him. >> that is an interesting decision because he rarely ba ls down from that. thank you for the update. just ahead, we'll check in with the rest of the gop kants. many of them using the final days before the next debate to make their pitches to voters. tuesday's debate is on our sister network, fox business. the first starts at 7:00 p.m. the main debate at 9:00 p.m. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is en route to washington. he took off within the past hour or so, from ben gurion airport. he'll meet with president obama for the first time in more than a year. the meeting is in part to help repair those chilly ties between u.s. and israel, which took a major hit when the u.s. agreed to that nuclear deal with iran. >> translator: i am departing to washington to meet president obama. the discussions with the president will revolve around recent events in the middle
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east. including syria, any possible progress with the palestinians, or at least stabilizing the situation, and, of course, the strengthening of israel's security, which the united states has always committed to. >> it is a sensitive time for israel, tensions right now between the israelis and palestinians have flared significantly. today israel why i polii police shot an attacker after he rammed his car into a group of israelis in west bank. in the past two months, 11 israelis have been killed in palestinian attacks, many more injured and 72 palestinians have been killed by israeli fire. fox news alert, we learn more about the seconds before and after that russian charter flight broke apart midair, crashing to the ground in egypt's sinai peninsula, killing all on board. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the
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crash that killed 224 people. one british official said if it was a bomb, airport security worldwide might have to change. conner powell is following this from the middle east bureau. what is the latest? >> a week after this downing of this russian jet, the question still remains what brought it down. evidence seems to be mounting that it was a bomb. but u.s. officials and western officials all still hedging their bets saying that it is about 90% likely that in fact it was a bomb and the head egyptian investigator said this weekend that noise from a undetermined source was heard on the black box recording, immediately before the aircraft went down. that sound likely a bomb according to most aviation officials. earlier in the week, pentagon officials said they detected a sudden and unexpected heat flash, seconds before the plane crashed. both egyptian and russian authorities part of the recession say it is way too
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early to make a concrete determination, but so far there really isn't much evidence to support other theories. have a listen. >> there is only certain number of explanations for why a plane would blow up, obviously. and the investigators have to rule out all the different options. and the more they find out, the forensics will help and then obviously the intelligence that is being collected, but it sounds more likely than not given what has been stated thus far. >> russia announcing friday it was suspending all flights to egypt and today they said they had brought home some 11,000 tourists who were in egypt back to russia. meanwhile, this is a joint russian and egyptian investigation, but the new york times reporting that the fbi is now involved and they are offering forensic analysis and help to the joint investigation. it is a rare sign of corporation between the united states and russia, given all the recent
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tensions, but one that the russians felt they needed because of the expertise of the fbi. >> rare indeed, maybe the fbi will add confidence to the world in terms of how this investigation is being handled. conner powell there in the middle east, thanks. shannon has more. >> the department of homeland security stepping up screenings at a number of airports overseas than they have flights bound for the u.s. tom ridge joins us now. thank you so much for coming in today and lending us a bit of your expertise. i want to start by playing a sound bite from earlier on "fox news sunday," mike mccall, the chair of the house homeland security committee about whether or not this was a bomb. here is what he had to say. >> high degree of confidence that it was. it has been my gut all along as we looked at the facts that the region itself, the fact that they want to hit the russians, and i must say, chris, this is a new chapter for isis. >> so if it turns out this was a bomb planted by isis on a commercial airliner, how has the game changed?
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>> i think we always have been wary of this kind of explosive device on commercial aviation. it is just the first time we have seen it taken to its tragic conclusion. i think it reminds us once again, it is a global scourge, now the russians are potential targets. we obviously know they had some challenges with the extremists, jihadists in the caucuses and around chechnya, now this as the congressman said takes it to a new level. not so much the explosive device, if forensics confirms it, which everybody certainly believes was the incident, caused the incident, now engaging the russians more directly in the fight against global terrorism. >> there are reports that u.s. intelligence agencies were picking up chatter. there was some discussion of a big event that was going to happen in the sinai. after the fact, after the crash there was some apparently also intel picked up with chatter among jihadis about taking credit, and celebrating this. and egypt is now being critical of the u.s. and uk saying they
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had some chatter, they had some intel they should have shared and egyptians are claiming they didn't get it. how critical is it to coordinate when it comes to these threats. >> i think the united states has had great relationship with countries around the world. this is a global scourge. we need global strategic partners and sharing of information is critically important. the question becomes if you heard the chatter with us, was it specific enough that you could share it with the egyptians so that it was actionable. and i'll let the governments and the diplomatic and the intelligence community work their way through those differences, but it is clear after this incident, if you don't think you have stakes in the game, if you don't think you're potentially a target to these global jihadists, we need to rethink it. i don't think russia thought they were the primary target, clear now everybody is. >> it sounds like those who looked over closer television from the airports, some officials are aghast at what
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they saw in sharm el sheikh. what can we do screeningwise to prevent this from happening again? is it possible, can you have enough security in place that you catch every potential threat? >> i think we need to understand in the world of global travel, globalization of commercial aviation, to ever suggest you can create a fail safe system would be an illusion. but i do think that if the rest of the world adopted the fairly stringent approach that the united states takes, often subject to criticism of our own citizens because it is -- it would be a little time consuming and occasionally inconvenience, a lot better off, but there is no global international standard with regard to passengers, or with regard to cargo and maybe this incident will precipitate that kind of discussion where we set higher global standards. it would be in everybody's best interest. >> what about the tsa, though, often in these surprise tests, not doing well. failing miserably in many cases.
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are they making us that much safer here given the time and investment it takes to go through these screenings if they're missing things that are planted a test for them. >> i think they should be given credit for the fact that they test themselves, and then when they find there is deficiencies, they try to correct it. i'm of the opinion that some of the recent test results, which were negative and there was a fairly dark shadow over tsa, those problems could be remedied, but a series of regulations and procurement restrictions on their ability to access software to put in these new machines, so i think one of the things that congress needs to do when the tsa administrator comes up and says, yes, we found out there was a problem here, this is the solution that because of procurement regulations we can't get the software, we can't make the acquisitions we need in order to embed in our system, congress has to help tsa move more quickly and resolve the problem. >> and quickly, before we're out of time what do you think russia
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is considering at this point in response? >> given the super nationalist approach that putin has taken from the invasion of crimea, the work he's doing in syria, i expect that you probably see something rather dramatic from him, but the question is whether he can sustain it, he has internal economic problems, he's got certainly his hands full in crimea, and given the economic situation at home, the dramatic decrease in oil prices, i doubt if you'll see a sustained russian presence in syria, i suspect you'll see a dramatic one for a while. >> a bit of a response. governor, secretary, good to see you, thank you for your time today. leland? overseas, millions of people turned out for the first free and fair elections. we'll see if they're fair in burma since the early 1990s. aung san suu kyi was among those voting. her party's win if it happens would loosen the military's
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almost 50 year power grip to an extend. the constitution gives the military a quarter of parliament seats. still voters young and old were joyous over voting in burma's most free election in what they are saying is generations. as of now, the polls are closed. so if you're watching in burma and doesn't vote, it is too late. results are expected starting tomorrow. coming up, the uk remembers its fallen service members today as america prepares to honor all our veterans on tuesday and what they have given for our country. plus, don't look over the edge if you're queasy. two men find themselves stuck on the top of a cliff with a 164 foot drop straight down. what happened next? not for the faint of heart. a fair and balanced debate about what candidates have to do to win their debates. >> i think it will be more of the same. it will be questions.
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in the uk, a moment of
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silence for fallen veterans. the queen laid poppy wreaths at the war memorial. queen elizabeth was joined by david cameron and her grandsons, princes william and harry. the service takes place every year on the nearest sunday to the anniversary of the end of world war i. november 8th, 2016, remember that date, we'll be casting our votes for the next president of the united states and for those of you without a calendar, that is one year from today. this morning, a handful of presidential hopefuls hit the sunday show circuit, making their case before the next big debate on tuesday. kristen fisher is here in washington. any big moments this morning? >> chris christie had a big moment on fox news sunday. he's been bumped from the main stage in the next debate due to low poll numbers. today, he said donations to his campaign have gone up.
10:19 am
>> we have been getting more donations in the last week than we got in the week before because people feel like, you know, we're getting a raw deal. so it hasn't hurt the donations at all. in fact, incredibly, i thought what you did, it is actually worked the opposite. people out there looking to level the playing field. >> marco rubio might be wrapping up one of the best weeks of his campaign. he's been dogged by allegations of credit card misuse, specifically misusing his republican party credit card. yesterday he put the resume whiwhy rumors to rest. they show eight personal charges, totalling $7200 and only very modest spending on actual party business. by disproving one of his biggest perceived weaknesses, rubio has a lot of positive momentum heading into tuesday's debate. the other thing everyone is talking about today is donald trump's performance on "saturday night live." he's getting mixed reviews but he explained how he plans to get mexico to finally pay for that
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wall. >> the president of mexico is here to see you. >> that's great. send him in. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. >> this is far too much money. >> no, i insist. consider it is an apology for doubting you. >> that explains so much. the candidates spent much of the weekend in south carolina where bernie sanders was sharpening his attacks against hillary clinton. today, he seemed to soften his rhetoric on one of the other sunday shows. >> on her worst day, hillary clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the republican candidate on his best day. >> that statement is any indication, the democrats next debate on saturday should be a lot less combative than the next republican debate which is now just two days away. leland. >> don't say. thanks, kristen. now for a fair and balanced debate. emily with the young american
10:21 am
foundati foundation, emily suftman. thank you for being here. we will start with the polls. good place to start as we look at the latest fox news poll in terms of who is on top. you have trump and carson on the top. cruz, rubio tied at 11 and everybody else down the list, bush, huckabee, kasich, paul. you come into this debate on tuesday, green emily, who has the most to win, who has the most to lose. >> most to win, clearly is marco rubio, senator rubio's moment. he's having a great day right now after the really -- >> great debate last time. >> his moment, his time to prove himself and clearly the most to lose is jeb bush. >> who are democrats looking for on tuesday to see? what do you want? >> i think democrats are looking to see who is going to emerge as a serious candidate. up until now, the leaders of the field have been trump and
10:22 am
carson. two candidates that don't really look like they're going to make it the long haul, the last couple of days. i don't know if you've been checking twitter, but ben carson's wikipedia is trending. he's not been strong on the fact. >> people making fun of ben carson's latest run. you think this is a real thing carson saying, it is time to put it behind us. is his best defense meaningttac media. has that worked? >> he's sick and tired of getting news through a filter of liberal bias, a strong sentiment. it is going to be very successful for ben carson. >> emily, are the democrats going to start trying to exploit this or time to let this lie? >> i think to engage in any way in the republican field for democrats would not be a strong move, republicans aren't tearing each other apart. >> bernie sanders said, look, hillary is better than any republican, not the kind of shooting in the house sometimes you see on the republican side. >> the republicans said the same
10:23 am
thing about their candidates, certainly about any of the candidates on the left. >> you brought up trump. his appearance on "saturday night live." he told fox and friends earlier this morning he actually passed on a couple of skits. they wanted to did a skit about ben carson, he said, no. no idea whether that is true or not, but playing it safe as he seemed to the smart move? >> absolutely. he's -- it is an interesting tactic coming from someone who clearly doesn't seem to be playing it safe, but he's turned into a very serious candidate. look at his ground operations and states across the country, taken his candidacy very seriously and that's another indication. >> the general consensus on his appearance was, like, eh, wasn't much to it. >> yeah. there was a lot of eh there. i think what we're seeing is his moment is fading. he copped out when people were really searching for something. and i think the strong bias against media within republican primary voters i think is certainly there. we saw in the last debate, cruz's highest moment was attacking the media itself. i think that is there.
10:24 am
i think the challenge for trump as a challenge for carson right now is that people only really start to believe things about candidates, once they make sense in their frame that exists for them already. so the only reason that 47% -- with romney is because people believe he was wealthy and elite. so the thing with carson is that no one really has known anything about him. and he's just starting to let one statement fly after the other without it really sticking. now that people are really starting to think that he's maybe a little bit not with it. >> looking into him. >> they are. that's absolutely fine. but you mentioned the hash tag ben carson wikipedia. we never saw hash tag hillary clinton wikipedia when she talked about coming under sniper fire in bosnia. >> we may hear more about the sniper fire. >> let's hope. >> i don't recall twitter the very controlled media. >> fair is fair. >> orange emily, the last word. is what you're seeing on
10:25 am
twitter, does it matter at some point, the noise meaningful at this point, a year to the day out? >> i think you mack a good point. people need to be serious about, you know, i think some of the tendency at this point particularly towards trump is very far out in advance and it is really not people thinking with their votes. they're thinking about who they want to see getting more -- who they want to see in the media more and talking. i think we are pretty far out. but a serious candidate needs to emerge from the republican party. >> a year away from general, three months left until iowa. i appreciate you wearing broncos orange. i'll take that as an endorsement. >> ladies, thank you very much for being here. you'll get to see what we were all talking about tuesday, 7:00, beginning on the fox business network. be sure to watch it. moving on, it is one of the most divisive issues facing the country today. the issue of school choice, all the presidential candidates have been talking about it. so can we find a solution for it? we're going to try when we bring
10:26 am
in political minds from opposite sides of the aisle coming up after the break. and this. tragic story. a 6-year-old is dead after being shot by police. here are the police officers who shot him. victimers we investigators are shocked, especially since this was caught on camera. >> we took the body camera footage. i won't talk about it, but i'll tell you this, it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line.
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an update to some stories making headlines this sunday. police in texas say they are no closer to an arrest in the shooting of a local judge in her driveway. eyewitnesses and neighbors heard
10:31 am
little. >> gunshots, rapid succession, no pause, few short moments later, heard one siren. >> police say they don't know whether the judge was targeted because of her work. two louisiana police officers are on the other side of the jailhouse bars today. they face charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder in a shooting that killed a 6-year-old and injured his father. investigators now are trying to figure out why the officers opened fire in the first place. and moving on, a massive 50 foot sinkhole has opened up and swallowed 12 cars in mississippi. how would you like to be one of the customers inside a nearby restaurant when you heard a few loud booms, electricity went out, and you walk in, walked out, and your car was gone. good news, though, no injuries have been reported. 2.5 million public school students are actually enrolled in charter schools.
10:32 am
the debate over school choice is far from settled here in washington. there has been both bipartisan support and opposition to a voucher bill that would give families the opportunity to take funding to private, even religious schools. so we want to know, can a solution be found to improve our children's education and make them competitive for america's future. we're joined by two fox news contributors. welcome to you both. >> thank you. hello. >> san tino, i'll start with you. this is an interesting topic because when you're talking about vouchers or charter schools, any one of those is going to take money away and funding away from traditional public schools, and there is plenty of criticism for that idea when so many schools are in trouble. >> that's true. but, you know, i think what we first need to do is establish this. i think that rick and i could agree that all american children deserve equal access to an equal high quality education. i think that the elections last week showed that parents are fully engaged of that
10:33 am
enterprise. i think we want school reform. i don't have any children, but certainly i can understand people wanting school reform, you just need to be very specific about t that those reforms will take. you want school choice, but want the best education options. and there is a lot of back and forth about charter schools because they have been largely unregulated. and you've got mixed results. but in boston and d.c., you're seeing some positive movement, but still in new orleans, the study shows that 79%, 79% of these schools get a d or an f. how do we get out of that? i mean, when you're watching children all over the world who are doing better than our children, doing without charter schools, like in south korea and finland what do we do? >> and, rick eric lot , a lot o argue it is about competition. >> first of all, the good news is that san tina and i both
10:34 am
agree that we have to improve the schools, we have to have the best school system for our kids. that's -- we're in agreement. that is step one. step two, i think what we have to do is exactly what you say, shannon, we need competition. we should not be forcing kids to go down the street to the crappy because that's the neighborhood they moved into. end monopolies for school districts. they cannot just say we're getting these children, no matter what, we want the children to figure out what is best and that with their parents, what is the best school for them. here in california, we have a total radical system that is going on because hispanic and asian parents are challenging the status quo, challenging the teachers union by saying i don't want to send my kid to the crappy school down the street, let me have a choice, let's have competition among schools. >> back to you, what is your bottom line here. we know the administration, the
10:35 am
current administration, the president, they oppose some of these ideas about the vouchers and taking the money elsewhere. believing that public schools need to keep that money and have the opportunity there. in fact, they're suing the justice department, suing in louisiana where they have come up with a program that would allow the money to move with the students with vouchers and charters and those kinds of things. what is the bottom line here in this dispute? >> charter schools are here to stay. i can't argue that point. this administration has helped to push for charter schools. look, i think we have got to change the culture. got to value education over incarceration. we have to make a decision to value education and to value our educators. i don't -- i think we're always going to compete, but what we need is some consensus about what education is going to mean for every american child. and they need equal access to equal high quality education, whether had the charter schools or the open public school system. >> rick, bottom line for you? >> bottom line for me is we can no longer force kids to go to
10:36 am
the crappy school down the street. you got to have competition. competition works and makes the education system better. we have to have public schools competing for students. >> sounds like both of you agree on one thing that is that there needs to be change and that every kid needs a chance to get an education because no matter where you're coming from, it is the first step to moving up and moving out of poverty for just about every american who finds themselves starting out at the lower end of the economic wrung. it can be an equalizer. we'll celebrate your agreement on these topics and thank you for weighing in. thank you. >> happy veterans day. >> you too. check out this picture, high anxiety, this is what happens when you attempt to help your friend. a good friend. but you get stranded along with him on a cliff hundreds of feet in the air. we're going to show you the life or death attempt to rescue them both. i would be there for you. plus, you thought you knew what happened the night john
10:37 am
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a daring rescue caught on camera. check it out. two climbers stuck on australia's iconic wedding cake rock. according to one report, one of the men fell a few feet to a small ledge. what was next, a deadly 164 foot drop into the ocean. his friend tried to help him, but then they both got stranded. that's when this helicopter crew swooped in to save the day. one man was taken to the hospital with a possible spinal injury. the other one uninjured. at least physically. music legend john lennon's shocking murder is etched in the minds of his fans around the world. with good reason.
10:42 am
nearly 35 years later, a different story is emerging of what actually happened the night he died. it is a story you will see only on fox. howard kurtz talks to the doctor who tried to save the music icon's life and uncover some inaccuracies in the media's coverage. >> when john lennon was shot, david hallerran tried to save his life. >> i was distraught, upset, you feel somewhat responsible. >> the former emergency department chief has been telling media outlets for years he is the one when operated on lenn lennon. >> i just -- maybe somewhat insulting to me. >> three nurses confirmed that dr. halleran performed the operation. >> three nurses who were there have told us that it was dr
10:43 am
dr. halleran who provided the emergency resuscitation and you arrived toward the end. >> i was there at the very beginning and it may have been dr. halleran who held the knife, i can't remember who held the knife. >> why do you think four people would have a different recollection of that emotional -- >> it has been 35 years since then. i don't remember exactly who held the knife. i certainly thought it was my hand on the knife and may very well have been dr. halleran and perhaps it was david that opened the chest, but i'm not certain. >> dr. lynn said yoko ono banged her head on the concrete floor when he gave her the news. >> steven was not in the room long enough to observe if she banged her head on the floor or not. and yoko did not bang her head on the floor. >> yoko ono says in a statement she never banged her head on the floor and was trying to stay calm for her son sean. john lennon's legend will live forever. we have the last piece of the puzzle of what happened at this hospital, and the surgeon who
10:44 am
avoided the limelight all these years finally getting his due. in new york, howard kurtz, fox news. >> you can see this story and more when media buzz replays this afternoon. also going to include that full interview you don't want to miss with howard kurtz. tackles a lot of other important issues. 5:00 p.m. eastern today. >> still ahead, batter up, this game is a home run for one group of u.s. soldiers. we'll tell you why. plus, sergeant jack harris was injured on the front lines in afghanistan and is now recovering thousands of miles away from his home and family. we'll show you an organization helping to reunite wounded heroes and their families. they're ready to give zach a trip. the kicker, he doesn't know it. it is going to happen live right after the break on our show. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. it may be november and you're thinking about football, but we're sharing america's past time with kids in kosovo of all places. the soldiers welcomed a handful of minor leaguers to their military camp. you see the video here. the game was organized by a group hoping to create kosovo's
10:49 am
first baseball league. organizers hope teaching baseball basics will help them build strong relationships with each other and offer future opportunities to travel. sergeant zachary eric enlisted in the army after high school. he was stationed in hawaii and deployed to afghanistan. during that 2011 tour, sergeant eric came under enemy fire. he's been treated for years since at walter reed, and despite the world class care, a long recovery can be difficult for sergeants like sergeant eric and their families. there is help. loose wings is a nonprofit that helps. thank you for being here today. >> thank you. >> great to see you. >> happy veterans. >> yes. as it comes up this week and now looking ahead to the holidays and certainly luke's wings want to make sure everybody can be with their family, it is a part of the healing process to have
10:50 am
them with you, but looking ahead to the holidays, you have a special adventure going on. >> today kicks off our no soldier spends christmas alone campaign, holidays alone if you wish, between now and the end o december we will be booking flights for our wounded warriors and veterans to make sure that they're home with their families on thanksgiving and on christmas and for their holidays. >> and sergeant, i know much of your family is in kansas. what's it been like to have this option to have your family come or you to them as part of your healing process to be together? >> when it comes to having my family and my sisters come out and see me and giving me that opportunity to really heal is special. >> i imagine hospital can be a lonely, exhausting place when you go through surgeries and therapies and those kind of things. what has it meant to have your sisters there with you and other family? >> just knowing they don't have to deal with that stress and having that support and knowing that it can come any time and
10:51 am
rely on luke's wings to have that ability for my sisters to be there is fantastic. >> you have done this multiple times with zach and many, many other families and we hear the stories over and over again about what it means to them that you can connect them because most people don't have thousands of dollars lying around when a tragedy like this happens to be able to fly back and forth all . it's just an expense that isn't always covered. >> it's very true. if you asked a wounded warrior what he wants most, he's going to say cash. you say, well, what are you going to spend cash on? he says a plane ticket so i can see my wife or my daughter or my mom and so for eight years now, luke's wings has been providing tickets and helping them book their flights and making sure they get to where they need to be. zach has been at walter reed for almost five years. i think we provided six or seven flights for him now at critical moments. i want you to know, zach, you have become a good friend of ours and i promise as long as you're at walter reed, you know,
10:52 am
if you want to fly anybody in or if you want to go home, any time of the day, you just pick up the phone and you call us. i promise we'll have you with your family on thanksgiving and again on christmas and as god as my witness as long as you're recovering you'll be with your family. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and you are a mean, lean operation. a small staff gets a lot done. i met so many of the families and our warriors like zach that benefited from this. the stories they tell in critical moments having someone there has been so important to them. we see our viewers. they always step up. we have luke's wings on because they know how important this is. this isn't money that people have lying around. it's not something the government covers. maybe people think when you have a wounded soldier this is the kind of thing that the u.s. government always covers and they don't. you're stepping in to do something special. i know that you like fishing. something you like to do. hopefully you will be able to
10:53 am
travel and do a little bit of that as well. >> that's what i'm hoping to do. >> anything else more that you can tell us about the program? >> again, no soldier spends christmas alone. between now and end of december, a lot of our companies really step up, employees step up. we're also a delta partner. so in november delta will match any miles that anybody wants to donate to us and anyone that donates will get our annual christmas ornament. >> never too early to start with those. >> this one is for you. every year we give you one. it's something that you can give to somebody in lieu of a gift. you get this really nice thank you card that comes with the ornament and instead of getting your veteran father another tie, you can actually send a wounded warrior home on his behalf, which is a special thing we do. >> we've got the website up. we hope you get a great response and, zach, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season. thank you for your service to our country. we wish you all the best.
10:54 am
you've been through a long road. you say you're at the end of your recovery and we wish you the best. we know you're in school as well. you're a busy man. fletcher, for the continued work you do with all these families. we thank you both very much for coming in today. >> thanks for having us. >> when grandma told her family she was going sky diving, they shout she lost her mind. turns out it wasn't her mind that got lost on that sky dive. ♪ jump in heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> blue angels packing it in for the season. this is video from their last show this year. happened at home in pensacola, florida. pretty close to where shannon is from. weather in the area prompted an extra early start to the show. onlookers came out and were wowed by that practice. >> that's unbelievable. i feel like i'll pass out just watching it. my brother was a navy pilot. just retired. he used to be an instructor in pensacola. >> ever take you up? >> i would not go. i love him and trust him. every commercial plane i'm on, why can't my brother be flying this plane. i do have great confidence in him and all of our navy pilots. amazing work they do. i know you have gone up with thunderbirds. >> i did. i did not pass out which i view
10:59 am
as a great badge of honor. >> you couldn't walk in a straight line. >> not for the rest of the day. we'll move on now. >> holly was determined to check sky diving off her bucket list and she did. unfortunately dentured pop out mid flight and smacked into the guy helping her. despite the mishap, she has no regrets that after the cost of a new set of teeth, the jump was more expensive than she originally planned. i love that she's so brave. >> show that video one more time. there they go. >> look at the picture. >> is the picture with them in or out. >> i'm sure they would be found. >> teeth flying at you. i love her spirit and that she's such a dare devil. >> maybe she'll getting too up again and take dentures out
11:00 am
prior to. before we go, the next debate this tuesday, november 10th, 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be watching, will you, on our sister network fox business. >> that's it for us in washington. see you next week. i'm chris wallace. security changes for commercial flights bound for the u.s., as the consensus grows a bomb may have taken down that russian jet over egypt. i think we need to step up this war on terror against isis. if it's a russian airline today, it could be an american airline tomorrow. we'll sell down with michael mccaul, chair of the house homeland security committee, to get the latest on the investigation and the growing terror threat. then -- >> i will be on a stage debating one way or another wherever they put me. put one in the middle of the square in manchester, i'll do it there. >> we'll talk with governor chris christie about how getting bumped from the big debate tuesday night will affect his campaign for president.


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