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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 9, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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new concerns today after a report out of china that the overall economic growth is not what it could be. oil is up. the dow, the nasdaq, s&p, all down. "your world" begins right now. >> from milwaukee, this where is it all comes down in this milwaukee theater where they expect to cram 3400 avid, rabid debate fans into a room for two separate debates, featuring men and one woman who harbor the dream of being the next president of the united states. at issue, economic issues, which we're told will dominate polls across the country, and now one across the world. the dominant themes that matter whether you live in istanbul or milwaukee, wisconsin. how am i going to make a better life for myself? how much more money can i look
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forward to down the road for me, my kids, my economic security? will there be social security there for me? will there be medicare there for me? will there be a government that will help me or will hurt me? will promote me or get in my way? this is that big. this debate and its defining moments, that meaningful. it begins on fox business. is it about your business, and now less than a day away, you can feel the history in the room. "your world" starts now. >> from milwaukee, wisconsin, welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. you can feel the pressure on canada to feel the need they have to put up or maybe shut down. there is that much that is going on in this arena now. the candidates who have not even arrived yet will feel the add pressure and burden of not only
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satisfying some of their disgruntled supporters but even their donors. a lot of money hangs on this. a lot of money that has been held up because of this, waiting for this, to see what happens and whether any of these candidates can break out of the pack once and for all. a little more than 24 hours from now we shall know. out of the first debate and then the second debate, and when all is said and done, who emerges toes the premiere front runners. will any of the pole positions change? will any of the donor activity change? right now to rick perry, former presidential candidate himself, former governor of the state of texas. you've know this process well, governor. could be very unforgiving, very relentless and then on to the next debate, the next donor clash, if you will and a lot of those donors are sitting on their money, holding tight. they want to see how their candidate does or how other candidates i with whom they have not aligned might do.
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who has momentum? >> certainly there are a number of very, very capable candidates out there. i think that's one of the reasons we have seen a bit of this sitting back, keeping your powder dry, of those that are going to be making contributions all across the country, or those that are just going to give their support and give their good names to these candidates. they're sitting back and waiting, and i think rightfully so, as we go through this process. there's not a rush in the sense of, we got to get this done right now. we're getting closer. we're less than 100 days until it kicks off in iowa, but i'm -- i don't perceive the pressure from the moderator there tomorrow. you sound pretty cool and calm but you're -- >> ha-ha. >> ready to do this. >> one thing that depending on the debate or who is hosting but one thing is clear, through various debates we have seen the
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nonestablish. coileds are doing very well and established candidates with established track records, such as yourself and governor scott walker of the fine state of wisconsin, they don't seem to be rewarded. say what you will of the people like you or didn't like you. you're not really richly rewarded for a track record and i'm wondering what that means, especially a jeb bush, who is feeling the. eight years as the florida governor but comes down who he has the energy or enthusiasm or pizazz. you have heard it before. >> indeed. >> it's been dragging on a while. >> it has been and, i think this is one of the few professions that your experience is not necessarily rewarded, and that people are -- i get it. people are totally upset with washington, dc and to good reason. you got a president of the united states that i don't think he necessarily believes in the constitution when it comes to working with the legislative branch, and having a check and
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balance system. got him looking at what is happening with gitmo and the process that's going on there where he just vetoes something and says i'm going off on my own. so people are really upset with washington, and they make that, i think, extension to that's just government. without necessarily making the decision that this is washington and a state. whether it's florida, whether it's wisconsin, whether it was texas, some of these other states that the governors were running, that have pretty good track records, but with all of that said, this process will work itself out. i hope we hear some good questions along the line of, what would these candidates think about the tenth amendment? are they going to devolve this power back to the states like our founding fathers meant? i think that would be a good question for one of the mott raters to ask tomorrow. >> duly noted, governor. i do want to ask you a little bit about the fact that we have gone on this long, now five
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months into the trump candidacy, where he is still leading the pack, ben carson not too far behind, depend only the poll, and if you look at verious polls, sir, more than half express an interest in an outside the box candidate like a trump, like a carson, might want to throw a ted cruz in there a maverick senatorment up to 60% of the vote that does not like traditional politicians. normally by this time that kind of a fleeting anywhere addition is just that. it's done -- flirtation is just that, on to substance and traditional candidates. what do you make of that and how long this has gone on? >> guy back to this is really reflective of the american public having had it with washington, dc. democrats and republicans. and i lay a lot of the blame at the foot of the president of the united states, who must believe that this gridlock is good for him and good for his political party. it's certainly not good for america. i don't think it's good for the world. we see a lot of decisions being
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push off or not made. this war against terror, we continue to see half measures at best. 50 special operators were going to send to go fight isis? we need to be making a real effort with our allies across this globe to stamp out, to snuff out, this extraordinary cancer that's being pushed across the world. >> but it doesn't seem to register with the -- it doesn't seem to register at the top. you're a veteran of the race, and now -- >> lindsey graham is leaving led his is the only va. >> maybe these issues aren't so top of the mind. >> yes, it does worry me. i hope that we go through a process -- i think tomorrow's debate is really important to have a grownup debate to have a debate that really digs in and dwells on the issues that are
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important and not these, i gotcha questions that too often we heard and i hope the candidates will take the seriousness of this as well, and not be an attack of the people on the stage with them. that they really talk about their vision for our country, the optimism they have, the -- this is an extraordinary country and we're resilient country. we made it through four years of jimmy carter, think we'll make it through the eight years of barack obama, but it's going to take some very focused, disciplined leadership that has a vision that captures the spirit and the will of the american people, and one of these candidates, my prayer is that they'll grab that, take it -- >> they might, they might, but the -- >> what lies aid of husband. >> we should be aware of the noise at the corner of wall and broadway. a big selloff. the economy is pretty good and the federal reserve enough is going hike interest rates if we can take a peek another what
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happened today. we had some interest rates moving up very smartly, depending on the treasury note or bond. we're talking about anywhere from five year highs to six month highs. but they're highs, and a lot of people seem to be sensing the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates, seeing as you were critic of the federal reserve and many of your colleagues were at the time, and are, would you embrace that? do you think it's a good idea for them to say go ahead and raise interest rates? the best thing to do right now. >> well, don't know. the fact is that economy in the is doing that much better, then that's certainly indicator, but i don't feel it out there. don't think the average american person feels that this economy is doing that much better. we have got a record number of people out of the work force, so at this particular point in time, i get it about what the federal reserve's role is, is to
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kind of put the foot on the gas or the foot on the brake, regarding what is going on in the economy, but i don't know whether it's me or whether it's just -- in the state of texas, the economy is doing as good as anywhere in the country but i'm knock sure it's time for us to be raising our interest rate. >> all right. well, we'll watch closely, governor, always a pleasure, sir. >> you're welcome. >> you have heard the back and forth with ben carson and one argument he raised whether he has embelow lisched his record, why this media so, so obsessed with his background? and didn't give a thought to then senator barack obama's background. john sir -- made some case that then senator own was fully vetted. was he? the view from the campaign manager for ben carson after this.
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you agree with that, more scrutiny than barack obama. >> i don't agree with that statement. people when they make public comments are going to have their claims scrutinized. even if their claims about their own biography. and that is part of the process. >> what is the doctor was saying was his claims have been much more scrutinized than barack obama's ever were, including president obama's friend shep with -- you know how this goes -- that's not fair. and that if you're going to go after someone go after one and all. barry ben it in is the good doctor's campaign manager, barry, know where the candidate is coming from but chris christie shares this josh earnest sentiment, of can't
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stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, saying this is what comes with being a presidential candidate. what do you make of that, your candidate looks a little thin-skinned here? >> well, scrutiny is fine, but you can't fabricate things. the politico story was fabricated by a reporter who was arrested ten years ago at the republican national convention protesting republicans. it's ridiculous. all the documents were out there now, and they've -- it's been retracted but can't put the lie back in the bottle. if your attack own president obama -- >> without going through it -- i understand where you're coming from. enough questions have been raised about did he meet general west or not, without rehashing everything. there seems to be things that the eyes is weren't dotted, ts weren't crossed. doesn't make him a liar but does call into question there are
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accidental exaggerations or misstatements and does that or do you, as someone who manages his campaign, worry about the fallout as a trust worthy figure, which he is as polls in in one instance after another? >> this book was written 25 years ago about events 25 years even before that. so, are details fuzzy? i'm sure. i'm absolutely sure. that doesn't mean he did -- he dead meet general west moreland in february, not may. my good in, scandal, two-hour msnbc special on it. the whole harvard exam hoax. all they had to do is go to the yale -- i said harvard -- obviously didn't 0 go to either one of them -- >> all they had to do -- i went to the ohio state university. the yale record, just call them.
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that's what buzz feed did, and debunked. it's ridiculous. gorgeousist north even trying to do their homework therapy. trying to carry their agenda and that's what we object to. >> when you hear chris christie come up and slam dr. carson for all of this media scrutiny and all candidates do when this stuff comes up, about that it doesn't look like he can take the heat. how do you answer that? >> i say, scrutiny is fine. bring it on. we're happy to sit down with anybody and talk about this issues but don't bring your agenda with you. i understand chris christie went through bridgegate, and that was tough. i get that. but there wasn't a democrat agenda in the bridgegate scandal. there is in the sense that -- like i said we have a report that was arrested for protesting republicans at the convention. nine years later writes a story and we're supposed to say it's scrutiny? it's an axe to grind. it's ridiculous.
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>> has any donating been affected? anyone withholding funds since this, getting more or less. >> sure donors are different than everybody else weapon don't have millionaires. hey multi him toaires, hey haven't 1 hon thousand donations last week $4 million this, morning, there were 20,000 envelopes with checks in them again. that's another million dollar day today. no downturns. >> all right. thank you very much. barry bennett, ben carson's campaign manager. in the end, i think it was jack welch who said something to the effect these guys will be judged on the enthusiasm they bring to turning this economy around and making this a meaningful recovery, one of the worldest weakest recovers is at stake here. why jack welch says a couple candidates stan out in that record. that's after this.
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we have loot another of leaders sometime that like to tell you how many jobs they created. when they were president. when they were governor, when they were senator, or mayor. and i guess i understand kind of what they're trying to say, but the truth is, presidents, governors, senators, congressmen and majors don't create jobs. the private sector does. >> well, that is certainly true. but as jack welch, those
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politicians, governor, president, what have you, can lay the groundwork so that the private enterprise can do just that. jack welch, what do you think of what marco rubio is saying? obviously taking a jab at the jeb bush, at those governors, maybe, to the extent like a john kashich in ohio and others who argue they create the jobs that president obama says he created millions of too jobs since he became president, but in actuality they provide the environment that creates the jobsy. do you draw the distinction? >> i draw the distinction totally on the case of their responsibility as leaders is to set the table, and despite the president's claims of great job growth, it's a fraction of what we would have had with progrowing policies. so i'm totally in the camp of what michael said. i don't think politicians create the jobs but they do set the table for the rate of growth of
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jobs. >> now, they also provide the means by which you provide a measure of they're success, right? this president has been saying, well, if i'm such a slip, look at what is going on with the stock markets and all the growth we experienced, stocks down today on the belief that interest rates are going up because now they can. the economy and job growth will justify it going up. what do you think of the arguement? that's the metric by which presidents are scored. >> well, real unemployment, nine-1/2 to ten percent, people looking for a job, those out of work, and if you look at the reagan recovery, you can argue whether we would have had ten million more jobs or 12 million or 14 more. i'm not sure which one is right. but a hell of a lot more -- almost double what we got out of this, with this anemic recovery,
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with regulation, et cetera and the stock market is just a case of a fed giving out free money and forcing people into more risk assets. >> when you look at everything that is going on, you're a big believer and have written extensively and one of the world res most acclaimed ceos and i buy that. but you like ted cruz. one thing you liked was how captivating a speak her was, dynamic, presence he was, how he can fill a room, fill a town hall meeting, the worst you can say ills he should smile more. he is obviously getting a great deal of interest beyond you. maybe it started with you. but that he is a galvanizing figure. now, the rap against jeb bush, if you hear donald trump, he is dull, low energy. how person is this energy thing to you and does it translate into success as an executive? in other words, did you ever pick a dull executive to handle
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something or did you factor in other things? >> i tried not to. let put it that way. and -- but look, i think what the job of a leader is to set the table. where are we going, how are we going to get there, and what is in it for you if we do? and that is what everybody president is going to have to do. here's where we're going. here's how we're going to do it. and comes out right, here's what is in it for you, and making that case is what a leader has to do, whether it's a grocery store on the corner, a large multinational or the president of the united states. to a different degree, that is the challenge. and galvanize and mobilize the people to go on that mission. >> understood. a couple of week others ago you had candidates complain about moderators, then people like chris christie saying, man up, shut up, deal with it. then you have ben carson who is
1:28 pm
saying this is a cabal to go after me. then people like josh earnest, saying the same standards apply you, applied in then senator obama, then chris christie coming out and saying that's all part of running for the office, got to deal with it. what does jack welch say? >> i naturally feel the republicans don't quite get a fair shake, whether it's the attack on rubio's funding, where he might have had $134 haircut that makes him "the new york times." it seems ridiculous when we look at some of the clinton expenditures from the foundation, when we look at the -- just don't get the same scrutiny. they're right about one thing, this is a big -- boy or girl game and better be red to play and skin that is as thick as a hide. you signed up for it. and i think the republicans play
1:29 pm
are -- over play their hand after the debate, not in the debate ump think the debate helps them but then i think, getting into the list of items they want, the temperature, et cetera, was silly. >> that is something but i always think that -- maybe you can raise -- he did raise genuine point inside the tit-for-tat with reporters last weeker is that air different standard and he wanted to bring it to people's attention, and don't mistake him for being a whiner or baby. just wants to bring it to their attention that they same scrutiny you're giving me you would never give and don't give to a democrat. >> i agree with him. totally agree with him. >> okay. i wasn't expecting that, jack. all right. no. it's good having you, my friend. >> neil, -- what? >> all right. interesting. all right. duly noted. thank you. we have a lot more coming up here. different ways you can look at
1:30 pm
this in the polling and who has momentum and who doesn't. but we're forgetting what is happening on the other side of the aisle right now. in case you think that it is hillary clinton's to lose or she has all this positive sentiment building up her way, when you break down her poll numbers, it is not quite that way.
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in milwaukee, wisconsin, for a big debate that could establish who is the lost seoul surviving establish. party figure. jeb bush thinks he is the guy and will be with scott walker to make the case in wisconsin. >> we do not have to be the world residents policeman. we have to be in the world residents leader. who is going to take care of the clips eliminated in the middle east? who is going to take care of israel and support them, our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capable of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward.
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♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. well, i'm sure if you are scott walker and you knew the was going to be a big presidential debate in wisconsin, you weresel saiding for that. that was -- you were salivating for that. that was then when wi he was front-running candidate, now he is a former candidate who is trying to lend his support to jeb bush, but can that translate into much more support than govern? i'm not saying that scott walker is not a very important party
1:35 pm
figure, but he is not as important or as popular. the same situation might apply to one jeb bush. to pat goodell on that and so many a developments. what do you make of these two hooking up? >> well, i don't think this is going to be endorsement. >> no, it is not. >> nonetheless -- >> deemed that way. >> i think that -- for jeb is grabbing on anybody he can and walker is being nice to talk to him. everyone wanted some of walker's money, everyone would like to have his support. but it's not really very relevant now. >> when you say it's not very reality, the fight that walker chad made him originally popular as a candidate was his battle against unions so that still resonates. the maverick pez. >> no one ever picked up that issue. very powerful and i think this, frankly, his campaign team took him down a different road, which hurt him badly. i always thought he would
1:36 pm
have -- be stronger and they really -- they weren't very primetime for for him. >> for jeb bush tonight and everything that is at stake, charlie gasperino was reporting that the rubio people home that this is the night that the whole bush thing ended, the is imploding, staggering, if it's them, it's someone else who is just going to push him aside. is it that? >> well, it is for him but a heget anything out of the last debate. he has 0 toe hoe something -- >> like what, besides a circus act? >> i don't know. somewhere you have to reach down and be able to do it. this is a game of reaching into the guts and being able to have the moment you need to say something. he knows all the substance. he is a theme has pudding if -- themeless pudding. >> who is resonating the most in these debates thus far? who stands a chance to do the
1:37 pm
same tomorrow night? >> well, i think that the best performances we have seen -- look, trump wins the debates because he doesn't lose them to the voter. he may to the press but he doesn't to the people who are for him. near has carson but he has now some special problems. but you have had rubio, cruz, and fiorina have stood out. christie stood out in the last debut a but will be on the first debate. those were the candidates who had moments where they have gained. i think everybody is looking at rubio. everyone thinks rubio and to a lesser extent cruz for the establishment slot, if you will. but i think we're still missing the big point. we have over 50% of the voters in the republican party who both have nothing but disdain, to be nice, for their leadership in congress, for the budget deal that was done, and political insiders.
1:38 pm
they want the system turned upside down. >> these are the same supporter wes union look at hillary clinton's latest numbers, with women, she is uphill battle, with young voters, too. her base is not locked in. >> no it's not. >> what's the listen -- lesson. >> we're going to have a different kind of election. authenticity, honesty, somehow the sense of, i can trust someone. matters a great deal to voters. that's why they're saying i don't want to trust any politician, but the politicians don't seem to be able to stop talking political speak. and donald trump, whatever you want to say hirsh don't do political speak. >> he doesn't do political speech at all. thank you, my friend. pat goodell, a man who is responsible for jimmy carter. >> and we always won wisconsin. >> when we come back, the read from a republican party that helps to get the message and the
1:39 pm
messenger's track tomorrow night and stop the infighting of the party. a man who hopes to put an end to that once and for all.
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oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. i see her ask rubio being the same person. both want a no-fly zone. both supported activity in libya that toppled gadhafi. they both supported pouring arms into the syrian civil war, a mistake that i think allowed isis to grow stronger and both supported the iraq war. what's the difference? >> all right. as we gather here in milwaukee, wisconsin forks for the big debate tomorrow night you can see the positioning ahead of the
1:43 pm
big confrontation among the candidates, in this case rand paul, joining kind of that issue hit. hillary clinton and marco rube you're, reince priebus. the chairman of the republican national committee. he is joining hillary clinton and marco rubio. but i think what he is trying to say is that we have to be very careful as a party sounding a lot like the woman we're trying to beat. does he have a point? >> well, i'm not going to -- neil, i'm not going to get in the thirdle of a -- middle of candidate contrasts and disputes. this is all what primaries are all about and you'll get some jabs and elbows, but at the end of the day this is all sort of fair game and fair discussion for all the candidates to have. i'm hoping tomorrow night is more of that, and obviously i
1:44 pm
wish you well and hopefully -- i don't believe it will happen but we're looking forward to getting cnbc behind us and moving on to something much better. >> all right. i'm not -- i didn't hear the entire answer. i apologize. what is coming up here is this idea that the closer we get to iowa, the more likely we will see -- regardless of the moderators -- the candidates star zeroing in on each oomph marco rubio seems to have the biggest surge post the last debate. he will be the guy rand paul might zero in on. do you as chairman worry about that or let them fight? >> i do worry about it, neil. i always worry about things going too far and i think about reagan's 11th commandment and candidates not speaking ill of each other trying to keep the team together. i worry about that stuff all the time. but i also know that there's going to be a little bit of
1:45 pm
elbowing that guess on that you have to be able to tolerate a little bit, and when you have 14 candidates, you're going to get some of that. i think that's okay. it's just that i think everyone has to have the long-term game in mind, which is, what is it? beating hillary clinton, and making sure that we don't go 16 years straight out of power in the white house. so, well, yes, i do get worried about some of these things. i also know that as long as it doesn't go too far we'll be just fine. >> you know, i always likened -- i talk to your representatives, sort of like herding kittens. you'll have some who are fine with the way things -- >> i wish they were just kittens. >> i hear you. maybe lion or something. one thing is that should the candidates argue on their behalf or their campaign's behalf when dealing with moderator's host newsers or should you?
1:46 pm
>> i think the truth is, we're all kind of doing it together. we always were. so obviously you can talk to your own executives there at fox news, and they know that before the august debate we were all talking to them back and forth, but you have a big influence-but it's up to the networks, and without boring you listeners about campaign finance laws the fact of the matter is corporate air time is not owned by the republican national committee. it's owned by the networks which is in this case fox business, and so while it's a great relationship and people work together, obviously it's ultimately up to the owners of the air time. what happened with cnbc wasn't a matter -- >> ous must have relayed that, relayed, we can't control everything a news organization does, they might go too far sometimes but it's up to you guys to respond. right? >> and they do. and they do, neil. they all have -- even before this debate, all the campaigns have had one-on-one meetings
1:47 pm
with producers and executives at fox business. that all happens and it did happen. but with -- the recent the cnbc thing went too far. wasn't just the tough questions. the fox news debate was full of tough questions. the opinion is, is it two hours of people being jerks for two hours? that's when things go over the line. so, no one is afraid of tough. in fact a lot of candidates shine when things are tough. but it's a matter of what is your attitude that you have for two hours? and those folks had an attitude that was just out of whack, and people knew it, and that was the problem. >> you think you had in the babies in the bunch? >> no, because i think that these guys were so far over the line that it crossed reasonableness. so, i think in this -- in that case, i would say, no. >> all right. reince, a pleasure. you mist have you're share of headaches and sleepless nights
1:48 pm
as these things advance to big dance in cleveland. >> i'm looking forward to tomorrow. >> same here. thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> we got a lot more coming up, including the read from a wall street titan who says, you know what? maybe we should be looking at infrastructure on both sides of the -- frustration on both sides of the aisle and recognize what is fail us collectively. after this. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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all right. this is a governor bush, governor scott walker event. i mistakenly thought he had endorsed governor bush but he's not. they are kindred souls for whatever reason scott walker was a high rising star in the party didn't manage to catch on and flamed out. jeb bush in serious trouble of his own. bush seems to indicate he can turn things around. the reading right now from the former ubs chairman, the big obama fundraiser who is not too impressed with hillary clinton so far and larry sabato. i begin with you and what's -- what do you make -- the guy who is under the most pressure tomorrow night to perform, what do you think? >> oh, it's got to be jeb bush. we say this every debate.
1:53 pm
it's a broken record at this point. but, obviously, bush has done poorly in the debate so far. he seems to have dropped a little after each he's promised his donors, he's promised his campaign staff he'll do a better job and we'll see. >> what does he have to do? i mean, he's got a solid pedigree. i don't know if he's the better of the trumps snipes he has low energy. what's he got to do? >> he did a terrific job as governor of florida. i don't think that's coming out the way it should. i think he's got to go to the american people and talk about the problems. we're in a very serious position and articulate real solutions, nobody is doing at this point. >> i mean, you could argue that hillary clinton is a very flawed candidate among her party. among women and young people she should be higher.
1:54 pm
with those demographics she loses to the likes of ben carson. who do you say as connecting among republicans thus far? >> i see donald trump connecting with voters. he's expressing the frustration and anger that voters are feeling. i think you see that with carson. i think carson's support is going to start waning down. i think a lot of it goes to trump. if it does -- >> you don't see -- that's interesting. you don't see trump as a passing phenom. professor, you've heard that before. a lot of people say he can't keep this going. but for four, five months now he's kept it going. what do you make of it? >> he's certainly lasted a lot longer at the top than most people believed. as i've said many times, this is going to change as we move forward. it always does. there have actually been eight frontrunners in the polls in the
1:55 pm
last year for the republicans. at one time or another. eight different candidates led at least one major poll. so -- >> in this cycle -- >> there's a good chance things are going to change. >> i don't think so. >> in this cycle? >> in this cycle. absolutely. the last year. i'll show them to you, neil. i'll prove it to you. you look at wall street guys, of course they've been coming under the gun from hillary clinton saying, you know, the world and everyone else is stacked against those wall streeters. not all the republican candidates disagree with that sentiment and the cap between the rich and poor which seems to be resonating with some of them is changing the tone of the republican party. do you worry about that? do you welcome that? >> the first part of your commentary, hillary clinton received over $3.5 million in speaking engagements in wall street in 2013. so far this year she's raised
1:56 pm
$6.9 million. so, obviously, she doesn't mind taking our money. but i also must say to you that this rhetoric about wall street has been overplayed. it started with the president. frankly, if you look at what caused the perfect storm, wall street was part of it but so was government and the banking institutions. this rhetoric is falling on deaf ears when it comes to myself. >> don, you've expressed frustration with the way the party -- the democratic party has veered so hard left is one of the reasons why you have been critical of mayor bill de blasio. you think the party loses when it veers too far to its base, right? >> i do. i also thing that the democratic party needs to remind itself it's an party of opportunity. education and entrepreneurship and to vilify wall street as a cause of our nation's ills is
1:57 pm
just not realistic and irresponsible. we have very big problems. and wall street's a big part of the solution of it, too. >> i hear you guys. we'll know tomorrow night when they begin debating. stay here, in milwaukee. what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain,
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hello, i'm dana perino along with juan williams, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. we are just 24 hours away from the next gop presidential debate. and what is sure to be another night the entire nation will be talking about for days to come. what it won't be is a repeat of the spectacle we saw on cnbc. some of the headlines are pointing that out. here's one from politico. for debate fox business aims to be the anti-cnbc. from the milwaukee wisconsin journal centile. fox business moderators pledge real debate. reuters, fox business plans for


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