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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 9, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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most irresponsible acts one says. >> the other says they can get it out of their system instead of roaming the streets looking for a fight. >> thank you so much for joining us on this monday. see you back here tomorrow. >> yep. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. today is monday, the 9th of november. 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a stunning admission from the fbi and members of congress. isis probably brought down that russian airplane with a bomb. our current leaders are are not doing enough to stop them from striking again. >> that is not good. >> plus, call it the trump bump. live from new york on saturday night. these kind of benefits. >> you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ call me on the cell phone ♪ >> funny stuff.
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plus, how his heckler is cashing in. oh, larry. does this look like santa's workshop to you or a spaceship perhaps? the outrage against taking christmas out of christmas. let's take snow. mornings are better with friends. hi everybody. live from studio e. it's "fox and friends" for a monday. good morning, anna. >> good morning. nice to see you guys. >> busy weekend for you. >> it was. i was on the couch. you had busy weekends as well with your book tour. >> i do -- my daughter went to law school and there she is. the supreme court where as soon as sotomayor is ready to retire, mary can take over. we found out on friday that after waiting three months, marry passed the maryland bar, which is fantastic. she was out with her brother for dinner. there they are on capitol hill
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at a place called bull feathers. your mother and i karnt be there. peter, buy your sister and everybody in the bar a drink. just like in the movies. and he did. then saturday he told me how much that was. that was really -- there were a lot of people there. congratulations. >> found out she passed the bar. free drinks all around. >> congratulations. to anybody who did not pass the bar, it's the world's hardest test. there's always another one in february. >> do you know what she plans on doing? >> public service. >> over the weekend, i had a chance to go to mclean, virginia and over to -- that, i believe, is mclean, virginia and then of course, over to fredericksburg. the birth place of george washington. huge crowds. everybody was talking about the show. everybody had their own incident or something that they were doing while we were doing something. mark levin showed up on saturday
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and went out to dinner with him. >> who paid? >> he paid. believe it or not. >> got a book and a free meal. >> he did. >> they did some really cool things there. he did like the deli counter. you don't have to wait. you had a time to come back. it's a pretty good crowd. they kept coming and coming for three, four hours. it was fantastic for the book. on tuesday, tomorrow, i'm going out to my only new york appearance. that's the long island, the huntington book review. i'll be up there. >> beautiful bookstore. >> nixon library on friday and prior to that, the reagan ranch. >> traveling man. >> thanks so much for efrp to come out. everybody wants us to wear "the skinny" suits again. >> you too looked unbelievable. >> i need to figure out the shirt/tie thing. i need a different collar. >> you need to show off your
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figures. >> dresses us fox i. let me tell you what's coming up now. the fbi and the investigation of the plane in egypt as lawmakers call for stepped up air strikes against isis. for the first time in washington, d.c. kristen, you were washinger working this story over the weekend. >> it was nice to meet you as well, brian. let's get back to this. investigators are 90% sure that loud bang on the voice recorder was indeed a bomb. u.s. and british officials are increasingly confident that isis is indeed responsible. in a sign of just how serious things have become, there's a rare moment of cooperation between the u.s. and the russian government. for the first time they've agreed to help with forensic analysis to help determine what brought down that plane in egypt. isis claimed responsibility. russia says it's too soon to say. both republicans and democrats on capitol hill are in agreement.
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on the sunday shows yesterday, they said all signs point to a bomb and that isis had something to do with it. >> the fact that isis declared war on russia, this was a russian plane headed for russia. in addition to the u.s. and uk intelligence that we've received, i think all indicators are pointing to the fact that this was isis putting a bomb on an airplane. >> so republicans and democrats are now calling for incompetent creased security at airports around the borld. the tsa is tightening security here. russia suspended all flights to egypt. if isis is behind the crash which killed 224 people, it would be a game changer in the war on terror. a top democrat said it would mean that isis has now fully eclipsed al qaeda as the greatest terror threat in the world. brian, ann and steve. >> thank you very much, kristen. it affects everybody. i love the fact that the fbi is
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in there. five minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert. hey heather. >> welcome to the week. >> welcome back. good morning everybody. hope you had a terrific weekend. i have a couple headlines to bring you. was the shooting of a powerful texas state judge an act of retaliati retaliation. that's what austin, texas, police are trying to figure out as they hunt for the person who shot the judge there. four rapid gunshots unloaded into her car as she pulled into her home in austin. she was hit with shrapnel and glass. they're combing through her case files for clues as who the person might be. she recovers in the hospital. she was appointed to the position in 1999. by then republican george h.w. bush. she once recused herself from a case dealing with governor perry. ongoing protests from students and football players
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refusing to take the field. protesters are calling for president tim wolf to step down claiming that he allowed recent acts of racial discrimination on campus. the university has said the changes are on the way to deal with that situation. dozens of people in wisconsin forced from their homes when another freight train goes off the rails there. 13 cars of a canadian pacific railway train crashed in watertown, wisconsin. one tanker leaked 1,000 gallons of crude oil. no word what caused the crash or the earlier one. it was a bnsf freight crash. 32 cars fell off the track, spilling 18,000 gallons of ethanol into the mississippi river. let's talk sports now. for the second week in a row, the panthers would stand a fourth quarter comeback. this is the celebration of the day. it came down to one play. watch this. >> throws.
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the panthers beat the packers 37-29. they are 8-0 for the first time ever. they're the nfc's last unbeaten team. the giants then rebound against the buccaneers. eli manning throwing two touchdowns in a 32-18 win. it was a sunday night rivalry game between the cowboys and the eagles. the eagles winning in overtime. 33-27. dallas has lost eight games in a row. those are your headlines. wow. >> i think they need tony romo. >> rhetorical. >> the top of the hour, i was at a bar at the hotel on saturday. >> too bad you weren't at the other one. i would have bought you a drink. >> the games went off, everything stopped. people said put up the sounds. highly rated "saturday night live." >> huge. >> they were huge. >> before "saturday night live" when donald trump hosted, the
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anti-trump group deport racism 2016 said let's have a boycott, nobody watch it and we'll offer $5,000 to anybody who stands up and shouts you're a racist, donald trump. as it turns out, they failed. because, as it turns out, this particular episode with donald trump as the host, not just as the skit, the host was the biggest show they've had in years. it was actually about 50% higher in ratings than the hillary clinton episode. at one point, it was donned trump with darrell hammond dressed as him and another one dressed as him and a heckler who looked like a lot like somebody from seinfeld. >> take a look. this is larry david. >> you're a racist! >> who the -- i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david.
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what are you doing. >> i heard if i yelled that, they'd give me $5,000. >> as a businessman, i can fully respect that. >> in the opening scene too. it diffused the situation also. >> somebody going to do it. >> they were trying to vet the audience members and the only heckler we saw during the episode was larry david and he's going to collect that $5,000, that reward for doing it. or at least they want to give it to them. the protesters, ended up being a couple hundred of them from trump tower to 30 rock. just ahead of the show. we interviewed donald trump over the weekend about the whole situation. here he is. >> it's all in fun. we had a terrific time. the whole thing with the hispanics is totally overblown. very, very few people showed up and they were gone before the show started.
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you know why? you know what happened, they went home to watch the show. >> absolutely. they did. seems like he had a great time and ivanka was in the show as well. the best part for me was he was president of the united states. everything he said he would do happened including how the mexico paid for the wall. >> i liked it when he sang. you used to call me on the cell phone. >> video of that. he's basically doing the drake parody that so many other people did when they tried to break the internet. here it is. i think he's about to do it. >> maybe not. >> ♪ you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ >> cracks me up. >> some people are familiar with this. that's the real one. drake doing it. he had so much swag as a rapper and hip hop artist. >> came out with this video dancing kind of strangely. >> people were laughing with him but laughing at him as well.
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>> i will say this. i thought it was good that he nixed certain skits. one was on ben carson. not appropriate. i thought that was good. also he said, i still want to win iowa. there was something to it -- if i do that -- he's actually winning in iowa. please don't pick it up. these are my notes. very interesting story. they came out, one. things ben carson has been saying since his personal story has been attacked. that whole stabbing incident, i'm not proud of it. we can't find the person you originally stabbed as a kid. buzz feed found out, an interview with his mom in 1997 where she recounts that at 14 years old, he did try to stab a kid. because the belt buckle blocked the stabbing, instead of going to jail, he went to yale. >> on friday, when we were talking about how cnn was trying to disqualify him, we can't find anything about him.
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then there was this story. it looks like there's such a media presence trying to take him down, turns out in '97 there it was in the newspaper. his mom confirming the story. >> donald trump was doing so well on "saturday night live," dr. ben carson was saying, thank you mainstream media for helping me raise $3.5 million. >> let me tell you what's straight ahead. we only have over two hours left. benghazi returns to the big screen. >> he's still inside. >> get down! >> an exclusive sneak peek of the movie telling the story of what happened that night in libya. wall street got paid more than $700 million to handle a major pension fund. now, you the taxpayer has to pay $10 billion to fix their mistake. how on earth did this happen? charlie gas pa rinne i from the fox business network is here. >> who is buying lunch?
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if wall street managers were paid more than $700 million to handle new york city's pension fund, you would think they would do a good job. they did such a bad job, the taxpayers had to pay $10 billion to fix their mistakes. how did that happen? let's talk to the senior correspondent, charlie cass prin
3:18 am
owe. >> i don't like defending wall street, but i'm put in a tough position. >> they were paid hundreds of millions of dollars to outperform the market. now the city is on the hook. >> if you're a retired policeman in new york, i love cops, you may not have taken out your gun once, but guess what? you get half your salary when you retire after 20 or so years. >> that's the deal. >> it's a very rich pension. >> it's a rich pension. it goes down the line for firefighters, for all city employees. they get tremendous pensions. in order to pay for the pensions, you have to outperform the market. which is not guaranteed. it's interesting. the pensions are guaranteed. the performance of the funds of the guys that manage the funds are not guaranteed. the difference is made up by the taxpayer. >> who is responsible for this? >> well, some of it is the city, obviously. >> because they made a rich deal. >> they sign these contracts. again, i don't want to beat up on cops.
3:19 am
i have good friends that new york city cops. but they signed deals with the city municipal unions and they basically giveaway the store. in order to make that up, you have to vastly outperform the market. they go to hedge fund managers. they charge fees. if you're in new york city, you can push down those fees because you're a big player. the fact that they didn't do that, i blame most of this on the city. >> well, a deal is a deal. they promised the cops the amount. they had to make good on that. tomorrow night, fox business presidential debate. how is it going to be different? >> first off, i'm going there. it's going to be much better from that standpoint. you're going to have neil cavuto, maria and some really smart people asking very smart economic questions. >> what is the top issue going to be? >> it's the economy. one of the things with the cnbc debate, i used to work there, full disclosure, i like all the moderators as people.
3:20 am
but they didn't ask about the economy. this is a crummy economy. we have 5% unemployment. >> they didn't ask about the economy because they were trying to sandbag them all. >> there's a difference between asking tough questions which you'll get tomorrow, very tough questions, but they will be tough focused questions about your money, where you are. you're going to get an idea, if you watch this debate where each candidate stands on making your livelihood better for the future. >> things will kick off with the fox business network debate 7:00 p.m. for the under card and 9:00 for the main event. >> early and the late one you mean? >> yes indeed. there are two of them. phase one and phase two. >> charlie, thank you very much. sure. another state up in smoke where medical marijuana is hitting the store shelves later today. earth med, hmm. you trust your doctor? most people do not says a new study. what to do to take control of your health care. that as we roll on live from new york city.
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quick headlines now. despite a strained relationship after the iran nuclear deal, president obama and benjamin netanyahu are set to meet in d.c. for the first time in a year. it's expected to be as tense as netanyahu's new spokesman has recently criticized the president. they're set to talk about giving more aid to the israeli military. for the first time, medical marijuana is being sold in illinois. it will come in child secure packaging and right now it's only available to about 4,000 people. that number expected to climb.
3:25 am
anna? >> thanks, brian. between difficult insurance companies, pricey medications and quick doctor visits, it can sometimes feel like the health care system is stacked against us. that may be why americans trust in doctors has dropped from 73% in 1966 to 34% in 2014. so what can you take -- can you do to take back control of your health care and your wallet. joining us now is the author of don't let your doctor kill you, dr. erica schwartz. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> sounds like a doom and glam title. but you're here to empower us. >> of course, doctors do wrong things. what killing means, it's eliminating us as human beings. it's diminishing our importance. it's eliminating us from being important. nobody cares. they don't care about us anymore. if we -- they don't care about us, the whole system, then we're
3:26 am
going to get killed. we have to take ownership of our health. >> some of our viewers have questions. we've asked them on social media to send them in. this is an e-mail from susan who says i have a minor back injury on top of physical therapy. my doctor suggests that he also see a neurologist and that insurance should cover it. should i go ahead with this? >> well, first of all, you know, everybody is an individual. but i think this is a perfect question. because of all these sub specialists and all of this insanity with doing and more and more tests. what happens is, instead of just listening to the patient and looking at their lifestyle and doing simple things, common sense things, we do more tests. the more tests are not going to make you feel better. they're going to scare you more. eliminating fear is probably the number one way to improve health. >> you say the specialists can be good in some ways because you'll get the specialized care, obviously. at the same time you think it's diminished patient/doctor relationship. >> exactly. in the '70 ez a and '80s was
3:27 am
primarily patient/doctors and the doctor was your friend and your family, then things changed because they would actually supervise and coordinate care. that's what we do now. we coordinate their care. otherwise, you become a multitude of little pieces. your heart, your lung, your back. everything else. nobody will -- >> you need to look at the whole thing. >> it's a responsibility. you have to stop allowing them -- the doctor doesn't live in your body. stop allowing the doctor to say here take a prescription. they don't even know who you are. >> you're your own best advocate. >> don't let them bully you. >> next up, we have a question from henry on facebook. why is the price of medication going up a ridiculous amount and what can be done about it? >> the problem is that drug companies are running the industry. it's all about the bottom line. if the market bears it and the insurance companies pay for it, meaning you and i pay for it --
3:28 am
>> as the consumer, what can we do? >> stop using them. saying you know what, maybe i don't need this. maybe look at my diet. at my exercise regimen. i can look at what i'm doing to contribute to making things worse. >> be proactive instead of reactive. thank you so much, dr. erica schwartz. the book is don't let your doctor kill you. >> thank you. 28 minutes after the hour on a monday morning. the benghazi attack like you have never seen before. >> it is he still inside? get down! >> an exclusive preview of the untold story from that fateful night in libya. starbucks is brewing up a christmas controversy. the new holiday cups that have coffee drinkers seeing red. first we wanted to wish a happy birthday to singer songwriter nick lachey. he's 42 years old today. the best of everything is even better
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spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. our next candidate this evening is hot off crushing benghazi hearings. please welcome hillary clinton. >> excuse me while i try to sit casually in this chair. >> what language would you most like to learn? >> i think i'm going to say casual english. >> introvert or extrovert? >> well, rachel, i would say i'm a little bit of both. i'm an extrovert because i love meeting people and connecting with them and smiling with them. but i am an introvert because no, i don't. >> fantastic.
3:33 am
>> so listen, christmas is here. the snow is out, the trees, the reindeer are warming up. >> christmas is here. >> here's the thing. >> i was in starbucks last week and i saw the red cup and i thought, it's christmas season already at starbucks. >> you must not have looked close enough, steve. because on social media they're on fire. they don't look christmas-y enough. >> there was a firestorm started by a young man named joshua. 11 million times people have watched his rant regarding how starbucks has gotten rid of the regular holiday fare and placed a red cup. he doesn't like it. here's a little of what he had to say. >> i think in the age of political correctness, we become so open-minded our brains have fallen out of our head. starbucks wanted to take christ and crist mass off of their brand new cups. >> all right. that's gone.
3:34 am
i say red is the holidays. i wouldn't mind a snowflake or two. but perhaps they don't want to include it. elsewhere, they're doing something that caught everybody's eye. at one point, the biggest mall in the country on long island, this is where they had a cross atlantic flight for the first time. now it's a mall. this is where santa is. this is where the kid gather around to tell santa what they want for christmas. guess what you don't have? anything christmasy. all you have is glaciers. it looks like what the arctic used to look like before global warming. >> you've got soipt. >> there's been backlash. it's simon mall in charlotte, north carolina. where i'm from. where i used to see santa claus. there's been a lot of backlash about this. there's been thousands of people coming forward, signing petitions and noup santa and the christmas tree are coming back. >> because naturally, there was
3:35 am
a petition calling for a boycott. because when people looked at that, that is where santa would -- >> it looks like -- at first i thought it was a little mermaid thing. he's in a giant shell. then from another angle, it looks like the star ship enterprise. what they have done is they have admitted, simon malls have, they made a mistake. >> huge. >> thank you donald trump. what they've decided to do is bring back traditional holiday fare as well. keep in mind, they had santa but in kind of a -- it looked like -- >> needs a fireplace. >> as far as the starbucks thing goes, i think that's a little bit much. it still looks christmasy to me. >> if it was a white cup -- >> then maybe you could get upset about it. i think, it delegitimizes the war on christmas. >> there's a war on christians. they're being wiped out in the middle east. i wish people had the same
3:36 am
passion for the cup as the christians being beheaded in the middle east. that's how i feel. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert, you have something important. >> let me mention to you. talking to a colleague. they did the same thing at her mall in westchester, new york. >> the glaciers there. >> they've gotten rid of it and bringing back the full christmas thing. >> good. >> people were so upset. >> little workshop. love the workshop. >> i'll get to my headlines now. good morning to you. two louisiana marshals in court charged with killing a 6-year-old boy during a car chase. police say that norris greenhouse, jr. and derrick stafford, fired dozens of rounds into a car that was carrying jeremy march tis and his father. that chase started after police tried to pull few over and he would not stop his car. jeremy was shot five times. his father was also shot. he's still in the hospital. the officers originally said they had a warrant out for the father's arrest. but no warrant has been found. jeremy will be laid to rest in
3:37 am
louisiana this afternoon. beautiful little boy right there. we've seen this horrific crash scene time and time again. school buses left mangled and children seriously hurt. now there is a new push to keep our kids safe on their way to and from school in those school buses. the head of the national highway traffic safety administration now on school buses around the country to add seatbelts. right now, just six states require seat belts on school buses. the olympic skier, lindsey vaughan hospitalized. look at her there. after getting bitten by her dog. vaughn tweeting the news saying she needed stitches in her right thumb. she was trying to break up her dogs fight over a frisbee. bear and leo are their names. you can see them there. when she was bitten by the dogs. despite that injury, she still skied yesterday and will be fine for a world cup giant slalom event in colorado at the end of the month. glad she's okay. an exclusive look at a movie telling the true story we were never told about benghazi.
3:38 am
listen. >> we have decided that the story that wasn't being told is what actually happened last night. we felt compelled to make sure the story gets out the right way. it's not about the politics. it's the story of what happened on the ground. >> 13 hours. the secret soldiers of benghazi depicts the bravery of a six-man security team. they saved american lives during that terror attack in libya in 2012. the real-life heroes who we've spoken to before on "fox and friends" were onset to help capture the essence of their 13-hour mission that movie stars john kra sin zi and directed by michael bay at his theater in january. those are your headlines. >> the promos are fantastic. when you watch them pop up in the movie theater, everybody's breath is taken away. >> broadway's newest musical is tapping its way into the theater. >> good times are here to
3:39 am
stay ♪ >> well, they just hit the stage with the story of a small town girl trying to make it in new york city. well, let's tap on over to fox light with vice president much marketing, michael tamera who got a behind president scenes look of dames at sea. >> it's a spoof on the old broadway. i had to catch up with the cast and the director. find out what the show is about. check it out. >> five, six, search, eight. ♪ >> guys, welcome to the fox light. good times are here to stay on broadway because i am on stage of the new smash hit musical. dames at sea. people traveling to new york city to see it for first time, what's it about?
3:40 am
>> it's a celebration of the movie musicals. it follows the role of -- played by eloise croft. it's her journey when she arrives in new york fresh from utah, dreaming of being a broadway star. ♪ >> it's very intense tapping going on in the show. what was the regimen like for you guys? >> we had rehearsal for about four weeks and it was a lot of rolling out and stretching and hot baths. >> the more you do, the easier it gets. it's sort of that thing, you can do it three times in a row, you can do it one time. >> i assume you're going to teach me a couple of taps. >> we are. >> you have your work cut out for you. you thought the show was tough, this is going to be tougher. >> you're going to start with what we call an irish. >> i'm half irish. >> based on a shuffle and a hop. a shuffle is a front brush and a back brush.
3:41 am
you do brush brush hop step. brush brush hop step. >> in the show, we start slow and daniel demonstrated this. >> faster. that's enough. >> guys, you can catch dames at sea right now on broadway at the helen hayes theater. you don't want to miss it. i'll catch you guys next in the fox bus. congratulations, you're a hoofer. >> the things we do. >> bernadette peters, that's what started her career by the way. catch interviews, find me on twitter. >> put your name up there. >> you're brave. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. while the mainstream media hammers ben carson from pillar to post, a different side of the doctor you will not see anywhere else. he gets down with another doctor.
3:42 am
>> what a sweet little girl she was. >> wow. dr. mark siegel with an emotional interview. that will be next.
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3:45 am
as doctors, both dr. bep carson and dr. mark siegel took an oath to do no harm. when the two caught up with each other, carson said politicians do not follow the same standards. >> clearly, politicians don't follow that in any way. they don't mind doing harm. if for them it is politically expedie expedient. that's one of the reasons i will never be a politician. i don't want to be a politician. i'm going to do what is right.
3:46 am
i do believe that there is right and wrong. >> after a week of intense scrutiny, carson opened up about his career, his faith and fighting back. fox news medical -- dr. mark siegel sat down with him. >> it was in miami. we sat down outside of miami. he has a great point, brian. why is it that only career politicians get to run for president. you've written about history. our founders attended all walks of life. neurosurgeon, runs a team, shows great compassion for his patients. we have an example of that compassion. take a look. >> what's the most memorable moment you can think of talking to a child you were treating? >> i remember a little girl, what a sweet little girl she was. she had disseminated med u low blastoma. very malignant tumor.
3:47 am
we had removed the primary tumor but it was already spread. they tried bone marrow trans plapt a plant and all kinds of things. it had come back again. there was really nothing more to do. and she just smiled. she said, you all did the best you could do. thank you. >> wow. he's had thousands of those situations, right? thousands of operations. >> he cried there. you know, that's a source of his likability. i think his faith. he says he became a physician in the first place because he went to a church and he started hearing the missions. he became very taken by it. that story resonates with viewers. now he's under a lot of media attacks. let look at what he has to say about those attacks. >> why is your favorability and
3:48 am
likability and honesty, is the american public seeing you clearly? >> i think they are. i've been out there all over the country. talking to people. they're actually starting to listen to what i'm saying as opposed to what the left wing media says that i'm saying. >> i'm looking for a way that we can lift america. i don't care about republicans and democrats. i care about everybody. if we're all americans and i care about the value and the principles that made us into a great nation and i'm not willing to give them away so we can be politically correct. >> dr. siegel, let me ask you something. you you're a did doctor, you see a lot of life and death. when you're a neurosurgeon focusing on children. you see a lot of life and death and unrequited potential. is that part of the reason he seems laid back. sometimes he looks like a guy that went to war and came back. knows what life is really about and doesn't want to get caught
3:49 am
up in the small things. >> very, very important.. he's thinking long picture. you can see him during a ten-hour operation separating siamese twins. he comes across very, very real and believable. he really cried with that patient. >> it really affects the doctor when you deal with somebody with children with cancer. >> many he couldn't save. especially neurosurgeons dealing with brain tumors in children. some he couldn't save. >> one nonprofit is going above and beyond helping veterans this week. she'll show us how they'll do it and do it next. it's a report card on the candidates. rubio, carson and fiorina put together by a think tank. now they reveal who made the grade and who is in danger of failing. a must-see edition today at 2:00.
3:50 am
as introductions go, this is a name you don't want to forget. the ram promaster city. it's a van that speaks volumes. it's spacious and flexible. it can carry heavy loads and go the distance. and for small business owners, it will make a strong first impression.
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3:53 am
it's important to remember that many veterans still need our help. >> there are nearly 50,000 homeless veterans in america. homeless veterans. and the number of those who return home with drug and alcohol problems and unemployment are equally astounding. >> one agency is aiming to lower the numbers. they're called soldier on and they're a one stop shop for veterans. i went to the headquarters to learn a lot more. >> i had no home to go to. >> i gave up on myself. >> how do you serve my country and i come home and i can't have any help at all? >> we hear this from our vets all the time. but for jack downing of soldier on, it's unacceptable. >> if you listen to what veterans really say whether they put on the uniform of the
3:54 am
american military, i will die for you. when somebody says that to us, okay, it's such a sacred and powerful statement about maintaining our freedom. and then we say, no matter what happens to you out there, we're going to be here for you when you come back and we build structures and systems that don't work. >> his solution, make it easier for our heroes to soldier on. now his organization is the largest provider of support services to veterans in the u.s. reaching more than 3500 homeless and sick veterans a long side counseling and veterans assistan assistance, soldier offers homes. >> we're the only agency that built homeless buildings for vets. there are a huge number of needy veterans. if we want to end homelessness among veterans, if you own where you live, you're not going to be homeless. >> welcome. >> thank you.
3:55 am
show me around a little bit. this place is great. >> san bennett lived in one of the united states in pittsfield, massachusetts, for the last six years. >> i've never really had a home of my own. coming from being homeless and sleeping on couches and sleeping in abandoned buildings, this is like heaven. >> sam joined the army straight out of high school in 1977 where he deployed to germany. while there, he got hooked on drugs and alcohol and came back to the united states an addict, kranl and homeless. that's until he came to soldier on in 2002 and changed his life. >> i think everybody gave up on me. but soldier never gave up on me. >> where would you be without soldier on? >> probably jail or institutionors dead. >> the organization helps sam buy a home, earn an education and with those resources, he's now extending a hand to help other veterans in need. >> it's about giving back to others. now that i'm a licensed
3:56 am
alcoholic drug counsellor, i can give back. >> thanks to soldier on. >> thanks to soldier on. >> and it's giving that sense of purpose back to veterans that helps them get back on their feet which is why 60% of the soldier on employees are formerly homeless vets. >> i now work for soldier on taking care of the grounds here in pittsfield. what the future holds is up to me. but i have a place where i can set that up. >> i want every veteran to be able to own where they live and have the services they need delivered to them where they live for the rest of their lives. >> that is great. >> soldier on is a nonprofit. partially funded by the va and federal grants along with these homes, they provide veterans with alcoholics anonymous meetings, providing transportation to and from jobs. find out information, you can go to it gives them purpose. they're able to help themselves. >> from what you saw, so many
3:57 am
people say an organization, do they work? you say this organization works, right? >> yeah. the proof is in the pudding. >> we're going to step aside. chris christie is going to join us as we roll on live from new york city. governor, come on in. you're next on "fox & friends." me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it should be used along with diet and exercise. trulicity is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes and should not be used by people
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...from centrum. a complete, and tasty way to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. hi, everyone. good morning. it is monday, the ninth of november, 2015. a stunning admission from our government. isis likely brought down that russian airplane with a bomb. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the president's strategy is not working. >> egypt is still investigating. then his powerful video about drug addiction is going viral. >> i'm pro-life. and i think that if you're pro-life, that means you got to be pro-life for the whole life. not just for the nine months they're in the womb. >> governor chris christie joins us on the curvy couch in a matter of moments to expand on that and more. >> what do the ivy league
4:01 am
students think about their professor promoting free speech? >> did you not prevent. that you're disgusting. >> over free speech? the video that is sparking outrage across the country. we'll play more. live from new york city this is "fox & friends" for a monday. >> governor, how many people have seen the video? >> 11.7 million. >> chris christie will be joining us talking about that viral video where he talks about addiction and it is one of the most powerful things you've ever seen. >> we're starting a five-part series on heroin adection today on "fox & friends." meanwhile, with the governor in the wings, let's turn to hear . heather. >> we have a fox news alert. there is a massive man hunt under way in new york city. a gunman opened fire in the heart of new york city. now one person is dead and three
4:02 am
more people are hurt. we understand that that gunman got away at least for now. but police are on the scene. they are using all their resources to find out who this person is. 7:00 here on the east coast. live pictures just coming in courtesy of our fox affiliate. we'll bring you more as we get it. was the shooting of a powerful texas judge an act of retaliation? police in austin, texas, combing through case files to find out who might have been behind this. travis county district judge julie koseric was shot in her driveway moments after she returned home from her family. the judge was only hit with shrapnel and glass. police are hoping that something in the judge's case files could reveal who may have targeted her. she was the first appointed in 1999 by then governor george w. bush. she recused herself from a case against a former lieutenant governor rick perry. we'll keep following the story.
4:03 am
calls for the university of missouri president to step down. more than 100 students gathered on campus overnight to call attention to a series of racial incidents they say the president is ignoring. more than 20 university football players have joined the protest, refusing to take the field until changes are made. a private meeting between administrators is set for later today. and an 80-year-old mobster planned of planning the most notorious mobster heist in history could learn his fate. closing arguments take place in the good fellas trial. the man and his associates stealing $5 million in cash and jewels back in 1978. a heist at jfk airport inspired that movie "good fellas." he now faces life in prison. those are the headlines. >> thank you. let's get ready for republican rumble. tomorrow night the 2016 republican presidential
4:04 am
condition candidates take the stage. john roberts is live in milwaukee with what has been set. john, good morning. >> steve, good morning. a lot going on since the last republican debate in boulder two weeks ago. first of all, tomorrow night there will only be eight candidates on stage because governor chris christie and mike huckabee did not make the cut. they'll be relegated to the undercard. it's also secondly another time when donald trump is back atop the polls, literally in every category across the board, regaining ground that he recently lost to ben carson. trump dominating the news cycle over the weekend after a very highly rated though not very well received gig hosting "saturday night live." >> mr. president, the president of mexico is here to see you. >> that's great. send him in. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> this is far too much money. >> no i insist. consider it an apology for doubting you. as history shows us, nothing
4:05 am
brings two countries together like a wall. >> there could be fireworks tomorrow night between donald trump and ben carson. donald trump questioning carson's honesty about questions arows about whether he embellished stories in his book "gifted hands." there what a hoax that perceptions 301 class at yale university. >> and, of course, when you write a book with a co-writer and say there was a class, a lot of times they put a number on it just to give it more meat. obviously decades later i'm not going to remember the course number. >> we'll see if carson gets more numbers about that tomorrow night. also watch to see if marco rubio gets asked about his use of a republican party charge card from 2005 to 2008. rubio's campaign released all of
4:06 am
the records over the weekend saying there is no there there. but donald trump is on the record as saying rubio's finances are a "mess." >> john roberts live. governor christie is here to our right. first up, your reaction to the carson controversy? >> everyone has to be responsible for their own personal story. there's no way for you all to know our personal story unless we tell it. >> are we wrong to look into it? >> no. if you put your personal story out there, then you have an obligation to answer questions about it. if the voters are satisfied with dr. carson's answers, that will be the end of the story. >> he turned the tables and said this is made stream media scrutinizing me more than they ever did for president obama and more they're going for hillary clinton right now. >> listen, he's responsible for his own personal story f that is part of the answer, then that's part of the answer. people evaluate that. none of my business.
4:07 am
>> after this, you're heading tout milwaukee shortly. >> yep. >> as we just heard from john roberts, you're on the undercard. what do you make of this? when we found out that you were going to do that last week, i thought this was a great opportunity for you. when you are -- i go back to when carly fiorina was able to dominate the stage and then she's in the middle of the pack and big stage. >> as i said last week, we're not whiners and moaners in the christie campaign. give me a podium, stage, put the camera on, i'll be just fine. i have never had a problem making an impression. we'll see how it goes. we'll talk about the issues that people care about. that's why we've been moving up in the polls in new hampshire and iowa. we're working hard and talking about the issues that people care about. >> look at the new hampshire polls. new hampshire polls, trump son top with 18 then carson with 16 sh r then kasich, rubio and you.
4:08 am
you did the small and big things on the ground in new hampshire. >> we spent 46 days in new hampshire, which is more than any other candidate by far. this is my 33 town hall meeting there this weekend. >> what do they ask you? >> they ask me about drug addiction. they ask me about isis. they ask me about national security. they ask me about student debt. those are the big things they ask me about. >> speaking of isis, it sounds like we heard the top officials say it probably was a bomb and planted by isis. you look at the president's strategy regarding isis. >> what strategy would that be? >> thank you very much. that was my question. >> now listen this is a guy who called isis the jv. they certainly don't look like the jv as they're marching across the middle east and potentially planting bombs on russian airliners. this president has not had a strategy right from the beginning. nor has his secretary of state john kerry, nor his former secretary of state hillary clinton who, by the way, called assad a reformer.
4:09 am
>> senator feinstein, a democrat, has come out against the strategy. we need to be more aggressive. adam shift said the same thing. evidently the reports in friday's -- i think "the washington post" said this isn't between the pentagon and the would you say has never been greater. are you concerned that there might be permanently broken? >> not perm neanently broken. i'll fix it in january 2017. the problem is we'll have a lot of things that will happen between now and 2017. >> you're worried about the next 18 schnozz. >> of course. who wouldn't be? the president's counter-terrorism director says isis is the number one threat to american citizens. >> a threat to americans and drug addiction. there is a video of that you has gone viral. you came out and said i'm against legalizing marijuana. i think that sends mixed messages to our children. twunt lock up drug dealers. but people addicted to drugs as you'll see here, need help. let's listen. >> i'm pro-life.
4:10 am
and i think that if pro-life, that means you got to be pro-life for the whole life. it's easy to be pro-life for the nine months they're in the womb. they haven't done anything to disappoint us yet. the 16-year-old teenage girl on the floor of the county lockup addicted to heroin, i'm pro-life for her, too. her life is a precious gift from god as the one in the womb. and we need to start thinking that way as a party and as a people and the president needs say those things. >> this comes from a personal experience. >> sure. i have a friend from law school who is in my study group and remains friends of mine for 20 years thereafter with his wife, children. he got addicted to prescription drugs. wound up losing his wife, his children, his law license, his license to drive. and most of his money. and in the end, they found him in a hotel room with an empty
4:11 am
bottle of medicine and a quarter vodka at 52 years old dead. for me, for the grace of god go i. this can happen to anyone. that's why we have to get out in america. >> not to jail people but don't you think you have to get people the time to resnab. >> absolutely. >> do you believe in insurance companies are doing that right now? right after a week and a half they tell you to get your guy out of here. we're not making any more payments. and the drug counsellors are trying to go to bat for patients, more than they're even treating them. how do we bridge that? >> we have to put more heat on the insurance companies. that's what we're going to do in new jersey. we have to make sure the government sin vestiis investin. all 21 counties now in new jersey and we're going to have more ideas when we give our state of the state address in january about more things new jersey can do in this regard to be a leader in the nation. remember this, we're the first state in the country that stands for nonviolent, nondealing drug offenders. you no longer go to jail. you go to inpatient mandatory drug treatment.
4:12 am
i think that should be the pattern for the whole country and there should be drug courts across the federal courts. if i'm president, that's what we're going to do. >> millions of people have seen your viral video. it inspired us to do a week long series on drug addiction that starts this morning at 7:30. >> i'm so glad you're doing it. it's great. a lot of families out there, if i have a second, one quick story. a couple at my town hall meeting in plymouth on saturday came up to me afterwards and said they left their home at 4:30 in the morning from connecticut that day and saw the video. they wanted to come and tell me don't stop talking about this. their son has been suffering for five years from heroin addiction. >> when you start the video, we'll have it on the website so you can watch it, you talk about your mom and we all -- same thing where your mom smoked and dried everything. she tried the patch and hypnosis. it didn't work. there are many different forms after diction. >> there are. we have to treat them the same. >> and they target affluent high schools. those kids have money to bichlt
4:13 am
once they get them once, they're dakted forever and they have a customer. >> that's right. it ruined lives every day. there are family members that suffer just as much. >> you came out. people will have the courage to come out. you made it okay. >> thank you. >> you got the conversation going. >> thank you for doing that this week. >> you bet. have a safe trip. >> i will. >> meanwhile, straight ahead, an ivy league pro fet fessor under attack for ploeting free speech. >> you did not prevent that. you're disgusting. >> the video now sparking outrage across the country. ♪song: "that's life"
4:14 am
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4:17 am
hey, everybody. let's get moving. tensions are boiling over at yale. a faculty member who promoted freedom of speech on the ivy league campus being cursed out by students and it's all caught on camera. >> freedom of speech is guy thing, isn't it? heather is here with the conflict that started with the
4:18 am
push for pc halloween costumes. >> that's right. we told you about that. dozens of students circle around yale faculty member nicholas kristokis in this video screaming profanity, telling him to quit simply because he was standing up for free speech. take a listen to one of those students explosive tirade. >> you did not sleep that night. you're disgusting. >> she said you should not sleep at night. the tension started last month after university committee sent an e-mail asking students to avoid culturally insensitive costumes. his wife also a university employee responded to the e-mail with this. "i wonder and i am not trying to be provocative, is there no room any more for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious, a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?" the professor responded in support of his wife saying if
4:19 am
"you're offended by a costume, just look away." free speech is part of an open society and responded to protesters saying that their misunderstanding him. >> you seem to think that somehow i don't agree with the concept. that's not what is happening from my perspective. >> yale's president stepped in and met with upset students with there statement. their concerns and cries for help made clear that some students find life on our campus profoundly difficult. he said he is deeply troubled. the students and faculty have not yet resolved the issue. we'll see what happens next. >> thanks so much. it's interesting. he just let them speak and calmly spoke back. freedom of speech. >> that's how it works, right? >> all right. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. >> coming up on this monday, small seats, big risk. why shrinking seats on airplanes could actually cause more
4:20 am
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4:23 am
284 receiving yards in one game. a new steelers record set by wide receiver antonio brown against the raiders. he finished with 17 catches in a winning effort. way to go. next, six billion views. photo sharing app snapchat now said to be generating that many views per day. quickly catching up to facebook.
4:24 am
finally, $73 million, mr. bond. >> i thought you came here to die. >> that's all that mattered. >> the james bond film "specter" raking in a stirring amount of cash. it's the second biggest bond opening of all time right behind "sky fall". >> we're shaken, not stirred. >> it's been called national's number one attraction. this year the grand ole opry brings generation of country music icons to one stage in nashville. >> here to help us mark the momentous occasion with trivia is the marketing and communications director for the grand ole opry, dan rogers. good morning. >> good morning. >> you sit there with your family album in your hand. >> it's true. brand new family album released this year in celebration of nine decades of great country music. available on >> there you go. >> and it started as a radio
4:25 am
show, right? >> that's right. >> back in 1925. of course, these days, we're still on our flag ship radio station 650 a.m. where can you also find us in your pocket on an opry app. >> to celebrate, you're having shows on tuesday, friday, and saturday. normally it's just a weekly show. >> we do shows almost year round, tuesday, friday, saturday these days. >> that's a lot of work. >> you think to celebrate you have a good idea. maybe we should take a grand ole opry quiz. >> it's fun. over 90 years, just things you might not think of happening happened, of course, backstage around the world and what have you. you have all of the great country personalities. do you want to start? >> let's do this. >> you wrote the questions. >> we did the trivia book a couple years ago. name the country music artist who once lost a dolly parton look alike contest. >> is this a trick question? >> was it jewel? dolly parton?
4:26 am
jennifer nettles or kelly pickler. >> you are correct. >> it was a trick question. >> i think she said she came in third. how fun is that? >> next question. >> all right. next one. i think we have a clip of carrie underwood becoming -- being asked to become an official opry member in 2008. what did she say immediately after randy travis invited her to join the opry family? >> here are the choices. >> i don't think i paid my dues. my mom is going to freak. c, let me think about it. d, heck yeah. >> my momma is going to freak. >> i think she said heck yeah. >> i think she said i didn't pay my dues. >> let's go to the videotape. >> i was asked by the manage. at the grand ole openry to come out and ask you if you would like to be their next member. >> let me think about it.
4:27 am
>> that's awesome. >> that was in jest. and she immediately answered after saying let me think about it. she comes into this -- >> next up, dan, now you have a photograph. you have a question. >> this photograph is backstage at the grand ole opry house in our song writers dressing room. can you name this fellow who went on to have a great career as a singer sim hefl? >> he's under a lot of changes. and went on to admit he smoked -- >> willy nelson? >> on the roof of the white house.
4:28 am
>> we have one more question. >> okay. one more. this one is really fun. what type of trick did opry patriarch attempt to teach president richard nixon whenenty in 1974? >> dog trick is a hard trick, yo-yo trick or guitar trick? >> i say yo-yo. >> here we go. we got the tape. >> i was right. >> it's yo-yo trick. >> just like that. >> you're not in any hurry. you don't need to get back up there quick anyway. we need him down here for a while. >> i'll stay here and try to learn how to use the yoyo.
4:29 am
>> he gets to goup and be president. >> 90 years of history. >> there you go. >> all right. >> i appreciate it. talk to you soon. >> shake his hand. >> there you go. let me tell what you is coming up next. it's going tie a serious turn. what was once an inner city problem is turning out to be a national epidemic. we're kicking off a "fox & friends" series on heroin and drug addiction. we'll talk to one woman who lost her husband to the dangerous drug. that will be next. >> plus, we all know this, taylor swift. do you know about the other taylor swift who had the name first? ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes
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that is the baby ainsley is taking home. we're honored to introduce you to the newest member of the "fox & friends" family first. her brand new edition, hayden proctor was born on friday, november 6 weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. tall drink of water, 20 inches long. first child for ainsley and her husband. mom and baby are doing great and we are so happy. >> she is going to be the best mom. >> absolutely. >> she's one of the nicest people i investor met on the planet. >> genuine. and her husband is great, too. every picture i see, she send me some over the weekend, every picture is cuter than the last. >> i think they're using pictures from the frame we bought. they're so perfect. wait a second. unbelievable. >> and that photographer is very special. >> we know you're watching right now. congratulations. >> we miss you. >> it is 27 minutes now before the top of the hour on the big show. and heather joins us with the
4:34 am
headlines. >> good morning. when you're a new mom, of course you're up at all hours. good morning to anzly and will and baby hayden. 33 minutes after the hour. last leg room may be the least of your worries on your next flight. according to "the wall street journal," the faa has not yet tested airplane evacuations with flights with those tighter cabins. right now the agency conducts evacuation tests with 31 inches of space but some airlines give just 28 inches. the upside, the faa says that tighter seats may help reduce injuries in an emergency because you have less room to bang your head. a texas cheer mother flipping out saying her 11 yelled daughter was booted from the squad because of her curly hair. the director of the team said it wasn't the hair but the mother's negativity instead. listen. >> trying to find a compromise and a happy medium. and she wasn't -- she wasn't up for that compromise. >> i felt like i made my daughter feel like her hair is not good enough because she's
4:35 am
not like other girls. >> well that's the mother. her mother says that she was told to straighten her hair into a high ponytail if she wanted to compete for woodlands elite cheer. she said she'll try out a different cheering company. >> fight club going high-tech. there is a controversial new app that makes it easy to pick a street fight. take a look. >> you do not talk about fight clubs. second rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. >> this new app is called rumbler. the creators claim it's tinder but for fighting. you can set up a time and place to fight someone and it even lets you trash talk and talley wins and losses. wow, that's sick. what's the only thing to do when you share a name with one of the world's biggest pop stars? shake it off, of course. ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ shake it off, shake it off
4:36 am
>> well, take a look at taylor swift. he had the name first. he's 30 years old. he's a photographer from seattle. he said he had to change his e-mail address after he was constantly being bombarded with messages from taylor swift's adoring fans, the other taylor swift. taylor adam swift is a good sport about it. he says his name acts as a great ice breaker. those are your headlines. >> i think that would be a real pain in the neck. >> about a million e-mails from adoring fans. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> the original taylor. >> it's like steve doocy. these adoring fans think there is another steve doocy. >> i'm sure he's delighted gets all my e-mails. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. maria is on the streets of new york city where it is chilly on this monday morning. >> yeah. not too bad. it's november. we're looking at temperatures that are seasonable across the eastern u.s. if you live in the southeast, not only are you dweeealing wit
4:37 am
chilly temperatures, but you're looking at a storm system that is bringing in that rain. it is very uncomfortable out there. you need the umbrellas in georgia and carolina. the storm is heading northbound. you'll be seeing that rain later on today. it could be heavy at times across southern parts of that region. eventually by tomorrow the rain heads into the northeast. by the way, out west across the rockies, we're expecting another round of snow. it's already coming down across california and also into the great basin. currently the temperatures across the nation, you can see even chillier as you head into the midwest. you're in the 30s in chicago and also in cleveland. and here's a quick look at your high temperatures that are forecast for today. not bad yet again across the plains. temperatures there in the 60s and 70s for the most part. by this afternoon, as we head farther west in seattle, chilly as well. 49 degrees for the high temperature. now let's head over to brian. >> all right. thank you. today we're kicking off a "fox & friends" seven day series on heroin and drug addiction in general. what was once an inner city
4:38 am
problem is turning into a national epidemic. heroin addiction hitting the heart of america and the victims are people you wouldn't even expect, maybe the person next door or within your family. from 2002 to 2013, the rate of heroin-related overdose tejs nearly quadrupled with more than 8,200 people dying from heroin overdoses in 2013 alone. our next guest is a suburban wife and mom who lost her husband to the addiction 12 years ago and this month by the way and one of her children is currently getting help for drug abuse as well who has already gone through rehab. alyssa joins us right now live from columbus, ohio. alyssa, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> first off, when people talk about heroin addiction, and that's somebody else's problem, what was your thought before it hit your family? what is your thought about it now? >> before it hit my family, i didn't think it would happen to anybody regular run of the mill family. and when it hit my family, i
4:39 am
think we found out that it hits everyone in the united states, any walk of life. my husband was a normal baseball coach, soccer dad, great husband. and addiction can hit anyone. it started with prescriptions and led to heroin addiction and death. >> so when he had the back problem, gets prescribed medicine. they gave it to him like it was candy without any really possibly knowing or letting you know the danger of addiction. were you able to jump in between when you sought down side begin to happen? what was his reaction when you did? >> i think when i saw it, i was in denial at first. i didn't want to believe. i'm a nurse. i didn't want to believe that my husband could be addicted. by the time he went for treatment, he was a full blown heroin addict. and then trying to find treatment is hard also.
4:40 am
trying find insurance to cover a program, a two week program doesn't help heroin addiction. >> so you got him into a program. and, of course, two weeks you're not going to break any pattern. >> no. >> no matter how big or small in two weeks. if you don't have a million dollar check to write and stoned a luxurious place in malibu, california, you're stuck with your insurance company trying to say i can't handle my husband when he gets out. he's definitely not better yet. nobody thinks he is. >> no. and actually, after he got out of the two week program, he actually went to a place in antigua called cross roads that we paid for out of pocket. but when you leave 30-day program, it's the same thing. there's no help. they give you a stack of papers and tell you to go to meetings. and this is a long term disease of addiction that needs more treatment than even 30 days. >> this happens when your husband loses his life sadly, you don't tell anybody. you're embarrassed by it. >> yes. >> you remarry and lus have a
4:41 am
child. and your child is somebody that gets prescribed aderol for oftentimes that is a.d.d. but he or she possibly gets addicted at around 16 to what? >> well, what happens with the children, they start smoking marijuana and then can nuturn io addiction also. i have three children, one in recovery from addiction now. thank god. and i'm remarried to a husband that is a recovering addict of 30 years. so addiction is everywhere in my family. >> wow. so that happens and your child goes through rehab. still didn't snap out of it. you had to do tough love and kick that child out. how tough was that? >> tough love is different for everyone. kicking the child out of a house is tough. it's not what is easy to do. >> terrible.
4:42 am
>> it's terrible. the main thing is treatment long term for addiction. i had to kick my husband out of the house. i put him out. it didn't work. he came back and still was addicted to drugs. >> i think it's amazing when you go through this you don't though who to talk to. no one can understand what the addiction does. one thing do you find, too, is if somebody is a.d.d., a lot of times they look to self medicate through some type of marijuana use or some other type of drug. then all of a sudden the cycle is twice as bad. >> right. >> so there are people that are more susceptible than others. >> well, and if you have a parent that is an addict, you have a chance of your children being addicted to drugs. you want to stop that cycle. anything you can do to stop that cycle of addiction. it's a disease. addiction is a disease. we want to stop the cycle. we want to be pro active and now, you know, 12 years later i can actually speak out and say my husband was a heroin addict.
4:43 am
he was a wonderful man. i loved him. but he needed help. and that's the problem. we have to get help for people that are addicted to drugs. and insurance companies and you can't put these people just on the streets. they need help. they need long term help. >> right. the people in rehab know it. the victims know it. the family members know it. there is a disconnect between the recovery and the payments made. not only are you going broke because that parent is no longer productive, you're going broke because you're writing checks for bills they can't pay and the rehab they can't afford. it's an unbelievable cycle. you helped so many people by talking about it. you look like an every day american, a nurse, trying to make it in this country. next thing you know, you're in that spiral. lisa, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up next, excuse me, tomorrow's addiction of our look at heroin, stephen dewey will join us. that story and more.
4:44 am
gunfire exploding right here in the nation's biggest travel hubs. i go there every day at the heightst morning rush. we're live in new york city where there is a hunt for a shooter at penn station. back in a moment. ♪ yeah. that's the one right? we forgot dave! thank you. so, can the test drive be over now? maybe head back to the dealership? it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new tiguan and other select volkswagen models.
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we have quick health headlines for you on this monday morning. frying with butter could be healthier than frying with vegetable oil. this is the news i've been waking for. new research shows vegetable oils release toxic chemicals when they get heated up which they say can cause cancer. the chemicals have also been linked to heart disease and dementia. wheels are walking. a new study shows those who commute by bus or train are healthier than people who walk to work. they are slimmer, have better blood pressure, and 40% less likely to have diabetes.
4:48 am
really? >> maybe you work up an appetite. >> a fox news alert. a massive search under way right now in new york city after a gunman opens up fire near penn station. one person is dead. two more have been rushed to the hospital. fox 5 news new york's reporter is live on the scene with the breaking details. teresa, there is such a huge, almost a national guard presence at penn station. were they able to see anything and get on this guy right away? >> good morning to all of you. good morning, everyone. details at this point, we need to caution, this investigation is in the infancy. at this point details are very, very slim. we do understand that police are looking for a silver vehicle that was seen fleeing northbound on 8th avenue after this shooting occurred. potentially that could be connected to this. it stands to reason it would be. if the shooter was in that vehicle, we're waiting to get an update from police. you can see behind me top brass from the nypd on scene
4:49 am
attempting to put this altogether. from what we understand here are the specifics. 6:15 this morning, there was a shooting inside the ace stop on 35th and eighth avenue here in midtown manhattan a few blocks away from penn station. three people shot. one fatally. two others shot. one in the leg, the other in the stomach. we are hearing that potentially the person shot in the stomach may be in critical condition, may not recover from the injuries. the other one is expected to make a full recovery. again, a lot of information coming in. a lot of information going out. we're trying to make sure we can fact check it and bring you the latest. >> teresa, quick question. so it happened on the subway or it happened on the street? >> i'm sorry. say that one more time. >> did this shooting happened on the subway? yeah. it's our understanding the shooting did happen in the subway.
4:50 am
it potentially may have come out and spilled on to the street. again that, is not being confirmed by police. that is a speculation that we're hearing. we're hoping as soon as we get that briefing, we'll be able to clarify the details. >> still trying to figure it out. teresa in midtown manhattan where there was a shooting. >> right during rush hour, too. >> all right. ten minutes before the top of the hour. >> donald trump brings in big ratings for hosting "snl." ♪ on the cell phone call me on the cell phone ♪ >> did he meet expectations? and will it translate into polling going even higher? we debate it next. just because someone grows older
4:51 am
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plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars and this special financing offer - ends sunday. - ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
4:54 am
hey, everybody. on saturday night donald trump took his 2016 campaign to a different stage. >> winning is tough. it's not that easy. if you think that's how it's going to be when i'm president, you're wrong. it's going to be even better. i said to the writers of this sketch, keep it modest, okay? it's better to start with low expectations. that way you have nowhere to go but up. >> well, some know are saying that his performance left much to be desired. here to discuss this is vice
4:55 am
president political polling and public affairs research and executive director of the account abltd project. good morning, ladies. thank you for joining us. >> i'm going to start with you. saying you like donald trump more in person rather than him being a funny comedian, is that really even an insult? is that a problem that he isn't a justin timberlake on snl? >> justin timberlake is the best performer ever. here's the difficult thing. he played the media on his terms for the past 30 years. it's always been i'm going to call into this show and talk about these topics. "snl" is very different than showing up in one sketch. so there were several sketches he prenegotiated and didn't want to do because of offendinged audience and he's campaigning. there are a few things that happen. snl didn't bring their best, they've done this a million times before, knowing they don't have a professional comedian arriving. maybe they didn't write the best jokes. also, he's campaigning. he had to jump off the trail.
4:56 am
>> there's a conspiracy theory out there. "the new york post" wrote about it. they tried to stack the deck against him on purpose because it's nbc and they have this liberal slant according to them. >> right. it wouldn't be the first time that the hollywood industry and/or mainstream industry is working against republicans. by and large, it is funny. he may need to work on the dance moves. but, look, what this did is snl got the biggest ratings since 2012 as a 47% increase from when hillary clinton was on. so what this does, donald trump is an earn media king. he's been able to keep himself in the forefront by generating earned media. this exactly what this does. everybody is talking about it. everybody is paying attention to him. that helps his campaign and helps his candidacy. >> you wonder if the rate wogz have been the same if another republican candidate had come out. >> right. >> snl wins and donald trump wins. ladies, thank you so much for your time. 56 minutes after the hour. you just heard our panel dee debate donald trump's hosting
4:57 am
gig wlachlt did bret baier think about it? he joins us live at the top of the hour. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating.
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5:00 am
what's in your wallet? good morning. it's a fox news alert. a triple shooting right near one of the country's busiest travel hubs in new york city. the search right now for the shooter. >> it's about ten blocks from where we're sit right now. a bump from trump. "saturday night live" cashes in on this guy. ♪ you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ ♪ call me on the cell phone >> i wonder how drake likes that. bret baier is standing by with observations on what that performance could mean ahead of tomorrow night's debate on fox business. >> it was the photo finish no one saw coming. did this officer's act of
5:01 am
kindness helping a runner cross the finish line after a nasty spill. we'll give that you story. mornings are better with friends. >> and today one of our friends is in for elizabeth who is taking the day off. i believe it's one of her children's birthday today. >> happy birthday. birthday cake for breakfast. >> mom said it's okay. she's going to kill us now. >> all right. bret baier joins us every monday at this time. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you make of what's going on with ben carson and how the mainstream media has been picking through his book looking for details to try to show that he's making stuff up or he's crazy? >> listen, the media is definitely got a white hot spotlight on ben carson. he has conceded that he could have written his bioespecially about the west point stuff better. it should have been clarified more, in his own words. that's what he said. that said, he has, you know,
5:02 am
along the way said things that raised eyebrows in people who watch politics. but there is a line here. it starts to cross into kind of a media derangement syndrome. we've seen it before with other politicians. sarah palin among them where it becomes self fulfilling that anything sets off this buzz. i think you're going to see a lot more focus on ben carson. but in republican politics, perhaps his call this weekend for puerto rico to become a 51st state will get more criticism than all this other bio stuff. >> we were on the radio together when that story came across and taking a look at. this you thought it would go one way. there was some problem with the story. later on, polico walked back the perception of ben carson and the fact. something came across this morning. they found buzz feed, a 1997 story where the mom is quoted, verifying the whole stabbing incident. it happened when he was 14 years old.
5:03 am
she said it was to a classmate. he said that he could have went to jail or yale fit wasn't for that belt buckle. so is he going to say his mom made it up, too? >> right. i think there's going to be this back and forth about his history. remember, he's 13, 14 when this incident happens. i think that more pressing for republican voters will be the substance and whether ben carson can back up some of the policy things that he has talked about that have raised eyebrows. >> of course, everybody is talking about it on the sunday shows. even bernie sanders was on one of the programs saying, let's talk about the political issues rather than talking about something that happened decades ago. kind of coming to dr. carson's side but then slamming on him on the political issues. dr. carson was on "face the nation" and had this to say about all of this. >> there's no question i'm getting special scrutiny because, you know, there are a lot of people that are very threatened and then, you know, they have seen the recent
5:04 am
head-to-head polling against hillary and how well i do. and, you know, they're worried. there's no question about it. and, you know, every single day or every other day or every week, you know, they're going to come out with you said this when you were 136789 did you this. and the whole point is to distract the populous, distract me. >> one of the other observations he had was the fact that he brought up -- you know, the way the mainstream media works, they're scrutinizing people on the political right. where was the scrutiny of barack obama back in the day and where is the scrutiny of hillary clinton today? >> that's fair. and that's a statement that really fires up the base in the republican party. we should note that since all of this controversy carson says and his campaign says they raised $3.5 million. it's not stopping him or his progress. what will be more interesting, i think, is to see him on the debate stage again and this time at fbn which will be very
5:05 am
substantive. having talked to the folks with 90-second answers and 60-second rebuttal ands neil and maria running the show, i think this will be an opportunity to really delve into substance. >> i want to say, we interviewed his campaign manager on "fox & friends" this weekend. we saw him animated on friday night about this. throwing punches at the media and rallying the base that way. his campaign manager said we're going to see a very different ben carson on tuesday night. >> as in riled up and -- >> as in moran mated and he's going to -- it sounds like he's going to push back. >> exactly. listen, i think if donald trump comes after him, i think that this is going to be quite something to see. i do think that there will be a the love time on policy. >> donald trump is the only one on the right really still going after him with questions. he'll say, he took -- he tried to hit his mom with a haerm. tried to stab a guy. he might have pathology. he keeps bringing these up and his five interviews on sunday
5:06 am
and then, of course, with bill o'reilly on friday. with that tactic, it could possibly work to alienate some on the right who are rallying to carson's side, correct? >> it could. it could also backfire you know, if people perceive he's laying that out there and that perhaps ben carson is being unfairly treated by the media. that is a powerful thing this time around. the media, how it acts, how it moves in a pack sometimes on stories. and if there's any push back that it's not true, it goes to carson's benefit. >> okay. of course we've been talking about the fox business debate. it's going to be tomorrow night over on fox business. the first debate starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the second debate at 9:00 p.m. meanwhile, let's talk about a program that starts at 11:30 on saturday night. it was hosted by the same donald trump we're talking about. bret, it looks like this anti-trump outfit deport racism 2016, it all backfired on them.
5:07 am
they came out with that video using the kids as props. using inappropriate language. they also put out a $5,000 bounty for somebody to stand up and say donald trump is a racist. and that happened on "saturday night live." kind of. watch this. >> you're a racist! >> who the hell is that? i knew this was going to happen. >> who is that? >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they'd give me $5,000. >> as a businessman, i can fully spre respect that. >> what does appearing on saturd"saturday night live" do candidate regarding a lot of the country doesn't pay attention to this stuff every single day. they see him on there for 90
5:08 am
minutes and they think it's kind of funny. >> yeah. by the way, larry david apparently gets his $5,000 even though that was in the script. >> he does. they paid him. >> he got the highest ratings in four years. you, i'm sure, will hear about that from donald trump. i think that he is drawing eyeballs. and is that a bad 1, 2, 3 inning? no. it's a good thing in the big picture. does it translate to voters? and what they're voting snon i don't know. it definitely gives him more visibility and people that perhaps aren't paying attention. >> did you think it was funny? >> you know, i thought some things were funny. i thought overall it wasn't the best "snl" ever. but, you know, listen -- i will say that dancing to drake was quite funny. ♪ call me on the cell phone >> that to me was the highlight. it was funny. >> it started out great and then
5:09 am
went down hill from there. >> bret, he can also -- donald trump can also say my episode beat hillary clinton's episode by 47%. i'm sure we'll hear that line. go prepare for your show. s in about ten hours. >> all right. we'll see you. >> he did beat her by 47% which is soundly. miley cyrus was actually the host of that one. >> heather starts with that manhunt in manhattan. >> it is still on going right now. this happening just about two hours ago. we start out with a fox news alert. that manhunt under way in new york city after gunman opened fire in the subway near the busy commuter hub penn station. this happened this morning as new yorkers were headed to work. one spern now dead and two more have been rushed to the hospital. some aerial views courtesy of our local fox affiliate there. you can see police with all the tape in that intersection. police are on lookout for a silver car. the shooter's identity and
5:10 am
motive not known at this point. another fox news alert to bring you. breaking moments ago, three people including two american trainers who were working at a military facility in jordan were shot to death by a jordanian police officer. a government owned newspaper in jordan telling fox news that the shots were fired at a u.s. funded training facility outside the capital of amman. in and out gunman was killed. at least six others have been wunlded. two of them americans. this information coming in a short while ago. we'll continue to follow it. back here at home, swallowed by a sink hole. more than a dozen cars now underground after a parking lot crumbled. take a look at this. experts are on the scene today. this happened at an i hop restaurant in meridian, mississippi. they're trying to figure out what exactly caused this massive 35-foot wide by 400 foot long sink hole. the restaurant opened just last week. people dining inside at the time say that they were simply terrified when the lights went out and they heard a series of
5:11 am
loud booms. there was a lot of rain over the weekend. and that do have contributed to this. unbelievable. well, police officers act of kindness going viral. john cane linking arms with runner robert mccoy, watch this right here. helping him finish the rock & roll marathon in savannah, georgia. he fell 200 yards from the finish line but was determined to finish. look at that wonderful police officer. the sergeant helped. listen. >> this picture speaks volumes for all law enforcement officers who were out there daily doing exactly what i just did. and they're never recognized. >> so simple. glad we're able to bring this to you this morning. officer cane says the real hero is robert, the runner. and those are your headlines. terrific. we rarely get a chance to see that. >> it's true. the message is stop running. if you're a jogger, stay indoors. >> you'll end up with a bloody nose. >> that picture would have never
5:12 am
happened. >> sorry. that wasn't the prompter. i screwed it up. still ahead, the obama administration set town veil plans this week to close gitmo. our next guest served as a medic and he said it's going to mean more terror attacks here at home. >> plus, here's a punishment that may work. one mother teaching her daughter a lesson by cancelling christmas. will it work or did mom go too far? >> can i vote on too far? the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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5:16 am
make every week a tanzeum week. more than 100 dangerous gitmo detainees could be come together united states of america. the pentagon is set to release a plan later this week to shut down gitmo permanently and possibly relocate inmates to different prisons around the country. is this a good or bad idea? here to discuss is major montgomery granger, a former ranking army medical department officer at gitmo and the author of the book "saving grace at gitmo: a memoir of a warrior." good morning. we know that president for
5:17 am
years, since he took office, has made this a promise to close gitmo. why is closing gitmo a bad idea? >> it's a bad idea because if you bring these detainees to the united states, their friends, family and foes will follow them. and they'll go to the nearest town to the prison and they could take over local government and install shah reea and even if they don't do that, they can cause a lot of problems. gitmo is isolated. it is currently the best, safest place for the awful islamists that want to kill us. >> we don't know the details yet. this administration is very active in taking people who were at gitmo and releasing them back to their home nations and we have pictures of guys who return to the battle. and that's one of the things. they're terrorists. when you go back home, you can go back into the family business, or the business they were in. >> human nature very hard to change. when we took these guys in starting in 2002 when i was there, they were the worst of the worst.
5:18 am
very few exceptions that were repatriated. i helped repatriate one of the ones that was that exception. he was a heroin addict and schizophrenic who is no longer of any intelligence value, nor was he a threat. but all those guys are gone now. anybody left at gitmo is a serious bad guy. >> so why do you think -- so they're talking about putting them in states like kansas, my home state. super max out in colorado. one of the other places is south carolina. should the people in those states be worried about these guys coming to their state? >> they should ab frayed and very afraid. as i said before, their friends, family and our foes will immigrate, migrate, claim refugee status, try to get tourist visas, student visas, any way they can to get to those towns and cause problems. >> we were talking about this a moment ago. we have images of the guys that did return to battle. we'll go ahead and look at them
5:19 am
one full screen at a time. here is abraham shakarin. he has been transferred to mo moroc morocco. he is with an islamic group. this just goes over and over. you're just worried? >> indeed. we can sit here and go all over 100 of them. there is a website, human rights first that claims there have been over 500 terrorist convictions in the united states. but less than 300 in u.s. prisons. where are they? >> yeah. >> it's not so much about how many have gone bacall though it's around 30% of released gitmo detainees are known or suspected. my concern is the other 70%. where are they? >> exactly. my concern is this, the pentagon apparently is okay with this. why would they be okay with closing gitmo? >> the pentagon is run by civilians. and that's the main reason. of the 55 advisors and that obama has on his staff, there are no army or united states
5:20 am
marine corps officers with any combat experience. he's being advised by civilians. >> are they politicians? >> absolutely. and politician owe favors. >> all right. let's see what they do. the plan could come later this week. major, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up on this monday, could your cell phone be more dangerous than drunk driving? we test out potentially deadly distractions behind the wheel on our plaza. plus, it's about to get hazy in one state where medical marijuana is hitting the store shelves today. we'll tell you where in just a minute.
5:21 am
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time for headlines that are happening right now. fresh outrage at the university of missouri. students demand their president step down. graduate students calling for a walkout today claiming the administration isn't addressing racism on campus. 20 football players refusing to play. officials meeting today are promising a change. medical marijuana is on store shelves for -- in illinois for the first time today. less than 4,000 patients have access to it. that number is expected to grow. like it always does. all right. thanks so much. could texting be more dangerous than drunk driving? cell phones are involved in 1.5 million car accidents every single year. according to a new poll, more drivers are worried about people being distracted by their cell phones than those who are drinking and driving. so just how dangerous are those distracted drivers? here to weigh in is a aaa
5:25 am
northeast spokesperson robert sinclair. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> statistics are startling. and what hit me, too, is you say there is an after effect. so we're sitting there texting on our phone even though we shouldn't be. and then ten seconds after, we put the phone down. we still have the lasting effect? >> we still have that halo effect or hangover effect from using the technology. we did a study where we looked at in vehicle voice activated technologies to make phone calls and change radio stations. it varies from vehicle to vehicle. all vehicles had a sort of lingering effect where still suffering from your brain being occupied with that task even 30 seconds after you completed the task. >> so often around prom season, for example, there is a mangled car on the front lawn of a high school. they say this is what drinking and driving can do. we ought to have things like that for texting and driving. >> yes. distractions, it's estimated are
5:26 am
responsible for 16% of all fatal crashes. 5,000 fatalities every year. people think when they're in the vehicle it's down time. they can be engaged in other tasks. driving in and of itself is multitasking. you're controlling heavy objects, moving at speeds. you have to be aware of other vehicles, lighting conditions, road conditions, all those other things. >> i think our parents are most worried about their teenagers when they first get behind the wheel. is there a certain demographic that you would say is more at ris s risk? >> without a doubt, teenagers. they lack the experience to deal with the experiences. teens are worse. they don't have that training that we need and brains are not fully developed until they're 21, 22 years old. >> we think of them when they were 16. >> i remember those times. we have to be careful. >> did you an experiment. you put cameras in the car. and initially the young drivers were model citizens, you say. 10:00 and 2:00 and then what
5:27 am
happened? >> after a day or, two they fall into their bad habits. we have the cameras in the vehicle for a week. a camera looking at the driver and looking at the road. and they were texting. they were talking with their friends. they were talking on the phone. and they would skid off the road, go into the median, roll around, do all sorts of things. all sorts of bad things. that is not a simulation. that is real. >> it's one thing to look at statistics. when you look at this video and see it, it's giving you the problem in real time and very strong. >> we're coming up against a break. but, you know, it is fwoer use the technology in the car or is that bad as well? is it worse to use your actual cell phone? it is okay to use the technology in the car? >> hands free is just as bad as hand held. >> it is? >> we use that expression. hands free is not risk free. it's the mental occupation in a task, in a call that causes the problem. you need 100% of your faculties. driving a car is akin to flying a plane during landings, takeoff and low level flight. you know, planes you got other
5:28 am
planes miles away with a car it is only inches away with other vehicles. >> robert from aaa, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> good insight. brian, back into you. >> you were texting and driving before that segment, hopefully you're not now. three minutes -- two minutes before the bottom of the hour. >> we have a fox news alert. a disturbing admission about the russian plane crash. ice yik likely brought it down with a bomb. what lawmakers say we need to do next is coming up next. and are your gutters filled with leaves? >> yes. >> and gufrpg right now. you know what gunk is? >> not quite sure. >> stuff at the bottom of the gutter. >> we got four easy and safe ways to clean your gutters. one, don't hang your gutter on a ladder. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
we have a fox news alert and heather has the latest on the russian airline. >> we have a new development to bring you. fox news alert. the fbi is now joining the investigation into that downed russian plane in egypt. the fbi agreeing to hept russian government with forensic analysis. investigators are now 90% certain that that loud bang that was heard on the voice recorder was, in fact, a bomb. some say all signs point to isis. >> the fact that isis has declared war on russia, this was a russian plane headed for russia. in addition to the u.s. and uk intelligence that we received, i think all indicators are pointing to the fact that this was isis putting a bomb on an airplane. >> republicans and democrats now calling for the united states to improve airport security. >> was the shooting of a powerful texas state judge an act of retaliation?
5:33 am
austin, texas, police, are trying to unravel this mystery this morning. they hunt for the person who shot travis county judge. the gunman fired into her car four times as she pulled into the driveway of her home in austin. she was hit with shrapnel and glass. police now combing through the judge's case files for any possible clues. a disabled veteran under attack, tormented by vandals. watch. >> it's a shame that they're targeting veterans and handicapped veterans. >> so here's what's going on. someone is targeting barry louton ever continues he put a handicap sign on his van. first that van was spraypainted. then when he got a rental car, that was spraypainted as well. they even put sugar in the gas tank. meese are looking for the person responsible for. this. a strict parent dividing facebook after threatening to punish her 10-year-old daughter by cancelling christmas. she is a mom from australia.
5:34 am
would taking away christmas presents for her daughter be too harsh? her daughter had stolen money from her for a second time to buy candy. nearly 400 people weighed in agreeing it was bade idea. one person writing this "it is too harsh. christmas is a special time. something like this will make her feel unloved. others gave alternative punishment ideas like taking the child to the police station. what do you think of that? what would be your solution? those are your headlines. let's head outside to maria with a look at our weather. good morning. >> good morning. hello, everyone. we're tracking a storm system across the southeast. that is bringing in areas of rain. you're going to need umbrellas across georgia, carolinas. it could be heavy at times, especially along the southern areas of the mid-atlantic. eventually that storm system will bring that rain across parts of the northeast as we head into tomorrow. so that's going to be something to watch out for. by the way, if you live out west across the rockies, we're expecting a snowstorm to develop out there in the next few days.
5:35 am
right now bringing in snow across california and also parts of the great basin. temperatures, it is a chilly start to the day across the midwest. 30s in chicago and cleveland. by this afternoon, temperatures across the plains are going to be very mild. only in 60s and 70s. not bad at all n chicago, expecting high temperature at 53. of course, florida, the warm spot, 84 degrees for your high temperature in the city of tampa. now let's head over to brian and steve. >> thank you very much. it is a matter of time, ladies and gentlemen. until we wound up in the gutter. fall is in full swing which means tons of leaves getting clogged in your gutter. this can do serious damage, backup during the winter months, damage to your roof. so we're going to show you four easy ways to clean them before it's too late. >> up until now, you are sitting on your bed wondering how you're going to do it. joining us is a licensed contractor shane duffy and sandy
5:36 am
diaz. now you're going to tell us how to get leaves out of a gutter. can you handle this? >> it's a lot to take in. >> let's say the gutter is at our waist. >> that would be great. >> that would be the best thing. >> the problem is they're so high. >> that's okay. that's why you don't want to go back and have to clean them. it's hard to get to. so what you want to do is avoid that whole situation. the best thing to do is get gutter guards. >> and these keep -- you put them in preferably before the leaves fall. >> absolutely. >> that i way you don't have to dig them out. this is easy. it snaps right in. >> there are these at home depot. >> so you snap them on top and that's it. they snap in. >> and then the shingle goes down. >> you are a fan of these? >> i like them but i don't love them. they're not so strong. they're a little soft. but the best thing about them, they have a screen. it prevents small stuff from getting in. >> mine are three years old this fall.
5:37 am
and the screen has fallen off. >> my goodness. that's why we want to get this kind. >> you have my cell number. ♪ call me on the cell phone >> these are good because they' they're hinged. you snap it in and once they're in, they're in. >> but there are so many holes. you get small stuff. you avoid the leaves. >> this is what you love about this. you can just take this. okay, it's time to clean it. >> boom. >> you still have to go up to the roof. >> why is it a problem? >> then just hire a guy. >> no, you want to do it. you want to work. >> you can get leaves in the gutter without guards. >> this is what happened. >> what happens? >> it piles up just like this. that old baseball you use at home, here it is, up in the gutter. so what do you is get a gutter guard. a gutter cleaner.
5:38 am
>> check it out. >> there is our best friend. i got this for you. >> you don't want these in your yard. >> mice in, there all kinds of stuff. >> that's one way to do it. you actually get up. >> this is so cutting edge. you don't have one of these? >> it there is a protest i want to give. when you use the a-frame ladder like this that is self stabilized, you don't have to lean up ladder against your gutter which can damage it. >> otherwise, you end up with a denlt. i bought this thing that we're about to use. i think this is one of my favorite things. >> all right. >> a water hose gutter blaster. >> you see? >> it blasts the stuff right out. >> now you're soaking the leaves, making them gunk. >> perfect. >> this is designed to go in the gutter. >> look at that. >> we want to show you how it works. >> you have ever seen anything like this in your life? >> no.
5:39 am
>> and we never met them before. >> that's what it does. what it does is actually saves you so much money. >> all right. >> one last thing. after you do this, there is always grime and gunk in here. so this is -- >> if you act noe now, what do we get? >> you get it at home depot. >> let it sit for a little bit. all that gunk will come right out. >> that's what goes on the gutters. >> he fights one gutter at a time. >> thank you very much. >> leaf us alone. >> all right. in to you. >> gutters so clean you can eat off of them. saving us time and money. thanks so much. 39 minutes after the hour. she's a democrat who said president obama needs a new strategy to fight isis. >> i don't think it's a strategy that will work long term. i think isis is a great threat to the region. >> senator gill brand here next
5:40 am
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visit our website for savings on larger size. good morning. a fox news alert. a stung bipartisan admission from the fbi and members of congress. isis likely used a bomb to bring down that russian plane. the president's strategy to fight those terrorists not working. >> no. it is not. senator kirsten gillibrand joins us from new york state. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you know, we hear the news about this jetliner taken out by isis. that is scary stuff. there are a lot of people looking in this morning thinking, you know what? do we have a good strategy whether it comes to isis? you were on over the weekend talking about it. you i don't think so, do you? >> well, i was talking specifically about syria. i did not support the strategy to arm rebels. i think if the president does want to put 50 advisors on the ground, does he need
5:44 am
authorization from congress to do it glchlt so what do you think of our overall strategy regarding isis? >> i think it's complex. i think the work we're doing multilaterally, particularly the recent meetings in vienna are the way forward. i think that is the approach we have to take. but i do think we should be doing much more with regard to the humanitarian crisis. i think we should be receiving more families. we should be receiving them now not in 2017. and we should be doing much more to relief that crisis. people are streaming all across europe, all across the middle east. america can do more to help those families and help ease the humanitarian crisis happening right now. >> sure. no doubt about it. the refugee crisis is substantial. but the military response has got to be substantial as well. we're just not packing it, a lot of people say. >> i don't know that sending thousands of troops to syria would also prove to be effective long term. i think that something the american people would be very reluctant to do. those are issues we can discuss. i think the long term approach
5:45 am
needs to be multilateral and has to be with allies in the arab world that has actually begun with the work they did in vienna last week. >> if this is indeed isis, this is them taking it up a notch and can affect air travel around the world. i want to get your thoughts on this another topic. is congress going to be taking up the 9/11 first responders act with majority support? this would offer first responders treatment and also economic help in their family. >> it's a moral outrage in a we let the 9/11 hustle expire. it expired the end of september. there are too many members of congress who are unwilling to stand by our first responders and fund their health care permanently. we need viewers to call congress, call their senator, call their house member and urge them to support this bill. frankly, nothing works in washington until regular people stand up and demand action. frankly, your channel made a huge difference when we passed the first bill five years ago. we had a program that is treating these men and women with horrible diseases with the health care they need.
5:46 am
it is our moral obligation to do that. we asked them to come to 9/11 to the disaster site. we asked them to stay to find remains and do the cleanup. we told them the air was safe. now they're dying of horrible cancers. a first responder, a police officer died yesterday of lung cancer. and this is something that is so troubling to all of us because these men and women answer the call to duty. >> sure. we have statistics on the people who did answer the call. since september 11, 2001, 1700 people passed away from september 11th-related illnesses. and more police officers have died from september 11 related illnesses since then than on 9/11 itself. finally, over 200 new york city police department and fire department of new york employees have died from related illnesses. what seems to be the holdup? you said that the current bill had expired. there's no suggestion it won't
5:47 am
be funded. we know how washington works. what is the holdup here? >> well, they are members of the house of representatives proposing a five-year bill. one that doesn't actually funneled the health care that these men and women need. that don't actually fund the compensation they already earned. and, so, it's disgraceful that any member of congress would say we're only going to treat some cancer, not all of your cancer. we need a permanent bill. we have 64 senators, bipartisan and a wide range of bipartisan senators from the most conservative to the most liberal supporting this bill. we also have over 245 in the house supporting this bill. so we have a majority in both houses. it's bipartisan. so for house chairman to be offering a bill that just arbitrarily cuts suspending because they don't want to stand by the first responders, i think we should reject. i ask all viewers to call your senators and house members and ask are you on the bill? if not? why not? thank them if they are. they're doing the right thing. >> yeah. and our viewers act when we call, too.
5:48 am
hopefully they'll hear your plea. these first responders are running into danger while everybody else is running out. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, senator. we have to take care of those people. >> yeah. >> no doubt about it. >> those numbers are awful. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. trump wows the crowd on the "snl" stage. ♪ you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ ♪ call me on the cell phone >> but tomorrow night it will be a very different stage at the fourth gop debate. we'll have what the candidates need to say to resonate with voters. >> i think that's a live shot from milwaukee. let's check in with martha with a preview of what happens on the top of the hour. you know, i used to call her on the cell phone. >> you have to put that suit you had on last week and sing that song for us, steve. >> my skinny suit. yes, ma'am. >> good morning, everybody. happy monday to you.
5:49 am
ben carson is under fire as his stories get scrutiny. so is this fair or not? mike huckabee will join us on that and on the big debate coming up tomorrow night. and donald trump, we were talking about him hitting "saturday night live" over the weekend, also his rivals marco rubio and ted cruz starting to creep up in the polls. who is the better candidate? karl rove will weigh in on. that and racial spengss at the universi -- tensions at the university of missouri and yale. we'll see you at the top of the hour. ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the 2015 nissan murano. recipient of autopacific's best-in-class vehicle satisfaction award. now get great deals on the nissan murano.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
need to accomplish tomorrow night? here to break it down is frank luntz. >> i saw that picture, total silence, they never sound sod good. >> neil says if no one knows my name at the end of the debate, i've done a good job. he wants to be in the background. you want me to bring it you to. we look at four candidates. first one, donald trump. the first clip you want us to look at is donald trump on "snl." >> enrique? >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. this is far too much money. >> no. i insist. consider it an apology for doubting you. as history shows us, nothing brings two countries fotogether like a wall. >> your thoughts? >> it was absolutely brilliant. what bothers me about the media is that was the highest rated show that "snl" had since 2012 and they're saying it underestimated. they thought it wasn't a success f you're the number one show for the last three years, number one
5:54 am
episode, that's significant. trump is still pulling people to watch him. he is the guy to watch in the debate. >> right. and still selling books. ben carson, we know he is under a lot of scrutiny. he says he's not a washington insider. listen. >> did you know washington is built on a swamp? massive government debt, stifling regulation, special interest politics? partisan dysfunction. now it makes sense. washington is broken. >> and everybody believes washington is broken. carson's the most underplayed. trum spt loud one, carson is the quiet one. kars an is for female voters. he had issues, some personal challenges over the last three or four days that he has to answer. remember, the fox business debate is about economics. and if the moderateors the other candidates go after carson for his -- for the issues -- >> what happened in '14 or
5:55 am
'07 -- >> that won't work for hichlt. >> ted cruz, listen to him defend america. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. the questions that are being asked shouldn't be trying to get people to tear into each other. how about talking about the subinstantive issues? >> that was brilliant. that's a lesson for ted cruz but for fox business and how to approach it. republicans do not want to hear reporters attacking the candidates or trying to show them up. they want simple questions, straight forward questions and then expect answers ted is one of the best debaters. it helped him that the moderators were so awful. >> he looked like a team player for the first time in a long time as he defended the other guys. listen, we'll have debates on tuesday. we'll be watching and working. that is tomorrow night at 7:00 the first debate with four and then with eight at 9:00 on the fox business network. it is going to be fantastic. am i right, frank?
5:56 am
>> keep reminding them, fox business. fox business. fox business. >> you're a word smith. thank you. coming up nech, we're going to say really significant in the final block of our show. stay tuned. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models. directv is so advanced that you could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. how are they always one step ahead of us? well, because their technology is far superior. or because they have someone on the inside. is that right, gil? sir, i would never... he's with them! he's wearing a wire.
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one for the road. hats off to daughter mayory doocy. we got good news on friday afternoon she passed the maryland bar. we owe everybody on capitol hill a drink. >> salute you to and kathy, too. >> mainly to the mom. >> she looks just like kathy, too. >> by the way, i literally signed 1,000 books over the last 48 hours. i met great people in virginia. i appreciate all -- they all had a ton of questions. we'll be showing them later.
6:00 am
also on tuesday i'll be at the huntington book review. friday, santa barbara. later on at the nixon library. happy birthday to the marines tomorrow. >> there you go. >> mayor giuliani, too. >> good-bye, everybody. >> all right. thank you. bill: breaking news and at least two americans targeted in a shooting rampage oversea in amman, jordan willing two u.s. military trainers and a south african trainer. there are injuries as well and growing concerns about the safety of u.s. forces abroad. tough news to start this morning. bill martha: the officer then we are told turned that gun on himself. two americans are also injured in this attack along with four


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