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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 10, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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let's go. >> the heightened alert coming amid that russian plane likely hi taken down by a bomb. kelly wright has the latest. >> for at least three hours intense moments. >> some scary moments were captured on video showing passengers on board. one with their hands over their heads as police urged them to get off. >> the feds are walking around with m 16's and assault rifles. it is kind of scary. >> all of this coming from a security lapse at miami airport. police seen in full tactical gear. somehow a passenger made it through security screen with luggage they claim contained something suspicious. police say the fbi took over shut down a section of the airport. the search for the passenger.
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upon finding the passenger who cooperating with police showing his luggage they found nothing suspicious. but the indianapolis dent in the wake of the plane crash in egypt show the concern people having about terrorists possibly getting access to planes in the u.s. >> when we test the tsa they fail. we need to step up our security here if this is a bomb by the affiliate. in the sinai isis has fully eclipsed al qaeda as the grave esther or threat in the world. >> in miami 50 flights were delayed some diverted from landing. everything went back to normal after they found out everything was okay. >> the count down is on and the stage is set. time lapse video showing the transformation of the milwaukee theater where in just a few hours candidates square off in the 4th republican debate. promising a real conversation after the highly criticized
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debate. john roberts is live in milwaukee with what we can good. >> good morning. you see they have the marquis lit up for us. very nice. coming quickly on the heels of the last debate in boulder. voters will be looking for consistent strength. on the major stage familiar with donald trump in the middle flaged by ben carson and marco rubio. you notice only 8 candidates on the stage. chris christie and mike huckabee will be joining rick santorum and bobby jindal for the under card debate. donald trump will be looking for a break out moment. last week in springfield, illinois he drew huge cheers when he called for a boycott at starbucks for taking merry christmas on the holiday cup. >> we need the president who will be a hard worker, not somebody going around signing executive orders that will be able to make deals with congress and sit down and do it the way
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it is supposed to have been done not just say we can't get it done let's sign an executive order. a lot of it is work, sales manship, leadership. >> marco rubio the consensus winner in the last debate needs another strong performance. he has been honing his policy chops an gave us an indication of where he we might go when donald trump brings up his personal finances. >> he continues to say your personal finances are a mess. >> i don't think someone who has taken donald trump has four companies into bankruptcy is in any position to lecture any one in business. when it comes to the charge card most people look at it and say it's a silly story and certainly nothing to do with the future of america. >> there are a lot of other candidates that have a lot riding oh p tonight as well. jeb bush needs to do something to stop detectors of mark rubio.
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jeb bucarly fiorina needs a strg performance to stop her slides in the polls. as for what we can expect from the moderators neil cavuto and bart ramo saying it will be different lthan the last debate with substantive questions and substantive policyish oo yous. >> john roberts this morning. >> that's what people want to hear. tonight's debate could be the last standing for struggling candidates. >> corrals krauthammer agree that all eyes are on jeb bush who needs to have a huge night. >> jeb bush he has had three bad debates and one more he won't drop out of the race but he will be dead man walking. i thinkal of the pressure is on him which will make it all the more difficult. it is the story going in it may be the story going out. >> it is do or die. especially do or die for jeb.
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he needs to stand and deliver. the threshold for success for him is to be alive, to not fall down. >> the first debate starts tonight at 7 eastern on the fox business network. the prime time show gets started at 9:00 p.m. >> one person is dead another in custody a police officer responded to a report of a car break in at a college. they found two people in the car when he approached they took off hitting the officer who opened fire. the shooting prompted a two-hour campus lock down. but it has since been lifted. a person of interest now in custody of the ambush of a powerful texas judge at her austin home. someone fired four shots at tra have is county district judge julie cosuoric hitting her with
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shrapnel and glass. a garbage can was there and she tried nov it when bullets started hitting. an outraged building on and off the football field over the handling of end hardy. they are standing behind him following the release of the graphic photos of his alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend. he served a four-day suspension last year and he has apologized on twitter. >> major changes to the university of missouri after anti racism protests. chancellor lofton announced he will step down from the university of columbia by the end of the year. his decision follows the resignation of president tim wolf after threats of a walkout from students and staff. students accused administration of not responding to past acts of racism on campus.
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the protests include dozens of foot mraul playball players wh football players who refuse to play in the game. now they are back in practice today. new overnight president obama plans to protect 5 million immigrants from deportation now facing another set back. let's get right to kristin fisher live in washington, d.c. with more this morning. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather. this is a setback for the obama administration. a federal appeals court is shot down by the white house that would have given the president the green light to go forward with his executive action on immigration. one year ago the president announced his plan to bypass congress and protect roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. >> there are actions i have the legal authority to take as president. the same kinds of actions taken by democratic and republican presidents before me that will help make our immigration system
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more fair and more just. >> republicans criticize the plan as an illegal executive over reach. the administration argued it was within its rights. in a 2-1 decision they uphold a federal judge's injunction blocking those executive actions. texas governor republican greg abbott is praising the ruling saying quote the president's job is to enforce the immigration laws not rewrite them. president obama should abandon the executive amnesty program and started forcing the law today. the white house could ask for hearings and it could take months to play out. while it is a big set back it is by no means a defeat. >> kristin fisher live tofor us. thank you kristin. we will check back. >> the chicago bears snapped a two-day losing streak on monday night football. they did it with style.
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>> for the touchdown. miller, one hand zaps it out of the air. >> this came late in the 4th quarter they would hang on and beat san diego 22-19. they have >> millions of americans need their umbrellas this morning. >> some of the region also feel much warmer than normal. maria molina is tracking the forecast for us. >> we have a roller-coaster of weather across the nation. we have snow and conditions out west. acrosses the eastern u.s. we are dealing with warm temperatures at least this time of the year not too bad. an area of low pressure not too bad bringing in areas of rain. you will need umbrella yous across the northeast and across ohio and southern michigan. the storm system is moving in and bringing in the rainfall. wither going to have this as we
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head out especially across the mid atlantic. bev the storm system bringing snow across the great basin. it has been bringing the snow across sierra as well as california. it will be moving eastward bringing windy conditions and blizzard conditions across colorado. tomorrow the risk of severe storms is quite a significant risk out here issued across illinois, missouri and southeastern iowa. >> a incident caught on police body camera. >> what the driver was doing before smashing right into that vehicle. >> the mystery that has police
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touched up died sound. >> get a man bun without growing your hair? the new accessory that has gone viral. >> or not.
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>> he was rundown by a driver. the wild incident doesn't stop there. kokh's jordan lucero with the horrifying video. >> police are trying to catch an suv reported stolen. this is video from the officer's body camera friday. >> the officer said he had just gotten out of his car in an effort to lay down tire spikes
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when the vehicle went into his lane and rammed into his car. it knocked him down but he was not seriously hurt. you see him get up and start running. this is video from another responding officer's body camera. this officer was able to catch up to the suv when it finally stopped and police tried to take the driver into custody. >> do not move your hands. >> after yelling repeated lie at him the video shows her pop out through the sun roof. she is yelling and cursing at the officers saying she is got. an officer finally fired a stun gun at her. others entered through the sun roof opened the door she falls through it. they arrest her for dui eluding police, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. >> i think it is amazing he didn't get injured severally.
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>> the judge says this shows the unexpected that can happen during any patrol the dangers officers have to face especially now. >> very lucky. that was kokh's jordan lucero reporting. lishg a? >> an act of vandalism just ahead of veteran's day. grave stones for veterans toppled and smashed. this is the cemetery at west ridge water, massachusetts. this isn't the first time this cemetery cause van calized. it was the first time vandals were targeted there. heather? >> an emergency now where the et opened up outside of a brand new i hop in mississippi. the city is starting to remove more than a dozen cars. look at that swallowed up into the ground. epping nears have been called in to help figure out what made the drainage structure collapse on saturday in the first place leaving a 35 foot wide, 375 foot
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long hole. >> well vandals in denver hasvea brand new past time. they found several smart cars owned by a ride sharing service flipped over on their sides. the cars can be easily moved because they are so small and light. they are using surveillance video to search for four men running from one of the scenes. >> not funny if that's your car. pass words sold on the black market. hundreds of thousands of people are at risk. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here with what you need to know. cheryl? >> good morning. comcast is forcing about 200,000 customers to reset their pass words and review their information after hackers began selling that information on-line. e-mail addresses, pass words were offered for sale on the dark web. volkswagon is offering gift cards to car owners whose cards have the software. customers will get a $500 visa
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debit card or three free years of roadside assistance. starbucks already has tuition reimbursement programs for workers it launched last year now they will offer a full tuition of a spouse or child or active duty service member who works at the coffee exchange. it is a program at starbucks as it tried to hire more veterans or service members in general. finally pizza hut debuted the triple treat box on monday a new design for the holiday season. the box can hold two pizzas, five bread sticks and chocolate chip cookie pie all for about $20. they debuted it to bring in the who will day season. bring on the calories. ladies, back to you. >> no, thank you, cheryl. now it is time to take a look at the viral videos. we begin with a post office worker who is irking at holiday
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shoppers. he throws a package in the truck all of the way to the door. inside that $200 of electronics. now that worker is fired. >> seems like he deserves to be. >> cool video of a man buzzing past the statue of liberty with a jet pack strapped to his back. it can travel up to 10,000 feet in the air at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. >> i want to do that. >> we all remember the pizza loving subway rat that became a viral sensation. well, he's at it again. >> some youtube krauzers setting up a remote control rat to freak out people in new york. the video racking up 1.6 million views. i would be running from that rat. >> scary stuff.
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not funny. >> the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. a toy gun grab by a big city government banning fake guns in public spaces. >> a field trip turned this little boy into a bite size hero. >> what is a hero? >> someone that saves people. >> is that you? >> how a visit to the fire station likely saved his and his grandma's lives. ike me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> welcome back. dozens of chipotle restaurants in the midwest following the e coli outbreak. they found no e. coli bacterial food samples in the region.
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the source of the outbreak still unknown. 40 people were sickened after eating at restaurants in the portland and seattle area. all 43 of the restaurants have been closed since the end of october. >> the show is over for sea world's killer whales. by 2017 it plans to completely phase out the traditional theatrical tperformances and usher in a show that has a more natural setting for the other kids. they haven't specified that would be involved in the show but a whole new oh kau experience. it is trying to reband the show after coming under fire for alleged abuse of orka whales. >> donald trump getting into the controversy surrounding starbucks. >> did you hear about starbucks? no merodachbaladan rechristmas on starbucks. i have one of the most successful starbucks in trump towers. maybe we should boycott starbucks. that's the end of that lease. when i become president we will all be saying merry christmas
2:25 am
again that i can tell you. >> trump calling for the boycott after they swped out christmas imagery with plain red design sparking outrage with many religious groups. >> they still have the christmas blend coffee. >> the barbie talking doll is the center of the media stier form. it is an invasion of children's privacy. >> barbie, what should i be when i grow up. >> you told me you like being on stage so maybe a dancer? >> the internet connected doll let's children have a back and forth conversation with barbie. everything is recorded and then it is stored on a cloud. barbie know the how to respond. some groups say cloud data is too unstable and any one can access it. the software company behind the doll says parents have complete control over what is saved and what is not. >> lots of controversy over clouds in general.
2:26 am
>> now it is time to brew on this. realistic looking toy hand guns now banned in pboston's public spaces. it is aimed at increasing public safety allowing police to compensate replicas. >> police have taken more than 150 replica hand guns off the streets of boston this year adding many of the fake guns look so authentic it is hard for officers to tell the difference. will it keep the community safe or are they going too far? >> send us your comments on or send us an e-mail at fox friends it is 26 after the hour. this will man arrested for a deadly hit and run. why he shouldn't have been here in the first place. >> the view from the top. daredevils scale the eiffel tower showing up paris like they have never done before. how they took on security.
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>> a security scare forces an evacuation, what shut down the biggest airport. >> before you buy the holiday flavored drink did you know some are nearly a thousand calories, lia. the numbers that may make you change your order. fox and friends first starts right now.
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♪ >> look at times square this morning. good morning to "fox & friends first". >> lots of sugar in the drinks. i am heather childers half past the top of the hour. it is time for a real debate. time lapse video showing the transformation of the milwaukee theater where republican candidates will face off in the fourth debate. >> the fox business network moderators promising to focus on jobs and the economy as the highly criticize the last debate. >> john roberts live from milwaukee with what we can expect. >> with they say than 12 weeks now the iowa caucus will be leaving a lasting impression on voters. jeb bush appeared yesterday with wisconsin republican scott walker needs to am could to the plate tonight or he risks the whole affection of his supporters to marco rubio.
2:32 am
donald trump defies predictions of campaign implosion. there was plenty of sizzle at this rally in illinois. >> there's a movement going on folks. i hate to tell you. people have not seen anything like this. i would like to think it is me. it is the message. it is so important. i say it all of the time. we don't have victories at this mo any more. you are going to get so tired of victories. >> you are going to get tired of victories. oh boy. marco rubio surging in the polls. he needed another command performance les he be a one-and done performance. carly fiorina needs to become a media darling again. >> maybe that's what donald trump has brought this nation to. but honestly i don't think that's what voters are looking for. if i have a moment where the media claims i am their darling,
2:33 am
great. i think actually what voters are looking for the trooen voters were frustrated by the last debate is there was lots of media darling moments but not enough substantive moments. >> ben carson needs to change the narrative that has been swirling around him. he showed a feistier side the last few days. see if he brings that to the table tonight. main stage donald trump in the middle flanked by ben carson and marco rubio. chris christie and mike huckabee has been relegated to the under card debate. fox business network in the main room begins at 9:00. maria bart roamo and neil cavut moderating bringing substance to the debate. fear boiling over when a suspicious package forces
2:34 am
everybody off the plane. >> everybody out. let's go. >> the high alert coming amid speculation that that russian plane disaster was the work of a bomb on board. passengers flying to or fro miami with frightening moments. showing police and swat gear walking down the isle of the plane as passengers keep their hands over their heads. >> the feds are out here walking around with m 16's and salt rifl -- assault rifles. >> all of this stem will frming security lapse. a passenger's luggage with awes pi suspicious items. they shut down a section of the airport to alert the passenger. police found him but he had nothing suspicious inside his luggage.
2:35 am
miami aport tweeted police department have cleared epps dent and operations slowly returning to normal. thank you for your patience. the overwhelming security measures come after the recent failures by the tsa to catch illegal items during the test. the russian jet crashed in egypt. so many people concerned members of congress saying the tsa needs to step up security to deal with new threats. >> an immigrant now accused of a fatal hit and run. he is under arrest for running over and killing a man in southern california. he was driving with a suspended license. corda was first deported in 2001 and has been in and out of jail on a long list of criminal charges including battery, drug possession and various other misdemeanor convictions. speaking of illegal immigrants president obama's plan to protect 5 million from
2:36 am
deportation faces another set back. ruling against it blocking the initiative. republicans criticize the plan as illegal executive action. the administration argues it is within its rights. they could ask for a rehearing on this. >> dartmouth college coming under fire for changing rules about hosting presidential candidates for hillary clinton. she will host a speaking event today. more than a month ago republican candidate donald trump was told he could not speak in the same location because the college didn't use the venue for presidential candidates. both candidates have spoken in smaller venues. >> you can choose to like or not like president obama on facebook. the president is starting his first ever page on the social network and choosing climate change as the topic of his first poets. the text reads this quote, i hope you will join me in speaking out on climate change and educating your friends about
2:37 am
why this issue is so important. >> rain is in the forecast for millions today. maria molina is in it the weather center tracking what's ahead. maria, good morning. >> good morning. we have a lot of weather ahead in the eastern u.s. a lot of rain like you mentioned. we will need the umbrella from the northeast down to the mid atlantic. this morning we have the showers even as far south as parts of the carolinas and also across the state of florida. this is a widespread storm system but the biggest concern with it is rain that will be moving through out the day today. you will be seeing delays at the airport. we have a massive winter storm bringing in snow in california, the great basin and into the northern rockies. it will be bringing blizzard conditions into tonight and tomorrow morning across portions of colorado. ahead of that system tomorrow we will be seeing the risk of severe storms from texas to illinois into iowa.
2:38 am
we will keep you updated on that. otherwise temperature wise across the nation it is another mild day across the plains and also in the east and west. i want to share with you this video now switching gears a little bit. this is in south africa and these clouds are called meticular clouds. they are common clouds and they tend to happen east of mountain ranges. you get that air that gets forced up the mountains cools and also produces these cloud formations. stuff to see in the sky. some were concerned they looked like ufo's out there. >> you think a little freaked out? >> a little weird. >> thank you, maria. >> that's pretty cool. >> it is about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. confrontation caught on police video camera. >> stop! stop! >> what happens next? even crazier. >> i love he skooing but this is a scare on the slopes. a skier drops more than 1,000
2:39 am
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>> the frau personity at the center of the rolling stone article on campus sexual assault now suing the magazine. the virginia fy capifraternity causing members and alumni to quote suffer extreme damage to the reputations. they are suing the author of the article. russia's 2016 olympic future in jeopardy following a scathing doping report. the russian track and field efforts accused of taking part in a state sponsored doping
2:43 am
program. it goes to question the legality of russia's 24 gold medals in the 2012 london olympics saying quote there was cheating at all levels. they have admitted to cheating in the past but claimed to take steps to correct it. >> retailers are announcing already the plans for the biggest shopping day of the year. adam shapiro from fox business has the information for us. >> get ready set target. target and toys r' us plan to open on thanksgiving day. toys r us will open at 5:00 p.m. they will remain open until 11:00 p.m. black friday. target will open at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. but they are going to offer the same deals on emergency on-line at so you don't have to leave your house and go to the store. target a offering a 20 percent discount a shopper can use in december if that shopper spends
2:44 am
more than $75 on-line or at the store during black friday. target will offer 10 days of deals starting monday october 22nd. th -- november 22nd. others will be closed such as barnes and nobles and cast co. you can find a complete list on fox news and fox business web site. to find the fox business network log on to here's to your health. listen up. this is an important one. there is a good excuse to pop the top off of a bottle of champagne. >> would you care for more mimosa? >> don't mind if i do. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> scientists claim three glasses of bubbly every week may actually prevent the onset of dementia and all sgloim' --
2:45 am
alzheimer's. the compound would boost memory. >> time now for your 5@5:00. 'tis the season for holiday drinks. which ones are the most unhealthy. up first starbucks egg nog latte packed in 630 calories. next pete's coffee and tea also has egg nog lot ta 600 calories. white chocolate mocha 710 calories. the hoe hoe mint mocha while delicious can hit you with 760 calories. care beau coffee's chi latte a whopping 910 calories. these are all if you go with the large options. >> i think those are actually mental health shakes is what they are. >> the time is 45 minutes after the hour. a field trip turns a little boy into a life saver. >> what's a hero?
2:46 am
>> someone that saves people. >> is that you? >> how a visit to the fire station like slaved his and his grandmother's lives. >> grow a man bun in an instant. the hair raising accessory that is almost hard to believe. >> yes, it is. >> it is hard to believe. i will just say it. here is steve doocy coming up on "fox & friends." where is your man bun? >> buns? i can hardly wait to see that. ladies good morning to you. coming up on the big show in 14 minutes predebate coverage with moderator neil cavuto live on the fox network deba-- fox busi network. rudy jill jilghoul ghoul amer g. calling out the president on the lack of a plan to fight isis. the president doesn't appear to
2:47 am
have a plan to fight isis. don't know if you know that. country music legend larry gatlin loves donald trump. used to live in one of donald trump's buildings. he will drop by to tell us what he likes will trump. snooky and jay are all grown-up they will be right here on the couch. big show starts 12 minutes from now. i am going to go see if i can get a man bun. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." horrifying moments caught on camera when that out of control suv purposely rams a cop car in oklahoma. >> stop!
2:51 am
stop! >> can you imagine? the police officer patrolling for a stolen vehicle when the suv hit the gas slamming right into him. he was not injured, amazingly. quickly started chasing the woman behind the wheel. that's when things escalated. >> do not move! . put your hands-on top of your head! do not move! >> goodness, gracious. police hit the woman with a taser when she climbed through the sunroof and put the cuffs on her. she's facing a long list of charges. british daredevils sneak past security and scale the eiffel tower. it was recorded more than a year ago. but just posted it. they actually waited until after midnight, then slipped past the guard and made it all the way to the top platform without anyone noticing. they were clinging to the landmark. when police caught on, they hid for hours. they were later caught but never
2:52 am
charged. a miraculous survival caught in this heart stopping video after he plunged 1600 feet down a snowy alaska mountain. ian mcintosh lost control from a 5-foot deep trench that he didn't see. amazingly, he was able to sit up at the end of the ordeal. heather is like -- >> i'm okay. >> amazing. lucky. donald trump's snl performance giving the show its biggest audience in four years. >> used to call me on cell phone ♪ >> what did voters think? it is trump on snl edition. ♪ did you guys see trump on
2:53 am
snl? [ laughter ] >> used to call me on my cell phone ♪ >> did you know trump could dance like that? >> i think he needs a couple of lessons. >> i think he dances better than obama. >> whoa. >> i thought it was pretty funny the whole thing. >> i thought it was ridiculous. i didn't think it was funny at all. >> you're fired. >> when he was making fun with the laser. >> what did you think when larry david heckled him? >> i thought it was great. >> trump's a racist. >> would you have said that for $5,000. >> oh, yeah. why not? >> you would have said it twice. >> big time. >> trump, this stuff seems to roll off him. >> great, great, great. >> you're now less likely to vote for trump? >> i would never vote for him. never. >> really?
2:54 am
>> you don't want to make america great again? >> i'm more likely to vote for anybody on snl. >> if ted cruz were on snl, would you vote for him? >> i don't know who that is. but probably. that's like when clinton was on arsene yes hall and played the saxophone. a truck explodes into a fireball. it's what the driver does next that's crazier. boston bans toy guns in public. is this the way to keep them safe or is it going too far? your e-mails are next.
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it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. it's 58 minutes after the hoyer. before you leave the house, this is what's happening. a suspicious package in miami forced passengers to evacuate a plane. police catch the suspect but nothing dangerous in the luggage. might have a tough time getting breakfast on the way to work. fast food workers plan to go strike on a crusade for $15 an hour pay. the fourth gop debate tonight. fox business network moderator promising to focus on jobs and the economy. what do the candidates need to do or say to stay relevant in weigh in now. #keep talking. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good. a 5-year-old saves his
2:59 am
grandmother's life when he realizes their house is on fire. he knew to crawl below the smoke and alert her to danger. because of what he learned at a firehouse tour just days before. >> what's a hero? >> someone that saves people. >> is that you? the san bernardino fire department is calling him a hero. a truck explodes into a fireball. the driver speeds through before getting out to put out the flames. no one was injured. the ugly. no more need to grow out your hair. clip-on man buns are a thing. it's available on groupon. just $9.99. time for your responses. toy looking hand guns banned in boston's public spaces. >> it's aim today increase public safety by allowing officers to confiscate replicas. will they keep the community safe? >> susan writes we all had toy
3:00 am
gups. >> we had metal play with caps. they were fun. nobody got killed because of them. >> i think this is a good idea because now you really can't tell if a gun is a toy or if it's real. >> thanks for responses. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. hello friends. good morning. today is tuesday, the 10th of november, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. a major security scare at one of the largest airports in the country. >> everybody out, everybody out. let's go. quickly, quickly. >> what happened moments before cops boarded that plane and ordered everybody off? >> i'd get off fast. >> meanwhile the stage is set. tonight's republican candidates for president will square off in the fourth debate as donald trump takes ton starbucks over that red cup controversy. >> if i become


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