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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  November 8, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] past. first, these headlines. live from america's news headquarters, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on his way to washington. he took off a few hours ago.
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tomorrow he'll meet with president obama for the first time in more than a year. the two leaders looking to turn the page after their sharp disagreement about the iran nuclear deal. the talks will focus on military aid to israel and war in syria and iran's growing influence in the middle east. new information in the crash of that russian jetliner in egypt. investigators are 90% sure the noise heard in the final second of a cockpit recording was an explosion caused by a bomb. this according to a member of the investigation team. isis has claimed responsibility. see you at the top of the hour for more news. w welcome to "the journal editorial report." obamacare returned to the campaign trail in a big way with
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republicans picking up the kentucky governorship for the second time in 44 years. matt bevin's surprise win comes as 10 of the 12 co-ops created under obamacare announced they'll close by the end of the year leaving tense of thousands of americans scrambling for coverage and billions of taxpayer funded loans at risk. joining the panel this week, dan, joe and kim. so, kim, let's talk about the kentucky race first. this was a race where the republican was trailing for almost all of the campaign until ara late advertising barrage aid at obamacare and president obama. so was that a decisive? >> yeah. you have to actually also look at ykentucky's history here. this was a state that with a democratic governor, democratic attorney general, embraced
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obamacare and bucked the trend of a lot of states. he set up his own state exchange there. hean went for the president's medicaid expansion. andn. they bragged they were he up as a model by the left across the country. >> it was presented as a showcase of the law. >> yes. and huge problems. one of the co-ops that exploded, exploded in kentucky leaving about 50,000 people without coverage. hospitals have beenve slammed wh new medicaid patients, which forced them to slash services. bevin ran on this and marked a remarkable victory and not only him but the republicans ended up winning four out of six statewide offices. >> let's talk about this issue of the co-ops. in kentucky you have 12 of 23 failing around the country. lots of people. what's going on here? >> if you remember, the co-ops were created as a consolation prize for liberals and the obamacare debate in 2010.
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these were government backed insurers that had implicit federal subsidy. >> instead of single payer. >> what they did was severely underpriced their policies to grab o market share in these states. don't go to commercial insurers. come to the co-op. they started posting these huge losses. what they were expecting is for the federal government to come inen with bailout and in a variy of o ways over the years congre cut that off. money wasn't there. they are all failing one by one. >> they had seed money from the federal government which is now going to be lost presumably, what magnitude are we talking about? >> 2.5 million from the federal government. that won't be paid back. even if the other ones do manage to struggle through the next few
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years, they're not bringing in to pay that back. >> customers have to now find new insurancean for 2016 if the can, right? not necessarily able -- everyone may not be able to get policies they had with these other exchanges. >> they will migrate to another pl plan. it may mean switching doctors and it will mean higher premiums. >> they may not get the hospital choice. some cancers patients at memorial sloan kettering will be dumped from their plan because their care at that hospital may be at risk because new york co-op was the only one that included that hospital in its network. >> abouthe one in five people i the new york exchange joined that co-op. it's about 25% in utah. we're talking about big disruptions and big volatility amid these failures. >> radio s silence as i look at
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mainstream media about this. it's like it's not happening. sorry. squeak that under the carpet. it's astonishing. this is a huge failure. >> it is a fiasco, wouldn't you say? the people affected by it know it's happening to them and i would say t politically this is big problem for democrats and for hillary clinton. for democrats, look, this obamacare was supposed to be a model of the m liberal state. the experts would explain and design something to benefit the middle class. this was w obviously above the expert's pay grade. it's too complicated for reorganize the american healthcare resystem.em now, hillary clinton is joined at the hip. she cannot run for president now separating herself from obamacare and whoever runs against her, as in kentucky, will run thiss down her throat the entire campaign. >> one point i want to ask you about. can conrad, the former senator from north dakota, said republicans sabotaged these exchanges which would have run
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perfectly well otherwise. >> that's silly. if you look at this law designed in 2010 when republicans couldn't stop thehe swinging do. they were cutdo out of the enti congressional process and now for them to get the blame, i think, is silly. these things sabotage themselves. >> thank you all. when we come t back, an uptick crime in some u.s. cities reveals a rift between president obama and some of his top law enforcement officials. is e the ferguson effect real? woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes.
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another law enforcement offi another law enforcement official weighing in on the uptick in crime in some american cities with the head of the drug enforcement agency saying the ferguson effect was taking its toll on policing. here are comey's comments at a law enforcement conference in chicago last week. >> i spoke with officers in one big city at a precinct asked to
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describe being surrounded by young people with mobile phones, video cameras rolling as they step out of the car taunting them asking them what they want and why they're there. they describe a feeling of being under siege and were honest in saying we don't much feel like getting out of our cars. >> president obama appeared to push back on those comments at the same conference the very next day. >> we do have to stick with the facts. what we can't do is cherry pick data or use antidotal evidence to drive policy or to feed political agendas. >> "wall street journal" columnist jason riley joins us with more. is james comey picking facts to serve a political agenda? >> you have competing priorities here. the fbi wants to fight crime. president obama wants to
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mobilize a political constituency. it is not just these officials at the justice department who have been talking about this. reporters have been hearing this talking to precincted on the ground in these cities. everyone is hearing the same thing. cops are hesitant to get out of their cars. they feel the atmosphere is toxic right now. >> how big an increase in crime are we talking about? >> it's been quite big. several major cities, dozens of major cities in america from new york, baltimore, other parts. >> places where they have seen a -- >> a spike in violent crime over last year. that's very real. >> what about the argument this is off of a low bottom. this may be a temporary flip. >> it may be. i don't think comey ruled that
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out or anyone ruled that out. crime goes up for many different reasons. we don't always know why. clearly this seems to be playing some role in how cops feel comfortable doing their job, getting out of their cars, being aggressive and the shame here is that these are the communities that need the aggressive policing because these are where criminals apply their trade. >> let's listen to chris christie as he addresses the same issue. >> we have liberal policies that tie the hands behind the backs of police officers and then when incidents happen, accuse them of misconduct first and then do the investigation later. you have a president of the united states who does not support law enforcement. simply doesn't. >> kim, what do you think of christie's broad side here? does he have an issue that might work for him or for some other republican in the election year? >> it's resonating. not a surprise. we spent a lot of time in these campaigns talking about taxes, health care, all this stuff. first and foremost, voters want
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to have a sense of security. a feeling that they can go outside and there won't be a riot that things are generally safe. this is potentially a huge problem for president obama and hillary clinton and other nominees. parts of the party are indeed as jason said pushing them to fall in line with black lives matter movement. if you end up out of that coming up with a sense of chaos, that could feed into a lot of voters. >> dan, what do you think? >> i think that chris christie has a point. the president keeps talking about antidotes. we have to find out what the experts think. we don't have time to do that it every metropolitan newspaper, "the washington post," "chicago tribune" reporting every weekend the uptick in violent crime. in the city of new york, commissioner ray kelly when he was leaving his job said his next goal was to get control of the gangs.
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what happened after that is they ended stop and frisk in new york and gang violence has risen. what's going on is real. >> jason, what do you think about the politics of this? how will this play in the campaign? >> we've seen how it played in the democratic campaign. >> they are all signing up with black lives matter movement. >> i would like to think republicans will hold their ground and not buckle under and see this as black outreach in casting a lot with black lives matter crowd. i don't think soft on crime policies help the poor black communities. i think that -- the president right now is again pushing this agenda that suggests that this black pathology that we see as a result of a racist criminal justice system and not black behavior, which i think has it exactly backwards. >> thank you all. when we come back, the stage is set for next week's republican debate in milwaukee and as marco rubio and ben carson's poll
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the stage is set for next week's republican presidential debate in milwaukee. this time around there will only be eight candidates on the main stage. with chris christie and mike huckabee failing to qualify for tuesday night's prime time showdown. as ben carson and marco rubio continue to rise in the polls, the scrutiny is growing with both candidates facing questions this week about their past. we're back with jason and dan. dan, i'm going to miss chris
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christie in the debate. i think he really added a lot to those contests. >> chris christie himself isn't whining about it. on friday he was on at least three or four network saying he'll show saying he'll show up anytime. these networks did not ask for 12, 15 people to run for president. i have to admit, it's hard to get that many people on the stage. everyone is looking for exposure. live for the media, die by the media. ben carson is that. >> let's talk about that. we have some press reports that some of ben carson's memoir details about his past are not accurate. take that on. >> well, i don't know that this is going to be a fatal turn of events for him but it's troubling. ben carson's biography is his campaign. he's risen in the poll based on this inspiring story about his
12:51 pm
life and based on his honesty and trustworthiness. >> it is an amazing story. >> it is. >> up from poverty to the pinnacle of the medical profession. >> but now they are calling in to question whether what he's written about in his book, in speeches and interviews over the past years is in fact true. i think what the danger is for ben carson, the press smells blood now. he's going to experience unbelievable scrutiny now in terms of expanding this campaign beyond his biography. >> i looked at the cnn story which looked at nine people from his past and who he knew as a young man and said we can't corroborate the stories about some of the things he did. i mean, carson says they happened but you could interview 900 people from my past and they wouldn't know necessarily everything that i did as a kid. >> yeah. memory plays tricks on people. and the west point story
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reported by politico by friday was rewriting the headline because they missed cars's confusion about the west point story. >> that's the claim he made that he had been offered a scholarship to west point. >> they originally reported that he was admitted to west point but declined to go. >> he never said he was accepted or add mitted to west point. and there are discrepancies about whether -- >> there's this appetite in the republican primary voting. voting right now for nonpoliticians. one downside of that is you risk coming up with someone who has not been vested, who has not been tested. that's the danger here. that's something you have to keep in mind when you're picking a republican candidate. >> what about those that say these points are not critical. they don't undermine the narrative of his life. the press court cannot abide by
12:53 pm
a black conservative who rises and does well and wants to maintain public office. they may say, you know what, this is something that i don't really hold against them. >> that could well happen. we are in unchartered territory right now. the kind of political media bonfire with donald trump getting in and the celebrity runs to the top of the polls. it's difficult to predict which way it's going. one has to assume, to jason's point, that eventually the system will want substance out of these candidates. they won't be able to wing it on personal narratives. i think that's why ted cruz and marco rubio have begun to rise in the polls. >> let's talk about marco rubio and his credit card problems. there's issues about his personal finances. donald trump says they are a disaster. there's no question there's not a man of great financial means. is that going to hurt? >> well, there's risk and opportunity for marco rubio. the risk is that there might be something to that.
12:54 pm
the opportunity, though, is that everyone's fighting for media attention and now he's getting it and the question is how will he handle it? and by and large, marco rubio has been very good at addressing problems like this. >> mitt romney in 2012 was hit because he was rich. now we've got marco rubio being hit because he's not rich. >> and he has been vetted for this. during his senate run, he was vetted. a florida ethics commission in 2012 looked at this and cleared him. he used a credit card blocking to the republican party. but he paid for it. at the end of the month, he went through -- >> everything was paid for. >> he paid for everything. i don't think that there's much here. where he's vulnerable here is in the youth and inexperience argument. that's going to be thrown at him. >> do you think this plays in to that? >> i think it plays in to that. he needs to say, i am the future. put him on the stage next to
12:55 pm
hillary clinton and people will see the contrast. i can do this. >> there will be a test for both carson and rubio to see how they can pass this crucible. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week. s krusable. we have to take one more break. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people.
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time now for hits and misses of t time for the hits and misses of the kim, start us off. >> tim murphy started his push to get through the house a complete overhaul of the federal laws with the broken federal health system. democrats are suggesting that these problems come down to guns. the real problem is a broken system that prevents people getting care fro loved
12:59 pm
on ones. republicans should be putting all of their weight behind this one. >> the break is supposed to be a deal between china and the u.s. on carbon. this week we learned that chinese coal use was actually 17% higher than reported in the official statistics to give you a sense of the scale. 17% in china is equal to 70% of all u.s. carbon emission. so this is actually a hit for the rule of law and political accountability which china lacks in the u.s. >> jason? >> this is a hit for jeanine hampton. the tea party republican who was elected lieutenant governor of kentucky. the conservativism equals racism. it's good news for the black electorate. this could help that. >> thanks, jason. thank you all.
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this is it for our show. we hope to see you right here next week. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> i'm eric shawn. coming up, a closer look at carly fiorina and the other republican candidates ahead of tuesday's debate. coming up, what to keep an eye on in the gop showdown. and new questions about airport security. an investigator now saying that it looks more and more likely that it was a bomb that brought down that russian jet over egypt's sinai peninsula. and ford is unveiling the


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