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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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this is it for our show. we hope to see you right here next week. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> i'm eric shawn. coming up, a closer look at carly fiorina and the other republican candidates ahead of tuesday's debate. coming up, what to keep an eye on in the gop showdown. and new questions about airport security. an investigator now saying that it looks more and more likely that it was a bomb that brought down that russian jet over egypt's sinai peninsula. and ford is unveiling the new terms of a new labor
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contract. what is in it and whether the workers will actually go for it. we might be getting closer to a definitive answer in knowing what caused the crash of that russian jetliner in egypt. investigators are reportedly, quote, 90% sure the noise heard in the final seconds of a cockpit recording was an explosion caused by a bomb. now, this according to a member of the investigation team. conor powell has the details. hi, conor. >> reporter: hi, arthel. there's growing concern in egypt that this accident, this possible attack that will have on its tourism industry and questions about airport security. this comes as the lead investigator in egypt says there was an undetermined noise coming from -- right before the explosion that the black box picked up on. this sounded likely like a bomb.
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earlier in the week, the pentagon determined a sudden and unexpected heat flash before the plane crashed. it's very clear that there was an explosion. the question is, what caused that explosion? egyptian and russian officials are leaning towards a bomb along with the british and u.s. but the british and american officials are saying they are 99% sure it was a bomb while russian and egyptian officials saying that it's still the possibility there was a fuel explosion or a battery explosion. they are ruling nothing out right now. this comes as russia announcing on friday it was suspending all of its flights to and from egypt and today they a announced they've flown 11,000 russians out of egypt back to russia. while this is a joint russian and egyptian investigation, the fbi is also lending a hand
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providing forensic analysis as part of this investigation, it's a really big milestone given the kremlin in washington in the recent years. this is a rare moment of cooperation between the two countries. arthel? >> conor powell, thank you for that report. now, if isis did blow up the plane, it would open up a new front in the capacity of the terror group. some are calling this a game changer for the middle east and the rest of the world. we're going to talk to retired navy captain chuck nash later in the show about the potential dangers. eric? >> meantime, tough words from defense secretary ash carter. the pentagon chief raising the alarm on both russia and china. he's accusing moscow of making dangerous moves that threaten world peace and worry about china's expanding presence in the pacific. here are details from the washington bureau. >> strong words for russia by ash carter saying it is endangering the world order and is america's top concern
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involving an evolving security threat. the defense secretary slammed russia for its incursions in ukraine, loose talks about nuclear weapons and for throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire in syria. the u.s. is now searching for ways to deter russian aggression and to protect u.s. allies. >> we do not seek a cold let alone a hot war with russia. we do not seek to make russian enemy. but make no mistake, the united states will defend our interests. >> while carter's criticisms of russia were among the strongest made in public, he also left open the possibility that russia's role in syria could evolve into one that the u.s. can embrace. >> we will continue to cooperate when and where ours and russia's interests align. russia may play a constructive role in resolving the war. >> reporter: this comes after the dispute in the south china sea where china continues to
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build artificial islands and claims it is sovereign land. >> it's expected that there will be a modernizing military but how china behaves will be the true test of its commitment to peace and security. >> reporter: the defense secretary also indicated the u.s. has been shifting the best shiftss, weapons and equipment to that region. >> garret, thanks so much. the results of a u.s. admiral calling out iran saying the u.s. has done nothing to address behavior in the middle east. iran has been smuggling military equipment to yemen and harassing ships going through the straits of hormuz. >> giving a momentum.
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take a look at the latest fox news poll. shows him now in third place along with senator ted cruz. all of this, of course, going into the big debate. just 72 hours from now. meanwhile, donald trump makes his first appearance that he is first but made an appearance last night, as we all know, on "saturday night live" and there's been some criticism on that appearance. who were some of the losers and winners? >> the winner would have to be marco rubio. his campaign was dogged by allegations of credit card misuse but he released the statements and there's not much on them. rubio has a lot of positive momentum heading into tuesday's debate. the flip side are candidates like chris christie and mike huckabee who have been bumped by tuesday's debate. christie said donations to his
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campaign fashioned on up. >> we've been getting more donations in the last week than we got in the week before because people feel like we're getting the raw deal. >> meanwhile, donald trump is getting mixed reviews as host of "saturday night live." he used one skit to explain finally how he plans to get mexico to pay for that wall. watch. >> mr. president, the president of mexico is here to see you. >> oh, that's great. send him in. >> ah. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. >> this is far too much money. >> no, i insist. consider it an apology for doubting you. >> and no one doubts that trump is a ratings machine. according to nbc, that was the highest ratest show of "saturday night live" in four years. >> meanwhile, back in the campaign trail, what about the
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democratic candidates? >> they spent time in south carolina where bernie sanders has been sharpening his attack on hillary clinton but he said clinton on her worst day is better than any republican candidate in their best day. >> in terms of disagreeing with hillary clinton, yeah, i do, on many, many issues. but what i understand politics and elections to be about is to discuss differences of opinion. i intend to do that and do that vigorously. that does not mean that i'm making personal attacks against somebody i respect. >> they are campaigning in las vegas. tomorrow, hillary clinton will formally file in new hampshire and then all three will get together and face off at the next democratic debate on saturday. eric? >> two debates in the next coming week. thank you so much. aceric, on the republican
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side, ben carson is firing back. he's blaming the media for what he calls a witch hunt over details about his past and addressing what he believes to be excessive scrutiny. elizabeth has more. elizabeth? >> ben carson talks about violent relationships and his mother is too ill to validate his story and his brother doesn't want to get involved. he firmly believes he's getting scrutiny like no other candidate before him. >> it's been proven that it's not a lie and none of the things are lies but, you know, what does it say about people who immediately jump on the bandwagon and think you're something bad rather than waiting and finding out what the truth is. >> no, i am not like this. i have never seen this before and many of the people who are politically experienced say they've never seen it either.
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>> to the progressives and the movement in the country, they can look at the polling data and they can see that, you know, i'm the candidate who is most likely to be able to beat hillary. they see that. >> the doctor went on to reinforce his fans when pressed about wording in his book. >> go look on the west point website and you'll see those specific words, full scholarship to west point. so even though it is, you know, given as a grant for anybody who gets in, those words are used. and if a recruiter or somebody who is trying to get you to come there will try to get to you do that, those are the words that they would use. it's on the very website. don't say that that was a lie. >> also, his closest opponent, donald trump acknowledging carson has some explaining to do but it turns out a saturday night live skit is planning him. >> thanks, elizabeth.
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police hope a cell phone video can help solve the case of a 14-year-old girl who suffered serious injuries after being run over by a car in houston. thankfully, she's now recovering but the video is shocking. will carr has the details on the investigation. hi, will. >> eric, a bunch of girls got together and it did not take long for things to spiral out of control. a car drove up and then this happened. we want to warn you, it's quite disturbing. [ screaming ] this happened outside of houston. cell phone video caught part of the fight going on and the school and some girls had weapons, according to the police. it's unclear if this girl was part of that fight. you can see a 2012 dodge avenger crushing the girl. the female driver ran over her like a piece of foil.
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>> she has a broken pelvis, broken hip, broken ribs, broken leg, her liver split in two. she has pins in her hip. she has pins in her legs. >> hunter had to have surgery. she's in intensive care in a local hospital right now. police say they have the license plate number of that car and plan on charging the driver with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. they also tell us that they have a $5,000 reward out for any information that leads to an arrest. eric? >> thankfully she survived and they have the cell phone video. thank you so much. >> a horrible story. >> absolutely. black smoke and flames filled the air from a heavy fire at a burning building. why firefighters had to pull double duty to try to put it out. and you know the first republican debate? carly fiorina seems to have stalled since then. why? coming up.
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gallons of et nhanol. thankfully no one was hurt when the train derailed. firefighters in san francisco are controlling a three-alarm fire at a tire shop and spread to an apartment complex. there are no reports of any injuries and the cause is under investigation. >> also, police in michigan foiling an alleged mass shooting plot targeting two schools. now three teenage boys who apparently orchestrated the plot are under arrest and facing charges of conspiracy to commit first degree murder. first remember, on may 4th when i launched my candidacy, i was 16 out of 16. the polling companies didn't even ask voters about my name because less than 4% of them had
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ever heard of me. now i'm in sixth place on the main stage. i kind of like that trajectory. particularly given the fact that i remain the least well-known candidate. >> that's carly fiorina this morning appearing on fox newschannel on sunday morning futures with maria bartiroma. she's trying to get her campaign back. it's faulted a bit in the past few weeks with her falling into ninth place. daniel, always good to see you. she just made a great point. she zoomed up and there was the first debate what is she up
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against on tuesday's debate? >> she's had a remarkable trajectory and she captured it quite well. she rose very quickly and quite fast. she's fallen since then and she's nowhere she once was. not on top but she's fallen quite a bit. look, i think carly fiorina shows very well both the strength and possibilities of a republican presidential debate and the limitations. you can use the debate to break out. you can use it to have exceptional moments to excite many americans but you can't use it in substitution for a presidential campaign. you need a lot more there. you need an infrastructure and you need a long, sustaining message. not just, i'm the one to debate hillary clinton. you need more to it. but again, it shows the excitement of the debate and why we should be so excited for tuesday's debate. it shows how you can really break out and how you have candidates who have exceptional moments and you can have
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candidates who falter and do poorly in the debate and that changes the trajectory as well. definitely moments worth watching. there's a lot more to a presidential campaign than just a debate. >> i guess you've got to capitalize and have the infrastructure to keep going and of course you have the issues with planned parenthood videos that she was also criticized about. what could she have done to potentially, as you say, capitalize on that earlier moment that has so far eluded her? >> when you think of donald trump, he has a message, make america great again. you may think he has limitations but you know he has a message. same with ted cruz, same with marco rubio and jeb bush. you know that they stand for something and have a central message. carly fiorina, it's not so clear what her message is beyond, i'm the one who can debate hillary clinton. she needs to go beyond that. what would it mean for the presidency and america. in this debate, it's an
1:21 pm
excellent opportunity. as somebody who has run a fortune company, someone who could say what she's going to do with the economy. she's going to be asked very economic questions, i assume, and she's in a unique position to make the case. it's very helpful. she needs to go beyond that and have a sustaining message and proving that she's a good leader to the american people and giving them a sense of what kind of leader she would be. >> so because this debate focuses on the economy and financial issues on the fox business network, it will certainly deal with the economy. take a look at that lineup. that gets me to jeb. he's talked about growth at 4% and he says he's doing it with fixed things. what does he have to do to try to break out of his reoccurring malaise? >> jeb is sort of the opposite of carly where she used the debate to propel herself, he in the last debate faltered pretty dramatically. i think this debate is sort of make or break for jeb in a
1:22 pm
certain way. if he has a really bad night, a lot of money is going to dry up and a lot of people calling for his departure. he has a lot to prove on the debate stage on tuesday night and, again, it's a 4% -- he wants to grow the economy by 4%. how is he going to do that? what role is the fed playing in monetary policy? you know, what role should he be playing? what role should the interest rates -- where should the interest rates be? you know, these sorts of questions are important and we don't know where jeb stands on all of these things. he will have the opportunity to say something important and if he takes advantage of it, it can be very beneficial. then again, it could be a huge moment in his campaign if he's not able to capitalize. >> i guess we'll keep an eye on carly fiorina and jeb bush and especially donald trump. he's going to slam the fed as he always does. >> yeah. look, donald trump is the leader. you know, you want to see where he's going to go but ben carson, too, the guy can speak convincingly about the economy? we don't know.
1:23 pm
>> we shall see and we will be watching. daniel hopper, thank you. >> thank you. of course, don't forget the next republican presidential debate. it's, what, like 72 hours? >> it's tuesday. >> it's on the fox business network. maria bartiromo and neil cavuto talk about an impressive, knowledgeable, capable serious lineup, not like the other guys we've seen sometimes. watch tuesday night. it will be really important. if you don't know where to find fox business network -- >> how do i find it? >> you call them up or call your cable system and say, we want the business network and you can get it. >> i've already blocked phone calls during that debate. i'm all ears and eyes. coming up, the controversial of the iran nuclear deal has been a bone of contention between the u.s. and israel.
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whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. the investigation into the russi russian plane disaster in egypt. investigators say they are 90% sure that there was an explosion caused by a bomb. joining me is a fox news military analyst.
1:29 pm
if this was isis, what does it say about the sophistication level of their operation? we don't know what methodology reports they used to penetrate it. it could have been an ideological supporter on the inside and could have been someone who was paid by a third party, maybe they thought they were smuggling something or it could have been someone whose family was being held hostage or threatened with death if they didn't participate. >> you really don't know. does this mean they are going to heighten already heightened security around the world? >> there's not a lot that you can do. even tsa pointed out that they were missing well above 80% to 90% of the test bombs that we sent through the system. we're using the same technology with same basic people expecting
1:30 pm
different results. it's not going to happen. >> let's go back to this. if this is isis, does that mean russia is the new target of isis? >> well, if they did, i agree wholeheartedly with ambassador don bolten that if isis dared to take on vladimir putin, they made one of the biggest mistakes in their short history. putin will come after him and it's going to be bloody on their side. we'll have to see if that's the fact. the other thing is, there are isis-supported groups in chechnya. >> how does that factor in to putin's geopolitical dominance? >> well, it's one of the things that vladimir putin has been trying to say for some time which, look, this is not
1:31 pm
strictly about the assad regime. this is war about radical islam. he's trying to take point on this and in his mind that's giving him the moral or the ideological purity to go after it and he's saying, i better prop up the butcher of assad. is there sort of a lucky strike for putin in a way as you said it bolsters his position, no, i'm not backing assad and i'm actually doing something for the good of the people there. >> i think it does. they are going to go through the grieving process of seeing their countrymen slaughtered. let's say it is isis. let's say it's a bomb.
1:32 pm
i bet you the investigators have determined that right now based on the physical evidence. i've done aircraft accident investigation. there are certain telltale things that you look for and i'm sure they found that already. this is something everything laying out there in the desert and so they can take a look at it. once they've edetermined that i was a bomb, then you start looking at who done it. based on the nsa, they monitor the communications and unfortunately they have already come out and gone public saying, yeah, we detected a london accent and a birmingham accent. that let the knuckleheads know, hey, we're being listened to. we're giving away too much intelligence. they are probably already on the run. >> interesting point, captain nash. we'll continue this story as the answers continue to get answered. thank you so much. >> you bet. meanwhile, israeli prime
1:33 pm
minister benjamin netanyahu on his way to washington. he took off a couple of hours ago. tomorrow he'll be meeting with president obama for the first time in more than a year. of course, the two leaders are looking to turn the page after their sharp and intense conversations over the iran nuclear deal. the talks will focus on u.s. military aid to israel as well as the war in syria and iran's growing influence in the middle east. the meeting coming during a wave of attacks in the west bank targeting civilians and soldiers. this also comes after the prime minister appointed a spokesman who has been critical of the oem administration. so promises to be quite an interesting day tomorrow at the white house. >> can't wait to see what we found out after the meeting. well, as questions loom over the russian plane crash, congress may soon have a big decision to make. lawmakers say it may not be so easy to get passed. and we're learning much more about the background of the two
1:34 pm
officers who are now under arrest for their alleged role in the tragic shooting death of a 6-year-old boy. some of the charges they face have a past -- in the past have an impact on this case? wait until you hear what they were accused of and what could happen from this horrible case. our legal panel is on deck. >> it hurts. it feels like i'm dreaming. oh no... (under his breath) hey man!
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>> they are supposed to protect and serve but now norris greenhouse, jr. and derrick stafford are being booked on second-degree murder and one count of murder. we took some of the body cram a cameras. it's the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. >> it turns out this is not the first time those two police officers have apparently been in trouble with the law. local reports are revealing that the officers face serious civil
1:40 pm
rights allegations, including assault and rape. why were they on the force in the first place and what can happen? richard st. paul is a defense attorney and robert schlack. this is so tragic and sad. he was shot to death as he was sitting in his father's vehicle. no gun found in that car. apparently caught in the crossfire of these officers. what do you think will happen? >> obviously these two officers were charged, as we heard from the police department, one with murder and one with attempted murder. you have a situation where thankfully there were body cameras that were able to capture this incident. if there wasn't, you would have these officers vindicated because the only witnesses would have been them and there have been calls nationally and there should be calls locally to equip all members of law enforcement with these body cameras.
1:41 pm
it does two things. it protects the public from overzealous police officers and likes to protect the police officers from being accused of being violated people's civil rights. >> it works both ways. what could these officers possibly say, they think there's a gun in the car, and then this little boy is shot to death while sitting in that seat. >> we need body cameras for officers because it helps everyone. secondly, it could be justified as homicide. we thought he was trying to hit us with a car. that's going to be their only defense on that. but i think what we just saw, the superintendent of the louisiana state police, he saw the video and it's one of the most disturbing things he saw. that was a very telling sign of how disturbing this case is going to be. >> and a jury will potentially see that. >> there's no doubt the jury will see that. nothing is going to get that out. >> what about these officers? stafford, for example, was indicted on aggravated rape,
1:42 pm
greenhouse for breaking a 14-year-old girl's arm. there's five lawsuits against one of them. so there's a range of complaints. now, good police officers have had unwarranted complaints in our country, of course. but like this? >> the defendants are the police officers and their rap sheets read like criminals that we see in criminal court every day. the most concerning thing is, you're opening up the entire police force, the town and county that they worked for for civil responsibilities. they not only knew about these past criminal -- one was charged with rape. there have been charges numerous times of civil rights allegations. how they haven't taken action to suspend them or take them off the force -- >> one of the cases was dismissed and you're innocent unless proven guilty. >> look, there's always conduct. every police department has the ability to fire police officers for misconduct. whether or not you were charged or not, there's always the
1:43 pm
ability to file foir misconduct. the jury will not hear about the alleged rape because there was no con conviction and they won't hear about the lawsuits because the civil cases will be put on hold until the criminal case in this matter takes over. the jury will hear none of this, unfortunately. >> and then there's the heart-rendering situation about little jeremy. let me read you a statement from his grandmother. she said, "jeremy was a special gift from god. he was always smiling, always happy. he was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. he loved everyone he met and they loved him. as far as what caused his death, i've only been told he died from gunshot wounds. he didn't deserve what happened. he wouldn't hurt a fly." robert and richard, what do you say to a grieving family and grandmother? >> your heart breaks. these officers were mersonaries. they went out there claiming
1:44 pm
that they were following this man's car because there was a warrant. there's been no ability to find a warrant. these individuals don't belong to be on the police force. they should have been taken off the force based on all of the prior allegations against them. it's heartbreaking. >> yeah, it certainly is very heartbreaking. i think i read he was shot five times and a total of 18 shots fired. this is really outrageous and, you know, whoever has to defend these police officers because that's the american justice system, i just hope that they plead guilty and take their sentence. >> that's interesting. potentially if that could be a possibility. but they deserve a fair trial. probably get one. we'll see what happens despite this terrible tragedy. our hearts and sympathies, of course, go out to jeremy and his family. >> thank you, eric. >> arthel? when we come back, the
1:45 pm
united auto union reach as new labor agreement with the ford company. and this details something the union is calling one of the richest in the company's history and what it says about the auto industry. we'll talk about that when we come back. vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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united auto workers union officials are calling the new labor contract with ford motors one of the richest in the company's history. joining us now to discuss this is brenda butner, senior business correspondent and anchors of "bulls and bears." good to see you. what is in the contract? >> we don't have all of the details but there are signing bonuses and profit sharing for the first time in a decade, top tier workers are going to get a raise. there are investments in north american factories. it is quite a good deal, much better than they have seen for some time. >> and why now? >> well, you know, ford, gm, these are boom times for detroit car makers in part because there's pent-up demand. people didn't buy cars when it was really in the recession. low gas prices, easier credit. so all of that is helping to make their profits quite good.
1:50 pm
and the other thing is that they -- new cars are selling so briskly. this year could be the best time in a decade for car sales. >> wow. okay. that leads me to is when people want to buy cars. you think it is the time to buy cars, although james said something about thanksgiving weekend and as a consumer you know they are offered before the end of calendar year. is there something to it? is it hype? >> it is good for consumers. here is something that most people do not thing about. labor day is a good time to buy cars if you are set on getting a particular kind of car. at that point, the new models are moving in jockeying with the old ones. can you get a good deal with a
1:51 pm
specific you want, the right color the right make. if you wake until the end of the year or to thanksgiving day is to be flexible, if you want a white car you could get a green one but there are very good deals. be flexible. to do your research. james, our stage manager is much more better at negotiating than i am, the last time i bought a car they said well take $15,000 and i said would you take $16,000, please? >> be confident. that is what he also says. that is an important thing, too. there is really great finance right now. the thing about that to remember, they will give you a longer time period to pay off a car so your monthly payments are less and that will likely put you into buying a more expensive car and you have to think about that. there are issues with that. you will be paying a lot more in
1:52 pm
interest our good point. we are like, great, everyone wants it now and okay, well, from my payment i thought i would be paying $400 a month and i could pay $329. excellent. >> be careful. they will get you on the back old. >> one person said they went on valentine's day at 5:30 and got a great deal because the dealer wanted to get out, money to buy his wife a good dinner. >> did you try that james? >> not yet. >> i got to get that one down. >> not so good at that. >> so this is good news all around, and, again, the make take away for the audience if you are going to buy a car at the end of the year you have to be flexible in terms of color and the material. >> do not offer $16,000 if they say $15,000. just take james. take james. not go anywhere with me. >> or me. >> thanks, brenda buttner.
1:53 pm
you can catch brenda on bulls and bears every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, right here on fox news channel. >> james is available, as well. >> more than three decades ago the world watched the musical icon, the horrible cold flooded murder of john lennon. today, some mystery sounds the last moments with conflicting stories of who tried to save him and howard kurtz will try to shed some light. >> when john lessen was shot 35 years ago a young resident at roosevelt hospital tried to save his life. i feel responsible. >> the former emergency department chief has been telling media outlets that he is the one who operated on lenin. >> this is disingenuous is insulting.
1:54 pm
>> three nurses confirmed that this man performed the operation. >> four people who were there, david hallerin, barbara, and dee have said it was this doctor who performed the emergency surgery and you arrived at going. >> i was this at going, he may have held the knife. >> why do you think four people have a different recollection of that emotional situation? >> i don't remember exactly who held the knife. i certainly thought it was my hand on the knife and it may we are value have been him and perhaps it was david that opened the chest but i am not certain. >> he said yoko ono banged her head on a concrete floor when he gave her the nurse. the nurse was there. >> he was not in the rome along enough to earn that. and yoko ono absolutely does not bang her head on the floor. >> yoko ono said in a statement
1:55 pm
she never banged her head on the floor and was trying to stay calm for her son, sean. >> his legend will live forever and the movie is as popular as forever but we now have the last piece of the puzzle that happened at the hospital and the sun who avoided the limelight all these years finally getting his due. in new york for fox news. >> okay a great impersonation make as come back, larry david brings down the house, again, with his spot on impression of bernie sanders and we have one of the biggest laughs from the comedy. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady,
1:56 pm
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>> donald trump getting a lot of attention with his appearance on saturday night live last night. but it was larry david would stole the show. >> did you see that? >> the comic returned to snl with the spot on invitation of senator bernie sanders. >> we need for rebuild our nation's infrastructure, it is crumbling, that is why i no longer drive on bridges or tunnels. i won't do it, it is too risky. instead i keep a skyback stuck to the top of my car. when i get to a bridge i park, and paddle to the other side. >> perfect. >> it was good. >> and he get the $5,000, the
2:00 pm
group said if you yell out that donald trump is racist. >> it was a joke but he will still get the $5,000. >> and i am sure he will give it to charity. >> on buzz beater "media buzz" investigation, decades of inaccurate reporting have colored what happened when john lennon was shot and brought to a new york hospital. we talked to eyewitnesses who never spoke about which doctor tried to save his life and which to only bellished their role. i was upset and distraught. i saw the dr. lynn being interviewed and he was doing a pumping motion and saying that he massageed john lennon's heart and that was a tip point and seemed disingenuous and...maybe it is


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